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Pizzagate discussion Anonymous 4868[Reply]

I'm not even sure if I should make this thread considering how dark and disturbing the subject is. I wonder how deep the rabbithole goes. I already know some things but I still feel like I'm only at the tip of the iceberg. Do you believe in this conspiracy /x/ ? I do. If my thread gets deleted because of the deeply disturbing subject I can understand.
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Anonymous 4882


Because the idea that there is a group fo elites with access to extralegal sex with minors (which is true) got conflated and centered around one pizza place due to Clinton email leaks.

Anonymous 5026

What are your thoughts on Isaac Kappy? His dead man's switch? The circumstances in which he died? There's just too much. I'm convinced that it proves the reality of Pizzagate

Anonymous 5031

I think that Pizzagate was made to sound ridiculous on purpose from the start, so that the rich people actually diddling kids could continue to do so in peace.
And this. Pretty sure that someone really famous is scared of getting caught, so he made this thing public in an attempt to get access to the evidence and erase his part in it. Law enforcement cannot be trusted to not to be compliant to him, because he’s so influental, and that’s why so much data ”disappeared”.

Anonymous 5074


This is kind of where the pizza thing started. It’s a weird email for sure, and its proximity to the word MAP put people on edge. But I agree with another anon that the actual pizza bit of the conspiracy is just a meme cooked up to make the real part (the fact that elites love fucking children) seem ridiculous.

Anonymous 5197

I passed by this place many times before the pizzagate "conspiracy" (read:8chan bullshit) came out, there's nothing special about Comet besides selling overpriced artisanal pizza and being located in a gentrified neighborhood. There's no way someone from downtown D.C. (around the White House etc.) would drive twenty minutes to Comet just to conduct a trafficking ring or something. Not to mention that locals would obviously notice because even though it's a residential area, it's located on literally the most used roadway into D.C. (Connecticut Ave). The people who made up the pizzagate conspiracy were malevolent schizos on 8chan who didn't care how many lives they ruined as long as they got internet clout. Same guys who created QAnon. Now their site is gone and their reputation is ruined all for the sake of an internet larp. I saw the shitposting in real time, it really was just a bunch of retards making shit up

Domesticated Pig S…

Is collecting animal bones bad? Anonymous 5094[Reply]

Am I going to get bad spirits after me or get cursed if I collect animal bones? I recently got very interested in the hobby. I'll have a strict rule to not collect bones from animals that are known to be used in dangerous rituals.
In my country we have a lot of holidays where animals are killed and eaten, if I ask my relatives to give me the bones after they're ready eating the animal, will it be dangerous? I'm also thinking of buying replicas, but they're harder to find. What if I buy real bones from websites or private sellers? I don't want to disrespect the animals I get the bones from.
I also have a very particular interest in pig's skulls and bones, even if I don't eat anything from them because of religious reasons.

Anonymous 5116

I like bones too, I don't have a huge collection but I'm interested in bones. I'm not deep into the magic that goes behind it all, I just find them fascinating from an artistic perspective. I'm not sure what country you're from so it might be different there, but I'd search for hunters who are sourced and reliable and don't kill just for sport. I hate sport hunting as much as I hate the meat farming industry. Other people collect roadkill specimens but that probably carries some kind of bad juju since the animal died by human carelessness. Hunting for sustainability and food is probably the only ethical way to get ahold of animal bones. The closest thing you'd get to a pig's skull is a boar if you're set on the idea of not wanting to participate in the societal structure of animal harm.

Anonymous 5117

One more thing, I'd also suggest scavenging, scavenging in nature will lead you across bones. There are people who scavenge for a living, kind of like roadkill, except these animals died presumingly natural deaths and the only harm done if you believe in the idea of disturbing burial sites. Also just getting a decent book on skulls might satisfy your curiosity if you you're uncomfortable with purchasing.

