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How do I literally forget Anonymous 104158[Reply]

I was sexually abused in a very horrible way and lost my innocence, but sometimes when I wake up from a very vivid dream, I forget everything that happened to me and I feel innocent and happy again, I can feel this "innocence" for hours until it all comes back to me. I want to forget permanently, I don't like being depressed anymore and I know I don't have to feel this way anymore, does anyone know much about this?
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Anonymous 109363


Nonas, anyone suffering with serious memory related issues?

I'm feeling like I'm scattered all over the place. I forgot that I need to close rooms that I opened, I forgot to take my documents that I took in, I forgot that I was in the middle of a conversation with a friend online and kept them hanging, I forgot that I was in the middle of doing something when I got interrupted, I forgot that I was doing something with a machine and I forgot to turn it off once I used the machine to do something, I keep forgetting every thing.

I don't know what to do. A lot of articles online suggest mindfulness and all that, which is FINE I guess, but I really need something that doesn't really have to work but at least would help me MANAGE my forgetfulness IMMEDIATELY and not something that I need to exercise like meditation or stop being depressed or maintain consistent sleep schedule and all that. It's causing a lot of problems.

What do I do?
I need immediate "ways" to cope with this.

Anonymous 109367

Could be epilepsy. You need to go to the doctor

Anonymous 109368

Nona you need to go to the doctor this could be anything from ADHD, brain bleed, to epilepsy seizures. If it's epilepsy you can get medication and therapy to help you control it.

What you have sounds severe enough that the only way to manage it seems like it should be through solving what's causing you memory issues in the first place. I recommend keeping a journal and going through a list:
>Brain complications (tumour, bleeding)
>Carbon Monoxide poisioning ((OPEN YOUR WINDOWS))
>Thyroid issues
>Malnutrition (B12, Vitamin D, etc)
>Sleep problems (sleep apnoea, brain not flushing waste)
>Dementia (if you're older)
>Trauma (DID, PTSD, etc)
Write this list on the first page and title every page after with these potential causes, jot down the symptons and nature of each cause, compare them to your own, and mention the progress you've made investigating them. For things like epilepsy, brain complications, ADHD etc. you need to get it checked with a doctor.

Anonymous 109378

Omg did I make it sound really that bad?

I don't really mean to say that I "forgot" actually as in completely forget doing something. I can still remember. It's just that I don't think that I was doing these things until I suddenly remember it again after I check something that reminds me of it.

Alright, I'll consult a doctor I guess.

Anonymous 109385

Screenshot 2024-02…

EMDR I guess.


Experiences on growing up with an older brother? Anonymous 109199[Reply]

To any you who grew up with older brothers: how did it affect you?

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around my own experience since it always seemed so isolated from others who didn’t. When I was younger I always wanted his approval so I would started “liking” everything he did, even when I didn’t really understand it. I pretended to like video games, the same youtubers, and the same anime as him, though I did enjoy anime, most of my interests were just his. Liking “girly” things made me think I wasn’t worthy enough so I always avoided those things though secretly I would engage in them. It just makes me feel like an impostor nowadays when I get into new stuff. And even now I find myself drifting towards “masculine” interests just to get attention because that’s how I’ve always been I guess. There’s a lot more like the fact that he used to hit me a lot, though I don’t remember the extent of it anymore, It always hurt. I still have a hard time relating to other girls and things that are normalized to talk about and things that aren’t. It’s a just lot of stuff that just adds up together and still marks who I am today, sometimes I wonder who I could have been or if there was another way. I’m just curious.

Anonymous 109240

A lot of my interests growing up were also shaped by my older brother. We used to spend a lot of time playing games and hanging out together. I guess some of those could be considered masculine, but I don’t tend to view things through that lens. I never had a problem with his influence as I eventually grew into my own independent interests, and we naturally grew apart over the years. Now he has a family, so we don’t see each other much anymore. He asked me to visit him several times, but I didn’t want to because I dislike his wife. I feel a bit bad about that I guess, but I need to find my own path and it’s not in the past.

