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Music with vampire energy Anonymous 19949[Reply]

I'm mostly just bored and hoping people have some goth/darkwave music recommendations for me. Hopefully anyone with similar taste in music can find something they like from my recommendations too
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Anonymous 21036

Anonymous 21038

Anonymous 32280

Anonymous 32596

I really like this.

Anonymous 33409


Forms of communication outside of discord Anonymous 33379[Reply]

Hello I am currently like totally tired of Discord it has been a complete mess for me lol

So i've started using XMPP and Mumble idk if anyone else uses that?
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Anonymous 33404

yeah literally anything decentralized and high-security like fediverse and element is for pedophiles

Anonymous 33405

>imageboards are also usually full of troons
thats why i only use crystal cafe kek

Anonymous 33406

cc is full of troons and moids too, like over half of the userbase is one or both

Anonymous 33407


Anonymous 33408

this is why i use fc even though i’m not very interested in yaoi. it hasn’t been invaded by males so much yet. shame they killed the yume and s stuff though. those were the best boards.

Screenshot 2024-01…

Anonymous 33145[Reply]

How do we feel about Blaire White?
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Anonymous 33190

I’m more sympathetic to hsts tims so I don’t hate him or anything, but he is a hypocrite. idc how much plastic surgery you’ve had, ywnbaw. still, I appreciate he offers a more moderate viewpoint to all this troon madness

Anonymous 33209

indifferent. she lives near me in austin texas i wonder if i could play pranks on her like… throw sex toys on her roof.. throw lube and porn and god knows what on her roof. also maybe inflatable sex dolls filled with helium and get them tangled up in her trees. she he whatever i want to fuck with her lol, so close so easy. i have so many ideas

Anonymous 33210

anybody in austin tx want to help me fuck with blair white!

Anonymous 33220

He would probably say it was TRAs fucking with him.

Anonymous 33229

he is only useful in that he benefits/promotes the TERF cause


BOOK GENERAL Anonymous 3098[Reply]

Subject says it all.
Discuss everything to do with books. Writing, reading, burning, etc. Ask for recommendations and stuff.
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Anonymous 33197

If you tell me what you like and what you look for in literature, I can personalize the reading advice. (also your age, or a general idea)

Anonymous 33198

More novels about war, love and anything related to japanese mythology

Anonymous 33199

Japanese Classical…

Kenzaburo Oe (1994 Nobel Prize) write a lot of good short fiction about war.
Heart of Darkness, by J. Conrad inspired Apocalypse Now.
Henry James, Daisy Miller. Imagine James as an American Austen in the early 20th century. Very good psychological portraits of American and European youth clashing.
Edith Warthon, The Letters. This should be mandatory CC reading. Can't really talk about it without spoiling.
Tolstoi, The Devil: a man with morals is trying to not cheat on his wife
Goethe, The Sorrow of young Werther: a classic which introduced desperate, romantic love. Beware: it's old.
>japanese mythology
Can't help you there. Maybe pic related.

Anonymous 33200

Thankyuu, Nonya! I will check them out after In Stahlgewitter

Anonymous 33202

Nta but A Personal Matter by Oe is another great book of his but it doesn't have anything to do with war but I still recommend you to read it


sonic thread Anonymous 31863[Reply]

did anyone who watched prime like it cus i see people calling it awful on twitter alot
i havent gotten around to seeing it yet
also im attracted to the characters
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Anonymous 31865

ive always been a pretty big sonic fan, i played the mega collection a lot when i was younger

>I can see the appeal, sonic is kind of hot ngl.

yeah, sonic himself is pretty hot but my personal favorite is tails, hes cute

Anonymous 31868


Sonic is a fun franchise, I can see why people like it a lot. I also played one of the advance games and chronicles, but it was so long ago my memory is bad. Tails is very cute I agree, but unfortunately when I think about Tails now my mind immediately jumps to the tails gets trolled comics.

Anonymous 32181

It does suck. I even tried to defend it by saying it was for kids, but then again, Sonic X was for kids and even though that wasn't too good either it was miles better than Sonic Prime.
> also im attracted to the characters
Sonic has that effect on people. You can not resist.
>tails gets trolled
Really? I always think of Bench Tails.

Anonymous 32195


Sonicsisters… WE ARE SO BACK.

Anonymous 33134


Sonic Prime is…okay. It's on par with Sonic X season 1 as just an okay show. It has nice elements to it like the plot carrying across dimensions and different incarnations of the same character interacting and the action is nice. But there's not much other substance to it. Aside from the action scenes that are admittedly nice, you could find all the other positive elements in other sonic shows and in greater quality.

Screenshot 2023-04…

Youtube thread Anonymous 32910[Reply]

Let's talk about youtubers we like and videos we watch!!!

What youtubers do you watch regularly?
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Anonymous 32964

Cosplayer lolita and anime loli are two different things. Cosplayer lolita is basically gas lighting anime conventions.

