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miku is a terf.jpe…

Terfposting #17 Anonymous 128346

Anonymous 128348

Screen Shot 2022-0…

narcissa wright, infamous speedrunning tranny, threatened to shoot up twitch hq and got permabanned but they reversed his ban
why are they some sort of protected class? it's like the rules don't apply to them

Anonymous 128352


Anonymous 128355


I remember that name, it's this troon, right?

Anonymous 128356

>She “made a promise to me on the first day, right? My wife was sleeping, and I’m holding her [my daughter] in my arms. And I get emotional thinking about it, but she made a promise with me. She shook my hand and I said, ‘I’m the only boyfriend till you’re 25 years old, shake hands.’
>“Shook my hand. So I have changed the diapers. I have looked under the hood. She’s a woman. I’m gonna be the last guy in a long time that looks under the hood right there. But guess what? She was born a woman and she’s gonna stay a woman, it’s that simple.”
get off my side you retard REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this is why despite my dislike of troons i will never ally myself with conservative politics

Anonymous 128357

samefag but dropped the "who": it's andrew giuliani

Anonymous 128358

I fucking hate twitch more and more each day

Anonymous 128360

I don't understand.

Anonymous 128361


Anonymous 128362

Why is im not sure so low its like people are so politicized they have to pick right or left

Anonymous 128368

I didn't know the insanity was so widespread although it is Twitter.

Anonymous 128372

Because it isn't a difficult question? There is no grey area, it is "yes" or "no"? And it really shouldn't even be a political question, its a biological one.

Anonymous 128381

Anonymous 128384


I don't think I would be able to keep a straight face if I saw one wearing leggings in public tbqh

Anonymous 128385

yep that's him
he's gotten progressively more unhinged over time and he's at the point now where even other trannies are saying he needs serious mental help

Anonymous 128391

Probably didn't want to risk getting gunned, they know the guy is crazy.

Anonymous 128408

No to what, anon? Women can't have penises, there are no exceptions.

Anonymous 128433

Just because something has an answer doesn’t mean it isn’t political (I mean political in the sense of a part of the political discourse)

Anonymous 128530


social contagion moment

Anonymous 128590


let's ruin it

Anonymous 128591


the r/place trans flag has been obnoxious in bulldozing other people's pixel drawings, yet being bland as hell with having no art of their own.

The trans flag is the biggest lgbt flag. See that little stripe below the USA? That's the gay flag. The diagonal rainbows are the "rainbow roaders" and aren't neccessarily associated with the gay community (though some might be).

(screenshot is a portion of r/place).

The trans flag bulldozed the Quebec flag (and artwork), the UK flag twice, and the USA flag. (though now it's rebuilt itself with strict borders)

And now it's invading Turkey.

Anonymous 128593


Let's fucking gooo

Anonymous 128599


lol turkey is having revenge on the trans flag for being invaded, and rainbow road is being an opportunistic expander

Anonymous 128601

This. Also every big thing on there will have bots protecting it so there's no point.

Anonymous 128603


it appears the turkey and rainbow road takeover is successful, for now.

Anonymous 128606

It's just fun. They obviously care about it and are thrown into a raging fit whenever they don't get their way in every inconsequential thing ever, so it's fun to ruin their shitck.

Anonymous 128612

Yes, several on the /b/ board.

Anonymous 128626

the moids can't even coordinate a single thread.

Anonymous 128634


Anonymous 128635


Anonymous 128640

what do you think?

Anonymous 128677


Help us paint the r/detrans flag on r/place!

Anonymous 128680


Anonymous 128690

I think it's very interesting to see a FtM attempt to do to men what MtF do to us all the time, try to redefine what being a man is so they can fit better with their female characteristics. It really highlights the core problem of all of this: this has zero impact on men. If an army of FtMs enters masculine spaces and tells them "men can be passive too", they will just shrug it off and keep doing their man thing. They won't be heard or have an impact by the nature of their differences.
However, when MtFs come to us with their male aggressiveness and violent threats ordering us to redefine womanhood, women promptly do that. Men are not affected by this half as much so they will never care and they will never help us.

Anonymous 128700

I wish women weren't so malleable. A lot of our problems could be solved or wouldn't exist if the majority of us wasn't people-pleasing pushovers. Trans ideology, for example, would have just stayed on tumblr.

Anonymous 128703

Look at this Peter Griffin-looking mf coping, seething and malding big time.

Anonymous 128704


Forgot to drop pic

Anonymous 128724


Anonymous 128771


>many males prefer TIMs
Not true. No one wants to date them lol. Not even ~queer~ types.

Anonymous 128778


As a lesbian on the spectrum I really hate how they try to lump trans shit in with these things in order to make themselves seem more legitimate to people

Anonymous 128790

On the spectrum too. How enraging that they think my neurological disorder and their willful fetish are comparable in ANY way.

Anonymous 128792

I guarantee all those lesbian women are in fact troons lying on the form

Anonymous 128798

Yes, there are repressed gays who like TiMs for their dick while pretending they are still straight, but the TiMs tend not to like that. They don't even like when bi guys are into them.
Everything about this screenshot reads like a parody, but I know it's not.

Anonymous 128813


from 'women'

Anonymous 128814

Mentally ill -3.jp…

Anonymous 128815

Lmao he probably can't fight for shit

Anonymous 128909

Wow that pacifier is so intimidating

Anonymous 128918


I keep seeing troons on Twatter saying they lurk and post here. Almost took a screenshot of a particularly seethy one making a rape-fetishism apology but then I realized he'd love the attention.
So I'm just gonna drop a lovely YWNBAW reminder to any troons lurking this. We don't want you here and you're not one of us, love.

Anonymous 128919

Anonymous 128921

To all the troons lurking and posting here, please kill yourselves. Us women will never see you as one of us so give up. YWNBAW

Anonymous 128924

"here" crystal.cafe or "here" terfposting threads?

Anonymous 128925

"here" planet earth

Anonymous 128931

This. They're explicitly not welcome anywhere on this website.

Anonymous 128933

yeah, obviously. i just wondered what trannies would get out of being in terf threads.

Anonymous 128934

That's basically digital self-harm, kek.

But yeah I wouldn't be surprised. They're still males at heart so of course acting like a male and getting off of violating is par the course for many of them.

Anonymous 128939

The opportunity to stream fake crying over it for pity attention. The usual.

Anonymous 128942

this man looks like he will snap in half if the wind blows in his reaction

Anonymous 128965

Legit looks like he would ball his eyes out if he got a tiny papercut

Anonymous 128977

I got banned for putting pixels on the tranny flag D:

Anonymous 128993

lmao the scrotes in skirts saw the little love message and they're very angery.

Anonymous 129012

Nothing makes troons angrier than woman having their own spaces and setting boundaries lol.

Anonymous 129023

I thought r/place was a free for all fight? How the hell did you get banned?

Anonymous 129063

Of course they unbanned him, he's an ever so innocent troon, the mods love them.

Anonymous 129115

>How many Twitch admins are troons though?

If reddit is anything to go by, almost all of them.

Anonymous 129116


tim hands typed this post

Anonymous 129118

Why the fuck must they ruin princess mononoke for us though?? Keep them the fuck away from my anime

Anonymous 129148

I hope that troon and the moid finding that cute kill themselves. That's fucking foul.

Anonymous 129157

I thought about streaming for fun before on twitch, but now I will be staying away from it. I wish people would actually go through with "boycotting" twitch those times when people were outraged by them over Alinity

Anonymous 129195


>be me
>do the grave mistake of debating with a moid
>at first we seem to agree that genderspecials are mostly people trying to run away from their reality of their biological sex
>we agree that biological sex is what actually matters
>we both agree that a good amount of spoiled people also become genderspecials because there's also a trendy aspect to it with social media
>in the middle of the conversation he brings up a friend of his who is a TiM
>he says his friend is based because he isn't a white westernoid but a turk with real gender dysphoria like blaire white
>i say it does not matter, he is still a man (also fuck blaire white)
>he says but muh gender dysphoria
>i reply that it means he is a man with mental illness
>i proceed to add that no matter how "based" and "trutrans" he is he will never be a real woman
>he says "no don't worry he is based he knows he is biologically male"
>i just say that he is basically a self aware tranny
>i proceed to add that no matter how self aware he is he still does not belong to female spaces
>he proceeds to shit out the biggest strawman in existence: "you have been corrupted too much in those spaces, thinking every trans be like that. You are like that uncle in the family keeping a keen eye on that black guy who ya family is dating"

Anonymous 129199

God I am so tired of men like this
They find trannies valid if they find them attractive enough, so the real reason they're "transphobic" is that they hate ugly people kek

Anonymous 129206


Anonymous 129214

For real, imagine comparing the influence of a literal god to whatever mental illness they have. I mean it's delusion either way but at least it makes sense in San's case.

Anonymous 129217

>>ask for a pic
>>laugh at the pic
>>laugh at him for believing its anything other than a mentally ill man

men are afraid of women's laughter

Anonymous 129330

Unfortunately I don’t know if afraid is quite the right word for it, I think it’s more of an inability to manage feelings of humiliation without becoming a school shooter

Anonymous 129335



Anonymous 129341

do the vast majority of people actually believe trans people are the gender they say they are, or do the vast majority just play along to be "nice" and to not upset someone's potential dysphoria?

Anonymous 129345

The latter, but pretend like it's the former for the same reasons mentioned in the latter.

