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going on birth control soon, any recommendations/tip? Anonymous 19200[Reply]

any major downsides or types to avoid completely?

also are there any that have helped like lose weight??? i know BC goes hand in hand w weight gain and i wanna avoid that since im kinda chubby already :P

Anonymous 19211

Made me crave cheese, made me crazy, made me gain 10 lbs, fucks with your brain in general. I don't know the point of getting on it in the first place. If you don't want to get pregnant then don't have sex with someone you don't actually completely trust and use condoms if you do and you're in your fertile window. Your periods are harder without it but you can also just suck it the fuck up and take a midol because it's better than being on hormones and brain altering pills.

Anonymous 19214

I also recently started taking contraceptives, I'm a little worried, because I think my anxiety has increased (I don't know if there would be any correlation). I don't think all pills make you gain weight, but I'm eating less and exercising more anyway.

Anonymous 19215

Pills equalized my moods but dampened them too. Good to rein in crazy periods. And not being pregnant.
That said, I regret taking them for so long. I finally feel like myself now, and it was a long time coming.

doomer wojak girl …

how to look good while off guard? Anonymous 19204[Reply]

recently this girl on my campus who doesn't like me has been snatching photos of me looking horrendous and sending it to people. Does anyone have any tips on how to just look better even when not paying attention? Ive tried to stop the photos but nothing has worked, so I may as well embrace it.
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Anonymous 19206

why is she doing that

Anonymous 19207

We used to be friends until I told her I thought it'd be best we go our separate ways, she did not like that one bit.

Anonymous 19208

1. Why is this asshole doing this to you?
2. This is usually a matter of bad posture. Try to fix yours, style your hair better and take care of your skin too, but posture is more important, try doing some exercises to fix this

Anonymous 19209

God, what a bitch. I see why you cut your losses with her. Yes, posture makes a huge difference in how you look. Straighten your spine out, contact your abdomen slightly, and don't roll your shoulders back. Eventually, it'll become second nature

Anonymous 19212

I'd report it to whoever's equipped to deal with that within your uni. Collect evidence, get her reprimanded.


How do I stop cutting my hair? Anonymous 19188[Reply]

I know I've been depressed for quite awhile and that's probably why I do it. I've had a pixie/grown out pixie for over a couple years now. Just recently, I promised my moid I wouldn't cut it for 3 years. But, I get urges every so often. I settled on the fact that I'll grow out my hair as a sign of strength and commitment. What do you nonas suggest? I don't like having my hair this short btw, it's not because I want to impress my moid or other moids. I just want to feel pretty and feminine again

Anonymous 19192

I had short hair for years until one day I came to the conclusion that it was causing me to feel less feminine/more insecure. Throw your shears away!

Anonymous 19199

Ty nona, I don't cut my own hair but I do feel less feminine and more insecure with short hair. It's a bad coping mechanism I have when I think things are out of control but it makes me sad whenever I have super short hair. So, I guess I just have to put more faith/confidence in myself


how do i deal with my period more naturally? Anonymous 19190[Reply]

hi everyone, sorry if this is TMI but does anyone have any like recommendations on how to deal with period cramps more naturally? my cramps are so bad, and i’m on the heavier flow side. I’ve always taken medicine, but honestly I’m tired of taking it all the time and I’ve seen people say that you can build an immune system against it? idk how true that is but it still makes me nervous. i’ve tried to find some methods like heating pads and drinking a lot of water but it doesn’t seem to help. any advice is appreciated.

Anonymous 19191

Is CBD legal in your country/state? I enjoy smoking marijuana on my period

Anonymous 19196

raspberry leaf tea helps a lot!

