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Strategy games Anonymous 20722[Reply]

Am I the only one who enjoys strategy games instead of fps stuff?
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Anonymous 21449

who is the man in the picture? I know my historical knowledge is really fukin bad but atleast i wanna learn

Anonymous 22043

I like factorio and civilization 5. I wanted to play Frostpunk, but I have too many games in my backlog that I should complete first.

Anonymous 22048

does anyone play dominions? a game with the people here would be a lot of fun

Anonymous 22049

George VI, Lizzie's predecessor

Anonymous 22193

I just finished playing an Attila Total war game as the berbers in the TLR dlc when i saw this thread lmao.
I sadly feel like they are often filled with even more men than FPS. At least FPS will sometimes have women, but there are massive paradox modding discords with massive membership counts and not a single woman other than trannies.
This is especially true for paradox titles, but it also applies to Total War. Civilization games are bit better in this regard, but i don't enjoy playing them as much as i enjoy Total War or Victoria.
The only other woman i know who plays these games is a childhood friend.


Anonymous 22144[Reply]

I’m losing my mind. In some tv show, there’s an episode where one of the male leads gets a new gf, which only appears for that episode or maybe a few more. She has bulimia and pukes after she eats. The male character says that her problem got so severe she’s lost a tooth, which ignites interest in another main character who wants teeth for some reason. Then, that other character invites the gf for dinner and upsets on purpose so she runs to the restroom and throws up.


Anonymous 22162

Its just a show, it doesn't deserve such deep introspection. People come up with dumb shit all the time, don't pay attention.

Anonymous 22163

No, I’m trying to figure out its name. I’ve had many hypotheses. Friends, with Phoebe and Ross? Can’t be, the plot is too extreme. South Park has a tooth fairy episode but it’s different. The Big Bang Theory? HIMYM? BoJack Horseman? There must be a deranged shut-in TV vioower here who’ll know.

Anonymous 22180

Was there by chance a scene with a bunch of vomit filled jars lined in a closet? I've definitely seen something like that in a 90's show. Don't remember which, though. That quick cut to the closet is seared into my brain.

Anonymous 22191

Family guy


ffxiv thread? Anonymous 18064[Reply]

i recently found out that a fuckton of the people i hang out with on this game are women too. why are there so many on this game in particular? it has really surprised me and it's been super nice because i have no other female friends (that i know of) and i've known some of these people for years without ever realizing they weren't moids. if you roleplay, tell me about/show me your characters? i have a theory about what characters moids play by the way alphinaud is best boy

Anonymous 18154

I wish to know more people through the game but i`m scared of the agenda

Anonymous 19805


i have so many memories, good and bad, tied to this dumb game it hurts to think about. i do miss it sometimes but i don't think i can go back anymore. heavensward and shadowbringers were incredible pieces of storytelling though and i'm really glad i got to experience them when they were current. i even shilled the game on here a couple times lmao. i hope you are thoroughly enjoying your time in the game and may you ever walk in the light of the crystal, anon. /dote

Anonymous 22137


bumping this in light of the (almost) fujo/yumejo thread on /vg/ a day or so ago.

i'll also add a few thread questions:
>main job?
>least favorite job?
>favorite npc?
>opinion on sprouts

Anonymous 22166

>main job?
Astrologian, mainly because I picked it up during Heavensward because of the aesthetics and have stuck with it since. Healing is somewhat boring in this game, but I do love the fast queue times.

>least favorite job?

Probably red mage. Even moreso boring than healing, but it's nice to play if you're progging a certain fight and everyone is dying left and right.

>favorite npc?

Estinien, my beloved.

>opinion on sprouts

They're okay. I was a sprout once too so I understand.

Also, to anyone who might want to play this game, please understand this is a MMO, and surprisingly FFXIV has the creepiest moid population. I've had multiple creepy mentors who've tried to hit on me while using this weird, rp-like way of talking. Unsure if anyone else has had a similar experience.

Anonymous 22184

Mentors are just absolute fucking creeps in general. I play a male character so I don't get any weird comments while in dungeons or anything, but even then therr's something off about them. Everyone I've talked to agrees on this.


Anonymous 6959[Reply]

Are there any good sites/forums for discussing movies and tv shows without having to deal with constant pol baiting? Long time /tv/ user but I cannot go there anymore without feeling angry and disgusted and I do not know where else to turn. I just want a place where I do not hear "da joos" every 5 seconds that is not reddit.
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Anonymous 6984

Yeah OP, be the change you want to see in the world. Make a topic here.

