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Lolcow Bunker Thread #20 Anonymous 198323

Anonymous 198325

will we get to 25 by christmas?

Anonymous 198326

I hate men and tranny-sounding handmaidens so much.

Anonymous 198327


ihs' fiancee looks like null

Anonymous 198328

this cat fancier than me

Anonymous 198329

we should have been compiling a collage like we would have in 2013, no one's going to remember any of this by tomorrow

Anonymous 198330

Must we have the first few posts be about men and trannies? Again? Shut up already

Anonymous 198331

Yeah it's not great. He was only one who was willing to get physically violent towards the male relative who was sexually assaulting her for her whole life including the cops even though he was shit too. The whole situation was bad but I know she isn't. We're both mixed race btw and I support her for doing what she could as a young woman in a bad situation

Anonymous 198332


Anonymous 198333

>Shaymin did nothing wrong
inviting kpoopers is pretty wrong imo


It was like so…


Anonymous 198335

>implying half of it wasn't the bpd anon anyway judging by the lingo

Anonymous 198336

it's like when you see someone walking two pugs and they look fine and then one suddenly starts fighting the other and they both take off

Anonymous 198337

I wanted milk but not that kind of milk. Admin, I know that being admin sucks and I hope you still have a good Christmas. I believe in you. Don't mind people who are hating you. Only fake farmers want the farm gone. I hope we can all find a solution. Everyone don't forget to hydrate, sleep and eat.

Anonymous 198338

No I won't. Cope, seethe and dilate.

Anonymous 198339

I don't understand either. Would have it been so difficult to be patient, help her test the site and give her feedback so improvements could be made? If someone couldn't handle doing that they could have just posted here in the bunker threads until LC was stable.

It's like farmers no longer remember that image boards are small sites run by a single person using shitty software based on 20-year-old futaba code and hosted on cheap servers. That used to be part of fun, chaos and drama. Now image boards are expected to work flawlessly like sterile corporate social media sites.

Anonymous 198340

I'm not a tranny dumbass I'm just tired of 1/5th of the posts being about men, I see enough of them on a day to day basis I come here because I don't have to see or hear any

Anonymous 198341

I kind of feel inclined to browse all the past threads to find the drama and make an effortpost linking happenings for the next thread. I don't really want to browse thousands of posts for it though.


All would have been forgiven already if not for the consistent lack.of communication.

Anonymous 198343

>bpd anon
Like there's only one

Anonymous 198344


Anonymous 198345

Husband, now, iirc

Anonymous 198346

this is literally it. i feel bad about how it all spun out of control. i’ll admit i was one of the ones who overreacted about muh site changing and i hope i didn’t contribute to this ending up in such a mess.
i don’t even think shaymin has bad intentions, she’s just in over her head, sensitive and feels attacked. and some of that is rightruly, lolcow posters can be really scathing. in an ideal world shaymin would have had thicker skin and could have made a separate beta site to smooth out bugs, slowly gotten the farmers used to the idea of a big change and responded to criticism constructively. oh what could’ve been…

Anonymous 198347

she doesn't know what she's doing and she's refused help from many people. stop defending her. they are many many imageboards that run fine. i am an oldfag by the way. she didn't have to take the site or do any of this but she volunteered to and she's doing a bad job so it's barely worth it.

Anonymous 198348

Anonymous 198349

Anonymous 198350

Your board looks like shit IHM.

Anonymous 198351

no one even asked her to redesign the site entirely. she probably doesn't understand code properly which is why she took 2 days to fuck up a template she got from a repository

Anonymous 198352

why did you not just say IHM, everyone remembers this cringelord from the olden times

Anonymous 198353

Is there anyone else for who the site still isn't up at all? Not on mobile data either.

Anonymous 198355


IHM's board is dead as fuck no wonder she wanted to take over another imageboard

Anonymous 198356

yes hers does look like shit. i'm definitely not ihm. i'm just saying shaymin bit off more than she could chew but it was her decision. she should just put it back and let someone else do it.

Anonymous 198357

I never heard of her before, I just found it hilarious she called admin a bpdfag while writing such unhinged texts without any self-reflection.

Anonymous 198358

tell me this is old, she is 29 and it is 2022

Anonymous 198359


me. none of the steps (clearing the cache and dns, using a proxy, mobile posting, disabling vpn, etc) are working on either site. guess i'm stuck here forever.

Anonymous 198360

She is 32, nona.

Anonymous 198361


Anonymous 198362

Her ED page was written in 2009

Anonymous 198363

it was working for a bit then broke again a while ago.

Anonymous 198364

I mean the screenshot

Anonymous 198365

In that case no, nta but it is not an old screenshot. IHM just fetishizes that era of the Internet

Anonymous 198366

the screenshot is from 5 minutes ago. they only get around 10 posts per day.

Anonymous 198367

on the topic of ihm, i think a lot of anons really needed a wake up to what kind of woman usually browses imageboards because it's not the lc standard userbase. i wish all the crazy anons from /ot/ went to ihms site, they'd fit in better there too.

Anonymous 198368

I wasn't genuinely asking if it was old, I was being facetious, I'm sorry, I thought it was clear but then I didn't want to be rude

Anonymous 198369

that site would be perfect for pakichan and similar posters

Anonymous 198370

take that back

Anonymous 198371

romanianon and pakichan should go there. really.

Anonymous 198372

>it's not the lc standard userbase
you are rolling with pigs, and you are amongst them for a reason

Anonymous 198374

Sorry you're a fat and ugly retard anon, but I don't believe most of us are like you

Anonymous 198375

I’m just surprised after all the shit Shaymin’s seen being an admin it took some idiots saying some mean words to get her to break. Like if you’re an admin or farmhand on lolcow you gotta have some thick skin.

Anonymous 198376

took a longtime to come up with that

Anonymous 198377

The main criticism has been the lack of communication and clarity about the transfer and the condoning of weird farmhand actions. Oh and allowing Kpoop. Only a handful had a problem with the layout, several others immediately were on it to remake the old theme. I don't understand how you can even offer to be admin of anything without having some thick skin, even if you did everything perfectly, you'll still get criticism. It's the nature of things. For all we know the drop that made the bucket overflow was some post made by a troon.

Anonymous 198378

Anonymous 198380

Fremont is 15, max 16. I hope she will not be chosen as mod or admin bc of her age. I know because I turned her application down for a server I ran because of that

Anonymous 198381

don't be hurt by words if you're one of us

Anonymous 198382


Seeing the meta thread on the wayback machine just makes me want to respond so bad. Admin pls let us in.


Anonymous 198383

Doubleposting to say I checked and she is 16

Anonymous 198384

kek as soon as you said that she left the server

Anonymous 198385

speak for yourself

Anonymous 198386

Anonymous 198387

admin clarified later that the text was just a placeholder, but yeah, agree about the lack of communication. although i feel like if admin ignored most of the sperging and just worked things at her own pace, it could've been fine.

Anonymous 198388

exactly this. and she's a shayna fag for fucks sake. maybe she can dish it out but not take it.

Anonymous 198389

what if I post on /snow/, /m/, /ot/ and only lurk /g/? and also I half wish pigsty would come back

wait don't reply I feel like I know what you're gonna say lol

Anonymous 198390

Unless they got money I doubt they’d be given the site at all considering we’re pretty strict on 18+. All the farmhands are v mysterious but I’m pretty sure they’ve all been age verified somehow.

Anonymous 198391

Shaymin isn't that retarded.