Anonymous 19197

+1 on the marijuana hahaha

Anonymous 19198

> I’ve seen people say that you can build an immune system against it?
Medicine as in painkillers I presume? It's true you can become resistant to some medication but that's not the case with generic painkillers like Paracetemol and Ibuprofen. It's called building tolerance. Check the leaflet that comes with your medication or ask your doctor/gynecologist about it (or just google it).


can i lose weight and keep my same cup size? Anonymous 19174[Reply]

I want to lose weight but I don't want to lose my breast size, is there any exercises/ways to avoid losing in that area?
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Anonymous 19183

If that were true, then you would have access to levothyroxine, medication for hypothyroidism, which should let you lose weight without dieting, i.e. without making your sex hormones crash and making you lose your baps. It does have side effects though, so consult your doctor and be careful.

Anonymous 19184

it's not necessarily true that she has access to levothyroxine. She could have a thyroid disease but still have all thyroid levels within normal range, in which case, most doctors wouldn't prescribe that medication until one or more levels was out of normal range. She could still be dealing with symptoms of the thyroid disease (i.e. weight gain) despite her blood work being normal.

Anonymous 19185

Right on the nail nona ^^

Anonymous 19189

Hypothyroidism has two primarily noticeable symptoms, excess weight, and sleeping way more than average per day (think 10+ hours in an adult every day) even one of those symptoms should already qualify her for the treatment. GPs are retards and may disregard blood work, or disregard obvious symptoms, or both, if a condition is anything outside their normal range of hypochondriac elderly ladies and prescribing SSRIs for everything because 10 more and they get a free cruise. If your doctor does not give you what you want, you go to another one, ideally a specialist - an actual endocrinologist

Anonymous 19195

I see an actual endocrinologist, who won't prescribe me medicine despite my symptoms because my blood work is "goal." I've paid out the ass for her to tell me there's nothing that can be done at this time. Most people can't afford to go from specialist to specialist until they find one who will give them what they want. I assume OP is in the same boat. It's not like there's an abundance of endocrinologists around anyway. But to be fair, it doesn't seem like we live in the same country, so I think it must be easier where you live


Lifting Anonymous 13775[Reply]

Anyone here lifts weights? I'd love to have a lifting buddy
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Anonymous 19159


Really sorry for necro but whar’s the best i could do for my biceps with one 25lb kettlebell? i go to the gym sometimes but when i’m at home i’m stuck with that lone kettlebell since weights are expensive

Anonymous 19161

What are some exercises for building leg muscle fast?

Anonymous 19163

Anonymous 19194

25lbs is a lot of weight for bicep curls, if you can do 3 set of 10 reps with that you'll build great ceps, if 10 reps gets to easy for you, you can do 21's
if 25 is to much weight for one hand, use both hands like this

Anonymous 19201

Occasionally I do, nowadays I use kpop for my exercise needs and I alternate if I get bored. Not looking for results, just want to be healthy


Anonymous 19115[Reply]

Aluminum free deoderant. Do you use it? I am paranoid about getting breast cancer because I'm genetically predisposed so I'm always trying new brands but I haven't found any that are effective at making me not stinky.
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Anonymous 19172

I use aluminum free deodorant because I looked up the cause of pit stains and the results I got said it was aluminum mixing with sweat that does it. Been using Tom's in the lavender scent for over a year now and haven't noticed any stains on my new shirts ever since. I will say though that the smell I get when I start sweating it off is kind of funky; it reminds me of plastic toys I had when I was little.

Anonymous 19186

This is what I use too (Tom's Lavender deodorant), and I think it works very well.

Anonymous 19187

I can't even buy something as mild and tame as 5mg melatonin over the counter in the EU because they deem that dangerous, I'll take my chances with deodorant allowed in the EU.

Anonymous 19193

Secret Aluminum Free is the only brand that works for me. Anything coconut oil based or “natural” leaves me stinky asf.

Anonymous 19213

the link you provided notes that when considering aggregate exposure to aluminum from sources other than pharmaceuticals, the total exposure could exceed safe limits.
i used to use glycolic acid in a spray bottle which worked just fine, but now i use dove aluminum free for fragrance


Period pain tips? Anonymous 19157[Reply]

I have extremely bad period pains on the first day. So bad I have to skip school or anything I have planned that day because of the pain. It usually includes cramps along with vomiting and an aching pain in my uterus. I refuse to get on birth control so does anyone know any at home remedies to ease the pain? Sorry if this was TMI.

