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Conspiracy theories Anonymous 386[Reply]

Which ones do you believe in?
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Anonymous 9588

I recommend the documentary "September 11: The New Pearl Harbor" and the fact based website consensus911.org

Anonymous 9590

There's one about Obama being gay that's probably true.

Anonymous 9592

you mean the theory that michelle obama is actually a man? or that he just married her to look straight?

Anonymous 9593

The one about her being a dude.

Anonymous 9672

Augustin Baurell enjoyers go mad since 1791

Screenshot 2023-04…

uncanny/weird sites thread Anonymous 8858[Reply]

/x/ removed uncanny sites ?? i cannot find…
send links i nedd
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Anonymous 9534


Anonymous 9536


Very interesting website must see for all.

Anonymous 9542

wanted to know what гороуна is, now know that i'm uneducated in my own culture


Anonymous 9547

it's ok нона i'm not very well versed in slavic culture too but it's interesting

Anonymous 9671

isn't picrel LHOHQ?


Drugs Anonymous 1850[Reply]

From stuff like weed and acid to DMT and coke, share your experiences with drugs. They don't have to be particularly profound or bad, feel free to share your positive, benign, or spiritual trips as well.
I'll start with something fairly benign.
>first time smoking weed
>pretty much have the joint to myself
>"lol I'm not feeling anything"
>suddenly begin to lag behind myself
>black out/can't remember anything every few minutes
>nothing bad yet, just chilling
>start to giggle at something my friend said
>can't control myself
>fall back onto the floor and begin to roll around, still out of control of my body
>become aware I am not myself and forget my being entirely
>can't stop crying now either
>friends laughing at me but I'm genuinely panicked
>Convinced I'm not real
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Anonymous 9620

I don't want to have fun tbh

Anonymous 9623

Don’t do it. I’m pleading with you not to walk into one of the worst experiences of your life.
But I know I won’t be able to talk you out of it, so please at least have a trip sitter, something to sedate you if necessary and prepare yourself for the real possibility of waking up in the hospital

Anonymous 9631

do u have extensive experience with deliriants bc if not i wouldn't bother. there's other stuff like LSA, syrian rue, shrooms, cactus etc if you're looking for easy to get natural psychs (robotabs for dissos even). if you're worried about the toxicity too i also wouldn't bother at all, so not worth all that for some hatman shit. ditto for >>9623

Anonymous 9632

Well, the experiment was a major failure. I made a small cup of tea with 10 seeds (brewed them for 40 mins aprox) and I don't think I got any results. Then I swallowed 10 more seeds and I think my mouth was unusually dry despite drinking water from time to time. I got sleepy, it was a nice sensation after three weeks of having trouble falling asleep. So I went to bed and slept right away while listening to music but I didn't dream and my sleep wasn't very deep because I woke up at 5 am. Luckily I fell asleep quickly right away. All this while having fasted for 3-4 hours beforehand. I think I was cautious with my little experiment.
I don't have experience with delirants. The RC shop I used to buy my stuff has stopped shipping internationally and I don't feel like going to the park to cut a piece of San Pedro cactus either, but I might try to buy things somewhere else. LSA you say? I don't think I can put my hands on that yet.

Anonymous 9670

I've been wanting to try dxm for a while now, how did you get into it nona?

Ricky Rodriguez and the danger of cults Anonymous 9666[Reply]

Who was seen this documentary about this guy that was subjected to ritualistic abuse and went insane?


Female killers general Anonymous 429[Reply]

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Anonymous 8047

There was one with a funny wikipedia page because she kept trying to kill people but kept failing in all sorts of different ways. I think she tried like 4 times but only actually killed one person. I cant find her name now, anyone know who i mean?

Anonymous 8380

I wonder if the official figures regarding deaths by poisoning are actually valid, since a lot of the most convenient poisons seem either untraceable or plausible as non-murders. Epinephrine-induced heart attacks like in the embed managed to look like normal hospital work cardiac events for nearly a decade, and epipens are pretty common. There are other "untraceable" killer drugs too, most commonly based on things found naturally in the human body or continuously metabolized or degrading postmortem, like potassium. And fentanyl or ketamine would look like a drug overdose if a given moid had a history of drug use.

Anonymous 9025


imagine putting anabolic steroids into a moids food and then killing them in self-defense if they try to force themselves on you.

"Dihydrotestosterone is many times more potent than testosterone, and many of the effects that testosterone has in the body only happen after it is converted"

There would be no evidence since DHT is naturally present in men.

Anonymous 9661

Has anyone watched Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel? I haven't yet but I've been told that it gives an explanation on how Elisa Lam opened the water tank and her case is presented as a suicide, very sus.

Anonymous 9664


Thoughts on Angela Simpson?


