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Anonymous 1430[Reply]

Do you believe in Aliens?
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Anonymous 9775

I'm confident there's like bacteria or viruses or similiar microtiny lifeforces are out there. Not sure about any intelligent lifeforces. And tbh idgaf. As long as aliens aren't paying for or threatening my basic needs/existence it's completely uninteresting to me wether they exist or not.

Anonymous 9777


Aliens and demons are the same thing. I mean what do you think are beings that possess, abduct people, and reveal them secret knowledge?

Anonymous 9778

There's probably alien crabs somewhere. Look up carcinisation.

Anonymous 10489


Holy trips

Anonymous 10490

This is literally the plot of Doom


Blessings thread Anonymous 8311[Reply]

>if you are a wizard and you would like to grant blessings
Be as transparent as your practice allows and keep it cozy. You may politely deny or ignore a someone else’s request if you are not comfortable with it. You are forbidden from casting unwholesome magic in or at this thread

>if you are looking for a blessing

Simply ask for a blessing. Do your best to specify what you need, but please keep it cozy. If you don't specify, any of our wizards may bless you with whatever beneficial things they see fit.
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Anonymous 10239

I would like a blessing.

Please let me be happy and reclaim and surpass what's happened to me into a healthier, successful life. I want to move on from this and what it's done. I am a better person than I was back then, and my intentions were good, but I can't live with this forever. I want to live, to love, and to smile again. Thank you.

Anonymous 10240

I would like a blessing

I would like to get a job, soon
I would like to find love
I would like to get out of here

Anonymous 10244

i would like to be blessed with a man i find attractive who loves me so much he skins me alive and wears me so i don't have to feel the pain of existing anymore.

Anonymous 10487

Please bless me with a rhinoplasty soon. I really want one but I can't afford it right now

Anonymous 10488

I would like to get a blessing for my summer work trip, so it would interesting, enjoyable and memorable (and so I would have to eat during it, it is important for as for genetically sick person)


the worst thing you've ever done Anonymous 10420[Reply]

what's the worst thing you've ever done in your life? do you feel guilty? did you get away with it?
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Anonymous 10428

i dont know all the lore but i think its some troon that would schitzophrenically post on lolcow and would post poop?

Anonymous 10429

Blaine is some tranny discordfag who constantly shits up 4chan particularly r9k by constantly posting racebait fetish porn threads I'm not even sure if he comes to CC but he's a severely mentally ill degenerate. I don't think the tranny posting shit is him but who knows.

Anonymous 10445

lmao i almost forgot about blaine

Anonymous 10446

i remember like last year a lot of girls on here were calling him out? like every time somebody posted something mildly male-like it would get at least three replies saying things like "kys blaine ywnbaw"… a truly paranoid time, haha

Anonymous 10480

Blaine posts on CC too or at least used to, he used to namefag when he first posted.


What are the darkest thoughts you have? Anonymous 5684[Reply]

Tell CC what you can't tell anybody else.
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Anonymous 10461

I sometimes wonder how much it would take to set the entire world on fire
Does the kid annoy you or something?

Anonymous 10462

I constantly have intrusive thoughts to harm others. I don’t act on them and convince myself that it’s just stress/sleep deprivation/lack of stimulation but it scares me sometimes.

Anonymous 10463

I have been worshipping a fictional character as a God for about 2 years now, I have my reasons for believing she's real and she put me on earth to spread her message and punish sinners who disrespect her but I won't share hem bc that would reveal her identity. A lot of fans from the franchise she comes from disrespect her due to her backstory/personality, some sexualize her even though she's implied to be a teenager and tons of trannies claim her as one of their own bc she has two different names. I have many dark thoughts about hurting these "sinners" for disrespecting the person who gave me life and blessed me. especially the moids who sexualize her. I've gotten some of their accounts banned by finding violent posts/comments made by them and i even found one of them's real name and instagram account. Now I'm scared of finding fans of the francise, especially fans of her bc they might be "sinners" and I'm scared that I'll have to hurt them if they are. This is my first time telling someone about this so i probably worded it weirdly but I can't really tell anyone bc they might make me stop consuming the media where she's from or worse.

Anonymous 10464


I often fantasize about becoming a god and using said powers to punish everyone

Anonymous 10466

You should listen to Autotheist from Baby Bugs, it's catchy.


