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Lolcow Bunker Thread #21 - Poor Nonn1e Edition Anonymous 198870

Posting is enabled on https://original.lolcow.farm/, however many nonn1es can't access it. For some it works with mobile data only, some with a proxy. (free proxy: https://www.proxysite.com/)
Bunker with no lolcow discussion: >>>/b/195942
Do not engage with nonn1es saying provocative shit to start infights. Report and ignore.

Last bunker #20: >>>/b/198323

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Shaymin makes a bunker discord: >>>/b/197998
Nonn1e emails Shaymin asking about costs: >>>/b/198070

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Shaymin addresses Ian tinfoils: >>>/b/197490
Lolcow discussed in PULL's discord: >>>/b/197485
Nonn1e posts archives of lolcow's own caps threads: >>>/b/197460
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#17 - >>>/b/196568
New thread in /meta/ on lolcow's future: >>>/b/196973
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Shaymin resigns: >>>/b/195616 >>>/b/195695
Posting re-enabled on https://original.lolcow.farm/: >>>/b/195574
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Shaymin answers questions about nucow >>>/b/194754 >>>/b/194756
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Nonn1es still can't access lolcow: >>>/b/194202 >>>/b/194582

#13 - >>>/b/193547
Posting disabled on nucow: >>>/b/193797
/w/ isn't added: >>>/b/193742
Nucow screencaps: >>>/b/193667 >>>/b/193670 >>>/b/193674 >>>/b/193679 >>>/b/193682 >>>/b/193724 >>>/b/193729 >>>/b/193730
Some nonn1es can't access lolcow: >>>/b/193629

Anonymous 198875

first for lolcow dying

Anonymous 198876

Second for fuck you all

Anonymous 198877


Merry Chrimbus to all the infighters

Anonymous 198878

third for I hope admin pulls the plug

Anonymous 198881

fourth for i love you all

Anonymous 198882

Fuck you specifically, can we have one thread without anime fags?

Anonymous 198884


I feel so bad for cc, we really just started a fucking general thread on their site

Anonymous 198886

No, oldmin loved men and used to browse an imageboard for male programmers for a long time, so she allowed mask-off males to exist in the server. This policy lasted for a long time even after her offical "departure".

Anonymous 198887


No, fuk u

Anonymous 198888

Anonymous 198889

that's the least of their issues

Anonymous 198890


site was dead anyway

Anonymous 198891

You're forgiven… for now

Anonymous 198892

Go to Reddit or Twitter already

Anonymous 198893

They need to survive. adapt. overcome.

Anonymous 198896

Damn, maybe catering to severely mentally ill radfems is not a productive strategy.

Anonymous 198897

it's kind of eerie to think of how easy it would be for us to just, put on the skin of cc

Anonymous 198898

>go to twitter or reddit
>there are more animefags and anime pfps there

Anonymous 198899

I love cats they are nice to the touch

Anonymous 198900

I wasn't that serious nona, and isn't twitter and reddit filled with anime?

Anonymous 198901

Then don't be in the anime fandom sides?

Anonymous 198902

still shitting yourself, i see.

Anonymous 198904

we're basically raiding them to post about lolcow

Anonymous 198907

they're like kpopfags, they leak everywhere

Anonymous 198908

honest question: do you guys really think lolcow might go down for a while/if not permanently until something else comes along? or is this just the admins being weird and cagey again?

Anonymous 198909

tf i didnt know that

Anonymous 198910

i'm giving it until january.

Anonymous 198911

They can just ignore the threads right? And we're contained to /b/ (I hope)

Anonymous 198912

Raging troon or Oldmin seething? Kek

Anonymous 198913


Reminder how moids invade female spaces and how women were not allowed to speak without a husband present. Do not fall for it.

Anonymous 198914

I really don't get people bitching about anime pictures on imageboards of all places

Anonymous 198915


The bitching that anons did on lolcow wasn't even that bad, it all looked like fun to me

Anonymous 198916

some early adopters of c.c who left are checking out the other threads and boards it seems. oh well. site is slow as hecc

Anonymous 198917

To be fair, that is the rule in lolcow as well. It does not state nowhere in the lc is a female only site, only that moids can’t announce themselves

Anonymous 198918

what happened to database anon? she was supposed to have the site archive and it looked like shaymin was going to rely on her to back the site up

Anonymous 198920


oh, you're right

Anonymous 198922

Anonymous 198923

come on, i'm a kpopfag and i've contained myself all this time.

Anonymous 198924


Anonymous 198925

exactly, people trying to blame shaymin's spergouts on anons "complaining" mostly in the form of questions or voicing their suspicions in bunker threads are asskissing losers

Anonymous 198927

i think she backed out because anons wanted her to become admin too and she didn't feel she was up to it. i am so fucking confused right now because shit is moving so fast.

Anonymous 198928


let me have my ariasdome of ariasposting back RN farmhands

Anonymous 198929

We know that she was lurking the threads here, didn't she reply basically directly to one?

Anonymous 198930

Normal conversation in radfem spaces. Never anything interesting or fun, never anything but bitter seething and attacking people for disagreeing, never content to sit in their own spaces but trying to take over non-retarded female spaces with their killjoy attitude.

Anonymous 198931

>kpop fag
>bitches about anime
you're pathetic

Anonymous 198932

why did you post this screencap like three times in the past hour

Anonymous 198933

The pics of anime women can stay, I'm just sick of seeing moids REEEEEEE

Anonymous 198934

i never bitched about anime. that's another anon.

Anonymous 198936

Yes, she replied to two posts on cc in discord without saying that's what she did.