Anonymous 129347

Not based at all, these are the same privileged white man who think women should be serving them in the kichen, sooner or later they'll want to undo women's rights.

Anonymous 129348

There's no motivation to lie to trannies as >>129335 proves, it's well within the overton window to say that "girls with penises" don't belong in womens' sports because they're men
However that begs the question, why would so many people actually believe a lie like that?

Anonymous 129375


so many angry troon males and their handmaidens in the quote tweets and comments
very creepy how troons are obsessed with a 16 year old 2D idol marketed as waifubait for creepy japanese otaku men despite the fact there are some anime characters that are actual trannies (and also not underaged)

Anonymous 129376

Aaand her tweets are protected now. How much do you want to bet it was death threats that made her do this?

Anonymous 129382

also possibly doxxed by an angry troon and/or being mass reported by them, but yeah posting anything radfem is guaranteed to get a few death threats unfortunately

Anonymous 129386

dangerously based

Anonymous 129390

This person is a hero. I hope she's doing okay.

Anonymous 129444


Anonymous 129448


Anonymous 129449


Anonymous 129450


Anonymous 129451


Anonymous 129453

the takeaway should be that the teachers are keeping it secret though

Anonymous 129454

troons not being incestuous pedos challenge (impossible)

Anonymous 129461

Yeeeeep. Don't let your dislike of troons distort your view of who your enemies are. If you're a burger, these rich, white, conservative Evangelical males are not your friends. They are not your allies.

Anonymous 129462

Oh for fuck's sake, it isn't grooming. Libfags are just very susceptible to thinking they're doing the right thing by keeping a trans child's identity a secret. Kids are scared of coming out to their parents + libfag propaganda that being trans and gay are basically the same thing => teacher feels protective => kid gets to "be themselves" at school and the teachers probably think it's a great win for the child's freedom and sunshine and rainbows. A better word to describe it would be enabling.

Anonymous 129464

If it makes you feel any better theres a good chance this didn't happen. A lot of 4chan boards but especially /lgbt/ in particular are full of these weird incest fetish larp posts that are generally super blatant. Take solace in the fact that it's probably just a lonely moid typing out his deranged fantasy

Anonymous 129471

Lol, what does their race have to do with it? As if men of other races are any better (if not worse)? Fuck off.

Anonymous 129472

Think it's an idpol thing, that they're using their racial and economic status, as well as their religious influence to groom children and silence any potential whistleblowers. Also because most of the politicians they're referring to are in fact white. No worse than acknowledging a lot of common rapists are brown or black.

Anonymous 129476

You have more power when you're allied with other groups on shared values even if you don't agree with them on everything. Can't have that though

Anonymous 129479

>You have more power when you're allied with other groups on shared values even if you don't agree with them on everything.
Not when you're a woman and they're misogynists.

Anonymous 129550


>had a dream that I posted about getting diarrhea on my art twitter account for some fucking reason
>one of my trans followers comments "that's wonderful to hear, thank you for being such a stellar representative of the trans community"
>this is 100% sincere because in this particular dream's universe, diarrhea is a universal side effect of taking HRT, therefore it's been pushed to have positive associations only by woke media, becoming literally just as much of a trans symbol as the trans flag
>respond with something along the lines of "not a trans representative but I'm glad my post brought you happiness anyway" (staying stealth with GC opinions on twitter for obvious reasons)
Actually woke up laughing, what the fuck

Anonymous 129553

Lmao thank you for this anon. If only I could remember my dreams

Anonymous 129561


What board is this from?

Anonymous 129563

I think only /pol/ has that fascist memeflag

Anonymous 129564

fucking liberals.j…

>literally just as much of a trans symbol as the trans flag
Oh god, my sides.

Anonymous 129569


Anonymous 129570


Anonymous 129571


Anonymous 129587

Totally not a fetish or anything

Anonymous 129588

Right. So. He acts like a major creep and steals his sister's underwear, obsesses over the life she's lead and where she's gone and will go…and he still thinks this is about a crisis…no, this is mental illness. He's acting like a deranged bloodhound that fixated on something and can't look away. What a nutjob.

Anonymous 129590

the goblin wants the surgeon to intentionally make the neopenis look like a botched surgery and not like an actual penis(because she wants to be a transman rather than a man).
the other goblins are pissed off because that implies the two are not the same.

Anonymous 129591


> He's acting like a deranged bloodhound that fixated on something and can't look away.

Anonymous 129604

Mentally ill dad. It must suck to have a dad that browses Reddit.

Anonymous 129607

I hope he kills himself. Absolutely disgusting. Poor girl doesn't deserve this, I hope she gets away from that weirdo of a dad asap

Anonymous 129609

it's funny because, y'know, I would think wanting a not-quite-cis penis would be actually a lot more progressive than wanting one exactly like typical men. it's like being a tranny has perverted into something entirely besides being allowed to refer to body parts and traits as they wish because honesty triggers and troubles someone in their community.
>can't and won't
I got the bad kind of chills.

Anonymous 129615

So which do people here hate more? The interlopers (mtf) or the traitors (ftm)? I assume the former since it's more widespread/evident, but I'm curious if the hate for the latter is as universal or not.

Anonymous 129626

Mtfs cause they’re men. Nuff said.

Anonymous 129628

mtfs because they are the ones that are actually looking to replace us and they are scary, more perverted, more criminal minded. There been many cases where they have already done sexual assault, exhibitionism, peeping tomming, etc. mtfs are huge degenerate pieces of shit and actually harmful to society more likely than not.

Anonymous 129630

New King Critical video btw if you wanna know how looney trooners think. It's sickening their whole sea excuses they use to get away with their unfair insane order of things…

Anonymous 129638

>109 surgeries

Anonymous 129639


I cannot put into words how much I hate the look of these wojacks with the swollen tongue and yellow teeth
Its disgusting in a way I have trouble putting into words to the point that I actively glance away from the screen to not look at them
Its a nice consolation that I'm sure that trannies that DO see them feel much much worse, because they can see themselves in it.

Anonymous 129642


Think those in particular are based on a guiness world record holder for widest mouth gape. I'd honestly feel sorry for the guy but I doubt he's seen these edits.

Anonymous 129645

>King Critical
Wholly convinced he's posting his own videos now.

Anonymous 129646

She should be suspended whether you dislike it or not. She violated HIPAA.

Anonymous 129653

based tomie

Anonymous 129656

kek if you look at pics of him before trooning out you'll see he was pretty cute in a nerdy way, now he looks like a hideous… thing
Why is it always the cute nerds?

Anonymous 129657

>Why is it always the cute nerds?
video games make people think they can "customize" in real life.

Anonymous 129658

You can though. Don't you own clothes?

Anonymous 129659

>I keep seeing troons on Twatter saying they lurk and post here
Yeah I clocked one in the previous thread. What the fuck are they doing on here kek fucking chromosomelets can't let women have even a single fucking website for themselves when scrotes (including troons) already have thousands of sites

Why are trannoids so fucking obsessed with disgusting fetishes, I swear. And people see this shit and STILL insist that troonism is totally fine, totally ok, and should be encouraged because it's a better alternative to treating their actual mental illnesses. I think it goes hand-in-hand with the popular naive idea that porn is totally not harmful and in fact it's good.

The "women don't know what they want" is concerning. And they don't necessarily have to be trannies, they could also be actual women who are influenced by their moids/porn. Of course lots of women are unfortunately brainwashed to want to do such disgusting things for bullshit reasons like pleasing their pornsick partners while they get almost no physical pleasure out of it, or doing it to prevent their moids from breaking up.

Anonymous 129660

MTFs. Even with how obnoxious and misogynistic FTMs can be, there's no contest.

Anonymous 129661

Pretty sure she means the "instant sex switch and boob slider" level of customization.

Anonymous 129664

I do truly hate MtFs, and only feel pity for FtMs (I don't really consider them traitors either, it's not their fault they're trying to escape sexism and TIFs are not the source of the problem), however I complain more often about shit that FtMs say because everything wrong about MtFs and their behavior is already obvious and it's been discussed a million times. In particular, I hate how FtMs always try to push the idea that short men/male characters are trans men, and that GNC women are not women, they're either enby or actually transmen and should troon out soon. I hate it because that's equating gender sterotypes to gender identity too. I don't want to be called something that I'm obviously not, isn't that the same thing women used to suffer all the time, when it was seen as unattractive for women to act masculine and they'd be insulted by being called male or compared to males, because, in this society, a woman's value is only in her looks? It's the exact same shit, only it pretends to be the opposite, and when you're called non-binary or transman just cos you like to wear trousers and have short hair, it's supposed to be a good thing.

I'm sorry TIFs, but I'm a woman who likes stereotypically masculine things and likes to dress masculine most of the time, that still doesn't make me a man or some sort of ambiguous genderless being that's neither man or woman. I am a fucking woman and I don't need to pretend otherwise to be confortable with how I am.

Anonymous 129667

A best friend in hs transed right before it became a social contagion. I hadn't heard much about trans people aside from some late night tv special about them. I was naive and wanted to support a friend. She went on to an art college and this is were I saw it explode. All the awkward, artsy girls were transing left and right. Some went full on trans man, more went the non-binary route. I was rooming with her at the time and kind of mingled with her friend group. I knew all these girls and all of them are perfectly nice and interesting women, just wish they could see that. Most weren't conventionally attractive women, not very feminine, usually gay or bisexual. My best friend was bullied for being butchy in hs and I can immediately see why the idea of being trans seemed so alluring. A way to escape. It's been almost 10 yrs since I graduated hs and we're not close at all. I've become more and more opposed / terfy over the years and probably wouldn't have the heart to say that I just never have seen her as a man and can't lie about it anymore. I don't like ghosting people but we drifted apart a long time ago. I just feel for em, hope they see the light someday before it's too late.

