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“Hated” characters that you like Anonymous 22908[Reply]

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Anonymous 32170

Skyler lost me when the Ted saga started.
She was justified in hating Walter and I don't care about her infidelity or whatever, but she didn't have to pick the biggest retard she knew for the task. Walt was wrong for enough reasons to create a second thread about but the one thing he got right was not wanting Ted anywhere near them.

Anonymous 32183

What do you even like about her? Her design?

Only self-unaware manchildren hate on Shinji.

She annoyed the hell out of me when the anime was airing. Overall, she's a meh character.

Of course.

Really? Where? He was the best thing about SK8.

Anonymous 32819


I absolutely love Raymond and cats in general. He's super cute and has an overall nice design with the business/office theme. It's sad that some people hate him because he's popular, sold/trade at an unfair price and fetishized in a maid outfit even to the point of wanting to hurt or remove him from the game. I think people who hate Raymond are Ankha fanboys, contrarians who think it's cool to hate on very loved and popular things or people that had been bullies in the past given that Raymond isn't offensive in any way but cute and kinda nerd-looking.

Anonymous 33707


Emma Bovary. Yes, she's problematic and I often just wanna scream "Emma, why?!"but she's relatable. She feels like a fellow unfulfilled woman with no stable identity that she tries to find in dubious things like affairs, surface religiousness, impulsive purchases. Also I see her as a victim of circumstances that was deprived of more opportunities for fulfillment and excitement by patriarchy. I think she could do well in modern times. She's a bad person but I do love her and relate to her even if it makes both of us a couple of dumpster fire girlies. I think Emma is a wonderful character.

Anonymous 33709

I think most people hate Raymond because of his personality (smug)


/rgg/ - Yakuza & Judgment General Anonymous 21249[Reply]

All things related to SEGA's Yakuza series and its spin-off Judgment because why not
>story and character discussion
>gameplay tips
>favorite substories?
>favorite minigames?
>favorite location?
>favorite songs?
>best boy?
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Anonymous 33239

infinite wealth looking good in the cute boy department

cowboy joon-gi & his first kareoke song… big day for fans of han

Anonymous 33420

It would be funny if Seonhee is the one who makes him do it. I love Yūichi Nakamura's voice and I was so disappointed that Han did not sing in 7. Eric Tomizawa likely won't have a karaoke song though and it sucks because we already got robbed enough with the lack of Yagami karaoke in Judgment (though I do get it, it must be super expensive to get Kimura to record even one song)

Anonymous 33659

After playing quite enough of 8 I'm absolutely sure the story of Gaiden was written and probably even originally intended to be played after 8, it really shows.

Anonymous 33693

Damn we got robbed again

Anonymous 33705


>Daigo February
>Mine March
>Watase April
I love being right. I know why they did that but I wanted Ryuji August as well because I love Ryuji and I love being right


comfy vidya music Anonymous 30172[Reply]

music from video games to chill, sleep, lurk
soundcloud links for phoneposters

Start a Cult

talk is cheap


Receding Hairline Celebration Party

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Anonymous 32623

Anonymous 32627

Anonymous 33114

Anonymous 33142

Phenomenal game. Would recommend to anyone who likes puzzlers.

Anonymous 33703


Anonymous 29324[Reply]

Do you pirate your /media/ nonas? do you try to avoid it? do you encourage it? ethical piracy? do you consider some instances where piracy is bad?
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Anonymous 33574

is anyone else having problems accessing undernet on irc?

Anonymous 33660

I pirate a lot, but I have actually bought some games if they were actually good. For movies, tv shows, and books (textbooks especially) there is absolutely no way I’m paying money for it. I have jellyfin on my server, which is like Plex but it’s free, so I can access it on any of my devices. It’s basically like having a streaming service but no fee, and I know it’s gonna stay there forever.

For textbooks, I pirate every single one and I tell other students to do the same thing. Libgen is the best.

For music, it really depends. I have the same feelings about Spotify and streaming music that I do for streaming tv and movies. So I like to own it myself. I also have it on jellyfin. If a band I like has a bandcamp release or some other way I can buy directly from them, I will. But otherwise, I’m using deezloader.

Anonymous 33698

Soulseek is good too, it's good for black metal.
A lot of that stuff isn't on spotify and such.

Anonymous 33699

I do pirate and I do feel bad about it. It's like having a free bag of cocaine that never empties. I do not think it's good for the soul nor society.
Sometimes I buy music off bandcamp to ward off the guilt. I want to try and switch to legal free content (paid content is not especially good).

Anonymous 33701

why do you feel bad?


Any Games Similar To Pokemon? Anonymous 32518[Reply]

I like the turn based combat, team building and high repeatability. Any games that meet those criterias?
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Anonymous 32525

You're looking for Pokemon Clones.
There's a steam tag for it but doesn't have much games in it.

Anonymous 32532


Lisa The Painful RPG. You have over twenty five party members to choose from

Anonymous 32588


Fossil Fighters, Yokai Watch, Digimon, Spectrobes
Aside from Pokemon clones maybe you would like Fire Emblem

Anonymous 33695

buddy simulator 1984

Anonymous 33696

i think pokemon copy games are an entire genre on steam


Disney's Wish was A.I generated theory Anonymous 32840[Reply]

Everything about the film feels artificial and generic. From the songs all the way to the character designs. There's no way this film was made by human beings. Most likely Disney experimenting with A.I to make films.
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Anonymous 33619

I think it was just painfully boring and uninspired. Although, it is possible that they could have hired humans who were dishonest and cheated with A.I. The same thing has happened in some other companies.

