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Anonymous 10159[Reply]

Was there any other way out for her? Would you have done the same?
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Anonymous 10185

the meds deedee was giving her were legitimately making her weak and ill, though. they made most of her teeth fall out, too.

Anonymous 10192

There is no escape from this situation, an abusive mother who beats you to near death for her own selfish motivations, unless a kind man takes enough pity on you to save you. Even that comes with its own problems; all scrotes are disgusting pedophiles, rapists, adulterers and murderera. At least she tried to escape.

Anonymous 10207

>Was there any other way out for her?
Yes, she could have done what her mother did and made it look natural. Stab someone 20 times and you sealed your own fate. She's retarded, but she's pathetic enough for people to feel bad for her, meanwhile her ex-scrote is gonna rot for the rest of his life. As he should. He was a particularly vulgar, nasty scrote.

Anonymous 10215

Do you guys really think that no medical professional would have responded to her saying like hey I am not sick? That is really bleak. I am not sure how to feel about that.

Anonymous 10216

and get herself life in prison for medical fraud? lol, no.


Does anyone else wish magic was real and or to be a magical girl? Anonymous 2224[Reply]

For me its a bit of a chunni rant. I hate this world simply because magic isnt real. I dont mean as in wicca/pagan. I mean more of magic as in the showy magic in anime and games. The stuff that defies science and controls nature or just is pure energy.

Even though as I get older theres still a part of me that wants to be a magical girl.
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Anonymous 4140

I still wish it was real. Wanted it to be real so badly as a kid and in my teenage years, especially when I started getting into anime and books about magic.

Anonymous 10084

Still wishing I had magical powers

Anonymous 10105

I had a wicca phase as a tween, and a magical girl phase as a teen. During my magical girl phase I would regularly dream that I was Sailor Jupiter or Sailor Uranus from Sailor Moon. They were some of the most fun, liberating dreams I've ever had.

Anonymous 10211


>Does anyone else wish magic was real and or to be a magical girl?

Nice try kyubey

Anonymous 10213


being meguca is suffering

images (1).jpeg

Irrational fears Anonymous 499[Reply]

What are you scared of?
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Anonymous 10140

i have a stupid fear of moths, specifically house moths
im ok with any other kind of moth but a house moth freaks me out

Anonymous 10177

Im worried the smoke shop edibles I’ve been eating for the past year make me suceptible to incubi. For the last week I’ve been thinking I’ve been seeing shit out the corners of my eyes or standing over my bed, my dreams started last week. A terrifying looking man with pitch black skin was standing at my door and there was just the disgusting feel that he wanted to hurt me, every night after I’ve had a nightmare where I’ve been raped and each time I wake up crying.

Anonymous 10193

i think the edibles are actually making you more paranoid and hallucinating, i dont think that the edibles themselves are making you more vulnerable to incubi. stop taking the edibles girl

Anonymous 10197

Needles. I don't know why, everything I have to take some medication and they use a needle I get pale, every single time, I get pale, I start to panic without a real motive.
it gets to the point where they use needles for baby's since I grt so scared that my veins become hard to see.
I have no explanation for my body reaction other then "I'm scared"

Anonymouse 10203

Death, for sure. It's not really the fact that I will die eventually, I mean we all know that. It's just I'm scared of what happens after death and that it can't be known for sure until you are already dead. Religion helps with that, but I'm more of a science girly, so I can't really use those to help cope.

My death anxiety is so bad it keeps me up at night and I sometimes have to sleep with a night light, I know some people think about it the same way I do. Like with death, it's scary, thinking about space and the solar system also plays into that fear.

Ryan Begley.jpg

Anonymous 10142[Reply]

In the last two weeks or so all I've dreamt about is death.
My current boss and her unborn child dying in a horrific car crash. Coming across an article about the suicide of a past roommate. Being lured into a bus and then pushed into the sea. A couple of other dreams that I don't fully remember, but that left a sinister aura waking up.
What gives?

Anonymous 10145

Me too. I keep getting killed in my dreams. Maybe we just consume too much violent media? No idea.


Anonymous 10106[Reply]

has anyone else gotten dpdr/depersonalization/derealisation/dissociation from weed, this feeling is so scary

Anonymous 10107

No I get that just from being alive.

Anonymous 10108

Same. Well mine turned into full blown split personality.