Anonymous 129676

Personally, having once known people in that sphere, the ones who made a large effort to tie sex to their identity weren't getting any, and if they managed occasionally it wasn't a fulfilling or good experience.

I'm not implying that if you're not having sex/uninterested in it you're lacking something. The problem is the propaganda they bathe in emphasizing the importance of sex in LGBTQ+ identity. For example, in the film the Shape of Water, the gay character's biggest regret was "not having more sex". Imo, this mindset fosters obsession.

Anonymous 129682

I feel bad for FtMs most of the time. Meanwhile, MtF make life objectively worse for women in every way and have male entitlement on top of it. Like someone else said, there's no competition. Play along with their delusion or get caveman-clubbed by Grug who insists he is Grugette now. The opposite of acceptance out of truth and compassion; it's lowering your head and agreeing out of fear that either they'll do something or make others ruin your life for not believing their sexual fantasy.

>You want women-only spaces? Well, I'm a woman now so I have to be included. Please ignore all of the evidence to the contrary or I will beat/rape you. Haha, isn't this girls-only room fun?!

>Women want rights? Too bad, they're not something I like because I want to be degraded like I saw in The Porns, and trans rights are more important anyway.
>Women want respect? The porn made by men for other men begs to differ. Please degrade me because I'm a pretty lady and that's what women want! I know because I'm a ma–woman. Yes, I'm a woman. Women don't know what they want, but I do.
>Giving myself the shits is the same as menstrual cramps, and constipation is the same as pregnancy.

It's completely man all the way down, and the worst parts of them. They compare themselves to women constantly and yet can't see it. I'd call it bizarre but they also can't see how much like men they look to all but the most clueless.

Anonymous 129683

>I'm a woman who likes stereotypically masculine things

I legitimately thought that was the whole point of the gender/sex distinction. That being a liberated woman meant having the freedom to choose your own interests despite if they fall outside of normal feminine interests, and forcing society to accept that women can have those interests too. Now it feels like we're going so far in the opposite direction where any interest in traditionally masculine activities means you're actually a man. It's maddening.

Anonymous 129689

Forcing women into femininity, defining women based on femininity, excluding them based on femininity is what misogynists have always done… so it's not much different >:(
>I legitimately thought that was the whole point of the gender/sex distinction
We're not allowed to comment on that distinction or acknowledge it anymore. They realized we are using it against them.

Anonymous 129691


Anonymous 129692

I'm not KC im latina.

It's an all out war against the trannoids, it has always been because they have no limit they will always want more to them if you dare to break their tranny immersion you are abusing them if you go like "woah there buddy you can't go to womens jail" thats oppresion. Give me a break. Literal clown world mentally ill men.

Anonymous 129694

God that is foul….

Anonymous 129695

Reddit & Twitter are clown moid world these spaces are dominated with mentally ill trannoids with no life, terminally online 24/7. She should leave that misogynist website, somebody tell her I no longer have a Reddit its so cringe.

Anonymous 129696


Yes it's common. It's called AGP

Anonymous 129697

concerned apu.png

Anonymous 129698

tbh the dit aint so bad it does provide thorough information

Anonymous 129699

Can they stop with these nasty euphemisms.

Anonymous 129702

"Wand"?? Seriously, just say dick, you fucking pedo

Anonymous 129703


>Its wandus limpus not wandus erectus!

Anonymous 129706

>do you get erections when you get erections, fellow ladies?

Anonymous 129708

Anonymous 129713

with how disgusting trannies always are, we can't ever know.

Anonymous 129715

Plenty of trans "women" online are open about their fantasies of raping lesbians, so even if that particular story isn't true, it has definitely happened many times in real life.

Anonymous 129742

I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest. I feel for what "cis lesbians" must go through these days, with all their dating spaces overrun by these loony troons.

Anonymous 129757


One of my friends trooned out and every time he says anything about how estrogen has made him so ~emotional~ now, or starts talking about his fictitious periods that he totally gets, I want to scream. I have problems with fertility and my menstrual cycle and such, it's so strange to think about how the guy has probably been burning up with envy every time I've ever vented about that stuff to my friends. I do not understand why a man would be jealous of menstruation to the point that he larps having PMS symptoms and makes "teehee, girl moment" posts about it online

Anonymous 129761


I would point blank tell him he doesn't get periods and send an image portraying the various phases of the menstrual cycle like pic related.
Their lying contributes to disinformation about periods so it can't go unchecked. Most people will back you up if you point this out, even people usually aligned with TRAs, so you don't have to worry about being ostracized.

Anonymous 129764

i thought it was a bit much but that part about the queer slam poetry sounds 100% real. i went to a bar that happened to be doing a kind of poetry open mic thing and at one point three trannies in a row read their awful "poems" with no rhyme or meter all about the exact same thing: how their lesbian ex girlfriend made them feel like a woman.

Anonymous 129766

Reminder that the uterus is seen as a hate symbol by trannoids. Embrace that imagery, remind them of what they will never have til they crack like the glass cannons they are.

Anonymous 129778

He is no longer your friend. He is dead to you now. Don't promote his insanity, he will only hurt himself with shit his body doesn't really need to survive or stay healthy.

Anonymous 129781

>man treated like man on metro
many such cases

Anonymous 129782


Anonymous 129783


Anonymous 129784


Anonymous 129785

Funny thing, but yeah - tims (tifs as well) are often clockable by eyes - not really in physical nature, but by the expression, for some reason

Anonymous 129786

I'm sure nobody hates ftms here

For me, the most - they can be funny for their narrow-mindness and cringey larping
But never hate - sympathy or pity maybe

Anonymous 129795


this is a fucking joke right? I hate reddit so so very much

Anonymous 129796

so many troons in this r/aspergirls sub it turns out. r/autisminwomen seems to be ok….right?

Anonymous 129797

Fucking enraging. Men with aspergers are so much different than women with aspergers ime. A man wouldn’t be able to relate to the social conditioning an autistic woman goes through.

Anonymous 129798


Anonymous 129799


>be me, cis f
>browse mbg bc le bdd
>get bored, start to fuck around with the height
>find this


Anonymous 129800

Yeah LGBT culture is totally sex obsessed. also sex reductionist. they're kind of creeps in that they always sexualise everything.

Anonymous 129801

The word "Folk(s)" has been ruined because of these troons.

Anonymous 129802

Roast him and leave, dont get banned.

Anonymous 129803


I don't understand at the end. When was the troon invited to a second party? How did the troon even know there was a second party? What is the second party for?

Anonymous 129809

It's an old reddit post, I believe it's true & that it happened to a lib woman that was too tolerant with the clearly beyond mentally ill trannies. My take is that trannies are irreparable, the only reparable ones are the ones de-transitioning. They will always take their fetish way way too fucking far because that's all it is in the end. Simple as.

Anonymous 129816

"Hey, we got some stuff planned for the 20th and the 28th, you wanna come?" probably

Anonymous 129818


This fucking guy went out looking like this, got yelled at in a metro once, and has been posting about it ever since. saoirsegowan on twitter if you haven't had your daily fill of lunacy yet and feel like subjecting yourself to peak AGP narcissism

Anonymous 129820

I've come into this thread again and now I have a big headache. Why does all this trans bullshit exist again? Why can't humanity just be sane? Oh my god

Anonymous 129822


Can't make this shit up, that Kikomi pose.

Anonymous 129831

Does anyone have that webm of the British troon with the piss bath? I was telling my recently peaked friend about him and wanted to show her. There was some song from a Zelda game in the background.

Anonymous 129832

Why are troons always obsessed with underage anime girls? https://lovelain.net/ seems to be made by a Troon trying to groom children who watch anime

Anonymous 129833

tf is this site anon

Anonymous 129834

I absolutely hate that I know what you're talking about. Seen it twice but never saved it.

>entire wall is covered in anti-tranny shit now

Anonymous 129835

i flipped through the pages of this site and there's a gif of a real little girl and its just so fucking creepy, wtf is this site ?????!!!

Anonymous 129844

Screen Shot 2022-0…

the juxtaposition of these posts is intriguing.

Anonymous 129845

Suicide cult centered around the anime Serial Experiments Lain, and the concepts described therein.

Anonymous 129857

The trannies at https://lovelain.net say "cisgenderness is conformity" they're in full denial of reality and nature

Anonymous 129859

This is a recreation of an old site (mebious.co.uk) in which people could post messages to a board like that. It was much more interesting, none of this troon shit. There's not really a "suicide cult", it's mostly just nerds congregating. There have always been troons in Lain-oriented communities, but lately it has been completely taken over by zoomer genderspecials.

Anonymous 129860


hon so uwu

Anonymous 129863

That looks like it was made by a monkey with downs syndrome

Anonymous 129871

ffs so inappropriate and off-topic to that sub. just shoving his autogynephilia in autistic women's faces.

unfortunately that sub is full of troons too. they are extra coddled there. better to just stay off reddit altogether.

