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A Random Letter To The FBI Agent Watching Me/US Government Anonymous 109928[Reply]

I stumbled across some old posts of my journal and found a funny entry (looking back on it) dedicated to the "FBI agent" that was watching me. Obviously it was mostly tongue-in-cheek but it was kind of interesting to read back on.

Here is a thread dedicated to random letters you want to say to your government. For venting purposes!

(Sorry if this isn't the right board for this sort of thing :P)

Anonymous 109975

Dear Government,

The state-mandated bf you assigned me is malfunctioning. He mistook his primary task of licking me like a kitten for playing shitty mobile games instead. Please fix this bug.

Also, can I get some of that oil money that you've been pocketing? Norway gives theirs to the citizens, could you please maybe also do that?

Thanks love

Anonymous 109985


Lay off the drugs <:)

Anonymous 109986

Dear Glowies,

I know I've said some very embarrassing things in the years I've been on the internet but you didn't see anything <3


Vent Thread Anonymous 107281[Reply]

Old thread hit the limit, again.
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Anonymous 109984

>the graffiti states that the idea you lost something by having sex for the first time is made up
>is made up
>made up
>made up
Or in other words, it's nothing, nothing real. But sex is not nothing, despite what slutty moids want you to think.
>But the OP also touched on the "discard/loss" of their V-card
She's just using a cliché. If you had sex with a disgusting moid, you would regret it too, no doubt.

Anonymous 109987

I've already said why sex is not nothing. Allowing somebody inside you, trusting somebody, is not "nothing".

Anonymous 109988

The idea you lost anything as for example value or a "card" by having sex for the first time is what I said is nothing and made up. Sex is real.

Anonymous 109989


All I ever wanted in life was a friend and people to stick around with. I'm so tired of being s complete hermit and getting no one to even share some words with.

Anonymous 109992


You wouldn't end the relationship of a lifetime and slide into something with someone you suffered over for 4+ years, would you? Wouldn't that be stupid?
Expecting something different, or maybe longing for the comfort of the lower expectations. I feel like I can be a truer self. And the dopamine and oxytocin from finally getting to do these things with him is intoxicating.
I've definitely made countless posts about him. He'd haunt me eternally if I didn't do this.
But my future is ruined. At least a future in which I pretend to be the person I wish I could be, and grow old with someone "just like me." I don't think I ever wanted that in the first place. I was raised for social independence and selfishness. It's my fault for trying to force myself into a pattern of behaviour.

I, too, just want to spend unlabelled time with someone I like to have around. I'm not made for pressure and expectations, I get enough of that from work. Maybe I'm done wishing I was that person and I can accept what I am.


Kill me kill me Anonymous 109845[Reply]

I acted histrionic and ended my relationship with a man who has kids and a gf he lives with but he wants some sex cult thing but it’s all over now after like 5 years and i don’t know if I’m in the right or made the wrong decision. He ended things officially. I fucked up. Kill me.
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Anonymous 109879

this post is so retarded i lost braincells reading it

Anonymous 109887

>i don’t know if I’m in the right
>relationship with a man who has kids and a gf he lives with but he wants some sex cult
You can never be wrong in this scenario. Never.

Anonymous 109890

I didn’t know for a long time in. Couple years at least. He just accepts me I think but I don’t know because I think I’m too crazy even for him. But I think the way he acts makes ME act crazy, but deep down I really don’t think the things that scare me and bother me are crazy. I think I start to act crazy when he ignores me or leaves mid conversation over text, but I always try hard to address a conversation rationally and he just tells me he’s sick of my complaining and he’s not discussing the issue anymore. So I snapped and I left and I ruined everything.

Anonymous 109900

You removed yourself from an unhealthy situation, good job. Stop thinking you've done anything wrong.

Anonymous 109954

You made the right call ending it, there's no reason to stay with someone who abuses you like that. There's plenty of people who would have someone like you and accept you with all your craziness without being abusive sex cult leaders. Hard to find, but they're out there.


Anonymous 108299[Reply]

why would you even want a relationship like what is the point of it?
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Anonymous 109857

If you think this kind of board is an isolated phenomena you need to visit other women's spaces online. It's the tip of the iceberg. Sure it's slightly dead but I know places that sound the same with millions of members.

>One of the best exercises a person can do is trying to see the life through the perspective of someone else, having actual empathy, not seeing others as enemies or inferior, but as victims of their environment, people that have their own opinions and beliefs due to circumstances most outside their control, people who could very well be you if you lived through their side of the things.

I can have empathy from a distance moid but I won't get sucked into your loneliness sobstory, trying to school me why bliss in solitude is bad. You just want to stick your dick in at the end of the day. I'm not interested in that or love. The tradeoff isn't valuable to me. Ypu just have to learn to accept it that some people aren't motivated by relationships much, shrug.

