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Anonymous 9258[Reply]

does anyone have advice or tips on manipulating someone to like you?

Anonymous 9260

Therapy (CBT and DBT). Hope this helps

Anonymous 9262


Anonymous 9269

When they aren’t literally forced to be with you, like family for example, there really aren’t many ways. You can act nice and show interest in them and their interests but I don’t really consider that manipulating

Anonymous 9270

Cock and ball torture and dick and ball torture…? Okay i will try this thank you

Anonymous 9271

i wonder if enough manifestation could make this happen, if you believe they love you the universe would respond and make it true since you know it to be true.


Any horror book or manga recommendations? Anonymous 8864[Reply]

I just finished reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and Uzamaki by Junji Ito
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Anonymous 9098

goated manga

Anonymous 9117

Screen Shot 2023-0…

I enjoyed the Jinrou Game series. It reminded me of playing mafia as a child.

Anonymous 9122


I quite liked the Vegetarian by han kang

The horror aspect only develops later on fully, its a very slow buildup - but I found the buildup to be the best part -the mundane mixed with disturbing and surreal scenes

Anonymous 9265


Jinmen is an okay one, but like all good japanese media I think it becomes too wild to the point it stops being scary and just becomes any other generic manga

Anonymous 9266

Best horror you're ever gonna read is Lovecraft's collected stories, preferably the Annotated HP Lovecraft.


A Demon is in My House Anonymous 9111[Reply]

He hides the tv remote and unplugs my phone charger. He makes food smell funny despite not being expired. He also makes any soda in the house taste less carbonated. Not sure what I did to invite a demonic presence into my house.

Anonymous 9175

Have you tried asking him to stop, maybe he will.

Anonymous 9212

nonette consider installing a carbon monoxide detector if you don’t have one already


Zodiac Signs Anonymous 2895[Reply]

What are your signs, miners?

I’m a Pisces…
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Anonymous 9185

Screenshot (84).pn…

Can someone analyse this one for me please? Whatever is on that website is retarded and contradicts itself, in some places it says I'm a very nice and nurturing person (which I'm really not) and in others it says I'm an insane BPD-chan.

Anonymous 9206

Yeah I took a look at your chart and tl;dr you come off as moody, agressive, criticize and try to micromanage people, think you know better than everyone, have a massive ego, cutthroat, talkative but also shallow as in it's hard to get close to people.

Anonymous 9207

Makes a lot of sense except the talkative part, I won't talk unless something interests me a lot. Is there any hope for me or should I just slit my wrists already?

Anonymous 9208


Do me next! Does it have to be color coded? I got it from Costar kek.

Anonymous 9210

why must it be so hard we don’t deserve this

The Ghost Frequency Anonymous 9074[Reply]

What did you experience after listening?

Anonymous 9075

Nothing at all :(
Are you supposed to listen to it loud or quiet? Does it matter?

Anonymous 9202

So, what is this ?
Can someone explain ?


Anonymous 9156[Reply]

>im a Taurus woman
>a Cancer man likes me
Should I give him a chance?
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Anonymous 9170


I can't believe people still believe in this stupidity

Anonymous 9178

There's more to compatibility than birth sign. You would have to look at both of your birth charts. I know a lot of Cancer mars men (mars rules anger/sex) and they're way too emotional and passive-aggressive for me. Very catty men. And I have a scorpio sun & venus.

Anonymous 9179

With all that cancer, he probably has a mommy kink. His Leo mars shows passion, his praise kink and his huge eog. All that air creates a know-it-all.

Anonymous 9180

there's already an astrology thread, learn2read and ask in there

Anonymous 9183

Sun square moon: tense, emotionally turbulent, sensitive, likes conflict, tension at home/between the parents


Intuition Anonymous 8918[Reply]

Is your intuition ever scarily accurate? I’ve intuited running into certain people. I went to the library 3 days ago because I just knew my crush would be there even though he’s a commuter who didn’t attend class that day. I don’t know how I knew that. I just followed wherever my body took me because I knew it would take me to him. Another example, there’s someone that I know I will run into on my campus (who doesn’t live anywhere near it) by the end of the month. I’ve known it for months and I’ve been trying to avoid running into this person but I know it’s the universe’s will we run into each other.