Anonymous 129879


>I'm comfortable with who and what I am
>I don't want to chop up the body that works so hard to keep me alive in order to poorly approximate something it is not
>existing as I do doesn't fill me with anguish and thoughts of suicide just because I don't look like someone I saw in a porno

Anonymous 129886


To all the transies (I know you're reading) who think they belong in women's spaces like this one: you are intruders. The feelings you feel when you think "I shouldn't be here," are real. You are barging in where you don't belong like the entitled man you are. Even women who pretend to be okay with you are uncomfortable when you lumber in or sign on. Why do you do this to yourself and to us? Why can you not just accept reality and live life as the sex you were born as? Why can't you, at the very least, stay in your own spaces instead of encroaching upon ours? You're fucking assholes who just like to ruin things for other people.

Anonymous 129888

moid will kill himself before he sees a terf in real life.

Anonymous 129891

>The feelings you feel when you think "I shouldn't be here," are real.
Is that why there seems to be an uptick in "Imposter Syndrome" posts?

Anonymous 129900

I dunno exactly what happened there, but I can guess. He removed the trans tag and there's 43 comments where most of them are hidden or deleted. Had no idea that plebbit board was even a thing. You can scroll through and tell exactly which ones are men.

Anonymous 129903


god reading this reminded me of my own experience with one of these disgusting creatures.

like a year and a bit ago, my friend from high school had a small little gathering of about 10-15 people at his house. My "friend" (i stopped being their friend right after this incident.) who had trooned out was there, and a bunch of other people i hadn't seen from highschool.

I had to sleep over because i lived far enough away that i couldn't get home that night, so i slept on a mattress in another room. I went to bed at about 5am, only to be woken up by the smelly troon in my room at 7am and they put a glass of water down for me and then proceeded to fucking LIE DOWN on top of me horizontally.

I was literally fucking frozen in fear until i snapped the fuck out and tried to push them off and asked them to leave. They had the audacity to ask "are you okay with this?" no the fuck i'm not! you just woke me up after 2 hours of sleep and fucking violated me and my personal space! I slept for another 3 hours and straight up left without saying goodbye to my other friend (which made me feel super impolite and upset.) because i was that disgusted with what had happened.

why are they so fucking creepy? why do they have no fucking concept of consent or being decent fucking human beings?

Anonymous 129905

Anyone else find this mildly insulting?
No I am not for troons being allowed in women's sports, but when he goes on like "haha no matter how hard to try a below average male swimmer will still smoke you," when that is absolutely not true.
It just feels like it completely undermines how hard women work.

Anonymous 129907

I like the part where he decides he is going to conquer childrens sports next, identifying as a 10 year old

Anonymous 129910

you cant be a ten yo with a beard. thats just extremely soy

Anonymous 129911

No matter how hard you hate trannies these right-wing freaks are not and will never be your friends and allies.

Anonymous 129912

Why not useful idiots then? If you want troons gone, get someone else to unknowingly do your dirty work so you're free of blame.

Anonymous 129913

I'm very alarmed by your phrasing. "Do your dirty work so you're free of blame" is a bizarre thing to say and if you think the right are doing your work you're the idiot, they have all the power here, not femnists. These people don't give a shit about women, in fact most of them don't even see women as people so don't think they're doing you a favour because they're pretending to give a shit about this one issue. The American right will roll back the clock on women's rights to 1950 if you give them a chance.


Anonymous 129922

Troons don't see us as people either, and institutions have to follow their every demand. I'm more worried about them than a bunch of loopy /pol/tards making YouTube videos.

Anonymous 129923


I fucking despise how much this 17 year old BOY fetishizes himself.

Anonymous 129926

I've seen so many stories like this, they always think female sleepovers are like teen pornography shoots. no one is fucking having pillow fights in their 20's, no one is having orgies. more proof that these people's concept of a woman is based off men's fantasies. fuck off please.

Anonymous 129928

Holy shit he's 17? I remember thinking he's one of the few who passes a woman, but seeing that he's an actual minor it isn't surprising, he's not even a man yet. He looks like a 30 year old woman, so much for their cocky attitude about "cis" women aging.

Anonymous 129929

He’s been 17 for two years wink wink, I really despise how cocky trannies are and he’s at the top of the list. He really could have been a normal little gay boy but his mom decided pimping him out was the best course of action.

Genuinely though iirc most of the “transwoman period” shit on tiktok started with his videos.Any sort of dissent in explaining why it was biologically impossible for him to have one was met with “Stay out of trans people’s business.”

Anonymous 129930

This is true, no matter how much they want to pretend otherwise. Being female and autistic, and growing up with that, is such a uniquely harrowing and alienating experience. I don't find myself able to relate to autistic moids much at all, trans or not. The fact that they're free to shit up the few online spaces that are supposed to be for women on the spectrum to vent and talk about our experiences is beyond insulting, I've just resigned myself to the fact that I'll never have a dedicated community where I can talk about this stuff

Anonymous 129933

TikTok isn't a fine representation of reality

Anonymous 129940

I think it's insulting when any man comments on women's sport issues in general but especially since troons have been allowed in. They don't care about saving female only spaces, they just want to shit on males they find more mediocre then they are and toss a few licks at women while they're at it.

Anonymous 129944

why does he look 40, is it the HRT

Anonymous 129947

This is literally everyone all the time when talking about anything, if something is perceived as good and beautiful it will mostly be considered positive and few times negative.

Anonymous 129949

>when that is absolutely not true
You know, if it wouldn’t be true, women would never be oppressed by males, due to their physical power advantage

Anonymous 129951

trans mobile.webm

Anonymous 129954

not the same without the fake whining

Anonymous 129963

>I keep seeing troons on Twatter saying they lurk and post here.
I know why they do, but I don't understand it. We hate them and we're very honest about it here.
To the transwomen who come here: The majority of women who hate you, hate you only because you lay claim to the term women. I honestly do not care what you do to yourself or your bodies once you are over twenty-five. But when you call yourselves women, and take spaces and scholarships for women, then you become just another man who won't respect women's no. So stop calling yourselves women and wear your dresses and make up in peace.

Anonymous 129964

>over twenty-five

Anonymous 129965

Mental development halts at 25, hence it can be considered a decent starting point for when people can do irreparable damage to their bodies.

Anonymous 129988


Yep, this. I would have gone with 18, but the decision to permanently alter your body and give yourself lifetime medical problems should wait until after your brain has finished developing. I'm just seeing too many detransitioners regretting their mastectomies to be confident that an 18 year old is making the correct decision. If it's not a phase, then waiting will make no difference in the end.

Anonymous 129990

Should this also be the minimal age for drinking, smoking and voting then? If someone can't even properly decide for themselves at 18 I can't comprehend how they could participate in deciding the fate of others at that age.

Anonymous 130011

Could apply to the age of consent as well arguably, then again statutory cases would skyrocket for both sexes so it feels like that's powder keg waiting to be ignited.

Anonymous 130013

Looks like a troon I went to school with that goes by Nicole and is a "lesbian".

Anonymous 130028

You're right. At least moids in skirts can't rape you through TikTok.

Anonymous 130030

It's not true though. An elite female swimmer will absolutely smoke a below-average male. The issue is that they'll be scoring much higher places than they would in their own sex categort and displacing women who deserve it more in the process.
That misconception is how we end up with troons on female teams. They think that as long as there is one single female who is faster than them, then that disproves that males=/females, when it doesn't. Katy Ledecky is faster than Lia Thomas, but that's because Thomas is just a slightly above average male swimmer, while Katy is a once-in-a-decade absolute monster.

Anonymous 130060

damsel fly 1.jpg

No, because if someone smokes or drinks, they can stop in the future without massive medical intervention. If someone gets a mastectomy or SRS, that is a permanent decision. I like that smoking is now 21 in the USA, but I think drinking should be lowered because of how binging our culture is. Americans have a problem with binge drinking, something that is exacerbated by its taboo nature until 21. I would be interested in weak beers and wines legalized at 16 an seeing if it shows a decrease in binge related alcohol deaths. Voting should stay at 18 or be lowered to 16. Particularly sixteen year olds who work should be allowed to vote, with no taxation without representation being the leading reason. I think younger voting is beneficial as the decisions made now affect their lives and they should have a say in who rules them, and even if they are more easily swayed due to lack of lived experiences, that any upset they would cause to the democratic solution would be outweighed by the decisions of the larger population of over 25s.

Anonymous 130061

The age of consent should remain at 18, with Romeo and Juliet laws taking care of under 18 cases.

Anonymous 130071

I don't understand your mental model. I couldn't trust anyone who can't make a simple decision of "This will fuck my body for the rest of my life" compared to "This will fuck everybody else for the rest of their lives" which is a real part of the democratic process.

Also don't know how anyone could consent to sex under this mental model either before age 25.

Anonymous 130073

It's actually extremely hard for women under 40 to get sterilizing procedures like hysterectomies or tubal ligations for reasons other than life-threatening medical issues, unless you say you're trans. It would simply require applying the same "mental model" to this particular mental illness.

Anonymous 130074

I would argue it should be less hard to get sterilizing procedures in that case if voting ages remain the same. Or that the voting age be moved up. As long as these two things were balanced equally I don't care which way it goes. I don't understand how someone who can't make decisions for themselves can make decisions that affect others.

Anonymous 130084

Because voting affects you as much as it affects others. The population pyramid in most Western countries also dictates that young people's votes are not all that impactful compared to those from the older majority. If anything, their votes should count more, since they'll live with the consequences for longer.
Voting is also not the same as self-mutilation or sterilization. Voting is a standard procedure in a democratic society. Most people do not wish to be sterile or to throw healthy organs into the trash. Someone must have a very strong reason to wish for that, or be animated by some sort of mental ailment.