Anonymous 198392

anons in this thread can't even handle being told they aren't the good guys

Anonymous 198393

she's not even supposed to be posting on lc at all…

Anonymous 198394

She was kinda right, and being "one of us" doesn't mean shit when everyone is always fighting. Besides I'm always getting accused of being a tranny or pakichan or a samefagger or even elon musk so no I'm not really "one of you"

Anonymous 198395

Never said she was lol wat

Anonymous 198396

>only a handful
idk why you're saying this when we literally can go back and look at the sperging of the past two days

Anonymous 198397

kek. true that.

Anonymous 198398

this is how the userbase begins to fall apart; you're are one of us, you care enough to follow lolcow here

Anonymous 198399

people accusing you of being a tranny or bpdchan or whoever are the ones who aren't the same as us.

Anonymous 198400

Omg someone let shaymin know about that immediately. We can not have a zoomie underage teen running the place

Anonymous 198401

Ew, were you the one defending him and grimes in the first threads?

Anonymous 198402

i would preferably have an admin that is above 25.

Anonymous 198404

newfags don't understand lc or imageboards or how sisterhood works in them. honestly. a lot of newfags adopted this kind of "everyone for themselves" way of acting unless they get to bully someone. they get upset or dismissive when we talk about wanting to keep board culture, but then try implementing their own and say it's "evolving". they need to work out some of that suppressed anger.

Anonymous 198405

We don't need to downplay the sperg out that happened because of the layout kek

Anonymous 198406

nta but to be fair the layout was a dogshit free one you can get online.

Anonymous 198407

nta but I don't think "sisterhood" is telling anons that we are just like ihm.

Anonymous 198409

No I didn't even lurk the Grimes thread until about 6 months ago, and I wouldn't and have never defended elon. Nona's we're tinfoiling about something Grimes said and I asked for proof she said whatever it was they we're talking about and everyone started sperging at me and it ended with them all agreeing with each other that I was elon.

Anonymous 198411

you need a thicker skin and some common sense if you honestly can't understand what I mean

Anonymous 198412


Meanwhile, on Josh Farms…

Anonymous 198413

i don't think anyone is saying that. i personally just think /ot/ only anons don't even know what the hell else is going on on the site. we're anonymous, we're supposed to protect the site and the values of anonymous posting.

Anonymous 198414

i hope shatmin vets well the new mod next. we don't want another "ines" situation where someone too young and inexperied was chosen.

Anonymous 198415

Oh, good

Anonymous 198416

i actually agree with banning vpns. IP addresses don't leak any important information about who's posting and getting rid of spam is more important.

Anonymous 198418

I'm about 95% sure Shatman is Ines.

Anonymous 198419

They're just generic posts, I'm not tinfoiling or sperging or using obscure vernacular. Some of them are just me agreeing with another post. And even if you think my posts are "bad" what is that supposed to mean I'm not allowed to post here? We all have to agree with eachother and have the same opinions to be here? It's so dumb and juvenile, I've probably been here longer than you and shit was never this irritating and accusatory before

Anonymous 198421

Also popping in to say i don't understand you. Are you esl?

Anonymous 198422

I agree and got yelled at repeatedly for expressing this opinion. I'll take farmlands knowing where I live over trannies and CP spam.

Anonymous 198423

What really annoys me about the whole situation is that people would have shut up about the new layout after a week because they got used to it. People ALWAYS lose their shit whenever there is the slightest change on a website and it's autistic as fuck, but they get used to it super quickly too.

Anonymous 198424

yeah I saw your reply here >>198409 within seconds of commenting and just deleted my comment because I knew exactly what you are talking about and it is an annoying phenomenon, you're right

Anonymous 198425

It wasn't just the sperging about the layout.

Anonymous 198426

that's illegal but you can find the same info via a VPN anyway. look up how they work.

Anonymous 198427

we just needed to have patiece. the mess was going to be solved eventually. i did enjoy the shitposting though lol

Anonymous 198428

Our largest export is by and far what normies would consider "cyber bullying." The site is an off-shoot of 4chan's /cgl/. I know a lot of you guys are teenagers and young 20s, but you are not the "good guy" if you're posting on lolcow with enough frequency to want to follow it over here and argue that you're a cool stacey.

Anonymous 198429

that's what i think too, spergouts would've calmed down after like two weeks max.

Anonymous 198430

I didn’t even think the layout was that bad lol just lacked themes which is whatever we had girltalk lol

Anonymous 198431

but i gotta keep my cringe post history separate from my normal one

Anonymous 198432


Anonymous 198433

you're part of the problem bb


I couldn't even access the damn site on the first day and Shaymin had already had her spergout by the time that I could

Anonymous 198436

But it was one of the major things people just wouldn't stfu about

Anonymous 198437

i'm telling you /ot/ only users are the worst. they think the entire site revolves around them.

Anonymous 198438

No, obviously not. I am included in "us."

Anonymous 198439

nta but she obviously doesn't think so.

Anonymous 198441

Wait do we have to sage I’m an idiot lmfaoo

Anonymous 198442

I have never used a VPN and I probably never will. come kill me I don't care.

Anonymous 198443

that's because it was a shitty template. lolcow is a chan style imageboard that needed to be updated, not completely changed to a different type.

Anonymous 198444

i said this once, that drama boards are the heart and soul and are better in some /ot/ thread and i stand by it.

Anonymous 198445

So it was you. Lmao imagine defending a billionaire deadbeat moid being powr and buwwied and then crying why you aren't accepted on a gossip website for women.

Anonymous 198446

I wonder how many of us remember when the only board was /pt/.

Anonymous 198447

i don't think anons really thought you were elon. jesus.

Anonymous 198448

damn didn’t realize Elon was lurking this thread, what’s up dude? lmfaoo I can’t

Anonymous 198449

>lolcow is a chan style imageboard that needed to be updated
Thing is it's written on outdated chan software, and it was modified so heavily that it was hard for newer admins to understand what the fuck was going on. It seems migrating to lynxchan was a smart idea backend wise, but it needed to be executed differently.
I see this as a change that was done to help with the development of the backend of the site, for the sake of the admin and mods/jannies, and not for the frontend/UI. Besides frontend is easily fixable, anons making a fuss about it were so obnoxious kek.

Anonymous 198450

agree here. /ot/ has a different culture than the rest of the site now in my opinion. it used to be someplace where we could relax after getting autistically angry at eachother, but now it's all infighting coupled with weirdly friendly activities like drawthread and movies. i feel like some users there browse all day and do nothing else and interact with no one else.

Anonymous 198452

>i feel like some users there browse all day and do nothing else and interact with no one else.

Anonymous 198453

i still get why anons were sperging. plus deleting /w/ was stupid as hell.

Anonymous 198454

admin changed her discord name to "shatmin," said she's going to hand off the site to someone else asap, and anons are infighting

Anonymous 198455

well some anons who infight constantly need to step back sometimes.

Anonymous 198456

I'll tell the others

Anonymous 198457

Ty but wait so you replied to my post twice without stating "samefag?" Isn't that against the rules or whatnot? Forgive me if I'm wrong I'm not trying to start an infight

Anonymous 198458

This was completely admins mistake, but the site that went up day before yesterday was an unfinished site full of (apparently) template text like the kpop description for /m/. Later on admin said she'd be migrating /w/, /snow/ and /pt/ to the new board which implies /w/ would not be deleted. She never said /w/ will be gone, but she also made the mistake of not clarifying that it would stay.

Anonymous 198459

only if you have cancer

Anonymous 198460

Well yeah but I don't think anybody thought they were morally righteous. Honestly not even sure I agree with the cyberbullying statement. Reposting a screencap of something someone posted isn't cyberbullying. Normie websites have just as much shittalking as lolcow except you aren't allowed to say anything about trannies over there

Anonymous 198461

no I didn't reply to it twice.

Anonymous 198462

i'm just trying to say it obviously looked a mess so anons were kind of in the right to sperg. what the real issue is, is admin doesn't know how to code well. she's sloppy and has horrible communication so people are assuming the worst.

