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Terfposting #18 Anonymous 133749

Anonymous 133756


Let's make an effort to not make this only about trans identifying males. Doing a radfem dump to encourage other conversations.

Anonymous 133757


Anonymous 133758

I'm not gonna follow some radfem rulebook of how I have to live my life. That's just dumb and the problem with ideology in general.

Anonymous 133759


Anonymous 133760

alicen grey.png

Then you're not a radfem. Which is fine, but you can't call yourself a radfem if you don't follow basic radfem principals.

Anonymous 133761

child propraganda.…

Anonymous 133762


Anonymous 133763

Rich Women Abortio…

I leave the names in on the screenshots so you can find and follow women who post actual feminist messages and discourse.

Anonymous 133764

Gender roles.png

Anonymous 133765

Cat calling.png

Anonymous 133766

I don't call myself radfem. But the image is stating anyone who shaves is antifeminist, which is just false.

Anonymous 133767


isnt terfposting general specifically made to contain discussion about trannies? it is terfposting general afterall. if you want a radfem general wouldn't it be better to just make a radfem thread altogether or just go to the pinkpill thread?

Anonymous 133768


You couldn't come up with more educated and actually feminist takes to post?
>No, women can't be happy and shave. We should all be ugly hairy monsters like the average man!
>You have no right to have a sexual vocabulary of your own and use words that make you feel lewd personally
>Women don't participate in sex or have fetishes!

These posts don't come from feminists but from social rejects. They may have other good takes which benefit women, but demonizing all sex and extensive grooming comes from a place of being undesirable or having personal hangups/trauma with sex and femininity, not actual reasoning regarding how it affects women's lives as a whole. Activism doesn't revolve around your personal problems.

Anonymous 133770

>We should all be ugly hairy monsters like the average man!
>natural hair is ugly
NTA but you're a retard. You're using sexist rethoric right now. Women's naturally hairy bodies shouldn't be seen as ugly or soemthing out of the ordinary. Furthermore, it is only women who are generally expected to shave everywhere, men aren't. It's not about "looking ugly and hairy, like a man", it's about not seeing your body's natural state as ugly or man-like.
This is, of course, not the biggest issue that women face by itself, it's just a reflection of bigger issues that have to do with the way women are seen in society in general, as sex objects, property or trophies.

Anonymous 133771

>Women's naturally hairy bodies shouldn't be seen as ugly or soemthing out of the ordinary.
I, a woman, find hair ugly. Sorry that makes you mad.

Anonymous 133772


Anonymous 133773

Then argue about how men should also shave instead of looking down on women who do shave. It's about double standards, not muh natural lifestyle.
Does >>133756 look like a feminist take to you? Women have nothing to gain from infighting. I don't know what the person who made that meme thinks "Feminism" is, but it isn't some honor badge granted only to the Superior Females who Understand Society unlike the lower, make-up using, leg-shaving wenches.

Not liking body hair isn't inherently sexist. You may like unshaved men and women and I'll respect your opinion. But that doesn't give you the right to define feminism based on your personal opinions (and same for me.)
Stick to something objective, like how TRAs never take responsibility for groomers and rapists, or literally anything realistic. I don't know what OP meant by posting that wojak meme, but at best it's nonsensical, at worst it's harmful.

Those actual retarded takes only make feminism unappealing. To whom?
Women who would benefit from learning about feminism. That's who.

Anonymous 133774

women astronauts.p…

I don't think it's supposed to contain the trans posting, in fact, there's actually a trans thread that used to float around, the TERF thread just got transformed into it since that seems to be the main focus of rad fem actions nowadays. Meanwhile, these don't really belong in the pinkpill, I think that's just about men and them sucking? Whereas these will also touch on subjects such as what does it mean to take radfem actions and can religious women truly be radfems? We can always talk about separatists, nothing gets the radfem community riled up like the monthly separatism debate.

>We should all be ugly hairy monsters
That's a weird thought for a mammal to have, do you also consider cats hideous hairy monsters?
And yes, calling yourself slurs just emboldens men to use those same terms on you and other women. It's like the term Karen, once it had a meaning, now it means women who is talking when I don't want her to be.

Anonymous 133775

Maybe liberal feminism is more your speed? By the very nature of being radfems, terfs don't believe in choice feminism. All cultural expectations of women are connected and choices are not made in a vacuum.

Anonymous 133776

wait wasn't there another terfposting #18 thread up with a terf miku as the op pic? why was it deleted?

