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Weight loss Anonymous 15695[Reply]

I'm only allowing myself to eat a maximum of 400 calories a day and doing brisk walks for one hour (I'm trying to increase the time gradually.) My weight is 49kg and I'm 5'0, which means a little bit fatty. How much weight will I lose in four months? I don't look pretty enough, so I'm going to try and lose weight instead.
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Anonymous 15952

I know this is a wannarexic thread but chill out anon. 1 day of "fucking up" is not going to outdo a whole week of progress. You do not turn into a fatty overnight. Weight is gained by prolonged bad habits over a period of time.

Anonymous 15954

I'm not at fatty weight, I just want to be thinner but have sort of plateoud.

Anonymous 15955

I never said you were. I am saying, you are not going to undo your progress and gain weight just because you had 1 day where you fell off the wagon. Just get back on it again the next day. Also, if you are going to an event, do NOT skip out on meals earlier in the day. Eat your normal breakfast and lunch or whatever. Going all day without eating in anticipation of a social event is how you get hungry and end up binging at the event.

Anonymous 16604

Tfw you are recovering and are the same weight and height as op. Exactly why I dont lurk /hb

Anonymous 16614


You are not fat. That is a normal weight.
Jesus, what is wrong with people…
Stop starving yourself that does not help anyone.


Anonymous 16594[Reply]

Is there any way to feel sexy when you're short and built like a fridge? I feel like to be seen as sexually attractive you have to either be short and curvy or have a rectangle body but still look mature. It usually doesn't bother me because I prefer to feel cute rather than sexy anyway. But when my bf expresses his sexual attraction to me it feels puzzling and I get all awkward because it feels so hard to accept. I guess it's a sensitive topic my body does look a bit childlike so a lot of people do associate the attraction to women who have my body type with being a pedo. I feel like we do need to be cautious of pedos but I'm not sure it's a good idea to throw the women with my body type under the bus and act like they can't express their sexuality because pedos might find it appealing. I wonder if there is anything that can help someone with my body type feel sexy. Maybe some styling tips or something like this?

Anonymous 16597

Hang around submissive men, that's how.

Anonymous 16612

you literally have the best body type for a woman. it's better to look younger/cute for longer. all those big bitches are gonna be beat looking early on. guys are attracted to smallness and cuteness basically the opposite of them. don't worry.

Anonymous 16613

I feel you, same bodytype here.
I am too hatefull at myself for ever having a relationship, so I am happy for you.
For me looking cute is not a possibility, my face is not cute, it looks more like a serious librarian. I would love to look more womanly. Yes, yes I know every woman is womanly. You guys know what I mean.
But it is not possibly.

I am not a fashion person, but maybe shorter dresses? Dresses look often sexy. Maybe something like business attire? penicl skirt etc.

You know that you can be short and still look older?
We are getting older like everyone else. Do not need to be so rude to other woman and many men love sexy and women with curves more.
Also it is not important what a men thinks, but what the person themself wants.
No amount of insult will help here.


Eating disorder but not caring about weight Anonymous 16606[Reply]

Tomorrow marks 7 days since I ate anything and I feel do alone. I can't find eating disorder spaces where I feel I can relate to anyone. I've had anorexia for a decade, I've long since graduated past the point of thinking this was about weight. I become majorly food repulsed when my emotions are fucked, idc about calories or thinspo or "one day you can wear THIS". I just wish there was a place for people like me who aren't working towards some kind of goal

Anonymous 16607

When I was in my early teens I thought it was about weight. I would weigh and measure myself constantly, save hundreds of thinspo pics to idolise, and watch anorexia documentaries obsessively. Idk how it even developed in me but I know it was a cope for extreme emotional abuse. At this point I'm in my 20s and I'm almost the exact opposite. I want to eat and I'm scared to die like this but I just keep losing weight from food repulsion and I just don't really know what to do when it's getting particularly bar

Anonymous 16609

i relate to your sentiment that you have the eating disorder but dont care about weight. for the first few months of my eating disorder, it was weight-focused, but quickly that faded to the background and i just couldnt eat, even eating a full meal would give me extreme anxiety and was almost unbearable. i would try to find someone to relate to, but would mostly encounter wannarexics online when i tried to find people to relate to. or people with eating disorders who didnt have any desire to stop and just wanted to lose more weight and continue their binging and purging.
ive managed to mostly recover, and believe ill be able to completely recover (if thats even possible). i eat three meals a day and usually eat three snacks as well. it seemed like i would never be able to do that when i was deep in my disorder, but its possible now and im slowly getting myself back. some days i want so badly to give in, and let my hunger pains take me away so i dont have to worry so much. i feel weak for being all emotional and having a womanly looking body. i feel afraid.
the good things are that i can think so much clearer now, i can run around and have fun and be full of energy, and i dont look unwell anymore. i have my body back. i lost her for a while and i was scared id never have her again. i get afraid that ill lose her again.

