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Music with vampire energy Anonymous 19949[Reply]

I'm mostly just bored and hoping people have some goth/darkwave music recommendations for me. Hopefully anyone with similar taste in music can find something they like from my recommendations too
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Anonymous 21025

Anonymous 21036

Anonymous 21038

Anonymous 32280

Anonymous 32596

I really like this.


Powerpuff Girls 2016 Anonymous 32337[Reply]

Is it any good?
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Anonymous 32348

Word Girl and My Life as a Teenage Robot have a similar vibe.

Anonymous 32364

I was watching Powerpuff Girls only to realize one episode is a massive Beatles reference. With all the dialogue being music lyrics and titles.

Anonymous 32365

Anonymous 32592


It sucks and one of the writers self inserts himself as Blossoms love interest

Anonymous 32594

Memes that came out of that were hilarious.


flipnotes Anonymous 32289[Reply]

feeling nostalgic right now, anyone else remember flipnote animations? share some that you like

Anonymous 32290

Anonymous 32386

Ive been meaning to download flipnote for 10 years

Anonymous 32590


Any Games Similar To Pokemon? Anonymous 32518[Reply]

I like the turn based combat, team building and high repeatability. Any games that meet those criterias?
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Anonymous 32522


Underrated game. Good suggestion here, especially if you like quirky Earthbound inspired games.

I'll add SMT and Persona, they aren't super replayable but they have a ton of monsters and party combination like Pokemon. P4 is my personal favorite though Demikids is a clear Pokemon-clone so that might be worth checking out though I found it too simple compared to the main entries.
There is an Animorphs gbc game I loved as a kid that was a clear Pokemon clone but I'm sure it didn't age well

Anonymous 32524


OFF by Mortis Ghost. The vibe of this game is otherworldly.

Anonymous 32525

You're looking for Pokemon Clones.
There's a steam tag for it but doesn't have much games in it.

Anonymous 32532


Lisa The Painful RPG. You have over twenty five party members to choose from

Anonymous 32588


Fossil Fighters, Yokai Watch, Digimon, Spectrobes
Aside from Pokemon clones maybe you would like Fire Emblem


Anonymous 29324[Reply]

Do you pirate your /media/ nonas? do you try to avoid it? do you encourage it? ethical piracy? do you consider some instances where piracy is bad?
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Anonymous 31197

I'm really going to start pirating japanese games as a whole soon, because I'm sick and tired of localizers inject 'le unfunny 4chinz/plebbit may may' into everything or some genderqueer inserting their garbage social politics into a medium that originates from a nation across the sea.
And yes, anything that contains Denuvo and DRM will not be getting anything out of my wallet.

Anonymous 31198

Write a - between the yout and the ube.

1) get the clean link

2)paste, add the -, press enter

3) let yout-ube.com extract the codex for you and give you a link to the addless video made for other sites.

It may tell you that it dont work. Press enter again.
If the poster decided that you can see it only on youtube, then follow the link, the first click is add free 99% of the time. Open the next video the same way in a now tab.

Anonymous 32578


I just started using this program called eMule. It's an old school 2000s program like Limewire. I was too young for eMule and never heard of it until recently. Surprisingly it had some rare files that I wanted and never found anywhere else. I also shared some of my own and a lot more people than I expected downloaded from me. Apparently it's still huge in Spanish speaking countries.

Anonymous 32579


Hollywood is evil, anime studios exploit their workers and game companies are filled with greed. At this point pirating is the only morally right thing to do. Since paying supports their immoral business practices.

Anonymous 32587

I finally tried RealDebrid + Kodi on Xbox and i dont think i can go back s


Pokemon Peaked At Gen 6 Anonymous 32574[Reply]

Anonymous 32580

Toil and Trouble.j…

I think you mean gen III, but I'm curious what you like about XY.

It has a lot of great Pokemon, Delphox is one of my favorite fire starters, and I love the character portraits before battle, but the game is very slow and I think most of the 3D is ugly and not well implemented. ORAS is also the worst remake due to being balanced poorly.

Anonymous 32581

For me, it is Sun and Moon. I've always reluctantly loved the series and S&M has caught me off guard completely with how warm and comfy it was. It's the only pokemon game with a real story and character development too.

Anonymous 32583

Best manga arc, cool Pokemon designs and even the best anime arc. XY also has the most replayability with the largest selection of early game Pokemon.


Is Moomin 2019 any good? Anonymous 32576[Reply]

Looks kinda soulless compared to 90's show


Favorite underrated anime? Anonymous 32400[Reply]

Specifically from the 90s / 2000s.
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Anonymous 32521

Cyborg 009

Anonymous 32557


Sherlock Hound

Anonymous 32559


Watched that last Spring and really enjoyed it. Cute and episodic, reminded me of Lupin.

Anonymous 32568

That is the reason why we have furries.

Anonymous 32569


Tezuka is probably more to blame on the Japanese side than Miyazaki.

I'll recommend Marine Express, Bremen 4, and Time Slip Prime Rose as some underrated anime works he did.


Vtuber Anonymous 30347[Reply]

Have any of you tried or are vtubers? How is it?
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Anonymous 32552


>my gaming skills suck
I'm not sure which one it is, I think it was Kiara or someone else, but this is actually an important aspect. Viewers don't like skilled gamers. They want the girls to make mistakes and mess things up badly, and see how they react, and then spam suggestions on how to play the game. I'm pretty sure there's this feeling of… simping, or whiteknighting that gets evoked when that happens in them.

Anonymous 32554

A friend is a youtuber and I get included in videos whenever we play online games. On every single video there are dozens, if not hundreds, of comments demanding to know my twitch/socials. After I featured prominently in a video that got around 5x his normal views, I did consider trying vtubing, but ultimately the amount of energy you have to devote to it just scared me off.

Anonymous 32560

Have you ever watched Phase Connect vtubers?
Their brand is 'omg she is literally me fr fr' rather than 'omg anime waifus are real' or 'jeebus she's so talented' so they tend to have higher % female viewership than other agencies.
My favorite is Tenma (Uruka best singer tho).

Anonymous 32563


Moids would experience existential crisis if they discovered that a real living human being is behind their fictional parasocial girlfriend.

Anonymous 32567


Most of those comments seem genuinely worried about her not upset about the real girl.

Though you're probably right that most of them wouldn't care without the avatar.

fashion dreamer.pn…

It's out Anonymous 32529[Reply]

Anonymous 32530

The katakana at the bottom says "Fashion Dreamer"

Anonymous 32536

Is it good? I thought not having the boutique or managing money sounded less interesting.
I played all the 3DS ones, it was weird how all 3 we're the best at something compared to others. My least favorite thing of all was how brands got downsized between games. The 2nd may have been my favorite but the way you unlocked colors was just…bad. also didn't like the makeup counter with people endlessly asking to copy the same few pics or characters with un matching skin tones coming to buy sets I put together.

Anonymous 32566

Bought it because I heard the Style Savvy games were good.
I've only just unlocked the second area but it feels really aimless. There's no real story or goal besides just getting as many likes/followers as possible. It's a cute fashion simulator but I can't really recommend it at full price.

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