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Koi wa Ameagari no…

Anonymous 25926[Reply]

What are your thoughts on age-gap romance between older man/younger girl?
Do you find it amusing or just downright creepy?
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Anonymous 26392

>the woman looks feeble and raggedy
That’s because she is clearly a methamphetamine addict, dear.

Anonymous 26412

when I was a teen, I was going for 25+ year olds and I still do prefer men older. I find it amusing due to the fact that I naturally fantasize myself in the position of the girl but if I looked at it from a different POV, it would be creepy. ykwim?

Anonymous 26450


I remember I liked Kimi Wa Pet

Anonymous 26452


>Do you find it amusing or just downright creepy?
I've had crushes on a lot of old guys like Christopher Lee and such so I understand it very well. Idk if I'd actually date old men because I'm pretty active in general and old people are slow idk

Anonymous 26476

I'm in the "fiction=/=reality" camp, however fiction was a big reason why I idealized age gaps when I was young, so the way it's portrayed is something I'm skeptical of. If a girl writes it as a personal fantasy I understand that, but a lot of mainstream movies are written by men who want to date younger girls and make it look romantic, so it's like a form of propaganda.

I feel this way towards age gaps of all orientation ships (m/f m/m f/f etc), the fantasy is less exciting as you grow older, and getting older made me lose interest. I used to support them IRL (if 18+) because I enjoyed the fantasy POV of a younger person managing to charm someone handome/beautiful and older, or the older one being handsome/beautiful but lonely and finding someone young and enthusiastic to spend time with them, or a young virgin being mentored by someone older and experienced.

But for me, being attracted to people in their 20s when I was a teenager, or 30s when I was early 20s makes sense, but now I'm older I find older ages really ugly and only like people my age. Too young and too old are both ugly. One of my favorite age gap medias was (not hetero, sorry, but it's semi-on topic) a manga about a 20 year old woman dating a 30 year old woman, and I wanted to be the 20 year old, but now that I'm past 30 I couldn't date someone a decade younger and I wouldn't trust someone who would (unless it was 40+50 or 50+60 or something).

I think the vast majority of older people who seek younger IRL are immature at best or predatory at worst if they can't find someone their own age. I think about the older guys and some women who were way older that hit on me, and they were losers, desperate, ugly, people their age didn't want them for a reason. That's how I went from finding the fantasy exciting to gross. It's never as good IRL.


Movies that show true male nature Anonymous 25137[Reply]

Pls share movies that show, explicitly or not, voluntarily or not, true male nature and/or realistic female characters as well (good or bad)

No dumb feminist trap movie which just use stupid buzzwords and quotations like "im a strong independent woman" without showing an actual exemple of a woman with worth.

No movie where masculinity is shown as the greatest quality. No fake heroes, no fake strength, no pseudo good patriarch.

Thank you
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Anonymous 26378


yes, it was good for a disturbing film and I liked the concept alot. The same way how "irreversiblé" can be considered good and artistic I thought this one as well. But why the fuck are so many men crying over this one? I was actually suprised, never thought it was going to be such a big deal. I say stop being a bitch, but as everyone knows: there's always someone to ruin the fun

Anonymous 26382

>No fake heroes, no fake strength, no pseudo good patriarch
There will be blood.

Anonymous 26436

promising young woman is a good one imo. it has its flaws but i love the overall premise.

Anonymous 26437

I thought it was going to be just libfemmy pandery trash until I saw the ending. The ending was gold.

Anonymous 26448


(The original novel called Roadside Picnic is even better, the game is trash)


Pony Town Anonymous 29293[Reply]

Why hasn't anyone suggested we do this yet? CC gatherings on Pony Town would be peak comfy
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Anonymous 29298

>social media or shitcord needed to register
No thanks.

Anonymous 29299


Anonymous 29300

I love this comfy pixel art aesthetic holy shit

Anonymous 29301

very down for this!

Anonymous 29302

yes please


Red Dead Redemption 2 thread Anonymous 26257[Reply]

Just finished the game… Holy shit this was an experience. Easily one of the best games of all times.
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Anonymous 26264

All of these faggots are disguustingggggggg

Anonymous 26269

Anonymous 26271

My disgusting ex loved RDR (he played the first game at launch, same for the second) so i've always avoided RDR2 because of him, he was a misogynistic piece of shit so i didn't trust his opinion. Also i hate Rockstar, used to play GTA San Andreas and Vice City with my cousins when i was a kid but as i grew up and GTAV came out i realized how misogynistic and shitty these games are, so it was another reason for me to avoid RDR2.