Anonymous 130085

But if that's the case then moids well past whatever's considered their "prime" will get off scott-free for clearly predatory behavior. Lest we forget scrotes like DiCaprio. If not AoC, there needs to be something else implemented between the ages 18-25.

Anonymous 130091

>Because voting affects you as much as it affects others.
Exactly, and if you can't answer the question "Mutilate self yes/no" why the fuck should you be able to affect everyone else AND you?

Anonymous 130093

KEK in awe of the size of that moid. Dude is huge as fuck. Always point out the size of trannies they always seethe when you mention how big are their proportions.
That moid is taller than even some cops there lol.

Anonymous 130094

18 year olds are adults, ffs.

Anonymous 130095

>t. 18 year olds who don't know better

Anonymous 130101

I think it would be easier for you if you considered that being an adult is not an all at once thing, but more of a process where you are gradually awarded more rights and privileges. Take driving for instance. You can drive two years before you can sign up to die for the army. Yet driving is so dangerous that you can easily kill yourself or others, yet we still allow "children" to do it.

Anonymous 130110

Your entire age discussion is distracting from the fact that "Having a sexual gender distinctly separate from the properties of ones body" is not a valid concept.

Anonymous 130111

Then it would be fucked up that "die for my country" and "impact the lives of others" are given before "decide if I can mutilate myself" and "rent a car (requires age of 25)".

Pretty sure driving shouldn't even be restricted to 16 year olds either, that's mostly only the result of all the safety systems being designed for that. Someone as young as 14 can properly operate a vehicle(and do in my area under certain circumstances), and I would love to hear your argument that a 14 year old is an adult.

Anonymous 130113

gorilla tranny copes he coudlnt be a woman or off himself, so he screams like an animal in his moid deeper voice while being handcuffed and taken to the mental hospital where all trannies belong.

Anonymous 130115

I'm 20 dating a 28yo and our relationship is completely healthy. Nothing "predatory" about it.

Anonymous 130118

I think trannies should get put in mental hospitals. what about you?

Anonymous 130121

> taken to the garbage incinerator where all trannies belong

Anonymous 130136


>it's not a fetish
> retweets this

Anonymous 130137

>nearly a decade on you
>totally isn't trying to get in your pants
How long have you two been together, ?

Anonymous 130141

We've been together for 2yrs. LDR. We met in person once and only cuddled. No sex. He's not trying to get into my pants.

Anonymous 130142

uwu so small that seven police men have to tackle you.

Anonymous 130143

>2 years
So you were 18 and he was 26…yeah that still sounds extremely skeevy, even if it never led to anything. Women have ended up in ditches with even smaller age gaps, watch yourself.

Anonymous 130150

how do you end up in a relationship with a literal grandpa, you need money or sumthn from the old dude
my dad is like 9-10 years older than my mum and she still gets comments that my dad looks like he is HER dad kek

Anonymous 130152

He will never be a woman. And he needs to be banned from every children's park in his vicinity.

doesn't matter what they say or do. Literally almost any moid in almost any public space already wants to kick a tranny the hell out of a place for free, they just need the motive if you see that a tranny is going into the women's bathroom just tell any dude close by that a man entered the bathroom and he will get into trouble with him after that you can just watch chaos unfold and the tranny will just concede avoiding getting into trouble and will go home mad, record it for lulz if you ever make that scenario happen and upload it to youtube for easy 50k+ views and a new meme.

And he also wanted to die, he says he hates "literally all of them" in his own words lol. I would have left the tranny to die, what an ungrateful mentally ill retard. I hate trannies.

Anonymous 130163

That's a you problem.

Anonymous 130164

>2 years
Come on now.

Anonymous 130165


>its not a fetish

Anonymous 130168

Why are people so goddamn crazy lmao

Anonymous 130182

He didn't know my age when we met.
>literal grandpa
What do you mean?

Anonymous 130183

do you really want to date someone who can't tell that you were 8 years younger than them (or so they say)

Anonymous 130191

>He didn't know my age when we met
So you either aged so poorly you looked as old as he does…or you looked like a kid? Am I reading that right?

Anonymous 130196

Surely you understand the difference between mutilating yourself and casting a vote anon. Voting is a completely normal, socially acceptable activity in any democratic society. Self-mutilation is something no person deemed normal will do without a very strong reason.

Anonymous 130206

pink meadow house.…

Renting a car is merely a company policy for insurance purposes, there's no actual law against renting before 25. Since you actual consider removing healthy body parts to be less impactful than voting, there's no middle ground we can agree on. I would honestly prefer the military be 21, but America is so ass backwards that many people use the military to escape poverty and abuse and I won't take that lifeline away from them without replacing it without a larger social safety net. And that's never going to happen, so keeping the enlistment age at 18 is a good enough compromise for me.
>I would love to hear your argument that a 14 year old is an adult.
Why would I argue that? That's a strawman you invented. I don't think 14 year olds should drive.

Anonymous 130207

That's what they always say. Well, if you must. Make sure to always keep a hidden stash of money so you can escape when needed and don't have children until you're over 25. Abort in secret if you have to, just don't let that man trap you before your brain is even finished developing.

Anonymous 130211

So dramatic lmao

Anonymous 130212

So naive, lol.

Anonymous 130227



Anonymous 130229


>mfw when no ability to shoot ropes

Anonymous 130231

Literally an incel in a wig, holy shit.

Anonymous 130242


Anonymous 130244

God, sorry that happened to you, anon.
>why are they so fucking creepy? why do they have no fucking concept of consent or being decent fucking human beings?
Because they're autistic males. That's all it is really.

Anonymous 130270


Anonymous 130289

kek. based tranny berater

Anonymous 130315


Hopefully, yeah.

Anonymous 130317

I don't get it.
I can only hope i never become that neurotic

Anonymous 130324

I mean it's a cartoony and exaggerated style, the movement of any given character is going to reflect that. What do other chars in the game move like?
Troons pull from animated media, not the other way around.

Anonymous 130329

>Having self confidence and an assessment of your worth is neurotic
Well someone didn't have good parents.

Anonymous 130342

>thinking an age gap relationship automatically means I will need to gather money to "escape" the relationship and I will be forced into pregnancy
>not neurotic

Anonymous 130343



Anonymous 130348


Anonymous 130433

Fake, first red flag is "when she was still a boy", people delusional enough to put their kid on blockers will say "NOOO SHE WAS ALWAYS A GIRL" and instead call that "pre-transition".
2nd red flag is "micropenis".

Anonymous 130434

Also TMI masturbation information to add to the gross factor, fake

Anonymous 130438

does any of you post in /clg/?

Anonymous 130456

>even years later it smells fairly colon like.
how the fuck do these people not vomit at the sight of themselves in the mirror, please i don't understand

Anonymous 130508

They do, that's also why they have high suicide rates.

Anonymous 130509


I don't know whether you're a complete idiot, or merely lack reading comprehension. Either way, I don't waste my time on pissants.

Anonymous 130511


>Me: Knows for a fact that males who prey on young women are more likely to have predatory behavior that women with more experience are unwilling to put up with and that birth control sabotage and pushing boundaries with insecure women are very common among these men
>You: hurr durr she thinks statistics are real and therefore I should take precautions. That's so stupid and neurotic.
You're in the radfem thread, you'd think you'd have a better understanding of men's behavior.

Anonymous 130517


Why are these people so fucked up?
(The three P's. Porn, perversion, and psychiatric disorders.)

Anonymous 130523

Share your statistics lol

Anonymous 130524

Can y'all stop already

Anonymous 130544

>not taking the opportunity to call him a boy back
>not saying "I'm sorry sir, someone in my town tour stream was being very rude and I have banned them" to cause a chimpout over calling him sir
The only "miss" in the video tbh.


Character from Wildstar. I don't see anyone named Lily in the animation department, and the first time I see a woman's name is in the Additional Character Art section. A lot of the animators work in expressive, cartoony games like Skylanders, Overwatch and VtMB so it doesn't surprise me to see her twanging on with silly expressions. There's some mild unsettling feels with it but it's nowhere near Revolution 60 levels.


Anonymous 130549

>how the fuck do these people not vomit at the sight of themselves in the mirror
I can't find it right now, but there is a twitter screencap of a TIM complaining that video conferences cause psychological damage from seeing one's own face.

Anonymous 130552

I always see them screeching about how not all women have periods and that they're superior "women" for not getting them
so which is it - trannies are superior to actual women for not having to deal with periods, not all women get periods and whether you get one or not has nothing to do with being a woman, not having a period is dysphoria inducing because getting one is some kind of symbol of womanhood
they're unable to not constantly contradict themselves in everything they say

Anonymous 130558


What is the gameplay like?

Anonymous 130561

NTA but what kind of a weird question is that? You mean /clg/ as in, /cgl/ - cosplay and gothic lolita?

Anonymous 130562

Cis Lesbian General on 4chan, I believe. Unless there's a clg here too (I'm new).

Anonymous 130563

Listen here newfag. This imageboard is exclusively for women, that means actual, biological women, so referring to other individual posters as "they" makes no sense. Bringing your gender ideology bullshit here, especially this thread that is specifically for shitting on trannies and gender ideology, is fucking dumb.

