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Weirdest people you've been friends with Anonymous 8072[Reply]

Thought this could be like an accompaniment to the "Weirdest people you've met online" thread. I got to thinking about weird friends I've had and it made me realize alot of them have been pretty weird. Back in grade school I befriended:

>A furry who became my best friend. She would draw porn and gore in the middle of class. Obligatory weeb.

>Someone who gets sexually aroused by setting things on fire. Also is very into traps but not gay AFAIK. Obligatory weeb.
>Someone with a gigantess and vore fetish, and that would have a weird obsession with Germany and talking with a German accent. Obligatory weeb.
>Someone who got obsessed with getting their whole body pierced. Started with getting a lip piercing, then a nose piercing, then nipple piercings, and then a clit piercing. Also started fictionkinning as a little anime girl. (This was a girl btw, not moid FYI).
>Chainsmoker Chinese friend covered in tattoos and supposedly with BPD.
>Someone that would suddenly text me that she's taking a shit, while I was in the middle of class.
>Someone with aspergers that could sing the entire periodic table from memory. We ended up developing a whole depraved AU with him and the rest of my friend group. Huge Science nerd that knew alot about guns.
>Someone that developed over 50-60 different OCs and basically had an entire Tolkien lore of them.
>A girl that joked about raping me, because I'm "so kawaii". There was this one Japanese sims-like hentai game I got into at one point that you could make models of your favorite characters to have sex with them. She made a character based on me in it, apparently.
>A bunch of Hetalia-obsessed fujos that started only calling me by a country name rather than my real name. All started becoming lez for eachother to live out their yaoi ships.
>Someone who suddenly out of nowhere said he would walk into class and slit everyone except mutual friend sitting next to me's and my throat, because we "are nice".

Yeah, I've been friends with some pretty weird fucking people, bordering on possibly demented occasionally. Most of them have been pretty nice pPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
19 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 9302

when i was little i was friends with a girl who had a very hard time fitting in; she was black in a mostly white and hispanic area, jehovah's witness, significantly taller than all the other kids, a frequent liar who one upped everyone, usually late for school, cried a lot in class, and was told she wasnt allowed to perform the pledge of allegiance by her parents. despite this, she was very pleasant and i hope she turned out okay. i never thought it was weird she had no other friends because i hardly did either

Anonymous 9521

>Joins pedoring…

Anonymous 9537

i was friends with
>this ginger cunt who has some mental illness ( autism or something) who openly said to the entire friend group that she likes a 9 year old ( she was 14) also apparently she meets the 9 year old every wednesday and she thinks he loves her too because he blowed her a kiss ( he probably was joking) im scared if she's done something to him.

>A , yet again , a ginger cunt. She was always confessing to my gay best friend , her entire personality was the fact that she was Irish (yet she couldn't even speak it that well) , she embarrassingly sang a shitty irish song infront of the whole school. She faked multiple mental illnesses and she got my other good friend into trouble because she asked the ginger cunt if she had BPD and she asked what are the symptoms so she said them and the ginger cunt started to cry when she said `wanting to kill yourself` as a symptom , the ginger cunt then snitched on my friend to the teachers.

tdlr; I fucking hate gingers

Anonymous 9543

>fujoshi girl who'd act like a cartoon character in school and boast how their mom is offering all this money to buy new clothes for her, later trooned out
>some british guy who would sent me softocre hentai, couldn't have conversation longer than 5 minutes because would either agree with me on everything or just send memes, then talk about how they want Finnish girlfriend who can barely speak English.
>depressed neckbeard who would constantly tell me how he's too shy to talk to women, told him I was lesbian, still kept talking about how he could have sex with a friend (basically just saw every woman as a vessel to lose his virginity), kept telling me how "you can tell me everything" and how deep he is and such.
>Canadian who was always claiming to have every disability, how they're 7% black so they can say the n-word, insisted they were born in Switzerland but later on claimed they were from The Netherlands (said they had looked it wrong on their adoption papers lol), constantly changing which name they were using, always using shit ton of micro labels but were obviously just a attention seeking and chronically online girl

Anonymous 9855

Not your average weirdos, these are legit degenerates ngl.


Share an unexplained/supernatural/weird experience you had Anonymous 5751[Reply]

Hey nonas, I thought it might be cool to share a supernatural/otherworldly/unexplained experience you had. Even if someone is a skeptic on the paranormal I feel like everyone has a story or two.