Anonymous 133777


Anonymous 133778

Oh and upon reading the rest of your post and the respective posts you were replying to, I can tell that you're more retarded than I thought, or maybe male.
>>Women don't participate in sex or have fetishes!
BDSM or other sick fetishes being normalized does not mean that there's nothing wrong with it. Women can absolutely have preferences in sexual activities and it's fine, and women do have fetishes, but what does it say about them when they cannot get off to anything other than being humiliatied and physically abused? How does one acquire such a fetish in the first place? From trauma, of course (either abuse and similar, or through repeated exposure to porn).
Supporting BDSM by saying "it's just a fetish everyone has fetishes" is peak libfemism. Also BDSM or other fucked up fetishes are not the same as having sex so nice cope.
>>You have no right to have a sexual vocabulary of your own and use words that make you feel lewd personally
Holy strawman. The screencap you were referring to explicitly mentions "hoe, whore, slut" being "reclaimed" by women who call themselves those words. Where exactly have you seen men regularly use such terms for themselves for "empowerment"? There aren't even any equivalent slurs for males! Obviously all of those words that degrade women for being "loose" are rooted in misogyny and imply that women are inherently immoral beings for allegedly sleeping around (because women are only valued for their "purity", again turning us into objects and property, therefore implying that we're not virgins is an insult).

>But the image is stating anyone who shaves is antifeminist
NTA, but true. We are all pressured to "look good", which, unfortunately, includes shaving. Even a radfem can give in to the pressure and shave her legs sometimes. But she will still shave and be fully aware that the act of shaving due to pressure and conditioning, which is probably why all women do it, is anti-feminist. That doesn't make her an anti-feminist, but defending it as a "choice" does make libfems anti-feminist.

>I, a woman, find hair ugly.
Yeah, obviously, because you've been conditioned to do so. Doesn't mean that you're right.

>Then argue about how men should also shave instead of looking down on women who do shave
I don't consider body hair to be inherently ugly or masculine, but pressuring men to shave to give them a taste of their own medicine is an excellent idea. Still doesn't mean that we can't criticize the libfem idea that women shaving is not an issue and in fact is perfectly normal. I don't look down on women who shave, why would I hate women for being pressured into conforming to beauty standards? It's not their fault.
>Not liking body hair isn't inherently sexist.
It may not be inherently sexist (you could hate body hair on men too, which you do) but it is inherently artificial. It's not a conscious choice on your part.
>Those actual retarded takes only make feminism unappealing.
I'm pretty sure most women are half-aware that having to shave to "look good" is bullshit or that they are being pressured to do it, even if they don't admit it outright they still feel it deep down. They know it's not right.

Anonymous 133779

>I don't think it's supposed to contain the trans posting
it quite literally is, the terfposting thread was made for memes and trashtalking trannies so you're less likely going to find women wanting to engage in depth in radfem discussion here. Plus a good amount of women that post in terfposting threads just do it to vent frustration about trannies and will get annoyed to see that the thread got derailed into more general radfem discussion. If you really want radfem discussion use the pinkpill thread because radfem stuff can be clearly seen as falling under the "pinkpill" cathegory. It quite literally is a "pinkpill" or at least be seen/taken by some as such. Also a reminder that not every poster here sees themselves as radfems, some just want to hate trannies. That is no matter if you like it or not. That's just how it is. Radfem discussion is already very redundant if you've been to radfem spaces before and it's mostly just spilling over and over again with opinions you agree with and some predictable infighting on the more controversial topics. Doesn't mean radfem rhetoric is suddendly completely to be dismissed but if you want people to go through your posts and take a look at them make a thread on the specific topic you're covering: here being body hair. You're more likely to end up with radfem leaning discussion with actually engaged anons. You could actually say terfposting threads are redundant too as a way to disaprove my argument but this isn't the trans general where you're more likely to find anons that want to discuss it in depth. A lot of posters here seem to forget that we do have 2 tranny threads here. Maybe you're a redditfugee (since FDS is now gone) which might explain why you're bringing general radfem discussion in terfposting thread which isn't supposed to be as deep as you want it to be. Terf stuff is a subset of radfem discussion, so it's understandable anons that simply want to focus on trannies will ignore you.

Anonymous 133780

No. I'm going to post radical feminism in the radical feminism thread, not in the pink pill thread.

Anonymous 133781

For something more "on-topic" though, why are there so many obvious trannies and regular scrotes here lately? Not just here but also on the other boards. A covert raid?

