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What is actually wrong with you? Anonymous 109642[Reply]

I often describe myself as a “femcel” to people I meet online/to people I detect to also be overly online. I don’t really see this as a negative/entitled term as an incel, but more I struggle with being a woman but don’t believe in becoming trans to cope with it.
What’s stopping you from looking/like behaving like a normal woman? Do people detect something off with you “quick”?

This is me:
> I didn’t really learn makeup as a teen and didn’t really bother until my early 20s. Although I know outside beauty is the main factor in how people judge you, I wish this wasn’t the case and I hate to wear it except on occasions I would feel uncomfortable NOT to wear it
> general sense of perpetual inferiority due to being the ugly duckling in my childhood
> no long lasting female friends, female friends I have had have only lasted a few months. I blame this on a masculine mentality/ autism and not being able to understand how to comfort upset women or fit in to their cliques. Most of my female friendships have ended in a harsh betrayal but I can’t say that’s a woman’s problem. Nowadays most “normie” or “quirky normie“ girl I avoid out of fear of being manipulated
> preference towards male friends. It’s the snake that eats its own as male friends, even when not actively pursuing you, assert a sense of ownership over you and feel betrayed if you dare live your own life. But they are also easier to talk to for obvious reasons if you can mask a small bit. They lure you in with a facade that they care about you as a person but if you don’t want to be their trophy gf, you’re nothing but a burden
> ironically an addiction to feeling wanted, but live my life friendless now for my own good
> substance abuse- many things and all my fault
> little connection to my family who are fucked up in the own family drama and the presence I have given them once/twice a year for the last 5 years has only made it worse for them
> undiagnosed autism that makes the socialisation aspect of work unbearable and I am shit at following instructions if it isn’t structured like a wikihow guide

Where has it all went wrong for you?
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Anonymous 109661

In the end I want things men can't give me, so they're irrelevant to me. I really hate how ugly they are compared to women, which kills my interest even more. I don't think these are flaws I think I'm blessed to be so free of their bullshit.

Anonymous 109662

i mean i can try to pin it on various events and external circumstances but there are people with the same set of cards who do fine. so i'm sure there's some genetic aspect to it as well.
first of all i moved around a lot as a kid, so never had a lot of friends. i got used to it, and although i felt lonely, the idea of changing the status quo was almost worse because it was unpredictable. i'm not sure why but i've always - i mean always, since i can remember - been afraid of people and just generally an extremely fearful person. i spent a couple years in teenagerhood not attending school and i think that impacted my social development in a permanent way. and it's not just 'social anxiety', i've been told more than once that my first impression is as a very weird person.
so where did it all go wrong? idk probably when some family issues reached a zenith among other things and i basically stopped functioning as a social person. i am doing ok now but still lonely lol. i genuinely have no idea how to talk to people on the most basic level. i have no idea how it works. if anyone read my blogposting and related to it, that's great.

Anonymous 109663

oh and this is particularly about being a woman it seems. ok i'm not great at that either. i hate being a woman. i hate how condescending men are when they 'like' you even if theyre stupid. being attractive to them reduces you to nothing

Anonymous 109664

I've gone so long without any kind of relationship and I've isolated myself for most of my life.
Now even if I can get a relationship, I wouldn't even be able to do it right.

Anonymous 109666

> What’s stopping you from looking/like behaving like a normal woman?

I have ocd, cptsd and severe anxiety due to severe childhood trauma. I don’t have any family that genuinely cares about my well being. It has taken me decades of shadow work to even be slightly comfortable with forming close friendships with others but I still self sabotage a LOT when it comes to romantic relationships. I require so much of space and have a great need for solitude. I fall out of love in every relationship and I often experience limerence for other people and feel immensely guilty all the time while in a relationship. I don’t think I’m capable of being with anyone without hurting myself and the other person. I’m starting to make peace with the fact that I’m probably going to spend my elderly days dyingalone kek. Just spent the night sobbing over the fact that these are the cards I’ve been dealt with. Fuck it all

> Do people detect something off with you “quick”?

