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deviantART Anonymous 4452[Reply]

I know it's dead now, but I wanted to talk about deviantART nostalgia.

Who did you follow?
Did you create and post on there?
Ever used the forums?
Memories and anecdotes?
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Anonymous 21580

there's a non-zero chance that i read it.

Anonymous 21733

dA lost it's place as the art gallery site when they let bean counters update their TOS and copyright policies. It's always something.

Anonymous 21768

Right now what's the best site for uploading art in the West? Twitter, Tumblr and such sites are complete garbage for archiving art galleries.

Anonymous 21880

Try instagram maybe. it's image based and people can't save your art

Anonymous 21884

IG is an algorithmic nightmare, a lot of artists have abandoned it because you have to fight for your own followers to even see your posts on their feed. Also taking a screenshot instead of right click and save is not a hurdle for art thieves.

I think Twitter is the best right now to have your work seen and shared.


Anonymous 21882[Reply]

Your opinion on this game?

Anonymous Moderator 21883


/rgg/ - Yakuza & Judgment General Anonymous 21249[Reply]

All things related to SEGA's Yakuza series and its spin-off Judgment because why not
>story and character discussion
>gameplay tips
>favorite substories?
>favorite minigames?
>favorite location?
>favorite songs?
>best boy?
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Anonymous 21390

me except I don't have a playstation anymore

Anonymous 21825

yes i know it came out yesterday, but has anyone here tried Lost Judgment?

Anonymous 21838

currently playing. Love the new soundtrack. Have you tried it?

Anonymous 21850


Anonymous 21867




Brand New Cherry Flavor Anonymous 21784[Reply]

Have you seen it? I'm halfway through and it's really interesting so far. It gets kinda uncomfortable at times (more horror/gore than I expected, but also in terms of the main character's experiences) but it's always intriguing and the two female leads are really great.

Anonymous 21801


Day 1 of bumping this thread in hopes someone will see my post on the front page and get interested in watching

Anonymous 21837

I think Jeff Ward is super cute, but I have a feeling from the trailer that it's not really my thing (too wierd/violent) and his character wouldn't be that important anyway.

Anonymous 21851


His character is central, however he's pretty much a direct subversion of a random female love interest in an action movie. He's totally inconsequential to the plot, just enamoured with the lead and willing to tag along for whatever.
It was sooo much more violent than I expected, but you don't miss out on much if you skip through the gory scenes. A lot of the time they're just drawn out for extra discomfort.


Male actors Anonymous 2890[Reply]

Who are the most handsome ones?

I kind of like Jared Leto.
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Anonymous 19602


right ?! im a lesbian but i thought he was super cute especially in fallen angels, absolutely loved his character
definitely one of the most handsome men ive ever seen

Anonymous 20829


Anonymous 21154


Henry Cavill in MoS was peak moid perfection

Anonymous 21832


Anonymous 21843


I never shut up about Henry Cavill. He is almost too perfect, like its suspicious. He is 6'2, has a big fluffy dog, EXTREMELY handsome, very charming, gamer, reads, is a huge dog with big barra titties. If someone told me a that a Hollywood actor has been exposed as a cyborg designed to be perfect I would immediately know that it is Henry Cahill.

essential_works (3…

/bleep/ - Electronic music general Anonymous 20265[Reply]

Any anons into electronic music of any kind? Posting current obsession and infographics

Very old EDM thread >>>>>/media/220
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Anonymous 21332

This thread needs more jungle

Anonymous 21333

happy rave.jpg

where in da hekk are my rav3rs @?

Anonymous 21348

right h3kking h3r3 B)

Anonymous 21803


Anonymous 21842


Nice BL and yaoi. Anonymous 21807[Reply]

If you post badly drawn crap in here I'll report it. This isn't /y, let's keep that way! Tasteful art only. No bara, larping or derailing here thanks.
18 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 21828


Anonymous 21829


Anonymous 21830


Anonymous 21831

original (1).jpg

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 21839

Moved to >>>/img/13513.


Disco Elysium Anonymous 21756[Reply]

Have any of you played Disco Elysium? I stumbled on it over on tumblr and watched some gameplay, and actually tried playing it since it seemed like a fun point and click. Legit one of the best games I've ever played.

Anonymous 21763

I really wanna play it. I don't know if my PC supports it, though.

Anonymous 21779


Find out. Legit one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had

Anonymous 21782

I'd really like to play it but my PC is a Poo-C

Anonymous 21789

Oh yeah this game's awesome, I love getting lost in everyone's deep characterization. I still can't read the middle aged boat lady's text options without falling asleep though.

The end is underwhelming but I hear the game's studio is making a new and supposedly better game inside the same universe. Now to wait 6 or so years.

Anonymous 21805

They have updated the game to include voice lines for everyone (I couldn't get into it without it)


Anonymous 20692[Reply]

any of you play warband or am I the only one?
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Anonymous 20716

yeah i play with the 61e

Anonymous 21603

I used to play with napoleonic wars dlc a lot it was so fun

Anonymous 21732

I have something like 800 hours in Warband.
I was really disappointed with Bannerlord in that my SINGLE qualifier for it was to just be Warband but characters at least sit down for feasts instead of standing awkwardly.
Bannerlord doesnt even have feasts at all.

Anonymous 21781

decent game

Anonymous 21802

I lot of people don't seem to like Bannerlord much

Shitty music men like Anonymous 18785[Reply]

Post music men find amazing for some reason, when in reality it's mediocre or downright terrible
114 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 21408

Nope, excluding the mumble rap, I like most of this stuff.

Anonymous 21413

t. top 40 fangirl
because i don't know tf are you listening to then

Anonymous 21481

this thread is so full of hate for subjective tastes that it might as well be a moid thread

Anonymous 21659

Seriously, what is this shit

Anonymous 21800

moids will laugh at girls for liking kpop and then listen to machine girl

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