Anonymous 10113

I experienced despersonalization for an entire day once but with flu medication. It was so thrilling I wish I could have it again. I was able to feel like a completely different person, seeing mundane things and situations like it was the first time I experienced them


Anyone else follow this pattern here? Anonymous 1578[Reply]

People were talking about strange coincidences between kids who were in gifted/TAG/GATE classes in school. Anybody else have similar circumstance?
>Blue eyes (hazel seems equally common)
>Occipital Bun (aka math bump on the the back of the skull = Neanderthal trait)
>Birth Complications (like weeks early or not breathing)
>Near Death Experiences (especially drowning)
>lack of memory of TAG (we all did many many hours there, and it's very vague)
>windows covered in TAG classrooms
>tendency to be followed, especially by creeps
>Law enforcement being very lenient
>IQ's are often as high as 130; 100. Many IQ's even higher.
Other similarities, less common but still common enough to mention
>interest in /x/ phenomena
>heavy early twenties drug experimentation period
>forehead scars
>early speech therapy
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 3393

I know it means nothing, it's just fun to see the similarities

Anonymous 8960

How did you manage to get into a gifted class in school with this kind of crap?
>Blue eyes
>Dunno about the bun
>Yup. Nearly drowned as a kid. But was already in those classes at the time, IIRC.
>Yeah, but that's not unusual. My whole childhood is like that.
>Nope. Been creeped on, because pretty. But not followed.
>Dunno. Never tested it. Not dumb enough to try.
>Nope. Did drugs in my 20s. Most 20yos do.
> Nope
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Anonymous 10095

My friend had some creepy experience like this and some sketchy shit going on in there wtf

Anonymous 10097

I'm Indian, so a lot of the phenotypic things didn't apply, but I dated other gifted guys in this class who met so many of these stereotypes (weird premies with blue eyes and drug issues who were 4channers with alcoholic parents). I find a lot of these stereotypes never applied to the Indians/Asians in these classes but are definitely true of the white people

Anonymous 10099

>Blue eyes (hazel seems equally common)
Brown, but there's a deep blue ring around the edge of my iris
>Occipital Bun (aka math bump on the the back of the skull = Neanderthal trait)
>Birth Complications (like weeks early or not breathing)
>Near Death Experiences (especially drowning)
Not really, but I've gotten into some dangerous situations before (was nearly shot and stabbed on different occasions)
>lack of memory of TAG (we all did many many hours there, and it's very vague)
I just remember doing weird math and geometry exercises, hearing tests, and something vaguely reminiscent of an IQ test
>windows covered in TAG classrooms
>tendency to be followed, especially by creeps
No, but I live in a dangerous part of town so I'm always scared of getting followed
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


I believe in reality shifting Anonymous 5265[Reply]

And I will do it
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Anonymous 8588


ive always wondered if you could "group shift" like shifting with multiple people ive heard the term but ive never done any futher research on it

i wanna do it with my gf, does anyone have any resources?

Anonymous 8697

me too, except i also believe in forced reincarnation (respawning). I tried multiple times for the past two years and got pretty close, except I chickened out since my heart pain was getting intense. I originally wanted to respawn via a heart attack but decided that I would just erase my existence instead. I've been taking a break from it for a while since I started school again. Unfortunatly, I'm still experiencing the heart pain … but it's alright since at least I know I'm getting somewhere.

Anonymous 8704



But I have to transfer my soul before I die! The death part comes after.

On another note, I really want to shift back in time, preferably to the precambrian era. Maybe even see dinosaurs and early hominids.

Anonymous 10089

It is 2024, I still keep my hopes high for reality shifting and reincarnation. I am planning on going back in time to when I was in fourth grade so I can relive life in a perfect world. I wrote a script for how this world would be like, I wrote basic changes that would make it a better place. I wanted to know if you nonas had any ideas on what I should add to benefit woman.

Anonymous 10090

I feel the same and also wanna shift and time travel and genuinely believe in it I believe in a lot of woo woo things even physical healing and found spiritual people who do claim it's possible and happened before lol


Anonymous 10036[Reply]

(sorry I used google translate because my English isnt enough good so if the text sounds weird its because of that!)

Beneath the Internet dream, a network has been revealed that operates under the terms of power politics, profit maximization and the largest companies. Edward Snowd extinguished the dream of a web whose communities are outside the dirty game of politics. It turned out that every part of the internet is under the control of the authorities and ordinary internet users, from hackers to network activists, are essentially pawns of the big powers.

The power of the big ones online also seems to be increasing rapidly. The big five of technology companies, i.e. Facebook, Google allied with Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple have grown so large that they are practically able to buy their key rising competitors out of the market. A new concentration of power is growing around these five American companies, through which commerce, news, literature, movies and TV programs flow.

