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Hater Thread Anonymous 30199[Reply]

Post about media you hate i.e. books, movies, anime that you dropped (or finished) and why you hated it.
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Anonymous 31707

>Is this in response to that new song that's going around?
Yes and no. That one is annoying but there's more than just that. I've been noticing this trend for a while now. I just hate country.

Anonymous 31991

> [she] fired the friends that made her original pilot posible
Wait… she did? Why? When did that happen?

Anonymous 32053

As I remember it, the reader wouldnr know that “she” was actually her brother at that time. At most youd probably think wow what a weird sexual narcissist
but I might be remembering it wrongly

Anonymous 32057

I recently watched The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and I really don't get the love for it. The meta gimmicks with episodes sounded cool and unique, but the actual episodes are dull and the humor consists of "LOL BOOBS! LOL GROPING XD!" so what is even the point? Apparently people see the characters as endearing or as some sort of clever parody (?) but I just find them annoying and boring. You can sum it up as
>titular character constantly acts bitchy and autistic, sexually harasses other character, causes trouble
>victim character cries, squeals, has boobs
>generic guy is almost the voice of reason but too beta and spineless to do anything
>other guy does nothing except pull exposition out of his ass
>final character sits in the background in silence, quietly unfucks the situation using magic when it comes down to it, but otherwise ignores everyone else
I mean what's the appeal here?

Anonymous 32058

Weebs are mentally ill.

alice from hell.jp…

Anonymous 18016[Reply]

What manga are you reading RIGHT NOW?
Are you enjoying it?
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Anonymous 32021

I like the idea of a manga without many words and the artwork was nice but it was frustrating wanting answers that then never came. I think if I had gone into it knowing it would be like that I would have appreciated it more. It feels like two different stories and styles grafted together.

Why did you wait until it was over?

Anonymous 32025

>Why did you wait until it was over?
ntn but some people like to wait to read a story/watch a series/etc until after it's finished.

which i kinda get, it sucks binge-reading something a couple chapters a day for days and days on end and suddenly hit the end and now have to sit around waiting for the occasional trickle of an update.

Anonymous 32026

Personally speaking I am terrible at keeping up with ongoing series and will fall off them if I have to wait for new parts.

Anonymous 32027

I absolutely suck at keeping up with manga that's coming out. God forbid it gets dropped by scanlators too and it gets forgotten for a few months/years. Or hiatus.. I completely forget about it kek. I've been hearing a lot of mixed opinions on this manga so I really want to give it a read. Sometimes controversial titles really pique my interest.

Anonymous 32038



NES Nerds Anonymous 24466[Reply]

Any NES fans in the audience tonight? Mega Man got into music and gaming simultaneously as a kid and i'll forever be grateful
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Anonymous 25448

Not her, but I usually do odd orders whenever I replay Mega Man games.

Anonymous 25454


i have finished all the classic games aside from megaman 8/7, my favorites from the classic series gotta be 9,4,11,
currently playing battle network 3

Anonymous 26372


How do I git gud at these games or make them easier? I suck so bad at them. I'm playing Contra and I love the gameplay but it's super hard.

Anonymous 26565

The universal key to getting good at any game is to keep trying and to also recognize common things that are happening when you lose.

Anonymous 32023


Beat Zelda 1 tonight. Had heard for ages that it was one of those "need a walkthrough" games, but I thought it's design was very intuitive and did a good job of keeping the player on track without telling them exactly what needs to be done.
No guide needed and it was fun.

Playing Adventures of Link next which I've heard it an absolutely miserable experience.

best boy.jpg

Husbando Thread Anonymous 45[Reply]

Post pics of your husbando (or waifu!)
Bonus for explaining why + any merch you may have for them.
Pic related.
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Anonymous 31460


I just….LOVE him,he's so big and tall and cute and sweet and he is kinda evil too and I just love his voice

Anonymous 31927


Kaito i love kaito! he is so silly and always get beaten up by miku or meiko or even luka lol

Anonymous 31941


I finally finished reading Slam dunk and I thought I was over with falling for airheads and big dummies like him but it happened again

Anonymous 32006


Anonymous 32007

cowardice. eren is great. even if he's insane you can fix him.
ABSOLUTELY. the reason i fell in love with dragonball.