Anonymous 6985

>mods are stepping up their game
Not at all, I was there 2 days ago for like 5 minutes and I saw a huge thread complaining about the interracial romance in Bill and Ted and then some thread where everyone was laughing at leftist while saying retarded pol shit. At this point any discussion about movies is just one reply away from becoming pol. The mods need to really step the fuck up, they do literally nothing

Dunno, this site in general is p slow as is which is okay usually but would come to a grinding halt if we were to talk about, let's say, Jericho

Litearlly the entire internet is full of shit and shitposting, I just want a place where I can discuss movies casually but on-topic

Anonymous 6986

You'll have to just make a more general topic, like "let's talk about old TV shows" and be willing to do some leg work by talking into the void in order to spark conversation from lurkers.

Anonymous 6987

>apolitical discourse in 2020
yeah good luck
at least on 4 Chan you can actually lead a debate.
Also I already mentioned it- look up the /film/ threads. Decent stuff

Anonymous 22176

what is this

best boy.jpg

Husbando Thread Anonymous 45[Reply]

Post pics of your husbando (or waifu!)
Bonus for explaining why + any merch you may have for them.
Pic related.
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Anonymous 22128

Have any of you ever gotten official merch of your husbandos?
The only merch I got of one of them was a trading card.

Anonymous 22130


not yet but i carved him on a pumpkin once
this looks so wonderful!

Anonymous 22131

All my favorites either don't have merch/it's cheap ugly shit or it's really rare and not worth the prices.

Anonymous 22133


thats why its best to learn 3d sculping to make your own superior figs (still learning)

Anonymous 22134


>tfw he has only one figure


Anonymous 22086[Reply]

Rewatching this movie. I forgot what a kino couple Herbert and Dan make.

Anonymous 22122

What is this movie?

Anonymous 22124

The guy on the left is sort of a mad scientist who is obsessed with bringing the dead back to life, kind of like Dr. Frankenstein. The guy on the right is a bright med student who gets sucked into his experiments.

Anonymous 22125

That guy is such a husbando

Anonymous 22132

The question is su…

Jeffrey Combs is just great in general.


Anonymous 20969[Reply]

Any vaporwave enthusiasts here?

Who is your favourite artist?
What is your favourite subgenre?
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Anonymous 22091

I really like Desired, Future Girlfriend 音楽 & Android Apartment

Gudang is also nice, when it comes to 'just' Vaporwave

Anonymous 22097


At the risk of sounding basic, I like Saint Pepsi, Yung Bae and Macross 82-99. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous 22098

Anonymous 22103

raiders from kraut/pol/
brenda and her friends

Anonymous 22127


Hololive Anonymous 22065[Reply]

I've got into the hololive scene but the most active discussion threads are all on 4chan…Are there also girls who like them?
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Anonymous 22075

I'd like to start watching some, but I'm not sure where to begin. Most of the english ones don't really seem like my thing. Any recs that aren't like super moe/annoying?

Anonymous 22077

I like Fubuki, Pekora, Subaru, and Korone and actively follow them. I don't really enjoy the tone of Mio or Okayu's streams, but I don't think anything negative of them (their personas are just not for me). If they're involved in collabs, though, I don't mind and think they play well off of others.

I don't really vibe with a lot of the EN girls, but Ina is very chill. I don't care to watch art streams, though. Irys has a very beautiful voice, but I honestly don't like her character design much.

I still have lots of members I haven't really bothered to go out of my way to watch. Been meaning to check out Kanata since she seems sweet.

You couldn't fucking pay me enough to watch Rushia, Luna, or Mumei.

Anonymous 22082

I like Irys and Ina, they lean more into the chill type. Irys especially is really sweet.

Anonymous 22110


>I've got into the hololive scene but the most active discussion threads are all on 4chan
Yes. /vt/ pretty much has a Westerner fan monopoly on what's going on with Hololive. Even the websites outside of 4chan are pretty much just /vt/ anons leading the way to people who don't know about /vt/.
>Are there also girls who like them?
Yes, but it depends on the vtuber, specifically speaking, as I am certain there are some that have a 100% male fanbase, like Haato.
The HoloEN of choice in CC seems to be Ina, but I like Ame too 'cause of her contagious laugh.

Anonymous 22123

I like beatani (she's my favorite)


Amazing lines in classic novels Anonymous 22076[Reply]

>High on his poop the sea-green god appears;

The Aeneid Book X

Anonymous 22084

Seaman’s lingo.

> The name originates from the French word for stern, la poupe, from Latin puppis. Thus the poop deck is technically a stern deck


Favorite character bingo Anonymous 21951[Reply]

Post your faves, rate the tastes of other miners!

Anonymous 21961

Too many spaces to fill out, not enough patience.
I hope someone else replies though

Anonymous 21962

Why a bingo sheet? That doesn't make any sense. A simple 3x3 would work. Unless the game is someone else picks your favorites off your favorite chart to bingo? That's kind of stupid.

Anonymous 22083


thats way too big op im not filling that out
as punishment youll have to endure my very poor ms paint downscaling skills

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