Anonymous 133782

tttt screenshot.pn…

I know TIM discords take screenshots of us and spread them amongst themselves and occasionally we get posted to /tttt/. This leads to the discorders coming here in larger numbers to raid and men on 4chan becoming aware of us. Strange enough, if you ever spend any time on /tttt/, not only do the TIMs calls themselves trannies and freely admit that they are AGPs, but that any attempt at terf hate threads die because the men simply ignore it in favor of talking amongst themselves.
/tttt/ is extremely odd because of how they act. The men freely admit what they are (AGP) and don't usually try to take the word woman/women, instead taking a realistic look at whether they pass or not. They also admit to grooming children and pushing hormones/puberty blockers on little boys so they can be more beautiful as young twinks/TIMs. The goal is then to have sex with these stunted boys before they become bitterhons. It's a much more calculated predatory behavior than the insane discorders and tumblr men who demand the mantle of woman/women while women become uterus havers. The women on /tttt/ remain as female socialized and sad as ever.

Anonymous 133783

If you object to trannies for feminist reasons, you're gonna be called a TERF. So you might as well embrace the term.

Anonymous 133785

god i hate /tttt/ trannies, good thing the majority of them end up suicided

Anonymous 133787

The 4chan troons are so open and honest about their true nature because they don't have to self-censor for the sake of political correctness there, nor do they have to pretend to be well-adjusted individuals in front of normal people. Why would they even come here, then? To feel more "feminine" and push some sort of tranny agenda?
I feel bad for any woman who regularly uses 4scrote and tries to abide by its rules and culture, not just FtMs, but it seems like there's a lot of FtMs on there.

You might as well call yourself a TELF, why not.

Anonymous 133788

>I feel bad for any woman who regularly uses 4scrote and tries to abide by its rules and culture
makes me think of the sad state of the "cis lesbian generals" there

Anonymous 133790

>but what does it say about them when they cannot get off to anything other than being humiliatied and physically abused
Implying that makes up majority of women into BDSM. The fact that you and every other "radfem" think BDSM is a woman's whole lifestyle only goes to show that you know absolutely nothing about the fetish and have zero experience, making all your points moot. Try not learning everything off tumblr.

"What does it say about them?"
It says that they should find other ways to deal with their trauma, not that being into BDSM is wrong. Obviously moids are weak minded and tend to groom themselves into being unable to cum without hyperspecific porn but that's not who we're talking about here.
But of course, anyone that disagrees with you is a male.
>Holy strawman
You're the one strawmanning with the "BDSM = you can only get off to torture" bullshit.
>Where exactly have you seen men regularly use such terms for themselves for "empowerment"?
Men don't need empowerment. False equivalence.

>NTA, but true. We are all pressured to "look good",

So your problem is with "lookism" now? I think everyone should be pressured to look good, especially men. If you disagree that's your opinion and has nothing to do with feminism.

But okay, let's say we want no one to be pressured to look good. Even then, going after women who shave or inserting your "look ma, all natural" lifestyle into everyone's feminism isn't how you start with it.
How about you complain half as much about women with "ugly" looking breasts, women with stretch marks, women after pregnancy, or literally anything else that women cannot change with grooming?
Shaving is not the bogeyman you think it is, when it's the least of our problems regarding appearance. Something that actually improves your looks (if you believe in objective beauty) at best, something that's just a bit of hassle at worst. Would I still shave if I DIDN'T have to? Obviously. I'd choose to have no body hair if I could. That's a lifestyle choice.

>I don't look down on women who shave

Sorry if I misunderstand YOUR stance but the meme shows otherwise. Try making something better.

>It may not be inherently sexist (you could hate body hair on men too, which you do)

You are literally refuting your own point. If you like/hate body hair on everyone that's just an opinion regarding beauty. If it's a sex-based double standard, it's sexism. You can argue about how liking shaving is "anti-natural-beauty" or whatever but not sexist, although the fact that unshaven women are unacceptable while men are OK is sexist.

>I'm pretty sure most women are half-aware that having to shave to "look good" is bullshit or that they are being pressured to do it, even if they don't admit it outright they still feel it deep down. They know it's not right.

You mean you're just hoping that every other woman has the same outlook on a non-problem as you do.

By labeling what you personally like and dislike as "feminist" and "anti-feminism" you are excluding women based on small details that don't matter as much as the big picture.
We all know what real "anti-feminism" is. Slavery and dehumanization of women. Not women who willingly participate in whatever you think Big Evil Femininity is.

Anonymous 133792

Yeah we get it, you're a libfem retard and into BDSM. Now shut the fuck up and stop defending your fetish.