Anonymous 8919

how do you develop better intuition? I can usually tell that something horrible is going to happen on days when horrible things do happen but that's not really useful

Anonymous 8922

Nta but you could try to be more observant. Pay attention to your surroundings, notice patterns, signs etc. also you can learn from past situations and their patterns too.

Anonymous 8939

yes, extremely accurate. I usually get an intuitive sense about people and are very sensitive to their energies, as well as the energy of places. Here is one instance that I find particularly eerie:
>go to the beach with my family.
>didn't want to go into the water
>sensed that there was something uncanny about this place
>sister and her friend went swimming in the water
>sisters friend kept complaining about how she felt that something was dragging her down
>a week or so later, we find out that someone had died in those waters before they had gone swimming in there..

Anonymous 9182

there are some spiritualities (Indigenous matriarchal ones for example) that believe women possess intuition like a 6th sense that men aren't able to tap into. And that it can be honed with practice.

I have pretty powerful intuition, always have since I was a kid. I started doing tarot readings when I was little for fun, and they ended up really scarily accurate. It's all intuition based, the way I read them. I freaked out several family members- aunts uncles, mom, grandma with my readings to the point where they were made uncomfortable. I've predicted severe illness, infidelity, and minor issues too with my card readings. I get told a lot that my tarot readings aren't any fun because I don't sugarcoat bad things. In fact I think I have more of an ability to predict bad things than good.

I am also really good at reading people, which I usually pass off as being a perk of being a wallflower, but I can even guess people's first names when I've never seen them before sometimes. Sometimes I even get such a powerful feeling that a person or animal's name is 'wrong' somehow to the point where I have a hard time using the name they give me. Like, one time I was riding a trail horse with a name like Red or something, but I could not stop calling her Daisy- in my mind, when I was petting her or riding her. It was really weird. Probably sounds retarded but I wonder if it's some kind of weird intuition or something.

At this point I always listen to my intuition. If I get a bad feeling about something. My husband believes I have very strong intuition as well, and always listens to me if I decide to cancel a plan or leave something early because it's never steered us wrong. I think it's the closest thing to a religious belief I practice- if I get a gut feeling about something I don't do it, or if someone gives me bad vibes I gtfo.

typing this out makes me feel like a knob tooting my own horn


Anonymous 8909[Reply]

I have a feeling that my family is cursed or very unlucky. Starting two years ago we have just had a string of bad incidents. Every time an incident is over and we have maybe a month or so of peace, another unfortunate event happens again. I was talking about it with my younger siblings and I'm scared that I will inherit this bad luck. Looking back, our whole existence starting from my parents marriage has been unlucky. How do I put an end to this? Will it end if my family is dead? I want to distance myself from them, but my family relies so much on me and I don't think they would be able to handle themselves if something else were to happen.
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Anonymous 8911

Did the curses start when you moved to a new home? Maybe your home is cursed.

Anonymous 8941

this could very much be a plausible explanation. Recently my family moved to a new house c. 2021. My mum believes in spiritual cleansing and saged the entire property before we moved in to get rid of 'bad energies'. in spite of this, moving into this property heightened a lot of the tension between each of us and corresponded with a string of major difficulties in each of our lives, including my dad having a heart attack.
Have you ever tried getting a birth chart reading, or gone to a clairvoyant of sorts to seek conformation about this? Perhaps you could try to figure out if there is any astrological or other adjacent phenomena which is related to these incidents and events?

Anonymous 8956

What kind of things are fucking your family over?

Are we talking about 'act of god' events? The type of shit that is absolutely unavoidable? (eg: getting struck by lightning)

Are we talking about things that are totally within your control to prevent? (eg: you can't pay rent because you made a dumb purchase and went overboard with the spending).

