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Anonymous 5887[Reply]

I want to manifest something specific but it just ain't happening..

The random things that I think about and don't rlly mind if they don't or do happen manifest.

For example I'll think of someone that i haven't seen in a long time and then after a day they appear out of nowhere.

How the hell can i manifest the things that I actually want with ease,like what are some good methods?

Also I'm fairly new to these kind of stuff

Anonymous 5976

*I want to manifest something specific but it just ain't happening..
The random things that I think about and don't rlly mind if they don't or do happen manifest.
For example I'll think of someone that i haven't seen in a long time and then after a day they appear out of nowhere.
How the hell can i manifest the things that I actually want with ease,like what are some good methods?
Also I'm fairly new to these kind of stuff*

What you are experiencing is known within the occult world as "Lust for Results".
Lust for Results, in a really condensed answer = "The obsession over results from one's magical operations".
The theory behind this is that you want something so much that you in-turn end up pushing it further away from (the lust for results feeds into fears of no results).

The advice given within grimoires and other manuals on magic is that you're suppose to have a "dgaf" attitude. it sounds weird but when you contemplate your example where;
The random things that I think about and don't rlly mind if they don't or do happen manifest.
they manifested because you "dgaf" about it really, while the thing you really want is being evasive.

Anonymous 6695


Things come to you easier when you learn to detach from them. I've manifested things within a few hours that I let go of and forgot about.I have had things come weeks later that I stoppef thinking about as well.

Anonymous 6696

Fckn typo


Drugs Anonymous 1850[Reply]

From stuff like weed and acid to DMT and coke, share your experiences with drugs. They don't have to be particularly profound or bad, feel free to share your positive, benign, or spiritual trips as well.
I'll start with something fairly benign.
>first time smoking weed
>pretty much have the joint to myself
>"lol I'm not feeling anything"
>suddenly begin to lag behind myself
>black out/can't remember anything every few minutes
>nothing bad yet, just chilling
>start to giggle at something my friend said
>can't control myself
>fall back onto the floor and begin to roll around, still out of control of my body
>become aware I am not myself and forget my being entirely
>can't stop crying now either
>friends laughing at me but I'm genuinely panicked
>Convinced I'm not real
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Anonymous 4548


I've tried most drugs, except for the really hard stuff like H, crack, etc. I personally wouldn't recommend going any further with K. I've been in a few K-holes and they were never a pleasant experience. Not bad either. For some of my friends, that was the appeal. They'd come out, couldn't put it into words, and would want to go back in. The problem is the body builds up a tolerance to K pretty quickly. So if you get hooked on exploring K-holes, you'll need more and more of the substance to get the same hit. This happened to a group of people I knew who then started injecting to get their hit. One of them then moved onto H, and died of an OD. I know you said you can't get psychedelics, but I'd suggest waiting till you find a deent supplier again and starting on shrooms with good friends. I'd pretty much recommend any other drug (other than the really hard stuff) over K, but I had a front row seat to how bad it could get.

Anonymous 4589

Anyone tried MDMA while having brain problems (bipolar, depression, anxiety, etc)? Did you notice any unbearably negative effects? I guess I'm scared of the crash because when I go low I go low-low.

Anonymous 5399


I used MDMA a lot when I was younger and the most depressed and anxious that I have been. I actually found it to help me a lot but you should do a lot of research before you even consider it. Understand what you are going to do, prepare as well as you can. Be in a comfortable setting, around the right people, nourish your body and take care of yourself a lot post-trip. It will at the very least feel like a really bad hangover for a little while.
Just be careful. Start with a low dose and remember: preparation, preparation, preparation.

As great as it can feel and be beneficial even, you have to keep in mind that people who suffer from mental illness (or those pre-disposed to it) always will have the chance of having an extremely negative experience or even triggering a mental illness.

Anonymous 5510

This experience sounds like me sober (i have mental illness)

Anonymous 6681

me too hehe

Screen Shot 2022-0…

Profiles of dead people online Anonymous 6652[Reply]

Can anyone find me some interesting profiles owned by dead people or maybe also schizophrenic people?