I'll share one.

>be me, always like tarot cards but more in a scientific way of it being helpful to use them to look at a problem from a different perspective

>kind of get into paganism, fall down deep into mystery schools/esotericism but as a skeptic
>go off on a rant where I get frustrated and say that I think that following pagan gods/magic is just like worshiping the Lord of the Rings characters
>toss my tarot cards face down on the floor and shuffle them all over the carpet asking for a sign if there is a higher power like a literal child
>focus really hard and pull three cards from random spots that "feel right"
>lay them out and flip them one by one
>every flip is a blank fucking card, all 3 of them in the deck of like 60 cards all randomly splayed out over the carpet

whole thing freaked me out- what are the odds?
5 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 9522

From a young age I would wake up to cuts and scratches on my body, arms and legs mostly. The first and only time was on my tummy and was nearly enough to break blood. My school was worried I was being abused at home but it wasn't like that. The cut was from my chest to my belly button, but always after when the same scenarios would happen. Being cut on the arm, I wouldn't care. Usually I would be awake and watch these cuts form which is even weirder and doesn't make sense. I had someone tell me demons do these kinds of things to terrify, and break us down mentally, and in turn physically

Anonymous 9525

That is really scary… if you're still around did you ever research the area you found the spike in at all?

do they still happen? have you tried any way to figure it out? like a seance or scrying or oujia?

Anonymous 9528


Those fish are getting so fucked up right now.

Anonymous 9529

what anime is that?

Anonymous 9538


It's the first Devilman OVA (The Birth)

download (1).jpeg

Was Amanda Todd targeted because she was on the autism spectrum? Anonymous 9423[Reply]

I was watching a documentary about what happened to Amanda Todd and the sadistic web of pedo blackmailers known as "cappers" and I recently found out that Amanda was on the autism spectrum. I wonder if this made her an easier target for these freaks because it is no secret that satanic people hate those on the spectrum.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 9446

For sure. They target anybody who will be easier to manipulate. That's also why they go after victims of CSA. Epstein intentionally went after formerly abused girls because they were more likely to accept without telling anybody later. I didn't know she was autistic, but if that was the case then they would definitely use that against her.

>it is no secret that satanic people hate those on the spectrum.

I didn't know this. Why do they hate autistic people?

Anonymous 9448

Toxic people target everyone, they intermingle with whoever they meet. It's just that they only stick around with the vulnerable ones because it's easy to manipulate them. Autistic girls especially fit this criteria, so they make excellent victims. I don't think anyone is consciously seeking out autists in particular, just that autists are more susceptible to reacting in ways that are favorable to the perpetrators and it snowballs.

Anonymous 9453

It's fucked up how callous so many people were about this shit, blaming at actual child for getting groomed, exploited, stalked and harassed online. There's so much hate for teenage girls

Anonymous 9463

Because autistics are more innocent and they hate innocence. Which is why they also hate kids. Also autistics are living proof of adverse effects of their "vaccines" aka poison.

Anonymous 9468

Remembering that made me super angry, as I was also bullied online as a teenager. People make mistakes but it makes my blood boil that they hated the girl so much and not the people who ostracized and harassed her.
Not the OP but my guess is that they hate autistic people put of spite that for example they can be happy on their own and are less dependent on social connections. They hate those who don't conform so they want to break their sense of safety and further use their problems to break them as people, torture them emotionally and sometimes physically. They might be also picked on because of worse understanding of social norms and cues, possibility of being manipulated etc. As autistics tend to seek patterns they might be hated too because they have a potential to see the patterns of evil and thus recognize the ways of operating of their enemies.
I also believe it's due to the hate for innocence as >>9463 said. This is also something I saw myself, certain forces who wish to destroy innocence and anything that can work for it are really strong. That's why for example they want to manipulate autistic people to merge their community with the troons and all sorts of perverts. They misuse their empathy and being lost in life to redirect some into supporting the evil while shunning those who speak against it.


Twin flames Anonymous 9036[Reply]

Just learned my twin flame planned to kill himself through an anonymous reddit post. I was feeling suicidal (and actually ready to do it) for the first time ever. I turned to a subreddit I like to browse and found a Reddit post and was freaked out by the details. I went through the post history and I’m 100% sure it’s the same guy (details about age, birthday, specific program he’s in, family, etc.).