Anonymous 130565

Imagine getting this triggered over a word. You spend so much time in these places you literally look for things to chimp out at at this point. Did it ever cross your mind that not everything needs to be viewed in the context of TERF ideology and that it could have been a simple grammatical mistake or a word choice??? Before the whole NB ideology became a thing I frequently replaced gendered pronouns with they (a lot of times because it was easier because while speaking I'd fall over my words and mix up pronouns anyways). Jfc, calm down retard.

Anonymous 130588

You’re chimping out sister

Anonymous 130594


When you know the gender of a person, using "they" is incorrect. (All use of "they" as a singular pronoun is incorrect, technically… but I'm not a proper grammar nazi. I make too many mistakes for that.) Just throwing my opinion on the pile… but I understand you two are having a deeper argument than surface-level grammar points. On that front, I have to agree with your opponent. I'm a TERF after all.

Anonymous 130597


How does anyone look at this shit and go "yeah, this is ok". I just glance and I'm recoiling, this stuff is worse than the most fucked up David Cronenberg movie I've ever seen. How do these women do this to themselves and then flaunt their chopped up chests like it's not pure distillated nightmare fuel

Anonymous 130599

So you made me look it up and it is a recent acceptance. Not my or my English teacher's fault. For the APA's guide, it was only updated in 2019. I finished my schooling already and as you can see, the past has not been kind to singular they:


I think I see what might be the issue. She thinks you are trying to use gender neutral pronouns until she states that she is she/her to be a passive aggressive TRA. You think she is a trans person seeking use of pronouns that don't belong to her. I think it might be a misunderstanding and a kind of funny one.

Anonymous 130621


Seems like a 1st/3rd person spy game or survival horror just going off the boxart. Probably functions like early RE/SH games early on to play into that sense of helplessness in a world overrun by troons, only to have it transition into something more hack & slashy where you just mow through waves of them (think Metroid: Zero Mission once the upgrades kick in).
The troons themselves would probably look like these twisted inhuman creatures wearing human skin (think HL scientists after being infected or Edgar from MiB), would likely move in janky erratic patterns mimicking vaguely "moe" poses, some might even try to accessorize to "fit in" better. Might be too on the nose, but I could see their gashes coming into play as second mouths, mixing yonic and phallic imagery in one disgusting package. Could see them trying to mimic a feminine voice too, but end up sounding more like Charlie Adler just saying random baby gibberish.

Anonymous 130653

The 'doctors' who make a living creating these frankenstein's creatures have no deontology or conscience whatsoever.

Anonymous 130677

a different kind o…

I got you.

Anonymous 130678

the man who raped me was white as snow but go off sis.

Anonymous 130680


is this forreal? So retarded

Anonymous 130692

Seriously???? The games that feature beating women censor "transphobia" first??

Anonymous 130694

this video makes f…

>I made a video talking about wage equality so it's okay for me, a man, to invade women's spaces and break their skulls in sports.

Anonymous 130752

>"the actual science and statistics shows that trans people pose no threat to sports."
>doesn't cite any studies or statistics

Anonymous 130761

child propraganda.…

Lol, good point.

Anonymous 130762

popular music.png

>not everything needs to be viewed in the context of TERF ideology
You're in the TERF thread. Go to a different thread if you want libfem or self hatred.

Anonymous 130763


terf s, how do I deal with a troon in a female-only discord server? me and some girls have created a safe space for us where we pretty much just play games without moids constantly thirsting. It's very chill and calming, but now there is a tranny and I honestly feel disgusted. I don't feel comnfortable anymore. What should I do to get over it? I know it's just a subhuman, but I still feel like I don't want to stay there anymore, or write anything. How do you deal with that situation?

Anonymous 130764

Kick him, what's the problem?

Anonymous 130765

I can't, I'm not a mod or an admin, just someone who was there from the beginning. Also, I don't want other girls knowing I'm actually a terf, they are pretty open about their blind love and support for troons. They are nice girls, but still just idiot libfems when it comes to those things.

Anonymous 130766

Ask around and see if he's harassed any of your friends there, though pop the question in a way that sounds ambiguous and non-accusatory so they don't suspect anything. Hell, comb through the creature's social media for something disgusting he's said in the past.

Anonymous 130769

there’s no way this cured my art block. there’s no way im already 5 concept drawings deep and halfway finished with an animation based off of this

Anonymous 130770

I'd just leave, honestly. Make your own if you still want a group.

Anonymous 130780


Anonymous 130783

Ban him.

Anonymous 130793

Where is his neck??? never seen anyone with a literal beach ball shape for a body holy shit

Anonymous 130799


holy shit

Anonymous 130800


i know for sure i'm not the only one here that shares this sentiment but - does anyone else get SUPER fucking disgusted seeing men/troons RPing/LARPing as anime girls online?

i know it's super commonplace on 4chan/twitter/etc it makes me actually nauseous thinking that there's this ugly (probably American) troon on the other side of the screen, with greasy hair and a jawline like a shipping container thinking in their heads that they're "literally" x anime girl and trying to delude themselves into thinking it's them. That "boymoder" character is a prime example.

It's cringe when anyone does it in general, but it's actually disgusting when men do it.

I've even met these kinds of people irl. I can't fucking stand it.

I genuinely can't describe how much i hate it, I've had to restrain myself from punching the fuck out of these freaks on multiple occasions, it's such an irrational hatred.

Anonymous 130810

Glad to hear my ramblings inspired you that much! Would love to see what you've made so far, though if you'd rather keep it under wraps for the time being that's fine.

Anonymous 130893

catfished by trann…

Context, this old gold is from FFXIV and he turned what I assume was probably his human or elf character before into a shitty catgirl. God bless OP despite all the tranny salt downvotes.

Anonymous 130910

yes, it's degenerate as shit. they're RPing as kawaii uwu anime girls but then they're the most disgusting looking basement dwellers you've ever seen. it's just pure degenerate mental instability.

Anonymous 130927

When did he join? Who let him in, assuming he didn't invite himself? You make it sound like your friends are troonshielding him already but I can't tell if they've ACTUALLY shielded him yet or if that's your fears and concerns.

Also, hold onto your evidence of his troonhood or anything that comes off as disturbingly flirty, as transbians tend to do. Gather up anything you can and you might try to buddy up with an admin and make your discomforts known. The others may be libshits but even liberal women know amabs have no place silencing cis women.

Anonymous 130998


Yes. All the time. It's even worse in the ERP scene because the majority of characters now are futanaris or uwu waifu bullshit, almost all played by men. Not even men want to be males in their sex fantasies anymore, and the ones that still remain men aren't all that good either, as even decent writers are playing as women now.

They hit on my characters too. I have gotten absolutely shameless about turning down futas and lesbians (male) with "nope, I like boys" and variations thereof. I want it to sting that they listened to other moids and thought choosing futa/yuri would be universally loved. It isn't.

I'm seriously thinking about making a character whose entire gimmick is turning female characters into male ones for her to actually enjoy and teach them how to be men again, just because I know the majority of these other fem chars are controlled by moids behind the screen.

Anonymous 131029

She RPs, the ERP scene is overrun by dick-"girls" which are used by men for fetish fuel, she's repulsed by this and makes it a point to say she prefers males, and is considering making a character than can sexbend other characters to make the people playing them get their shit together. Least that's what I got.

Anonymous 131036

Perfectly put, thank you. I especially love that you phrased it as making them get their shit together. I think even for the longest time I had to ask a friend "why do so many IRL males play female characters now? There's more girls than men here but it's clear that outside of RPing, it's the opposite in these communities. More men than women actually playing."

I think there's just something inherently wrong with men anymore, the same reason why they kept insisting that picking the female main character in video games was just to oogle them (which is already a massively disgusting sentiment lmao) and it totally wouldn't cause them to troon out later, would it? Ahaha.

Anonymous 131039

I think it's much more opportunistic than that, but I agree on the absolute pervasiveness wherever you go. Part of it's likely just wanting something more carnal in the long run, so it's just easier to play as a girl and use that role for fetishistic reasons with the other guy. They probably see something more long-term/setup-heavy as "too much work" and would rather sate their needs in a quicker, dirtier way.
Think of it like the difference between health food and junk food: health food is a lot better for you, but it often takes some prep work, while junk food is immediate gratification even if you feel like shit afterwards. Some have a more balanced textual diet, while others pretty much rot their brains with the "good stuff," which leaves them especially susceptible to the pleasure-based persuasion of the AGP crowd. Bottom line, coomers ruin everything.

Anonymous 131042

Tangentially related, but if you want to die a little more then look up "mogai" on Tumblr and the like. Any and every facet of your personality or experience you've had is a gender now. It's just collectible stamps or bumper stickers for teens. It's possible that genderspecial nonsense as a whole could have easily just remained a fad that kids would make up and trade around until they grew out of it in other, saner circumstances.

Given how these creatures can be, I'm not sure if that counts as irrational.

Anonymous 131043

Just write YWNBAW if they go like "what?" Just tell then to google it & leave.

Anonymous 131064


This happened to a friend of mine and she doesn't get why

Anonymous 131075


for the impatient miners

Anonymous 131125

Hopefully she sees the light soon enough. On a lighter note, I adore this style, right mix of cute and ugly depending on the character. Stylistically highlights the difference between a troon and a woman beautifully without relying entirely on male pattern baldness or a five o'clock shadow.
>artist is Russian
God, wish her luck out there, she's going to need it.

Anonymous 131135


There’s something that just irks me about how TIMs especially will attempt to use “intersex” women as a human shield.

