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Terfposting #16 Anonymous 123390

Anonymous 123404

has anyone here tried that giggle app supposed to be for women only (no troons allowed)? I've been tempted to join it but I want to hear from women who've used it first

Anonymous 123475

I like the concept but I have concerns about how the AI that analyzes your photo works - I'm a cis female but I look kinda blah with no makeup. It's something I'm kind of self conscious about, that my face looks like a prepubescent boy's. The first time I tried the selfie thing it actually did deny me. I tried it again but put mascara on and smiled and it did let me in. Take that for what you will. If it thought I was a dude but let me in when I put more feminine emphasis on my features, it does make me wonder if there's very feminine looking TIMs who also slip through the filters that way.

Anonymous 123492

ok yeah that sounds suspicious, I imagine there's definitely a few makeup-clad males that got past the verification
sad we can't ever have a women only social media without TIMs constantly trying to ruin it

Anonymous 123499


15 year old tranny admits he's been watching porn for over 2 years meaning he was likely 12 or younger when he started watching it
why are so many underaged male trannies obsessed with porn? they think watching porn is like a hobby or something and it's disturbing

Anonymous 123501

samefag, scrolled through some of his tweets and he also thinks males can be lesbians because it's an "umbrella term", is an edgy fedora-tipping athiest, and says he wants to move to norway or europe in general and belongs there because he is white
the first two aren't surprising but the third sounds like something a /pol/tard would say

Anonymous 123502

65 year old trans …

Anonymous 123505

I can't see why a 40-year-old dressing up as a 20-year-old will somehow figure the problem out at age 65. It's not like the first 20 years was helpful, what's another 25?

Anonymous 123507

It's interesting how you can instantly tell if someone is trans or not based on their foot positioning.

Anonymous 123548

Maybe it’s all the porn from a young age that’s doing this to them, at least partially.

Anonymous 123628


Anonymous 123630


Anonymous 123631


Anonymous 123648

Once again proving trannyism is not about dysphoria but just an autogynephiliac fetish that creepy incel men get off to

Anonymous 123657


Anonymous 123667


Everyone involved in the creation of this show should be hanged and I am not even joking. They have literally butchered and completely destroyed a KID for entertainment.

Anonymous 123669


what the fuck did you just make me witness anon? this should be spoilered

Anonymous 123670


No more averting your eyes

Anonymous 123671

is that the same dude?

Anonymous 123672

No, here's that second clown


Literal nightmare fuel

Anonymous 123674


Anonymous 123683

Honestly, I think for some of these people it's an ocd/anxiety thing. Aging and puberty are things that are really out of our control, they happen whether or not we want them - and if you read the experience of puberty from some TIFs and TIMs there's a similar theme there of feeling upset by that lack of control over body changes. These people get to have a "second puberty" and some even become obsessed with reliving childhood/teenage/young adult experiences that they "missed out on" since they hadn't transitioned yet. They're obsessed with youth because they want to feel like they have some semblance of control.

Going off the "control" thing, I think it also stresses some of them out that other people are perceiving them a particular way. People see us and make judgments (negative, positive, or neutral) about who we are based on how we look and vice versa, we do the same to others. I get the feeling from some of them based off things they say/write that it's distressing for them to have this lack of control over how they're perceived.

Anonymous 123685

a nice clean fuckable neopussy that is
1. made from your bowels, so it smells like shit
2. needs to be physically hosed out daily so it doesn't get too raunchy
3. needs to be dilated daily so it doesn't close up because it's actually a wound

notice how these freaks always have to push themselves as more than biological/cis women. their pussies are better, the prejudicies they face are worse, they're extra feminine because of the hormones and playing to the gender roles, etc. TWAW except for the fact that actually they're better than us because they're custom built!!!!111

Anonymous 123701


Anonymous 123702

Poor kid, he's been permanently brainwashed

Anonymous 123734

yeah I get the feeling that's the case for some of them, especially the agp ones since they're addicted to porn and constantly sexualize everything
and it's probably partially due to spending all their time on social media echo chambers like twitter or reddit where they adopt these delusional views of everything

Anonymous 123741

I agree, the porn is definitely one factor, but a ton of them are literally and blatantly groomed online by older men. You can see it happen out in the open on Twitter and privately in discords. It’s insidious. They take pride in “cracking the eggs” of typically really lonely and depressed/already mentally ill boys.

Anonymous 123744


>Harry Potter without its creator

Anonymous 123852

God I hate these fucks. They're so fucking nasty. A genocide for them hasn't come soon enough if you ask me.

Anonymous 123864

Anonymous 123877

Gays in general are predatory, because the anus surprise was not intended for sex and wears out over time, so they need to recruit new guys.

Anonymous 123917

Anonymous 123918

more women peaks everyday kek

Anonymous 123919

i can't tell if this is bait or you're actually retarded

Anonymous 123920


Are there any experimental female solo musicians? The music field is filled with men and trannies, and I rarely see women who aren't just singers. I mean, singing is still good, but it's not my thing, and usually they just sing to man-made music. And when I do find someone who claims to be female, it's just a tranny(sewerslvt). And sometimes it's a tranny with good voice training(devi mccallion). And most of their songs are about weird and gross sexual fetish stuff, which is something I can't relate to. Idk I just want something relatable to listen to, but it's like there are no actual female musicians out there.

Anonymous 123929

i dont know if this is exactly what you're looking for but I got a few I could reccomend. It's mostly all female bands that I personally like so I don't know if it fits your style cuz it's mostly just rock or punk.
- Splendora
- The Devotchkas
- Cyntia

And after rereading your post I noticed you typed "experimental solo musicians" and now I feel silly for writing this post. I'll still post it anyway because maybe some other anons might be curious.

Anonymous 123936

Diana McIntosh
Hildegard Westerkamp
Sachiko M
Pauline Oliveros
Annette Krebs
Meredith Monk
Jana Winderen
Caroline K
Ami Yoshida
Polly Bradfield
Okkyung Lee

Anonymous 123958

Screenshot (170).p…

Anonymous 123979

I feel like I've met a lot of noise / experimental musicians orbiting the punk/DIY scenes around my city. Your right though, it's overwhelmingly men and troons. I just knew a good friend of mine who was an expriemental musician but quit doing so and I'd have to wonder why but I moved out of town so I don't know. I don't know where you live and with all that shit going on in the world, I'm not even sure gigs are going on. It was kind of like a vein I found by lurking around bars/cafes and being a part of the art scene. I'm not suggesting the same, but female expriemental musicians are definitely out there, it's just not my thing personally.

Anonymous 124002

I vote both.

Anonymous 124004

Oh, man, I panicked for a moment. I thought actuallylesbian had fallen. But now I see it's r/lesbianactually. Troons.

Anonymous 124021


>I thought actuallylesbian had fallen
it has

Anonymous 124022


>I thought actuallylesbian had fallen

Anonymous 124039

Subreddit Overlap.…

Actuallylesbian not actuallesbsians.

There is a rule on actuallylesbian that bans "Invalidation, policing gender or sexuality" (which is actually enforced on troons) and one that says "Any posts overly related to being bisexual, trans, or non-binary will be asked to instead post those to subreddits" and is also actually enforced on troons. And there is another that all discussion has to be about lesbian topics.

So, you don't see pity posts begging for validation from troons.

Actuallylesbian isn't perfect. I think the top mod is a man, and it has troon members, but as you can see, the troonsubreddit crossover is way less than actuallesbians and lesbianactually.
And the first page is always great whenever I pop over there.

I barely talk about this subreddit, and never in name space, because if it ever got really popular, it's pretty small now, bisexuals and/or troons would try to take it over.

Anonymous 124058

the tragedy of unsupervised internet use
throbbing gristle
cool creative writing experiment
I have such a hatred for the societal mechanisms that have led us to this point

Anonymous 124068


misgendering trannys is a worse crime than being pro-rape apparently, these people are evil

Anonymous 124144

I hate how some of them say that even if a trans woman has commited rape that's not an excuse to "exclude" him from the women 's bathroom. I need to find the tweets there were several of them.

Anonymous 124145

>throbbing gristle
Tranny band
2 guys and 1 girl

Anonymous 124176

hell to the no.web…

Anonymous 124313

but surely if you were completely sure that twaw then it wouldn't bother you as you'd "know" that you were always a woman? pretty sure most anons here wouldn't care about being told that and it would just seem like a weird thing to say

Anonymous 124315

trannies are vile

Anonymous 124317

>a nice clean fuckable neo pussy
I have never seen a single tranny vagina that doesn't look like a vile abomination. And of course the trannoid is openly fantasizing about raping women, it's always the same thing with these freaks.

Anonymous 124322


Anonymous 124346

Lingua Ignota / Neoclassical Darkwave/Death Industrial
Rusalka / Noise
Pharmakon / Death Industrial
Naughty / Harsh Noise Wall
Puce Mary / Death Industrial
please let me know if you know more of them

Anonymous 124371

I think you can look at japanese scene
Not an expert, and don't know how experimental you wish them to be, but from the top of my head:
Jun Togawa
Haru Nemuri

Anonymous 124443

really makes you wonder why they wanted the neovagina disasters subreddit banned, almost like they're denying their reality or something

Anonymous 124528


I just finished listening to the podcast "There's Something About Miriam," and I highly recommend it. Probably not for the intended reasons, though.
It's only 6 episodes long, but it's an interesting listen
Some highlights:
>Constantly described as gorgeous, but also gets clocked in the first episode
>The narrator keeps trying to frame shit and be an apologist for the most obvious bullshit. Like when one of the dudes says he's straight, the narrator cuts in with DATING A TRANSWOMAN DOES NOT MAKE A MAN GAY
>Narrator brings up how Miriam's show caused a shitton of jealousy when he got back to NYC. There was some troon who kept waffling between praising him for "paving the way" for fellow troons, while trying to tamp down his obvious grudge against Miriam's looks. Might be my favorite part.
>The really awkward pop music career segment that had a bunch of horny British dudes calling in and making dick jokes
>Token handmaiden/faghag character who dotes on Miriam after he is thrown out of window by a drug dealer. Handmaiden screams at the hospital staff for not participating in the LARP
>The series tries very hard to dodge the fact that Miriam is a self designed fetish object meant to attract straight men, except where he (the narrator) has no choice but to begrudgingly relent to the truth.

It's a genuinely good story about 2000s grotesque, but there's soooooo much reach to paint Miriam as this innocent soul. Do I believe he was exploited? Yeah, even the men on the show know it's not him behind the premise.
But do I think the narrator whining about how men don't find transwomen desirable beyond a fetish is both funny and a self fulfilling prophecy? Yessss…
At the end, it's still a bunch of men being toxic to one another. If you can get past the narrator's porny drag falsetto, I recommend it.

Anonymous 124563

Screenshot (135).p…

Anonymous 124564


Anonymous 124574

Anyone else notice that 4chan scrotes are invading us in larger numbers lately?

Anonymous 124589

this is hilarious I love it

Anonymous 124596



Anonymous 124598



Anonymous 124601

She probably got annoyed because she likely thought he was turning tricks and couldn't figure out whether or not to call the cops.

Anonymous 124635


Too much discussion about men in our TERF thread. Let's get back to our roots of hating men AND discussing how we can identify and resist our oppression.

Anonymous 124636


Anonymous 124637

popular music.png

Anonymous 124639

You guys are ruining the terf thread STFU

Anonymous 124640

child propraganda.…

Anonymous 124641

alicen grey.png

Anonymous 124642

hairy legs.png

Anonymous 124643


>looking at all those anons fellating the feminine penis

Anonymous 124645

Grandmother's brea…

Anonymous 124649

By this logic FPS games should be banned for causing violence. I don't understand why this person thinks "oh you're fine with a teacher watching schoolgirl porn" is a gotcha when people can and do compartmentalize how fetish content makes them feel and how the real world makes them feel. The teacher may very well find a woman who likes being a student and consensually roleplay with her. If he feels the urge to molest an actual student, it's not the porn, it's because he was born an animal and not man.