Anonymous 5123


> I hate sport hunting as much as I hate the meat farming industry.
Same, I can't stand people who think it's justifiable to end an animal's life just to get a throphy. People such as these that have no respect for the beings around them disgust me. Also I think that the farming industry is horrible because of the inhumane ways they treat the animals.
The pig I want to get the bones of is one from the farm of my grandpa. I've visited here - the pig is not forced into a cage (they get it inside the barn when it becomes night and it's time for it to sleep, because the village is right next to a forest where there are a lot of foxes and coyotes), it roams the yard and meadows in the farm whenever it wants, they give him fruits and vegetables and keep it's hygine good. They even named it. So I think the pig had a happy life, so I don't think that I'll be haunted if I get it's bones.
>I'd also suggest scavenging, scavenging in nature will lead you across bones.
Tried it, all the bones I find are from small animals and It's from their limbs and I can't identify from what animal it is or what bone that exactly is because most of the time I find them broken. Also I found a dead body of an fox, but it was stinking really bad (I almost could not breathe around the corpse) and it was covered in maggots and other larvas so I could not get the bones (I was afraid of catching an illness or infection).
I think the best option is to buy replicas, or get my bones from the farm and make the skeletal myself. Thanks for taking your time to answer!

Anonymous 5193

I have collected three boar skulls from a field on some family property. These were hunted, a bit sad because they have holes in the skull where bullets have passed through. Though they are invasive to my area, and the hunters cleaned them for meat there and left the bones for other animals to eat.

The most 'ethical' way to source bones is vulture culture, just going out into the woods and looking for animal remains. It is a bit harder to find intact remains unless the animal was hunted or still exist as a carcass. Not sure about getting bad juju from bones but I did find what I'm pretty sure to be a dog skull one time, I did not take it because I felt sad that it might've been someone's pet.

Anonymous 5194

I found a turtle shell while cleaning once and kept it. I haven't actively tried to look for bones though.


What happened to Bambi Woods? Anonymous 474[Reply]

Bambi Woods is a former pornographic actress and exotic dancer best known for her appearance as the title character in the 1978 film Debbie Does Dallas. Her meteoric success in the Golden Age of Porn, and disappearance intrigued adult industry writers and caused interest in her whereabouts, and a myth about her having met a sordid fate several years after her heyday began to be accepted as fact.


Anonymous 475

Due to the type of "work" she did, she's really probably dead. Will look into the story and come back when I'm done, sounds interesting.

Anonymous 498

Did you ever look into it? I'm curious too.


Written in 2011 and published in 2014 on Amazon Kindle ebook Porn Dead: Whatever Happened to Bambi Woods? is loaded with real answers and legally verified information. A fairly recent photo is provided towards the end.

Smallville Actress arrested Anonymous 757[Reply]

for being the co-leader of a Sex Cult


Anonymous 765

just like the majority of people involved in hollywood, or tv stars, this is just proof she is dumb and whack as fuck. i never cared about the show, but it is shocking anyway

Anonymous 786

what a bad way to start a thread
op u didn't even give us a link to an actual article detailing her arrest lol

Anonymous 910

Anonymous 911

OP is a video though


Deja Vu Anonymous 664[Reply]

What causes it?
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Anonymous 667

What I have found is that a lot of times when I get it, I had a similar moment in a dream about 3 to 6 months prior.

One theory that kind of lines up with my experience is that our minds go through so many bullshit, hypothetical situations when we sleep and the only ones we end up remembering are the ones that eventually sync up recognizably well with a real life moment, and thusly scare the bejeezus outta me.

Anonymous 731


The Brain accidentally interprets stimulation as "already experienced" for a moment. Not spooky at all

Anonymous 808


Anonymous 869

This, I remember my dreams in detail so when the situation occurs I'm like "oh it's just like my dream".

Anonymous 877

Some religions / beliefs state if you suicide or, die at the wrong time I guess, you'll be doomed to repeat your life over and over again until you get it right.
Maybe deja vu happens when our spirits (minds? i dunno) recognize the moment as having happened before


Hoaxes Anonymous 449[Reply]

Have you pulled off a hoax or a scam? What and how?
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Anonymous 467


> doesn't contribute anything to the thread
> doesn't understand how bans (don't) work

Anonymous Moderator 468

I wasn't the mod who banned you for 88 years, but if you were banned for that long you probably deserved it (baiting multiple times, outing yourself, avatarfagging, etc). You seem to forget we see IPs.
I changed the length of your ban, and you've been repeatedly told to integrate. I won't lock or delete the thread you made, for now, so admin can reply to you if she wants to.
Drop the topic and consider yourself warned.