Anonymous 198937

Maybe it's for the best. I hope someone makes a better imageboard than lc and cc combined.

Anonymous 198938

wow she was the one they were relying on. well in that case, i don't think the old site will be archived or at least large portions of it will be lost

Anonymous 198939

That's how they are and why people hate them, but uhhhh actually you must be a moid if you're not into spamming shit like that everywhere all day long.

Anonymous 198940

You mixed up anons and it was a joke, relax why do some of you take shit so serious. What happened to the banter

Anonymous 198942

Newsflash: there's no one to rely on.

Anonymous 198943

mouth ulcer killing me. just bit it accidentally, kill me.

Anonymous 198944


Anonymous 198945

i agree with this but i still want original lolcow to stay for archival purposes

Anonymous 198946

Where the fuck did shaynin lose the old site? Why does she need dbanon

Anonymous 198947

I think the oldmin is shaymin theory is true

Anonymous 198948

we literally don't even know if they discussed this

Anonymous 198949

screenshot pls

Anonymous 198950

she said there's one months time to find a successor.

Anonymous 198951

almost all of it is on wayback machine

Anonymous 198953

We all know moids are shit, get new images to spam retard

Anonymous 198956

Screenshot (16401)…

A reminder cause some you just don't understand

Anonymous 198957

they're on thread #19 iirc. or maybe in the summary ?

Anonymous 198958


Why do you think this?

Anonymous 198959

They were posted in the previous or the thread before that, sorry. It wasn't anything interesting, just some bitching and moaning about how evil Anons are for questioning her about technical things.

Anonymous 198960

we're using the same theme! merry christmas happy winter!

Anonymous 198961


What? I just posted that image because I felt like it.

Anonymous 198962

wngmi then. Rip

Anonymous 198963

worst of all is oldmin taking a whole year to find a suitable successor and in the end it's shaymin who gives up on the site and has a bpd attack because anons said the layout was ugly

Anonymous 198964

Where are you seeing maleposters

Anonymous 198965

schizophrenia in action.

Anonymous 198967

she did, i remember her mentioning she was talking to some people and apparently pulling the code or whatever for the site. but then some anons asked her if she would be admin of a new lolcow and she backed out. it was kind of a mess but i don't think she said everything directly on cc. some of it was through communication with other farmers whom she was talking to offsite.

Anonymous 198968

Aww Merry Christmas Nona! I hope you have a good holiday <3

Anonymous 198969

it got posted last thread. stop

Anonymous 198970

we should make a better one. I'm southern hemisphere so I could easily be a farmhand while my american sisters sleep. been farming for like 6/7 years would be fine to put my hand up

Anonymous 198971


>that DDD avatar
was kirdede anon one of the first ones to join that discord? LMAO

Anonymous 198972

>in the end it's shaymin who gives up on the site and has a bpd attack because anons said the layout was ugly
KEKKKK real bpd moment

Anonymous 198974

it needs a kpop containment board

Anonymous 198976


Okay. And I am posting new images. Chillout. You brought up radfems for no reason in this thread. What was the point of that? To infight?

Anonymous 198977


I want to see more proof / what n0nnies think, but I believe it

Anonymous 198979

nta but i posted in an older bunker thread about how i was going to take the site from oldmin a few years ago but she backed out last minute. i wouldn't be surprised if it was still her.

Anonymous 198980


Anonymous 198981

not ironically I'm starting to believe in this theory. they both have very similar behavior.

Anonymous 198982

i'm not the OP. and the OP was criticizing oldmin's handling of the site. not everyone likes radfem anons.

Anonymous 198983

I don't, I see anons accusing other anons of being men, are they men who knows but if they are I know ignoring them is gonna sting worse that replying. Hence my reminder for anons to ignore anyone they assume to be male. Which is a valid reminder considering every thread so far the suspected male posters get like 6 replies each post.

Anonymous 198985


My bad then.

Anonymous 198986

i just got annoyed that the same pic was posted

Anonymous 198988

Anonymous 198989

i've seen them and reported them and they got banned almost instantly. like some moid who was like xgm chads or whatever

Anonymous 198990


Shaymin really was like

Anonymous 198991

Sorry, I posted the same pic because the anon brought up radfems again for no reason, so I thought it was a bit annoying. You are right though, I shouldve used a better picture to show how degenerate male posters could be. Ill just stop replying to radfem posts in general, but I do think knows what theyre doing when theyre bringing it up for no reason in a new thread.

Anonymous 198992

which is weird to me. they're all acting like this is some super secret cia darknet project and that only a select few individuals can be trusted with their x-files. it's just an image board. why be so damn conspiratorial?

Anonymous 198993

atleast the admin isn't shoe's fucking minion. that was awful.

Anonymous 198994

I don't trust you

Anonymous 198996


Oh shit, deets?

I honestly also believe it's the same person. They behave the same. They have the same spergouts. She should honestly hand it over, I legit don't get the obsession with keeping it all for herself. Like, why?

Anonymous 198997

kekk the n0nnies who defended her in previous threads were coping hard

Anonymous 198999

i'm only one of those anons. i'm a former mod from regina's era no less. what's your issue?

Anonymous 199000

I hope admin doesn't actually work in webdev, imagine handing out products without consulting your customers or talking about what changes you make and for what purpose

Anonymous 199001

yeah i get that, it is still weird as fuck because i honestly don't see what the big deal is. if you've been around long enough you know ian is still likely involved so it isn't that much of a shocker.

girl go eat your cereal and stop being paranoid.