Anonymous 198465

If your behavior on lolcow is exactly as socially acceptable as your behavior anywhere else, then why are you here? You don't need to argue morals with me and you don't need to feel bad either.

Anonymous 198466


she indeed sounds like a teenager, she shouldnt be involved in those stuffs

Anonymous 198467

nta but some /ot/ only anons do actually think they're morally superior to drama board users.

Anonymous 198468

Hurt people hurt people

Anonymous 198469

they try to distance themselves pretty hard, i can partially understand why, but you're here with us, kek.

Anonymous 198470

Why would anyone want to kill you wtf

Anonymous 198471


Anonymous 198472

Yes, you're sadly totally right. She should have taken some extra time and tested more, it's not like anybody here would have cared if it took longer as long as we got drip fed an update on what's going on every once in a while.

Anonymous 198473

>Normie websites have just as much shit talking as lolcow
nayrt, but this always cracks me up when people are trying to paint lolcow as this horrible website and I ask them how anonymously gossiping about some public figure is much worse from when us friends gossip about someone we know. One is making a clown of themselves publicly and the other is someone that thinks they're hot shit privately, both cases all parties agree said person need to be taken down a notch. I've never gotten a decent answer lmao

Anonymous 198474

like the site would not exist without cow boards, even if they only use non-cowboards, that's who's keeping their site afloat for them

Anonymous 198475

Because I like women only online spaces and think it's extremely important to have them. Not everyone who is on lolcow has to be a disgusting outcast kek

Anonymous 198476

get out. you're not one of us.

Anonymous 198477

God, moids really are pathetic. They hate spaces for women so fucking much. Who the fuck was it that had to fight for their own bathrooms and only had their own bathroom spaces (until trannies invaded it)? Fuck off our site. They are so insufferable. Men have always had their own spaces, and still have them. I hate moids so fucking much.

Anonymous 198478

Anonymous 198479

What are you talking about? I just said I wouldn't ever defend elon and I didn't. I was asking for proof that Grimes had that secret twitter account because I wasn't familiar with the lore, that's why everyone called me elon. I've posted on there once and never defended anyone, can you read?

I know that retard my point is it's annoying that posting anything that goes outside the realm of what everyone agrees with just gets dogpiled on with random "hi cow" or tranny or samefag accusations. I've been here like 7 years and it was never as bad as it's been the past year

Anonymous 198480

the things people say to cows on twitter with their burner accounts are often way worse than lolcow gossip.

Anonymous 198482

nta but it's never been that type of woman only space. men were only
banned so drama threads wouldn't be like kiwifarms are now. just use this site instead.

Anonymous 198483

Oh sorry I thought you were saying both posts were yours

Anonymous 198484

That's a fair reason to browse, but it also makes you a part of lolcow. Do you think it's terribly "normal" by today's standards to feel like that? Clearly not.

Anonymous 198487

moid with the japanese text is seething he got his vpn banned kek

Anonymous 198488

that's just because we can't alog. i feel like chronicling some rando camgirl's life to laugh at and poke holes in is kinda cruel meangirls shit that we can do freely without judging eachother or being judged public.

Anonymous 198489

I like the threadpic. there should be catnip in the vase but otherwise it's a good picture.

Anonymous 198490

our admin is literally a shaynafag, I don't even understand how this argument is happening

Anonymous 198491

There's no need since /ot/, /m/ and /g/ exist. Don't be silly. I've been on lc since its inception but clearly over time it got open to the idea of being a female only space for casual talk, not just gossip. Of course the online gossip is still in the foreground, as it should be since it will deter normies to an extent because of the more vicious board culture.

Anonymous 198492

This kid followed me around the supermarket, trying to get me to play tag with her. I kept asking where her parents were at and she didn't stop following me. I'm not cut out to be a mom.

Anonymous 198493

Stop wanting to die plenty people want you to live and thrive. Shit you have that shit put in your face I promise you’ll be begging for life

Anonymous 198494

Sorry maybe I need to clarify. I'm not saying I don't consider myself a part of lolcow culture. I'm just defending n0nnies and myself from statements that we are pigs rolling in filth just like ihm. I don't believe we are like at, at least not all of us.

Anonymous 198495

Okay again, you need to stop being this sensitive. You are this upset over a turn of phrase.

Anonymous 198496

honey, it's ok. I don't need a vpn because no one is out to get me. "come and kill me" was hyperbole. you're like someone on a mushroom trip right now lol don't get twisted up about this it's okay, you're okay, I'm okay

Anonymous 198497

i'm telling you it's /ot/ posters. they think the entire site is like /ot/. you can tell when they wander into threads too, they will defend cows by claiming we're shitting women when we're just bullying the cows.
>uhm actually all breasts are supposed to look like that stupid moid
bitch i don't care what other women's breasts look like, this bitch sexually assaulted multiple women and lied about getting raped, she could have perfect breasts and i'll call them ugly.

Anonymous 198498

What did the deleted post say?

Anonymous 198499

no one said we were like ihm, retard. calm down.

Anonymous 198500

>she could have perfect breasts and i'll call them ugly.
Nta but I don't get this

Anonymous 198501

are you her new mother now?

Anonymous 198502


good morning, I love you all

Anonymous 198503

because she's a shit person who likely reads her thread and it upsets her. also when women get naked for moids they don't need to be defended from moid standards.

Anonymous 198504

Merry christmas, my kitten woke me up in the middle of the night because he decided my ASSCRACK was the greatest toy ever

Anonymous 198505

I always thought that logic was retarded and I was shitting on pixy teri in 2011 on /cgl/. To have common sense is not an /ot/ thing kek.

Anonymous 198507

i feel like it's actually radfags and /2X/fags that do that tho

Anonymous 198508

I'm not upset kek. If you think lolcow is a cyberbullying site that makes you guys gross outcasts, that's alright. It's just the same as any normie site except troon shittalking is allowed.

Anonymous 198509

It has been for the past 5+ years. We don't want men there.

Anonymous 198510

Alright champ, reality is whatever you want it to be, have a great night

Anonymous 198511

Thats the weakest bait ive seen yet. Fuck off.

Anonymous 198512

i love you too n0nnie!

Anonymous 198513

literally the posters that constantly sperg about "women tearing other women down" and getting mad at cow threads are always radfems, how am i wrong?

Anonymous 198514

Im a radfem and browse /2X/. Kys. We're not all a hivemind you dumb fuck.

Anonymous 198515

no one wants men there, but the fact is they were banned for being annoying, not to make lolcow a woman's space. it's just a side effect of banning the men. know your damn place.

Anonymous 198517

lolcow's back, why is everynonn-ie still here?

Anonymous 198518

nta, they mostly act like libfems, which would also make me think /ot/

Anonymous 198519

neither are /ot/ posters but this entire thread is shitting on us for no reason when it's not even us that usually say the shit we're being accused of

Anonymous 198520

nta but you sound like you're trying to infight kek wtf

Anonymous 198521

I cant get on it. Server is down for me.

Anonymous 198522

not for me

Anonymous 198523

most n0nnies can't access it, seems like.

Anonymous 198524

I freaking wish that was true

Anonymous 198525

it's def radfems who get triggered at any mention of "beauty standards" and get mad when you call other women ugly, that's why 2X was hidden and not ot

Anonymous 198526

i don't think it's radfems. more the annoying "women all have high octane empathy" holier than thou posters. some may be radfems, but people who get mad at us for tearing down cows are thinskinned women should be lovelies types.