I see it with infertile women sometimes too, but during my time as a gendie I made no attempt to hide the fact I was born with MRKH. Because of this a lot of the TIMs I had saw me as some sort of free pass to the female sex. They’d tag me because they expected me to self flagellate for whatever reason, and being maximum handmaiden I did exactly that.

Any other women with some sort of DSD or other condition relating to sex have similar experience. I’ve heard a bit from men with DSDs being treated similar since they have “female” features and are seen as hermaphrodites.

Anonymous 131137

So wait, are you biologically male? What qualifies a person to post here, just having been raised as a girl regardless of biology?

Anonymous 131138

It’s a female condition, not a male one. It basically just means I was born without a uterus. But i am totally female otherwise, just fell for the “sex spectrum” bullshit for a few years.

Anonymous 131140

Isn't that condition super rare?

Anonymous 131142

About 1/5000 girls are born with MRKH syndrome.

Anonymous 131145

How common that the whole uterus/vagina/etc is absent?

Anonymous 131155

this. we're dealing with a troon in our group right now and at the moment a good portion of us are trying to get them out because they're just incredibly frustrating to deal with, but more so because they're just a liar and completely useless and have social skills in the negatives and it's all weighing down on people very quickly.

And of course, that's the reasoning we'd have to be open about with everyone, not the fact that their presence makes women uncomfortable.

Anonymous 131157

Make a new group admin it, low rules, only hidden rule is no trannoids then invite all your friends to it.

Anonymous 131161

>the balls in the green bottom dangling below the bottom of the skirt

Anonymous 131169


Anonymous 131170

the guy who wrote this is really, really vocal about defending pedophiles and people drawing shit like kids being raped, and iirc defended that puppy milk pedo tranny because omg she's just a poor oppressed twans girl. Absolutely one of the most heinous fucking people on twitter.

Anonymous 131173

I honestly thought that rating was shopped; but of course it is artificially praised by troons and their ilk. If you go into the Goodreads reviews of the books you will not be surprised about what kind of people gave it sterling reviews.

Anonymous 131181

>If you go into the Goodreads
>1,458 ratings
>527 reviews
fuck me, I thought this was some niche piece with a dozen of readers

Anonymous 131185

I bet you're the ball sperg on the hidden board.

Anonymous 131200

She aint

Anonymous 131216

a… are you?

Anonymous 131225

I'm not, I just thought it was funny. Now morbid curiosity is pushing me to ask about the ball sperg.

Anonymous 131228

I’ve never met a man that isn’t a pedophile.

Anonymous 131236


holy shit tranny is grooming an 8 yo on full display and people are cheering

Anonymous 131265

>"you didn't care about women's sports until it involved trans people"
he's such a fucking hypocrite, the issues surrounding women's sports probably never crossed his mind either before trans women started invading them.
>we NEED to fight for these women!!!
typical liberal call to action. he then proceeds to invade women's spaces, make idiotic arguments while proclaiming himself a woman, and together with the rest of the trannies, set the feminist movement back a decade

Anonymous 131266

what's the artist's handle?

Anonymous 131272

That is what intersectionality is. Just trying to lump every characteristic together until it means nothing to be anything.

Anonymous 131273

Doesn't seem to have any other forms of social media that are immediately accessible outside of this.

Here's the translator as well, though it seems they haven't updated in a year and a half.

Anonymous 131290

He has a freaking pingpong ball egg head because he is a moid and he is balding somebody should remind him he is balding. "You are balding bro" and he gets instantly owned.

Anonymous 131305


This is making me so mad holy shit

Anonymous 131309

>lists a bunch of criticisms that only make sense in the context of someone being trans
>”it’s because i’m a woman”
dude… if you were actually woman there would actually be nothing to say about you coopting femininity or letting your innate masculinity slip through. it’s literally because you’re a man. the reason for the commentary is very different.

Anonymous 131311

The very basis of the argument is willfully inaccurate. The MtFs who are called out for "parodying womanhood" don't "act feminine", they dress up as sexualized middle school girls and cake on make-up like a drag queen.
The "sign of their masculine identity" isn't "acting masculine", it's having the exact same hobbies as every other autistic male 9/10 times and babbling about their penis non-stop.

Anonymous 131316


Anonymous 131319

>once every 12 minutes
not frequent enough

Anonymous 131320

wasn't this part of the /pol/ alegria art style operation meme thing?

Anonymous 131321

This is obviously not real, you dumb idiot/mendacious villain.

Anonymous 131331

I can't stand his face. It looks like it's melting.

Anonymous 131336

trannies still deserve no quarter

Anonymous 131352

You will never bring about positive change with hatred and lies.


Yeah, if you're not willing to totally undermine yourself you're a tranny. Very smart! Did you learn that before or after suffering a serious brain injury? You can't change people's minds with obvious hoax images that wouldn't fool a child.

Anonymous 131358

nta but this is a /pol/ parody where they tried to draw offensive stuff with the corporate artstyle. Not saying the actual message isn't true (the message being trannies are usually pedophiles) but i think discussing /pol/bait as if its real tranny incidents isn't helpful. The point of that image was to get this exact reaction as you're having anon. It's much more useful to actually showcase incidents where trannies act that way around children because this image could easely be dismissed as /pol/bait (which it is) and not be taken seriously because it was made by /pol/tards. And now any tranny criticism about being a menace to children will be seen as /pol/dogwhistle talk yada yada.
Check out this thread maybe it'll help give more insight: https://archived.moe/pol/thread/292994511
There's also this one although it does not feature the tranny corporate art style image we're talking about: https://archived.moe/pol/thread/292874446

Anonymous 131361


same fag, forgot to attach picrel

Anonymous 131372


> that drawing is fake
> this picture is not

Anonymous 131374

keep dreaming budd…

think about this pic every time one of these say straight men love trans women even MORE than biological women

Anonymous 131381

massive bruh moment

Anonymous 131392

Holy shit, so many troons completely lack any self awareness about their appearance.

Anonymous 131413


i am so sleep deprived and tired but i read this as "peter griffin trooned out for our sins" and thought of jesus and then had a vision of peter griffin crucified but with trans flags, i made an edit of drawception drawing of peter griffin crucifix i found on google images, edit was made with ms paint but i added transflag to help convey the point accorss i promise i am not insane

Anonymous 131414


NTA, but come on sis, pointing out propaganda is not sucking girldick or an indication that someone is male. If we are easily lead because we do not scrutinize messages that agree with our points, then we are doomed to fail.
What does ratio mean in this context?

Anonymous 131415

radfem rights.png

Because if you're the type of man willing to disrupt every single person's life within your social circle in order to cater to your fetish, you're the type of person to have no shame when it comes to being a non-productive member of society. Like these

Anonymous 131416

The likes to retweets ratio. More retweets = bad, more likes = good.

Anonymous 131417

He should be called:
Samantha 500 Pounds

Anonymous 131418

More retweets = more people bickering over what you posted (bad)

More likes = more people agreeing with you (good)

Anonymous 131420

There's a point where you start to appear more like an agent provocateur than someone who is merely simple minded. You are rapidly approaching that point.

Anonymous 131421

1920s feminism.jpg

I think that one was just satire. Funny thing is, though I'm calling for skepticism, I think that some things can only be changed for the good with violence. Sometimes people who stand in your way must be killed in order for you to move forward.

Anonymous 131426

god, imagine seeing this with no context

Anonymous 131431


Anonymous 131445

>I'm not an agent provocateur
>But we should start killing people
So you are an agent provocateur.


No, if you tell obvious lies, behave vindictively and present no evidence you lose. Like I don't know how to explain why lying is bad to an adult, not only is it a thing toddlers know to be wrong but when it's a really obvious lie no one will take you seriously, may well be angry you tried to fool them and won't trust you again. It's annoying because you're undermining me when you go "trannies steal the moon every morning before we wake up!" I can't make a rational argument when people like you, who apparently agree with me, talk crap constantly.

Anonymous 131446

update on

I tried doing what you and the others suggested, but it dodn't help much with banning him, because just a few days later the retard clicked on a discord chain, got a virus on his discord and that chain virus infected our second admin taking her money from her account. So the troon got banned. Of course our second libshit admin tried messaging him asking if he wants to join again with a new account but fortunately there was no reply. Thanks for the advice nonas!

Anonymous 131448

don't think you understood the reason i brought up /pol/.

Anonymous 131451


Anonymous 131453

You triggered the males from /pol/ browsing here, I'm sorry

Anonymous 131454

women astronauts.p…

>So you are an agent provocateur.
I think you are thinking that multiple women posting is one woman. Which is understandable given the nature of anonymous posting.

Anonymous 131455


Elon Musk uses women and doesn't support women's liberation. What does it matter to us that Twitter passes from the hands of one group of authoritarian women haters to the hands of another authoritarian women hater? Billionaires aren't your friend.

Anonymous 131457

Yes, our successes are possible because of the successes of our ancestors. Life isn't fair. Get over it.
And guess what? The poor aren't your friends either. They'll be the first ones to beat you blind for a few bucks.

Anonymous 131458

I simply dont think its a good idea to use /pol/bait as "real facts" because it makes terfs look like conspiracy theorists which doesn't really help the anti-tranny cause. People already don't listen to us but if they start seeing us treat a /pol/fabricated image as fact then for sure we're gonna get double ignored. It doesn't mean the image itself doesnt have a correct message, but let's not pretend that this image was tweeted by some company on twitter.