Anonymous 6653

Anonymous 6671

Go to mydeathspace

Anonymous 6686

thanks nona!


can anyone read me this? Anonymous 6490[Reply]

idk if this is the right board, but i hope someone knows how to read my astrochart

I went with several friends who supposedly know about the subject, but none gave me an accurate answer

Anyway, i would like to see your charts also :) it could be declared as the thread of the astral charts or something like that maybe?
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Anonymous 6642

images - 2022-10-3…

Very good nona. You got most of it right. Especially my desire to be a tradwife to an office lady

Anonymous 6656

Wow you and the last anon have lots of negative aspects, wish you specified a question so we could know where to start. Anyway… here’s a hug from me, anon… because if you feel unloveable then know that’s not true, and you should give yourself some credit and a little love. I think you’re honest and direct but really sensitive and have a tendency for escapism which would explain you being on here lol. You talk a lot, from the heart as well, but you rationalize your emotions in the same time, isn’t that funny? I think your mother and father fought a lot or argued while you were growing up but i really can’t be sure… maybe they are divorced if i’m reading the aspect correctly. You need to find the balance between what you want and what you need. you attract narcissists lol or people who are soul sucking. like thr other anon with second house malefics you didn’t have money growing up but you have high standards and very ambitious about achievements regarding money and material things but be careful in this area. I think one of your challenges in this lifetime is experiencing poverty and you struggled with that or some sort of trauma like that. I wonder if you’re a workaholic now… but either way i get the feeling that youre very compassionate and forgiving but you struggle with integrating into society, you’re here to interact and communicate with people. Don’t let your trauma hold you back from fulfilling that. I think you’re supposed to have a rise from the ashes sort of moment. You don’t feel heard. If it hasn’t happened yet it’ll happen

Anonymous 6658


hey anon apart from the money stuff your reading is pretty accurate, i grew up with a lot of family money and am still supported by that. i’m currently in a really bad mental episode and am a neet for the first time in my life and am not going back to work or anything because i’m pretty convinced i need to suicide. Thank you so much for your reading, if it’s okay could you answer a couple questions for me? What do you think my love life will look like in the future and is there going to be a time where i feel content in my identity and unafraid of living? Ily

Anonymous 6659

Screen Shot 2022-1…

what website are you using? Here's one from the one I found, don't remember my exact birth time though so could be wrong

Anonymous 6660

I see then i interpreted it wrong. I’m sorry i have surface level knowledge of astrology… and i took a stab in the dark while i’m sleepy so i didn’t dig in there lol. You have chiron and pluto in your second house. Chiron represents your wounds you have it in capricorn which basically means you’re terrified of failure and you feel like you haven’t accomplished enough. and pluto represents rebirth, transformation, death. Both in second house: material things, money and possessions. Maybe it’s not about growing up poor exactly but something surrounding these themes.


Female killers general Anonymous 429[Reply]

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Anonymous 6554

usually these kind of people hate their own lives so they hate other life in general so they do these kind of crimes. in short. its mental illness.

Anonymous 6558

who is she?

Anonymous 6559

She is a nurse who killed babies. her name is Lucy Letby. This case is in the UK

Anonymous 6637

i looked into this case and i cant find any reason as to why she would have been doing this. i don't necessarily doubt that she did it, but other than that weird post it note, which to me looks like nervous ramblings more than a confession, i havent been able to find anything about a motive.

Anonymous 6638



Magic Jewelery Anonymous 6603[Reply]

Where can I buy magic jewelry?

Anonymous 6605

From gypsies, it's totally a good idea, trust me.

Anonymous 6606

I'm a gypsy and i have no fricking clue where one would get magic jewelry

Anonymous 6610

Witches can bless your jewelry for you


Anonymous 5886[Reply]

Can I find somebody's social media (ex.facebook) only from their phone number?
If so how??

Anonymous 5924

Put the phone number in your smartphone contacts, then download the app for the social media site and let it access your contacts. Maybe they'll show up in your recommended.

Anonymous 6539

this works with cashapp and venmo. <3

Anonymous 6568


Weirdest people you've met online Anonymous 2178[Reply]

Tell us about them
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Anonymous 6281

okay so we technically did not meet online since we went to the same high school but there was this boy that was a few grades ahead of me and shit with him got wild pretty fast.

it was the summer of a really bad break up and i was looking through my snapchat when i see he requested to add me. i accepted because i was bored and was just looking to flirt with someone out of boredom. he was alright looking so i figured why not.

conversations start out normal. most of them are pretty boring though so i forget to respond a lot of the time. when i don't respond he starts blowing my notifications up asking "are you okay?" over and over again. like excessively. i decide to block him because he's fucking annoying.

i tell a friend about it and she says that this guy is known for being a fucking weirdo and apparently he used to send women (who did not consent) pictures of his dick and tell him if it looks okay. his line was "i think there's something wrong with it, will you tell me if it looks okay?"

years after this i see a facebook post about this guy. he became a softball coach at our high school and got busted for sending disgusting text messages to underage girls. he ended up going to jail for this and i believe he is still on probation.