Anonymous 109858

I want a relationship because I want to have sex with woman I trust, I guess.
Imo, romantic relationship doesn't differ much from close friendship, besides first one involving sex in it. You get same trust, same closeness, both physical(cuddles, hugs, handholding and other nonsexual physical activities) and spiritual, same likeliness of minds, same love (actual love, not just desire to shag someone).
Kek at moids ITT trying to convince women that having sex with them on constant basis is true love. That's bullshit, if you want true love, seek close female friendship.

Anonymous 109865

>Crab advice from bitter anon. Everything else is a cope from lack of love.

>Like being a workaholic or treating pets like your child.

Could you scream any louder how much you need to get your dick wet :l

Men are stupid af if they think it's not burdensome to be with a massive amount of them. It is absolutely burdensome and hellish and it's as simple as not wanting to endure most of them. No amount of love replaces peace in living free.

Anonymous 109870


>Crab advice from bitter anon. Everything else is a cope from lack of love.
>Like being a workaholic or treating pets like your child.

Rofl.. are you here to make yourself extra depressed? Cause I'm pretty sure moidposting this way incessantly on cc is how you make yourself depressed.

Anonymous 109896

They're all horrified by the plummeting birth rates that don't seem to be going anywhere. They know they're a ball and chain.


Anonymous 109755[Reply]

Am I pick me or a bad person for this? I was in a band (I play guitar) with a friend since 2023, nothing ever happened between us and we were just friends, until something happened recently. He started having a girlfriend and I really didn't see a problem because we were simply seeing each other to talk for the project, but apparently it bothered her because she started to say false horrible things about me and saying them behind my back, then i see my friend had unfollowed me on Instagram and he was no longer responding to me for like 1 week. I spoke to him to find out what was happening but he only told me that his girlfriend didn't let him have female friends and he simply blocked me. I'm really angry about this because she acuses me false things with my other friends saying that i want to "steal her boyfriend". She blocked me also after that.
I am really angry because i do nothing wrong and i just wanted to create music.
I feel sad also because i know more cases like that.
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Anonymous 109762

I remember when i try to be friends with a girl and a few minutes after i talked to her,she post a story saying "i am scared of making new friends because all the girls wants to steal my boyfriend" and the funniest things is that her bf its a fucking crackhead with yellow teeth and bald lol.
Why this trend about being so territorial and mean with other girls?

Anonymous 109770

Consumerism pushes people to be emotional and to listen to their every whims (because the more desire the have, the more they'll consume impulsively). Eventually, that behaviour expands to relationships which are nowadays commodified like everything else.
It's not easy remaining sane in the midst of fools.

Anonymous 109831

If you had a boyfriend, would you be okay with him seeing another girl quite often by themselves? Wouldn't you want him to prioritize his relationship with you over a friend he made only a year ago?
Be honest

Anonymous 109838

We only met to create music and with other peopl,never alone. And what is the purpose of creating those false rumors? He simply can told me that he didn't want to see me anymore and that's it. Also, why would you ruin your partner's project just for selfish intentions? sounds very controlling

Anonymous 109861

You're not answering the question, how would you feel if you had a boyfriend and he would get defensive over meeting in private a girl strange to you? It's easy to see this from the party's pov who doesn't have a stronger boundary to him, put yourself in her place.


Wanting to die Anonymous 109723[Reply]

I often want to kill myself after getting gaslighted by other women online like there's literally no hope, women who are different always get punished and can't ever express their minds freely
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Anonymous 109788

Grow thicker skin jesus fuck

Anonymous 109794

i mean that’s part of being on the internet and life in general. people are not going to always agree with you and can be especially cruel online. just gotta learn to ignore it

Anonymous 109812

You should ask yourself why you choose to complain about it on one of the less compassionate places in the world.

Anonymous 109814

Stop making excuses for the tyranny.

Anonymous 109826

I'm stating a fact, not excusing anything. Imageboards are not compassionate places, yet she chooses to complain about Nonas lacking compassion here. I don't think entertaining her neurosis is gonna help her; she needs to see reality.

Screenshot 2023-12…

Am I boned? Anonymous 107224[Reply]

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Anonymous 107287


I don't know why but I don't like that guy, especially anyone who calls himself "healthy gamer" and "gg".

Borderline symptoms are not treatable, nona. You just get better at masking it. I think that the gold standard for treating BPD is something similar to that of a Scientology Cult. I've taken this from a book:

>Below is a snapshot of the symptoms that are most likely to improve over time:

>Impulsive, risky behaviors, including self-harm and suicide attempts
>Severe paranoid thinking Unstable, stormy
>relationships and the tendency to place extreme demands on other people

>And here is a snapshot of the symptoms that are least likely to improve over time:

>Some emotional symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, anger, sadness, guilt, and emptiness
>Dissociative episodes and negative beliefs about oneself or the world
>Fears of abandonment and difficulties tolerating being alone

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 107288

I forgot to say this.
Eg. What they mean by reducing self-harm is they don't exactly make you become someone who never self-harms, but they teach you how to use a red marker and red paint to draw lines all over your body that makes your mind think that you've self-harmed yourself.