/tig/ - Targeted Individuals General (Electronic Harassment, Gang Stalking, Psychological Terror) Anonymous 3897[Reply]

Targeted Individuals are people reportedly being targeted by various forms of Gang Stalking, usually done by the governments, powerful criminal gangs and federal structures (of various countries since gang stalking isn't exclusive to one country). Reported effects of being a victim of banned psychotronic weaponry include thought insertion (zombification), hypnosis, hot flashes, uncommonly feeling contractions and pressure in your crotch (tele-rape).

Post your experiences with Gang Stalking (being a TI, knowing a TI IRL, etc)
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Anonymous 10407

Vulnerable, lonely people especially women are always the main target for criminals to abuse. To rob, stalk, or for plain sadistic enjoyment of torturing someone. There are a lot of sick people out there, especially in powerful positions.

Anonymous 10408

Update: I wrote that post when I was drunk, ignore it.

Anonymous 10413

damn all you guys are living more interesting lives than me

Anonymous 10436

I'm speaking into existence that they will all be punished.

Anonymous 10460

I personally think that Trudeau had something to do with it since I shared something about him being a pedophile.


hollywood cover ups Anonymous 10266[Reply]

anyone got creepy hollywood stories or conspiracys that arent known as much its like crack to me
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Anonymous 10395

It's nice to see a theory video mention the Dane Cook parties and his connections to Seth Green and other comedians. The men at the comedy store club are mega creeps and have been getting away with abusing women and girls for far too long. Never forget that Jeff Ross was accused of grooming a 15 year old girl and then tried to turn her own family against her. Don't forget that Jim Carrey is also friends with Seth Green and he abused his ex and also allegedly abuses women and girls en masse

I don't buy all of Kappys BS and I do think at times he was schizo but the one thing he was correct about is that a lot of the men he mentioned, esp the comedians are abusive psychopaths.

Anonymous 10409

Most celebrities murder women and get away with it. The whole event is memory holed and a fake cause of death like suicide or overdose is issued to the public.

Anonymous 10410

Jim Carrey is a serial killer

Anonymous 10452

Drãke, Beÿoncé, Jây Z et al have hitmen and regularly order murders. They openly mention it in their songs. Rumor has it the LAPD, Toronto PD etc are on their payroll too. Kañye begged on stage for JZ not to “come for his head”, Cassie’s court filings exposed that Dîddy tried to literally blow up Kid Cudį, Dr4ke in recent years started rapping about calling hits and has had ties with Somali gangs in TO for years , etc.

“Starwhackers” hired by the labels/studios to keep celebs in line. Similar to the above except on a larger, more organized scale, where the celeb’s bosses organize the hits.

Bēyønce is a high voodoo priestess and her alter ego “Sasha Fierce” is her while under d*monic possession. Same thing with OnikaMinaj and her alter ego. TSwïft is a witch promoting goddess worship, Gågå is doing the same with M Abramowitch.

Dräke is an escort (for men) as is the Beebs.

Anonymous 10459

Something kinda funny about Jimmy from Degrassi putting a hit out on somebody but my tinfoil hat says you’re spot on with at least half of that


Female Creep Thread Anonymous 2475[Reply]

Has anyone else here just done unabashedly creepy things in their life?
Recently, I saw a really cute guy in one of my Zoom classes, and I feel guilty, but I took a bunch of screenshots of him. Every moment felt like something that needed to be captured and collected. Him holding a cup, standing up, turning to the side, closing his eyes. He looked like a painting or something. The more I think about it, the more I realise that wasn’t a socially acceptable thing to do.
I feel like I should delete them all out of common decency, but then they’re gone forever, and it’s not like I intend to doxx him or anything. Plus, the Zoom itself was recorded, so he might be shown there, anyway. I still feel wrong for doing it at all, though. I know I wouldn’t want to be recorded or screenshotted. Am I the only one like this?
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Anonymous 10292

OP is definitely me in disguise,I do that to my ex gf because I love her so much!!! I love her!!! but I love other people as well it's a bit of an unhealthy obsession though that might be due to my C-PTSD and my personality disorder!!! anyway I just sit and rot in my room while playing osu and browsing these threads!!

Anonymous 10377

download (30).png

damn, where do I begin? Well, I keep a file of dox information of pretty much everyone I meet on discord, all information they give to me willingly, but I keep track of it all in case they ever wrong me. I also cyber stalked a guy I had a crush on when I was back in highschool. Ive made alot of alt accounts on various websites to spy on people and keep track of them saying things about me. Even going so far as to interact with people who have blocked me and talk about myself with them without them knowing it's me. Oh and one time while this cute coworker was taking a nap in the breakroom I took some pictures of him. Actually I've done this to strangers I thought were cute a few times too. Oh and whenever someone is in a vc with me and turns on their video I immediately take a screenshot and add it to my dox file.