Anonymous 470

This is an embarrassing level of retardation and a great example of why men shouldn't be allowed on this board.

Anonymous 874

I've never scammed anyone for real money, but i remember that when i was a kid on sites like Gaiaonline I had a male avatar i used for roleplays, & the girls that i encountered there sometimes gave me really expensive items to try to get close to me, some of them are worth ridiculous amounts now. i only outed myself once to one of these girls like 'hey, you know that my avatar is just male, i'm not actually a dude' and they were so angry about it that after that, i figured that trying to be honest with them wasn't worth the trouble.
i feel kind of bad because tbh that girl seemed like she had some serious problems at school and with her family so it was probably an exciting fantasy of hers to have a cute online boyfriend, and that's why she felt so betrayed when she found out i was female. especially since she'd gone on extensively about how other girls were stupid and didn't 'get' her and she couldn't be friends with them because their personalities were so bad. she liked my personality as long as she thought i was male, but after she found out that i was female it probably just reinforced her strong dislike for other women.

Anonymous 875

Kek is it bad that I find this funny?


Creepy places Anonymous 385[Reply]

What's the creepiest place you've been to?

Anonymous 415


I have been to famous Aokigahara forest. It is a quiet and beauitful forest but I also felt a sudden surge of sadness while I was there, it's just weird to see all those anti suicide signs in such a quiet place.

It's also a very lonely place, just you and the lush forest, in some areas trees are so so big and so many that you can't see the sky, almost no daylight, just musk and wood.

I heard that people who enter the the forest can no longer return because it is very easy to lose the way and the notion of time.

It seems that once you get into the depths, you are destined to be part of that forest.

Anonymous 439


I'm moving to a small appartment, exactly opposite a cemetery which is said to be haunted. The cemetery itself is really beautiful in fact, but this sounds like the beginning of an horror movie.

Anonymous 445


Reminds me of eastern European forests.

Anonymous 622

I live in a place with lots of mostly empty, abandoned small towns.
The weather is often bad (grey sky, fog …) so they can be quite scary.


Paranormal thread Anonymous 83[Reply]

Post here your own real stories, creepy pics and videos, myths, anything that will make your skin crawl.

(Please remember as per the rules you need to upload a screenshot if you post a video link.)
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Anonymous 729


Ok, so this could be a coincidence but I decided to post about it anyway, to see what you guys think.
When going through my drawers, I found this pocket watch that I got 8 or 7 years ago. One day, something like 5 or 6 years ago, I winded it up to hard and ended up breaking it, no matter what I did, it wouldn't work again.
I just took the watch out of the drawer and winded it up, waited a few minutes and noted that it still didn't work, so I just put it carefully on my desk.
The next morning, as I was sitting in my bed, my mother asks me what I did to my self. As I look at her, questioning, she tells me to look at my arm. I had a very distinct handprint on my arm (picture related) that took something like one hour to go away, this means the hand must have been pressing my arm quite strongly to leave such a mark. I didn't have this mark when I went to bed the previous day. When I put my hand on the handprint, I notice it has the exact same size as mine, therefore I must have done this to myself. But it has to be noted that I'm normaly a very calm person while sleeping, I don't move a lot and stay very aware of what is surrounding me. When sleeping with someone, I never hit that person in my sleep. So I don't know how I could do this to myself without at least waking up.
A few minutes later, I went to the bathroom and came back in my room. As there was a complete silence, I hear a very fast "ticktickticktickticktick". So I took my pocket watch and opened it, it worked again. Of course, I was happy it worked again but it shouldn't work. I didn't do anything different from my previous attempts to make it work again. Of course I didn't open it but I didn't even shake it, hit it or anything that could have made something move inside the pocket watch. Plus I tried to wind it up and it didn't do anything, so it must have worked again while I was asleep, while it was just on my desk, so it had absolutely no reason to start working again. This pocket watch, if I recall correctly, was a gift from my oncle who died two or three years ago but I don't know how he got it.
For the record, the place where I live is the place where both my grandparents were living before they died but they didn't die inside the flat. The pocket watch could be a gift to my oncle from the same grandmother that lived in this flat. It's not a certainty but it could be the case.