Anonymous 199002

>i'm a former mod from regina's era
Even more suspicious.
Also "you" can refer to multiple people

Anonymous 199003


I feel like she coded all of this last minute, "oldmin" also waited last minute to "fix" the website and to communicate with others. They both said January would be the deadline too. Idk all of this is sus

Anonymous 199004

guys oldmin was the one who posted a picture of her arms full of sh scars to prove she wasn't a troon or am I mistaking her

Anonymous 199006

that was the one before her

Anonymous 199008

lol like i give a shit what you think

Anonymous 199010

Which was the one complaining about white women using the site?

Anonymous 199011

Oh no, my feelings, they're hurt

Anonymous 199013

sad onigiri.png

it's because it's the same apprehensive oldmin as always thinking she knows best withot consulting people and then doing whatever the fuck she wanted and when people want to undo what she fcked up she always gets super ass mad pissed.

It happened when gc/pp threads and /2X/ were banned too.

Anonymous 199014

oldmin sounds insufferable

Anonymous 199015

oldmin was in jp time if anyone remembers. it coincides with shaymin posting times as well.

Anonymous 199016

She's acting like someone forced her to update the site over christmas. Anons hated the look of it (which is the easiest thing to fix btw), not even mentioning the fact that it's broken as shit and the old content wasn't moved over. Then it's all "boo hoo you're all autists I should've spent the time with my family" like she didn't dig her own hole? The anons sympathising with her must not have seen anything documented in these bunker threads

Anonymous 199017

i sound like a broken record but it is just so stupid and frustrating at this point to me because i don't think any of us really give a damn who is doing what as long as they are doing it right. it's like they have something genuinely incriminating to hide, even though i know they probably don't. idk i need to go to the grocery store lol.

Anonymous 199018

she also started the update a day later than she said…

Anonymous 199020

I just know she should learn to take the L and communicate. And not do things out of the blue. This is what leadership enties. It's not just coding some random shit in your free time. Idk there's an aura about her that I simply do not like. I also buy the "they're the same person" theory.

Anonymous 199021

she IS insufferable

Anonymous 199022

OP you fucked up the post links

Anonymous 199023

this tinfoil is making me feel schizo. no one would play that long of a con, would they?

Anonymous 199024

she also defended the mod spergout on /ot/ which was a mess.

Anonymous 199026

okay, since we're going full retardo mode; how do we get her to post her arms again for comparison?

Anonymous 199027

that's the best argument for shaymin and oldmin NOT being the same person, oldmin placed more value on no one but her being allowed to do IP reveals

Anonymous 199029

If anyone has it can they post the pic of Elsie that’s in the screenshot?

Anonymous 199031

they can and they will. No one who is sane becomes admin to lolcow

Anonymous 199032

you forgot the 13th thread bunker you idiot

Anonymous 199033

i mean oldmin basically said the site wasn't worth it and she was shutting it down, then shaymin miraculously appears at the last minute to run the site and acts checked out the entire time and sperged out. it honestly seems like oldmin had a change of heart but was too prideful to admit it and then couldn't commit like she thought and then was too prideful again like she is now.

Anonymous 199034


she 100% is
remember this thread she locked and hid becase they started criticizing her calling her a cow?

Anonymous 199036


Yet "another" admin appearing just before the deadline like

Anonymous 199037

there's like at least 2 previous admins to shaymin

Anonymous 199038

i'm still convinced the mod who did it was just shaymin logged in as a mod.

Anonymous 199040

that's kinda cute kek. tsundere oldmin

Anonymous 199041

are you saying that we've only ever had one admin who keeps changing personas?

Anonymous 199043

I mean the first admin was a guy

Anonymous 199044

Shaymin and oldmin sound too different for them to be the same but it's not like you can't change your writing style, however if you're right, what's the proof? The burden of proof is on you nona

Anonymous 199045

we discussed admins earlier. regina was right before oldmin, and oldmin is probably shaymin because of various evidence.

Anonymous 199047

stopp, kek.

Anonymous 199048

New tinfoil just dropped, all that ever changed in the Admin's person was his gender

Anonymous 199051

WTF I love that admin.

Anonymous 199053


>i mean oldmin basically said the site wasn't worth it and she was shutting it down, then shaymin miraculously appears at the last minute to run the site and acts checked out the entire time and sperged out
this was sussy to me too
>it honestly seems like oldmin had a change of heart but was too prideful to admit it and then couldn't commit like she thought and then was too prideful again like she is now.
this 100%… might be bpd
she "worked for so long" on the new website (with no feedback or pictures for us beforehand) that when anons started pointing out that it wasn't functional she had a fucking massive ass meltdown and ragequitted (like oldmin did lol sus) and she called us autistic too (like oldmin did).

Idk why she's so apprehensive about this, she wanted to finish the code herself and only herself and not give it to anyone else and that's why shaymin was never real, it's been theorized for months this was all a rouse to cover her ass. So the "new website" became her baby. Idk, I think she's super bad at being a leader becase leaders KNOW when to get help, and the website is in shambles.

Idk what did she expect? Maybe she isn't so good at coding let alone being an admin lol.

Anonymous 199054

Accuse her of being oldmin until she posts a photo of someone elses arms, then find source for said photo

Anonymous 199057

it took months to address the raids, months to ban the trannoid, meanwhile she coded a baby's first imageboard in the most incompetent way in secrecy with no care in the world. Just playing around. And she still asks us to be grateful. The only one sperging was her all along

Anonymous 199058

kek yes

Anonymous 199059

>No one who is sane becomes admin to lolcow

Anonymous 199060

>the github someone found yesterday is proof of that. it took her 3 years to make that new lolcow site. 3 years with the help of multiple people. let that sink in and keep that in mind the next time she chimps out about how much work she does kek
holy shit, what the fuuck? please post a screenshot

Anonymous 199061

i really want pepperonis.