Anonymous 16611

Finally, someone who gets it. you're in a place I wanna be. You're a fantastic brave person for being able to recover and by God I hope you stay that way for the rest of your life. Nobody deserves to live like this


Anonymous 16591[Reply]

When I bend over I can kind of see and feel my coccyx/tailbone sticking out slightly. I never noticed this before until now. I feel so self conscious now, especially about the thought of having sex. Does anyone else have this or am I just a freak?

Anonymous 16592

>does anyone else have a coccyx
just you sis

Anonymous 16595

my coccyx is broken cyz u fell on it and now it's bend in weirs ways too dw about it nona

Anonymous 16601

Don't worry nona, someone who truly loves you will find your unique features (even the ones you don't like) endearing and cute. I'm sure it isn't as bad as you feel it is. Based on pictures online it is just rare-ish and not very noticeable. Doesn't look bad to me at all. If you really dislike it I've noticed people who build a lot of muscle and gain weight stop having a visible spine (concealed by all the extra cushion). But it isn't necessary imo.

Anonymous 16602

Focus on your own pleasure instead of his visuals. What he sees isn't important, certaintly not more than your pleasure. It's not your body that's faulty, it's your mindset.

Sorry but I really want to slap some sense into women when they're so deeply concerned with how they look during sex. Is that your sexuality? Is that what you get or want to get out of sex, looking good for your partner instead of getting your pleasure?

Anonymous 16610

My tail bone sticks out a lot even when I'm not bent over. If it isn't painful don't worry about it.


Anonymous 11863[Reply]

do you think you're good looking? what would you rate yourself
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Anonymous 16545

There's nothing wrong with being a chad in fact isn't that normal? You're into a guy that takes care of himself, has above average hygiene, puts effort into dressing himself, has an interesting personality etc.
Idk what chad means to you but it's obvious that he's basically the ideal partner at least looks wise.

Anonymous 16555

I’m honestly a natural 2. I think the highest I can get to is 5 and if I got plastic surgery for my malformed nose I could reach a 7. I think my body is fine but I have a severely deformed face + my hair is thinning

Anonymous 16583


Miners, I may not be as ugly as I think I am and it scares me. A shop girl kept telling me how pretty I am and how cute my outfit was to the point I got so flustered today. All my life I've been told I'm ugly and fat by both my family and peers and it ruined my self esteem. But this is happening more lately where people tell me how cute or pretty I am or my hair is nice and every time I'm in utter disbelief. I try to keep a decent appearance for my own self, but still they're all surely joking, right?

Anonymous 16600


i wear a hair covering, no make up, and long sleeves and ankle length skirts on most days. not to mention my glasses, because contacts are just… ew. i could look decent if i took off the hair covering and put on some makeup, but that sounds unappealing.
men dont flirt with me either, i've never been catcalled in my entire life. the only boy who ever found me pretty is my current boyfriend.
i'm fit, young, i've got bright green eyes and 3 ft long hair.
For the reasons listed above I'd give myself a good 5.5

Anonymous 16608

At work I frequently get complimented and compared to very beautiful female celebrities. Men borderline harass me both online and in real life trying to ask me out. The one person I've ever felt strongly about in a romantic sense asked me out and we're dating now. Despite it all, despite the overwhelming evidence that it's good, I hate myself. I have the most freakishly negative obsession with my appearance and sometimes I start to feel so ugly that I feel disfigured. When I was younger I was a social pariah and also a bit fat and unaware of how to manage my appearance and I think I got called ugly so much in my developmental years that I became fixated on improving my appearance in any way that I could short of plastic surgery and injections (which I am morally opposed to). God man, what's wrong with me. I feel like the worst kind of narcissist.


Are there others who completely don't wear make up? Anonymous 14558[Reply]

I've never wore make up, and I don't think of putting it on in the near future. I don't have skin problems and I like my skin, also I don't see things that need to be changed on my face.
All the women my age I know wear make up.
Anyone in CC that does the same?
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Anonymous 16159

I think that’s just autism, small things bother us a lot

Anonymous 16288

i wear mascara and a lip stain if im going to a concert or special event but i actively avoid makeup for two main reasons

first, that i have no idea how to use it.

second, i have this weird complex about not knowing what parts of me are authentic and what parts ive stolen from others or made up for myself for others. like i think i developed a lot of my mannerisms and personality to appeal to others and i dont wanna lose my face to them too

Anonymous 16290

I have never used makeup and most likely will never do, but it does make me feel even more insecure. I look like a baby compared to my peers because I don't wear any (I guess my round-ish face helps to that too), and most people don't take me seriously because it.