Cellphones Anonymous 265[Reply]

Post phones, cute cases, etc!
Is your phone rooted?
I rooted mine to use more features, remove bloatware, and to replace the boot animation (the brand logo you see when you switch your phone on) with my own.

App thread: >>>/media/82
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Anonymous 30442


Too bad old phones don't work these days. You'd have to get one from Japan where flip phones are still popular.
It has to be 4G(LTE) or 5G.

Anonymous 30444

thats a good thing. 3G is insecure

Anonymous 30456


I wish my phone network had the 4G bands for Japanese phones…Their flip phones are sick.
I haven't heard of any flip phones with 5G functionality yet, even in the US. Are you familiar with any?

Anonymous 30468


I have this exact phone pictured here, in white. I love it because the buttons light up!

Anonymous 32005

that's so cool. i love it.


Sailor Moon/Shoujo thread? Anonymous 551[Reply]

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Anonymous 27322


i’ve been watching through some of the seasons of precure suite is my fav so far

Anonymous 29768

Is it any good?

Anonymous 29777

Late but I tried finding scans and can only find a few page scans and were related to specific interests like lolita fashion. I think I will have to buy copies online or search in used book stores, and once I do I will likely scan them and put them out online via Internet Archive.

Anonymous 30469


Anonymous 32004

begone homewrecker


I Became A Garfield Addict Anonymous 31955[Reply]

I started binge watching everything related to Garfield. Garfield & Friends, the TV specials and even the mediocre live action movies. I've even binge watched the terrible CGI Garfield show and direct to dvd movies. Feels like Garfield is slowly taking over my life.
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Anonymous 31977

Did Garfield become a troon mascot? My pooner sister and all of her pooner friend group started obessing over garfield too, CC sisters is it over??

Anonymous 31981


I feel like it's more so a resurgence among dorky online people as a whole. Maybe I'm wrong but it seemed like there was a small boom around the time the garfield restaurant with garfield-shaped pizzas was getting talked about

Anonymous 31985

how many lasagnas have you eaten so far

Anonymous 31989

Anonymous 31997

I like garfield too, OP
its okay. let yourself like the stuff you like.
there's nothing wrong with having comfort characters.

Youtube Animations Thread Anonymous 30882[Reply]

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Anonymous 31553

She's my favorite

Anonymous 31557

Anonymous 31559

vewn and best are synonyms

Anonymous 31993

Always loved this one.
Based and TERFpilled. Thanks for the rec

Anonymous 31995

Her Puyo art is so adorable love the take on the style.


comfy internet memories/experiences Anonymous 22458[Reply]

share your comfiest internet memories & experiences -

>friendships made online

>(happy) fandom stuff
>nice interactions with random people you maybe never talked to ever again
>creativity & roleplaying
>stumbling across something cool
>exploring topics you love
>coding, theme-making, etc.
>just comfy
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Anonymous 22463

the insane amount of things i've read online. if it wasn't for the internet i just wouldn't be the person i am today. i think i got a better education online than IRL. I'm actually better at making friends IRL than online. I find internet people creepy, too forward, too rude. I'm sure there aren't but it makes me wary of meeting people online.

Anonymous 22464


>join app meant for artists, on there i mostly cheer them on since i suck at visual arts
>someone makes art for obscure thing from my culture
>immediately enter dms and try to engage them in mothertongue
>engages a bit but apologizes in english saying she's not really connected to that part of her background
>i'll help you
she was about a year younger than me and we were extremely close for almost three/four years, going as far to almost meeting up irl a few times. we gradually drifted apart as she became more of a normie and a "nonbinary" (something which i hate myself for not stopping) and i felt bad for being so annoying to her (she was closer to me than irls). i miss her a lot tbh and she was like a little sister to me. i hate myself for not doing a better job of keeping the friendship together and also for turning her into my emotional diary of sorts. i still have her number though so i might shoot her a text on her upcoming birthday to try to revive it all.