The husband analogy is even worse because if your husband watches porn while you are pregnant, it's not because porn is evil, he's a piece of shit in general. Same with cops. What is the point of bringing that up when these kinds of people are dregs of society with or without porn influencing them?

this person underestimates the natural, innate morality people have. the aforementioned libfem isn't saying "it's okay because it doesn't affect me" she is saying "it doesn't matter, because people who have a functional moral compass are not going to molest others based on porn, the only ones who do are those who would have commit degenerate crimes anyway"

Anonymous 124650

I think these belong in the pinkpill thread

Anonymous 124651

they are just images so I think they belong in this thread. being a terf isn't just about hating trains

Anonymous 124654

what retard logic is this. they're images with nothing to do w/ this thread

Anonymous 124655

>I don't understand why this person thinks "oh you're fine with a teacher watching schoolgirl porn" is a gotcha when people can and do compartmentalize how fetish content makes them feel and how the real world makes them feel.
But the studies show that isn't true. That the orgasm is the most powerful conditioning tool we have and is actually so powerful that we can use it to induce completely novel fetishes in men and even in rats (they made them sexually attracted to jackets).

>What is the point of bringing that up when these kinds of people are dregs of society with or without porn influencing them?

That implies that because some people are bad, that we should not care if they get worse. No thank, I would rather prevent the antisemitic man from becoming sexist as well rather than shrugging my shoulders and saying "He was already bad." and not doing anything.

>"it doesn't matter, because people who have a functional moral compass are not going to molest others based on porn,

Again, the studies have found this to be false. That not only do men who watch porn are more in favor of violence against women than men who don't, but that they are also more likely to view women as objects, as well as not convict rapists when they are on juries.

This is a TERF thread and so includes all radical feminist ideals.

Anonymous 124656

SVT-137-151 Bauart…

Anon, I don't like men who play-retend to be women, but I love trains. Am I not a TERF?

Anonymous 124657

If the terf thread includes all radfem then why’s there a separate pinkpill thread?

Anonymous 124658

if you like jazz or vocaloid Oster P is pretty good
NTA but it's a joking way to refer to them

Anonymous 124660

Because not all women who hate men are radfems.

Anonymous 124661

>NTA but it's a joking way to refer to them
Didn't knew that haha

Anonymous 124662

yeah so keep the man-hate posts in the pinkpill thread

Anonymous 124663

On the one hand, this is the first thing I've seen that actually makes me feel sympathy for troons.

OTOH, this is only because I've always been a sucker for sad boys acting like they suffer because the world done them wrong.

Troons deserve no sympathy for their coomer ways.

Anonymous 124666

>By this logic FPS games should be banned for causing violence.

It's wrong to ban FPS games for causing violence, because they don't cause violence.

If they did cause violence, I would def be for having a discussion about banning them.

It's wrong to ban violent media for being violent under the presumption that of course it causes violence.

Banning violent media if there is proof it causes violence is a whole nother thing.

Anonymous 124667

I don't have sympathy for coomers, they choose to watch and get addicted to porn and waste their money on sex work, but I honestly can't point my finger on why I feel bad for troons.
There are types of trans-women I dislike - the ones who fetishize being a woman, transitioned because of porn, the ones with kinks and etc, but when I look at the other not so degenerate half I see mentally ill people who could not get help with their problems, or had a childhood trauma. A lot of them are just confused or at a bad place.

Anonymous 124672


Why are so many developers/programmers/software people TIMs?
What is it about computers that makes moids acquire weird fetishes? And in CS are there areas that are more or less tranny prone?

Anonymous 124673

I think it's less about computers/programming then it is about the type of moids those areas attract : gamers, looser incel moids with misogynistic and coomer tendencies, sometimes autistic or prone to other mental illnesses. I'd say it's similar to the incel to trans pipeline and related to autogynephilia. This field of work also allows for more acceptance and freedom regarding your appearance, that is you could come to work dressed as a degenerate cosplay fetish doll with a pink wig unlike most jobs.

Anonymous 124675


first of all, jesus christ

second of all, jesus christ look at those yaoi hands.

Anonymous 124679

Which posts here are not radical feminism while hating men?

Anonymous 124685

So let me get this straight, he’s been bullied (and threatened?) by other scrotes plenty times, but it only took 1 woman’s laughter to cause so much seethe that he writes a blogpost about it years later?

Anonymous 124686

FPS gamers don’t hoard guns, you know.

Anonymous 124696


Anonymous 124699

Waitress feels sorry for the man with a failure of a son with terminal coomeritis.

Anonymous 124700

Schizophrenics make good programmers.

Anonymous 124704

when she says "you won't be able to use it properly" i assume she's referring to masturbation and sex, right?* i know jazz jennings identifies as asexual. sorry if this is a basic question, but how much pleasure can tifs actually get from their neovaginas?
*since it serves no passive anatomical purpose and is not related to the broader immune, endocrine, and reproductive systems in their bodies the way it is in women's bodies

Anonymous 124706

samefag – meant tim, not tif.

Anonymous 124722

I don't see how they could get any pleasure from fingering some scar tissue, at best they could rub the head of their penis - well, if it's not ripped off and the nerves are still working. 'Working properly' only refers to keeping the wound open, that is fighting against your body trying to heal that shit so yea it's a backwards way of thinking that's why it's confusing.

Anonymous 124766

I assume most tifs prefer anal

Anonymous 124767

Tim I mean

Anonymous 124795


according to this tim, moids do not feel human emotion unless they take horse piss hormones
a lot of the other tims in the comments were agreeing basically admitting they were emotionless robots before becoming a tranny
I can't put my finger on why but something about this really creeps me out

Anonymous 124799

wonder if it is to do with a lot of trans people actually being autistic

Anonymous 124813


As a deep-voiced woman with small breasts I cannot help but feel incredibly angry when they say things like this

Anonymous 124814

>women who are tall, flat-chested, and have a deep voice are men

misogyny at its finest. anon, you have a right to feel angry.

Anonymous 124822

I find this kind of hilarious considering that, by SJW standards, it's also transphobic. That person is acting all righteous over something that pretty much everyone hates and is offended by.

Anonymous 124825

>small boobs
>voice sounds “uncomfortable” no matter if I try to speak high or low
>masculine face
Fuck me. It was bad enough not being pretty, but now people probably think I’m an actual tranny because they have become so mainstream recently. I hate this.

Anonymous 124826

If it makes you feel better, even masculine female faces look more female than theirs. Same with voices, deep female voices sound different to male deep voices.

Anonymous 124830

Thanks anon, I hope so, but I have begun to realize that only women are actually competent telling apart actual women from men pretending to be women. For whatever reason, a lot of men seem to have trouble with it. They either fall for the most obvious traps or they assume all women are trannies. Retards.

Anonymous 124841

Not sure about that, that crowd is also hyper-aware of f e m b o y s.

Anonymous 124844

I don’t know, they just seem unable to tell them apart a lot of the times, especially online. I can tell male and female writing styles and subjects apart pretty well but routinely see guys fall for super obvious LARPs on places like 4chan. Or I see guys fall for obviously heavily edited photos of tranners. I also see the opposite extreme, guys accusing every single woman of being a tranny, women don’t exist online, only trannies, pictures of attractive women are all traps and trannies if you can’t see their vaginas, etc.

Anonymous 124850


Anonymous 124853

GE ideology.png

Common lies about radical feminists and how to counter them:
Reminder on Gender Critical ideology

>Reminder that GCs are not feminists.

True. You do not have to be a feminist to be gender critical. You see this commonly in men who endorse religion but reject feminism.

>Reminder that GCs would rather throw women in sex work under the bus using Christian puritanism, because they think it harms trans women more to cut them off from largely their only means of income.

False. Radfems are against sex work because of the massive physical harm it does to women and children while also furthering the idea that not only is sex an act that you can easily buy and every woman has her price, but that women are objects. Trans women don't even come into the equation because radfems don't fight for the rights of men. Also, when looking at death statistics, you will find that trans women who are murdered are overwhelmingly murdered by johns while the trans women are performing sex work. So by radfems outlawing sex work, we are inadvertently protecting trans women from rape and murder.

>Reminder that GC ideology is just british fascism masquerading under feminist aesthetics to gain an undue level of credibility.

I actually don't know what OP was going for here. Radical feminism exists all over the world and in fact, is most popular in third world countries where women must face the realities of laws that punish them for being female (menstruation huts, inheritance laws, being unable to drive).

>This is in line with a lot of alt-right tactics to weaponize minority interest groups and fears against other minority groups, while masquerading as minorities themselves online to stoke internal division, resentment and violence.

If you go to MtF subreddit you will find that many trans identifying males sympathize and admit that they were nazis when younger before "having his egg crack" and discovering that he was actually a woman all along. So trans women are the ones using alt right tactics (because they still freely support fascism, they just think they should be in charge) in order to masquerade as an oppressed minority.

>Reminder that it was GCs that championed and supported white supremacists while also gaining support from conservative special interest groups, most of whom seek to reset women's rights back to the gender traditional era of the 1950's.

Literally no evidence to support this. One thing that genderists commonly get wrong about radical feminism is that you have to believe a list of things to be a radical feminist. This is not gate keeping, but instead is a simple definition. A religious women claiming to be a radical feminist is like a horse claiming to be a zebra. they may look artificially similar to the untrained eye, but are easily identified to anyone who knows anything. Radfems don't believe that gender is innate, don't believe in religion, and certainly don't want to return to an era where a man could rape his wife without consequence.

>Reminder that it was the GCs that champion the voice of serial rapists of women like Lily Cade, because her hate is more useful to their brand of fascism than keeping up the pretense of protecting women from sexual violence.

"According to a unverified Wikileaks article in November 2017, Lily also admitted to sexual assault with an apology that included “I feel ashamed now, I thought that that girls went along with me because they enjoyed it, but they did it because they felt like they couldn’t say no”. The apology finished with a footnote pointing towards a Lily Cade email noting to get in touch “if you have been harmed by me and wanted to talk about it”." Lily Cade is a pornographic lesbian actress who has full stop said she will not be having sex with men, including trans women. When she came out in public and said this, rumors abounded that other actresses who had slept with Cade had not done so out of their own free will, but instead had felt pressured by the industry, the need for money, and the multiple cameras. Compare this to the Chris-chan raping his mother incident where multiple Trans Rights Supporters came forward to say that misgendering Chris-Chan is as bad as him raping his elderly mother who is dying of dementia. The TRA community has a long history of supporting, hiding, and abetting rapists and pedophiles. The most commonly used tool to identify non compliant women on Tumblr was created by an actual pedophile. Furthermore, trans women Amiee Chandler was promoted to super moderater on reddit despite having a history of aiding a pedophile to rape and torture a young girl in his house and being married to a pedophile who draws child porn and writes erotic stories about children he sees in real life.

>Reminder that it was GCs who were pushing for laws to compel schools to single out kids suspected of being trans, and subject them to forced genital inspection. Yes, systemic child sexual abuse.

If this is referring to the bill in America that requires teachers to tell parents when their child is gay or trans, it got defeated and was also championed by and created solely by Republicans, who are anti-feminist in general and extremely anti-radfem.
If this is referring to the law that would requires trans girls to play on the boys teams and to use the boys bathrooms, then the law does not give permission for random people to look at children's genitals, it requires a birth certificate. Or, if the birth certificate has been changed, it requires a doctor's note that the child in question has male or female genitals.