Anonymous 133794


I hope someone vandalizes it

Anonymous 133798

>[you think] BDSM is a woman's whole lifestyle only goes to show that you know absolutely nothing about the fetish and have zero experience, making all your points moot.
NTA, but this is cope. Tons of women who are against BDSM have both personal experience with it, and with the whole community. That was what first started peaking me and lead me to completely step away from any form of BDSM. Not only is the whole BDSM community quick to downplay and hide predators, but women are just second class citizens within it. Even when we're doms, the men still control the scene and throw huge fits when you don't dom them exactly as they want. They're still in control, they just want to pretend otherwise as they use you as a masturbatory aid in their fantasy. Plus, it was super weird to find out the chief of police was really into raceplay. The scenes he did, he hated those women. He hated them and he wanted them to suffer and he wanted to get sexual pleasure out of it. And do I think that he just turned it off anytime he had to arrest a black women? Absolutely not. I guarantee you he manhandled them far more roughly than he had to during arrests and then went home and jacked off to it. BDSM is not this neat little box that you only bring out when you're in the bedroom, when you start sexually conditioning yourself to orgasm every time you hit a woman or call her a slur, that bleeds out into real life and how you interact with women in general.

Anonymous 133799

black bengal.png

The idea that every woman is for sale for the right price is just so sad. The commodification of sex and intimacy is only going to get worse. I feel so bad for younger girls, there will be basically no one left to protect them from pornsick men as they come of age. When I was a teenager, my peers told me that they couldn't demand their boyfriends wear a condom without the threat of being dumped, what are girls told now? That if they don't let themselves be choked or send nudes or do anal, that they'll be dumped?

Anonymous 133801

The male identity.…

Anonymous 133804

If they wanted to have subversive sex they would conceive while mutually failing to achieve orgasm

Anonymous 133805



Anonymous 133806

Janny misclicked

Anonymous 133807


Trannoids' mental illness is so pervasive that they will see womens' rights and autonomy being stripped away in real time and their takeaway from it is to seethe that they can't get pregnant too, because all of this is just like some shitpost or game to them and not something that literally ruins lives

Anonymous 133808


Anonymous 133810

They are moids. Its identical behavior.

Anonymous 133811

this is the dumbest thing i've seen in a while.

Anonymous 133812

This is obviously not an important person, it feels so ponitless to get mad at him. But I just gotta point out that he talks about abortion as if he were fetishizing it. Like, yes, we support women's right to free abortion, but that doesn't mean that we should be sadists about it and borderline get off to the thought of destroying a fetus…

Anonymous 133813

sucks, I hate seeing entire threads nuked like that when there was discussions taking place

Anonymous 133816

>that doesn't mean that we should be sadists about it and borderline get off to the thought of destroying a fetus…
Yeah this is what gets me too. This tweet isn't even original, I see trans "women" on tumblr and twitter make this exact joke every month it feels like, and it never gets any less disturbing to me. Like to them the hypothetical fetus itself is just another prop for the fantasy. A woman making the same kind of joke would (imo) still be tasteless but at least kind of understandable, moids doing it is just psychopathic

Anonymous 133820


Anonymous 133821

i dont think anyone cares

Anonymous 133823

It’s obvious someone cares incredibly deeply

Anonymous 133824

Anonymous 133828

the terf thread was made for tranny hate since the start. the other tranny thread is supposed to allow other opinions on troons that are not only hate (but in practice not really).
am not opposed to a radfem thread but this one should be only for troon hate.

Anonymous 133829

I've been a dom when I was young, like between 18-19. There is nothing empowering about it when it's a bunch of men 35+ buying you for their fetish of being humiliated. They have all the power in the situation even when their licking your boot. Their money means your livelihood. Sex work will and never has been a way for women to have genuine power. Older doms still aren't as preferable to younger jailbait ones. Women in the industry in their 30s/40s are complicit in the sex trade as madams usually, scoping for young women to hire because that's what the customer wants. They have their regulars sure and made their money in their youth, but became addicted to a false sense of power and routinely indoctrinate other young women into it.

I left when I saw a man's picture of his daughter in a frame in his office and realized I didn't look much different from her. Men adore violent sex, they love the idea of being able to have complete control over a woman. It's literally the most non-subversive thing you could do, submitting to a man. There is nothing about it that's genuinely cathartic, only adds to the trauma eventually if you decide to wake yourself out of the lull. I don't understand women who are into this on a regular, I hope you find a genuine healthy coping mechanism.

