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Anonymous 12920[Reply]

Does it bother anyone else how fat positive the radfem movement is/can be?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for not caring what moids find attractive, but being fat or worse, obese is objectively unhealthy. I know moids say this as an excuse to insult fat women but moids use anything as an excuse to insult women, so yeah.

And when you bring it up they just go full libfem mode like "Not your body not your business" etc. and saying you can be overweight and healthy (even if you specifically state that being fat/obese is unhealthy, not just having a bmi of 25). Or that women should live not thinking about looking hot.

I just don't get it. Why is being fat suddenly acceptable now and if you're saying it's unhealthy you just want women to submit to beauty standards, but being underweight is a sign of a life threatening mental illness as a result of being surrounded with unachievable beauty standards?
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Anonymous 13043

I think the whole body positive movement went too far into the "EVERYONE is BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT in their own way :))))" instead of going more for a "Hey, maybe we care a liiiittle too much about physical appearance and not enough about every other thing that a person consists of" direction.

Idk, trying to enforce beauty standards like they do just seems like missing the point of it all, which is a woman's value being majorly determined by her appearance. Instead of trying to refocus how women are valued, they just try and shove everyone in the already toxic system just so they can feel good about themselves, without bringing any real systematic change.
Just bums me out when these things go in contradictory and egotistical directions instead of actually working towards change :[

Anonymous 13045

fat positivity is libfem BS. i always see radfems advocating for body neutrality. who gives a shit if someone is killing themselves by being fat? just let them and get over it

Anonymous 13046

>who gives a shit if someone is killing themselves by being fat? just let them and get over it

that's such an american thing to say.

ever thought about countries where citizens are obliged to give away a part of their income to social security. a part of the ones who rely on the social security system are, guess what, the unhealthy. so in those countries another ones health really matters.

do you wanna pay someone for killing themselves by being fat?

from an economic perspective: this is very inefficient: the money could've gone to a more productive investment than some fat person who could've been healthy if they cared
and from a social perspective: yeah, believe it or not, but there are people who truly care about other peoples (familie or strangers) health

i really hate that 'freedom, do whatever you want' mentality so much. it's egoistic and selfish and i'm not here for it

Anonymous 13047

Im op, I specified in this post

Anonymous 13048

Is that body neutrality? i thought body neutrality means you don't have to be beautiful or attractive etc. all that matters is your health and physical/mental functioning.

>who gives a shit if someone is killing themselves by being fat? just let them and get over it

>>13046 I agree. Fat families often raise fat children and even animals which I believe is abuse since they didn't choose to have snowballing health issues.


Big breasts thread Anonymous 11662[Reply]

Who here /titcow/?
There is a small breast thread, so I thought we could make one too to discuss our ailments/blessings.

>Do you like having big breasts?

>Would your change your breast size? Have you ever considered surgery?
>How has it affected you growing up? Any bad experiences with moids? Any nastiness from other girls?
>Has anyone ever made assumptions about your personality/character/libido because of your breasts?
>Do you consider any types of clothing a no-no because of your breasts?
>Any favourite bra brands or types?
>Any perceived advantages?

Also don't forget to self-check for lumps. Goes for our itty bitty sisters too.
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Anonymous 13015

I'm 28I/28HH and get called small here and there

Anonymous 13016


I think I don't have lots of breast volume but it looks bigger on me since my skeleton is really small regardless of my weight? Kind of like this image. I'm pretty short and my ribcage circumference is 26 inches, my mom and sister are average height so it's a weird development. 28F is the same cup volume as 34D and 36C just on a shorter band.
I used this tool's measurement style if anyone is interested: https://abrathatfits.org/calculator.php

Anonymous 13020

Maybe that's because you girls are all around small? I dunno, I consider myself big, but I'm definetely smaller than you and I'm seething with jealousy of you now.

Anonymous 13023

I notice some girls are bigger than me but they claim smaller sizes because they're measuring differently, so I wonder if that's what's going on. Have you gotten measured at a bra boutique before? I dunno what size you are but there's a lot of girls who get sized at Victoria's Secret or some mall-tier store and they often end up in sizes with bigger bands and smaller cups because the brands try to cram you into their size range to make a sale, even if you don't fit.
The calculator I linked is pretty good in my opinion, on par with or even better than some professional boutiques. It also has its own sub that explains a lot, I recommend it to all women
There is also a site called Bratabase where you can see non-sexual images of different sizes, and also see reviews on bras.

Anonymous 13044

I am 28F too and I see what you mean. I think that size is definitely bigger than average, but not as much as the number makes it seem. It looks disproportionate on a small frame. Since you're 28 I assume you're also pretty thin. I get the frustration with the tops not fitting but please don't bind. It is so unhealthy. Try going to specialized stores and getting a proper fitted bra. It will make everything seem much more flattering and it will probably even make your breasts look smaller since they're not spilling out or being squished together.