Anonymous 32973

This beautiful human being

Anonymous 33045


Sapphic Underground is one of my faves! Her most famous videos are her lesbian short films but she also posts analyses of lesbian media, books etc. She publicly peaked some time ago and R*ddit troons and libfems tried to cancel her but failed miserably. Tbh I have a huge crush on her because she is sooo cute and adorable and intelligent =^.^=
(Picrel. She also has a gc podcast and has written several books.)

Honorable Mentions:
- KJK (obvs) (also BTW has anyone here ever called in to her terf talk tuesday line ? I remember a few weeks ago some American TRA called in and accused kjk of r00fying a girl that kjk had literally saved at a bar iirc, it was really weird and deranged and reminded me why we must support her)

- Jamie Hanshaw (schizo high IQ beautiful girl that posts about conspiracy and esoteric stuff, wrote books about it and recently did analyses of tswift and beyonce weirdness)

- Christina Randall (fun cute outgoing chick that started off posting about her time in prison and prison life, now posts true crime stuff which I don’t rly watch b/c I prefer her older content)

- Bazed Lit Analyzer (high IQ moid, also a conspiracy schizo and posts thoughtful analyses about literature and film)

There are others but I prioritize listing my fave women YTbers. BLA is an exception simply because his content is too unique to not share and I figure some /lit/ cc anonettes might be into his stuff (and SU’s too)

Anonymous 33080

Hey she was in the Louis Theroux doc Forbidden America. It was filmed after she was pushed out of her misogynistic edgelord clique for realizing they hate women.

Anonymous 33113

I've been watching a lot of this channel (Anthropics) - the videos are really pretty


Happiest Season Thread Anonymous 33095[Reply]

They should’ve ended up together, Harper was insufferable.

Anonymous 33096


Anonymous 33112


Aubrey Plaza playing a hot lesbian doctor was something I didn’t know I needed in my life 0_____0’


Anime: Late Hours Edition Anonymous 17408[Reply]

What are you currently watching? Any shows you've dropped? What's in your backlog? What are you looking forward to in the upcoming season?

A comfy thread to talk about anime, whether it about be your favorite anime to the worst fucking garbage you've ever seen.
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Anonymous 32993

Out of ones that came out in 2023? Or ones that we saw in 2023?

Anonymous 33002

That came out in 2023.

Anonymous 33010

Usually I watch anime in like a 1 or 2 year lag. But this year I got into Jujutsu Kaisen by chance and liked it a lot

Anonymous 33033


I hardly watch newly released anime but Skip and Loafer and Frieren are some that I really like and enjoyed so far.

Anonymous 33111

no love for Spy x Family?


Vtuber Anonymous 30347[Reply]

Have any of you tried or are vtubers? How is it?
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Anonymous 32560

Have you ever watched Phase Connect vtubers?
Their brand is 'omg she is literally me fr fr' rather than 'omg anime waifus are real' or 'jeebus she's so talented' so they tend to have higher % female viewership than other agencies.
My favorite is Tenma (Uruka best singer tho).

Anonymous 32563


Moids would experience existential crisis if they discovered that a real living human being is behind their fictional parasocial girlfriend.

Anonymous 32567


Most of those comments seem genuinely worried about her not upset about the real girl.

Though you're probably right that most of them wouldn't care without the avatar.

Anonymous 33103


I’m a VTuber. I hate moids even more since I started, I’ve never been that close to a male community before and sometimes I can’t understand their logic and how they act. But it’s good money, and I actually have fun playing games and being silly.

Anonymous 33109

>most of the comments are expressing concern for her privacy or employment
I don't understand what this picture is supposed to demonstrate.


Metal music thread? Anonymous 21423[Reply]

I'm not sure if there's enough of metal enjoyers on here, but I wanted to make a thread for a long time now so here it is

You can just send a song(s) that you like or complain about anything metal related, etc.
98 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 32080

anyone go to metal concerts? how do you find people to go with? there are a few bands i like doing shows in my area by i dont want to go alone.

Anonymous 32607

Lol i was just listening two of her albums today! That was pretty cool and different!

Anonymous 32798

i just dmed a girl on instagram who takes pictures at metal/post hardcore shows nearby and befriended her. within two days of talking she sent me a flyer to a nearby show and introduced me to the scene.

with that being said be wary of moids who invite you to shows, some of them expect "something in return" /:

Anonymous 32805

I really like metal, but everytime I meet a moid who likes it too is one of two. They either like numetal/metallica in which I don't care, you like whatever you do, but act like they are the biggest metalhead in the universe, or they're NSBM listeners. I don't even need to comment on that. I wish I met more girls that were into metal from where I am. Sadge.

Anonymous 33099

I find it funny that metal fans used to complain about pop music and even some rock because it was formulatic and repetitive, but modern metal has become exactly the same, just a bunch of bands trying to sound as fast/agressive/loud as possible ignoring basic music concepts.
Even the heavier and more extreme genres used to have a great sense of rythim, harmony and melody, but that seems mostly gone.

Of course, not every modern metal band is like this, I'm just talking about the general trends.

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