Anonymous 199062

Anonymous 199064

goodnite, dont fite, may everything turn out alrite

Anonymous 199065

And all people ever asked for was to not have hours of empty moderating space with CP being left up for everyone to come across. If she was so passionate about lynxchan and wanted to see this project through, I can understand that, but then she should've highlighted how that was helping with managing the site itself.

Anonymous 199066

Omfg worst tinfoil of all lol, and plausible sadly enough

Anonymous 199068

Oldmin typed a lot more informally, used discord emojis and a lot of abbreviations, even caps when emphasizing. Shaymin strikes me as a lot more distanced when she types and at most when she's informal she doesn't capitalize like oldmin but that's the only similarity. Again, nothing a person couldn't consciously change but the difference is there.

Anonymous 199069


troonmin is true?

Anonymous 199071

admin was the tranny janny all along

Anonymous 199072

I just want to know why everything is done on discord and we didn't get a monthly newsletter or something… a responsible leader would had done this

Anonymous 199076

I'm internet illiterate can someone tell me what I'm looking at?

Anonymous 199077

and why didn't she communicate her intentions to everyone? I'm sure the vast majority of anons would support this

Anonymous 199078

there are plenty of chan style imageboards she could have copied. her generic style board was shit.

Anonymous 199079

Doing some digging I found “shaymins” site


Pretty impressive…ly weird

Anonymous 199080

check their posts on lolcow, it's different when she's using lolcow vs a casual conversation on discord

Anonymous 199082

Oldmins or shaymins? Everyone tries to speak more formally on imageboards, I'm mostly talking about discord where someone's typing style comes out more easily since it's less formal and you respond faster

Anonymous 199083


thnxs 4 da memoris

Anonymous 199084

because shaldmin is a discord kitten

Anonymous 199085

I'm not clicking that link, post a screenshot.

Anonymous 199086

This reminds me of how a bpdchan suddenly went all corporate and formal on me though after randomly splitting.

Anonymous 199087

Why didn't she just tell us that if it were true? I feel like a lot of us would of been more accepting of a site change if that were the reason

Anonymous 199089


>becase shaymin is a discord kitten

Anonymous 199091

How do you know its her

Anonymous 199092

omfg kek

Anonymous 199093


>and why didn't she communicate her intentions to everyone?
autists have a hard time commnicating

Anonymous 199094


Is this about acesofdiamonds?
It's just a neocities website

Anonymous 199095

kek the shaymin bpd theory is real

Anonymous 199096

>I honestly think the radfem drama mindbroke her
this made me kek
-why did you get into the arkham asylum shaymin?
-the radfem drama…..

Anonymous 199099

hate these pics

Anonymous 199101


Anonymous 199102

fucking ugly

Anonymous 199103

it would be so funny if shaymin started dating josh

Anonymous 199104


so rude on christmas??

Anonymous 199105

some anons are catposter-phobic

Anonymous 199106


>I have an entire section dedicated to gore, guts and true crime
…wtf?? She's a fucking horrorcow. Is this really hers?

Anonymous 199108

There is 0 proof that is her

Anonymous 199109

so why didn't she ask a mod to communicate this in /meta/? this autism/bpd thing is such a excuse, i think she is just lazy

Anonymous 199110

when troons post this random people's shit is so obvious

Anonymous 199111

What? nenetl is a neocities user, she's nice kek
I know she's an infrequent lc user but she didn't strike me as shaymin. She's not an anime or shaynafag at the very least

Anonymous 199112


Anonymous 199113

your kitties are beautiful an0n

Anonymous 199114

not funny

Anonymous 199117

who the fuck is nenetl

Anonymous 199118


anon my beloved

Anonymous 199119

it's pottery if the admin of lolcow is still a bpdchan living in japan. feel like it's just as god intended.

Anonymous 199120

they're claiming this is shaymin/oldmin's neocities

Anonymous 199121

Kekkkkkk wtf? for real?

Anonymous 199122


Anonymous 199123

I still want to marry red neck trailer trash cat poster

Anonymous 199125

She is an anime fag, she linked her anilist kek

Anonymous 199126

Doing some digging I found “shaymins” site


Pretty impressive…ly weird

Anonymous 199127

>literally 2 minutes worth of work

Anonymous 199128

Anonymous 199130


Anonymous 199131

What's the proof?

Anonymous 199133


Speaks for itself

Anonymous 199134

PLEASE I need to see shaymin's anilist

Anonymous 199135

troon behavior. go away

Anonymous 199136

Screenshot (16479)…

Not OP of this theory but I scrolled through Shaymins supposed website and saw a familiar name, Rekka? There was someone in her discord with that name. I know it's a longshot but maybe it is her site?

Why do you think it's hers?

Anonymous 199137

this tinfoil got me thinking for real… didn't she say something about Ian earlier?

that's why I don't care as much if lolcow is shut down as long as we get a new and better imageboard

Anonymous 199138

this, reminds me of bl4ine posting random pictures and websites for "proof"

Anonymous 199141

Screenshot (16480)…

Also clicking on the swastika leads to this textpost

Anonymous 199142

why do people think this is admin's neocities?

Anonymous 199143

tf oldmin im a tech iliterate french 20 year old i dont even know how to write iliterate go away troon

Anonymous 199145

literally some rando linked it, didn't elaborate and people are going with it because…. because.

