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Is the spiritual realm accessible to all? Anonymous 5230[Reply]

Just as there are physically and mentally disabled people, are there spiritually disabled people? Such that only a select number will ever be in touch with the spiritual?
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Anonymous 6460

I believe so too but it can drive them to madness. Theyre just simply not with us on this plane and i feel sorry for them, only a few can be self aware and mask and function with us while being a schizo at the same time

Anonymous 6469

Yep, i’m speaking from personal experience having a schizo older sister. That bitch dreams of things before they happen (i do too but hers are more scary), sees dead people who give her accurate information she doesn’t know (once had a dream of grandma begging her to tell our mom to stop talking shit about her and my mom actually was earlier that day while she was sleeping) hallucinates 24/7 but the cunt is a shit person inherently so she thought she’s invincible because of this and she’s not very smart or empathetic so the info she receives.. well, it’s not received well and mistranslated. So she’s in and out of psych wards right now. I speak about her harshly because she fucked me up growing up but damn she had the chance to turn it into a powerful thing too

Anonymous 6471

Nah it wasn’t a case of that. We all were willing to listen and help her but she manipulates and treats us especially the women of the family like trash. Lots of misogyny, lot of stupidity and impaired empathy, and lots of grooming female children and sadistically breaking them down (me included) Don’t take it personally, schizo anon. Its a long story when it comes to my sis thats just a small part of it lol

Anonymous 6474

I’m sorry anon, it’s tough and very hard to deal with i’m sure. You sound pretty self aware and grounded so i’m pretty sure new fresh beginnings can be in store and i hope so. I might not be schizophrenic but i have had mental issues that people abandoned and hurt me during episodes so i get it

Anonymous 6475

Yeah and I will admit when I get hurt I withdraw and self isolate so sometimes it's harder for people to help but I just, I have tried a ton and really it's just people not getting that I like to debate but I don't hold feelings over losing or winning an argument.
I just have to look in the right places, all due things in time.
I hope you won't get abandoned by anyone you consider important again, usually things seem small with time so I don't hold onto anything other than well, pushing me out of a friend group. That I never forget so I never end up having it happen in the same way. Vigilance is key when the world has so many dark people in it, but most of those that hurt others are hurt themselves.


Bigfoot/sasquatch Anonymous 5764[Reply]

What are bigfoot/sasquatch/yetis/yowies/yeren?

A.) The missing link?
B.) An extant species of great ape?
C.) Interdimensional energy beings?
D.) None of the above?
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Anonymous 6390

Yes. Exactly like that.

Anonymous 6401

I don't really have much to add except this story. my BIL's dad is a traditional old conservative man who hunts, fishes, eats red meat, etc. He was on a fishing trip and as his boat was going around a bend, he saw Bigfoot for a split second then it disappeared. Ik y'all don't know him, but it was super interesting for someone like him to say

Anonymous 6412

What if they're just bears born with deformities

Anonymous 6422

Y can they walk upright. is that the deformity?

Anonymous 6446




crystal dream diary. Anonymous 3081[Reply]

whenever you remember a dream, log it here.

picture used is tako otoko from yume 2kki.
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Anonymous 6358

It was awhile ago when I still had contact with her.

When I say I’m convinced it was a sign, I just mean it was a weird coincidence. Im not a schizo.

But it does sound crazy the way I typed it out.

Anonymous 6359

Also sorry about double posting but I didn’t do shit with it after

Anonymous 6360

Ignore them, you're ok.