So as I said, this could be a complete coincidence but why does an even that has nevPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 732

The same thing happened to me 2 or 3 times during last summer! When I woke up I had a handprint on my arm on the same position as yours, and it took like an hour to fade like I had been pressing on it, but I don't remember doing such a thing, using physical strenght in my sleep. Idk, I remember that I did sleep with arms above my head sometimes, so maybe one hand grasped for my arm spontaneously.
As for the pocket watch, I don't know what to say…

Anonymous 733


Watch Collector here. Old watches that randomly start working and stopping is pretty common. Bring it to a watchmaker and let it get fixed/cleaned

Anonymous 804

Interested as fuck if you have the time.

Also, 3:30am is right in the middle of Witching Hour so who knows what kind of crazy shit was happening.

Anonymous 811

fuck. it's stories like these that make me both want and not want to have a paranormal experience.

dangerous trio.jpg

Serial Killers Anonymous 671[Reply]

Is it just me, or is anyone else strangely attracted to serial killers.

Logic would tell me this is a bad survival strategy…
26 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 701


unattractive people swear everyone is as unattractive as them and should be easily impressed with everything. what gives?

Anonymous 702

smug ramirez.jpg

Why is everyone calling each other ugly all of the sudden?

My face when.

Anonymous 703


>it’s another hybristophilia thread

Anonymous 711

Charles Manson never killed anyone

Anonymous 742

This but unironically


Anonymous 491[Reply]

Does anyone else look at graphic pictures of suicide to keep yourself from doing it?
Link for you gore hounds to start the discussion:

If you post any gore, please put it under a spoiler for everyone else
5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 511

she would've killed herself while in the tub, and her body would've soaked up the water after her death, and I guess it broke apart. I feel bad for whoever had to clean that. It would've smelled of rotten meat, and probably scarred them if they weren't already desensitized to that stuff.

Anonymous 513

Ikr? I felt wrong because it was a currently dead man having sex and being filmed without him realizing it. Sure, that was the reason he committed suicide, but including the pic was out of place to me. And it was kinda tasteless.

Anonymous 514

pictures of people hanging look peaceful to me. they actually encourage my suicidal thoughts.

Anonymous 517

I hate that I made it through that whole list (I've seen the bathtub photos before, gore doesn't usually get to me anyway), but it just makes me sad how some people can reach such a state where they feel there's no where else to turn to but to end their life. It's tragic, and to think some of these deaths weren't even of people that wanted to die, but were just tied up in some one else's horrid world that they couldn't escape from.

And then there's the people that wanted to die for very ridiculous reasons. Bombings, a game… it's depressing to just toss away your life like that..

Anonymous 522

self-immolation is the worst way to go. i saw someone do that once. he was trying to commit a murder-suicide with his ex-girlfriend who was running sound at this bar across the street where i live.

the worst part is that i knew him pretty well a couple years ago, he used to come by the co-op where i lived and hang out. he was a decent kid while he was on his meds. we didn't talk much but i got the impression that he was an okay person at that time
the fucking smell, you guys can't imagine–people were trying to put him out, smother the flames, but he'd doused himself in lighter fluid before he ran in. he was conscious even after the fire was put out, just croaking what i think was 'help me' over and over again. but that kind of burning doesn't kill you immediately.
they got him to emergency care and it took him something like eight hours to die.

but there's absolutely zero sympathy for this kid because, even if you're like 'yo the guy was a fucking schizophrenic. he was literally insane, this is sad'
the local feminist facebook group will jump all over you because he was an ABUSER and CIS SCUM etc.
the ex-girlfriend got featured in the local paper and raised something like 40k through gofundme after this happened so at least someone got something out of it.

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