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Anonymous 32474[Reply]

Do you listen to political/military propaganda music? I've found out that the communists, islamists, pan-arabists and b*lkaners have pretty good propaganda themes. If you do post some of your favorites. Here are some of mine.

Anonymous 32475

Listening to war propaganda is kinda eerie. Knowing these songs fueled the deaths of countless people.

Anonymous 32476

>Knowing these songs fueled the deaths of countless people
Well that's part of the appeal, it's art born from absolute dedication to an ideology no matter what they need to do to achieve it. Resistance songs or songs from the defender's side are specially beautiful but sad.

Anonymous 32479

Anonymous 32486

The militant and religious fanaticism of this one is sometimes made obscure by the liberal secularwashing of the cause of abolition. Now that we're no longer Christians by and large we like to remember the role that Christianity played in spreading and legitimizing slavery but like to forget the role that fanatical religious reformism played in abolishing it. Britons seem to feel that it is their duty and obligation to play Dawkins to America's evangelicals so become offended at the suggestion that militant Anglican revival played the historical role that it did in inspiring the British Empire to take seriously the enforcement of slave trade embargoes on the seas. It is harder to ignore the religious fundamentalism that motivated Northern Abolitionists, since their propaganda pieces all revolved around it. The relatively higher religiosity of the South today is the strongest argument for secularwashing abolition. And the South did have plenty of religious themes, songs and propaganda at the time. But none of them, for my money, are as powerful, striking, or occasionally bone-chilling as the Battle Hymn. "Let us die to make men free." There's a shiver in those words, regardless of the virtue of the cause they were spent on.


Western Animation should allow more talented women Anonymous 32161[Reply]

Did you know that over 70% of mangakas are women? For some reason, this doesn't affect western animation or cartoon comics, and I wish it did since pieces of media like Bee and Puppycat and Lackadaisy are great, and they're made by women.

Unfortunately, mid to bad pieces of media made by women like Steven Universe are more popular than the former two I mentioned.
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Anonymous 32377

I think some of it is symptomatic of the larger problem with studios not wanting to greenlight original projects period. Don't remember which fat cat it was, maybe paramount, said that they had no interest in any show that wasn't based on a preexisting property.

Anonymous 32388

Speaking of Lauren Faust, she has a franchise currently in development hell called Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls. If you look at the artstyle, you could see why because when she pitched it to Hasbro in 2008/2009, an employee told her about MLP and she accepted rebooting the toy franchise since it was her favorite childhood toy.

Anonymous 32470

she told the original Cinderella story, with the stepsisters cutting their toes off to fit the shoe. If this version was more popular instead of Walt's version, animation could've been seen as serious as non animated films.

Anonymous 32471

*couldve been taken as serious

Anonymous 32485

This. Studios have become ridiculously risk-averse the last 20 years. It’s why everything that comes out now is a sequel, reboot, revival, etc.


Star Trek thread - Jadzia isn't trans edition Anonymous 31961[Reply]

Anyone here into Star Trek? What's everyone's favourite Trek? (If you don't say DS9 what is wrong with you?)
Favourite characters, episodes, anything? Fanfic recommendations? Opinion on NuTrek?
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Anonymous 32200

>I wish they would make Kirk/Spock canon already or show it in an alternate universe or sex pollen or whatever. Kirk is clearly bi/pan and Spock is too intellectual to care about labels.

Basically is canon if you take Genes original TMP treatment that got turned into the novel. Basically humanity by the point of TNG is entirely Bi and very free love.