Anonymous 124856

lia swimmer.png

Anonymous 124876

It starts with them not fitting in at school, probably because of autism or asperger's. They spend all of their time at home on the computer or playing video games. When they get to college, all of the forced socialization majors are out eg nursing, medical, psychology, teaching, ect. They think hmm I've replaced the memory in my computer or I've helped mom with her computer - I should major in computer stuff. The lazy dumb ones flunk out. A lot of programming is puzzle solving, finding the right combination of bs to make it work and autists love puzzles. When they get to the job, they'll spend a lot of time in meetings but it's with fellow autists. Diversity, inclusion, and equity are forced on everyone but they accept it because they're leftists in leftist cities. So when you see a tranny harassing a woman you can't say anything because you'll be accused of being a bigot transphobe and the company does not want to be associated with bigots. Management tolerates their bullshit because there's too many to police, some are too skilled to lose, and tolerance of their weird shit can become a job perk. Even my shit non big tech job let it be known in our diversity seminars, repeatedly misgendering someone is a fireable offense.

Anonymous 124910

Screen Shot 2022-0…

TIM is mad that women aren't interested in makeup videos anymore

Anonymous 124913

A lot of male-dominated communities produce a high proportion of AGP trannies such as computer science, the military, and gaming communities like e-sports and speedrunning. I'm aware a lot of those places attract/produce mentally ill men in general but I also feel like being in such heavily male-dominated communities has something to do with it.

Anonymous 124918

I think that part of it has to do with how much pornography is associated with the internet, especially internet spaces that nerds frequent. After all, most of the early commercial internet users were tech nerds.

>Diversity, inclusion, and equity are forced on everyone but they accept it because they're leftists in leftist cities
You mean liberals in liberal cities.

Anonymous 124920

I hate men so much its unreal


Death to all men

Death to everyone who thinks that failed men are women

Anonymous 124930

I saw a whole ass dude on 4chan with C cups because of a hormonal issue. His fake D cups don't mean jackshit lmao.

Anonymous 124935

Unironically autism. It’s that central link you get between AGP troons, furries, programmers, etc.

Anonymous 124936

>guys accusing every single woman of being a tranny, women don’t exist online, only trannies, pictures of attractive women are all traps and trannies if you can’t see their vaginas, etc.
that's just bog-standard misogyny

Anonymous 124943

ironic how instead of being happy women are moving away from performative femininity and the predatory beauty industry, he somehow made it all about himself and his fellow male troons

Anonymous 124952


Anonymous 124954

I get the humour in this but I find the imagery to grotesque to actually find it funny

Anonymous 124955

Lucky, not only did I not get the humor it just gave me AIDS and cancer

Anonymous 124957

disturbingly accurate

Anonymous 124958

I love these so much. I love how people are pretending to be “bio trans girls” on twitter now too.

Anonymous 124962

this will never be not funny

Anonymous 124969

If there was something other than performance to femininity then he wouldn't be happy, since all he can do is perform. If TiMs could just go out in jeans and a t-shirt with no makeup on then what would even be the point?

Anonymous 124970

I wish data on this was easier to come by. Obviously the makeup industry is concerned with buying trends but they don't care as much to document how many women are actually using makeup from year to year.

Double post, nb

Anonymous 124979

>high crossover with tumblrinaction
Huh I wonder why. I like scrolling the r/actuallylesbian subreddit as a bi woman I’m just happy to see a space for lesbians where they can talk about lesbian experiences without getting harassed. who would have thought that saying “I don’t like dick” would be controversial for a lesbian in gay communities

Anonymous 124999


>forced genital inspection
Oh my god Penis Inspection Day is real now?

Anonymous 125010

fellow HNW enjoyer, I see

Anonymous 125028



Anonymous 125029

whats hnw

Anonymous 125031

harsh noise wall

Anonymous 125062



Anonymous 125069


Fucking kek, god isn't on their side

Anonymous 125071

I used to think progressivenism would lead towards people caring less about shallow things. but essentially it's all been another episode of people having stockholm syndrome to extremely brutal standards and expectations for performativity, then beating into one another that it's only natural. like if you want to become a woman then you'd have to comply with already extremely strict standards.

I always related to MTFs because I am tall and big and strong for no real reason, like, I can curl 50 pounds with 0 training type shit–despite being born as a girl. It's shallow but I didn't know it until people ceaselessly shit on me over my body or how creepy I looked and, yes, it always annoyed me to see "people don't care!" when it's people that have gone out of their way to shit on my body.

I have horrible, cyst-ridden skin and crooked features and a jaw and teeth deformity. I am no model. I have spent 1000s of dollars and hours on trying to fix my looks to pretty much still struggle with not looking gruesome if I just step outside with no make-up on. I have gotten men shouting at me how ugly I look. I have cringed ceaselessly at "you're not ugly you're poor" apologists online.

I actually wish the tumblr-tier feminists had won and it became actually popular to be genuinely ugly. But nope. It just has become popular to be weird but almost completely conventional attractive.

Anonymous 125082

I relate to this so much it hurts, and while i hate myself to unimaginable degrees because of my looks i can't help feeling sorry for, and protective over people who go through similar stuff. I never actually got called ugly to my face by moids, maybe then id have killed myself as my mental health is fragile enough, looking at myself in the mirror causes me to breakdown and cry most times. I have spent a lot of time and effort on makeup, skin care products, doctors appointments, etc.. to look better but i guess the puberty train hit me too hard..i just want you to know that your looks don't define your femininity, you don't need to look dainty and fragile and cute to be feminine.
The worst looking, ugliest female will look times more desiresbke and feminine than any MtF botched up by hormones and surgery, because it's natural. There will always be an uncanny ugliness to the fake imagine troons present as, that you don't and won't ever have to worry about as a biological female.
I wish i had advice to give you regarding dysphoria with one's physical appearance, but all i can offer is the assertion that by just being YOU, as flawed and imperfect as you think you are, you're already created with more than enough to make troons seethe and rage, and they wish I'll upon you. They don't side with you, they cannot possibly understand your problems and empathize with you and fight for s common cause with you, because we're so different from them on all levels. There are enough anatomical traits that will always set us apart from them, and that drives them mad. Don't feel bad for them, don't buy into their "mental illness" bullshit, it's more than a mental illness it's a sickness, they're sick with jealously that they can't conquer femininity and claim it as their own. This need to conquer all and tarnish it if one must, just in order to call it "mine" is the one trait that moids has historically been crippled with beyond everything else, and ironically enough, because of this, try as they may, they'll never"pass", they'll never be "real women"
Don't feel bad for them

Anonymous 125084

I’m also a tall and stronger than normal woman and it seriously sucks so much how often it feels like people are doing double takes as to make sure whether I’m cis or not, like maybe just lately in recent years because it had never happened before. My boyfriend says it’s just paranoia but I don’t know. It just feels like today people are exposed to troons so often online that more and more people in America are way too paranoid about a less-than-perfect woman being potentially not “real” despite being as natural as it gets..

it always confused me so much as to why people are like this in America, maybe it’s not more widespread now but in rural Eastern Europe where I grew up being a tougher and stronger woman meant I was respected and valued for it, here in America it feels like you’re instead bullied for being capable-while-female… but again maybe more so than ever because of fear of Troons being more widespread now than before

Anonymous 125086

I've gotten mistaken for a troon several times, namely because of my voice. I have a deeper than average voice and I'm also taller/stronger built then the average woman. I use to get offended but I realized it's just society is so confused right now that a woman who has a strong athletic build is somehow the same as a lanky ugly dude with a wig on.

The fucked up part of this story is I was assaulted by a troon friend of mine when I was younger. This was when I was deep into my TRA phase and was out with a few friends at a club. He was the "girlfriend" of one of my other friends and he was always very visibly jealous of females around him. Probably just because he couldn't sleep with them I'm sure now that I know better. He followed me into the bathroom and felt me up, saying he wished he could have real curves and tits. It was gross. I told his girlfriend about it and she just laughed it off saying that's just what "girls" do. I peaked immediately after that and never hung out with their crowd again. Now when I get asked if I'm an "mtf" I just scoff and walk away. Obviously it's just someone trying to make me feel insecure and I'm just over feeling wrecked about my physical appearance.

Anonymous 125089

Idk, I don't think I feel so protective of them, it's more a sense of disappointment as it's so indicative of deeper issues with society and what people value. We're talking about a class of people that are supposedly trying to go against the status quo…that actually are 100% conforming to it out of desperation–it looks like a bundle of people signing up to be apart of a clown train that promises relief to anyone that hops on but rarely actually fixes anything in its very core.

When people want to transition to being a female I doubt they envision being the average woman. Middle aged. Often fat. Often not even very feminine by conventional standards.

As for me, idk, like…I hear stories from certain transitioners that claim feeling more taken care of after transitioning, of which I can't relate to at all. Like. Every single male in passing has treated me like a ghost. Only women have ever seemingly humanized me as my hulking, unfeminine self.

Anonymous 125114

Reminder that troons have nothing to do with you. Those standards apply only to females, and if they suffer with it it's because they decided they have to conform to them even though no one asked them to. A 6ft wide-jawed troon could live a completely normal life as a man and no one would shit on him for how he looks.
They want you to relate to them because they want to weaponize your empathy, but they have nothing to do with women who don't look conventionally "feminine".

Anonymous 125127

>I wish i had advice to give you regarding dysphoria with one's physical appearance, but all i can offer is the assertion that by just being YOU, as flawed and imperfect as you think you are, you're already created with more than enough to make troons seethe and rage
could you make it any more clear that you're using trannies as a punching bag to alleviate your own insecurities?

Anonymous 125129

>Using troons as a punching bag to soothe your own insecurities.
Men aren't women because they say so. That's insanity. Women can enjoy the fact that men seethe over not being the object they fetishise. Cope, seethe, and dilate.

Anonymous 125130

Looking at a poor person and feeling grateful is what anons doing, actually.

Anonymous 125131

Implying there's something wrong with that…
But after all, they're a trivial aspect of my life, if anything i have met only a couple of them in my life and i don't think about them enough to make it enough of an issue in my life. For all the years ive been on CC this is the first time i reply to a terf thread and the reason why is right there

Anonymous 125133

This doesn't cover the troons that are "effeminate" as much as moid can be before trooning out. Yes it doesn't apply to grog the 6 foot sharp-jawed caveman but those aren't the only troons and effeminate men get shit on too.
>by other men!
We are all aware yes.

Anonymous 125134

i don't even disagree but putting down others explicitly to make yourself feel better is one of the biggest fuels of the worst racism, misogyny, and other discrimination. The entire second half of that post is just so "us vs them" trying to demonize as much as possible to externalize her issues, it's fucked in the head to live your life like that IMO and people I've met like that (racist moids who feel the need to let everyone know) has been a miserable person as far as i could tell. fix your shit instead of bashing the flavor of the month mentally ill media circus clowns

Anonymous 125135

Men aren’t people much less women.

Anonymous 125150


But, anon.. "people" are either male or female. That sense don't make sense dawg

Anonymous 125152

I don't see what "effeminate" troons have to do with what I said. Even the most "effeminate" troon will be more masculine than a woman, by definition. I was responding to anon saying she relates to troons because they don't fit the ideal of femininity. I was saying their situation is completely different, since no one ever expects a male to fit ideals of femininity, and if they choose to comply to those they are doing it to themselves.
Obvious effeminate men get shit on for not fitting ideals of masculinity, but that's not our problem.