Anonymous 198527

I still can't enter no matter what

Anonymous 198528

Okay, newfag

Anonymous 198529

radfem n0nnies please do not come for me this is just anecdotal from browsing, but this is not true. Radfem nonas will leave you to the wolves if you do something they do not like, such as wearing makeup

Anonymous 198530

anyone who spergs about "patriarchal beauty standards" and getting mad at anons for calling women fat or insulting their boobs is a radfem

Anonymous 198531

rewriting history.

Anonymous 198532

radfems have only been on the site for 4 years, quiet.

Anonymous 198533

And now they are getting banned for being men.
>know your damn place.
kill yourself

Anonymous 198534

says the radfem

Anonymous 198535

Anonymous 198536

shaymin should take /ot/ and put it on the nu lolcow. fuck off and respect the people who made your site what it is.

Anonymous 198537

discord link? I think I'm on the old one? AAAA what is HAPPENINGGG this is all so hard to catch up with

Anonymous 198538

nta but why are you so mad? what is this fight even about??

Anonymous 198539

I think gc spergs are an advanced form of ot cancer

Anonymous 198541

>waaah waaah radfems
smells like balls in here, worst Christmas ever

Anonymous 198542

Most radfems from lc are oldfags that adopted radical feminism, speaking from experience kek

Anonymous 198543

/2X/ was hidden to prevent moids from spamming it, oldmin literally said this herself

Anonymous 198544

Hi guys

Anonymous 198545

now you're just saying anything to get people riled up.

Anonymous 198547

you all better not be talking shit about /2X/

Anonymous 198548

anon is telling me to kill myself because i said that the site wasn't designed to be a woman's space and men were only banned because they think with their dicks and the way the site is now is a byproduct of that. i was never mad. don't know why some anons don't get that and need to sperg out.

Anonymous 198549

>oldfags that adopted radical feminism
but who brought radical feminism to the site? it wasn't just a collective realization or pop up out of nowhere. it was newfags who were radfems

Anonymous 198550

there are DNS issues that won't resolve for up to 72 hours or something according to the discord chat with shaymin. for many nonitas the site is still inaccessible.

Anonymous 198551

I am one of them and I'm telling you to kill yourself xy cripple.

Anonymous 198552

no they didn't. we were complaining about radfems ruining /ot/ when oldmin was around. most of us left.

Anonymous 198553

Exactly anons are pretending that the timing doesn't line up with reddit ban of gender critical

Anonymous 198554

you're the cancer killing the site.

Anonymous 198555

Oh, I've seen Admin post the DNS issues were sorted out, so I thought that problem was fixed. Weird that my Hungarian ISP manages to connect, but even American anons struggle to see lolcow

Anonymous 198556

i thought it was a byproduct of the tranny threads peaking n0nnies

Anonymous 198557

>claiming we're shitting women
I know that's not what you meant but this made me lol

Anonymous 198558

it was a graveyard last time i went there, sadly. wish we were more active on there but i'm also to blame for not posting on it much.

Anonymous 198559

Because he's a moid mad that we don't want him there and can't pull the "know your place" chimping here.

Anonymous 198560

I don't get why this is a fight. Sure it wasn't always a womens space but it clearly is now?

Anonymous 198561

I managed to lose her in the freezer section. She suddenly got bored I guess and went back to her parents. I was almost worried the gods were punishing me with one of my worst nightmares. Please, can people watch their kids better?

Anonymous 198562

do you know how to read? go back and read what i said. you clearly are too enraged to actually know what i meant.

Anonymous 198563

Cry harder, you have a billion other websites you can stink up.

Anonymous 198564

something something dns propagation takes time but should sort itself out etc

Anonymous 198565

close call nawnie!

Anonymous 198566

They really should be watching her better holy fuck. What if she started following around some creepy moid? She could have been kidnapped or worse.

Anonymous 198567

i was never fighting. anon came at me because i pointed it out. she also posted >>198475 calling drama anons disgusting outcasts. she's totally in the wrong.

Anonymous 198568

>most of us left.
Good. Also thank you for your sperging back then, it lead to the entirety of lolcow becoming pp/gc general.

Anonymous 198569


Anonymous 198570

That's a different anon lol.

Anonymous 198571

Yeah or making the unforgiving sin of being straight lol

Anonymous 198572

>who is your favorite male porn star thread

Anonymous 198573

Anons were kicked out for manhate and troonhate and were accused of being redditfags, BEFORE r/gendercritical got banned. They only reversed the ban on the topics when r/gendercritical got banned. I remember, because I left during that period, despite being an oldfag.

Anonymous 198575

>admitting to being a newfag

Anonymous 198576

The reddit places got banned literal months later.

Anonymous 198577

Since these bunker threads are clearly going to continue for a while I made a template linking important things that have happened in the bunker so if any nonn1es new to the threads come in they don't have to be spoonfed. Should this be used as a template for future threads?

[Lolcow Bunker Thread #]

Posting is enabled on https://original.lolcow.farm/, however many nonn1es can't access it. For some it works with mobile data only, some with a proxy.
Bunker with no lolcow discussion: >>>/b/195942
Last bunker:
#20 - >>>/b/198323
Caps from Shaymin's discord: >>>/b/198332 >>>/b/198466
Discussion about lolcow on Kiwi Farms: >>>/b/198412
#19 - >>>/b/197747
IHM appears: >>>/b/198185 >>>/b/198203 >>>/b/198207
Shaymin makes a bunker discord: >>>/b/197998
Screencaps of the bunker discord: >>>/b/198151 >>>/b/198154 >>>/b/198162 >>>/b/198164 >>>/b/198165 >>>/b/198174
Nonn1e emails Shaymin asking about costs: >>>/b/198070
#18 - >>>/b/197189
Shaymin addresses Ian tinfoils: >>>/b/197490
Lolcow discussed in PULL's discord: >>>/b/197485
Nonn1e posts archives of lolcow's own caps threads: >>>/b/197460
Shaymin posts in /meta/: >>>/b/197322
#17 - >>>/b/196568
New thread in /meta/ on lolcow's future: >>>/b/196973
Josh weighs in on Shaymin's decisions: >>>/b/196966
#16 - >>>/b/195893
Shaymin resigns: >>>/b/195616 >>>/b/195695
Posting re-enabled on https://original.lolcow.farm/: >>>/b/195574
Rdrama posts about lolcow: >>>/b/195322
#15 - >>>/b/194696
Shaymin answers questions about nucow >>>/b/194754 >>>/b/194756
Nonn1es posting images on lolcow >>>/b/194712
#14 - >>>/b/194105
Nonn1e posts lolcow screencaps: >>>/b/194620
The last reply on lolcow: >>>/b/194349
Kpopfagging on nucow: >>>/b/194302
Shitposting on lolcow: >>>/b/194255 >>>/b/194294 >>>/b/194307 >>>/b/194345 >>>/b/194568
Nonn1es still can't access lolcow: >>>/b/194202 >>>/b/194582
#13 - >>>/b/193547
Posting disabled on nucow: >>>/b/193797
/w/ isn't added: >>>/b/193742
Nucow screencaps: >>>/b/193667 >>>/b/193670 >>>/b/193674 >>>/b/193679 >>>/b/193682 >>>/b/193724 >>>/b/193729 >>>/b/193730
Some nonn1es can't access lolcow: >>>/b/193629

Anonymous 198578

well i initially responded to her. if the retard arguing with me isn't that anon she's clearly misinterpreting what i said.

Anonymous 198580

if you let a man in your house or give birth to a son and don't immediately kill them then whatever happens after that is your own fault in the eyes of the radfems (I say this with affection for them)

Anonymous 198581

>Everyone who disagrees with me and my politics is a man!

Anonymous 198582

doing the lord's work, n0nny

Anonymous 198583

Radfem n0nnies come for you when you have lustful feelings and crave real or fictional dick, because you need to be enlightened.

