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True Detective: Night Country Anonymous 33734[Reply]

Look, this script was pure meandering nonsensical bullshit but the way some True Detective fans are losing their minds is a bit too much. Especially when they accuse the show of killing off white moids for the sin of being white moids; treating the murder of white males as justified—while simultaneously admitting the hardest working, most moral, and most likeable character in the show is a white man.

Anonymous 33754


Literally any criticism of Danvers as a character can be made of Rust. But Rust was a Literally Me character for millions of teenage boys.

Anonymous 33762


commentary of commentary of commentary of commentary …


What's your least favorite Pokemon? Anonymous 32091[Reply]

For me it's Avulugg
>Generic name
>Boring design
>Boring mono type
>Looks like a coffee table
Nobody even remembers it from Gen 6
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Anonymous 33017


And of course gen 9 is hitting the nail on the coffin with these ugly designs. I'm afraid of what the future of gen 10 would look like

Anonymous 33019

I like that design, but it doesn't look like a Pokemon to me. Actually feels like it could be the protagonist of some children's anime like Kaiketsu Zorori.

Anonymous 33034


the literal keychain. so boring. latest gens really do have the worst designs.

Anonymous 33755


Gengar,it's face is so punchable and it's just a boring design IDC how iconic it is ,it's just a round cat thing not really a ghost.

Anonymous 33760

Literally I think I was talking about this the same time u posted yesterday we should be homies bc haunter is way better


PDF Dump Thread Anonymous 24751[Reply]

I don't think crystal.cafe has ever had one before in it's whole history (although as an imageboard the posting format would support it I assume). I suppose this can serve as a place to just dump any pdf you might have, be it fiction, nonfiction, biographies, cook books, manuals. Really anything that is a pdf. I think this would also serve as a good place for us to exchange our literature, especially for the more GC oriented posters.
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Anonymous 24804

Anonymous 24809


Title: Herbal Abortion
Subtitle: a woman’s d.i.y. guide
Author: Annwen

“A Womb of One’s Own: Taking Charge of Your Reproduction Without Doctors” by Jane Doe https://www.jexblackmore.com/store/a-womb-of-ones-own-taking-charge-of-your-reproduction-without-doctors-by-jane-doe

Anonymous 24814


Some simple solo pen and paper RPGs you can pick up and play easily.

Anonymous 33643

yu military ethics of xunzi confucianism…. enjoy

Anonymous 33752

Heidegger's work "The Question Concerning Technology" and some other essays


His other work, "Building, dwelling, thinking". Very interesting insights about human being in the modern environment.


Roblox Anonymous 29240[Reply]

Does anyone here play Roblox?
What are your favorite games?
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Anonymous 29254

I hate those mobile simulator games but when I had an Xbox I’d play Roblox and I’d play their like digging simulator where you dig just to get gems to get more items to dig deeper and faster and I would be like a zombie. Imagine the kids these days playing those games

Anonymous 29255


Anonymous 29256


Cart games
They're a huge time waster and I can just sit there and be upset for hours until I get to the end and ruin it for everyone else

Anonymous 29909

i haven't thought about warrior cats in so long omg

Anonymous 33750

i like mogging toddlers in fashion famous, my outfits are unmatched


Anonymous 26787[Reply]

who are your favorite female musicians? pic related
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Anonymous 31908

Melissa Auf Der Ma…

Melissa Auf Der Maur!

Anonymous 33737


i love bjork

Anonymous 33738

thoughts on women.…

Pete T. Ratajcyzk

Anonymous 33740

That is no girl

Anonymous 33745

close enough


Has anyone else just grown completely bored with the internet? Anonymous 33046[Reply]

Aside from crystal cafe, where do you get your entertainment? The internet feels like a dried up husk. I don't know why I keep trying to draw water from it. My addiction to web stimulation gnaws at me and i dont know how to satisfy it. I keep hearing this is becoming common lately. How are you dealing with the death and hallowing out of the internet?
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Anonymous 33679

It's very difficult to find your tribe as a girl in that game. I like it a lot and have a nice gaggle of people I know but I would not call any of them super close to me (and I've been hanging around since 2017). Despite this it's still the only place online that has the same vibe as 00s internet, which is my eternal dragon chase.
>you have to use voice
There's actually a text box now but before that you could use TTS and avatar pens.

Anonymous 33680

This really hits me hard.

Anonymous 33682

simply stop obsessing over troons

Anonymous 33691

I've been getting into learning HTML and browsing Neocities and other web hosts for the last year. The activity page is usually full of crap but when you find a good website you'll find more if you check the links page.

Anonymous 33742

Screenshot 2024-02…

I'm kinda liking the community around the redscare podcast. I have zero interest in the podcast (I've tried, it was very boring - two women commenting things, not particularly insightful), but the subreddit has a pleasant contrarian vibe.


Self-post Thread? Anonymous 2236[Reply]

Mods/admin, please remove if inappropriate.

I was wondering if you ladies would be interested in a self-post thread so that we can share social media that you'd want other miners to follow and connect with.

There's already a discord thread so I guess that leaves us with everything else: twitter, insta, tumblr, snapchat, LINE?

If others are eager for the idea, I'll share my links below.
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Anonymous 28703

idc though im not sure my blog is to your tastes, dear anons

Anonymous 28706


>only a 6/10
Excuse me? Decarabia is a 11/10. Why are you disrespecting my baby like this?

Anonymous 28734

Sorry for your son, I like him but its design isn't my thing. Maybe if in another game I put it on my team he will rank higher…

Anonymous 33732

https://[[read the rules]]/

Anonymous 33733

newbie bftoed


What media screams “femcel”? Anonymous 31937[Reply]

11 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 33530


im surprised nobody said daria yet

Anonymous 33534

Daria had a boyfriend.

Anonymous 33558

And yet she's more femcel than you so see yourself out

Anonymous 33568

>sleepaway camp
not femcel, just trooncore

Anonymous 33569

Fake, I am the only true femcel


Last.fm weekly chart Anonymous 32855[Reply]

Show me your week, musically, nonas.
The website to do this collage is tap music.

Anonymous 33644

top 2024-01-31.png

Anonymous 33650

i love simon & garfunkel

Anonymous 33656


hello fellow slowcore appreciator

Anonymous 33657


Anonymous 33714

i don't wanna do all that awful terrible work so >>33657 is close enough, just add Elliot Smith


Black Butler Anonymous 33426[Reply]

Does anyone here like black butler? My favorite part is honestly the victorian aesthetic lol

Anonymous 33433

I did in the past, but can't be bothered to read the new manga chapters. It should end already.

Anonymous 33435

I used to love the manga but holy shit is it painfully slow.. I have to drop it for several months and read the chapters I missed in one go before restarting the cycle to feel any progress

Anonymous 33438

i like it a lot, altho the mangaka's very obvious shota/yaoi roots and prefrences were too in your face in the first two arcs (and the big twist arc)
otherwise i was surprised to find it's very well written, the lead up to the reveal was very good and the story and progression is only hurt by it's schedule, otherwise i think it would be much more mainstream (the same applies to owari no seraph and blue exorcist)

Anonymous 33687

it's still going??? wtf i thought the 3 seasons were all there were to it when i was like 12

Anonymous 33710

Same. I don’t have the perseverance for long series. But I really enjoyed the anime. I also like the victorian aesthetic and the dark themes. The humor was also nice

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