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Anyone else getting weird dreams recently?? Anonymous 10529[Reply]

I remember my dream from last night. I can't remember all the details, but I'll summarize it as best I can.

I was at school, or at least at a school (I dropped out), and I was me, but not at the same time. I just looked a little different; I basically had my dream body. Me and this group of people stopped at some random location, I belive it was an apartment of some sort, and this guy comes up to me and we start chatting (he used my real name and acted like we were besties). We eventually get into one of the apartments with a few others, and while I was sitting, he laid down on my chest, and we watched YouTube together. Thats basically all I can remember. Nothing crazy is happening but me and some randoms hanging out. After that, I woke up crying and in a cold sweat.

I just want to know if anyone else is having weird, vivid dreams for some reason…


how do you think souls/spirits look like? Anonymous 8977[Reply]

Ever since I got rid of my ex's mementos and memories, my vision of him has slowly deteriorated until the only thing I could remember was a body of water. Similar to Chaos or that guy from Terminator. All that remained is a human being made of water. He hugs me and cuddles me, but I don't see hair, nor skin, nor a face in it.
And I wonder, my mother used to say she was very spiritual and that she could see spirits because she went to many spiritual locations, and she did say that these spirits would be like a body of water. I went to search on the internet but there seems to be no real consensus on how these spirits/souls look like.
Anyhow, how do you think spirits/souls look like?
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Anonymous 10056

I don't think souls and spirits reflect any photons for us to see

But they probably look cute, probabbly little kitten ghosts or bird ghosts, or little soft dango blobs, maybe even cat-eared dango blobs

Anonymous 10057


Haro evurinyan, hou aru you?
Fai, sankyu!

Ai wish ai waa a bardo.

Anonymous 10403


If you can see a spirit, it's someone who hasn't fully moved on from their worldly attachments!
If you fully move on and rejoin the All, you lose your individuality for a bit .. to be one with Everything.
A spirit with a full body is held back by something.

Anonymous 10417

>lose your individuality
on my way

Anonymous 10528

Spirits are formless. They don't "look" like anything because they are beyond the field of vision. If you are to imagine a spirit, imagine a thin layer of silk spread evenly over the entirety of space time. Spirits exist everywhere at all times. They're neither here nor there. Spirits are immaterial; they aren't tied to the physical realm. Your mother was right in that spirits appear like bodies of water; meaning, like liquids, they take the shape of the containers that hold them. When there is no containers, they overflow across the material realm. Spirits can appropriate the forms that they have seen in life, but those are like crass impersonations and don't hold weight. In your mind, imagine a great big ocean, but the ocean has no borders nor landmasses, it's just endless water. Now imagine all that has existed and all that will exist is held within the confines of that ocean. That is what the spirit is.


ways to fuck with my roommate Anonymous 10526[Reply]

i cant stand my fucking roommate, she made my life very hard. luckily i'll move out in a month. what are ways to subtle fuck with the house that will at least cause her annoyance?

Anonymous 10527

I know that's not what you want to hear, but unironically just let it go, you won't have to interact with her again and you can just stay out of trouble. You gain nothing from trying to fuck with her. The satisfaction won't last for very long if you even feel it at all. It'll only feed the hateful thoughts inside you.


How to summon incubus Anonymous 3269[Reply]

How do I summon incubus, I'm really horny, also needs to be white.
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Anonymous 5375

I did that ritual with the letter about a month ago. I've been having a lot more sexual dreams recently, with quite attractive men that seem to shapeshift. I'm pleased with this outcome, it's fun to dream right now.
Donald Tyson has a great book called Sexual Alchemy that goes over everything you need to know about having relationships with spirits. You can find it on libgen easily.

Anonymous 5377

Meditation is great for the bond and learning how to lucid dream will allow you to contact your partner more easily.

Anonymous 5383


>unironically inviting a male vitality-sapping demon into your house

Anonymous 10523

this poster's definitely a moid.

Anonymous 10525

99% of the time it's scrote seething when someone on the internet tries to shame a woman for only being attracted to white men. you do the math

Desperte a bruxa e…

Witchcraft General Anonymous 1359[Reply]

Can we start a witchcraft general?

Post witchy photos, media, tips, spells, etc.
Has anyone ever had any spells work?
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Anonymous 9658

idk if your still here but this folder in the 4moids occultism library has lots of books.

Anonymous 9676

It is a blue moon tonight, what magical ritual should I do?

Anonymous 9677

depends on what you want to accomplish. might be a good night to try astral projecting somewhere or at least tracking dreams. You could meditate on an entity or maybe a tarot card and see what it says to you in your sleep.