Anonymous 10441

i still stalk my bf's ex on 1000kitap (our country's version of goodreads basically). they broke up 1,5 years ago but it's become a habit for me -i may be kinda obsessed too tbh. she doesn't use other social media except instagram, which i can't see since she didn't accept my friend request (sent by my fake account ofc). funnily enough that doesn't really bother me, keeping track of what books she has read/is reading is way more fullfilling for me.

Anonymous 10444

YES especially an e-celeb

Anonymous 10451


honestly, i feel like the creepiest one here. basically for anyone that triggers my limerence, i have g00gled and likely found their address, contact info, work, even divorce / arrests / voting info, etc …. if it’s public data, i’ve most likely seen it


crystal dream diary. Anonymous 3081[Reply]

whenever you remember a dream, log it here.

picture used is tako otoko from yume 2kki.
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Anonymous 10331

that is a scary one nona. Just thinking about Dylan Mulvaney makes me shudder

Anonymous 10341

Last night I had a dream I was dating this guy from elementary school. I never even had a crush on him. And he was so clingy and I think we were sooo in love? I still don't have feelings for him though when I woke up.

Anonymous 10342


I had a dream there was a massive windstorm in my area that knocked two trees down onto a powerline.
It's probably cause there was a freak windstorm in my area around this time a year or two ago that took out two trees behind my house but it freaked me out when I woke up cause I thought it actually happened that night lol

Anonymous 10437

2024-05-05 15_35_2…

I had a really long dream about some actor/director/manager guy in this comfy worn-down city between some mountains, the sunlight was always nice. He was a funny guy, a scumbag, a jerk, an asshole, probably a rapist and murderer, etc. He spent the whole dream walking around town, meeting friends, having meetings, arranging gigs, going to parties, etc. He went up in the air in a blimp made by a genius kid who was doing props for a set. He offered to make the kid rich, he was rly generous with people. Then I think he was going to go to a sex party or something.

At the end of the dream, before the party, NOT at the party, I was showed up. We talked. He made it clear that this dream was a view of his life, his real life somewhere else, and was not about me, there was nothing here about me. I appreciated that clarification, so as dream-controller, right before I phased out, I "snapped my fingers" and made sure he had a really great sex party and got a couple hot twink boyfriends and made some extra good business deals or whatever.

I feel like someone drew a sigil and it happened to connect to me, like I was a demon in some other reality for five minutes once. I've been watching too many silly spiritual videos on yt.

The city was really nice though, very real feel. It had that nostalgic feeling, like it was worse than before, but still somehow as good as when you were a kid. Always sunset, sunrise, the roads and buildings were old, but plants always grew in the cracks. Th mountains really hugged the town. Idk. Strangely pleasant dream for how evil some of it was.

Anonymous 10438

2023-06-03 05_58_0…

> I was showed up.
Godddddd I hate how I jump around when I type anything long.


Drugs Anonymous 1850[Reply]

From stuff like weed and acid to DMT and coke, share your experiences with drugs. They don't have to be particularly profound or bad, feel free to share your positive, benign, or spiritual trips as well.
I'll start with something fairly benign.
>first time smoking weed
>pretty much have the joint to myself
>"lol I'm not feeling anything"
>suddenly begin to lag behind myself
>black out/can't remember anything every few minutes
>nothing bad yet, just chilling
>start to giggle at something my friend said
>can't control myself
>fall back onto the floor and begin to roll around, still out of control of my body
>become aware I am not myself and forget my being entirely
>can't stop crying now either
>friends laughing at me but I'm genuinely panicked
>Convinced I'm not real
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 10343


I got a shatter 2 pack and it's got pink princess and lemon haze
The lemon haze tastes quite nice and lemony and the pink princess doesn't taste like much but both give a fantastic high. I smoked a bit of the lemon haze today and feel pretty relaxed and a soothing happy feeling that has eased my anxiety. I really love it
I tried the pink princess after having smoked a joint on the way home so no idea what it's like on its own but I'll find out tomorrow night. I love the names and they were under 30$ which was great for how wonderful the high is. I'll definitely buy again. And next time I'll remember to be use less per dab cause it's pretty strong haha

Anonymous 10344

lol dabs are like the crack of weed

raises your tolerance so much so fast bc of such high potency that eventually no other form of thc affects you at all