Anonymous 109282

I can't share the experience of looking up to him sadly.

Our family was sort of broken early on and I had to start taking care of the household every day or suffer living the life of an incel at from the age of 12.

My brother, who is 4 years older, didn't bother to care, because his standards were just so low and I guess he is depressed. It has just always been so exhausting and I really don't have the time to nag him like a mom to do some chores every day either. Any improvement he makes simply vanishes after a week.

At this point I just do the work and try to get him set up for life, be a good friend and a mom for him. I'll move out once I have my college degree and a job, if he doesn't manage till then, I'll simply let him rot.

Anonymous 109303

First i think it's kind of you to try to support him as a friend. I mean as your older sibling, maybe he should bring you up. You seem to be smarter and more mature than the rest of your family.
I would like to understand your situation better. How old are you now? Where is your mom and das? Are they both working? Do they both live with you?
Is your brother a neet?

Anonymous 109327

Most of my formative memories centre on him, usually teaching me how to do things, like tie my shoes, decorate my 5th birthday cake etc. I was his shadow when I was really little, but then our middle sister was born, followed closely by twins, and our mom just gave up completely on parenting. He became our new dad; feeding, cleaning and clothing us. We were closer than ever, but most his attention, love and affection had to go to the babies, so we just kind of drifted apart. I think him raising us put a permanent wall in our relationship, and by the time our sisters were more independent, and he could do more than just raise us, he was a grown man and I was a teenager who'd had to develop without his direct involvement. He has a much, much closer relationship with our sisters, because they didn't have to grow up to pick up the slack, and had his focus for most of their lives. Honestly, he's a hero to me, despite the fact we've drifted so far apart. He chose to sacrifice his life and stay to make sure we got to have childhoods and develop well, when he was well within his rights to just bail and let us live in a dysfunctional household until we were old enough to run for it, too.

Anonymous 109359

I can't really relate to that, my father left to live abroad when i was little and i didn't have a lot of contact with him. We weren't fully related (same mother, different fathers). My brother was the only male figure in my life and i developed a weird kind of "crush" on him. He was an asshole to me, chasing me around the house with knives and stealing my pocket money and all that. I got into a bunch of shitty relationships with grown men when i shouldn't have, and he was the only male who wasn't really malicious towards me. He was my big brother and i love him. He has a wife and a baby on the way now. My feelings for him still persist but I am so, so happy that despite our shitty childhood he was able to find somebody who loves him and treats him right.


Anonymous 109259[Reply]

my best friend killed herself, and i was in love with her

i can't handle living, i just want to end it all but i'm too cowardly to off myself

Anonymous 109260

love will return again in some way nona. stay strong.

Anonymous 109352

im so sorry that happened, please dont kill yourself. You will be projecting the same pain you felt onto others. You will find other people that can be just as precious to you as her but your life is irreplaceable

Anonymous 109353

all people are replaceable


work thread Anonymous 65868[Reply]

ITT: we discuss frustrations at our jobs whether you were wronged or you yourself messed up

NEETS need not reply
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Anonymous 107081


>working overtime
I should've known better than to hope everything would return to normal.

Instead of spending their budget on funny little videos and advertisements, as well as opening new stores every fucking where, maybe this company should use it on increasing the wages so they can find new employees. If this situation becomes permanent, I'll just resign before this year ends even if it means being unemployed for a while. There's only one small reason I haven't yet and I know it's a stupid reason.

Anonymous 107093

I'm scheduled for a 9 hour shift in a few days and I'm going to tell someone that if they try and make that the norm I'm done. I'm already looking for a different job anyway.
Part timers shouldn't work 9 hours, hell, I think more than 8 is inhumane. Hire more people if work can't get done.

This economy is fucked.

Anonymous 109245

This stupid part-timer came to work sick for a whole week, coughed all over the place and now everybody has symptoms of the cold.

