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Anonymous 24537[Reply]

What do you guys think of silent hill 3? I think it has the best female protagonist out of any vidya. I relate to Heather so much it hurts.
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Anonymous 28942

Okay DDR Exreme for PlayStation 2 and you can do the dance and see the music video sung by “her” (really Mary McGlyn but she lip syncs) for “You’re Not Here”. There’s also a song from SH4 and other Akira tracks.

Anonymous 28954

>1-3 are probably the only games worth their salt
I know this is an old post, but for me 4 is pretty good. For me it was the one that scared me the most. The bad part about the game is that you have to go back through all the maps in a scourt mission, but the game and story are good

Anonymous 29040

The only people who treat SH2 as the greatest thing since sliced bread are the game jouros, the same morons who think TLoU2 is some empowering story. Everyone else treats the first or third game as the best, with honorable mention to The Room.

>I've seen a lot of people say sh3 is shallow and basic in comparison to 2
The only context I've seen that comparison being made was in regards to how you explore the same area of Silent Hill as in the second game.

Anonymous 30053

SH3 is the best! I love Heather so much

Anonymous 34441

They did, horror games have always been extremely popular with women but the devs don't know that so it's marketed towards teen boys like always


Vtuber Anonymous 30347[Reply]

Have any of you tried or are vtubers? How is it?
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Anonymous 32563


Moids would experience existential crisis if they discovered that a real living human being is behind their fictional parasocial girlfriend.

Anonymous 32567


Most of those comments seem genuinely worried about her not upset about the real girl.

Though you're probably right that most of them wouldn't care without the avatar.

Anonymous 33103


I’m a VTuber. I hate moids even more since I started, I’ve never been that close to a male community before and sometimes I can’t understand their logic and how they act. But it’s good money, and I actually have fun playing games and being silly.

Anonymous 33109

>most of the comments are expressing concern for her privacy or employment
I don't understand what this picture is supposed to demonstrate.

Anonymous 34440

There's a niche for most. Botan and Selen (now Dokibird) have plenty of fans, and they're absolutely cracked gamers


Kingdom Hearts Anonymous 32457[Reply]

What's the best way to get into the series? The games, the manga or the light novels?
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Anonymous 32461


Games, just play in release order. The manga adaptations are cute but don't give the complete story, they're supplemental.

Anonymous 32662

Just play 1, 2, BBS and 3. The story is a horrible nonsensical mess even if you play all the other games so save yourself the trouble by not playing the worst.

Anonymous 32663

Play the three core games then read the Wiki to fill in the blanks.

Anonymous 32664

Play the games in release order (remasters are fine). But I must warn you: this series is extremely dumb and chuuni and beyond cringe if you're no longer in your teens.

Anonymous 34433


Don't listen to the cynics. There's dumb plot stuff but it's all part of the wild ride and you can easily look past it and have fun if you see it that way and get invested enough in the characters


horror / psychological anime Anonymous 34411[Reply]

what's your favorite horror or psych animes to watch or recommend?

Anonymous 34412

Casshern Sins

Anonymous 34413

Berserk makes me sad and angry every time I think of it

Anonymous 34415

Midori is the most disturbing anime I've come across

Anonymous 34416

Malice Doll

Punk Rock Anonymous 21950[Reply]

Which punk/pop punk/hardcore whatever bands do you like? Some of my favorites are Bad Religion, Ramones, New Found Glory, and Screeching Weasel
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Anonymous 27497


pencey prep, leathermouth, black flag, sum 41, (early) my chem

Anonymous 27516

this is post punk but I fucking love siouxsie and the banshees.

Anonymous 27518


should i make a my chemical romance thread, idk if there are enough mcr fans on here though?

Anonymous 34084

This came on my Spotify shuffle and I loved it

Anonymous 34409


Noise rock Anonymous 33003[Reply]

any other nonas into noise rock? I'm into it but it often feels like a sausage fest.If you are into noise rock, what's your favourite band, song, album, weird way of playing instrument

Anonymous 33004

>favourite noise rock band
The Birthday Party
>Favourite noise rock song: Sleep Alone by Rowland S Howard
favourite noise rock album:Songs About Fucking honestly
>weird way of playing the instrument
The way Blixa Bargeld used to play guitar,just torturing it because he hated it

Anonymous 34387


Do JAMC count?

Anonymous 34400

how about just pure noise instead?


Watching cartoons while on codeine and xanax Anonymous 34365[Reply]

Need some cartoon recommendations to watch in a semilucid dream state

Anonymous 34383


i’ve been rewatching invader zim lately

Anonymous 34386

My Little pony Friendship is magic.
Littlest Pet Shop.
Dan Vs.

Anonymous 34398

The Problem Solverz

Anonymous 34399


I watched one episode and died from an epileptic seizure. 10/10

Screen Shot 2022-0…

Who is your "omg literally me" character Anonymous 29125[Reply]

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Anonymous 34347

Oh she's my celebrity look-alike so it's cool to know she's cool.

Anonymous 34353


I'm so mad at myself for taking me so long to watch The Looney tunes show when they had a version of Lola Bunny that is so much like me. At imo is the only entertaining version of her I've seen.

The show in general is great if you haven't watched it I highly recommend it.

Anonymous 34355


Tired, religious, and just wants to die? All in.

Anonymous 34356


Definitely her

Anonymous 34371

LOL i guess we are the same person


Bandcamp music Anonymous 34309[Reply]

Does CC get music from Bandcamp? Share your good find/your Bandcamp collection here.

>Central - Vanishing Muffin https://shorediverecords.bandcamp.com/album/central

My current favorite. Described as "…band for fans of The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody valentine and Black Tambourine."

Real good shit

Anonymous 34310

I do but I've stopped going on it because I've been using another form of escapism.


albums Anonymous 32737[Reply]

whats your current favorite album(s)?
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Anonymous 34325

Anonymous 34341


Anonymous 34342

Anonymous 34357


Anonymous 34359

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