Anonymous 107289

You shouldn't give up hope. That could change.
>You just get better at masking it.
Learning how to cope with the more destructive symptoms isn't a bad idea. If there are testimonies out there from patients whose symptoms have improved in any or all aspects, then its worth it for someone to see this and try to find a way to get better.
>Nona, but aren't schizoids supposed to feel that chronic emptiness in them all the time?
You don't have to meet all the symptoms to get diagnosed. I don't feel pleasure in a lot of things but I wouldn't describe it as emptiness, hopeless, or void-like.

Anonymous 107292


I wanted to say something pessimistic about how it's tiresome having to cope every day and all the help I see online is about dunking my head in an ice bowl or how to recognize what an angry face looks like so I don't imagine that someone is angry at me but… you're right, nona. I don't think it's enough but all these coping techniques are surely better than nothing, sometimes even death.

Anonymous 109745

Screenshot 2024-02…

I dont know. ive done this twice, different results


self loathing Anonymous 109603[Reply]

Does anyone have any advice on how to cope with self hatred? I can't even function anymore because every single second of every single day I'm thinking about how much I hate myself or fantasizing about being someone else. I'm really at the end of my rope.
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Anonymous 109646

Maybe it takes practice, but I do not attach myself to my thoughts. My mind has been much quieter in recent years.

Anonymous 109665

I used to hate myself too Nona.
Honestly, just one day you get sick of it and decide to do something about it, at least that was the case for me.
Know that you're probably not an irredeemable monster, and you know yourself best; work on what you're lacking in.

Anonymous 109680

I must stop thinking of myself as a person

Anonymous 109684

Or we gnc's could just stick all of you faggots in a gaschamber ?

I'm tired of breathing the same air as you femcel masochist filth. I used to try and try to be sympathetic and understanding but you go back to shitty men and abuse yourselves in perpetuity. Kicking your pathetic asses down the street eternally for performance feminity which makes you act sound and post like corpses anyway

Stop pretending like its is worth anything real, kicking yourself down the street with it every damn day of your life.

just get at the back of the line where you're so desperate to be anyways, I guess.

I have no sympathy anymore none whatsoever faggots

Anonymous 109688


I’m tired of being lonely Anonymous 105579[Reply]

I’m the most talkative of my friend group, I take care of everyone else’s issues and look out for all of them. I’m not seen. Nobody notices the work I put in just to help everyone else out.

All of my friends have someone to date, whether it’s a boy or a girl.

I can’t find myself being in love with anyone who wants me.

Every person who has had a crush on me has been rejected in which I never truly loved them. I love those who do not give me the effort I deserve, who treat me as something lower than them.

I’ve been quiet about my personal issues all my life, staying as a shut-in the entire summer without talking to anyone I know irl. I’m so lonely and it’s tiring. I cant romanticize this life.
14 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 109658

You can't make everyone like you. And thankfully you can avoid most human bs by staying indoors !

Anonymous 109659

Have you asked them to?

Anonymous 109667

I feel you, nona

Although I have a few close friends but none of them truly feel like someone I can converse with or connect with deeply. I know it sounds arrogant but my friends bore me a lot. I have not met anyone who matches my need for intellectual/verbal stimulation, those that did eventually left my life.

Anonymous 109673

Most people are not only underestimulating. They can be torture to be around. I mean like actual torture, taking cheap shots
at everything and everyone. Staying in shitty relationships and making you listen to the gory details. Then proceeding to be tedious and nauseating. It is no ones obligation to enjoy most human interaction. This should be rule of life no. 1. It's so much better to live intentionally and low key hated. Being mildly hated is supremely liberating because people stop nagging you and fucking around with you and you start doing whatever you want to spite them.

Anonymous 109678

It should just kind of be accepted and embraced in life that you'll be hated. If you aren't hated in some way I think you're doing something wrong. People hate what makes them question reality. Usually a woman enjoying her life triggers that the most. If you think moids will fill the happiness hole in your life and not seek and destroy it lmao


Anonymous 109577[Reply]

My OCD is so bad I just paid $90 for a vet to tell me my dog is perfectly fine and extremely healthy for her age. I went in the car and cried cause I was so relieved.
How do you challenge or soothe yourself when you get obsessive thoughts?
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 109596

I do go to therapy
Your ocd thoughts don’t just magically go away

Anonymous 109598

not with that defeatist attitude

Anonymous 109602

dont ban me for silly reasons like this again OP

Anonymous 109619

Sure but shouldn't your therapist be teaching you coping strategies?

Anonymous 109675

Not at all
You can reduce them, With therapy and medication. But you’re still going to get them. Be more mindful of stupid shit you say.
Maybe don’t say stupid shit
She does and she says that what I did was completely fine. There’s no harm in making sure my dogs are okay for my own peace of mind. I also take medication for intrusive thoughts as well doesn’t mean they just poof disappear.

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