Usually the ones that do are mentally ill themselves. The wounded recognises the wounded.

essay writing.jpeg

essay writing and absurdism Anonymous 109611[Reply]

in most american schools, you will have to write an essay many, many times. i can distinctly remember how tedious english classes were in teaching kids how to write a "proper" essay, and that the way in which you communicate your idea/argument/whatever has to be both compelling to read, and logically cohesive. sometimes i feel like taking high school english is just a weird pipeline to creating ideologically radical manifesto writers.

even on the internet i see the remnants of high school english, because everything has to be about something "meaningful" and useful to society. very few people gravitate towards the idea of how absurd the whole process of finding "meaning" in everything is in the first place. realizing absurdism is uncomfortable for people to feel, and why is that? it's uncomfortable for me too frankly, and so i just keep waiting for someone or something to snap me out of it. does anyone feel the same?

anyways, i guess the whole point of this post is: do you think a /nosubject/ board benefits or harms imageboards? why or why not?

Anonymous 109612


>a weird pipeline to creating ideologically radical manifesto writers.
I don't think practicing proper expression leads to radicalism, I don't understand how you got that idea.
>very few people gravitate towards the idea of how absurd the whole process of finding "meaning" in everything is in the first place
Have you heard about religion?
>does anyone feel the same?
pic related

Anonymous 109618

I say something stupid to my friends, it doesn't matter. I say something smart to my friends, it doesn't matter either. Everyone laughs or no one laughs, I live or I die, I succeed or I fail; it doesn't matter. This is liberating. I do what I do because I know I don't have to. If I didn't know that I didn't have to do something, then my doing/not doing the thing would be entirely outside of my control. Absurdism is the antidote to mass hypnosis.

Anonymous 109635

people like the pursuit of meaning though. it feels good. it only becomes bad and full of regret when you harm others in doing so.

Screenshot 2023-12…

Reasons I should or shouldn't leave my bf... Anonymous 106688[Reply]

>my boyfriend is in the military, conservative, and christian
>I sell acid and grow weed, am a Marxist, and atheist

so, lets begin at the… beginning shall we?

First of all, I'm dedicated to seeing the capitalist system fall apart. I encourage everyone I know to make income in a way that isnt taxable, and help them find ways to survive without being a slave to the system. I am dedicated to seeing all military become obsolete, solving world hunger, legalizing all drug use, doing something about the climate crisis, etc.

When as a conservative, he does not care about any of this. Usually when he speaks his opinions I am just fucking infuriated, and I hate the military so ofc I hate knowing he's in the military. The only good thing about it is that I find the thickheadedness that comes with being stupid enough to be a conservative to be cute.

Earlier I clarified for him that I don't support the military, I don't support capitalism, and I don't support Christianity, and just made sure he knows I AM completely dedicated to my beliefs and will never get a "real" job where I pay taxes because I feel its inherently wrong, because he suggested I find a mcjob instead of selling weed and acid. He kinda squirmed at me saying that but accepted it I think.

I just feel like its going to cause lots of problems down the road though. I love him. I just don't know if this is sustainable or I am setting myself up for lots of trouble down the road. He is really sweet though and it really shows how much he loves me that he's able to see past all our differences and but I wonder, if this could really continue working out forever…
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Anonymous 109319

Whatever good ideas Marxism may have had in the beginning were certainly lost when it made the transition into the rabid retardation that is Marxism-Leninism

Anonymous 109322

Marxism never had any good ideas. Or rather, its "good" ideas were always downstream of dialectic materialism which is about as good at describing and predicting real-life phenomena as reading the Bible is. It's antithetical to the very idea of science and its "bad" applications are still perfectly in line with its internal logic.

Anonymous 109330

Obviously not everything within the realm of politics falls into that category, but teenage "political compass" absolutely does. You're kidding yourself if you think all of these people truly believe in the random words they spout, and you will fail to see what is actually going on.

Anonymous 109375

good for you!

Anonymous 109634


breaking up with some1 just bcuz of their beliefs is silly , nona! Love is love , your silly politics shouldn't get in the way of it. c:


How to avoid SA Anonymous 106343[Reply]

How can women avoid SA when hanging out with male friends, dating, or overall just living life.
22 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 109335

Didn't work for me. Still got SA'd.

Anonymous 109354

It’s been months and you’re still trying to talk miners into getting fat? Either fatty with horrible self esteem trying to bring down other women or moid with a fetish.

Anonymous 109355

I honestly just avoid men unless they are gay. It's easy because I'm a lesbo. Other than that, I think you have to do the typical stuff like not accepting any drinks from men, not getting drunk around men, not being alone with men. Stay in public spaces around lots of people and always make sure you're with women too. There's no real way to avoid it other than just avoiding them.