Anonymous 198584

I've been on lolcow since the start and before. Sorry no one cares about your precious moids.

Anonymous 198586

Y’all are loved

Anonymous 198587

This, I saw Vanessa Vokey mention lolcow in a youtube livestream once lol, one of the worst kinds of radfems… the fag moid sympathizing type

Anonymous 198588

Anonymous 198589

ayrt KEK that is literally my other post you just tagged. Anon I was DEFENDING drama anons…

Anonymous 198590

something is wrong with you? how could you possibly interpret what anon said as that?

Anonymous 198591

Vanessa was also racist lol

Anonymous 198592


thanks n0nnie

Anonymous 198593

Vokey is a tradfem

Anonymous 198594

This, it was a byproduct of the userbase getting older, more disillusioned and sick of trannies and men. At least it was that way for me

Anonymous 198596

Samefag but I used to only lurk the pro ana scumbags thread and there was a drastic shift a couple/few years ago when the radfem newfags arrived. I saw old posts mocking posters by saying shit like "are you a feminist??? cringe." And then suddenly it shifted to radfem opinions

Anonymous 198597

Samefagging to say, let me just clarify. I was saying drama anons aren't disgusting! The person I was replying to was saying we are and that we need sisterhood. I was trying to say we are normal people and aren't some outcast freaks, but if they want to label themselves as that then they are fine to do that I guess

Anonymous 198598


>Hello fellow females, it's so sad radfems ruined lolcow. Oops, seems like someone is spamming gore, cp and porn what a coincidence. Anyway, us oldfags know that akschually men only have been unwanted recently, when those radfems from reddit were ruining lolcow with their politics. Did you know the original admin was a man? You /ot/ radfem newfag females should take a seat and respect us- I mean those men who built your side.

Anonymous 198599

I thought women were becoming more radfems due to the amount of CP/tranny threads they were and raids of men posting rape and gore in these threads. Say shit about radfems all you want, I'm a straight radfem with a husband, but I had these girls who helped me when I came out about these men. I'd prefer women who at least somewhat cared about s (instead of women who perpetuate abuse against women like Shatna and pedopanders). I do understand theres a lot of people who call themselves radfems and never actual read theory, but the whole point of being a radfem is to help women out of the system, bad women included. I make fun of people like Shatna, but thats because she also told 14 yo radfems to "take it up the ass".

Anonymous 198600

hello my luvlies

Anonymous 198601

You should not be using lolcow if you're this convinced you're normal, like how did you even find it?

Anonymous 198602

Yeah I'll never wrap my head around the victim blaming, how is that a feminist stance

Anonymous 198603

Mostly because liberal feminism was seen as the only kind of feminism, which still panders to men and is pretty cringe.

Anonymous 198605

I dunno either. tough love mindset maybe.

Anonymous 198606

/m/ users are superior to everyone else.

Anonymous 198607

it's not really victim blaming to them, just political lesbianism, i think they view moid partnered anons as willingly harming themselves

Anonymous 198608

i love you SO MUCH

Anonymous 198609

well i was never arguing with you. i am arguing with the faggot calling us all men. forgive me i'm tired. the anon who responded for you is a raging freak who doesn't respect lolcow's roots.

Anonymous 198610

>Everyone who disagrees with my post is a man!

Also I'm not involved in your infight about when the men arrived or were banned or whatnot lol, go touch grass and calm down a bit, it's not that deep.

Anonymous 198611

Who the fuck is saying we're fucking men? What?

Anonymous 198612


This. After that comment of "know your place" made me a bit uncomfortable. We cannot pretend like there arent male posters who raid this site constantly, who go as far as to laughing at us.

Males have had their own spaces for years. Women had to fight for bathroom spaces, and just about two decades ago or so we finally had them. We were not even able to speak without a man present, specifically our husbands. I don't understand why these people can't understand why we're a bit reluctant onto seeing posters who are against women spaces. When men get in, they make it inherently sexual, look at the state of /a/ and even /lit/, how it always has images with sexual intentions.

I dont know how we're getting blamed and pinpointed when we had male posters who have spammed gore of women. There are rape forums for women who has been spammed S&M and men pretending to be women to laugh about it. Pic rel.

Anonymous 198613

idk do you really think an imageboard owner would be a hot or normie looking and behaving adjacent? a ib owner from before even the 2010s even? come on. and she doesn't type like a man it's so clear that some of you really didn't use the internet past facebook before 2012. she types like someone her age. she's not that cute and she's fat, and that's expected.

Anonymous 198614

Anonymous 198615

ex scene kid who looked up to kiki kannibal and found her thread one day. But honestly why is it bad if I think myself and other anons are normal? I really don't understand why this is a problem. Why does everybody who is on lolcow have to be this strange idea of some weirdo outcast? Why do you not want me to say that I think you and other women on the site are not outcasts but are just normal??? I genuinely don't understand why I am getting anons telling me to leave over this kek.

Anonymous 198616

>I've been on lolcow since the start and before
So you've been on lolcow before the conception of lolcow? Wow the oldest oldfag! kek

Anonymous 198618


Please take one.

Anonymous 198619

You can’t be a eadfem if you are with a man

Anonymous 198620

Thank u nona it’s delicious

Anonymous 198621

100% spot on. cc is where the males go since they think cc miners are naive and meek. (Yes they do take the bait sometimes)

Anonymous 198622

may i take the middle one?

Anonymous 198623

i told anon to know her place as in on lolcow as a newfag who thinks the site was meant to cater to /ot/ because she responded with unnecessary hostility to something i posted to another anon.

Anonymous 198624

I'm taking Keroppi

Anonymous 198625

I sympathize with radfem talking points, but I'm not someone who studied any "canon" texts or leading figures. For me male depravity and insane laziness is just something that I see in my daily life both online and offline, while women bust their asses. I just don't get the interest in sex worker cows. I knew Moo, because she had sexual assault allegations against her, but even trying to look back in Shayna threads all I found was just cringe I don't want to see (including her dolphin vagina), but I do not see anything rage inducing, it's just sad.

Anonymous 198627

You can think whatever you want, but you can't both be a frequenter of cowboards AND be so sensitive that you can't handle an unflattering metaphor. Which was the full extent of my posts, I'm none of the people who have started fighting about radfems and calling each other men.

Anonymous 198628

Yes. Lolcow was made after Staminarose got shut down. It's why we have /pt/ in the first place.

Anonymous 198629

All 3-4 of the /m/ posters

Anonymous 198630

Yes I can. Im a straight radfem who has read critcal theory and have owned radfem groups. I even have a radfem twitter. I want women to have a space to go to, and I have always been pro women. I only want daughters.
Oh, my bad. I did not know that, I thought you meant it about the whole man making the site thing. Sorry!

Anonymous 198631

I am having such bad farts right now please help

Anonymous 198632

Thank you ahaha

Anonymous 198633

Nta but not all of us are trying to be radfems lol

Anonymous 198634

I feel like it's unreasonable to get this upset over an ugly metaphor when you're using a website for unflattering words.

Anonymous 198635


Of course. I have more too.

Anonymous 198636

Oh shit you are the oldest oldfag, my bad.

Anonymous 198638

Wellbutrin did this to me

Anonymous 198640

Me too!!! Suffering over here

Anonymous 198641

the misunderstanding is probably because some people misinterpreted >>198372 which was obviously meant in a "we're all mad here" kind of way. not in a "we're the same as ihm" way.