Anonymous 6410

my mom started drinking heavily and became psychotic. she mistook me for her pet a couple times and every time i even sat down next to a man she would walk in acting upset, tell me to put my shirt on, make a disgusted face, yell at me for having sex in front of her, tell me i was pregnant and then tell me i was a bad mother for 'losing the baby' all within the span of a couple minutes.
in the same dream, i explored an abandoned building around sunset. i was ~8ft tall and the bones in my legs were soft. when i went to use the bathroom, i saw that i was covered in bruises and scrapes along my back. i guess i took too long because the last thing i remember before waking up was being found out by the woman who worked at (or maybe owned) the building.

also this is the only time i can remember peeing in a dream without peeing irl

Anonymous 6411


I had dream in which I was in room which lead to a bathroom which then lead to another bathroom and once you entered one you couldn't go back because the other door would lead to a new bathroom, they all looked exactly the same except the layout would differ, it was in orange, white, grey and black in this weird round early 2000s style.
Eventually one of the doors lead me to a secret room with two (cute) guys sitting in front a pc. One of those old, boxy, white ones. The entire room had a 90s hacker movie feel to it. They invited me over to them and one of the guys showed me a song he made. I said (word for word) that it
>sounds jazzy and drum and bass-y
and that the beat reminded me of a vocaloid song I listened to in high school and decided to search for it to show them but it wouldn't show on youtube (I thought it was Phantom F but then when I woke up I checked and it actually sounded more like Crazy Night, anyway).
Then the other guy started talking to me and said that most humans aren't lucid enough and when they die it's all blank and over. Nothingness. However those with stronger wills and more awareness can exist in a dream like state after death and basically create their own little world to 'live' in.
I had this dream last week and have been trying to return to it (I often go back to my old dreams on accident). I think the guy in my dream was basically telling me to become lucid and I've been trying to have a lucid dream for a while now. Ik the techniques. What do you think anons? I hope to dream of them again soon, it felt like I was someone important the way it went down.


Mindreading/Aura? Anonymous 476[Reply]

I have no rational explanation for this. Please hear me out. I did a terrible thing two years ago. I've never mentioned it to anyone ever. Recently everyone seems to know. My friends are texting me vague questions asking about my past. People on the metro whisper about me. Am I cursed?
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Anonymous 4734

Now tell what did you do.

Anonymous 4752

your parents sound horrible and I'm sorry. But also what is this? I have never heard of this being a thing. Thant's wild.

Anonymous 6344

Are you being gangstalked op? It kinda sounds like it.

Are they kind of trashtalking you indirectly through conversations across the room? That sort of thing? In a way that makes it seem they'd have to have been spying on you, to be able to do so? Its real it happened to me. Its a local witch hunt and they're freaks, but they can't really hurt you or do anything to you. Ignore them. take it from me I was stalked like that for years.

Anonymous 6349

You're a faggot, and so are your desperate pathetic needy, histrionic obsessive hoards. You can try and paint your "stalking" however you want, it still looks cheap, beneath us all, like the crappiest dollar general off brand try hard garbage.

You embody that degenerate energy. You're this 2 cent hoard, gathering like cows in stupid packs waiting in line at walmart for their daily dollar store trashtalk. Oh im so scared. The Emoji movie is pretty much your hoard anthem, its not surprising seeing how all of you share about 3 fucking braincells.

Fucking trailer park losers

Anonymous 6350

Are you still talking faggot


Shoplifting Anonymous 4152[Reply]

Have you ever shoplifted? Why? Did you regret it or ever get caught?
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Anonymous 6218

yes, i did it a decent amount when i was younger. when i worked retail i did it too. i only took small things like shirts, makeup, and sometimes drinks that i wanted to have on my lunch. i don't really regret it and i never got caught.

Anonymous 6284


Some of my fondest memories were going out with my friends in middle school and stealing bags full of stuff from the mall. I remember we all had the same justification of it would feel bad to make our parents give us money for retarded merch shit when they work so hard and are already poor. And getting stuff was cool, did get caughtish a few times but never anything official with security or police.