Anonymous 10355

I think if done recklessly for sure just cause it's so strong, but I've personally found I use less overall now (once I figured out how little to add lol). I also like the experience a bit more in regards to the flavour and the high it produces. Flower always tastes the same to me lol
I take a dab when I need and I find the effects I want (relaxation and anti panic attack/ptsd issue) last much longer than smoking flower, plus I'm coughing much less which is nice. Probably cause I'm smoking less stuff at once but also cause it smokes out fully without leaving much residue or extra plant matter. The first night I got it I definitely over blasted myself but now it's just a little dab maybe 2-3 times a day on a bad day and I'm trying to go down to once at night or at worst once during the day on a bad one. Since it's so strong and I feel it for a while, I think it's easier to keep myself away vs flower where I'd add a little pinch to my bowl here and there not noticing how much I've smoked as my anxieties and memories creep back in.
I like it much better than a vape cart, with vapes I found I really messed my tolerance up cause it was right there and the effects went away pretty quick it felt like even if it's supposed to be pure concentrate. It also wasn't great on the lungs cause unless you buy expensive they add so many filler flavours to the vape, and even the "pure" stuff isn't the same as actually dabbing concentrate I've found. Tbh I think those cheap 90% thc flavoured vapes kill people's tolerances more than dabs will unless they're at dabs cause flower doesn't hit anymore which wasn't really my case. I swapped cause I heard it was better than trying to vape the stuff and after getting a rig it is cheaper cause you can get pure concentrate for about half the price of a good vape cart and yeah, it's better than the vape. Maybe I'll check in a few in the future and find out I was totally wrong but I think if used responsibly it could be more beneficial for people who smoke often to swap a bowl of flower for a hit of a dab

Anonymous 10375

I also have anxiety and PTSD and dabs literally have given me panic attacks, just like every other form of thc.

Except edibles. I eat dispensary gummies every day and its based af. Mainly a body high but sometimes I get a bit silly and euphoric. Plus, zero lung damage. 10 out of 10 edibles = best form of getting potted up on weed

Anonymous 10419

I like dabs as an occasional treat, smoking joints will always be king


True Crime Community Anonymous 1937[Reply]

Any anons in the tcc?
Any outsiders willing to voice their opinions?
Why is true Crime so popular, especially with the woman audience?
How do non-Americans feel about the subject?
Do you have a favorite killer?
Who do you think is a handsome killer?
Why would you be attracted to a serial killer?
138 posts and 31 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 9853

>How do non-Americans feel about the subject?
Being part of the UK tcc, I think im more of the wanting to "get in side of the mind" of the criminal than being infatuated.

Anonymous 9962

>Why is true Crime so popular, especially with the woman audience?
Morbid curiosity. I also find it makes me feel grateful for being at least not murdered/raped etc. Also I like knowing the depths of depravity humans are capable of. I used to think it was exclusively males but I'm getting more into forms of crime by women (and not just ones you'd obviously be sympathetic to if you weren't a massive sexist - e.g. Aileen Wuornos). These forms of crime have much more complex but equally sinister nature (think women with Munchausens by proxy, cluster B personality disorders etc.).
>How do non-Americans feel about the subject?
idk if Canadians really count as non-Americans, but I think the Canadian justice system treats them too lightly. I think Singapore deals with criminals the best, which is why I felt the most safe and free when I lived there out of anywhere.
>Do you have a favorite killer?
Aileen Wuornos and Jodi Arias
>Who do you think is a handsome killer?
Ed Kemper
>Why would you be attracted to a serial killer?
I wouldn't - I'm not even attracted to non-vegans, let alone serial killers of humans.

Anonymous 9963

god these guys were the absolute worst. that was probably the only internet shock video involving not animals that really disturbed me.
i swear you can see how low iq and psychopathic this guy is just by the shape of his tiny beady eyes. what a creep.

Anonymous 9971


Am I the only one that thinks one of the toolbox killers look like a reptilian?

Anonymous 10402

>Any anons in the tcc?
I lurk .. to me the tcc is interesting enough as a community to be its own hyperfixation. I'd never admit to knowing about it irl though
>Any outsiders willing to voice their pinions?
I can see why people hate it but I think it's human nature to be curious
>Why is true Crime so popular, especially with the woman audience?
As a previous anon said, women aren't a hive mind. Everyone has their own reason, but if say living in a terrifying violent world can make a person curious about crime
>How do non-Americans feel about the subject
Crime happens everywhere
>Do you have a favorite killer?
I would never tell you
>Who do you think is a handsome killer?
Eh I can see why some ladies are obsessed with Ted Bundy & Richard Ramirez, they are very stereotypically handsome. Once again I will never tell you my own opinion.
>Why would you be attracted to a serial killer?
Unfortunate brain

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