Anonymous 198642

Can we jus get staminarose back lmfaoo

Anonymous 198643

Why does the laugh in this post feel so awkward kek

Anonymous 198644


Anonymous 198645

I think any woman who cares about women and would not put their nigel over them is a good start. For me, even though I have a boyfriend, I make sure my nigel respects his mother and the women in his life. I make sure how he treats people who have it less than him, and how he treats older women for example. I do not believe a woman can be a radfem if she is willing to put her man over her female friends (for example, if he has rape allegations, etc). It's sad, but a lot of women do excuse these types of men, especially their nigels. You do not have to be extremely active, but I think just being pro women is a good start.

Anonymous 198646

in political lesbian radfem circles even partnering with a moid makes you disqualified from radical feminism, it's why "not my nigel" is a phrase

Anonymous 198647

huh? /pt/ was made for pixyteri discussion after it was banned from /cgl/ no? i think i'm just misunderstanding kek. i mean it looks like it stands for it

Anonymous 198648

no worries. anon misunderstood me because she was responding to something i directed at a different anon and i didn't realize because she didn't say she wasn't her(even though she claims to be an oldfag she doesn't have any board etiquette and is calling me a man because she misunderstood me)

Anonymous 198649

Kek I'm not even that old yet, just terminally online.

For real

Anonymous 198650



Anonymous 198651

Pompurin is mine

Anonymous 198652

Anonymous 198653

Okay I'm being confused as multiple different people. I am >>198407 , >>198460 , >>198475 , >>198494 , >>198508 … the original post I was replying to I interpreted it as anon saying that we are all yucky outcast weirdos who cyber bully. All I have been trying to say is that it's really not fucking weird to look at cowboards and participate in them. Because it is the same exact behavior on normie sites like reddit and twitter. I think we all misunderstood eachother and are all on the same side?

Anonymous 198654

This doesnt mean all women btw. There are multiple horrible women, though a lot of horrible women, including mothers go through a cycle of abuse. A lot of damaged mothers have had less chances and the solution is to also see them as still women.. A lot of women are terrible humans for their nigel's approval, and unless they start hurting other women, then I try to help. When they go as far as hurting their own sisters, then it's a lost cause.
I understand that, however that still doesnt make me less of one. I dont understand why youre trying to segregate us unless you are specifically anti radfem. I would never choose my nigel over another woman if a woman came to me about one.

Anonymous 198655

nta but it went
>/cgl/ drama ban
>staminarose (nuked)
>lolcow which was only /pt/ initially
then kiwifarms came shortly after that so josh could have an identity and get his dick sucked for his amazing posts.

Anonymous 198656

Why do you have to keep using the most infantile language? It reeks of ddlgfag

Anonymous 198657

I meant to reply to you in my post here sorry idk how to delete on this site tbh it's a little different than lc >>198653

Anonymous 198658

why would you post this

Anonymous 198659


pls stop fighting

Anonymous 198660

My old ass feelings got hurt by the nona who said IHM “types like someone her age” I’m going to bed

Anonymous 198661

Anyone wanna infight about "gnc" women? They remind me of nlogs because they always think they're better than other women for not wearing makeup or having short hair lol. And then they perpetuate the same stereotypes as trannies, like insinuating being a women means performing stereotypical feminine acts and because they're not feminine they have to put "gnc" in front of it.

Anonymous 198662

ah i see, thx4danawlidj

Anonymous 198663

Any woman who shames other women for being feminine is very very odd

Anonymous 198664

Who cares what anon you are

Anonymous 198665

Shutup. We don't all have short hair either. If you think that womanhood has anything to do with femininity then you're part of the problem.

Anonymous 198666

Yes, but the timeline was dramaban on cgl(which was around 2011?) > dramaposting migrates to sr > sr gets closed down because admin got pissed at false pedo accusations to pt (around 2014?) > lolcow gets created as substitute

Anonymous 198668

i'm the anon who knew her irl. don't feel too bad, she types like an immature early 30s /b/tard.

Anonymous 198669

ayrt wew that's very off the mark but okay kek

because people are accusing me of different things and i just wanted to clear it up

Anonymous 198670

Why are you dying on this hill? You're opinion is valid, is that what you need? lol

Anonymous 198671

we don't.

Anonymous 198672

Both of those posts are me. I stand by what I said, you are acting very sensitive. I am extremely disappointed that this needs explained this thoroughly, but what the other anon said here >>198641
is correct.

Anonymous 198674

but she does. what's wrong with that? nothing… my cousin is her age and she types exactly the same too

Anonymous 198675

i just thought you should know what most radfems think of willingly hetpartnered women kek. they basically view you as the embarassing reality inconvenient to their ideology, or if they are hetpartnered they're embarassed about that too

Anonymous 198676

Lord have mercy, my parents invited my alcoholic uncle for christmas eve. Just kill me already he's going to ruin everything by arguing with my father like a retarded child.

Anonymous 198677

this is actually what nlog originally meant lmao

Anonymous 198678



Anonymous 198679

You can think I'm sensitive all you want, I'm trying to understand why I'm the only anon singled out instead of the multiple other anons who said the same fucking thing. If going after me specifically helps you feel better, then cool I really don't give a fuck because we are fucking anonymous

Anonymous 198680

you gotta stop

Anonymous 198681

I'm not really GNC, unless you count not wearing makeup as some attack on the system, but I always interpreted n0nnies said GNC because that's what they're observed as by others, who keep reminding them how non-woman they are. Unlike trannies who intentionally go out of their way to dress and move in the manner of the other sex, and are angry when they're told what they are. GNCs aren't really offended either way.

Anonymous 198682

No that's what I'm saying, being a woman isn't about stereotypical femininity that's why it's weird gnc women have to create a whole new category for themselves just for not feeling or looking stereotypically feminine

Apparently some of you do lol, don't speak for the group

I'm saying every woman is a woman regardless of appearance or personality traits, what is nloggy about that?

Anonymous 198683

No. Im a tomboy who has a lot of feminine friends. Gnc women are usually gnc due to being pressured to troon out. I was one. I am not against makeup, I am against the industry and standards and cosmetics being induced onto girls as young as 12. I was forced to be feminine as a girl and was told that my only thing was to have children, and believed that anything like my ambitions was being emotional, and that I, a woman, should not have them. I learned to appreciate being myself. Feminine women are still women, just like women who arent feminine. The idea of "femininity" is a construct and was meant to put down women as people automatically believe to be a female is to be a failed male (which is false), hence they made up femininity. Women are not in a box, and they have interests that can go for anything. However, I am gnc because I do not want young girls to be pressured to starve themselves or to indulge into surgeries such as labia removal to be a perfect sex doll. Women should be able to indulge in whatever they want without feeling "prettier" because of cosmetics or being pressured by anything outside of that. I still like frilly clothes and adore animals, but I also like boxxing and coding. Women are their own. Stop pinning women against each other and making fun of them. Im against gnc women making fun of those women, but women simply stating theyre not wearing makeup are usually congratulating themselves for that, usually because theyve been put in a box where they had to, doesnt mean other women who wear it are less women than them.

Anonymous 198684

>I really don't give a fuck because we are fucking anonymous
you literally just said which posts were yours

Anonymous 198685

Anonymous 198686

I agree dude they will call you a tranny just for wearing makeup but then turn around and cry that some moid thought they were a tranny

Anonymous 198687

i meant that "nlog" originally meant girl who tries to separate herself from other girls. people who call themselves "gnc" are doing that, making them nlogs

Anonymous 198688


Anonymous 198689

that went right over your head. how can one be gender non conforming without needing to view femininity isn't intrinsically female? you're not being non conforming against gender unless you think gender is stereotypes.

Anonymous 198690

Fuck off. I dont care about you trying to segregate me from the only women who's been there for me. You are fucking terrible. The only women who's been there for me, at my lowest when I was abused and groomed was radfems.

