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feel like i'm going mad tbh Anonymous 109341[Reply]

going insane going insane going insane!!!!! i'm doing nothing with my life just rotting in bed scrolling through forums and playing yaoi visual novels i swear i'm going to die alone. i have so much work piling up and i'm halfway through university but no jobs will hire me and i would rather die than go back to my own country but i also miss being in my childhood home. i'm basically balancing on a thread about to snap. i can't go to therapy cause insurance won't cover it. how the FUCK do i get out of this hole i've dug myself into ;;
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Anonymous 109414

real books. not a study into "1950's radical woman's suffrage of czechoslovakia". or a cheesy bestseller about how yoga and eating kale every day will make your life any less unfulfilling

Anonymous 109461

non-fiction or fiction?

Anonymous 109515

>replace your visual escapism with text-based escapism

Anonymous 109518



how to change:
1. start immediately.
2. do it flamboyantly.
3. no exceptions.

>music for you: youtu.be/yuBsxV7c-ks?si=q6u1QakByPngMJTx

Anonymous 109519


I can't stop going into female.dorm.areas.with open internet access, posting here saying I'm a guy, and seeing the whole group be banned.
Sometimes lifting speech backfires.


Is shallow attraction worth anything? Anonymous 109020[Reply]

Is shallow attraction worth anything?

Let's say someone falls in love with me for only my physical traits. Then is their love worthless? Because even if I were a complete psychopath, they would not know and probably not care. The entirety of my being except for my body would be something they had to deal with to fuck me or parade me around to their friends. Is such a kind of love worthless, or is it worth something?
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Anonymous 109043

Isn't this basically what "friends with benefits" relationship is?

Any sense of love that goes beyond physical intimacy is cut down. There are people that are probably good in bed but would end up being bad partners and you're only interested in sex. It's not fair to say that it's worth nothing, but it's eventually lacking in meaning. It would work for some if they're okay with it, but that's not for me.

Anonymous 109050

The question sounds like it is a bit of a curve ball as it relies a lot on the definition of love.

Some say there is no love, only acts of love, or something like that. I interpret that as action that are undertaken by someone in regard to another.
Conversely, one is free to interpret those actions as acts of love or not.
It looks like it is a two way street.
However truthful someone's manifestation of love is, if it does not correspond to the other party's expectations of what is love to be like, then it doesn't work.

Back to op's question: I guess it very much depends on what holds worth in your book.

In a larger sense, I believe entering a relationship should always be with some degree of preparation: what are the expectations, what are we willing to provide, how is it supposed to work out, etc…

I noticed that I have a much better time forming relationships (not only romantic ones) when I already have these things in mind beforehand.

Anonymous 109309


Anonymous 109320

This. You are setting up yourself for failure. You're even wasting your looks on someone who won't stick after they have faded

Anonymous 109497

my bf only likes me cuz im white

Screenshot 2023-07…

Scrote brother Anonymous 101171[Reply]

my brother is like a 3/10 objectively - balding, ugly, short, blasts andrew tate all day yet he consistently dates (uses) women way above his worth just by being overconfident. i resent him for it bc when youre a confident ugly asshole moid you just seem get away with it.
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Anonymous 108405

The scenario in the op is impossible. Moids tell themselves and each other this kind of thing works constantly. But we all know statistically speaking, women avoid tradthot moids and maga. Science has thoroughly documented how much Maga filth are devastatingly single and lonely. The lonely male epidemic is real and it will only get realer the more pathetic males dig into their horse manure philosophies.

Anonymous 109364


It's funny how the tate simps always end up being the grossest moids. He'll say some half-truths that can get people's attention, but the moment any rational person listens to him outside of a 5 second tiktok video, they realize he is a fraud and sex pest. Besides being a pretty good kick boxer a decade ago, what even is his claim to fame? That he helped to pioneer the modern porn industry (something said moids should hate)? That he owns a nice house and car is a third world country? That he scams incels for a living? That he sex traffics white women? What a joke, lol. Like there are some moids who are MGTOW that seem well adjusted, but I have never seen a tate simp who wasn't just a freak.

Anonymous 109373

this post is is suppose to be dehumanising but it just shows how little virgins understand female biology and how gay you are

Anonymous 109408

Reactionaries always go insane.
Immature people will always fail.

Anonymous 109486

I think the reason women do this is actually to raise their self esteem. It's this weird narcissism where they get off on knowing how much hotter they are than their partner (that new yorker story "cat person" kinda goes into this). In the end it's to their detriment though, since they end up with an ugly partner.


got rejected Anonymous 105128[Reply]

LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOO ONE LESS MOID IN MY LIFE (in reality i am in in severe pain)
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Anonymous 109396

i can't believe how strongly I am torn between being glad that i've only tried letting my feelings out to a guy once (it was awful, i'm still traumatized)

and being upset that I am so lonely

Anonymous 109409

i've met people dumber than this. story could very well be true

sage anyway cus this thread should die

Anonymous 109415

It's a kid obviously

Anonymous 109459


Anonymous 109460

she/he didn't though


Anonymous 109453[Reply]

I feel inferior to guys because I’m a girl and weaker than them and I feel inferior to other girls because I’m ugly and socially inept

Anonymous 109454

Men suck and all, but in my life women have caused me the most damage. A lot of women are complete bitches for no reason, especially to ugly, socially inept women. I don't feel inferior however, I just hate them.