This thread is making me doubt my choice, if my precious nonas love it maybe i can too! I absolutely love RPGs and action-RPGs too. Maybe i should give it a try…

Anonymous 26283


>Also i hate Rockstar, used to play GTA San Andreas and Vice City with my cousins when i was a kid but as i grew up and GTAV came out i realized how misogynistic and shitty these games are, so it was another reason for me to avoid RDR2.
yes, GTA is so deeply rooted in misogyny it's unreal. Women are quite literally treated as objects, with basically no exception, and 90% of them you meet are hookers. It really is a game made solely for males.
Red Dead is far better than GTA in this area, and contrary to GTA it does have very well written female characters. My personal favorites are Saide Adler and Karen. It also features suffragettes who you can interact with, but obviously psychotic moids like to kill them even if it hurts and decreases the honor of the player, because they are moids.
I do understand the precaution as this is a rockstar game, and they have a shitty track history, but compared to the fact that the game is set in 1899, the developers did a great job at putting in various rich and well developed female characters without hurting historical accuracy.
You don't have to force yourself or anything, but If you generally enjoy open exploration games with a story and you don't shy away from combat, I do very much recommend it.

Anonymous 26294

Since you liked RDR2 I recommend you try Days Gone, while not to the scale of an open world like RDR its got an alright story and zombies


Old RPG fans? Anonymous 25106[Reply]

Anyone else on here a fan of older RPGs like Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate, etc? (I guess Dragon Age Origins is allowed to count, Alistair is my favorite RPG romance)

I personally love modules made for a female audience like Demonheart and A Dance with Rogues for Neverwinter Nights. (Yes, they are antiquated and riddled with early 2000's nonconsensual erotic romance novel garbage but I love them)

What are your faves? And your favorite romances from these old games?

Valen Shadowbreath from NVN Hordes of the Underdark sold me on the game back when I was a kid. I couldn't believe there were games where you could play as a girl, go on adventures, and romance a character back then- it was magical to be able to step into that world.

I am forever irritated I can't play as a female character in Planescape Torment- it's totally stopped me from playing it.
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Anonymous 25944


Does VTMB count?

Anonymous 26171

I play Morrowind nonstop I know that

Anonymous 26253

It's not that old, it was released in 2004 which was just.. uh, 18 years ago.

Anonymous 26254


I started playing this recently on a rom. I love it so damn much.

Anonymous 26255

Yes, Fallout is brilliant, the soundtrack is one of my favorites.
I just snatched Daggerfall on Steam for free and I really want to try it out sometime, but I want to finish Oblivion and Morrowind first, working my way backwards


Anonymous 9944[Reply]

Do it.
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Anonymous 17482

absolutely based.

Anonymous 17489

If i could change this i would add Dimitri from FE3H

Anonymous 17491


>tfw no undying static monochromatic mango bf

Anonymous 17495

based and patricianpilled

Anonymous 26022


fuck it, 2 years later, still mostly the same.


Well written women characters by women? Anonymous 24540[Reply]

What are some good women or girl characters written by actual women authors, mangaka, etc.
Pic related is Ruuko from the Wixoss series made by Okada Mari, but it would be nice to know of more. It seems like too many girl characters are all written by men and it doesn't feel as genuine.
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Anonymous 24964

well-written doesn't mean you personally like them.
audiences being braindead and unable to enjoy a character without them being some boring coddling fantasy is mainly what gets in the way of well-written characters. it's also a hinderance to developing empathy. fiction is a great way to broaden the mind but not if it all strictly confirms the narrowminded.

Anonymous 25862


Jude, Taryn, and Viv Duarte + their stepmom Orianna are such well-written and realistic female characters. Taryn gets a lot of hate for her choices; which I do understand, but they make sense for her character. Both her and Jude are the two main reactions a girl has when she's thrown into a world/culture that looks down on them, with one of the only ways to move up being marriage. Jude is so much more than an uwu badass female lead who totally pegs Cardan uwu. She feels so much more real than most other female protagonists in ya, especially with her relationship to Madoc and Faerie. Viv is allowed to be selfish AND punished for being selfish without making her out to be some spoiled brat. Her trauma and subsequent rebellion against her father are as understandable as her emotional immaturity in regard to her interpersonal relationships. Orianna is given respect by the author that many stepmoms aren't. She knows the horrors of the high court and tries to counsel her stepdaughters in a way that she's most able to. The relationship between the women in the Duarte family unit is treated with so much respect by the Author I can't wait to see more.