Anonymous 6283

that's rough, buddy

Anonymous 6516


One immediately comes to mind. I was looking for more friends on Tumblr at one point and messaged a man with a username that had "yandere" in it. He instantly introduced himself as someone who "likes talking to people but kinda awkward", "loves thinking about the world and human interactions", but that has had a "rough and somewhat disturbing past". We started talking about our past and already by our third exchanged messaged, he admitted he had staged a mass murder at his school because of a girl who he felt had used him.

We ended up exchanging contact information outside of Tumblr and I went on to have the most philsophical, existential conversations I have ever had with anyone before. We picked eachother's brains alot about our views on things like the meaning of life, society, kindness, etc. I literally had Plato's Symposium-level of philosophical discussions with him. Was a super interesting guy to talk to.

There was still something glaringly wrong with him though. We had added eachother on Facebook too and he literally had the same exact emotionless/expressionless face in all his photos. He had also indirectly admitted to me that he masturbates to guro, at that point. It turns out he had also lied about his age. His age on Facebook showed over 20, but he had introduced himself as being 17. After a while, he had confessed he had feelings for me but I was still 14 at the time. So, turns out he may have been a pedophile too.

I was really intrigued by him, but he seemed too disturbed to talk to so I stopped. Or he may have just been trolling and baiting, who knows. I doubt that, what with his Facebook photos and some of the things he said though. I wonder how he turned out now. Would not be surprised if he actually committed murder or something.

Anonymous 6518

he was definitely a pedo. I met a bunch of guys like that when I was a kid and met people through runescape. they would lie about their age the same way (I lied too, but I said I was 14 when I was 12. they said they were 16 when they were in their 20s..)

Anonymous 6519

Oh that is so how pedos operate, a non-pedo would probably have told you you can't talk anymore after you revealed you're younger than you said, not love bomb you.


Anonymous 6224[Reply]

How does one ensure they become a ghost after death?
10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6484

Mind affects the spirit or are you one of those that doesn't think all three are connected somehow?

Anonymous 6485

>are you one of those that doesn't think all three are connected somehow
They are connected. Your mind, body, spirit. Especially your mind and body of course. I’m just saying when you cross over, -when you’re not confined to your physical vessel-you’re not that person who struggled with turmoil anymore. I believe in reincarnation and i think to the soul, this body is just a little part of a greater whole. Its like when you fail a test, you’re frustrated and sad sure but you move on to the next one.

Anonymous 6486

Maybe you're right, maybe I am, I don't believe in reincarnation and I think that's the difference in our views on this.

Anonymous 6494

Get a 9 to 5 job, and be on antidepressants.

Anonymous 6495

im a ghost lets GOOOOO


parasocial relationships Anonymous 2965[Reply]

>do you have them?
>who are your parasocial relationships with? fictional characters? podcast hosts? celebs?
>if you don't have them, what do you think keeps you from doing so?

i'm interested in this bc it seems like as a society our interactions or exposure to others will become increasingly distant/indirect. i wonder what issues it will lead to.
27 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6432


i've been chronically online since childhood and never had anyone to really look up to (shit parents) so went to the internet, fictional characters, and celebrities. most prominently my chemical romance (especially gerard way) since age 11, not in like a stalkery fangirl #cutforbieber type of way but as an inspirational source and appreciation for the music. it's waned out as of recent though it did get a bit too far at times. other than that, i used minorly to obsess over VN characters and otome game boys.

Anonymous 6433


Not sure if this is Namjoon-stan from a different thread, but I have been too. Before that, it was fictional characters. I have used it as a way to cope with my single-ness And virginity. I must have masturbated to this idol and the fictional characters I used to imagine myself in a relationship with, over a thousand times by now.

Anonymous 6445

aw anon this is cute, i wish i could do the same but i feel too self conscious in my own mind if that makes sense, i used to do it when i was little and a weeb but it waned of with time bc i felt cringe, but it was really nice and comforting. i should try doing it, it was fun

Anonymous 6454


There's a girl I used to me mutuals with before I deleted that social media who was super nice and asked me twice to join her discord because she wanted to befriend me, but my avpd ass rejected her invitation both times. Now I stalk her daily (been doing it for ~6 months so far, since I deleted) and sometimes I have imaginary conversations with her.
I wish I could stop the stalking since all it does is to hurt me and remind me about the lost opportunity for a good friendship (we pretty much were a perfect march, lots of interests and views in common). I have been getting better slowly when it comes to my avpd and Im trying to improve myself, but I still want to kms for not being able to interact with others like a nornal human. I wish therapy were affordable….

Anonymous 6489



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