We even told her she could stay home but she didn't want to, probably because she's an uneducated little idiot who doesn't know about germs and proper coughing etiquette. I'm going to wear a mask to work tomorrow and hate her forever. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the customers get sick from the food she prepared.

Anonymous 109269

>work at my friend's family company
>R&D has driven profits for the last 50 years
>gone from making steel collars in the 70's to proprietary extrusion devices
>extrusion devices are used in production of PPE
>make record profits during COVID because we have total market control
>board wants more profit
>brings in finance and marketing teams
>in the very first marketing package, they literally copypasted the industrial technique used to make complex extruders and gave them to their Chinese contacts
>shed-based temporary manufacturers in China start pumping them out
>lose 50% of the market in a month
>board demands finance and marketing solve the problem, rather than trusting the team of experts who carried the company through multiple recessions
>strip R&D of all current funding
>any new equipment has to be purchased on the maintenance budget
>fire everyone junior to me
>finance guy comes around asking if we can tighten our belts
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 109310

there is no honest living left in the united states


Anonymous 109128[Reply]

I have a strong feeling I will end up:
1. homeless
2. addicted to drugs
3. in jail
4. dead
5. all 4

And it’s all my fault. I don’t even want to try anymore. I have a strong feeling I am experiencing negative karma. That, or my family is cursed. I feel like it’s all a part of my destiny. What is some people are meant to die by their own hands and that is God’s plan for them. For them to die.

Even if this is all a test, I’m not strong.
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Anonymous 109162

Everything in my life has comically gone bad in these past 2 years. I’ve taken L after L. Even this year is starting off terrible with me having bad anxiety.

I feel like in 2021 I was experiencing good karma after being wronged by my childhood. I must’ve mistreated the gifts I was given because it’s been nothing but bad experiences since.

I don’t even want to hope or dream about anything anymore because there is a strong sense of doom, with a knowing that it will most likely flop. It’s not “pessimism”. It’s a matter of patterns.

Life has humbled me over and over again to the point that I don’t want to celebrate anything I have. Even expressing gratitude to my self alone feels like I’m bragging and will eventually be hit with some bad karma.

I don’t plan for anything anymore and
no longer trust my judgement.

I want to say there’a been meaning to this this whole time but I think I know the sad, truer alternative that there never was. There was no “lesson learned” or “person I met who changed my perspective”. Just hardship.

But life isn’t a movie, anyways.

Anonymous 109190

Life is hard and I feel you since I'm also in my flop era

Anonymous 109200

I'm in my flop era too. I think I will be entering my success era soon. It was all really a part of my character arc. It's only up from here!

Anonymous 109203

That's not called destiny, it's called fate

Destiny is the good ending, fate is the bad ending

Anonymous 109287


The thing that I >>109136 mentioned happened and I feel like I failed at it. I was supposed to present a demo class where I taught zoomers but I started to ventilate and abruptly end the class once the time ran out. Some of the students gave honest feedback that I sucked at it. I'll still get the job because of nepotism but I don't feel happy about it at all.

You're right nona.

Nothing good ever happens in my life. It's just a series of rock bottoms after rock bottoms. I thought this incident and getting a job will change my life and I'll get back up but all I feel right now is that I've sunken lower than I was as a NEET and that I've done some irreparable damage to my life.

I really wish I could adopt a I don't care mindset about life from now but I've been thinking about everything for so long that my head is hurting and I can't sleep anymore. Everyone around me are asking me to relax but nobody is telling me how to do that.

Nothing is going to get better on it's own.


/lcg/ - lescel general Anonymous 97708[Reply]

lesbians who are involuntarily celibate, post anything under this thread relating to your celibacy.


If you don't know what to reply with, you can answer these greentexts

>what was the first femcel/lescel community you joined?