Anonymous 19167

If it's that bad it's likely abnormal and seeing a gyno would be your best bet… it sounds like you might have something like endometriosis. I relate to not wanting to go on BC and many doctors might recommend that as a first attempt at treatment because it's cheap, try to find a good one who will listen to your concerns and explain possibilities for alternative treatments. However if you truly have a disorder like endo, there may not be many other options besides surgery.
At home you can try using a hot water pack or using NSAIDs (ibuprofen, aspirin). Some women find that changing their diet to avoid certain foods helps.

Anonymous 19169

Gyno + laparoscopy would remove any Endo/cysts making periods painful. No hormones needed

If a doctor immediately throws you on BC with no further testing do not see that doctor again, BC can make endo worse

Anonymous 19180

Honestly, masturbation is probably the most immediate and effective period pain relief there is

Also staying hydrated + taking ibuprofen. I drink a lot of sugar-free Gatorade or something with electrolytes during my period

Anonymous 19181

Anons are right you should probably go to a gyno, but it you can't/don't want to, try painkillers with a different active ingredient than what you've been using so far. Not all active ingredients work the same.


is ED recovery real and/or worth it? Anonymous 18408[Reply]

got forced into treatment a few months ago and am still feeling like complete shit. every time i see an online testimonial by a “recovered” person they seem to exaggerate abt how much their life improved, or they admit that they are still constantly fighting urges and thoughts. it doesn’t help that I don’t know a single person in my life who is more than quasi recovered or clearly in denial of relapse. for anyone who recovered from an ed (or more generally, learned to stop hating themselves), what were some things that made it worth it? do you miss your ED? any useful advice for someone who just isn’t convinced that i actually want to give it up?

Anonymous 18409

sorry meant to post this in /hb. mods please remove

Anonymous 18410


Radfem pill cured me, made me realize I only wanted to be hyper feminine and skinny because I hated myself. I had a bf and did what I thought was expected of me. Girl need to be pretty girl need to be skinny, no one will love me if I'm not pretty and skinny, was my thought process for so long until I was introduced to the obvious explanations on why I thought that exactly. Misogyny beauty expectations etc, right before I got radpilled I even thought maybe I'm trans nonbinary because I'm a human and don't want to live up to rigid stereotypes. Anything to escape. Luckily I didn't and now I'm fine I gotta thank the transphobic women on here for introducing me to the concept of being a woman comes from being female nothing else. Misandry is the cure, accepting yourself is the most radical thing you can do to stick it to people who want to put you in a box. Radfem pill, pink pill, in general made me start appreciating and loving women, and in turn myself more. Don't miss it and, I wish the same positivity or neutrality on body image for any other girl or woman.

Anonymous 18411

Had pretty severe BD (wanted to kms constantly because I thought I was so fat and ugly, despite being a completely normal weight, also heavily relate to the no-photos thing) and binge-restrict cycles. Now I'm fully recovered, really, and life is a lot lot better. For me, it was a period of letting myself eat whatever I wanted, with no restricting (the kicker for me was reading Brain over Binge). I gained weight but not to the extent of becoming overweight, before things stabilised and I lost most of what I gained over the span of ~3 years.
I do not miss it. The only thing that came out of it is probably my depression art, and even that is shit. Some advice:
- it's a process, you don't magically get better overnight, but incrementally over a long period of time until one day you find yourself 'recovered,' and eating food like everyone else.
- Even then there will still be bad days where you fall back into the ED-depression mindset, but you must acknowledge them as bad days that will pass. And then they do. Idk but it works for me.
- the biggest mindset change for me was probably that my BD was vanity. Like, caring that much about your appearance, hyper-focusing on it in any situation, crippling self-hatred - that's vanity, and also a distorted sort of narcissism. What's important isn't you, it's what's outside of you, and that's what you need to focus on in order to live life properly. And so now I can go outside, talk to people, and experience things without constant anxiety. So it's pretty worth it.