Anonymous 32423

>Nerd pop culture did Kirk(/Shatner) so dirty

Obligatory link to definitive essay:


Anonymous 32424

Kirk wasn't at all a scoundrel but Shatner… well there's stories about him.
A lot of the parodies and fanlore grew out of people who were "in the know," either regarding his on-set behavior or his fan convention misdeeds, not from the on screen canon. There's always been tendency in writers to air studios' dirty laundry under the guise of criticizing the fictional product rather than the real production. Norman Spinrad's "The Iron Dream" was only half about the fascistic themes of Dune and other popular works of SF/Fantasy, the more biting half was about the reluctance of writers to actually spell out that one of their own was a bad guy rather than an innocent friendly artist who wrote a book that has totes unconscious completely naively innocent but unfortunately fascistic elements–even if said writer was the author of Mein Kampf. The same reticence against personal criticism happened with a lot of the Hollywood inner code of silence regarding sexual misconduct. Bryan Singer and Kevin Spacey were both beneficiaries of the protection Hollywood long granted to homosexual vices, but Shatner instead used the concept of being "in character" at conventions as as excuse to behave as a lecherous, adulterous and often drunken celebrity at conventions and towards fangirls in the clear light of day. And con attendees would accept that and even remember it fondly as a funny convention moment when their wife was totally not cheating on them with their childhood hero because funny celebrity encounter in character.

Anonymous 32436

Star Trek Enterprise is underrated

Anonymous 32454

When people say this they usually just mean the last season. Maybe the last 2 seasons if they are extremely generous.
Don't fall for it. Investing 40-60 hours of viewing misery for a payoff of 20-40 hours of "average scifi show" is a bad investment. The reason ENT viewers want you to make that investment is to improve the fan conversations social interaction aspect of fandom to improve the return on their own investment.


Are The Okami Games Any Good? Anonymous 32429[Reply]

Anonymous 32430


I played the original on Wii when I was a kid and really liked it. Kind of like a 3D Zelda game or the original Nier in terms of feel and gameplay. The drawing controls were a bit finicky, but again I was a child so I would wager I was just being dumb. The whole world was great and I enjoyed the references to Japanese folk tales like the Tongue-cut Sparrow and Urashima Taro, if you are remotely familiar with them you'll get a lot out of it though the gameplay stands on its own.
Never owned Okamiden even though I was hyped for it when it was coming out. I actually cut out pictures from Nintendo Power and put them on my wall lol.

Anonymous 32439


It's actually pretty good


NEED HELP FINDING MOVIE Anonymous 32427[Reply]

Was going past movies (I’m not 100% certain it was a movie) But it was of two men with shirts off dancing around with a swastika flag on their window. The house was run down and headbut each other as well as throwing things around and smashing glass. With them was a girl that was younger than them (from memory) looked under 18. She looked emo, dark hair and was zoned out on the couch. Last thing I remember is a scene of female investigators seeing her passed out but checked her pulse. The bath was leaking. They discovered her through the curtain please help!

Anonymous 32438

Green room? If it’s not that do you know what country or language it is in?


What media screams “femcel”? Anonymous 31937[Reply]

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Anonymous 32251

she's literally me I can't wait to see her brought to the anime (I can't read)

Anonymous 32255

Surprised you mentionned Welcome To The Dollhouse but not The Piano Teacher (both apply)

Anonymous 32276

Reddit (I think) there was a sub that got banned so they created a new one, it was constantly under attack by incels and normalfags as usual, but it was just women/girls sharing their experience with being ugly, venting, etc., it would genuinely be cozy if it wasn't for aforementioned moids brigading the sub. The sub was banned during abanwave somewhere in 2019/2020 if I'm not mistaken. I don't know why tiktokers adopted the term though.

Anonymous 32277

It was banned along with r/gendercritical r/pinkpillfeminism etc.

Anonymous 32428

i miss r/trufemcel


Got a favorite guilty pleasure movie? Anonymous 32141[Reply]

Anonymous 32144


Most Roger Corman films. Cheesy but fun.

Anonymous 32162


Anonymous 32417


No idea why Catwoman was so hated. I watched it every time it aired on TV and loved it.