Anonymous 25866

Came here to post Winry and Riza. Winry's grandma is badass, too.

Anonymous 25921

Replying to myself but I'm actually reading fma now and I'm amazed by the sheer number of female characters in the series. A lot of characters don't "need" to be women, but they are. And I can't think of one that isn't well-written.

Anonymous 25923

well-written character analysis anon.


VRchat general Anonymous 23539[Reply]

This is a thread dedicated to miners that play VRchat. This thread welcomes all kinds of dicussion surrounding the topic.
I will start with a few questions, you can answer whichever ones you like.

>How long have you played VRchat? How did you discover VRchat?

>Do you own a VR headset? Full body tracking? Do you play in desktop mode?
>Have you experienced something great in VRchat or do you have an absolute horror story to tell us?
>Thoughts on the people of VRchat? Thoughts on the moids in this game?
>What are your thoughts on ERP?
>Problems you have with VRchat? Issues you wish would be addressed?
>Experience with meeting other women in game? Are there such things as female only spaces in VRchat? (I assume with private worlds)

No pressure in answering, if you want to simply talk about VRchat without answering the questions it is good too. Rarely do I find places where people want to have a serious discussion on the game.
22 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 25072

There's no way to pre-emptively keep them out, but you can just vote to kick them if they end up in your meetup world. Being booted blacklists you from rejoining for an hour IIRC.

VRChat will eventually have a groups feature where you can simply group up all confirmed miners and have the world open only for them. Feature rollouts are glacial but when the changes arrive they are usually for the better.

Anonymous 25504


I sort of miss the old VRchat before the Quest Users and the Trust system. I remember when it was just getting popular and a lot of people were coming in to have fun and joke around. I guess you had the obnoxious Uganda Knuckles meme but I'd rather prefer that than having a hoard of eboys/egirls with Trusted User rank sporting hypersexualised blingy avatars coddled up all together to a mirror. You can't even strike up a conversation with them. So many are try hards trying to act cool and impress others. It's like there's now a cast system which I highly don't like. The other option are fucking Quest children that are extremely obnoxious and loud because they only know of VRchat through popular youtubers. It's either lewd circles or children-filled circles. No inbetween.

Anonymous 25827

vrc is good only in priv or small pc-only public lobbies. i've been to a couple black cat publics and it's insane how many kids there are running around in nsfw avatars, actually depressing.
great pugs are pretty okay for avoiding children on friday/saturday nights but its almost entirely moids, the only women i've seen in there were either normie or tagging along with their bfs lol

Anonymous 25887

I popped in it around 2017 curiously on my desktop and stumbled on what sounded like a 50 year old chain smoker giving advice in a Touhou Momiji avatar without any irony or care. I think at that time it was more small and fun and everyone wanted to help each other. popularity ruins everything.

Anonymous 25897

The Way.jpg

I have a soft spot for the Uganda Knuckles since I got into VRchat around their peak due to see the ChipsxNuts streams on twitch. The game had some great energy back then


females getting revenge Anonymous 25617[Reply]

hi do you know any movie, serie or anything that depicts a woman being violent, getting revenge, really anything about women just going berserk ? violence against males is preferred. can be gorish, real or fake, anything
22 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 25841

Anonymous 25843

Thanks for sharing this, nona! There's a ton on that list I've never seen, and those I have, I loved.

Anonymous 25844


Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.
I haven't watched it in years, but I liked it when I was a teen.

Anonymous 25847

my personal recs are:
ginger snaps
jennifer's body
martyrs (but there is also a gratuitously long scene of the main character being tortured by a man in the second half, as well as other violence against women)
also, not a movie and without spoiling anything sharp objects is a show that you may be interested in

and a letterboxd list with a ton of stuff i (mostly) haven't seen:

Anonymous 25853



Otome Games Anonymous 143[Reply]

Anyone else here who’s a fan of Otoge?

>English Otome Games


>Otoge Subreddit


Remember to tag your spoilers!
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Anonymous 25310

Yes, there are a few.
Try searching on the VNDB with the tags "Otome Game" and "Only A Single Hero" (I think that was the tag's name)

Fuck you

Anonymous 25330


>with sexual content

>80 results
lmao, even

Anonymous 25411

Are you laughing because it's too few? Yeah, the number of R18 otome that is actually good and translated is disappointing.

Anonymous 25490

Anonymous 27284


my actual boyfriend.

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