Anonymous 109617

38. spcl

Anonymous 109633


Nona , I just want to say thank you so much for the cat image. I've had a bad day that's somewhat similar to the thread , thank you so much. God bless you. <3


Anonymous 102984[Reply]

My husband is doing everything he can for me to help me but I still want to scream at him.
7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 103081

Excuse me, I don't want to make you feel any discomfort and saying this in a roundabout way won't have the same effect, so I put it bluntly. Do you believe that he is too good for you because he acts so flawless towards you even though you feel like you're dead weight and this is why you get mad at him? Is it that you're mad at him because either you feel that you don't deserve him or that his act is condescending or you want him to be more human and see him struggle too or you want him to be mad at you because you somehow think you deserve that or is it a mix of all of the above or maybe something else in this sort of way? I'd say it is not that uncommon and you don't need to feel too bad about yourself as you already have noticed that there is something wrong imo the reason for this is the inbalance in your relationship.

Anonymous 103087

You "think"? Despite him being such a decent scrote, rare as they come?

Anonymous 103094

He sounds horrible, you should leave him. And give me his contact information.

Anonymous 103106

I told him about it and he just hugged me and said don’t worry. I’m still retarded, but at least I was able to communicate.

Anonymous 103108

It’s the feeling like dead weight for me. Someone just doing so much for me and asking for nothing set off an alarm in my retarded brain and made me feel like shit.


thread for those with quiet bpd Anonymous 109502[Reply]

hi girls. here’s a thread to vent/share your experiences with quiet bpd.

for me, i’m tired of feeling like an ocean. i’m tired of feeling everything so deeply all the time. i’m tired of never feeling happy, content, or at peace with myself. i’m tired of always feeling misunderstood. i’m tired of always looking for happiness through external means and never through my own presence. i’m tired of latching onto whoever or whatever i think can provide my happiness. i’m tired of looking to relationships to provide all my good feelings. i’m tired of feeling terribly threatened by the potential loss of any thing or person i think provides my happiness. i’m tired of loving people incapable of loving me back. i’m tired of how deeply i hate myself. i’m tired of consuming myself.

Anonymous 109503

Im sorry nona, i hope you get better!

Anonymous 109561


I’ve fully accepted I will never be loved. I’m so fucking retarted I ruin absolutely everything with guys. Not even attractive men, I just settle for the bare minimum so maybe they’re less likely to leave. I’m not ugly either, and I’ve been told I’m pretty and attractive on numerous occasions. Finding men who don’t want to just have sex and leave is impossible. I wish I was gay literally all I want is a boyfriend I can just vent to who can reassure me that I’m loved. I’ll probably never get that because unfortunately I’m fucking insane and I scare them all away. Two different guys asked me out on a date and both ghosted me before the date. I don’t know what I did I’m just so hurt and tired. I didn’t even tell them I was mentally ill I probably just did or said something that gave it away. They probably found someone better or prettier or more normal I just hate myself so fucking much.

Anonymous 109589

I just really hate having it. I hate having these little bursts of anger that make no sense. Then I’ll just cry because I feel like a horrible person. No one really understands cause you’re suppose to be able to control yourself and most of the time you can. Then you just slip up. You have to be so in control all the time. Take your meds everyday, don’t seek at male attention you have a bf (even if you feel so insecure you could rip your own skin off),smile smile, don’t lose your temper and get so angry you cry.

Anonymous 109614

bpd is an excuse to be a cunt lmao


Why are most narcissistic parents a women Anonymous 108471[Reply]

Is it because women suffer more in life? I have an abusive mother and like most of them she was obsessed with my physical looks and youth which makes sense cause aging is objectively horrible as a woman and our physical looks are really important part of our identity.
She literally hates me and has expectations of me which when I don't fulfill it makes her feel like the victim. Both of us can't do anything without it affecting the other one's emotions. It makes me feel filthy and enslaved, she abused me so much until it paralyzed me mentally as an autistic woman and it caused me to act in ways that made me get in trouble at my house constantly but I couldn't communicate that it's her fault but if I did I would feel bad cause then she would feel like a victim of me. We both are individuals and everyone has their individuality so since she hates me for existing I feel a constant guilt like I have to cater to her individuality but feel bad about mine. It literally can be called a reactionship what we have between us cause she is so emotionally affected by me and I'm by her mostly cause I have no choice. I can't communicate with her and ask her what's her problem cause she is not very intelligent plus she's neurotic and like I said very emotional about my existence. And my empathy for her causes me to feel shame like sorry I was born and don't act the way you want me and it was your duty to serve the child you made what can I fucking do about this conflict like wtf are humans supposed to do
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 108755