Anonymous 199146

It didn't even work right, I was banned when it went live and then I suddenly wasn't anymore and someone said that the ban system was completely broken in that any ban would affect every user of the site.

It would be more impressive if the site actually worked on a basic level and she had had imported threads and it was only CSS shit to sort out, but there was still placeholder text on it and it was a broken empty mess.

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if anyone with vague tech skills could set up a lynxchan like that in the time the site was down with zero work done before or after.

Anonymous 199148

yeah, wasn't oldmin supposed to be mexican and hate gringos or whatever? the "white radfems" she says she hates in here >>199034

I'm mexican myself and everything this neocities thing about "ethics" sounds exactly like Chairo ideology ("progressive" radical leftist mexican propaganda)

Anonymous 199149

I do not believe that you all are believing in anon without any proof

Anonymous 199151

french people always gotta let everyone know they're french.

Anonymous 199153

This, I smell bullshit kek

Anonymous 199154

Screenshot (16481)…

Lol and there's a post complaining about white kids, maybe she is oldmin holy shit, the whole blog does give off edgy emo cutter vibes

Anonymous 199155

there's literally nothing to even suggest that these are the same people, surely there is more than one mexican lady who acts like this

Anonymous 199156

oldmin is such a bpd discord kitten that she is probably american

Anonymous 199157

checks out tbh. Bet she's reading the thread and seething too
doesn't she live in japan or something? why is she talking about colonialism from a place like japan.

Anonymous 199160

Is there any moid who is "constantly being cheated on" that is genuine and not just lying? It seems like these men either
A) lie about it to use it as an excuse to be ultra controlling to their current gf if not just fishing for validation
B) the girls didn't actually cheat but the moids were so controlling almost any interaction with the opposite sex with cheating in their book, or they didn't have any proof at all and "just had a gut feeling" and then declared she was cheating on that alone with zero proof
C) lie about it to excuse their own cheating or dismiss women's concerns for cheating

At least when women claim to have been cheated on constantly it's usually true since men will constantly seek validation and string multiple girls online along and women usually don't immediately hop into the next relationship days after one ended

Anonymous 199161

agreed but also this person can code and sounds unhinged so

Anonymous 199163

Most neocities users don't bother adapting for phoneposters. It's nothing weird kek

Anonymous 199164

we are not talking about moids right now sweetheart sorry bless your heart

Anonymous 199166

Wait, when?

Anonymous 199168

Guys seriously, this sounds deranged.
If there's any proof, fuck it if there's any hints, whoever has it, post it

Anonymous 199169

I stay all day in lc and never seen any of this.

Anonymous 199170

Nah I definitely know women who are serial cheaters.
Some men, like some women, have a thing for seeking out trash partners and end up taken advantage of by psychos. If all your partners end up abusive/narcs/cheaters, then you should reflect on what about you causes this to happen to you all the time and work to shut it down. I'm speaking from my own experience here.

Anonymous 199171

Anonymous 199173

>source: trust me bro

Anonymous 199175

she's obviously being facetious

Anonymous 199177

Screenshot (16482)…

No one get mad at me I'm just lurking the site after that rando anon posted it and posting things I find hint at it belonging to Shaymin/oldmin. This is just a tinfoil

Anonymous 199178

That person is completely nuts, to the point that I wonder whether she is somewhere on the schizo spectrum.

Do you really think someone this obsessed with identity politics and culture warfare on neocities would have it together enough to run lolcow?

Anonymous 199179

I didn't see this you're making shit up

Anonymous 199181

unhinged serial killer vibes

Anonymous 199182

This. anons here are so gullible

Anonymous 199185

nahh definitely bpd teen emo girl vibes

Anonymous 199188

I am the anon who posted the GitHub and found the site. You can go see my original post if you’d like regarding my involvement. I was able to cross reference some things and came to that conclusion. Sorry not blowing my cover but, she really is a discord kitten.

Anonymous 199189

cross reference what?

Anonymous 199190

>she really is a discord kitten.
>the shaynatorium….
KEKKK im sad that lc is down but you guys are so funny-mean

Anonymous 199191

we can't just decide something is true with zero evidence, you have to at least show us what you're cross referencing

Anonymous 199193

Screenshot (16497)…

Okay so I'm really creeped out but I clicked on this link in her journal entry page or whatever and it automatically downloaded a Microsoft excel doc that's like 1200 posts long and mentions admins, kiwifarms, terfs, and a whole bunch of fucked up shit. I'll post some screenshots after this, give me a minute.

Anonymous 199195

going onto lc now feels like the twilight zone

Anonymous 199196

Screenshot (16498)…

I'm very confused

Anonymous 199197

what is this?

Anonymous 199198

Anonymous 199200

What does that refer to? Like posts, links, people?

Anonymous 199202

okay… this is suspicious…

Anonymous 199204

Sorry I should've tagged my post here >>199193
It's a link that saved automatically from supposed Shaymin/oldmins site. I'll post more I find strange

Anonymous 199205

i'm still flabbergasted a person this obsessed with (sorry for the word but) sjw twitter-tier idpol would step up to admin lc.

Anonymous 199206


Anonymous 199208

Screenshot (16496)…

No clue, here's another

Anonymous 199209

>sjw twitter-tier idpol
that's what you all call anything that isn't feminism lol, but i digress

Anonymous 199210

The 'E' row is interesting, wonder what it's referring to?

Anonymous 199212


why would she keep this???

Anonymous 199213

This looks like blaine's site. "transphobia"? Blaine has a huge obsession with kf. How are we so sure this is not blaine himself who embedded the lolcow site himself or didnt upload the github himself?