Anonymous 109455

nice bait central.


Does my oneitis actually have any feelings for me? Anonymous 105705[Reply]

Basically, I like this guy and frequently message him to indicate interest.

I always initiate the messages.

He is very detailed, lengthy and curated in his responses and we sometimes text for 1-2 hours but he never starts any with me. I don’t know if he is seeing anyone.

He sometimes might take 12+ hours to respond to an initial text but once we start talking we’ll speak for an hour+ back and forth. He has a job but no one ever really is that busy. He also encouraged me to text him if I want to reach out,

I started off a bit more professional asking about career but lately I’ve been getting more personal and he’s been responsive. Is he just being nice because he knows I like him? I think he knows I like him because why else would I be talking to him so much? He hearts my messages (if that means anything lmao).
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Anonymous 109441

I don't think he was every interested in me.

I texted him that I don't think I'll be needing his help anymore and I hope he got the hint to no longer reach out to me. I think it's best to cut off all communication.

He told me that he wishes me the best. I wish it wasn't all so confusing. I said "happy birthday" to him and asked if his recently passed (as he alluded to the date) but he never responded to that.

I deleted all of our messages before he even had a change to respond though. I'm still 90% sure he saw it because his status was active. He's really the weird one imo. I think he wants to be left alone so I'll grant him his peace.

Anonymous 109443

No offense but it sounds like you're kind of playing games on your side, or at least you're wishy washy. You think you're getting mixed signals but you're also sending mixed signals.

Anonymous 109445


You sound like a kid playing a game of "does he love me enough". You want him to chase you or have stronger feelings without even knowing you well.

ravenously checking your messages then deleting every single one. Not a good look nona.

I think this is a case of people like us often rejecting others because we fear being rejected ourselves.

Anonymous 109452

are you schizophrenic?

Anonymous 109456

Ignore the pick-me responses from the stacies who would accept this from men kek. You were right to feel embarrassed when theres a clear love-differential. Don't become another girl for him to pick from if you can feel yourself falling for somebody who isn't falling for you. Best solution is to try and put some emotional space between the two of you if you want to remain friends. It seems like he's either breadcrumbing you because he wants to keep you as just a friend or a backup for his relationship, and you shouldn't fall for that. Find more guys to talk to to keep your mind off things, if he really likes you he'll let you know. For now please get some distance while your pride is semi in-tact and before the limerence becomes a part of you. Keep in mind men are users, as lovers as friends and it will eat you alive if you take them seriously or believe anything they say. Take care nonette.


Jobs Anonymous 108888[Reply]

I work front desk at a hotel and I keep making tiny mistakes or just saying the wrong things.

Like last week my manager asked me to get this guys card that’s staying at the hotel till the 26th. They wanted his card because the last time he stayed here the company they book through, didn’t cover the cost of the room. So basically they’re trying to nab his card and charge him without really telling him what they’re doing. I felt really uncomfortable asking him for his card because of that tbh. So I just didn’t. I was gonna tell the lady who worked after me that I just forgot to get it but I forgot to tell her. So I have no idea if anyone got the card or not and I’m so nervous about Friday now.
How do you guys deal with the anxiety of working? Does everyone make little mistakes at their job?
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Anonymous 109149

I was not trying to ignite any EU vs US with unfair comparisons, I guess our poverty is just different due to our systems being different.
It indeed seems difficult and costly to get treatment.
Regarding not having health insurance, no coverage at all is still considered a lot less costly than, let's say, some minimal and limited coverage? Do you get something with your workplace?

Anonymous 109317


How do I stop ruminating about extremely creative scenarios that could possibly happen where I fail at work and embarrass myself?

I'm getting a new job for the first time and I can't stop it.

Anonymous 109321

You basically just don’t go to the doctor at all. Most Americans are living in real poverty. So there’s no point to pay for health insurance cause it’s not gonna cover anything. We don’t have a lot of assistance offered to us. Kids do just not adults. I get health insurance through my job it’s not great but because it’s a small town it’s not so bad here. You just go into medical debt which most Americans have. We have special apps that help keep pharmaceutical costs down or certain pharmacies have their own discounts they’ll use.

Anonymous 109323

By forcing yourself to think about something else whenever that occurs.
Ex: the positives things that will cone out of it.