Anonymous 6296

it was basically rite of passage at my private university to steal food from the whole foods on campus.
not just because it was expensive tho, but because the line would literally go around the entire store and out the door during peak hours. mostly why i stole from there was bc i didn't want to wait in line

Anonymous 6297

this is kinda cute tbh sorry u got caught

Anonymous 6302

stole from safeway and trader joes because it's soo easy to steal from those stores


weird world wide web Anonymous 538[Reply]

post odd things you found online
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Anonymous 5672


Nuts prison letter from NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere to his ex-girlfriend Toni Natalie

Anonymous 5682

I relate to this, whats the story behind it

Anonymous 6206

Old post but wignats shilling for Neanderthals is really weird, Neanderthals were not altruistic lol. They were known for fighting and raping a lot, and some of them even practiced cannibalism.

Anonymous 6237

NTA but I found a site that does this: petittube.com

Anonymous 6238


Anonymous 5958[Reply]

What do you think happens after we die?
Have you ever had a near death experience?
Discuss death and the afterlife
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Anonymous 6174

>What do you think happens after we die?

Nothing. Everything just returns to what it was like before you were born. I don't really believe in an afterlife since I'm not religious. Well, only as a sense of comfort for my loved ones that have passed and that bad people, who managed to get away being bad their whole lives, actually have somewhere they go to get punished. I guess those are just the reasons most people want to believe in an afterlife, though.

>Have you ever had a near death experience?

I don't think so. Several times I've been almost hit by a car and miracly survived each time but it wasn't any kind of out-of-body death experience. It did convince me there must be some kind of spritiual power / guarding angel-things out there though. That's just happened to me too often to be a coincidence. I should have turned into a vegetable by now, but the cars would stop just inches away from me every single time and I would be completely unscathed. Other than the last time it happened, when the car did manage to slightly hit my leg and I had to limp on my way to school. Still wasn't a serious injury though because I managed to activate some kind of cat-like resources to dodge edge of the fucking car right as it was pulling up.

Anonymous 6200

i believe in reincarnation. it sucks that we’ll probably never truly know what happens. western society puts too much of a negative emphasis on death though. maybe people would be a little less scared if we approached death differently.

Anonymous 6201

DMT experiences also differ a lot from NDEs. The only thing they usually have in common is an out of body feeling.

Anonymous 6207

Woah mind… blown…

Anonymous 6236

Hopefully nothing, i am sick of this rotten and indifferent existence to the core


Conspiracy theories Anonymous 386[Reply]

Which ones do you believe in?
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Anonymous 5253


Mossad did 9/11

Drag has kinda been coopted for str8 entertainment, I'm not sure how much I'd count it as part of the queer community anymore. All of the trans people I know certainly hate it. I agree with you about covid, though. My town just now ended its mask mandate and I'm so relieved
What do y'all make of the argument that hijab can be empowering in the right context? I definitely think it's worn due to social pressure in the Mideast but in the West it's pretty against the grain. I live in a college town too so standard attire for girls my age is short-shorts and cutoff tees
I mostly just cover everything because it's comfy but I have noticed that it gets me more attention from rednecks and black guys lol. I had a guy try to flirt with me once by talking about how dirty he gets working on cars

Anonymous 6036

On drinking? Apart from a few hillbilly states with "dry" counties (that have lots of loopholes and are flagrantly violated anyway), nowhere in the US has notably strict drinking laws. The only real differences from state to state are in whether it can be sold outside of liquor stores. Some states (like Utah) are pretty lame about that while others (like Louisiana) will literally let you buy a flask of whiskey when you fill up at a gas station. That's fun and all but the practical effect isn't much, there is little deviation from the 'you can buy whatever you want if you're 21, just don't drink it on the street' model, as states without open container laws still have local laws most places you might actually try it.

Anonymous 6050

Do you guys ever try explaining the conspiracies that you believe in, and even provide evidence to substantiate what you believe, yet no one is really receptive to it?

Anonymous 6184

Nona I also have experienced similar things to you. Not surprised people like us would hang out on imageboards.

What do you mean COVID is a psyop? That it was planned or that the virus doesn't exist? I agree that it was planned but it seems to me that it's clearly a real virus.