In the twists and turns of history, every new means of communication has initially been associated with great hopes for a new era of freedom and democracy. In time, the radio was supposed to release the transmission of information into the hands of amateurs and create a network of active citizens. Soon the airwaves were regulated by the state and broadcasting was in the hands of a few companies. Similar expectations were related to the telegraph and the telephone, among other things.

Despite the death of utopia, its power to connect people looking for peer support or like-minded people is still without any historical parallel. In the coming decades, the web will revolutionize everything, and the extent of that change cannot even be understood yet. Twenty years from now, we will all be living in a pure-blood internet society.

Anonymous 10053

I believe everyone in this site knows that.

Anonymous 10055

>twenty years from now, we will all be living in a pure-blood internet society.

Do you mean a society in which the internet isn't run by conglomerates?
I'd love to see that. I wonder what would come of society that way.

Would you have to go out of your way to find desired communities? There's no way an unbiased feed algorithm can exist without someone trying to take advantage of it.

What does such a society look like?

Anonymous 10076

Not her, but there's a much darker way of reading "pure-blooded internet society."
The current generation of school age children, Gen Alpha, are often called 'iPad children' due to a combination of internet access and naive/incompetent millennial parents. Zoomers are currently ages whatever through mid-20s. Millennials are 40 now.
In 20 years, all levels of society will be ruled by "digital natives." People who did not know life without the internet will be retiring from various trades and careers (mid-50s is mandatory retirement age for a lot of labor intensive jobs). Every single facet of society will be downstream of online culture. Any forces that shape, contort, control, distort, filter, adapt, shift or serve that culture will have downstream impact in absolutely everything. We can expect the final effect of this to be utterly devastating.

Consider what dating looks like. And consider the fact that if you tried to start a workplace romance today you would be putting yourself at risk, not just in the emotional or social sense involving risk of rejection but in the economic sense that your workplace would probably want to eliminate you, a sane, polite woman behaving like a well mannered adult, for inappropriate behavior. Gen X women did not face that reality. Millennial women did not know a life in which dating apps were the only reasonable means of getting a date once high school or at latest grad school ended. Nearly every facet of social life flows downstream from dating, because male socio/biology prioritizes sexual opportunity and because expenses and economic activity must account for householding etc. - there is already a thread up on the other boards that talks about the downstream impacts of this, "there are no spaces for young people." Movies require a romance subplot and not all movies can be historical, military or fantasy. There are no aspects of culture unaffected, here, today. In 20 years every child will have been conceived by parents who chanced to swipe correctly in some online loneliness misery engine - parents who see nothing wrong with that, who will not raise their children to see what is wrong with that because they know nothing else and because of their entire generational survivorship bias.


Masonic rabbit hole Anonymous 9880[Reply]

Anonymous 10060

Pedophilia is one of the last things you can blackmail someone for, now that all other taboos have been normalized. And with the amount of surplus human beings on the earth right now, there is little material consequence for using massive amounts of children to blackmail the powerful. Britain, where Freemasonry really gained a foothold, was the first to capitalize on this. Blackmail became their new means of conquest once they no longer had people to fight their wars. They simply blackmailed the living shit out of everyone powerful in America, and turned America into their puppet state.

Anonymous 10071

The Scottish Rite does this too. They use them in "rituals" (just an excuse to rape children). Typically the members' daughters. I'm one of them. I'm also not the only one. A doctorate thesis by another woman who was abused in the Scottish Rite as a child: https://ogma.newcastle.edu.au/vital/access/manager/Repository/uon:749
The Scottish Rite funds research on schizophrenia and autism and other brain disorders from purely a physical perspective with no consideration given to trauma. https://srcf.ca/research/
A Scottish Rite children's hospital collected rape kits and locked them away. https://www.ajc.com/news/local/cops-never-picked-211-rape-kits-children-healthcare/eDgdbgn6nG1dfzi78hnB1H/

Rabbit Hole Thread Anonymous 9721[Reply]

Got any creepy mysteries or disturbing rabbit holes to delve into?
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Anonymous 9878

my friend showed me this the other day

Anonymous 9895

yeah im going into the rabbit hole right now

Anonymous 9910

Anonymous 9915

The rabbit hole that I'm interested in is the fact that a lot of these cults and secret societies are connected. They operate in a pyramid like hierarchy with the elitist cults/secret societies like the Shriners on top and the more lowly cults at the bottom. I figured that the lowly cults do the dirty work of the higher ups. I noticed this when I found at that Charles Manson had many connections to different cults like Scientology, ordo templi orientis and others.

Anonymous 10054

As a mercenary, I can say this is true

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