Ever since I met this guy, I always end up running into him somehow or intuiting where on campus he is (exact floor & room), and I’ve always been right. Freakishly right. Similarly, I was seeing 111, 222, & 1111 everyday for weeks. Also, through cyberstalking, I found out that we have exactly similar family situations and upbringings. A lot of experiences in my life line up with his.

I seriously think my twin flame is going to hurt himself so I definitely plan to reach out. Funnily, his post talked me out of killing myself.

To clarify, a twin flame is one soul that is living out two different human experiences in the same lifetime. You feel like you are meeting yourself because you are.
11 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 9059

Wow, nona. So many freaky coincidences.

Anonymous 9060

I'm starting to think the post was never him. Maybe the universe . For example, he mentioned taking IB courses (we're in the the usa) and uses English verbiage (but strangely not spelling?) I feel so manic and psychotic. I literally emailed a relative of his (the email never wen't through, thank god!) because I was concerned. Oh, well. I'm hope he's all safe and happy. I still believe he's my twin flame. Again, there was a lot of overlap between our lives based on things I know in real life.

Who the hell did I think I was to intrude on his life like that? I'll keep my mania to myself.

Anonymous 9101

For context, I don’t use my real name on social media. However, I come across videos about “soulmates” and “you and this person will get married soon” and it’s always me and my crush’s initials. Soulmates fr!

Anonymous 9439

how do i find my twin flame?

Anonymous 9579

i think if it's meant to be, you'll find each other (if you have one)


Anonymous 8983[Reply]

What is the meaning of the clown or fool in the occult?

Anonymous 9000

For me personally, it really depends on the situation. Sometimes it genuinely is saying to you “you/someone are an idiot” sometimes it represents spontaneous energy or blind faith in something. These cards have soooo many meanings.

Anonymous 9027

The fool represents innocents before the fall. freshly fallen snow, a child unburdened by life.
In the occult it would represent someone who hasn't been touched by the occult

Anonymous 9387

The fool represents Kether in cabala. In more general terms, it is the first spark of an idea or creation. In the RWS deck, the white sun is a representation of the initial divine spark. It contains all possibilities. none have been categorized and pruned to create truth and reality. Thus this act of creation is filled with paradoxes and conflicting possibilities, making it both divine and foolish. He is about to fall down a cliff in the RWS deck. This represents the downward 'fall' of the initial spark of creation toward becoming the material world.

In a spiritual reading it could represent new beginnings and divinity, but for banal issues it would mean a kind of foolishness or naivete.

Anonymous 9416

>The fool, in tarot, is the embodiment of spiritual perfection. Wiser than the Hierophant, greater than the Emperor or Magician, the fool's number is zero - everything and nothing, infinity and emptiness. The sun that shines down is his eternal, radiant optimism, the white rose his untarnished purity and innocence. With his few possessions on his back, he wanders through the unfamiliar wilderness of life towards the precipice of the unknown. He does not fall blindly from the cliff-edge, however - the white dog is his impeccable intuition, an ever-faithful companion. Guided by this intuition he leaps confidently into the abyss. His is a divine foolishness, a wise idiocy, and this is what makes him the master.

>The fool of the tarot is the "perfect man" of Chuang Tzu's story:

> Who can free himself from achievement

> And from fame, descend and be lost
> Amid the masses of men?
> He will flow like Tao, unseen,
> He will go about like Life itself
> With no name and no home.
> Simple is he, without distinction.
> To all appearances he is a fool.
> His steps leave no trace. He has no power.
> He achieves nothing, has no reputation.
> Since he judges no one
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


coverup/theory discussion thread Anonymous 9238[Reply]

a thread about coverups and conspiracies involving powerful people/groups (involvement with sex trafficking/abuse in particular)
here’s a list of some to begin with:
> X dossiers/Dutroux case
> The finders
> Pedophile activism organisers
> Jeffery Epstein and the Maxwells
> The Franklin scandal
no pizzagate bs, focus on actual cases as much as possible
11 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 9289

whoever made this is retarded + blind

Anonymous 9292

sorry, not to rain on your parade but i'm not the type of person who will gossip online over a family-friend's grief, anonymously or not

Anonymous 9293

> i'm not the type of person who will gossip online over a family-friend's grief, anonymously or not
> every time i see sandy hook conspiracies i laugh because i knew someone who lost someone in that shooting and you could tell she couldn't move past it.