Anonymous 198691


Anonymous 198692

Yeah sure, that's separating yourself. It's totally not separating to act hostile and weird towards anyone who doesn't conform. Without the bullying, shunning and pressure, there wouldn't be a reason to say you don't conform.

Anonymous 198693


Anonymous 198694

agree. being gnc is just being nonbinary for women who don't want to call themselves some genderspecial term. they're just trying to opt out of woman's issues by pretending to be above them.

Anonymous 198695

i wasn't but … okay

Anonymous 198696

huh? maybe i just don't want to be feminine and don't feel comfortable doing those things. why should i? there's nothing wrong with them but they're just not for me

Anonymous 198697

let me guess, you have mostly male friends too because they're "less drama"? kek

Anonymous 198698

What the hell is up with anons today
Are you all drunk because its Christmas Eve?

Anonymous 198699

it is a fucking shitshow in here, every single person on this thread rn is trying their hardest to infight over everything

Anonymous 198700

"femininity" is just a label/stereotype for the whole female gender. calling yourself "gender non conforming" is LITERALLY calling yourself nlog by name

Anonymous 198702

No, sorry, Im tired of people telling me im not radfem or that radfems would hate me for being het. I just don't understand that hate for all that when I was posting about how moidposters were spamming CP and whatnot and they said nothing about it, but are trying to tell me im not a radfem for having a nigel.

Anonymous 198703

No, most of my friends are other gnc women and I'm a lesbian. I'm not interested in men's attention.

Anonymous 198704

tbh i've never been "bullied" by other girls for having my own style even when i was a tomboy… i think it's mostly the insecure girls who had their own issues and were already weird to other girls that said that

Anonymous 198705

you're being so sensitive

Anonymous 198707


stop the divide i want a tomboy girlfriend and there are NONE in my area. lesbians i mean they're always surprisingly straight. not that i'm against that or anything

Anonymous 198708

>Stop pinning women against each other and making fun of them.
I'm not I'm inquiring about the term gnc, also this is a lolcow thread. There are entire boards dedicated to making fun of certain women lol

Oh my bad, I agree with you lol

Damn I missed that completely, excellent point nona

Very based

Anonymous 198709

Just ignore the very young, incredibly unrealistic baby radfems. Some women will talk as if a plan of total separatism or half of the world (XY) going extinct within the next decade is pragmatic to plan for

Anonymous 198710

Anonymous 198712

stop this tryhard attempt to claim you're not like other girls with this "gnc" shit then kek. it's cringe

Anonymous 198715

you don't have to be feminine, but you don't have to make a point that you're not, especially when stereotypical femininity isn't intrinsically female. many gnc women are overly critical of women who are stereotypically feminine, which i disagree with. just because something goes with the status quo doesn't mean it's bad. same with going against it. i also see gnc women treat gc women like they're brainwashed and can't possibly enjoy feminine things because they actually do, hence the nonbinary comparison. some people are like that.

Anonymous 198716

i'm not calling myself anything and neither am i any of the previous anons i was just saying. but while we're on the topic what else am i supposed to say? i don't dress like my friends that's all

Anonymous 198717

I guess thats a fair point then. I never liked the term "GNC", but I assumed it was terf leaning women. Though, when I think of it, a lot of "gnc" women are more liberal feminists than what you're saying, but that's probably due to different social media platforms. Most "GC" women I see are handmaidens. Sorry, .

Anonymous 198719

When I hear someone say "gnc" I just think of detransitioners and people who care way too much about their self image. Who cares what's "gender conforming"?

Anonymous 198720

it's your choice whether to adopt a label or not

Anonymous 198721

gender is just language. it comes directly from sex, female, feminine. it would be applied to sex in some way regardless because males and females want to be distinct from eachother.

Anonymous 198722


Me. I'm the gender police

Anonymous 198724

i think the term tomboy-ish to describe your style is fine, perhaps a bit juvenile, but who else cares about their style so much as young people anyways. like people calling themselves goth because they dress a certain way/listen to certain music.

Anonymous 198725

I wish people would drop the whole gender thing. Sex is what matters. Especially because trannies have purposely tried to confuse as many people as possible with changing the definitions and whatnot

Anonymous 198726

every woman is "gnc" in some way whether in behavior or clothing or speech. it's a useless nlog label

Anonymous 198728

I like describing myself as a tomboy, but recently, I have realized a lot of men use it as a fetish. Now, I am not so sure. I used it because it was my way so people wouldnt call me a he/him etc. Im not so sure now..

Anonymous 198729

agree here. i can enjoy the things i like but still be slightly critical of why i enjoy them. i personally hate labels. i just want to like what i like whether i "should" or not.

Anonymous 198730

I like calling myself tomboy becase my moid has a tomboy fetish and I fit the mold anyway.

Anonymous 198732

why would you admit this…

Anonymous 198735

moids fetishize every single thing, don't let them live rent-free in your head, n0nnie. enjoy whatever you like. my friend calls me tomboy-ish but i don't necessarily 'label' myself that way, i like what i like.

Anonymous 198736


Anonymous 198738

yes, exactly. it's fucking annoying. it's probably easier to get a tranny diag this way, men just need to say they like dresses and "girly" stuff.

Anonymous 198739


Ngl not using imageboards for a few days did wonders to my mental health. I ate healthy, I worked out, I’m learning a new language. See you in Pure Stacy Land n onnie s love you

Anonymous 198740

because I'm based. I like looking at tomboys in anime and saying "that's me". it's fun.

Anonymous 198741

this this this. gender is made up bullshit. people are their sex, not their "gender" or whatever stupid shit they want to decide on a whim

Anonymous 198742

That's why we all should quit tbh.

Anonymous 198743

queen shit

Anonymous 198744

love butches who are into crocheting.

Anonymous 198745

what if i told you i am both?
>eat healthy and cook every day
>exercise atleast 40 minutes a day
>have loving social relationships
>take a shower and wash my face daily
>sleep at normal hours
>have a clean house
>ree at cows and shitpost

Anonymous 198746

stacy behavior

Anonymous 198747

Okay but you can do all that and still use imageboards as a Stacy

Anonymous 198749

best I can do is embroidery atm sorry

Anonymous 198750

That’s life without the tism

Anonymous 198751

Personally it's imageboards that helped me do a lot of things and that gave me a shit ton of advice I wouldn't have received anywhere else. Especially lc but even /adv/ on 4chan has helped me get outside opinions I really needed at times. As long as you find a healthy balance between real life and online interactions I don't see how imageboards should be a problem.

Anonymous 198753

these past few months i somehow felt hormonal after literal years of being asexual since i was a teenager and it was so intense that i literally couldnt think about anything else for like a month. no changes in diet or conscious changes mindset or anything it just magically happened. feeling more homosexual than ever before, which is bad because there's no way i'll ever be able to experience anything in my muzzie country. sigh. well it's one of if not the most open liberal one when it comes to stuff like this so at least i'm not in pakistan or afghanistan whatever

Anonymous 198754

haha but i'm not falling for it, i called her out already.

Anonymous 198756

that's just as well, you're awesome. i'm working on an embroidery project right now too, a fruits basket.

Anonymous 198758

You right but let me cope

Anonymous 198759


Anonymous 198760


Anonymous 198762


I was trying to do a capybara

Anonymous 198763

the men here are sluts. she can use my apartment to fuck them when i'm at work.

Anonymous 198765

So based


So… just a woman who acts in ways not stereotypically associated with femininity. How is that not sexist? Lol I'd be offended if someone tried to label me as different from most women for not wanting kids.

Anonymous 198766

still smells of moid

Anonymous 198767

i'm a lesbian

Anonymous 198768


>lolcow is shit now and probably dying
wtf guess I'll start using this website then…….
hope y'all like retarded neets that post anime girls

Anonymous 198769

Anonymous 198770

you sound retarded

Anonymous 198771

Can… can I beat them up?