Anonymous 125154

You're acting awfully high and mighty for someone defending the status quo. Troons are not only circus clowns, they are harmful liars who affect our lives negatively. I would like to not give a shit about them, but they insist on invading our spaces, raping, normalizing pedophilia, dehumanizing us, policing our language, mutilating minors, destroying our sports, destroying our image and spreading disinformation about our biological bodies. We have all the right to hate them.

Anonymous 125160


The least they deserve if you ask me

Anonymous 125162

I've seen like 2 trannies my entire life. I hope you find inner peace, it'll be a lot better for you than whatever this is

Anonymous 125163

>I don't see what "effeminate" troons have to do with what I said.
Because like women who don't fit women's ideals, they don't fit men's ideals and are thus alienated from their masculinity. It is absolutely a source of trooning out for many of them. It's not 'completely different' given it is also the same for many ftm. Their natural state isn't enough to be considered a real man. However, they need to accept that they are still a man and that's fine.

Anonymous 125164

Good for you. I hope you keep your "inner peace" when your children receive gender-affirmation treatment at school without your consent and you're sent to court for mistreatment if you don't respect their pronouns.
>inb4 this never happened

Anonymous 125165


Go back to 4chan /lgbt/ disgusting trannoid

Anonymous 125173

>Nooo you can't say a man isn't a woman just because he says so. Noo.
That's literally what you're saying. You think we say men aren't women because we're pressed, no, we say it because we aren't retarded.

Anonymous 125174

If they didn't cape for rapists and the destructions of womens awards, language, and rights as a whole, I wouldn't care. Only men think their desires > reality.

Anonymous 125175

My novel's best friend is gay and is pretty eccentric. But he hangs out with a lot of wokies. Lately they've been telling him that he's an egg. Please nonas don't let another twink troon out.

Anonymous 125176


Anonymous 125177

I make industrial/power electronics. But yeah its flooded with trannies

Anonymous 125202

ily nona, must be hard working in such a deeply misogynistic scene getting worse with trannies oversexualizing their gross bodies under the guise of "female sexuality"

Anonymous 125226

is "sex grease" just lube or some specific tranny horror?

Anonymous 125286

My gay best friend started hanging out with woke straight women once he came out of the closet and they turned him into a drag queen. Would be pretty funny if they knew about his old very political incorrect opinions.

Anonymous 125395

my marxist pan moid friend wore nail polish other day. he has never been gnc but the sudden change makes me worry that he's gonna troon out what should i do

Anonymous 125478

i don't know if this applies to anyone else that has been in contact with troons, but every man that I've known that ever trooned out was INCREDIBLY misogynistic prior.

I know it's probably a case of "they hate women cause they're jealous"
but one specific person i knew was physically and emotionally abusive to their girlfriend, she broke up with him, our friend group found out what had been going on and ostracized him for being an abuser.

But he decided to pull the "muh transphobia" card. Part of me wonders if he trooned out just to escape accountability.

I genuinely cannot fathom how someone goes from being super racist and misogynistic to being the complete opposite in the span of months, autogyn freaks really are something else..

Anonymous 125483

I also forgot to mention that one of my highschool friends trooned out as well before this. They were also super homophobic and hated women but decided to switch up one day and never apologised or recognised any of their shitty behaviour towards me.

Now they're just ugly, smelly and tried to assault me when i had to sleep at a friend's place after a party and they walked into my room and just laid on top of me while i was trying to sleep. He asked me "if i minded."

I genuinely wanted to punch him out. Why are all of them so fucking creepy and not self-aware in the slightest?

Anonymous 125514


Anonymous 125518

>just go fight!
yeah totally go fight in a war, walk in the park man!

Anonymous 125520

Am I correct in assuming this is a troon willing to go fight in Ukraine? I wonder what's going on in his head.

Anonymous 125526

university is a fucking joke tbh. i took a class last semester called “gender and women’s studies” and the teacher wouldn’t even say “radical feminism,” except for when her and the TIF teacher’s assistant started talking about TERFs. some dude whose part of the student government association came to one of my classes to talk about all of the changes they’re making and said this: “you may have noticed we have put menstrual products in some of the restrooms for our female-identified students.” shit makes zero sense. i don’t “identify” as female, neither do TIFs, and wtf is a TIM going to do with a tampon?? if i hear “female-identified” one more time i’m going to lose my fucking mind! we covered gender identity in my anthropology class, but we didn’t discuss it in class, unlike all of the other subjects. my mother died in prison and i told the professor about this at the beginning of the year because it was recent and she asked if it would be triggering for us to discuss prison abolition in class, but i didn’t mind, i actually was looking forward to talking about it. so i guess that’s what happened with the gender shit, since there was two TIMs in that class. there was also a bisexual girl in the class, i think she’s autistic. i feel like that’s kinda relevant. she cut her hair during winter break and started showing up to the improv club meetings that i go to. the club’s president asked her what her pronouns are and she said he/him…it’s just absurd.

Anonymous 125550


Anonymous 125551


Anonymous 125553

trans arent women so they should be banned from a female only website
see rule 7

Anonymous 125556

if true I hope a big strong masculine russian takes him out, or one of those iskanders

Anonymous 125562

what the fuck

Anonymous 125563

yes newfriend if you see someone admit to being a tranny or imply the same report and move on (not sure about ftm?)

if dr.guessthelastname decides to trans my kid, i'll blame the tras but I'll also blame foaming at the mouth terfs who talk like all trannies exist only to rape etc instead of putting forth common sense rhetorical propositions that are guaranteed to appeal to the overwhelming majority, like how about a movement pushing specifically for parental autonomy over an experimental medical treatment being done on kids? No, instead it needs to be about banning everything for everyone and being as extremely anti-tranny as humanly possible. We could've required castration or at least blocked testosterone or a clean criminal record to access a bathroom and instead we get nothing. Let me know how acting like a caricature helps us in any way because i don't see it. I see it actively hurting us.

The elite and much of the youth is pro-trans, if you care at all about policy results you need some tact. Posters like >>125154 aren't helping by seething about absolutely everything related to trannies instead of appealing to the middle ground, which is 95% normal straight people who are looking for basically any proposal that slows down tras without making them look bigoted, which inexplicably is the one thing our activism has completely failed to do. JKR has the right idea, look how many normies supported her blog post which stayed away from hatred and instead asked basic questions like "why is a biological male who isn't undergoing any medical treatment allowed in the women's bathroom?"

Anonymous 125577

most likely will be taken out by ukrainian militia lmfao

Anonymous 125590

Troon at my university jokes about "having a way to stop himself from being horny" and posts pictures of his estrogen prescription. Brings up "submissive and breedable" meme and other autistic shit randomly in conversations. Video game/internet addict of course. Talks about his "female" experience "as a girl" etc. like he's speaking for all women. What you would expect from your average modern day tranny, I guess.

This wouldn't have bothered me 3 years ago but now I cringe so hard every time someone calls this guy "she" or any other female term. Everyone just accepts this guy publicly parodying what he sees as "women" and acts like he's part of our group. This all happened online too, so if he wasn't so obnoxious about it people might actually see his behavior and think "this is what a woman might act like".

I wish we could go back to the times where we didn't have to play along with the mental illnesses of every crossdresser you come across.

Anonymous 125630


Anonymous 125631


Anonymous 125851

A friend told me they did the same for the male restrooms at Emory a few months ago.

Anonymous 125857

Why didn't he just stay a male?? I can identify with this as a female even!!! But I would never transition for anything.

How am I supposed to think??

I am not transgender but my brain is 95% male and it infinitely confused me and got me a ton hate initially. I literally know NOBODY like me. The result is I'm very detached from people, don't do emotions much, i 'live like an aeries'

Now I don't talk to my family or anyone, they don't either..(my family are all so detached from each other) I live kind of on the edge but I don't know how else to live. Living on the edge also delivered everything that feels so completely right.

So I'm asking .. what am I suppose to think? Of a guy like that who transitions into a female?

My work on my things is the only thing that brings me true inner peace, like nothing else can. I am also exhausted but I wouldn't change a thing about who I am for anything. At the same time it feels so infinitely right.

But yeah like I said I'm exhausted sometime. What am I supposed to think of a guy like that. Why????

Anonymous 125972

my libfem friend has been sending me ''we should call terfs farts'' memes. it's so frustrating to not being able to say what i actually think

Anonymous 125973

why are you friends with her?

Anonymous 125985

What happens if you will?

Anonymous 125990

Why would you choose to be friends with someone so unfunny? I wouldn’t even care if we were lifelong childhood friends, I would ditch her ass.

Anonymous 125991

One of my old friends posts shit like "if you don't respect my pronouns yours will be were/was". Those are not even pronouns?

Anonymous 125995


if you go to this tweet and look at the comments and quote tweets it's all seething troon males
it's hilarious, they're basically unintentionally admitting the fact that having xy chromosomes makes them male and biologically different from women

Anonymous 125997

Why are women like this though, my God they're seedy dumb fucks too, when they're like this… Ignoring everything bad to protect a shitstain that sends your life hurdling into an abyss.

Anonymous 126001

Probably because the women who weren't like that didn't reproduce and therefore they no longer exist

Anonymous 126012

There's no shame in being different from the average person. Theres no shame in being a woman with high testosterone if thats who you want to be, and there's no shame in seeking medical help to block that testosterone if thats what you want to do

Anonymous 126014

There are plenty of mothers with an ultra low tolerance for bs from their husband.

Anonymous 126016

Lots of women throughout history have hated men but still had children. Either they only liked the sex or they got raped.

Anonymous 126019

Someone should tell her before she gets even more fucked. I doubt she has fuck you money like Rowling does.

Anonymous 126077


who do you think will kill him first, an azov bro or sasha from vladivostok?

Anonymous 126084


lol, lmao

Anonymous 126085


Anonymous 126087

>going into combat wearing short shorts and thigh high socks

Anonymous 126088


Anonymous 126089


Anonymous 126090

why are people like this? can't people just let parents do what they think is best without micromanaging them?

Anonymous 126091


>why are people like this? can't people just let parents do what they think is best without micromanaging them?

Anonymous 126092

Trannies get the rope

Anonymous 126099

maybe you can find it in here https://iconicterfposts.tumblr.com/archive

Anonymous 126104

>outdated moidosophy
no thanks

Anonymous 126105

That isn't a philosophy book as much as a history/sociology book.

Anonymous 126123


does anyone here feel this way? an ftm drew it and know a non-zero # of terfs are into this

Anonymous 126125



Anonymous 126126

>are into this
the peeing inside part or what?

Anonymous 126152

Trans sex or rape fantasies. Forget the piss i think the ftm is just inserting her own perversion in that case

Anonymous 126173

I fucking hate this type of rhetoric. I've heard it about anti-bdsm activism also.
"I bet the feminists arguing against us are secretly attracted to us, and jerking it to our rational masculine superiority!"

Anonymous 126180


>if dr.guessthelastname decides to trans my kid, i'll blame the tras but I'll also blame foaming at the mouth terfs
Rule number one of misogyny, women are responsible for every action a male takes.

Anonymous 126181

Lol, exactly. Seems awfully convenient that a woman can't fear and fight against something without wanting to be fucked by it. Does that mean the vast majority of people want to be fucked by darkness, heights, or clowns? They literally cannot imagine a world where them and their thoughts are not the center of it.

Anonymous 126186

troons are by far the most retarded group in society. Even downs syndrome people look less retarded than the average troon. When you see them walking around irl it's just so laughable, mincing around in outdated cheap shitty clothes that don't fit them properly with their 5o'clock shadow, badly applied makeup and dangerhair with a receding hairline.