Wew lad

Anonymous 9298

That's okay, I've just been trying to gather evidence and theories from both sides. I respect that it's probably not something you want to talk about but figured it was worth asking.

Anonymous 9388

thanks for derailing the thread glowie retard.


What event made you believe in the paranormal? Anonymous 8106[Reply]

The first time I was sitting in a room was renting out a while back. I smelled a man. It was so obvious, because it was like standing next to one in an elevator or especially church, because he smelled like he was dressed up. Aftershave, cologne, some hint of pipe tobacco. Somewhat old like from the 70s, because you'd never smell something like that now. It was there for a few seconds then it was completely gone.

The second time I was riding my bike to work. Every night I drove home at the crack of dawn, and crossed this big suspension foot bridge right next to an abandoned Levis factory. Another biker turned down my street 40-50 ft ahead of me a few blocks before the bridge, but then he turned into the chained up entrance to the factory and vanished. I did a double take, looked everywhere to see where he could have gone and it made no sense. It was a straight steep brushy hill down into the river on the left, & chained up factory entrance to the right. I wish I had more interesting stories to tell but I don't they're surprisingly boring. Neither situation was scary, or carried bad energy, I was just extremely surprised.
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8362

No event. I've just always believed in the paranormal.

Anonymous 8730


I don't know where else to put this, but I'm seriously questioning my beliefs because of what a moid friend did. You see, I told him about Tomino's Hell, which is a supposedly cursed Japanese poem that you would never read out loud and only read in your head. Simple, right? Well the retarded moid friend I had went and read the whole poem out loud, and even recorded himself reading it out loud to "show" me that it was not cursed. Well, color him fucking shocked when eventually, his siblings keep getting Covid, his hair loss and weight gain get worse, and when his mom gets diagnosed with cancer despite living a healthy life. I don't want to say this all started because of the fucking poem, but I feel like he should have avoided reading it out loud just to be sure. I'm skeptical of believing in the paranormal, but it really looks like this dumbass put a fucking curse on himself.

Anonymous 8731

reading the poem aloud rn thank you anon

Anonymous 8732

Wanna do this but my life is already cursed enough

Anonymous 9330

psychosis. while I don't believe in the things I did while it was going on, it turned my mind on to just how much of our sense of reality is built upon unconscious biases and assumptions that we pick up through our lives. it made me realise that all the things I thought impossible, though still unlikely, were maybe less so than I had previously thought.


Omnipresent daytime sense of doom Anonymous 9220[Reply]

I just hate the sun. Whenever it's daylight outside I can feel every second of my life tik-tok-tik away. Slowly. Like nails scraping away at a rusted board.

I genuinely feel uncomfortable during the daytime. Every day. All my life. It usually isn't so bad as to interfere with my daily life, but it's still uncomfortable. Particularly during sunsets, I get this horrible feeling of impending doom. I cannot properly describe it, it is like a terror you can see from a distance. Far enough yet not to panick but close enough to want to do something about it. Except nothing ever comes.

But this feeling always goes away during the night. It doesn't matter what time it is during the day. When the sun is out, I feel stress 10x worse. I can (by thumb) measure the time that has passed since I started studyin, the time left for me to finish the assignement, if I am at home it makes me feel bad for missing out on some fun, if I am outside it just makes me feel annoyed somehow. But at night I feel at peace.

In a weird way, I feel like this song captures this feeling fairly well, I listen to it almost every day since I found it.

Sorry for the weird post, I just needed to vent my feelings once. Feel free to reply with whatever and feel free not to. Not like I want any type of advice or consoling.
8 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 9249

I know this feel. Daylight makes me sick, especially the morning sun. Also, nice taste in music. I'll add this one by Woods of Infinity: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Jb6IfR6tWvo&pp

Anonymous 9323

I don't dislike the sun exactly but the warm weather/sunny weather makes me incredibly depressed, but frustrated depressed. I get angrier and I have less patience. I tend to take it out on myself, too. Cloud cover or shorter days feel safer and cozier to me.

Anonymous 9326

I feel this. Cold autumn and winter weather rejuvenate me

Anonymous 9327

I go out after sunset to run and exercise because when its light outside i feel like Im being watched always. In the dark I feel anonymous.
The sun feels like it is watching me and is heating up the world. it feels like a fire about to happen. Part of this may be the doom of global warming.

and here is some music about the sun exploding.

Anonymous 9328

>The sun feels like it is watching me and is heating up the world. it feels like a fire about to happen.