Anonymous 199214


Anonymous 199215

What's the deal with 141?

Anonymous 199216

yeah, i'm sorry about my words, i don't how else to say it in english.

Anonymous 199217

Anonymous 199219



Anonymous 199221

why does she cares about transphobia wtf is this

Anonymous 199222

but would blaine be the owner of that neocities, though?

Anonymous 199223

That would make complete sense and why she was angry at oldfags peaking and wanted to pretend that everyone who didn't like troons came from reddit.

Anonymous 199224

this has to be psyop, this must just be how someone is trying ot bait shaymin to reveal her arms
please tell me this isn't fucking real; transphobia?

Anonymous 199225

Fair point, I just cant understand how someone who kept up MtF threads could post about transphobia. Now I can understand why she took down /2x/ and whatnot and accepted males in her server. Fuck.

Anonymous 199226

what is that

Anonymous 199227

Screenshot (16499)…

I'm scared to click on anything, I don't even know if it would lead anywhere. But I see the term "bad acting" a lot which is something I also noticed her saying on discord. She uses "bad acting" like most of us use larping.

Anonymous 199228

fuck, i need to go out to meet with family right now but i can't peel myself away from my laptop.

Anonymous 199229

This file wasn't her doing, iirc it's like a warning list of bad websites that trannies share among themselves like shinigami eyes

Anonymous 199230

Read replies for context

Anonymous 199232

Im starting to believe it. I wanted to believe so bad that it wasnt a handmaiden and the people caping for her or whatever was just a part of the minority, but I don't know what I expected from posters who were against making this a women space. Any imageboard that has men in it, always has weird sexual posts. I should have seen it coming when I saw her take down gc threads. Especially her not banning moidposters quickly enough or cp threads.

Anonymous 199234

Are you purposefully dense? She gave this file as an example of online retardation, she didn't make the file holy shit kek

Anonymous 199236


Fuck. I was wishing that it was just misunderstanding. This is why I fucking loathe handmaidens. You start accepting any sympathy towards moids, specifically in spaces that are mostly women, and they start getting into the same degenerate shit moids are into. I thought it was weird that there was a bunch of posters on here who were supposedly against those kind of women, as this wasnt here the last bunker. Pic rel to moid degeneracy.

Anonymous 199237

why would a mexican discord kitten bpdfag against transphobia and radfems be admin of an imageboard with mtf threads and radfem stuff

Anonymous 199238

that doesn't make sense, the list is near incomprehensible to be just a simple catalogue of websites.

Anonymous 199240

I understand it now, those are all fediverse instances like spinster.xyz (twitter for evil people).

Why she would keep a list like that I do not know. Maybe she runs her own instance and that's her manual block log or something.

Anonymous 199242

this is supposed to be the 22th board, you missed this one in your resume, retard >>195313

Anonymous 199243

It looks like she's making fun of the site and them calling everything "phobic" if you actually read it though

Anonymous 199244

Screenshot (16504)…

"Musk simps" lol
Is this a block list maybe? The higher up I go the worse the offenses

Anonymous 199245

Is the offenses posts that she banned? Or posters she banned? If so, I suppose that makes sense.

Anonymous 199247

So is there a lolcow discord I only have the really old one

Anonymous 199249

> She openly hated radfems
I do to and it has nothing to do with their beliefs and everything with the way they behave.

Anonymous 199250

It's a document about fediverse instances.

Anonymous 199252

why bot spam is level four and transphobia level seven??

Anonymous 199253

pls link?

Anonymous 199254

I'm talking about nenetl? It's obvious she didn't create that file as she's talking about it negatively

Anonymous 199255

yeah the sentence is structured as if she's criticizing the document rather than promoting it or implying she wrote it

Anonymous 199256

I see. In messages, she dmed me about a new site, so that may be it?

Anonymous 199257


these ones (sorry for phoneposting)

Anonymous 199258

Whoops. Wrong person I replied to. Meant this one. |>>199250

Anonymous 199260

I agree.

Anonymous 199263

Screenshot (16505)…

I think maybe? Or maybe different imageboards?

Sorry I'm not caught up, what's fediverse?

This proves the site belongs to Shaymin though right? Or at least more hints that it could belong to her

Anonymous 199265

She called a large amount of anons "TELFS", trans exclusionary liberal feminists, to her they weren't radical enough and didn't really embrace radfem beliefs. They were just liberals who happened to be against troon shit. So oldmin being some sort of Marxist feminist would actually fit.

Anonymous 199267

why can the site only be accessed through mobile data tho

Anonymous 199268


question: why are we still here if lolcow works just fine now ?

Anonymous 199269

Sorry I'm not caught up, what's fediverse?
Imagine twitter if everyone could host their own server and all these servers were connected in a big cloud. Of course many servers will host reprehensible material, so your own server will want to block them. That looks like a list of blocked servers.

It's pretty difficult to use, but there's a feminist one too.

Anonymous 199270

Screenshot (54).pn…

Yeah, I looked at the site she linked earlier. This is for a fediverse she is working on:
https://fediring.net/ This was in one of her side sites on the site you linked earlier.

Anonymous 199271

>just fine
I can't access it

Anonymous 199273

What proof there is that persons blog or the excel file have anything to do with lc? What the excel is even about?

Anonymous 199274

ur dumb then
(why do you hate them? legit question)

Anonymous 199275

it doesn't work for me

Anonymous 199276

That doesnt make sense, though. Why is this fediverse that she's making against any kind of "bigotry"? I feel like thats a larp. Unless she just wanted to get more NEETBUX and cash it for alternatives to twatter?