Anonymous 126200

You are very obviously a poltard trying to get radical feminists to take some sort of responsibility over pornsick misogynists trooning out.
It must be tough being an internet incel and discovering that troons are your ilk, instead of being victims of those evul ugly problem glasses feminazis.

Anonymous 126201

great post

Anonymous 126202


It's because men view the world through their sexualities primarily, and since they are extremely low-empathy they can't imagine women thinking any other way.

I have seen countless posts of trannies hating terfs and wanting to rape them/be raped by them. They think we are the same coombrained chimps as they are.

Anonymous 126204


Anonymous 126206

weirdly enough he's not wrong

Anonymous 126209

>nooo you can't hold me responsible for turning anti-trans activism into a club for losers trying to avoid problems in their own lives by obsessing over something else
/pol/moids are just as guilty of this btw, but they were always hopeless. some of us actually want to make the world a better place. More JKR, less bitter hikki with 3 cats

Anonymous 126227

While personally I accept money isn't real and ignore it for the most part (great tactic for life, I assure you) I would say most women I know are singularly led by money themselves, more so than men who can be wholly distracted by their position in the imaginary hierarchy in other men's minds, who use money, sex, social capital to get there. This even applies to the nicest Nigels that we wouldn't think could be so contrived or feel such self-imposed pressure.

I just don't see women being "distracted" by those same things at all, they mostly just want to avoid social shaming or punishment so they go through the motions to make money since that equals safety for a lot of women and their families. For men it really is different (and regressive by nature.)

Anonymous 126232


AHHH i've been trying to figure out whether or not this guy whose part of the improv troupe i'm in is a troon since he started showing up, and i finally figured it out on monday.

>female name, but the type of name that men who watch anime choose for themselves when they come out, unless it's the name of a crunchy mom's daughter

>man boobs
>just started hrt sounding voice that could just indicate that he's gay
>kinda long hair but other than that, zero effort to look like a "woman" (ugly jeans and a tee shirt, no makeup)

then people started to refer to him as "she" in one of the games, but like, you can play a character whose sex is the opposite of your own. nothing wrong with that! then they continued to use she/her pronouns when the scene was over and like…what the fuck happened? does anyone else think that the trump administration played a role in normalizing this gender shit? is the government putting some sort of chemicals in the water? is it related to capitalism? what happened? pretty sure i've posted about this on here before but private university is fucking insane. this is just one example, but i could come up with three others that happened in the past week alone. i hope the women who are down with the gender shit wake the fuck up and grown out of it. the men though…they can die, i don't really care.

Anonymous 126238

look at the size of their hands and shoulders. look at whether their back is completely straight (men) or curved (women).

Anonymous 126240

i work in a pretty liberal area (in USA) in a pretty conservative industry and everyone respects the office TIMs pronouns. basically it's the law so everyone complies. i avoid gendering him as much as possible and use they/them when i must, but it's still technically compliance since his stated pronouns are she/they. he even got invited to the female-only slack channel

is it over?

Anonymous 126242

males have bigger brain volume than females and when men take female hormones their brain volume shrinks


Anonymous 126247

It was a joke lol.

Anonymous 126249


no i mean, like, i was trying to decipher whether he was a man or a TIM. i can almost always easily tell that a male wearing a woman costume is a man, except for the kim petras type trannies who look/sound female. even kim doesn’t pass like he used to, check out picrel…yikes. after hearing the female name over and over again i did start to question if he was actually just an extremely masculine woman. that’s really all that the trans movement is, poorly disguised gaslighting. unless they started their transition as young as someone like kim did, they’re never going to pass. it’s so pathetic that they still bother to spend up to hundreds of thousands of dollars on looking like what they think we look like only to end up looking like a deranged porn addict. okay i’m rambling now but yeah.

Anonymous 126252

kim never passed, it was angles

Anonymous 126262

this made me want to hurl bc it was too real.
so many handmaidens serving their they/them moids on hand and foot, even now

thank god i'm lesbian

Anonymous 126264

I hope you realize brain volume does not equal intelligence. Otherwise, whales would be the most intelligent creatures on earth.

Anonymous 126269

there's nothing wrong with being a woman with high testosterone

Anonymous 126289

Anonymous 126297

Maybe whales are the most intelligent creatures on Earth because they're fucking majestic and live in harmony with nature.

Anonymous 126301

same definitely cant be said about m*les lmao

Anonymous 126368

There is health-wise, no?

Anonymous 126373

born in the wrong …

Trans people just straight up tell the truth and then don't realize they've parroted what rad fems have been saying all these years.

Anonymous 126374

cosmetic facial fi…

One more reason to be anti-cosmetic surgery, it fucks with your ability to get vaccines. I wonder if any other vaccines do this.

Anonymous 126378


I've been getting into arguments with trannies on twitter whenever they spew some asinine BS about something that clearly undermines women and not once have any of them even attempted to put themselves in the place of cis women. In their minds they superimpose on womanhood and that's the end of it. Literally moid behavior. And all their passive aggressive little points can only be called mansplaining.

I really need to lay off twitter for a while

Anonymous 126379

At least she can find inner peace, unlike troons who will never be at peace with reality and their bodies.

Anonymous 126380

toxic interferes with toxic. No vaccine has ever done this.

Anonymous 126381

He's gonna 41% in a bit anyways. Might as well die in a war and make his death mean something important.

Anonymous 126395

It's so funny how every troon in the wild fits the stereotype of being a tone-deaf misogynistic testerical mess.
Random sample from Tik Tok 1:
>troon talks about the first sign he was a troon, it's interrupting a woman complaining about boob problems by saying "i wish i had boobs"
>comments are full of men saying "when wished i could be a lesbian"
>aidens talking about self-inserting in yaoi

Random sample 2:
>trucker troon makes dramatic video crying asking for funds for essential things, lots of tears
>the essential thing is laser hair removal
>but he really hates having to ask you for this uwu

I can't be arsed to go back and find these things again for caps, but literally they're all like this. Parodies of themselves.

This shit was hilarious, one of the quote rts was seriously arguing that Y chromosomes are a myth. They're really telling on themselves by losing their shit over a book like this, only moids would ever react this way.

Anonymous 126418

>waaah evil TERF afabs don’t bend over themselves to include me t.TIM
>conveniently ignores TIFs

Anonymous 126451


I'll forever be stuck on the irony of Twitter troons soapboxing about how important it is to "no-platform terfs" then being unable to resist quote retweeting JKR to try and dunk on her every time she says anything at all. It's unhinged and probably has contributed to at least some normies' peakings by now I'd guess

Anonymous 126455

Here you go, totally-not-tranny miner invading a female space. I should be entitled to financial compensation for being forced to long in to that godforsaken app and dig this shit up.

If you don't understand how a male crying and begging for money for laser hair removal and calling it a necessity is misogynistic then you're too far gone and I have no helpful suggestions for your condition. My condolences.
Also apparently you don't consider straight men saying they are "lesbians on the inside" and requiring lesbians to accept them in their spaces as misogynistic.

Anonymous 126469


Anonymous 126507

And instead of protecting stores from theft, we should just make people stop stealing! What a dumb fucking argument, lmao

Anonymous 126509

Except stealing can happen for vastly different reasons, unlike sexual harassment and rape.

Anonymous 126512

We will have to eradicate at least 90% of males if that were to actually happen.

Anonymous 126514


I wonder what compels troon handmaidens to come to this site, and this thread in particular. Mysteries of life.

Anonymous 126516

This is confirmed bait, I can't find the source right now but I saw a post of him saying that's an old picture and he's not going anywhere

Anonymous 126517

Handmaidens don’t give a shit if they can’t get brownie points, which is difficult here. It’s 99% trannies inviting themselves. They sure love doing that, both online and irl, eternally coping as long as a single woman exists who won’t validate them.

Anonymous 126519

Theres more than one reason rape can happen and I don't see why that is relevant anyway

>sexual lust

>desire for power over others
>as a part of a genocide
>political terrorism

Anonymous 126545

Is it me, or seemingly a lot of women that are popular in social media (i.e., left-tube) identifying as nonbinary/they? It seems…weird to me. They often come across as otherwise quite normal, or rather average white women or something like that. I usually notice such a demographic tends to get a ton of flack in such circles as well, with people for some reason often enthusiastically wishing for the downfall of them, etc.

I wonder why they do that (besides wanting to be a unicorn or something).

Anonymous 126548

Because they are not a boring and stupid cis
They are queeeeer

Anonymous 126552

Good meme. Hunter is a deranged misogynist.

Anonymous 126566

In my opinion I always thought part of it at least was that they ID that way because they think they can avoid sexist criticism and misogny, while also giving themselves a bit more ability to be able to comment on certain topics. But, as you can see, people understand sex and will still be able to single people out in this way…I don't see as many they/them males with this much enthusiastic criticism.

I am in a hobby and I have noticed many females who otherwise seem like a regular ass girl also identifying as nonbinary they/thems for no apparent reason.

Anonymous 126570

exactly, it's just a pathetic desire to be viewed as 'cool' and NLOG. I think it'll die down in a few years time when too many people ID as nonbinary and the club doesn't seem so 'cool' and 'exclusive' any more. Probably also social pressure to not be seen as tRanSpHoBiC so they ID as something non-committal.

Anonymous 126571


cult moment

Anonymous 126572

Yeah, I got that vibe too. It seems like more of a coping mechanism than anything and reeks of girls trying to get away from sexism.

Anonymous 126573

but if you are trans you are supposedly born trans…are they saying being trans is just a fad?

Anonymous 126575

>or rather average white women
That is the reason. Being an average white woman is one of the worst crimes in those circles, maybe only second to being an average white man (although they can get away with this by seething sufficiently about white women like Vaush).
They're trying to de-identify themselves with a position of "privilege" so they're allowed to express their thoughts freely.

Anonymous 126576


Am I the only one who's friends all trooned out? I used to be in a friend circle of nerdy lesbian and bisexual girls and we were all into art. Little by little they all troon out over the years. I used to be a truscum back in the day, as that's what you'd call people that believe in "true and fake troons" argument. It was just what made most sense to me back then. But seeing how insane each and single one of them got made me terf out real hard. By insane I mean crazy fetichistic and sadistic behaviors I'd usually see moids performing (maybe those women want to be moids so hard they start acting like pieces of shit?) It's sort of funny how TiFs are the ones that pushed me into becoming gender critical and not the TiMs (I discovered about the TiMs degenereates later on once I started doing more search on troons and needless to say it all just confirmed it even more in my head that gender is a bunch of stupid mysogynistic bullshit).

Anonymous 126577

Welcome to the social contagion aspect of gender dysphoria.

Anonymous 126585

The exact same thing happened to me. I used to know nerd girls, girls with autism, lesbians, bisexuals, and tomboys and now I know hoards and hoards of themlets. TiFs have affected my life more than TiMs by dragging almost every slightly gnc woman I know into their cult. It makes me sad, for them and for women in general.

Anonymous 126590


Kek, I wonder what the lesbians turned nonbinary would think if women they were into started saying "oh, no, I'm into women only". Wonder if they'd be considered bigots.

Anonymous 126591

Yes… wouldn’t want to be an average white Karen in front of all your super progressive genderspecial friends!!1!

Anonymous 126592

They would, of course, since they have redefined "lesbian" to mean "non-man attracted to non-men".

Anonymous 126593

It's surprising how much they ignore how much misogynists have infiltrated them.

Anonymous 126595

Breadtube and all that shit is extremely misogynistic, not surprised they would feel like shit for being female and try to escape it. These days I don't feel comfortable in any leftist space as a woman.

