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ex bf vent Anonymous 103399

I’ve been dating this guy for 7 months. Despite his temper and lowkey anger issues I tried really hard to be the perfect GF. He was usually so caring and loving.

He tried breaking up with me in May citing my weight gain (10 lbs from 112 to 122) and the fact he didn’t want to settle down. Then he changed his mind and really tried to show his remorse and love. He said it strengthened our relationship and showed him how much I meant to him. We were LDR for two months over the summer and he would call every day and say I was perfect etc

Recently he took me on a vacation w his whole family. I met the grandparents. They loved me. Everything was great and he was so affectionate, wouldn’t stop cuddling me and giving me gifts. Then right at the end of the vacation I went in a trip with my friend. Overnight, literally the next day my BF became so dry. Wouldn’t say I love you. Barely texted.

When I asked what was wrong he said that he doesn’t want anything that serious. That he was ending things. He was so cold. I asked why all this when like 3 days ago I was meeting his grandparents and things were perfect (even according to him). He said once I left on my other trip he started thinking. And he apparently had these doubts all summer and had even asked his fellow interns how to break up with me. Apparently he had all these doubts but at the same time was telling me how perfect I am and all these plans he wanted us to do in the future.

I wanna fucking kms lol. I’m so blindsided. I accept he doesn’t want to be with me anymore but can’t get over the sudden switch. I thought maybe I did something wrong over the vacation to offend his family but his mom even texted me saying how sorry she is and she thinks I’m amazing.

My ex wants to meet up and talk next week but idk what to even say to him and I know I probably shouldn’t go.

How do I get over this guy omfg like wtf even? Everyone in my life thinks he’s gonna regret this and try to get back but I’m not sure and obviously if I went back that would be having no self respect. I just want tips on getting over him, I know he did me so wrong but I can’t get him out of my mind

Anonymous 103400

i had a similar situation with a guy who is extremely flighty.
i would recommend you end things with this guy because he will just keep behaving this retarded way.
i think he got jealous when you went to have a vacation with your friend and reacted this way.
seriously break up with him and move on nona. its not your fault, he is just crazy.

Anonymous 103402

Don't go talk to him anon, he just wants to justify himself toward you to make himself feel better about dumping you out of nowhere. Sorry you're going through this. You deserve to be with someone who doesn't have anger issues though. Try to keep your mind off things by doing fun stuff or meeting with friends.

Anonymous 103403

Could you use the vent thread or any of the several relationship generals instead of clogging the board with your personal thread?

Anonymous 103407

this isn't lolcow. cc has always allowed personal threads. if you're that bothered, you can hide it.

Anonymous 103409

I've been around since 2019 and that's not true. Small imageboards function with generals, otherwise the userbase would never find each other in the sea of personal threads that remain inactive 4 days after their creation. This is not 4chin, threads have to be useful and help connect the few we are. Making sporadic threads cloggs the catalog and doesn't encourage interaction, it's all about their OP. You must be new using imageboards because anyone who has spent a little bit in them can see that finding 198.541.186 threads about Having problems with my moid is fucking tiring. And for some reason newfags always use anime pictures and avoid the use capitals. I am begging some of you to integrate better.

Anonymous 103410

i'm not the op and i've been here since 2017, and the relationship general you bumped hasn't been around that long either, nor was it ever required. you can go to the catalog right now and find several other personal threads, many of which are about relationships. this has never been disallowed, and your personal dislike of these types of threads, or typing style, or anime, does not mean everyone else needs to adjust to your personal preferences. the suggestion of doing away with them has been suggested on /meta/, and the response multiple times from admin has been that these types of threads are allowed. there are other users here who completely disagree with you and prefer having less restricted threadposting because otherwise nothing is allowed outside of a few generals, which is the status quo on some other sites but not here. if you take that much issue with it, you can hide the ones you dislike here, or go to sites with your preferred style of moderation, but your assertion about board culture here being against personal threads is simply wrong. the sole purpose of this board is to "talk about relationships of all kinds, ask for advice, or just vent." people often get better responses from making their own threads and it is often warranted for greater fluency of discussion.

Anonymous 103412

>clogging the board
lol even with personal threads cc moves too slow to get clogged

Anonymous 103414

I am not reading that wall of text twice, sorry. Here are some examples of threads I think should go into vent/relationship general, some of them are simply trash. They are flood and I am starting to wonder if some careless nona wrote crystal.cafe in a bus station wc and is now attracting teenagers to the site. Pic related is what you are doing. Instead of telling newfags to use the vent thread are you really advocating for letting anyone starting a new thread whenever they feel to?

This didn't know how to post and created a whole fucking thread by mistake:

Anonymous 103415


Ah… yes, the picture!

Anonymous 103417

>are you really advocating for letting anyone starting a new thread whenever they feel to?
Yes. Not everyone here is bothered by this like you are.

Anonymous 103418

It's self-defeating and they don't emphasize Check the Catalog before making a new thread for fun

Anonymous 103442

he's clearly counter-dependent and will find any retarded excuse to avoid commitment and an intimate trusting relationship. Once he feels like he avoided that, he'll feel lonely again and come back to you like everyone told you, only to do the same shit again and again. It's not your fault, he's not able to be in a relationship. Find someone else

Anonymous 103451

there'd be like three threads total if anons were only allowed to ask for advice or vent in general threads. Clearly the mods don't take issue with it so stop minimodding or take it to /meta/

Anonymous 103453

>there'd be like three threads total if anons were only allowed to ask for advice or vent in general threads.there'd be like three threads total if anons were only allowed to ask for advice or vent in general threads.
Actually no, the thing is that those would serve as containment threads for posts that belong there. There's thousands of possibilities for generals in /feels/ but newfags apparently only know to talk about their nigels.

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