Can we overweight women get hot? Anonymous 8761[Reply]

I'm 25 and look like this. On Hinge I'm not able to get hits on guys who have it going on, just losers. I know I'm overweight and this could be the problem. Is it possible for someone like me to become thin and attractive again? How much work am I looking at, how long, etc…?
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Anonymous 12522

I didn't say they were a scrote since a lot of women who are like this aren't scrotes obviously but they just listen to porn sick men. Anyway there's a difference between "not caring" and then actively trying to gain weight and be overweight. The later is what anons are doing

Anonymous 12808


Anonymous 13007

Just eat at a caloric deficit until you meet your goal weight, then eat at your maintain caloric intake. Why is this concept so hard to grasp? It's beyond simple.

Anonymous 13037

Fatties don’t want to tell themselves that their obesity is their fault. They want to pretend that being fat is due to some mysterious illness and it would be impossible for them to lose weight. I’d honestly love a FPH thread but that would go against rule 10.

Anonymous 13040

please no, this isn't lolcow

this is an old thread but OP if you look like that you're pretty cute. I don't think that girl has problems getting men. Losing weight is really just about CICO like other anons ITT said but be aware that might not be your actual problem.


Anonymous 13034[Reply]

does anyone else here get UTIs all the time and they're so painful and they just won't go away

Anonymous 13035

Are you drinking enough water? I noticed I always get them if I'm dehydrated or if I hold in pee for a long time, don't know if that might help a little. Sorry you're going through this, UTIs suck

Anonymous 13036

Make sure you wash your hands and toys before and after you masturbate. And any guy you fuck should be clean too.
Could also be kidney stones.

Anonymous 13038

I got one a few months ago, but I only really had it for two days because I drank a shitload of water and went to the bathroom every time I felt the need - that helps flush out the bacteria I hear. Maybe that could help anon. Hope yours goes away eventually, they're annoying and embarrassing af

Anonymous 13039

Yes. Especially when I was younger. Drink cranberry juice, drink water, take a bath, and go to the doctor.


Anonymous 12060[Reply]

I seen this girl posted on lolcow. Apparently she is heavily disliked because she posts in the body positive tags preaching about the struggles of beauty standards/body image while she looks like this.

The person who posted this says that the problem is not that this girl is skinny or pretty. The problem is that she is aware that she is skinny and pretty, has identified a space where people use her body type as an example of "societies idea of a perfect woman", and proceeds to post to that space showing off her body to stroke her ego.

I agree with the poster. I don't think it's right to hijack a movement based around struggling with image just to show off how well you fit the standard. It's incredibly obnoxious and she should just be honest about what shes really doing and stop pretending she has the same struggle as everyone else when some women literally die trying to acheive her "genetic" look.

What do you guys think?
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Anonymous 13008

Anonymous 13012

Idk who this girl is, but that's definitely not just "genetic" and shape of her rib cage looks either shooped or like she's been corset training (most likely shooped though. She's contributing to the obesity epidemic and all the heart disease and deaths that result from it by telling fat people that they shouldn't even try to live a healthier lifestyle just because they didn't win the genetic lottery. It's bullshit. Genetics can make you "skinnyfat" by giving you a smaller bone structure under your fatrolls, but it won't make you actually thin with a flat belly or nice shape.

Anonymous 13013

Idk, this feels insanely attention whore-y to me, like… It's obvious the natural response to this would be "reeee why are you talking about this, you're thin and beautiful" so basically the kind of seething that both validates you and pushes you in the tiktok algorythm.
The fat acceptance community is so toxic they deserve to seethe though.

Anonymous 13033

she's definitely doing this for brownie points and is well aware that she is making people angry. it's almost trolling, in a way. definitely obnoxious

Anonymous 13041

jfc what a trainwreck of a post. there definitely is an issue with refugees from another imageboard here.
this girl looks like a normal thin girl, where do you all live that she looks "anorexic"? have you never seen thin people IRL? And what's with the seething about Billie's boobs jfc. Fix your blood sugar then go black to /ot/ please.


Anonymous 13032[Reply]

What's your day to day routine like?
Is it tiring/boring or are you satisfied with it? What's something in your daily life that gives you comfort?


Fat bitch hours, tips 2 lose weight Anonymous 12878[Reply]

Tired of being over 200lbs. Anyone have any ACTUAL good advice for starving? I hate being light headed all the time, it makes it hard to drive n shit. Also any advice for stomach pain would be mint. Also no body positivity bs, I’m here for it for other people just not me thnx.
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Anonymous 12988


How to not be fat 101

Make sure you understand different nutrition vocabulary:
- Carbohydrate: Refers to all 'sugar containing molecules' like Fiber, Starches, Glucose, Fructose, Sucrose, etc.
- Sugar: Added sugar (that white granular stuff) also known as monosaccharides and disaccharides. Common examples are Glucose, Fructose, and Sucrose
- Fiber: Mostly indigestible sugar structures, makes you feel physically "Full" but not satisfied long term.
- Starch: Chain of sugar molecules, also called polysaccharides. The body will break it apart into monosaccharides as needed.