Anonymous 126596

>lesbian = non-man loving non-man
>my connection to the lesbian community doesn’t disappear just because Im not a woman
> enbie lesbians are a thing

Anonymous 126598

they are subconsciously admitting that they are not in the same category as transwomen. if contra is a woman then they must be something else kek

Anonymous 126625


>lesbian = non-man attracted to non-men

Anonymous 126640

You forgot islam can be a cultural factor in some situations.

Rape of infidel women is part of Islamic law and Islamic tradition. Source: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/11/islam_rape_and_the_fate_of_western_women.html

I study and find all religions interesting to some level. But this one simply shocked me. I thought it was just an exaggeration.

Anonymous 126657

What is modern mainstream leftism but a huge phallic cult? Really, is there anything they fight for that doesn't boil down to worshiping dick?

Anonymous 126672

I find it so repugnant to see women calling a tranny feminine, when he has large shoulders, taller than the average female, a weird gut, the waist of a fridge, plastic boobs and so on. But because one day he decided ''im a girl now'' everyone is fine with that?
Sometimes I feel like i'm the wrong one for thinking these things aren't right, i'm sorry but i'll never see an obvious guy with male charateristics as female just because he's using a tight dress and makeup.

Also why do these trannies thing they have a place to talk about feminism and what women go throught? You were born with a cock, lived your early years as a boy and yet you think you have more authority than women to talk about sex-related issues?

I read so many comments that cis people will never understand what trans people go throught. You bet I won't because i'm not fucking retarded to mess up with my body and mind like that, I wish these people would shut up. We are in the current year and people think it's ok to inject the opposite sex hormones and mutilate their body???

Thanks for reading my blog

Anonymous 126693


i have a similar condition, i simply have a harder time hearing lower pitched frequencies, this oddly puts a smile to my face

Anonymous 126698

Imagine attesting to being a real woman and not getting the morbid humor involved in this situation and demanding women to just stop finding it funny.

Anonymous 126699

tbh I think defining femininity by looks/a petite body alone like that is a bad idea.

Anonymous 126702

>physically can't hear men
God I wish that were me.

Anonymous 126715

>But seeing how insane each and single one of them got made me terf out real hard. By insane I mean crazy fetichistic and sadistic behaviors I'd usually see moids performing
Testosterone turns people into perverted horny murderous rapists. Women should be banned from going on it, and all but a select few males chosen for reproductive purposes should be castrated and given low doses of female hormones to prevent osteoporosis.

Anonymous 126894


JK rowling being tt again.

Anonymous 126898

why do they all look like that?

Anonymous 126901


Source: dude just trust me

Anonymous 126903

god I really do not like trans people. every time I’m greeted with the knowledge that someone is trans, I roll my eyes and make a mental note to never interact with that person. they’re so insufferable and narcissistic and I refuse to deal with that. they end up looking like ugly caricatures of the sex they want to be and constantly whine for validation. and what is up with the non-binary shit? it has edgy middle schooler trying to be special energy. my best friend of five years “came out” as nb to me last year and I just bite my tongue around her whenever she starts talking about it. I have to completely zone out and politely nod my head because otherwise I might lose my shit. had to get that off my chest because nobody knows how I feel.

Anonymous 126907

I'm not saying they don't look similar, but you've gotta admit this one's Adam's apple is just hilariously massive.

Anonymous 126913

Screenshot (97).pn…

Anonymous 126915


Anonymous 126950

lol no

Anonymous 126951

it's because for men, identifying someone's sex isn't a life or death survival behavior

Anonymous 126952

to be fair, radblr and rad twitter don't pass the bechdel test most days. most online radfem communities do nothing but talk about males non-stop, it's exhausting.

Anonymous 126954


Seeing one of them traipsing around in your dream shoes in a size 11 and you can't have them because melissa doesnt make half sizes.
seething rn

Anonymous 126955


I've been seeing these creepy commercials about how trans kids just want to play sports and are being banned from playing (obviously not true, they simply have to play on the team for their sex instead of gender)
pic related is from the organization running the commercials
really creepy how on the partners and supporters page of their website it's all big corporations - mainly tech corps, banks, and insurances

Anonymous 126986


TRAs go 5 minutes without making false equivalences between themselves and actually marginalized groups challenge (failed) (impossible)

Anonymous 126988

This is also an incredibly disturbing pedo and cultish rhetoric. "Mother knows best", yes she does you fucking weirdos. At least compared to the pedophile in drag reading them stories about breast binding.

Anonymous 126989

i ghosted a girl i was friends with for a few years recently. i had done it a couple times before and said i wouldn’t do it again. i have a tendency to do this when i’m depressed but i just didn’t really want to be friends with her anymore. i feel bad about this but it was partially because she decided she’s non-binary. her parents are super homophobic and she wasn’t even allowed to have short hair or wear men’s clothing until she turned 18. she mostly agrees with my radical feminist beliefs (believes there’s such a thing as “ethical porn” tho), so ofc she isn’t a fan of gender roles. she disagreed with me when i said that non-binary essentially creates a new binary. says i just don’t understand gender, even though i thought i was trans when i was 13 and didn’t peak until a year ago. i use the name she prefers but she’s still upset because she doesn’t believe i actually see her as the gender she identifies as…and she’s right. i think that the best way to abolish gender is to refuse to conform rather than identify out of womanhood, but she thinks that it’s more effective to “dismantle the system from the inside” or some shit like that. she claims to be a communist though, so is it just me or is that method of gender abolition completely incompatible with communism? again, i do feel bad about ghosting her but i just don’t like hanging out with her anymore.

Anonymous 126997

what she's referring to is called gender accelerationism, and it's complicated. gender accelerationists think that you can destroy patriarchy by making it impossible to meaningfully identify someone. there are pros and cons to this approach to abolition but i personally don't see it going anywhere. i have seen in trans circles people genuinely starting to lose the capacity to identify sex, but whether that's something that can meaningfully spread out of small groups is unlikely. that being said, is dismantlement-based abolition any less of a pipe dream at this point?

Anonymous 126999

To add to this, gender accelerationists think that because the defined lines between sexes are technically socially-codified, that means we can fragment them out of existence. the thing is, that's also true of race, and nobody sane is suggesting we fragment race out of existence. can you imagine a culture with thousands of micro-races? widespread racial transition? the reason why it's come about that we do this with gender and not race is complicated and, imo, rooted in the existence of gay people. since the root of gender (at least in marxist theory) is division of reproductive labor, gay people are an eternal spanner in the works. if you have a certain percentage of people who are simply born with the drive to fulfill the "wrong" reproductive labor role, that inherently destabilizes gender, and it makes sense that we saw the trans community emerge from gay culture. there is no equivalent experience with race, so race is more stable.

Anonymous 127031

Maybe there's other stuff not being mentioned but it sounds like you two disagree on vocabulary more so than anything else. Does her non-conformity including pronouns make that much of a difference to you?

Anonymous 127033

Normies just could also go with the accelerationist flow if it becomes mainstream and identify as "y'know, average person" like they already do with describing their character, etc.

Anonymous 127038

They don't only disagree on vocabulary, they also disagree in fundamental principles. For her friend, being a woman means being some stereotype of a hyper femme Barbie Doll, and non-conforming means being anything other than a woman. For anon, it seems, "woman" is a category that accommodates non-conformity just fine.
Pronouns can also be a huge issue. No one wants their language policed. The pronoun crowd usually comes with other demands when it comes to language referring to hygiene products, biology, pregnancy, etc.

Anonymous 127046

>can you imagine a culture with thousands of micro-races?
Twitter posters are already doing this. Seeing how tumber pronouns broke into mainstream I don't see how this is different.

Anonymous 127053

>my marxist pan moid friend
what the FUCK

Anonymous 127057

I'm sorry anon but I laughed at your reaction

Anonymous 127063

So it seems to be common for people to have one event that peaked them, but are there any here for whom it was more gradual? In my case I was an extremely-online libfem type for most of my teenage years and unquestioningly supported trans people, because that's just what you were supposed to do and I didn't want to be a bad person. Then as I got older and actually started interacting with trans people more personally on a regular basis there was this point where I kind of just realized that all of this is completely ridiculous. No one person or interaction pushed me over the edge, I guess it was a "gentle" peaking in that sense but I've still never been able to go back to being okay with them. Sage for blogpost

Anonymous 127065

I never bought into gender ideology because it didn't make sense to me (gender identity seemed similar to the concept of a soul, which I don't believe in) but I used to ignore trans activists as "those dumb people from tumblr that don't matter".

However, I was proud of how liberal/left I was, so it threw me off whenever I heard TRA arguments - arguments from my side of the political spectrum - that seemed to be very blatant logical fallacies. "Trans women are women", for example. I tried to correct the wrongthink, assuming that there must be some context that I was missing that would help me to see that it actually made sense.

Nope. Instead of answers to my questions, I was surprised to learn that these people couldn't even define the term "gender".
I moved on, more skeptical of the whole thing than I was before. Now every time I noticed posts about it - knowing that I wasn't missing context, these people were really just that dumb - it made me more and more critical. I still acknowledged gender dysphoria as a mental illness (I do to this day), so I tried to keep my "live and let live" mindset.

But over time, these idiots wore me down enough that I actually started to get mad every time I had to hear about their dumb ideology. Gender dysphoria was declared "not a mental illness" even though it obviously is (it's a mental deviation from the norm that inherently causes distress) and compared to homosexuality. Nonbinaries, which everyone used to make fun of, suddenly had to be taken seriously. It felt like I was seeing the world go insane around me.

I'm a centrist now. My views of trans activists keep getting worse and worse, currently the driving influence is what they want to inflict upon children.

They really are their own worst enemies.

Anonymous 127092

mirin the adam's apple

Anonymous 127096

I would say mine was more gradual as well, although the one moment I had that first made me start questioning trans stuff seriously and made me consider maybe I don't actually truly support this stuff was my stance on plastic surgery/cosmetic procedures. From then on I questioned things more and more until I finally had to admit I didn't support this bullshit any more.

Anonymous 127097



Anonymous 127098

he actually looked decent before

Anonymous 127099

Wut he looks like a handsome hipster in the first pic, but maybe that's just a lucky shot. Terrible decision making to ruin a healthy body to look like a clownish manly caricature of a woman.

Also how very womanly to not be arsed to shave your beard kek

Anonymous 127101

Why do trannies always wear the ugliest lipstick. I swear I only ever see trannies with unflattering lipstick and it's always like black or purple or a ridiculous shade of red

Anonymous 127121


Reminder that trans women are not women.

Anonymous 127124

The term trans woman is confusing. I simply refer to them as men in dresses. Or men with long hair.

Anonymous 127125

Also this image is unfathomably based

Anonymous 127126


r/honesttransgender is an interesting place. i like that its existence tacitly confirms that trannies are being consciously dishonest elsewhere.

Anonymous 127127

This is coming from the thread where posters daily bemoan not being able to voice their thoughts in other places?

Anonymous 127128


>remember! our movement can only survive if we cover up the truth

Anonymous 127132


Anonymous 127133

that sub will get banned in the next reddit purge then

Anonymous 127135

u wot m8

Anonymous 127137

>rgb keyboard
yup that's a man

Anonymous 127138

why do they like showing off their medication so much? I've never seen anyone do this with antidepressants

Anonymous 127139

I have.

Anonymous 127140

Anonymous 127141

Why what? Why did they show of their meds? Mental health awareness types.

Anonymous 127142

>Why what?
… really…
>Why did they show of their meds?
>Mental health awareness

Anonymous 127143


The idiot in the cowboy hat wrote an article a day after this photo about how she supports transgender athletes. Imagine being so fucking spineless. Pathetic. She deserved to get 3rd place.

Anonymous 127144

She "supports trans rights" insofar as she needs to save her butt after appearing in a picture like that. I could bet she was flooded with "TERF" hate mail.
I wish female athletes would speak up and refuse to compete with these cheats, but they also have their own careers to protect.