>talk and/or vent about your celibacy.
>any crushes?
>what is your definition of lescel, or any kind of involuntary celibate label
>when did you first discover you were a lescel?
> do you think there is any hope for you, romantically? if so, why? if not, why?
>rant or vent about homophobia
>how old are you?
>how did you discover CC?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
34 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 104627

I completely understand how you feel nona. there are no lesbians in my area, there are some bisexual girls but they’re those bi girls who only date men. It sucks how I get attention from guys often but never girls. I hate how I never got to experience love as a teenager because I was the only lesbian in my area whilst all of my straight friends all had boyfriends. I hope we’re both able to find someone who loves us, being lesbian hurts so much.

Anonymous 109265

>lesbian card revoked because no gf ever

Anonymous 109270

How do I get a gf if im retarded?

Anonymous 109273

You don't. We die alone forgotten between the happily married lesbians showing off their perfect love story.

Anonymous 109279

>this is literally the lesbian incel thread
They still don't want males


Anonymous 109127[Reply]

advice, please. i want a relationship but i am unwilling to date someone who watches porn. the thought of it disgusts me. is this a mentally ill unrealistic ideal or a reasonable boundary? i dont have any equivalent vice, i take good care of myself.
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Anonymous 109241

Love for anal is such a good indicator. They all know how much it hurts to stick things up your butt and how much pain and effort it takes to condition your body for it. And yet, they still desire it. A healthy moid who cares about a healthy relationship with a healthy sex life would never be into such a thing because the very idea of hurting his partner should repulse him, not make him horny.

Anonymous 109254

>Unless he’s an asexual schizoid spaztard, a modern male is going to be watching porn
> My nigel is an ex-porn watcher

Anonymous 109256

Ehh my boyfriend doesn’t watch porn and had stopped before he even met me for his own mental health. But it’s not like a real boundary. Most people consume porn. The way most men consume it is the problem

Anonymous 109272

I always thought it was all about the repercussions in their behaviour toward women coupled with the exploitative nature of the industry behind it.
How would you characterize your stance on the matter?

These very real problematics are often compounded with the feeling of unfair competition felt within the couple when the moid consumes porn. Is it that when we refer to this issue we are in fact touching something with a very strange geometry?
What is a 'right way' to consume porn in your opinion?

Anonymous 109281

>the exploitative nature of the industry behind it
NTA but I always think this seems kinda irrelevant. There's plenty of moids who only consume hentai but they're hardly any better than moids who consume regular porn. In fact they're arguably worse. Porn is bad because it's effectively cheating, end of story. The exploitation is just the rotten cherry on top.


Ive been day drinking again not sure if this makes sense but hear me out Anonymous 109249[Reply]

Before I thought that I am the way that I am because of what happened to me throughout my life. I am a “product of circumstances” outside of my control but my reality is that I was born this way. From the very beginning I was wired in a way that would shape all my experiences differently than most

That doesn't bother me as much. I can live with it. I can live with the strangely timed misfortunes that seem to follow me and still be happy. I internalize everything that happens to me and besides the occasional spell of self imposed isolation you wouldn't know anything was bothering me. I'm more bothered by the fact that no one ever wanted me around- I don't even know why I'm speaking in past tense, I'm stuck here- my entire life.

I've never been wanted.

My parents didn't want me. None of my friends or partners ever wanted me for long. Every single person I meet no matter the relationship or experiences, regardless of everything I do for them. They want me gone.

For awhile I tried, half heartedly, to disappear completely. still theres no such thing as a clean break.

No one enjoys my company. No one has ever loved me. And I love everyone Ive ever known. I frequently fantasize about someone suffocating me to death. I just wish that someone hated me enough to do it instead of just waiting till I go away on my own. But I'm still here. Separated, injured, but still here.

I ask, bewildered, “I don't know what I've done?” But I know exactly what I've done, I know exactly who I am. I know exactly how unlovable I am.

Anonymous 109253

You are the women of your life, you are not much, but that's everything you have.

Nobody can love you if you don't love yourself.

Self pity and self harm dont work, I have extensive experience on this subject.

Anonymous 109255

>No one enjoys my company
I'd have a drink with you nona.