Anonymous 109446

The cringe you engender now echoes in eternity.


moid hate thread Anonymous 85163[Reply]

doesn’t have to be about your boyfriend. I just hate fucking men at this point.

>everyone of them has failed me

>any moid I’ve dated either had a rape kink, or raped me
>porn/hentai addiction
>used me for my body
>always had an alternative motive
>manipulated me into insanity
>abused me if I didn’t do anything they wanted
>even my own dad has failed me

I have no fucking hope in this world.
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Anonymous 108976

Not really, because this place, like >>108956 said, is tame compared to 4chan. I'm pretty sure there are people here who fit right in all those labels you've listed, but from what I've seen, they're certainly not an overwhelming majority.

Anonymous 109123

Fucking moids
I like to frequent instagram. Im a decent looking girl but I genuinely do not relate well to people and I hate men. Is what it is. Well I saw this meme making fun of the peach fuzz women grow on their face. So I made little comment for the girlies “we should really stop dating men.” Oh my fucking god, the backlash I got from men for such a simple comment. What the fuck is actually wrong with them? Like one peach fuzz is normal if you shave it, it cause acne. that hair is there to prevent bacteria from getting in your pores. Two, who gets that upset about a stranger saying they don’t wanna date men? I had men messaging for me to kill myself

Anonymous 109242

The Taylor Swift AI porn thing is disgusting and the moids trying to excuse it make me sick.

Anonymous 109243

I’m hoping these controversies push us closer to an outright ban on porn, but I know it’s a pipedream.

Anonymous 109442

South Korea has outlawed porn and that has went well, um


How to leave him for good Anonymous 109222[Reply]

I need advice on how to no go back to my ex.

My bf is not a bad man but he is not helping enough with chores, is now unemployed and I work a split shift that leaves me dead tired at the end of the day. I'm obviously still in love but I know that its time to leave him before i waste more time with him teaching him how to clean and maintain a house like a normal adult. I live with him and that's the difficult part of it. Any advice, I really need it. +5 year relationship
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Anonymous 109306

I sat down today I talked to him i said it was over and that he needed to move quickly so we could both heal. I still love him and want the best for him, but realising he would act different if he really cared was it for me. I'm not throwing his things out the window as i don't think its necessary. Now my plan is to stay firm in my decission and avoid relapsing. I know he still thinks im playing

Anonymous 109307

I understand, I hope it wont come to that.
The fact that he thinks that you are not serious about it is hard to understand after such a talk.

Did you set a hard deadline when, he and all is belongings have to be out of your place?

Stay strong nona, it will be fine!

Anonymous 109421

thank you! i told him he had one month. its a lot of time for me, I feel like if i he was somewhere else it would be soooo easy. I know its not good but i would just talk to men so i dont get bored and maybe write smut or whatever but sleeping with him is just too much. I am super mad at him right now, sometimes i miss him and want to go back but today i want him out

Anonymous 109424

One month is huge, you are not sleeping in the same bed anymore, aren't you?

Anonymous 109428

I am, i dont have any other bed nor will I sleep in the sofa. and he wont either, I thought of buying in a sleeping bag or a futon i dont really want to waste my money in this.


/lg/ - lesbian general Anonymous 108545[Reply]

felt like this should be a thread tbh
what's everyone up to? i'm thinking of downloading tinder again
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Anonymous 109387

Btw sorry guys that was a retarded post I get like that sometimes idk what I have but I have intrusive thoughts n shit not as an excuse or anything but like literally sometimes when it rains a tad bit too hard I think the world is ending or when I’m in a car I think that it will be my last day on earth because I’ll be in a car accident. And like I read anyone’s story like “my life is so shit I’m gonna kill myself” I’m like HOLY SHIT THIS INDIRECTLY MY FAULT! and kinda went to misogynistic online incel places as a teen because internet access and I keep reading about how women are evil because they rejected them and I thought that I was evil if I rejected someone. Like it’s complicated I’ll shut up.

Anonymous 109388

The difference is that I feel extreme involuntary guilt and those TikTok people usually do it as a way to stroke their ego or to make themselves look like good people

Anonymous 109389

Thinking everything is your fault is some sort of narcissism (as in: it is a failure of considering others, as you place yourself at the center of everything). Often it comes from immature parents making you responsible for everything and/or growing up in an unstable household (because if you believe all things are your fault, you have the illusion of control over them and it's less stressful than having zero control).
So these feelings of misplaced guilt are not to be trusted and if they persist once you live on your own (meaning out of your unstable family and/or living conditions) you need to work on them with a shrink or else.
And publicly convincing yourself you're better than those tiktok people is not about stroking your ego?

Anonymous 109390

The best solution to this problem would be to kill myself. And my parents are great. And I’m not mad. And everything is an excuse to kill myself because I am not a functional member of society.

Anonymous 109391

Society is sick; not being a functional member is rather a good sign (again: stop thinking you're the issue).

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