Generally, being a mother is much more of an identity than being a father. Men might be fathers but that is usually just one small part of how they identify themselves. They put a lot more emphasis on things like their career, hobbies, or tastes. Not only that but men receive validation not from love, but from admiration and accomplishment. Having a child who deeply loves them doesn't have as much impact. So from the perspective of a narcissist parent, if being a parent is a large part of your identity then you will put much more attention into it, trying to coerce your child into playing into your delusions about yourself. The relationship between the parent and child would also be the best source for validation for a female narcissist over a male one, as the males are generally businessmen who are pursuing their validation that way. So really the answer is just that the narcissist father usually has less to gain from abusing his child so it will happen less frequently or be less severe.

Anonymous 109584

moid narcissists are less likely to have children.

Anonymous 109585

How exactly do you figure a chart showing men kill themselves 500% more often than women proves women suffer more?

Anonymous 109586

I don't think that was anons intention. Slide post

Anonymous 109590

Do you have any siblings? Someone who knows what you're going through might help.


Moid sumiside methods are more effective and moids are exponentially worse at dealing with their problems. It should surprise approximately nobody that the ape-brained scrotes who punch holes in walls over video games shoot themselves more than women do. It's not a good way to measure "suffering" at all.


Am I being weird? Anonymous 109554[Reply]

So my long distant bf came and visited me for a month or so. While he was gone his sisters were always texting and calling, mostly cause he wasn’t responding very much. Then they like got on his WhatsApp and got my phone number which I feel is a breach of my privacy. It’s not the biggest deal and I’m not mad about it. But then they went on his Amazon.. he sometimes buys me things. I don’t ask him to he just does it cause he feels like it’s a way to provide for me. His dad literally had to tell them to mind their business about it. Now one of them has invited him to dinner and he’s pretty sure it’s gonna be about that and other stuff that deals with our relationship. I think his sisters are too involved and I think it’s kind of odd. I don’t have any siblings so maybe I’m being weird. I don’t know but I find it uncomfortable regardless.

Anonymous 109578

i think it’s strange they even had the idea to look through his amazon/amazon purchase history. like, i assume maybe he’s mentioned briefly purchasing items for you before because , that’s really random if not. if they’re older, i can see how they might feel overly protective and maybe worry that he’s being used for his money if he’s repeatedly buying u things and the relationship is all online . howeverrrrr they can feel however they want and it doesn’t matter as long u and him know your relationship dynamic and are happy


Cheating Anonymous 2798[Reply]

Share your experiences.

Has your SO flirted with other people, had an emotional affair or have they done something physical? Do you suspect they might be cheating on you?

Tell us
- What are the warning signs?
- How did you find out?
- Have they tried to deny it?
- How did it end?
- Do you hate them?
- How did you get over it?

If you have cheated on someone, feel free to put your input in here.
If you need support, post here as well.
107 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 109537

That’s a really hard question. My ex wasn’t a bad bf or anything like that he tried his very best. It just wasn’t enough for me. He had his own problems but he had an actual hard life. I genuinely want to always be there for him but I don’t think we worked well together. My new bf is much more attentive. He loves giving me affection and attention.

Anonymous 109539

I Undestand. I would say that with BPD we need a partner who is stable and supportive, so we don't absorb and reflect back trauma and toxic traits because y'know, emotional codependency as a result of deeply seeded abandonment issues. Would you say you and your ex would have worked out if you sought medication sooner? It's interesting to hear other people's experiences.

Anonymous 109548

I don’t know..I don’t really think so tbh. Like you said we reflect back negative emotions. He was a very angry person well not angry as in he was a rage monster towards me. He was just angry at the world and was always close to losing his shit. Again not a bad person just had a bad life and a lot of things to deal with because of that. With the meds I probably wouldn’t have cheated on him but I would have been miserable. Plus the biggest thing about my new bf is he is a 26 year old virgin. Which in my BPD brain is a big win.