AI art: The end of humanity's soul? Anonymous 8297[Reply]

I'm kind of freaking out about this whole AI art thing. Souless machines that learn on huge data sets to produce art. It just feels demonic. Why did the techbros think this would be a good idea at all? This thing will replace artists, I know it might not feel like it yet but give it enough time and it will. This is why I'm so scared, genuinely. What do artists have left? Why curse all of humanity out of its own way of expression?
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Anonymous 9622

You can only make really disney art. It basically censors anything for example if you put satan, evil, bloody or anything like that. I can only get the ai bot to spit out something seedy every once in awhile. And only a few of them, you have to run it several times to get what you want. I think it will be a useful tool.

Anonymous 9624


This is maybe slightly off-topic, but the rise of AI art has actually helped me do more art of my own. When image AI models started to become more mainstream and people started sharing the art it could make, it really made me depressed. In a lot of ways it still does, but I feel like it’s a Pandora’s box that can’t be closed anymore now that it’s been opened, so I might as well try and accept that it’s a part of the world.
But realizing now that there is a machine, a program out there capable of creating any kind of imagery within seconds, made me finally face the fact that my art will never live up to perfectionist standards. There was always an artist out there who was better than I was, but I told myself that maybe one day I could be better. But now, I know that I will never be able to be better than a computer that anyone can use, and that will only get better and better. So I still make my art, and I don’t worry about it being perfect anymore. It’s all fucked up but it’s mine, and it’s made with emotional intent that was mine alone.

Anonymous 9633

Is it bad that I'm really interested in the application of AI to creative arts? 100% AI-made art or photographs messes with my brain a bit, but I like that uneasy feeling. It's like watching a horror movie to feel scared, to me.

I am in writing, so it's easy for me to come off like I don't feel sympathetic to artists (everyone's already using GPT to replace copywriters, we were chopped liver from the beginning). I personally have just accepted it is here to stay, so I want to see the boundaries of what it can do, like expanding or altering old analog images. There's an eerie balance there that is really /x/ish–how much of a photograph can AI alter before it isn't the same one anymore? The ship of /x/eseus.

I can't really air this stuff on twitter because you get knocked on hard by the creative community.

Anonymous 9653

I read something that the advent of photography was considered by many to be the the death of art, but it simply led to evolution of other forms of painting that photography at the time couldn't mimic. I feel like AI is the same, it's just technology, it in itself is neither evil/good, it just is. It still takes more raw skill as an individual to paint a hyper-realistic scene vs. snapshotting a picture or having a computer generate an image from stolen work. No matter how good it becomes it can't take away your raw skill as an individual who has practiced for years to perfect your art.

Even so, like >>9624 said, there is always someone better anyways. AI can be a useful tool to help improve your own art and it'll be interesting to see how it'll be used in time. I can't deny that I've come to like a lot of AI-generated images. If you're not an industry artist, a soulless job in it's own right, and make money via the indie circuit of festivals, cons, running your own online business or whatever else, you'll be fine. I'd rather it be a side hustle vs. a career anyways. Freelance gigs are boring half the time, maybe there will be a boom of people wanting authentic artwork by artists that can be patented as real. You never know.

Anonymous 9659


This person looks unreal Anonymous 9605[Reply]

Am I the only one that thinks this person looks uncanny Valley? Like a man or something else wearing a face mask? I don't know who this is but it's a pic I found browsing the internet.
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Anonymous 9637

what is your identity and what are your pronouns?

Anonymous 9638

youre glowing

Anonymous 9645

What happened?

Anonymous 9646

someone posted "transphobe spotted" expecting this to be a tranny hugbox.

Anonymous 9647

I noticed more trannies are on here now. Expect more porn raids and worse.


Fake internet deaths Anonymous 819[Reply]

Let's talk about people who fake deaths online, either elaborate stories about people close to them or their own death or suicide.
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Anonymous 1395

how long has this person been dead for you? for me it has been 2 years. And i still get dreams where he might have faked it all, and that one dya i just randomly meet him on the street.



I followed prettylittleliar’s thread with regards to Plaaastic’s (real name Nhi) death before it was inactive. There was this screenshot. According to this facebook post in Vietnamese, it translate:
Sad news:
Our daughter and sister, Le Tran Mai Nhi, born in 1994, has left this world on 15/12/2018.
The funeral will be held from 11:00 to th 13:00, Wednesday, date 19/12/2018, at funeral home of Bach Mai hospital. She will lay to rest at Hoan Vu - Van Dien - Ha Noi.
Reported by eldest son, Le Vu Long, on behalf of the family.

We can learn from this post that:
1. Nhi has really passed away
2. Who her family members are

- Lê Vũ Long is her elder half brother who brought her on his dance tour, you can google and find out who he is. He also acts, just like their father.
- Her father who she mentioned was famous in her book is Dũng Nhi (can google him too), an actor in Vietnam, while her mother is Bình Nhi

Her mother’s facebook:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 4320

I actually did it once, not really that interesting, though. When I was 17 there was a guy I was talking to and I felt like he was manipulating me so I said I was going to kill myself and it was his fault. The next day I pretended to be my mom and somehow he believed that I was actually dead.