Anonymous 6217

in my opinion most drag shows heavily stress that they are not for young audiences. drag was usually a crude, adult thing. but now it's in the mainstream because of shows like rpdr so they are trying to market it as this "family friendly" thing even though it shouldn't be.


White sun mandela effect Anonymous 4216[Reply]

When did you notice that the sun was no longer yellow but white? Have you felt a fundamental change in reality since the sun became white? Why do you think the sun turned white?
21 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6111

I hope Nona's brain started working since this thread was posted :/

Anonymous 6112

seed oil.png

yes i know this thread is about the conspiracy theory about the change or replacement of the sun but

>The sun is white now and burns you way quicker than it used to.
Yes, the burning thing is so true! As a kid, I spent whole summers outside without sunscreen and never got a sunburn.

it's actually very well known (especially in the redpill community and i've even seen some feminists post about it) that sunburn is caused by a change in our food. In recent years there has been a major shift from cooking with animal fat to cooking with vegetable oils and seed oils (and also other oils, not all of them ig). When we ingest a lot of those oils, it slowly changes our DNA tissue, making us less able to withstand the sun's rays than before, when those oils had not entered our food at all.
if you look at the ingredient list of food products you bought, chances are they contain vegetable or seed oils. they are in almost everything. this was not always the case

Anonymous 6120

Native Americans used Eastern hemlock for a sunscreen. Ancient Egyptians used rice bran which absorbs UV rays and jasmine which helps DNA repair. Ancient Greeks used olive oil on their skin which has an spf of about 8. Doesn't seem like sunburn is modern. Also pigs and various other animals roll around in mud to help prevent sunburn.

Anonymous 6123


Oh, you actually believe this.

Anonymous 6182

I could buy this if we were talking a change in the last few hundred years, but we're talking about the last 20 years. Everyone was using canola oil, olive oil, peanut oil, etc in 2000, and the sun was different then.


where to start on occultism Anonymous 6084[Reply]

title says it all… where do i start? literature, important figures. don’t give me retarded new age or scientology shit… jewish mysticism, renaissance “magic”, math/cryptology, nazi esotericism, any religious mysticism… stuff like that.
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6099

how do you even read those without having grown up in bible study classes? the language is so old and antiquated and hard to understand

Anonymous 6113

There are different translations–youre probably thinking of the King James Version (KJV), which is the most common English translation and uses the sort of wording that most people think of when they think of 'the bible'–lots of 'thou','thine',etc.

Try reading the Orthodox Study Bible–it uses a more modern version of the kjv, and contains lots of helpful notes along with the books of the Bible which Catholics and Protestants don't have. Even if its tough at first, I promise that if you keep reading it will become easier over time.

Also, if you tried to read from Genesis to the end you will probably become discouraged. There is a lot in the old testament that is super dry and a real wall for people trying to read it 'in order'.

Try reading the Song of Songs (also called the Song of Solomon), Ecclesiastes, and the Psalms first.

After that read these books from the New Testament:
Gospel of Luke
Gospel of John
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 6133

Start with the kabalah. Breathtaking shit

Anonymous 6134

Bad take.

The average 'Kabbalah' that dumb gentiles promote is just new age junk with a Jewish veneer. Don't bother with trying to learn Kabbalah unless you're:
a) Jewish and willing to become Hasidic or go to Israel – and also a moid – because, surprise! the Abrahamic religions are sexist.
b)A Christian and willing to study Renaissance Christian Kabbalah – in which case read Francis Yates and just study Christian Hermeticism instead.

The Jews traditionally had men wait until they were 40 to begin Kabbalah. Its not the right place to start. Read the Bible. Read Plato.

If you want to learn about Kabbalah read Gershom Scholem rather than some California woo woo bullshit Kabbalah book

Anonymous 6269

Could you tell which religions aren't sexist towards women? I'd like to follow some religion, but the ones I've looked at all have had some misogyny to them.

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