Anonymous 109550

My boyfriend would compliment women he has liked before on the internet or used to simp. I went into his DMs and saw that several months after we became serious, he was still dming some girls. He told one of them that she shouldn't be sad bc she has "face card" and "body card." He has made other comments to other women like that. Also last year when I was looking through his photos on his phone, I accidently found a screen recording he made when he went on vacation with his boys. He was apparently making matches on tinder while he was there. When I confronted him about this, he told me one of his friends was using his account but it's one of those obvious bullshit answers. I doubt he met with these women because of his awkward and paranoia nature. The screen record was his match's profile because she's a conventionally attractive, athletic, and 'super liked' him or whatever (I never used dating apps before but I guess it's one of those features) and out of his league.

I haven't ended it yet because I am stuck living with him but I can't wait to leave. I do resent him over a lot of these things of course. I am not over it. Plenty of red flags I ignored, but I guess I was desperate to find someone to live with so I had an excuse to leave my family and old town.

Anonymous 109559

I cheated on my second boyfriend that I had for a few weeks. I didn't want to continue the relationship but I was 17 and nonconfrontational so I was afraid to break up. I hooked up with a coworker and broke up with my bf the next day. He never found out about it, but I decided not to see the other guy either. A few months after that I left for college and never saw either of them again. I'm much older now and I've never cheated again because it's wrong and it's better to break up anyway. As a result I'm much more assertive about what I want from relationships and knowing when to end them


antisocial Anonymous 109500[Reply]

Does anyone else here feel like they hate everyone on the planet, like deep black hate, but you're still really polite and kind to people?

It's so weird, it's like, standing back as a whole, I am so disappointed by people. People in my life and people outside of it in general. But I also really strive to be kind to people, even when they don't deserve it. I get extremely upset if I upset anyone. I can't stand my mom but I run to comfort her when she's upset.

I don't have any friends at all. I have too high of standards and I'm offputting/weird so it's impossible. The people who do meet my standards avoid me like I am outputting some kind of repellent frequency. I seem to only attract grotesque autistic men for 'friends' who only want to talk about themselves, and I have to work to flick them away like a piece of tape stuck to me.

I feel like a fake. If I could isolate myself in a hut forever I would do it. I often just want to disappear. I don't want to die- I love reading and animals and existing, but I hate people. I often feel like I don't belong here. That I'm an alien or something. People don't like me, I don't like them, but I keep trying. I'm almost 30 years old and I have been feeling this way my entire life. It only gets more isolating the older I get.

I feel like I'm stuck as a black rock in a sea of white sand. Not special, just "wrong."

I don't want to hurt anyone, I just want to be left alone forever.
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 109514

same, except instead of dreaming about it, it is the light that pushes me to work hard and make it a reality.

Anonymous 109516

I believe this is the only way to live, at least trying to reach a goal, rather than pointlessly lament.

Anonymous 109520


Yes, I think that probably comes down to a lot of it when you put it like that. I feel very obligated to take everything I can on because I hate it when things go poorly. For example, I used to always be the one to host people when my friends were getting together, because if I didn't do it people's needs wouldn't be met or they wouldn't have as much fun. When I'm with family, I am the first one to get up and go fuss and help my grandma or help clean up when everyone else just sits around.

I think it's a mix of feeling taken advantage of, because I always feel like I'm giving more, while also no one being on my wavelength. I listen intently to people and I can see their eyes glaze over when I talk.


I'm trying- right now I leave the house only to go see my horse or go to the store. I actually interact with people IRL very little- however I HAVE to interact with a lot of people online for work. I have social media accounts I have to manage or I'll starve to death. I know I'm extremely lucky to be able to live the life I do and do it from home, but even that amount of human interaction just lays me out entirely and makes me so cynical sometimes. The only interactions I do have with people at all (online) are extremely forced and fake.

I think I probably live what a lot of people on here would consider a dream life and still sometimes I'm so numb to it all, I just keep waiting to get whisked away to a new dimension or something.

Anonymous 109521

OP adding on to this as well but I just realize I made it sound like I'm a sex worker or an influencer or something- I'm not, it's a creative career. I can see how if I was a camgirl or something that would make my mental situation seem more understandable lol

Anonymous 109547

Have you read Marlen Haushofer's 'The Wall'? It's about a woman living alone with animals. >If I could isolate myself in a hut forever I would do it.
Fun fact: there is currently a (small but) increasing number of people living as religious hermits in Europe. 70% of them are women.

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