Anonymous 16291

I don't wear make up. Normal make up looks very awkward on me and it is very hard to find products that don't irritate my eyes.

Anonymous 16603

ive never been deep into makeup at all but wore foundation, concealer, blush, mascara etc. i havent worn any for almost 5 months and the only time i get "insecure" about it is when i think of an hypothetical scenario where i have to meet a man i like. same thing with shaving even though this thread isnt about that.


Face masks Anonymous 16386[Reply]

Does anybody else love wearing surgical masks? Even tho where I live we don’t need to where them for Covid that much anymore I still want to keep wearing them. I know people will judge me but I just like how it covers my face makes me more invisible
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Anonymous 16579

There is an antibody test that tells you if you had it.

Anonymous 16581

why the fuck would you wear lipstick under a mask

do something more productive with your time than worry about this

Anonymous 16584

I work as an extra and we are made to wear masks on set, but we still have to have our makeup perfect for filming. I'm not fucking stupid and I don't think masks are necessary anymore.

Anonymous 16585


Get KF94 masks. Most of them are in a "boat" shape where they sit away from your face.

Anonymous 16599

i cant stand being forced to wear them. at this point most people dont care if i wear it beneath my nose. i just adjust it when i walk by the people who would yell at me for it

unnamed (2).png

Anonymous 3712[Reply]

What's your favorite scent?

Any particular perfume you really hate?
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Anonymous 16497

I would do some research on http://fragrantica.com/

Anonymous 16586


Any Byredo girlies here? What's your fave scent? I've only had Gypsy Water and I really like it. Planning on buying Mojave Ghost next.

Anonymous 16589


Anonymous 16590

Does anyone know a perfume that smells like roses and baby powder mixed together? I love powdery scents.

Anonymous 16598


Easily Marc Jacobs Daisy


Anonymous 16108[Reply]

Do any of you suffer from PMDD? (It’s the sever form of PMS)
How bad are your symptoms and is there anything you do to help with anxiety and panic attacks?
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Anonymous 16112

God I read this post a couple of days ago and today and yesterday I was all irritable and exhausted, ate some snacks I shouldn't have, and today collapsed crying for a while. It's like every month I forget I have this shit.
The most important thing, for me, is to tell myself again and again that it's hormonal, it will pass, these emotions have no ground, it's temporary, I will be happy one day though it seems impossible.
I try to go easy on myself but it's hard with work and studying. Haven't figured out a solution yet. I read a research about calcium supplement, maybe I'll try it next month.

Best of luck to you. Please stay safe, it will pass

Anonymous 16113


5-htp has been a godsend. I just take it as needed when I feel like my soul is dying and it's just the luteal phase of my cycle

Anonymous 16280

>be bisexual and mentally ill
>look like a masculine incel looking autist and not a blonde feminine woman like the op pic

Is this what being validated feels like?

Anonymous 16357

I never had mood symptoms but I had such severe insomnia (think 0-2 hours every night in the week before my period). It made me drop out of grad school before re-enrolling at a less prestigious one. Birth control was the only thing that fixed it. I fucking love birth control.

Anonymous 16596

yes. I feel possessed during my pmdd phase, like an entirely different being until it starts, usually lasts 3-5 days.

ive recently learned that caffeine is a MAJOR trigger. please stay away the week before your period


What sunscreen do you guys use? Anonymous 12359[Reply]

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Anonymous 12374


I’ve been using this for several years now. All American chemical sunscreens make my skin sting. This one doesn’t irritate my skin or leave a white tint. It makes you a little shiny but it’s nothing that powder can’t fix.

Anonymous 12377

Thanks, anon. I'll check it out.

Anonymous 12417

I use this too! It might be because I put it on thickly like regular sunscreen, but even on my pale skin it has a pearly white tint. My favorite is anessa, I just can’t afford it anymore.

Anonymous 12424

I used to use the Biore watery essence but now I use the Skin Aqua Super Moisture. Both are great, but I prefer the Skin Aqua one.

Anonymous 16063


Lately I've been really into trying different sunscreens. I really like the cetaphil sheer mineral face. The white cast isn't too harsh and it's not greasy. If anything it can be a bit drying on me, but I still really like it.

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