random idea I had Anonymous 32343[Reply]

basically I thought out of nowhere while I was leaving somewhere (I don't remember now when it was) "what if there was a Survivor Horror game with a PS2 vibe but it takes place in a school (which in this case is one of those fancy academy)", it's basically The school's superiors did a fucking satanic ritual to make the school more powerful, but it went wrong and made the school look like a Void. Our protagonist (who must be in 6th grade, idk) wakes up and sees the The room is all fucked up and dark and she have to manage on her own.
The weapons we would have would be standard school things (sharpened pencil, stiletto, scissors, etc.) and we could somehow craft items to make other weapons (for example, take things from the cafeteria post boss battle and make pepper spray), the bosses would be the school employees such as the cafeteria worker, janitor, math teacher, coordinator… When our protagonist interacts with objects, she reveals information about her (like she goes to the bathroom, interacts with the mirror and appears "It's [character name] !" or when we interact with a textbook and it says "You were never good at math, were you? hehe").
Anyway, this was just a rather crazy idiot idea that I had, I'll never put it into practice because I don't know how to do any programming stuff, besides I'm more into drawing and writing, not programming.

Anonymous 32344

crazy idea but im living for it anon!

Anonymous 32345

AM Anonymous 32310[Reply]

…I could fix him.

Anonymous 32311


In case the four-word opening of my thread wasn't enough, I'll elaborate:
I want this robot to ravage me.
Anyone else?

Anonymous 32330


AM sisters rise up! I will suck his flat face.


Anonymous 30355[Reply]

I Need to find ut/dr fans who aren't gendies.

Share theories, art, media, memes, rants, and anything related to ut/dr!

I would especially love to hear theories though, however, anything goes

(if you dont know what to respond with but wanna respond, just answer these prompts.)

>When did you first join the Fandom?

>Do you prefer Deltarune or Undertale
>Thoughts about the Fandom?
>Favorite character?
>Any theories?
>Favorite song in the games?
>Least favorite character?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
22 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 32240


You're right I was misremembering speculation. Still hope there is another update before years end.

Anonymous 32254

>When did you first join the Fandom?
In 2017, left in 2018 kek
>Do you prefer Deltarune or Undertale
>Thoughts about the Fandom?
Sperging trannies who either over-analyze or under-analyze. Don't get me started on the troons, it's their fault we got a mtf lion in Deltarune.
>Favorite character?
Papyrus, Asgore, Napstablook and that tiny dog in the huge armor
>Any theories?
Chara isn't evil until you make her/him (via genocide route), and sans isn't the only space-time traveller (someone had to make that angel prophecy after all)
>Favorite song in the games?
>Least favorite character?
Jerry, sans, Berdie, Alphys and Toriel
>Favorite theory
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 32264


>When did you first join the Fandom?
When Undertale was brand new, that is to say when I first played the game though, I never really participated much in the fan community.
>Do you prefer Deltarune or Undertale
Undertale characters Deltarune gameplay and story. I think Undertale is too on the noise plot-wise for me to enjoy fully and I thought the genocide route in particular was a poor attempt at subverting JRPGs. The reset narrative device is really cool and unique, but I don't want to be lectured about killing enemies that attack me first. I think if it was only the bosses that mattered that would be one thing, and I do appreciate games like Metal Gear that incentivize non-lethal resolutio, but I'm not going to be guilt-tripped for slaughtering froggit once. Deltarune's treatment of Susie in chapter 1 does a way better job of diegetically encouraging peaceful combat.
>Thoughts about the Fandom?
Too loud but I appreciate any community full of artists and musicians. Most "cringe" fandoms are full of talent. Hope some of those in-progress fangames eventually get finished, it's cool people were encouraged to get into game-making because of it.
>Favorite character?
Papyrus, sans, Flowey, Mad Dummy. Drunk Bunny in the bar and Grillby get honorable mentions for cool designs. For Deltarune? Susie, Seam, Rouls Kaard, and Spamton.
>Any theories?
None of my own making.
>Favorite song in the games?
Metal Crusher easily. Honorable mentions go to Death by Glamour, BIG SHOT, and MEGALOVANIA.
>Least favorite character?
Mettaton maybe? I'd like him more if he stayed in his box form the entire time. Supermodels and idols don't do a lot for me. Besides that I think Undyne is annoying, too loud and is only interesting in the genocide route. Lancer for Deltarune, unfunny and kept interrupting me while I was trying to play.
>Favorite theory
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 32269


Agree 2 is so much better than 1 it's not even funny. Everything from the Music, pacing, characters, it's all handled so much better.

Anonymous 32328


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