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Anonymous 31012[Reply]

Why did they cast every ugly man in Hollywood as Ken?
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Anonymous 31317

think they prioritised acting over looks. ryan is not bad looking but he is too old for the role. however he's good at acting goofy in a big way and isn't afraid to do such a girly film, especially considering he did drive and blade runner that were more masculine. he can sing too

Anonymous 31626

the men look like toys and the women look like women.

Anonymous 31629

kinda based

Anonymous 31667

ryan seems sweeter than most “attractive” guys in hollywood. imagine if some misogynist like henry cavil was cast

Anonymous 31689

I wouldn't be surprised if he took the role because it was a surefire way to get attention on Dead Man's Bones. I had no idea he could sing or was in a band until I heard him sing I'm Just Ken.


video games Anonymous 18609[Reply]

i believe the last video game thread at >>79 is full so here's a new general for video game discussion
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Anonymous 31289


I went into Signalis blind and I love this game.

Anonymous 31393

got fez on a steam sale recently, its really fun. i adore the music

Anonymous 31675

When it this coming out? I'm so hyped for it

Anonymous 31687


planning on getting blasted then playing fatum betula.

Anonymous 31869


I've lately been obsessed with playing Fear and Hunger 2: Termina. It's far more polished than the previous game and I like it quite a lot more. Fair warning though, it does have scenes of sexual assault and is pretty violent. I freaking love the game. Abella is my favorite character. Only thing I hate is how troon pandering the game is. I seriously cannot find any like minded person who enjoys the game who isn't some creepy troon or something. I also wish Marina wasn't just some tranny self insert fantasy and felt more like an actual character. I think of Marina as just a very feminine guy who is conflicted over his identity. The fans of the game are insufferable, so I just kinda avoid them.
Aside from that, the combat and exploration aspects of the game are super fun and it has great replay value with 3 different endings, though generally there are only 2 major gameplay paths. I love the monster designs as well and each of the characters' personalities. The character designs are all very simple and effective.


Anonymous 31376[Reply]

anyone else excited for season 2

Anonymous 31377

a scrote who hates panty is a red flag btw

Anonymous 31403

I'm going to watch the first soon season so I can be excited for the second.

Anonymous 31406


great! let me know when you watch it nona. i like nearly all the characters but stocking is my favorite even if it's a cliche choice. i wonder which one will be yours…

Anonymous 31679

It's extremely, extremely popular with Zoomers. I have encountered several artists who grift the art-style and are very successful for it. I just hope that Gainax doesn't tone down the raunchiness. It was after all inspired by American adult cartoons when the directors were abroad. Imaishi is returning to direct, so I hope it will be good. The animation should be stellar.

Screen Shot 2023-0…

Anonymous 31598[Reply]

>tfw the cover art looks nothing like the artwork in the story

Anonymous 31599

They most likely used the concept art

Anonymous 31678


Reminds me of this fiasco some 10 years ago or so. Japanese artist was hired for a cover variant of Squirrel Girl and people were appalled at the dogshit art once they removed the plastic packaging.

[YuiSubs] Akiba Ma…

Akiba Maid War Anonymous 31631[Reply]

Is this the best anime in the world?
I find it quite possible that Akiba Maid Sensou is the best anime in the world.

Anonymous 31633

The last 30 seconds of this show made me tear up and cry a little. I was so happy.

Anonymous 31891

i tried talking about how much i loved this show in lcf but i got shit on for liking "scrote" fan service shows.

i didn't think the show was fan service or scrotey at all. seemed like a show about bonds and female companionship, i don't get how people can judge it because they work at maid cafes, which they all express they have nothing else to do…
it was def my anime of the year 2022


Lisa The Painful RPG Anonymous 30470[Reply]

Have you played it?
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Anonymous 30919

I want to play this.