I get this EXACT feeling except I find it comforting - like god is watching me and is about to let me return. I love warm weather and summer for this reason


Astral projection Anonymous 2391[Reply]

Is this a real thing? Can people astral project themselves in space?
4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3875

It's saying that "astral projection" would just look like some weirdo closing their eyes and thinking. Because that's what it is

Anonymous 3884

ok but what makes it the first girl to do it?

Anonymous 4325

Yes but don’t try fighting Allah (it’ll end up bad)

Anonymous 4567

I'm not really sure if I'm convinced it's astral projection or not, but I've definitely had very vivid dreams where I leave my body. It's possible to induce those kinds of dreams or sleep paralysis, which I did a lot for fun when I was younger but stopped when my mental health declined and they started to skew scary more often than be fun.

Some of my favourite dreams were just walking down the street, noticing little details around me and going to check up on people I knew. Sometimes they'd be asleep and other times they'd be awake, watching TV or something. I never confirmed these dreams because I felt like it would be creepy to ask someone "hey, were you watching The Simpsons at exactly 1.30am last night?" but a huge part of me wants to believe that they were real and not just dreams.

Anonymous 9314

It is 'real' in the sense that it is different from normal and lucid dreams. I'm not sure if you literally leave body though, or if it is some form of sleepwalking or very vivid sleep paralysis.

-in my experience, astral projection and sleep paralysis (which I think are the same phenomenon since SP leads to AP) leave physical traces in the real world or on my body. I do not practice astral projection anymore because of this.

-I once attempted to move a pen while astral projecting. I set it out on my nightstand before I slept. Once I got out of my body i tried for a while to move it and was able to tilt it very slightly. I entered my body again, but when I woke up the pen was gone. Something happened to it obviously. I dont know what.

-When astral projecting, things start off looking exactly like the real world. Its dark so you dont see color, things are exactly as you left them. But as you stay in it, strange things will occur: first some of your senses become more intense. The silence 'sounds' too loud, and youll 'see' weird distortions. Ill be able to see the walls of where I live in greater detail and 'know' the shapes behind them: outlines of shapes show up in strange colors that don't exist in the real world. like a kaleidoscope maybe? all of this superimposed over the 'real' world that looks exactly the same as if you were awake. Then, your physical sensation gets heightened. If youve ever been tickled, imagine that over your entire body slowly creeping up on you. At this point hearing, sight, and sense are completely overloaded (ive never tasted or smelled anything while astral projecting). Then maybe youll see shadow movement out of the corner of your eye, or (more often) out of the kaleidoscope effect certain 'beings' will form and un-form. This is the farthest I had ever gotten, since usually at this point the sensory overload becomes painful and I feel pulled back toward my body. Imagine you are a rubber band stretched out, and once you lose enough focus you get slingshotted back into your body. Immediately afterwards I usually feel intense pain in certain parts of my body from the violent return back. Maybe my head really hurts or my stomach or chest. I have also had a few situations where I feel uncalibrated with my body: I feel further ahead or behind, or sometimes my body moves before I do. Usually these effects go away after about 10 minutes.

-On one occasion in particular, I was astral projecting while Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


how do you think souls/spirits look like? Anonymous 8977[Reply]

Ever since I got rid of my ex's mementos and memories, my vision of him has slowly deteriorated until the only thing I could remember was a body of water. Similar to Chaos or that guy from Terminator. All that remained is a human being made of water. He hugs me and cuddles me, but I don't see hair, nor skin, nor a face in it.
And I wonder, my mother used to say she was very spiritual and that she could see spirits because she went to many spiritual locations, and she did say that these spirits would be like a body of water. I went to search on the internet but there seems to be no real consensus on how these spirits/souls look like.
Anyhow, how do you think spirits/souls look like?
2 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8999

I feel like my soul looks like a blue blob i’ve always imagined it this way i dont know about others

Anonymous 9001

I think my just is. Like air. It’s the same way I would describe God, a conscious being you can’t see. I also believe that there is no hell. When we die, we are sent to the spirit lobby, where we choose our new life, family, and experiences.

Anonymous 9002


Anonymous 9018

>choose our experiences
Yeah I didn't choose to experience this.

Anonymous 9294

I took a bunch of mushrooms years ago and really internalized the Buddhist doctrine of non-self, so I don't think there are souls (or alternatively that my soul just looks like reality itself)

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