Anonymous 9597

An author faked her death to sell more copies of her terrible novels. Susan Meachen, IIRC.

Anonymous 9607

lil tay youngest flexer of the century


Anonymous 9116[Reply]

Has anyone here ever been stalked by a cult? How did you get them to leave you alone?
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Anonymous 9589

> he has a taylor swift playlist on his channel lol
what cult is this guy in?

Anonymous 9596

It's possible to escape any cult or secret society, I have done it by Jesus Christ.

My discord is cultrecoverycc I'll help anybody I can.

Anonymous 9598

if you found the real ring of sinful habbits you will die with the rest of them, jesus is an faith sucking suicide death cult that betrays the followers to death religiously

Anonymous 9599

People who preach jesus to people going through spiritual vampirism are total assholes. As if the christian church isn't the biggest perpetrator of spiritual vampirism the world has ever known

Anonymous 9601

Did either of you try to contact Jesus personally?

You don't need church for that.

Just faith.


Dark Energy Anonymous 8940[Reply]

Have you ever come across someone, something, or a particular house/place with a "dark energy" or aura? for some reason, you feel an overwhelming sense that there is something uncanny, malevolent and sinister which emanates from this person/place/object/area etc..
7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8975

Inauthenticity is a huge indicator of malicious energy honestly. I always knew something was off about this girl I knew in high school, idk if I would qualify for as dark energy per se.
She definitely did the “choreographed response” thing you mentioned. I’d often hear her having the exact same conversation with someone else that she had with me and it was almost word-for-word the same.
I guess she had this desire to impress everyone and signal that she’s intelligent, when in actuality, she isn’t.
This highschool was well-known for its academics, because everyone was extremely competent and she wasn’t (it was obvious she was just there because her grandparents are rich) she would make a lot of effort into trying to make herself more relatable?
She would always LARP as poor and it was really irritating and she would often tell fake stories about her childhood to evoke sympathy from others.
a couple of times, she faked panic attacks to get out of exams. This entailed her staring blankly at the table for 10 minutes until she could squeeze out a single tear (she didn’t want to take responsibility for being unprepared)
she started going around telling everyone that she has BPD (which was an obvious lie because no ethnical psychiatrist would diagnose her with that at 16) during the final year of highschool.
Currently, she’s dating this younger guy who she claims is “emotionally manipulating” her (it’s most likely the other way around)

Anonymous 9576


Yes. I have always been weirdly and unsettlingly attuned to “bad energy”, as has my mother. we both recognize it in the same things and people. in highschool i had a friend who was mentally ill and later became addicted to hard drugs. when we first spent time together I knew something was wrong with her: i looked at her and there was something dark about her image. it wasn’t her clothes or makeup or anything, but rather an energy emitting from her. at this point it wasn’t malevolent, just sad and heavy, though personality wise she seemed to perky. as she became more and more addicted to drugs, it became BLACK. darker, heavier, and malevolent. i went to her home and her room was suffocating, dark, like a black hole. i would always leave feeling sticky and gross with her energy. this was before i knew anything about what or how she was doing. since her second bout of rehab it has receded.

another girl my mother and i clocked immediately as having bad energy. it’s like an invisible aura of darkness. i have always had a hard time connecting my emotions to words so i would often ignore this innate warning, but i have always been proven right. when something has a dark energy, BELIEVE IT.

Anonymous 9577

Do you sense it visually, is it possible to feel it virtually as well or remotely? Is there a spectrum of types of energy? I wonder if I have a dark or light energy.

Anonymous 9578

it kind of depends. not truly: there isn’t a literal black smudge around them, but they do look “darker”. a light is missing in their eyes. i can’t explain it, i haven’t been around dark energies in a bit (thankfully). it’s mostly non-visual, like a deep understanding you just Know.

I cant recall experiencing it remotely unless it was obvious the person sucked, and then it’s not really an energy. it’s really something you have to be in the presence of to understand. i’ve gotten that feeling of foreboding for future situations, but that feeling is not the same kind of energy as it is for a present reality.

yes there’s absolutely a spectrum. rehab friend went through multiple iterations. first she was just weighed down by a ”dim” energy, then later an actually dark one. i’ve seen (sensed) the spectrum.

i don’t think we can know our own energy (we’re too bogged down with our associations with ourselves). find an older woman, one who has life experience and is open to spirituality. she doesn’t have to be religious (non-religious or religious-curious preferred). my mother and grandmother are into things like numerology, tarot, and such, things i have my doubts it, but that openness to spirituality gives them an accurate insight into energy. let us know what they say!

Anonymous 9595

how do you improve your energy?

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