Anonymous 109266


>From the very beginning I was wired in a way that would shape all my experiences differently than most
>I internalize everything that happens to me and besides the occasional spell of self imposed isolation you wouldn't know anything was bothering me.
>My parents didn't want me. None of my friends or partners ever wanted me for long. Every single person I meet no matter the relationship or experiences, regardless of everything I do for them. They want me gone.
>No one has ever loved me. And I love everyone Ive ever known.

Anon, I don't know how I dug it out, but your words reminded me of something I have read on a spirituality blog. Everything I quoted here from your post are things the woman behind the blog talked a lot about - it's like she could've written this post herself.

I will share a few of her posts here, you will see for yourself. I don't know whether you will find comfort, reassurance, understanding or solid advice in her words, but if there are two people suffering from similar circumstances, there is value in hearing each other out.

Anonymous 109267


Anonymous 109268



Can my bf be saved? Anonymous 107458[Reply]

>Is fully aware of mistreatment against women in his community and says the women should always have their best interest in mind
>Hates Andrew T_te & his content and can perfectly explain why it’s bad for men & young boys
>never compliments other women even when I put them in his face and always brings the topic back to me to compliment my appearance
>always listens to me and considers my feelings and opinions

>Asked me if my hymen is still in-tact

>Says that the same body count means differently in a relationship for men & women because of “biological instincts”
>saw an onlyfans ad on his phone one time
>Did once stare at women (while screen sharing) when I think he thought I wasn’t looking (like the sceeen froze)

For context, we’re both young. Is he a lost cause? He’s really kind & caring so this sucks.
33 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 108435

>You've set up a standard that is explicitly borderline unachievable
Megafuckinkek are you for real

Anonymous 108449

>Says that the same body count means differently in a relationship for men & women because of “biological instincts”

So he's ok with men being disgusting promiscuous whores? This tells me he's gonna cheat because "men have needs"

Anonymous 108537

>Says that the same body count means differently in a relationship for men & women because of “biological instincts”
How does that work anyway, if men can have a high bodycount there need to be that many women to make it happen kek. Unless they want to admit they're all gay. Makes no sense.

Anonymous 108538

Manwhores are called "sexually experienced" studs or chads. Women are called sluts.
Anything new?
>Makes no sense.

Anonymous 109198

Nothing stops you from calling moids sluts


Anonymous 107009[Reply]

Really need some tips to give up on addictions, namely self-harm, porn and binge eating without seeking anyone's help.
18 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 109089

But addictions are so much fun!

Anonymous 109117

That book has good advice but it's really repetitive. I guess the idea of the repetition is to drill the ideas into your head but it got on my nerves a bit. It was still worth reading though.

The main thing I took away from it is to congratulate yourself on quitting porn as soon as you stop. People often say to themselves that they'll celebrate after two weeks (or whatever) of no porn but that ends up being a trap. It generally makes the temptation to look at porn even stronger and people will beat themselves up more if they fail during these two weeks so they feel more anxiety about falling off the wagon. Over all it adds a lot of negative emotions to the situation.

The alternative that the book suggests does make things way easier. Do the usual stuff of removing temptations from your life and finding something more productive to fill your time. And then when you make the decision that you have stopped watching porn make it very clear and then give yourself permission to feel good about it straight away. If you've quit porn for even a minute you are technically free from your porn addiction and why not enjoy your new life from the very beginning? Why wait two weeks to start feeling good about it? When you do have temptations to look at porn you can just think "oh, porn? Why would I look at that? I've quit, that's not part of my life anymore and besides I've got all these other better things to do anyway." You get a bust of positive emotions so that even the temptations end up lifting you up rather than dragging you down.

The book goes into more detail on that and has quite a few other good ideas too. It'll make you dig for them but it's worth reading

Anonymous 109118

Um go get help I know you don’t wanna go receive help but like if it’s that serious you need to go see someone

Anonymous 109143

Didn't know about the pedophilia, haven't gotten that far, errrrrrrrrmmm… I'm not able to find anything about gender/sex, I know he/she wrote a book, but Edward Teach is almost certainly a pseudonym.

Anonymous 109153


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