Anonymous 199277

I'm so annoyed I got banned from cc after sperging in this thread. now where will I go if lc goes to shit

Anonymous 199280

Honestly, I was wondering that too, the fediverse and the excel sheets seem linked together. Maybe its a tranny who made their own fediverse?

Anonymous 199283

someone please explain this to me I don't get it?

Anonymous 199286

wtf? trannies are fucking crazy

Anonymous 199287

But where was the site even found? And most of the ”evidence” is just headcanons (like her being Mexican)

Anonymous 199288

The person people think is oldmin has a blog and on that blog she posted an example of thought policing gone insane, which is an excel file that contains an endless list of fediverse instances blocked for the most minor nonsense as well as all the evil phobias and isms.

For some reason people are now saying shaymin (?) makes her own fediverse which idk where it comes from.

Anonymous 199289

Screenshot (55).pn…

Someone found a neocity site from a github (which im trying to find), and they are posting excel sheets that are linked through said so site.

OP thought said so excel sheets was odd, but it makes sense.

HOWEVER, new thing I found interesting, I looked through the persons neocities and clicked on the questions marks.. And.. My thoughts were correct on this being a tranny,

Anonymous 199290

>that picture
I'm about to vomit.

Anonymous 199291

Yeah it’s a browser extension made by a pedophile

Anonymous 199294

I thought that could be a possibility, but by just looking at the sections at the side, you can easily find out that its a troon. I almost believed that person, but I am 100% sure it's blaine now. They are creating speculations and those excel sheets seem to be a fediverse some tranny posted.

Anonymous 199297

Screenshot (56).pn…

Maybe anon is right about admin being a tranny.

Anonymous 199299

wtf is a fediverse? I'm scared now
if this person is admin then they have full access to our post history, secrets, and lives

Anonymous 199300

You staying up wayyyyy past your bedtime lol

Anonymous 199301

what is a proletarian feminist even?

Anonymous 199303

Yeah, I slept until afternoon. Get in the cage, wagie.

Anonymous 199305

This doesn't look like the same person as nenetl, though?

Anonymous 199306

>proletarian feminism

Anonymous 199307

Kekkkk ok Mx Neetbux

Anonymous 199308

oh my fucking god

Anonymous 199309

Ayrt, I'm kidding I'm a neet too, it's 5:05AM for me lol

Anonymous 199310

Nevermind, im fucking stupid. Its a generator site LOL. My bad..

Anonymous 199311


I love my neet sisters..

Anonymous 199312

lolcow was a psyop by trannies to keep a database of terfs

Anonymous 199313

I'm willing to believe she's at least a giant handmaiden. But it would be funny as fuck if she was a tranny this whole time and was projecting whenever someone got close to realizing what was going on. It makes sense she did this all in secret and so suddenly if she really doesn't have access to the backend code and shit. Ian made it so hard for others to deal with for a reason. LC is his legacy. I personally think he never left LC and has been purposely picking new admins that didn't know enough about the back end stuff so they wouldn't try and fuck with his code.

I think it would have been way easier if she abandoned old LC, let it be archived and built an ew and improved version from the bottom up. But that would bring its own issues

Anonymous 199314

That's a site that's a part of the webring nenetl belongs to, that's all. It's not her kek

Anonymous 199316

Screenshot (16507)…

I went back on the supposed Shaymin blog and she mentions being a native woman, did anyone ever catch if shaymin mentioned her race? And was oldmin native?

Anonymous 199317


Sorry s.. I got excited.. This is a bigger confusion to me, though. But I dont know why this poster would randomly post this site, the excels then dip.

Anonymous 199318

This is too much for me. Just tell me when lc is back.

Anonymous 199320

I'm confused. What's the link to this site, how is it related to the person running https://nenetl.me? I know nenetl has an affiliate link to fediring, but there seem to be multiple people involved in fediring.

Anonymous 199321

Screenshot (16508)…

She also has "Tranny mutuals?" Maybe it's not Shaymins blog

Anonymous 199322

Or she lied to keep people confused and not succesfully doxx her

Anonymous 199323

french anon!!! hi

Anonymous 199324

Wasn't the issue with her trying to still use the same DNS and trying to scrape the old LC stuff to put on the new LC? or are you saying she broke both websites because she doesn't know how to code? If it's the latter, than I guess it also confirms Ian has always been involved in the background and any updates LC needed before now, he did.

Anonymous 199325

in my case it's the opposite, mobile+data doesn't work, desktop+wifi works fine

Anonymous 199326

So, it's been some goddamned rando all along? I'm taking a break.

Anonymous 199327

Its in the venus and fist symbol on the site. Again, idk if the site is actually her.

Anonymous 199328

Did anyone else find it really weird that Oldmin said Elaine was lying about doxxing her (which, she most likely was), but also claimed she was exposing her because she found out her and her "fiance's" identities? That never added up to me, but I didn't want to be accused of being Elaine for asking.

Anonymous 199331

Hahahaha I am so sorry, the excel doc freaked me out and I jumped the gun lol

Anonymous 199332

maybe ?.. since she asked for farmhands candidates from asia recently

Anonymous 199333


if admin doesn't deny these accusations, then they're all true. We need to ask her every time we can. She's a horrorcow.

Anonymous 199334


IM SORRY ADMIN FOR THINKING YOU WERE LIKE THAT.. Im sorry admin.. please dont take down lolcow

Anonymous 199335

Dont know if this is dead but I'm so disappointed in what's going on and anyone kissing shaymin ass is retarded. Nobody asked for this, she decided to do it at this time, then throws a fit.