Anonymous 10250


Happy Ostara/Spring Equinox! Coming back to this unactive thread still makes me sad. I wish I could share my festive plans for today but I really don't have any

Anonymous 10520

girlies, don't do this type of thing. My grandma did defensive type spells to reverse it and send it back and she didn't end well in the afterlife. She came back in dreams as a begger or tried to give my mom rotten meat. We eventually managed to help her but very few people know what to do, especially in you are western europe or america. You will just get contaminated. My other grandma didn't croak yet but I think she's also going down down the moment she does. And nobody is going to help her.


fucked up websites Anonymous 10412[Reply]

what are the most fucked up websites you've come across? what made them fucked up to you?
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Anonymous 10510

What is the url

Anonymous 10511

something like cute dead guys but i wont post here since last time i was banned for 1 day

Anonymous 10513

would've it been better if they were actually cute

Anonymous 10514

Anonymous 10519

Never forget when girls here on cc rated the cute ones before it got wiped out


The S.C.U.M Manifesto Anonymous 10481[Reply]

Has anyone read it? What were your thoughts on it?
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Anonymous 10495

tranny above doesnt know what "nona" means

Anonymous 10504

I've only read excerpts but it seems dank apart from the alleged sissification part kek
Not necessarily paranormal but she did shoot Andy Warhol and was sentenced to 3 years. He didn't die immediately but his death was due to complications from it (decades later!)

Anonymous 10505

i don't think anyone actually takes solanas seriously even radfems

Anonymous 10517

Where can I read it

Anonymous 10518


Tech Paranoia Anonymous 5369[Reply]

It probably seems hypocritical but I’m someone who is online nearly 24/7 but extremely paranoid about things such as online tracking, social media using my data, etc. I only have Discord because all my friends do but I fucking hate it because there’s practically no privacy. I want to get more secure and private online but I don’t know where to start. Are college classes good at all or run by feds?
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Anonymous 5646

If you're using consumer VPN I'd bet a lot of money on it being a honeypot. Especially the ones with suspiciously large amounts of budgeted ad-time. Good for hiding from your ISP and nothing else.
The low effort solution to data privacy is to just not use the internet for anything private. Having a low profile is a better defense than high profile + loads of security effort. Don't use socmedia & don't download anything off of the internet and you're less at-risk than most of us.
Hardware-level backdoor in over the counter phones regardless of make. Manufacturers were quietly began to install after the FBI got demickey so don't put anything important / illegal on a smart phone. Not sure why you'd want to anyhow.

Anonymous 5785

It's an issue if you're wanted for a crime, but for general privacy, it's a good help. Google won't subpoena your logs to get ad data.
Discord kind of worries me: no privacy at all, they own anything posted.

Anonymous 5787

I used to be tech paranoid before but honestly i don’t see a point in that anymore. We’re all fucked so who gives a shit? Everyone allows access to their locations and their data and everything. Millions of people. I am not paranoid about it anymore. Honestly the way i look at tech paranoia is either someone who is genuinely paranoid which is someone i’d rather avoid or a criminal that i would also rather avoid. This is the new world order, s. Embrace it 666

Anonymous 5875

this is exactly where I'm at as well

Anonymous 10503


>i dont know how you guys know so much about computers and computer privacy.
I'm studying in IT school with specialty in programming and cybersecurity. Ez.

I also don't have friends outside hackerspace (C.C is the only female space I have left these days).


I want to learn magic Anonymous 10497[Reply]

Where do I start?

Anonymous 10498

use the general threads


What's the worst thing you have ever done? Anonymous 4763[Reply]

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Anonymous 10369

would you believe me if i said both?

jk, the zodiac

Anonymous 10388


got involved online with a guy in his mid teens when I was in my early 20s. They guy looked/acted and sounded like he was over 20, had a full face of facial hair, deep voice etc which is why I believed (as did my online friends at the time) that he was in his 20s. found out he wasn't but didnt think it was a big deal at the time, in hindsight it was probably grooming. Honestly, the fact that I blew any chance of being an e celeb before I even tried with this dumb bullshit bothers me way more than the guilt. But there is some guilt. It eats at me, it really does.

Anonymous 10389

for legal reasons I'd like to specify that when i found out his true age I stopped doing anything with him but we still talked as friends a good while after that when I should have just blocked him

Anonymous 10479

I neglected two pets. Suffering each day thinking about them is far less punishment than what I really deserve. I was a child but that's no excuse

Anonymous 10493

Never told my mum about my dad molesting me. They were both abusive but my mum was only verbally abusive; after I graduated college I cut them both off and I still worry about what he might've done to her once I was out of the picture

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