Anonymous 33620

So he can take huge nasty star shits

Anonymous 33667

How much did it cost to make this movie? It looks like a TV special.

Anonymous 33690

I hate that goat creature. It screams lazy marketeable plushie bait. Glad the movie flopped and their gamble didn't pay off

Anonymous 33694


The goat is fucking awful. Disgusting old man voice.

On the topic of the art design, can we talk about how shitty and unimaginative the wishes look? They're just ugly blue orbs with no visual appeal. Like a worse version of soap bubbles. How did this make its way into the final product, instead of being scrapped immediately and replaced by something decent?


Comic/Comic Series Thread Anonymous 30649[Reply]

The thread about comics in lolcow is dead so i'm posting here.

Thread for comics, graphic novels. DC, Marvel, IDW, any publication is fine.

What comics are you currently reading, or have finished? What are your favorites? One of mine is picrel.
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Anonymous 32143


Issue #9 is hilarious:
Ed Edd & Eddy try to seduce Kevin for jawbreakers.

Anonymous 32193

It's pretty good
Would love to see an adaption for it in animated form one day
Also been enjoying the continuation

Anonymous 32775


Just finished Sobek by James Stokoe. Sobek being imagined as a deadpan god is really funny. He reminds me of Saitama

Anonymous 33668


Post some comic pages that you like! Here is mine

Anonymous 33692

Screenshot 2024-02…

I've been enjoying the Kaboom peanuts comics. They're really cute and are based on stories from the original strip which are fun to spot.


Movies General Anonymous 2793[Reply]

What have you watched recently?
What is on your to-watch list?

Favorite genre, topic, director, actor/actress, and so on?

Movies that you found memorable as a cinematic experience, movies that you rewatch for the feels or comedy, movies that you found bad (and why)?
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Anonymous 33437

Lol I've heard of a lot of people saying that Godards films can get confusing and convoluted. I felt the same when watching it too so don't feel like you're retarded. I preferred watching the film for it's visuals anyway as it was a very beautifully shot film. So even if you aren't following it I recommend you to finish just because it looks good.

Anonymous 33443

Watched Saltburn by Emerald Fennell recently with no expectations, it was fine. A collection of very nice visuals but not too much else. Surprised to learn she was behind A Promising Young Woman, this movie feels so limp in comparison.

Anonymous 33669


Villains who did nothing wrong.

Anonymous 33688


I just finished watching Saltburn.

It was "OKAY". The gothic horror aesthetics were cool but I feel like I've seen these psychopath impersonation-takeover movies a lot already and it's nothing new.

It hurt a bit because I lie a lot [I've reduced it though] to make people like me and realized I have antisocial traits in me like the main guy. It's not as worse as going as far as killing people and using their weaknesses like eating disorders to manipulate them though. Just the self-pity and victimization part that the Carey Mulligan character did in the movie.

It's interesting to show that the psychopath had an ACTUAL NORMAL AND HEALTHY FAMILY instead of boohoo tragic past broken family and throw some disgusting shit at him to make him look bad like what they did in True Detective.

Anonymous 33689

The psychopath from a normal family bit was refreshing, because the main character would have been way more sympathetic if le broken tragic past happened. Interesting possibilities in the future for movie plots as I think your upbringing can influence if you get "cool hot psychopath" disorder or "filthy fent zombie" syndrome.

I think that the wave of family drama/class aware movies is going to continue for a bit but this movie might slow down the demand.


Anonymous 33685[Reply]

what's your favorite singer right now?
for me it's Ado

Anonymous 33686


Mark Kozelek, I’ve been listening to Medicine Bottle on repeat all week.


Anonymous 33240[Reply]

Did any nonas play Moviestarplanet as kids? I miss old social games like this so much and would give anything to go back to a time when they were still full of life
4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 33576


i was fucking obsessed with MSP as a child. they had a summer competition once and i made my dad mail a bunch of shit and drawings to their office and i won 1 YEAR VIP. i will never let that fucking go, i still remember the excitement of logging into my account and suddenly seeing hundreds of diamonds kek

Anonymous 33587

I stole my parents credit card for this game…. can't remember how much money I spent and it still haunts me. Does anyone remember what the highest VIP rank used to cost around 2013 or so?

Anonymous 33621

NOSTALGIA god i loved this game as a kid!

Anonymous 33681

Hell yeah, I used to scam people for their "rare" clothes, I'd promise them all kinds of pricey stuff and after getting the rare I just blocked them kek. Also had a glitch where my VIP would get renewed every month with no cost, not sure what was up with that but I didn't complain.

Oh and did anyone else level up fresh characters to level 6 and then use the starting money to buy things for your main account? I used to spend my afternoons just grinding exp, sometimes with multiple accounts at once. My main character was STACKED

Anonymous 33683

at around 2015-16 when the lisa hack worked I used it to level up and give money to my new accounts (they would get autobanned shortly after) and then gift my actual account a ton of stuff, I was able to buy everything I ever wanted lol

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