Anonymous 127145


Oh my god, his adam’s apple is consuming his choker KEK.

Anonymous 127146

Hopefully that’s the case, her just saving face. I can’t imagine having such a lack of self respect.

Anonymous 127157


i've tried a few times to understand this one but i cannot.

Anonymous 127166

>i've tried a few times to understand this one but i cannot.
she wants her "dick" to look like the worse kind of surgery result.
she does not want to be a male, she wants to be specifically "trans-male", awful looking dick and all.

Anonymous 127170

>non-estrogenic (cis passing) penis

so you mean just….a penis?

Anonymous 127174

Because everything about their "identity" is about putting themselves in the spotlight. None of this is actually about bettering themselves or any sort of self improvement, they get their dopamine hit off the attention.

Anonymous 127195

>can you imagine a culture with thousands of micro-races
Yes, they are called “ethnicities”

Anonymous 127197

This, but the people who shill the most for gender stuff like to see the world in terms of White vs POC (as a monolith with little to no differences).
Interestingly, lefties who buy into gender stuff are very against "gender essentialism" but they are race essentialists. They believe gender (as a proxy for sex) is a social construct and has no basis in material reality but race (which is actually a social construct) is a hard biological truth.

Anonymous 127233


So I got a crush on a TiF irl and she has her top surgery scars… I feel so sad for her. Should I still give it a go and try to have something with her or should I completely pass the chance since there might be mental health issues I wouldn't be able to handle and I might be outed as a terf on the long run?

Anonymous 127235


> Or men with long hair.
Don't call them that. Men with long hair that aren't trannies are so much better.

Anonymous 127236

Sometimes I feel okay with being alone and then I see pictures like this and get sad again.

Anonymous 127237

all those pills and he still won't ever be a woman
oh there are people like this

Anonymous 127238

>should I sacrifice a potential relationship to be a better ideologue on the internet?
No. Trans men often resent trans women for "hogging the spotlight" anyway, so you should be good to be a massive hater regardless

Anonymous 127239

Wheh long hair on men is great. Such a waste when they troon out.

Anonymous 127241

Yeah, i've seen some of those pre transition pics.

Anonymous 127242

Crushes fade, but you'd have to put up with the mental illness until you got sick enough of it to leave.

Anonymous 127250


The more time passes the more I'm convinced that the vast majority if not all tifs are just autistic straight (sometimes bi) women that never grew out of their middle school fujoshi phase

Anonymous 127252

This art has a disgusting flair to it. A lot of TiF art does. Why is that?

Anonymous 127253

Because you're ideologically pre-bent to dislike TiFs and thus the things TiFs produce.

Anonymous 127256

NTA but I don't give a fuck about mentally ill women cutting off their breasts and I still find it incredibly offputting. It's just ugly art.

Anonymous 127257

It depends. Some of my favorite artists that I follow on twitter are ftms and female enbies. But that isn't the norm, a ton of tifs definitely do have the like "feral rat goblin core" or whatever vibe to their art and it is off putting imo. I'd say the image in the post you're replying to falls under that category

Anonymous 127258

Old school tumblr and the social circles derived from it (including TIFs) reward the portrayal of "ugly features" with immense back-patting. Especially leg hair, stretch marks and cellulite. This is because they cannot fathom that people creating aesthetically pleasing art isn't a social issue they need to fight against.

Anonymous 127259

What >>127258 said, it's just Tumblr art, many people find it aesthetically unpleasant. I find TIM and furry (lots of overlap here) art worse.

Anonymous 127262

This is absolutely true and it's the reason why you'll never see a moid artist with this kind of style

Anonymous 127263

Stupid reply.

Anonymous 127264

Add vitiligo to that list too

Anonymous 127267

But the problem comes with demonizing leg hair and cellulite as being disgusting/unnatural.
I would never add it to my own art though implying it's impossible for anything to be aesthetic with any of those features is…yeah, that's a whole different can of worms.

Anonymous 127273


can anyone explain how this got so normalized? like it seems like what should have happened is a few people just say "lol im a [opposite gender]" and then immediately get told off or institutionalized if need be. how the fuck did we get here? how did this happen?

Anonymous 127274

my theory is because women do more housework. hear me out

so women spend more time doing things off screen. that means there are more male internet users at any time circlejerking this stuff

however, young girls are more likely to be home than boys are and so more likely to be online. teenage girls are trained to be accepting and don't have the life experience to say how dumb this stuff is

pair all of this with males being more likely to be in political situations and you get a situation where the only people who can immediately see through this (actual women) are the ones that have the least time, energy, and power to speak out

Anonymous 127279

they 100% are autistic. there is a huge correlation between autism and transgenderism.

Anonymous 127280

Dying your hair green isn’t the same as stealing women’s sports championships, invading women’s restrooms, and demanding women wax your genitals. Shit equivalency.

Anonymous 127282

It's also that they would have a delusion they already have green hair
Not like they just want to have it
I'm no expert, but that's kinda schizo

Anonymous 127284

We shweet. Man-made horrors beyond my comprehension.

Anonymous 127287

Yeah that sucks. I have a male friend that is tall and has long hair and every time he wears something pink people think he’s a troon. I feel bad for him because pink suits him ngl. Long-haired men are now dying breed and partially because of this. Please make it popular again please.

Anonymous 127292

>You mean liberals in liberal cities.

There's nothing liberal about these people. They're leftists, their bullshit is just another avenue in their eternal war against free markets.

Anonymous 127293


Lol, she trooned out because of yaoi

Anonymous 127294

this is a result of women being so objectified in porn that real women cannot identify with it and so are more turned on by fanfics, aka porn written by women for women

Anonymous 127295

honestly it's pretty much another episode of "I'm not like the other girls", it's interesting seeing how many women that seemed to be well informed about the subject still try jumping ship.

Anonymous 127297

As an autistic woman who spent way too much time online as a child and struggled to "get" (and thus perform) femininity until well into my teens, I can't help but wonder how things may have gone for me if I'd been born even just a few years later than I was. I feel like I dodged a massive bullet because I probably would've fallen for the whole "the reason you feel uncomfortable in your changing body/don't find female characters in media relatable/like gay ships/etc is because you're actually a boy!" song and dance if someone had fed it to me at that age, tbh. It's not hard at all to see why "weird" socially isolated girls fall prey to this shit. Of course adults who troon out are a different story and it's hard for me to feel sympathy for them.

Anonymous 127318

autism, pornsickness, and internalized homophobia explain 99% of troonings

Anonymous 127324

lmao I did all of these things and I'm a normal disgusting fujo

Anonymous 127351

Inb4 apologetic ftm ex-terf in a few years…many such cases!

Anonymous 127352

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”

Anonymous 127371

>gender accelerationists think that you can destroy patriarchy by making it impossible to meaningfully identify someone

That'll never work. Men writ large aren't going to suddenly start finding trannies attractive, put them in real positions of power, or start families with them. Male indifference to trannies shitting up women's spaces is the social equivalent of turning a blind eye to everything happening in Syria or China. They don't care because it doesn't affect them.

Anonymous 127380

no way, I'm ultra-peaked.

Anonymous 127383

…what about femdom, though?

Anonymous 127398

Anyone who makes this argument unironically should try talking to a male "submissive".
Likwise anyone who makes this argument unironically should check overall statistics for who benefits from sadomasochism.

Anonymous 127400

Can someone explain the tendency of tumblr tims to refer to themselves as a girl every 5 seconds but never a woman, even when they're well into their twenties. It's like simply being female wouldn't even be enough for them, they specifically want to be young pretty teenagers. Am I looking too deep into it?

Anonymous 127402

They're men, adult women don't exist for them.

Anonymous 127403

Man, if anything, this makes me really believe the theory that pornography is a major influence on trans identity and porn really truly rewiring your brain. or at the very least, before I thought it was really only TIMs who could be affected by porn as a motive to transition but now I can see this affects TIFs too.

this might just be dumb internet armchair psych babble but like…she's consuming gay fanfiction, she's getting turned on by these scenarios, she's inserting herself into these roles because she likes these characters, etc. it's not hard for me to imagine that one's brain now might want to imitate the sort of sexual self-touching that's in the porn she's consuming. so she starts pretending to have a bulge because the only way she can get horny is envisioning that sort of thing. likewise with TIMs who transition due to porn, there's this drive to become the product in which you are consuming.

Anonymous 127407

idk anon it's not total psych babble, people are often more simple than what they seem.

Anonymous 127408

Every moid into femdom is an entitled misogynist. Basically they want mommies who they can fuck. Instead of having the Madonna/whore complex, they just combine the two.

They are so fucking entitled and lack empathy completely. They don't give a shit about what makes you feel good, they just want you to beat their dicks and call them a good boy. They actually honestly also complain about women being evil roasties for not wanting to fuck them with a strap-on and be their therapists. One who I talked to was an unironic pedophile and hated grown adult women. His ideal partner was a 13yo mommy sex slave.

Anonymous 127413


I have never kept up with the HP franchise even slightly, but lately I've been wanting to get into it purely because of how based JKR is

Anonymous 127429

Actually submissive moids are cute but when he says he's into femdom he's just a porn addict with a rotten brain 98% of the time

Anonymous 127431

this image is hilarious

Anonymous 127438

>His ideal partner was a 13yo mommy sex slave.

god, how fucked in the head do you have to be

literally just pump these fucks with a few m16 rounds and let the vultures pick at the leftovers. nothing of value is being lost here.

Anonymous 127481


The only ones who ever call trannies hot are other trannies kek. And how very male to stake their sense of worth (as "women") on how fuckable they feel they are above all else

Anonymous 127484

Or incels desperate for sex. Its male to male disgusting moid sex because they smell like pizza and are unhygienic.

Anonymous 127485

They dont leave the house

Anonymous 127486

take that back, pizza has nothing to do with this

Anonymous 127518


this one's gonna be in a history book i can feel it.

Anonymous 127519

ESL moid detected

Anonymous 127525

First time in an imageboard?

Anonymous 127526

you discovered imageboards up to a max of 3 years ago

Anonymous 127544

you discovered imageboards up to a max 4 years ago

Anonymous 127545

"kek" had already fallen in popularity 3 years ago. Everyone still knows what it means, though, and it in no way indicates that someone is ESL. In fact what does speaking English as a second language have to do with it?

Anonymous 127559

I hope he dies. Troons will manage to take literally any situation and somehow find a way to make it about them and their fetish
There are several instances of anons saying kek in this thread alone, I think you are being overly paranoid

Anonymous 127577

ESLs are slow to trends

Anonymous 127588

i hate that this little witch community i check in on sometimes is all about trans stuff now reeee

Anonymous 127606

Take it from a former dom, femdom like men pretend to portray isn't real. In the fantasies, the doms automatically read men's minds and give them their deepest desires. In real life, the men into femdom are needy whiny entitled control freaks who want the scene to go exactly as they imagine or else they become passive aggressive children throwing a tantrum. I think in a world without the patriarchy, non-abusive femdom could exist, but until then, it's just a fantasy.

Anonymous 127609

Definitely not. Quite a few women and girls migrated here from r9k and that was an incredibly common term. I always use that and "my sides are in orbit" because they're fun phrases.

Anonymous 127610

Wtf, witches are literally women. TIMs fuck off.

Anonymous 127612

I know it's uncommon but aren't men who practice Wicca also called witches?