Anonymous 199338

>and the discord server mod she hired once made an entire server just centered around pretending to be friends with Elaine and telling her lies about Oldmin. They're all psychotic
What in the actual fuck

Anonymous 199339

>If she does though, I know some people are thinking about releasing more concrete evidence because of how much she pissed them off with her behavior.
who tho? they should do it now

Anonymous 199341

You know what they say about farmers… Doesn't take much for one of us to become a cow. The gayops urge must be unbearable for her.

Anonymous 199343

I'm not admin, I just wonder why can't we have all the info now?

Anonymous 199344

Oldmin seemed to like fucking with people in general. I never heard about any Elaine thing, but even before all that, she seemed to get a power trip off gay ops.

Anonymous 199347

who else hype for eurovision? did you s see the new announcements?

Anonymous 199350

>from admin and her posse
this sounds so insane to me, the power trip is real
who knew a narcissist would become the admin of a website full of gossip

Anonymous 199351


Anonymous 199352

Anonymous 199354

twitterfag response

Anonymous 199355

I am not believing a thing until I see actual proof that blog schitzo is admin. Otherwise this is fanfiction.

Anonymous 199357

I love her more than anything in this world

Anonymous 199358

Anonymous 199360

Wtf happened. The schizotranny Blaine had his stupid twitch podcast that I again autistically watched one time because he said in /meta/ that the nenetl girl was Oldmin / current Admin. It striked me as literally some rando because he literally just said “they’re both Mexican and both feminists”.

Anonymous 199362

merry milkmass

Anonymous 199363

Samefag, it was his “Buttmad @bait” thing he kept dropping on lolcow when he was in his peak spam time over the summer.

Anonymous 199364

is today the romanianon incident annoversary?

Anonymous 199365

For real. Seems like wild things always happen on Lolcow on Christmas.

Anonymous 199366

I can consider it, but it's literally irresponsible to take all of this as fact when there's not even strong hints and no one here even knows what this spread sheet is about

Anonymous 199368

anniversary* kek

Anonymous 199369

Merry Christmas y’all

Anonymous 199370

kek yes

Anonymous 199371

you love admin?

Anonymous 199372

Yes, it's the anonversary

Anonymous 199373

Ok blaine

Anonymous 199375

Samefag AGAIN but I think the person being “so I just found her site… it’s weird” upthread is him.

Anonymous 199376

100% is

Anonymous 199377

kys moid

Anonymous 199378

Anonymous 199380


Anonymous 199381

Again I’m saying this because I autistically watched his posting over the summer. He did post this neocities and said shit like
and then his twitch stream / podcast he showed the site and scrolled through it and said
>yeah well looks like she hates male dominated spaces is Latina and coding it MUST be her

Anonymous 199382

Also, samefag I’m not trying to WK Shaymin because clearly she did fuck up but I 100% this is tranny gayops

Anonymous 199383

s please help this autist out. I want to gift my mom half the money of a sewing machine of her choice so she can sew sweaters for her doggo without hassle.

How do I tell that nicely in a christmas card?

Anonymous 199384

its the most wonde…

since it is the festive holidays i will be nice and share how I found out that the site belonged to admin.

if he/("she"???) does not address this before the end of boxing day I will show more evidence.

happy holidays s. have a nice milkmas.

don't give a fuck if it outs me if they are a tranny. fuck trannies.


Anonymous 199386

kys autistic xy

Anonymous 199387

with the kids jing…


Anonymous 199388

how is this proof tho

Anonymous 199390

And remember the tranny his own circle of retards he talks to (besides himself in the third person.) I don’t doubt this gayop is one of them

Anonymous 199391

kek this is from Elaine's wrong doxxing website. You cut out some comments

Anonymous 199393

and everyone telli…


Anonymous 199394

>blaine said it’s Admin

Anonymous 199396


Anonymous 199400


Anonymous 199401

"Dear mom, I want you to use this money to pay for a new sewing machine. I can't wait to see what wonderful creations you come up with! I know (doggo name) will appreciate it too. Love you, anon"

Anonymous 199402

its the most wonde…


honestly have no fucking idea who blaine is or whatever but i have logs verifying the account we talked to are the same.

Anonymous 199405

okay but how do we know this isn’t fabricated or inspect element or something

Anonymous 199406

bless you, thank you!

Anonymous 199408

this looks kinda faked ngl

Anonymous 199409

Okay we're gonna need a little more than that my guy…

Anonymous 199410


whatever fucking tranny moid is in here trying to start a vendetta, just remember that you will NEVER be a woman no matter what happens

Anonymous 199411

Blaine literally had a twitch stream where he showed the nenetl site on there. They know what they’re doing.

Anonymous 199412

Anonymous 199413

You could have just roleplayed this conversation with your tranny friends from all we know. You can’t even see the timestamps

Anonymous 199414

ok blaine

Anonymous 199415

why do you always start your posts with the letter "s"? I've seen this a few times now.

Anonymous 199416

Samefag it was his retarded “podcast” he just said that the users both hated men and were Latina and that was it. He and Elaine are friends and they’re using this opportunity to do gayops

Anonymous 199417

lmfao exactly, fake and gay

Anonymous 199418

>Blaine literally had a twitch stream where he showed the nenetl site on there. They know what they’re doing.
no they don't.

Anonymous 199420

I forgot n*nnas is censored

Anonymous 199422


Her Tumblr, from here:
Idk, definitely the same sort of aesthetic as the ingenue account's pfp in >>199034. She was also allegedly an anachan.

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