Anonymous 31021

i am really really interested in this game i really love lore intensive games and this one seems wel ldone but i could never start and actually play it because a world with only men sounds like absolutely hell and i think i would be depressed playing the game so i didnt play it

Anonymous 31115

i hope dingaling doesn't ruin the remaster by adding troon shit. let's be real, troons cannot survive in Olathe, adding troons would only be to virtue signal. no razors, no hormones, and a gigapassing (they don't exist regardless) hsts would've been hatecrimed shortly after the flash. the same goes for any gigapassing FTM. Queen Roger isn't a troon and he only has survived because he was already a Dahmer type.

Anonymous 31404


Lisa Definitive Edition was really good. They added party member campfire conversations for Painful and a secret boss fight. Joyful got a new secret ending and a bunch of new gameplay elements. Got it for twenty dollars on Nintendo Switch.

Anonymous 31620


I used to be in love with a scrote who acted a lot like Brad, cold exterior yet he would act shy every time a woman showed interest in him, I tried to sleep with him and he puked everywhere, haven't seen him since, needless to say this game was eye opening.
During the queen campfire scene it hit me, even though I hadn't thought about him in years, I couldn't get him out of my head past that point.
Am I just assuming things? Does anyone ITT ever met someone like this?


Favorite AMVs? Anonymous 3402[Reply]

A friend of mine showed me this AMV yesterday and I can't get it out of my head:
I also really like this one

I love it when people take the time to make an AMV that actually syncs well with the song and fits with the moments showed instead of being just a compilation of scenes with a random song slapped on it.
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Anonymous 31373

Some dark and edgy content to mix things up. My favorite AMV of my favorite anime: has hot women wiping the floor with males, the entire show's like this. Plus very well edited.

Anonymous 31387

Anonymous 31610

this absolute beauty!

Anonymous 31611

Anonymous 31612

Fucked up link soz

Noise Thread Anonymous 23883[Reply]

*Noise ~ Harsh Noise ~ HNW ~ Power Electronics ~ Death Industrial ~ Gorenoise*
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Anonymous 31230


shia muslim nona? me too omg, totally agree as well, I've been to Iraq for Ashura once, not supposed to say this but my favourite city by far was Najaf and Imam Ali's shrine tops all, resonated with his character out of the 14 masoom anyway.

would love to talk to you since we shias are spread thin online. discord is udongeinaba

Anonymous 31378

Anonymous 31400

Anonymous 31401

Thank you for sharing this nona but what the fuck is that youtube channel?

Anonymous 31588

Now I can talk to frogs.


Anonymous 24537[Reply]

What do you guys think of silent hill 3? I think it has the best female protagonist out of any vidya. I relate to Heather so much it hurts.
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Anonymous 28941

I love Heather. I also played this one first when I was 14 back in the early 2000s. She is just so BRAVE and cool and unflustered without being one dimensional.
I love how she has kind of a “dirty” look with all the freckles and stuff, it goes well with the aesthetic of the game and I feel like more represented, since my skin tone is the same. Her character design is awesome.

Anonymous 28942

Okay DDR Exreme for PlayStation 2 and you can do the dance and see the music video sung by “her” (really Mary McGlyn but she lip syncs) for “You’re Not Here”. There’s also a song from SH4 and other Akira tracks.

Anonymous 28954

>1-3 are probably the only games worth their salt
I know this is an old post, but for me 4 is pretty good. For me it was the one that scared me the most. The bad part about the game is that you have to go back through all the maps in a scourt mission, but the game and story are good

Anonymous 29040

The only people who treat SH2 as the greatest thing since sliced bread are the game jouros, the same morons who think TLoU2 is some empowering story. Everyone else treats the first or third game as the best, with honorable mention to The Room.

>I've seen a lot of people say sh3 is shallow and basic in comparison to 2
The only context I've seen that comparison being made was in regards to how you explore the same area of Silent Hill as in the second game.

Anonymous 30053

SH3 is the best! I love Heather so much


hottest fake moids Anonymous 31238[Reply]

ill start
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Anonymous 31546

Why do we have two identical threads on different boards?

Anonymous 31554

Cause people don't search the catalog.

Anonymous 31556

who tf is pavlov what 0_o
r u bout the neurologist? it doesn't make any sense

Anonymous 31558

i think she is schizo and thinks some guy is posting on here pretending to be her?

Anonymous 31583

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