Anonymous 131459

Lol. Why the fuck are billionares paying PR to invade radical feminism threads on CC? There's only like thirty of us, this cannot be profitable.

Anonymous 131463

>Maybe women really are inferior
makes sense why you're so retarded all the time and cannot understand basic nuance, stop acting like a moid

Anonymous 131465

Schizo. Consider this: your views are retarded.

Anonymous 131467

so women should start acting like moids now according to you?

Anonymous 131468

I don't need to lie to stand up for women.


If you just want to be a violent psycho, then what are you protecting in the first place? You'd no better than the rape-ape psycho tranny you've got in your head right now.

Anonymous 131472

The F in TERF means something anon. This is the first time I have seen a terf say "maybe women really are inferior".
And if you support women acting like moids then you support women comitting the majority of pedophilic rapes.

Anonymous 131476

You can call me all the names you want, I'm not going terrify myself with the idea that there's a horde of trannies in every public toilet just waiting for my guard to drop. I don't think most TERFs think this way. I'm also, and you can whinge at me all you want for this, not willing to view a confused 18 year old on HRT the same way I view a sado-masochistic middle aged man who with a degradation kink for being called a woman. Someone posted a webm of that Jazz kid earlier and I assume the intention was to be angry at him, hate him or otherwise make fun of him. But that's just not how I feel about someone like that. I want to help them and I'm sorry you feel differently, but I'm not sorry and I never will be for feeling the way I do.

As for your "women are inferior" stuff, perhaps if all women bahaved as you do, but I have much more faith in womankind than that.

Anonymous 131477

acknowledging that moids commit the majority of pedophilia (which you first complained about with the tranny /pol/edit) and then saying stuff such as "women should act like moids" and then calling me a moid for criticizing your logical flaws. Absolute bruh moment.

Anonymous 131482

I can't really be bothered with this anymore, but for old times sake.

What efforts? What are you doing? Fantasising about murdering trannies and posting years old Twitter rage? Buddying up to men who think women need to be pregnant from 15 to 30 or dead? I don't want kids undergoing serious medical treatments for vague harmful reasons, I don't want women codified and commodified by what kind of clothes they wear, I don't want biological men forcing women out of sports or to feel concerned for their safety and privacy in women's spaces. I can't stop you, but don't pretend like you're doing me a favour or changing the world by acting the way you are.


Yeah yeah, basical human empathy and decency are a weakness, we need to become as debased as that which we oppose, moral race to the bottom. I've heard it all before, I didn't buy it then I'm not buying it now.

Anonymous 131505


>people laugh at me and call me out for being a weird freak
>this is the same as women having to deal with uniquely female issues
Holy cope. They'll twist anything to make it seem more feminine, shit like this is the definition of mental gymnastics.

lol that pic. He's not missing anything. Clueless people who meant well finally had to interact with the creatures they encouraged and realized what a mistake it was.


>Anyway, anyone else enjoying the collective aneurysm of Twitter trannies now that their safe space was bought
Yes. I've been saving salt as it's harvested.

Anonymous 131508


Another goodie. They're absolutely flipping the fuck out that people they don't like can now also express opinions contrary to their own instead of being a protected class. "I don't think removing a body part makes you a woman" is equated with worse violence than talking about murdering someone, judging by all the calls to kill their new platform keeper.

Anonymous 131538


Who in their right minds would dress as a Slanesshi demon to read to children. These things are supposed to be demons of pure perverseness, traveling the galaxy to rape as many as possible in honor of their Chaos Prince and now that I type this out I guess they knew what they were doing

Anonymous 131555

Yeah most of them aren't subtle nowadays, then again you could argue they never were and latched onto the gay rights stuff like parasites while no one was looking.

Anonymous 131571

The mine was in Zambia (independent country before the apartheid), not in SA. His dad bought the mine and it went bankrupt anyways.

Anonymous 131574

I made a tranny cry today.
It was a good day.

Anonymous 131583


So this is what the average gimmick account owner looks like

Anonymous 131586


Heres another crying tranny for you

Anonymous 131599

I hope it cries until it realizes how much of an abomination it is.
And yes, I use "it" as a pronoun because I don't even see these monsters as people.

Anonymous 131608

I saw comments talking about how he's so considerate for carrying around tampons, how are people so oblivious to the fact that it's just a part of his larp?

Anonymous 131609

What a waste of nice hair

Anonymous 131632


Anonymous 135837

There is a tranny at my job

This isn't a nuanced, trying to pass as an actual woman tranny. This is a 6'5", head-to-toe in pink, "oh my god what is that THING coming this way" kind of tranny.

He wears a full face of drag queen makeup every day, but probably only reapplies it once a week because it always has that slept-in look. The lipstick is hot pink and done well outside the lip line. The eyelashes are clumped and caked into goopy spikes. And he wears a long, blonde wig that he never washes

While his personality is bad - acts like a ditzy airhead, throws the word "bitch" into every sentence, and loudly talks about his internet sex work, it's not the worst part of him.

He STINKS. Like, absolutely reeks of BO. It's to the point where you can smell him from the down the hall. But recently the stank has taken on a new complexity and he locks himself in the bathroom for 20-30 minutes a time. I'm pretty sure he went ahead and got the neovagina surgery. And, as everyone at work knows, the estrogen he was taking had shrunk his penis into the size of a cashew so to do the surgery they'd just be drilling a second asshole into him

It's so bad that if you try to go into the bathroom after him, you WILL choke on the BO-and-sour-milk like smell. Even with a face mask and my tshirt pulled over my face it's unbearable

It's a very liberal company, but it's still full of blue collar workers. I can't wait to see just how disgusting this tranny is allowed to get before HR is forced to act

mikeole jaksun 141289


>Nothing makes you more womanly like threating to carry out something that is carried out by males more than 98% of the time.

Anonymous 141296

>sour milk
He is 100% masturbating in the bathroom. It’s cum. He is masturbating so much that his body reeks of cum, partly from bad diet and partly because it’s getting on his skin or clothes and he can’t get it completely off. I doubt he got the surgery.
I used to have a crackhead roommate, and you could always tell when he was on a bender because he would stimdick to porn and his room and body would just absolutely radiate thick cum fumes for days. I’d rather live with a full neckbeard nest and smell rotting food than that stench of fucking BO and rotting cum. I kicked him out but I still hope he ODs someday.

Anonymous 141324

cosmo kys tranny.w…

>by a definitely not unhinged person

Anonymous 141342

Imagine if this question was reversed. Males are free to explore their gender, females are forever stuck as females. Even if the males respect your pronouns, you’ll never be one of them.
This why I’ll repress: https://www.reddit.com/r/ftm/comments/vtjfx5/my_friend_is_sexualising_me/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

Anonymous 141352

You can OD on anything if you believe in yourself.
Also I call any druggie a crackhead. For all I know he does heroin too.
Freedom for me but not for thee

Anonymous 141354

>Freedom for me but not for thee
Yup. Only moid’s decisions are respected and taken seriously, even when he wants to be a woman. Lesbians will be pressured to suck him off by the woke cishets. ”Het” moids chase his dick.
But when a woman wants to be a moid, she will be tolerated at best, and fapped at behind her back. No gay moid ever touches her with a ten-foot dildo. No het woman considers her as an option.
Penis = default human genitals
Vagina = forever just a woman

Anonymous 141405


It never even began.
Having an intelligent species be sexually dimorphic is alone sufficient proof that there either is no god or that it is actively malevolent and sadistic.
It’s such a terrible thing that creates so much evil that can never be undone.
Then again POC probably say the same about races. But at least that’s solved with enough interbreeding.


When I think about the history of the world, what violent subhumans men have always been, just disgusting rape apes born to war and invade and rape and slaughter, how women were essentially forced to become sexual mercenaries who had to marry into these tribes of violent moids to preserve their life and the life of their kids, how every ‘flaw’ about women that men bitch about is really just a result of shitty male sexual selection, I get so angry and blackpilled. Reminds me of that blackpilled feminist meme where she pointed out that men simply have an advantage over us due to their lack of empathy and more upper body strength. Men aren’t kind to women who submit to them: if they were then the Middle East wouldn’t be such a violent misogynistic shithole. The only way to win rights and respect from men is to fight for them, but even then men have intentionally selected for pacifism and submission in women (and murdered women and who fought back) as a result most women are simply too empathetic and peace loving to actually fight for their rights.

Anonymous 141414

Yes. It’s nightmare fuel.
> men simply have an advantage over us due to their lack of empathy and more upper body strength.
Ha true.
>men have intentionally selected for pacifism and submission in women
This is the same problem as with psychopaths/sociopaths in general. The obvious, simple, ideal solution is truly just to accept that they aren’t meaningfully human and kill any that exist and any more that arise, but the only people coldhearted enough to ever do something like that are themselves.

Anonymous 141422

Any terf youtuber recommendations? I don't know any other than Kellie-Jay Keen, or those who've been banned. Alternate sites welcome too


It’s a shame so many TERFs can’t openly show their faces because they’ll get death threats and doxxing from moids. Meanwhile incels can make openly hateful and violence inciting content without fear of retribution and YouTube still allows them to keep their monetization.

Anonymous 141431

You don’t get banned if you’re just an anti-trans scrote with the same exact talking points, either. It’s only hate speech if the person saying it is female.


Exactly. They’re still letting people like Undead Chronic make misogynistic hate content and continue to make money off it.

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