Anonymous 22466

I feel similar about the type of media I've discovered and have access to thanks to the internet. I can research and download any obscure film, music, or book I want for free. If I was born earlier I don't think I would've been exposed to as much good media. It must have sucked trying to find copies of more obscure stuff in the store or buying them through the mail and waiting.

Anonymous 22474

Always loved finding female-only/ friendly spaces online. My fav memories are of a woman's only MST3K discussion forum. We had basically gotten kicked out of the main fandom forum for "objectifying" male characters on the show. It was a small but cute community. We would Skype sometimes and I was generally nervous to say very much but I really appreciated the comraderie. We would draw little comics about each other.

There was also a really nice LotR role-playing forum (Arwen-Undomiel.com) that was like 90% women and girls. It was just so creative and sweet. No drama. People were so nice.

I miss forums.

Anonymous 31992

Not to dig up an old thread but I relate to this a lot nona. When I was 12-15 I was part of a Minecraft server that was really closely knit and I got to know a lot of people who were so fun to talk to and build with. The server even had their own forum to talk to everyone on and it was my favorite place on the internet for a while. As the years went by though people left and the community moved to discord and it felt like it destroyed what was left of the place. I don’t know why discord seems to do that to communities but it makes me sad. I think they’re still around but no one I used to talk to is on anymore. Makes me sad, but I am thankful for the memories with that place


Anonymous 31428[Reply]

guess who's not watching oppenscrote tonight
69 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 31980

Honestly surprised the movie generated so much male hate when the "strong feminist message" was so surface level? That was the kind of feminism preteens believe in after they watch too many libfem trashtoks. Guess I underestimated moids.
(Not to mention the amount of moids thinking they're literally Ken and go through the same oppression under feminism)

Anonymous 31982

*Guess I overestimated moids

Anonymous 31983


I'm not watching any Pedowood trash, doesn't matter what it's about. I wish there was more anime in cinemas.

Anonymous 31987


Watching it right now due to this thread.
Will report back.

Anonymous 31988

Ok, so I love the opening with the cool props and how artificial and plastic-y everything is. I appreciate films that fully dedicate themselves to their theme, reminds me a lot of how Lego movie fully utilized its tie in. It's like an extended version of the Aqua music video and I wish the movie spent more time in it. I know California was included to give a contrast to the colorful world, but still.
Agree that the writing is way too on the nose for my taste, it basically says its thesis statement for the audience at the beginning, but then keeps repeating it the entire time. Might be a fun on to script doctor for since the feminism angle is the clear message to do with a Barbie movie but this film handled it clunkily.
It's unfunny and a bit crass. I wish it was a family movie since the worst bits are full-on sex jokes that I don't think have place in a movie based on a toy for kids. My little sister actually loves the dolls and we were planning to see it as a family but when the rating was announced we gave that up.
I also think its other form of self-deprecating humor is unfortunate, it follows that trait of being way too self aware about its brand and reputation, going so far as to cast Mattel as the villain but it's hard to give that any bite when Mattel's logo flashes in the opening. I also think most of the self-critique is pretty shallow, I wish Barbie wasn't constantly being put down for her hyper femineity because I think it'd be a more well rounded film is she expanded her definition of what in means to be a woman. I like the message that a doll doesn't fix sexism, but maybe Barbie could have also shown that she normalizes things, but realizes that she can't fix it herself and needs doers as well.
The movie tries a lot of different angles like the mother-daughter relationship and the whole Ken thing, but it makes the movie a bit unfocused. I would have again removed most of the real world and made the movie more allegoric and found an in-Barbieland reason to have Ken and Barbie fight.

The two leads are charismatic both Barbie and Ken nail the campy atmosphere the film lends itself to.

6/10 I have more thoughts, but this post is long enough.

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