Anonymous 18412

I was taking the radfem pill even before developing an ed but it's not working.

Anonymous 19173

When I really recovered, it took me around 4-5 months to gain what believe was around 30 pounds. It happens really fast, and you have to force yourself to do it and have someone for accountability. I knew I wasn't recovered mentally, so it felt like another fake attempt. But you really can not recover without being weight restored, which is not only dysphoric but also uncomfortable physically (you can be really bloated much of the time). However, AFTER that process, I continued to work on my mental health. I just had to tell myself over and over again, writing it down even, that I'm more than my appearance. Look into body neutrality and try to really internalize it, it's okay that you don't believe it at first. Avoid mirrors and scales (obviously) and social media and any focus on your body during this time. I can tell you that it is completely worth it once it's over. For me I still don't view food 100% neutrally unfortunately, but I never feel guilty for eating until I'm full or enjoying desert. Best of all, I don't control my food portions and can still maintain a natural weight. If you are eating intuitively, you will NOT remain overweight (even if your natural weight is slightly overweight BMI-wise, it really won't matter, no one would think you look fat. fat people are really overweight or obese, and that won't happen if you are recovered). Intuitive eating works only AFTER being weight restored, before you need to eat what is advised medically. Now that I'm recovered, I feel like this is my body, how it is if I just eat what I want and exercise when I want. And I can have a significant other that loves my body as it is uncontrolled and I don't have to worry about 'letting myself go', because it is in its natural state when I eat a balanced diet (which includes some 'unhealthy' food!) and only really walk (which I love to do). Social events are so much easier because I eat what everyone else is eating without any guilt. It is real and worth it, but it takes at least a year of hard work and faking it. Weight restored is necessary for recovery, but weight restoration =/= recovery, and when you quit at that state you quit at the hardest part without reaping any rewards for your efforts.


Small Breasts Thread Anonymous 3427[Reply]

Let's discuss our thoughts on our small breasts and offer solutions and bra recommendations. Please, no derailing with people saying how we have it "easy" or anything like that.

>How has having small breasts affected your body image and confidence?

>Do you believe breast augmentation is alright?
>Do you prefer going braless?
>What are your favorite types of bras, if you wear bras?
>Do you care about having cleavage or not?
>If you have been berated for having small breasts, how have you coped?
>What are your favorite aspects of having small breasts?
>What's your favorite breast type visually?
>Any other advice for other small-breasted ladies, stories related to your small breasts, etc.
210 posts and 26 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 19162

Fatty culture + porn addiction. I'm a C/small D and from Brazil (known for fitness). Always thought I had a good healthy ratio for my body until I came to America and men and women would call me flat and even suggested a BA. Weirdly enough it's all from fat men w fat gfs or just straight up fat women.

Anonymous 19165

Also from Brazil here. At least from my experience people expect you to be skinny and have huge boobs and asses here. No wonder why we are got more plastic surgery than any other country in the world but America. Standards here for women are ridiculously high and unachievable. At least in other countries people understand that having huge boobs and being skinny is not very common.

Anonymous 19166

Their standards for big boobs and butts is much lower though. Women we consider curvy here have been called flat by lard ass Americans

Anonymous 19168

So far the most effective method I've seen was vacuum pumps (not for breast milk). I also heard of women trying the primal diet then their hormones regulating causing a more flattering fat distribution

Anonymous 19171

Yeah but Americans don't understand how ratio works. They literally expect a woman that's like 120 lbs to have the same exact breast volume as a 200 lb woman and if not she's flat chested. Once had a moid go through circles about how his gf was huge (fat) and because of that anyone who doesn't match up is fat, then I pointed out the women he kept claiming were flat chested actually had a large bust/waist ratio than his gf and he agreed their boobs were big for their body like what

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