Anonymous 198772

nta then I wish I could help you out n0nna, respectfully

Anonymous 198773

my god, that's so cute. i'm a total noob so i'm just trying to practice various stitches.

Anonymous 198774

isn't that im@s not a girl.

Anonymous 198775

right, just the whole gnc thing has always been so weird to me. why would you want to label yourself that unless you have some sort of grudge against other women. i mean i get it, not everyone likes to wear makeup or dresses, but to make a whole identity out of it is definitely NLOG behavior.

Anonymous 198776

but also what country for any straight s that might be interested just for the info? is it denmark? because i keep hearing horror stories from women of danes not wanting to use condoms ever

Anonymous 198778

Why is everyone flirting?

Anonymous 198779

manifesting lolcow's downfall atm hope admin pulls the plug.

Anonymous 198780

ya go for it. we can dump the bodies down the trash chute.
(it was a joke for anons who are taking me seriously jeeze)

Anonymous 198781

fuck you bitch

Anonymous 198782

gtfo poopwound bearer

Anonymous 198783

Fuck off

Anonymous 198784

Danish is not a very sexy language I cannot imagine….

Anonymous 198785

Shaymin was right, and the lolcow autism is simply not worth it. Hoping she finally kills the website for good. Lets focus on better things from now on s.

Anonymous 198787

eww no.

Anonymous 198788

kill yourself rejected tranny

Anonymous 198789

Manifesting you the nicest day so you stop being a bitch uwu

Anonymous 198790

dude stop you're not funny

Anonymous 198792

good thing manifesting isn't real!

Anonymous 198793

It's so nice hearing other nonas feel the same way, I would get dogpiled on so hard for saying any of this in ot. One of they're arguments was even something along the lines of "well men put us in a different category for not being feminine so why shouldn't we do the same?" I was dumbfounded.

Anonymous 198795

then what country? west, north? don't tell say it's east…

Anonymous 198796

literally n0nnas in this thread tried to do that too, i just ignored them lol, why would you ever want to adopt the label moids give you, couldn't be me

Anonymous 198797

I hope lolcow dies too

Anonymous 198798

I come from a country with an unsexy language too. I have stuck to hooking up with foreigners and tourists, because then I have an excuse to just dirty talk in English. I don't know how to do it in my own language and make it sound sexy. This isn't sustainable. I wish to move to a different country to guarantee everything being in English.

Anonymous 198799

english isn't sexy kek

Anonymous 198800


Do you guys remember how autistic the official lolcow discord was before it was locked down? It was full of unironic scrotes, and the mods were weirdly bitchy. I still wonder why/how it had such a shit atmosphere compared to the actual site.

Anonymous 198801


Anonymous 198802

Yes, but it can be much and much worse. There are way worse languages and Danish is just one of them.

Anonymous 198804

why are you here then in the LOLCOW bunker thread? desperate for attention?

Anonymous 198805

Having sex with sexy foreigners sound very sustainable to me

Anonymous 198806

Screenshot (16454)…

Which one of you was this? You can just leave ya know

Anonymous 198807

It's just a malding tranny.

Anonymous 198809

>why would you ever want to adopt the label moids give you, couldn't be me
Stacey shit

Anonymous 198810

out of all the nordic languages which is the sexiest? i'm a svenskaboo so i'll say swedish but my friend's older sister told me they sound like frogs once so i don't think many would agree with me.

Anonymous 198814

With all my respect to you n0nnie how the fuck does someone like nordic countries

Anonymous 198815

nta I use lolcow yet I feel no attatchment to matetrial goods so I'm okay with letting it go.

Anonymous 198817

people from iceland are nutty though

Anonymous 198819

i kinda wanna live in iceland tbh

Anonymous 198821

lolcow isn't a material good you dumbass. do you mean tangible?

Anonymous 198822

I can empathize with zoomer kids freaking out about "30 year olds on my site???" since someone jokingly said going to mumsnet or me visiting ovarit and thinking "god, I don't want to talk to these internet-adapter 50 year-old women"

Anonymous 198823

okay and that's you, good for you and your buddhist thinking. no one gives a fuck

Anonymous 198824

inbreeding sure is right…

Anonymous 198825

have you seen them? they're sexy and i'm diagnosed autistic it's perfect for me.

Anonymous 198827


Anonymous 198828

I would like a bit more of a longer term fwb situation. Trying to get with whatever tourist stops by, is a bit of a crapshoot. One already tried to drag me into a pyramid scheme. So I've been wary since.

Anonymous 198829

Anonymous 198830

nta but what kind of pyramid scheme?

Anonymous 198831

Stop drinking

Anonymous 198832

Tangible means it's material, intangible means it's not (which is what lolcow is)

Anonymous 198834

They were even bitchy to other female members, it was honestly pathetic to see.

Anonymous 198835

Its a projection of y’all’s own discrepancies with yourself. Use your brain you fucking retard

Anonymous 198836

I'm similiar, but I wouldn't say "oh I wish LC was gone". I use LC from time to time to blogpost my shitty life, but I'm very attached to the culture or the cow side of the IB. But if you're truly indifferent, you wouldn't wish for it to be gone or destroyed

Anonymous 198838

say hi in your language

Anonymous 198839

yes that's what i meant. thank you kind anon.

Anonymous 198840

The screetching might actually mske her do it though, you all saw how she caved in to the whining about the new site

Anonymous 198841


Anonymous 198843

Anonymous 198844

Szia n-o-n-n-i-e

Anonymous 198845

Anonymous 198846

agreed. Not everyone has to share the same opinion lmao. Also its just the neets and losers who are scared of admin """pulling the plug""" because then they would be forced to move on with their lives get a new hobby and get a job.

Anonymous 198847


Anonymous 198848

Anonymous 198849

Anonymous 198850

god they were. she acted like it was her personal friend server half the time too

Anonymous 198851

Where did she say scrotes are allowed? I thought they banned moids when one admitted to being one

Anonymous 198852

You can't use yall while calling other people retarded, it just doesn't mesh lol

Anonymous 198853

Fuck I meant I'm *not attached. Can't even proofread my shit

Anonymous 198854

Anonymous 198855

people who do the stacy mean girl shit are so fucking autistic, spazzy, retarded and pathetic. Beckies.

Anonymous 198856

Something about beer. This brand was sponsoring this group's travel and they were going allover Europe. When we left the coffeeshop together, this group of copypaste blondes were standing outside, giggling, waiting for us and waving. I was really freaked out and they still invited me to a party later. I have watched enough horror movies to know where that would go, so I noped out. She heavily implied I could get to smash if I went to the party, but no no no I'm not going to get myself into that situation. Bad vibes.

Anonymous 198857

Anonymous 198858

Liver failure or a drunken accident will eventually stop you

Anonymous 198859

i don't understand why she didn't just ignore the screeching and finish the website. this is what is confusing me.

Anonymous 198860

>But if you're truly indifferent, you wouldn't wish for it to be gone or destroyed
I don't hate lolcow, I just dgaf, it's different retard

Anonymous 198861

Yes I can because you let something as stupid as how people talk to each other get in the way of how you gauge their intelligence. Fuck you and your myopic bitchiness

Anonymous 198862

Hallo hallo wie geht es

Anonymous 198863

They think lolcow is gossip girl

Anonymous 198864


Anonymous 198865

the autistic rage hurt her feefees

Anonymous 198866


You're welcome. I love you sis

Anonymous 198871

Relax, go for a walk or something lol it was a joke, why are you so mad

Anonymous 198872

Anonymous 198873

love you too! also i love cats! time to go bother my kitten.

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