Anonymous 127613


Ever since discovering this website a couple years ago, I've come to realize I absolutely HATE trannies. Before joining, I would pretend to be nice to them and act like I support them but deep down inside they absolutely DISGUST me. There is not one tranny I've ever got along with, ever. I always felt superior to them, and always wanted bad stuff to happen to the trannies I knew personally. I'm so grateful for discovering this site

Anonymous 127616

Is it TIF of me to think that a lot of issues surrounding trannies kinda don't matter to me because they don't affect me? I think they're misogynistic at worst but overall better than males who murder women. Most troons issues are self-inflicted because they're either unhappy, pornsick men or grew up in an unhealthy environment. I don't think they take away the spotlight of women's issues tbh. They just seem all bark and no bite, if that makes sense. Also I've never met a troon irl that is as mentally retarded as they are online. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

Anonymous 127626

I don't think you're wrong in the micro scale. I think in general more of the issue is that real victimization has taken a back seat to martyrdom of what's perceived as truly underprivileged classes, or a sort of battle of optics. It isn't really just trannies but that in general people are ignoring the systems in which people actually get victimized because to challenge them would be to challenge complete abominations (i.e., the porn industry, massive amounts of men, etc).

Anonymous 127637

Anonymous 127639

I'm the same way. Even back in my libfem days, I don't think I ever truly saw trans people as the gender they identified as, not out of malice but I legitimately couldn't suspend my disbelief that far. Of course I felt extremely guilty for thinking that and "made up for it" by vocally supporting trans rights and all on my socials. Then it was like a switch was flipped and at some point I'd just had enough. Like you, I just fucking hate them now. All of them. I'm probably never going to go full mask off terf on main but I'm silent on the topic whenever it comes up now. I don't want reveal my views because I'd lose every online friend I have over this and it just isn't worth it but I can't bring myself to pay fake lipservice to trannies anymore either

Anonymous 127640

Exactly. Trannies will never understand what its like to be a real woman. They will never understand the struggles. Sometimes I'm really tempted to post on social media about how bad troons are, but its as you said, I would lose all my friends. I do catch myself liking some TERF tweets but then I unlike them since people can view what I like. I just hope more women open their eyes and understand how terrible trannies are;;

Anonymous 127641

That's terrible anon =/

Anonymous 127642


Of course no one has an actual rebuttal for the points she made and people are just happy for a reason to insult her without consequence. This woman worded her statement in the most neutral, least inflammatory way possible, and still ended up getting dogpiled on social media and having her Twitter account suspended. There's no fucking hope for us

Anonymous 127660

same. i don't want to lose my online friends but i can't full on pretend that i support them

Anonymous 127676


This is probably a very strange thing to have thought about, but do other anons on the autism spectrum ever feel alienated by just how many "autistic girls/women" on the internets are just mtfs? I feel no connection or solidarity with them, tbh they really just act like any other terminally online autistic moid, except they try to claim our experiences. My femaleness has shaped my experience with my autism profoundly throughout my whole life, it's not something a moid would ever be able to understand.
There are so (comparatively) few of us in the first place and this just makes it feel even harder to find others like me

Anonymous 127686

TIMs need to be slowly grasped away from the hands of libfems and “socfems (kink and free stuff obsessed individuals)” so that they can be socialised into things beginning to resemble a woman rather than strange deranged high school anime love action roleplays obsessed with pornography.. honestly the more neutered males who have at least faint ideas of acting in decent non-terminally unsocialised manners the better

Anonymous 127689

No, because men are not women. Even if a man was neutered at birth and raised believing he is female (and this would require massive medical intervention), he wouldn't be a women. While men need to learn how to act like humans, they will not achieve it while pretending to be women.

Anonymous 127720

do you have the original of that image? I remember the cat jumping out of the cake with a sign saying "YOURE ADOPTED" like 15 years ago and it made me laugh so hard that image

Anonymous 127745


Here you go anon.

Anonymous 127747

>writing a systematic review for uni
>it’s about a health disparity in pregnant women
>send it to mentor for review
>she sends it to an OB/GYN
>OB/GYN changes every instance of “pregnant women” to “pregnant people”
There is no hope, huh?

Anonymous 127750

As a female who takes hrt due to endometriosis, it makes me feel awkward. Doesn't help I need to dilate too since my doctor pointed out Endo can ruin your vagina/sex life. I hate the existance of trannies because I worry pharmacists will think I'm a man in a skirt.

Anonymous 127754

The absolute state of moids that being a non-murderer is all it takes to be "one of the good ones"

Anonymous 127757



I could see how on the surface it's easy to think "this doesn't really affect me" or "the consequences seem overblown," especially if you aren't seeing firsthand what is happening to (at least in America) children right now. My own sister has a large group of friends, 5 or 6, who are ALL identifying as trans. Her best friend just came out as "trans" as well, ftm. My sister is clearly a lesbian and had a crush on her best friend, and now she is getting confused because this little girl is supposedly a boy now. I am pretty sure at least one of these girls is on puberty blockers.

My sister is pretty popular, too, and has a LOT of friends. If her friend group is entirely TIFs, and TikTok is full of kids posting gendercrazy nonsense entirely, it's fair to assume that this whole troon craze is literally infecting a huge percentage of preteens/teens.

It's like the emo phase from the early 2000's, except there is a vast difference between listening to edgy music and wearing raccoon eyeliner and literally taking puberty blocking medication and having your breasts removed at 17-18.

I know that the emo fad came with a lot of kids cutting themselves to fit in, and that was pretty disturbing, but I'd rather live with my edgy emo scars as an adult than be breastless and going through male pattern baldness due to taking testosterone.

So yeah, let's step back and stop looking at all of the adult troons screaming on Twitter, and worry more about the little girls and boys who are getting groomed on furry roleplay Discord servers and being convinced to irrevocably change their bodies and become terminal medical patients. We haven't even begun to see the consequences of this cultural shift.

Anonymous 127766

even if he was a bio male, he doesn’t look old enough for his balls to have dropped

Anonymous 127771

>school addition
Does she mean edition?

Anonymous 127772

Anonymous 127773

How many of those kids are actually taken hormone blockers? To identify as transgender you don't even need to. While I don't doubt that there would be an increase. There's probably a sizeable percentage of them that are just identifying as one the same way some here felt forced to "identify as bi" in high school even though they wouldn't touch a vagina or dick with a ten foot pool, respectively.

Anonymous 127782


I really really hate what this world is coming to. Why can't more celebrities be a TERF? Why is it allowed to have disgusting men play in women's sports? I really hope people start opening their eyes more… I can't stand this… Its so unfair and I feel so many people these days are just braindead. Also, are there countries who are against the whole men in women's sports thing?

Anonymous 127786

With the sh thing it can be just as harmful when you have nerve damage and the mobility of your limbs is impaired.
Also there is a very large community of mostly trans kids on twitter (#shtwt) who encourage eachother to self harm, going deeper and deeper, so it is still very much a big issue.
Living with self harm scars is also incredibly hard to live with, you hate your body probably about as much as a troon hates theirs once they realize they were lied too, but on top of that its way less socially acceptable and visible and you will be treated differently for it unless you work to cover it up, which can be incredibly uncomfortable
What I am saying is:
1. its still an issue with kids encouraging eachother
2. It is NOT as easy to live with as you think it is

Also be careful, while people encourage eachother to self harm its rarely the only reason they get into it, so its pretty insensative for you to say stuff like that.

Anonymous 127794

I think people are waking up, anon. This Lia Thomas thing is the tipping point.

Anonymous 127804

Definitely a good idea, definitely not really stupid, definitely.

Anonymous 127807

Your idea is like trying to unblock a sink by planting a bomb in it.

Anonymous 127810

Well this just got into my recommended. I wonder if someone else has watched it too?

Anonymous 127824


I'm so mad I can't see straight, I wish I never made a twitter

Anonymous 127867

This is a legit question. Are you posting everywhere today, like on every radfem site there is, or are there just a whole bunch of women mad about this tweet in the exact same way?

Anonymous 127870

spritzes you with water bad nona. the candidates most likely to put troons in camps are also the candidates most likely to roll back legislation that allows women independence and basic dignity. most leftist candidates are very supportive of trans encroachment on women's spaces, which is a whole issue unto itself. but, voting conservative because you're a woman who dislikes troons is like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Anonymous 127871

how do you define 'man'? science says there's no simple answer.

Anonymous 127873

Honestly don't know if I'll ever vote because both sides are retarded

Anonymous 127894


Do you know who make these? I'm obsessed.

Anonymous 127895

this never fails to make me laugh

Anonymous 127896


There are more parts

Anonymous 127898

the new Banksy

Anonymous 127903



Anonymous 127904

Anonymous 127905

Anonymous 127908

No, thats a fan account

Anonymous 127910

God I love these. If they have a ko-fi I'd actually donate.

Anonymous 127911

Anonymous 127912

undefined - Imgur …

Anonymous 127913

undefined - Imgur …

Anonymous 127915

undefined - Imgur …

Anonymous 127916


Anonymous 127918

undefined - Imgur …

Anonymous 127964


Anonymous 127986

Yet another obese slob autistic male acquaintance trooned out recently. He can’t be bothered to shave or shower regularly or get out of his filthy room in his mom’s place. So this big ass male, born male, raised male, who reaps the social benefits of being male, is now supposedly female because he fucking said so and the world has to just go along with it. It’s so deeply infuriating and offensive

Anonymous 128009

wonder woman was just a cover for the writer's bdsm tastes. both are not great

Anonymous 128021


Girls, it's our duty to play Hogwarts Legacy. We need to support J.K. Rowling.

Anonymous 128023

I was never into Harry Potter but I will support this woman in any way I can

Anonymous 128024

Samefag as >>128023 but who all is against trans people/are TERFs so I can support them also?

Anonymous 128049


Oh wow, I guess I was right.
No matter how much you LARP as a TERF, you'll never be a woman and you'll never pass. Fuck off and kill yourself, no one wants you here, this site is for real women and I'm fucking sick of troons and scrotes in general invading it.

Anonymous 128061

This. I'm tired of scrotes trying to rub their nuts all over women-only spaces. Especially the retarded troons

Anonymous 128067


Anonymous 128070


Anonymous 128072


went to see if this guy made any good outrage porn recently. he did. he also seems to have one of his child characters in a gay relationship with a grown man.

Anonymous 128073


not the facial hair on the other character. in a later comic the child character goes and cries ablut this to his father who is about a head taller than him.

Anonymous 128074

Holy shit, this is some of the stupidest shit I've ever heard. Their cognitive level really is too low for even basic logic.

Anonymous 128077

TRAs sure do love fantasizing about little girls kissing each other.

Anonymous 128079


Anonymous 128080

>defining fish by them having gills and fins is REDUCING FISH TO THEIR BODY PARTS!!!1!1
TRA logic.

Anonymous 128085

i asked a non-binary and was told that womanhood is a social role and a woman is anyone that feels more comfortable in that role. it was sad because "they" a woman.

Anonymous 128087

Delusional tranny. He sticks out like a sore thumb.

Anonymous 128106


Just more proof that men who paint their nails are no less of a threat.

Anonymous 128111

Tbh I want to go out and give a retarded tranny a dirty look just so they can think about killing themselves and perhaps even go through with it.

Anonymous 128116

Men who paint their nails are more of a threat tbh.

Anonymous 128121


>the reason you don't want to suck girldick is because you've been brainwashed not to.

Anonymous 128122


Anonymous 128128

I sometimes feel like I live in a fake reality when I ask this question. I mean, it's the basis of their ideology, it must be easy for them to answer, right?

No, it's impossible. After years and years I've never heard them define "woman" in a way that isn't a) circular or b) completely based on gender roles and stereotypes.

This is the reality. The people pushing these things and getting laws changed are actually so stupid that they cannot see these gaping flaws in their ideology.

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