Or are we talking about things that are technically mitigatable, but it's easy to take an "it could never happen to me" stance, so you don't really put in the effort to keep yourself safe? (eg: leaving your house unlocked, not having an alarm system, and then calling it 'bad luck' when someone robs you).

Asking because I always considered myself a lucky person.
Then I had a string of really awful, truly unlucky things happen to me.
Then I fell in a rut of blaming everything on bad luck, when something went wrong, and it stopped me from taking accountability for my own actions (eg: staying with a boyfriend who raped me and then acting surprised when he continued to be abusive, because I am an insecure clown).

Not saying you're to blame for your family's shit lol. Not saying your family is 'deserving' of your bad luck at all. I'm really sorry to hear that you guys are dealing with a lot of crap.
The reason I bring up accountability is because in my experience, when things are going bad, it is far more empowering to do what you CAN to mitigate future issues and protect yourself, than to worry about curses and shit. You feel me?
And if you can pinpoint the exact type of bad events in your life to 'acts of god', 'mitigable', and 'within your control', it might help you to gain a sense of power over your situation.
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Anonymous 9010


Most recently a car accident that left my mom unable to walk. It happened right after my sister got out of the hospital after being in and out of a coma for 6+ months. My brother had dental surgery at the same time of the accident so now I'm stuck nursing both of them. And this is all just in this month.

Anonymous 9012

For some more realistic ideas, since you mentioned moving into a new house, it could be lead poisoning, carbon monoxide poisoning, or any other kind of chemical that fucks up your health (including your natural immunity) and concentration (hence the accident, bad mood etc.)

pepe dragon.png

Performing witchcraft on moids. Anonymous 8749[Reply]

Have you done it? I have only done basic things like influence them to contact me, candle stuff or whatever. Was a mistake both times.
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Anonymous 8849

Okay. My obsession is kind of lessening anyway. It's no longer obsession, more fascination. What do I do with the letter?

Anonymous 8873

Burn it, hide it away somewhere. I wrote a moids name on a paper once, folded it and stuffed it between stuffed animals and forgot about it. Not exactly a perfect method, but its kind of like a "set it and forget it" kind of thing. When you dont obsess over things they always come in much easier.

Anonymous 8877

Thanks, I already hid it away a week ago

Anonymous 8902


seconding this

Anonymous 8982

i want to make a moid obsessed with me. i’m already practicing manifestation/LoA but I want something stronger like a spell. i am completely aware of the consequences, i just want someone who is more familiar with witchcraft to guide me as i am having no success so far with finding a spell or ritual that can provide me what i want right now. nonas of /x/ please help me.


reoccuring girl in my dreams Anonymous 8971[Reply]

i posted this a few months back but it was almost immediately deleted and i have no idea why, so i'm trying again.
whenever i have a bad dream, there's always this girl in the background of them. they usually aren't even typical nightmares of monsters and death. the dreams at the least of me being inconvenienced- for example, just some nights ago, i had a dream that i almost got bumped into the road while waiting for a bus, and when i looked back, the person who bumped me was that girl. that is the closest that she's ever actually been directly involved in my dreams, usually, she's just hanging around in the background. like i'll dream that i'm hurrying to get ready because i'm late for something and i look outside and she's a pedestrian on the sidewalk, etc.
i used to have vivid dreams about my sexual assault, and she'd always be there too, even though i never saw her during the real thing. i have never seen this girl in real life. she is incredibly average, and unnoticeable in a crowd- the only reason why she's significant is because she's always there in my bad dreams, for some reason. she's been here forever and honestly i never thought much of it but now that i make this correlation i'm kind of freaked out- i told my friend, and she suspects that it's someone i wronged in the past that's haunting me. why is this girl who i've never seen irl haunting my dreams?? i'm open to anyone's theories.

Anonymous 8972

I think it’s because there is a dream journal thread already at >>3081

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