- Unsaturated Fat: Fat from plants, very healthy. Liquid at room temperature.
- Saturated Fat: Fat from animals, unhealthy in large quantities due to increasing cholesterol.
- Trans Fat: Cancer causing human made fat. Avoid eating it at all costs. trans fats btfo

- Protein: Collectively referring to the amount of amino acids in food. There are a bunch of different types of amino acid that humans use and not all food has all the amino acids in its protein.

Key things to know:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 13006

You will not go into starvation mode, don't listen to this poster.
Eat 1000 calories a day if you want to lose very quickly, 1200 if you want to lose moderately. Since you're already very overweight, the pounds will come off quickly at first, and then you may plateau. But do not give up or think you are not making progress, just keep at the caloric deficit and you will get to your ideal weight.

Anonymous 13014

You gotta find what works best for you. I lost 17 kilos in the last year by eating around 1500 calories a day (not strictly measured, it's ok to eat out with friends sometimes or go over the limit, as long as you don't say "fuck it" and start eating everything in sight) and lifting weights 4-5 times a week. A moderate caloric deficit means you won't be hungry all the time (esp. if you fill up on veggies) and working out gives you control over how your weight distributes itself. It's also a good way to avoid sagging skin from losing weight too fast.

Anonymous 13019

Yes, but certain eating habits can decrease the bioavailability of the calories you take in.

Anonymous 13030

shouldnt you exercise before you eat so you burn more calories while eating?
thanks for the tips. going to lose 20 lbs with your technique. i hate lifting weights, ill skip that


abortions Anonymous 12757[Reply]

Hot topic, but what's your opinion of it? I don't like the fact that so many young people act like it's nothing, it's a quite serious topic with many angles to look at it from.
In my opinion abortions should be available until the 8th week, which is around the time the nervous system and brain reach a level of development where the fetus can be called "conscious".
Special circumstances should be available for rape victims.
133 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 13009

Europe is not below replacement level. Some places even have higher rates than the US lately. It's just an excuse to import browns.

And even if it was, forcing births is not the right way to solve a declining population. Multiple unplanned children do more harm than good. Just look at all the countries that do that and see how inferior they are. The ones who reproduce the most in no-abortion places are ALWAYS the poor, the uneducated, the minorities.

Anonymous 13025

Abortion is a good thing, it should be free and available on demand

Anonymous 13026

>The ones who reproduce the most in no-abortion places are ALWAYS the poor, the uneducated, the minorities.
What's wrong with being any of those things?

Anonymous 13027

Their argument was that allowing abortions hurts the economy because people don't reproduce. That was just to explain that the demographic groups that do reproduce under no abortions laws aren't the type that help the economy.
Being uneducated is not good tho. Not for you or anybody. And I don't mean fancy upper education, just decent education at school and at home while growing up.

Anonymous 13029

Nice straw-man, did you build it yourself?


Anonymous 12620[Reply]

>Got a new job where I stand for 8 hours
>Feet stink when I come home
What should I do?
5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 12650

Anonymous 12974

>Feet stink when I come home
Might be a blessing in disguise if you have a bf who's into that stuff.

Anyway I use a little baby powder before I put on my socks and leave, and then if I come home from uni to lunch and I still have classes I put a little more of the talc under my socks. Then when I get home I usually shower and make sure I'm clean.

Anonymous 13003

Gotta just soak em after work

Anonymous 13021

Have a similar problem, just bought a foot cream from a pharmacy and no longer have that problem. Not a bad idea to wash them after getting back from work regardless.

Anonymous 13024

Wear fresh cotton socks everyday.
Are your shoes staying damp overnight? If so put a dry teabag in each of your shoes, this will help absorb any moisture (and odour).
Go to the pharmacy and ask about athletes foot spray or anti fungal cream just in case.
Wash feet after coming home from work and after exercising.
Good luck nona.


Anonymous 12693[Reply]

Have any anons gone blonde? What's the upkeep like? I want to do it but i'm kind of lazy. I would be starting off from a level 6 light brown. I feel like it would make a difference in my confidence though.
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 12720

When you dye your hair, there's shampoos and conditioners that will help your hair not turn brassy https://www.byrdie.com/best-purple-shampoos-for-blonde-hair-4587044

Anonymous 12890

don't go full head as the upkeep is a pain. go to the best hairdresser you can afford and get balayage or something similar that can be grown out

Anonymous 12982

Nice, I'm a level 40 paladin

Anonymous 13000

I went accidentally blonde this way. I had light brown hair and kept getting lighter and lighter balayages. Don't know how to feel about it, I definitely get more compliments but blonde doesn't match my self-image and personality.

Anonymous 13022

just grow your hair out a bit and gradually transition back

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