Anonymous 133835


I was reading about the downfall of 420chan, an old imageboard which has been falling apart due to reddit-tier moderation.
The mods are sympathetic to troons and wage war against supposed /pol/ trolls and "neonazis" spamming their board (=anyone who doesn't cater to troons).

Sure enough, the creator of the website is a pedo with a history of abuse of women, including his pregnant ex-wife. The website used to have a board dedicated to pedophilia and they nuked the female board that existed before in favor of a tranny board. The same dude was involved in gamergate in favor of zoe quinn and recently created a tiktok account posing as an internet hero who goes after nazis and russians, and sure enough the retarded zoomers buy it.
Once again, "leftist" men being real life memes and showing they are absolute bottom of the barrel human trash. Then they pat themselves in the back for being "on the right side of history".

Anonymous 133837

of course there's still some deprived individuals but now you also get edgy high school girls going there. but like the amount of traffic the site gets it's a lot of people I wouldn't doubt it's become more main stream

Anonymous 133838

I think there's an actual difference between a loving or joyful sexual experience, than a paid visit Especially for Dom sub relationship

Anonymous 133844

>Engaging in a FETISH with random people and having unpleasant experiences makes the fetish bad, when engaging with "normal" sex with random people is already an unpleasant experience for women
>Engaging in a fetish as a prostitute, when those paying for prostitutes are always dregs of society, somehow defines the fetish as a whole
>Engaging in a fetish that requires confidence and trust, as an inexperienced 18 year old who most likely knows nothing about life, somehow defines the fetish as a whole

Sex "work" never represents real, fulfilling sex and it will never represent any fetish. Your opinion is based on your specific experience which doesn't apply to most people.
I don't even consider sex work sex, just like how rape and harassment is not sex. It has to be fully consensual.
If you argue against these fetishes ("coping mechanisms") by using barely consensual, uninformed, shitty experiences as an example, instead of actual relationships with adults who know what they're doing, you're not really making an argument. "Submitting" to a man doesn't mean what you think it means in a BDSM context.

As >>133838 said, there is a huge difference between sex in a loving relationship (regardless of fetish) and prostitution. It should be obvious. You have to vet men and discard 90% of your potential "suitors" to get in a fulfilling relationship - what a surprise! That applies to all relationships and not just fetishes.

I've never seen a radfem make an argument against BDSM (or women engaging in fetishes they deem "unacceptable") while actually knowing what consensual BDSM entails, which only leads me to believe that you all learned your "feminism" from tumblr blogs rather than basing it on your criticism on society and real world experience.

Anonymous 133882


Didn't Andrea Dworkin cover BDSM in a couple of her books? I want to say War Against Women at least, I'm blanking on the other one, I think it's her book titled Pornography.
I think you've so accustomed yourself to needing BDSM to get off or to get your boyfriend off that you've internalized this notion that it's tied to your worth as a woman and so have to defend it repeatedly otherwise you have to admit that the sex you're having is harmful to both yourself, and to women as a larger whole.

Anonymous 133883

That sounds like internet make 'em ups tbh.

Anonymous 133884

I do BDSM like twice every six months (depending on how busy we are.) It's a cathartic and therapeutic experience every time. The problem is that your nonsensical takes are making feminism appealing to many women who need it. If you're against BDSM then fine. But at least come up with actual reasonable arguments instead of strawmannig.

>that it's tied to your worth as a woman

I think you've so accustomed yourself to being a Special Educated Feminist NLOG preaching moral superiority that you've internalized this notion that it's tied to your worth as a woman and so have to exclude and look down on women like some sort of Dark Libfem who, instead of shaming women for not liking sex/fetishes/for being "sex negative," you go the other way and do the same to women who are instead comfortable with sex.

It is unfortunately you who is unwilling to admit that the way you preach feminism is harmful to women as a whole. While majority of women aren't into BDSM, illogical arguments deter all women who see through it.

See, I can strawman too. It doesn't mean anything.

Anonymous 133888

very well put, kinda like separating the art from the artist, this whole threads full of half thought out ideas and standard agreeable takes

Anonymous 133890

Tilting at strange windmills anon. I hope you win!

Anonymous 133900

>The whole "buh having fetishes makes you a band feminist!!1
jfc no one said that. You are a bad feminist if you defend violent and misogynistic fetishes that are being normalized coincidentally at the same time that porn and sexual violence in general are being normalized. You can have a fetish, just don't try to defend this kind of shit because the truth makes you uncomfortable. And yes, as previously said, there are more important issues, but that doesn't mean that this can't be talked about too.

Anonymous 133907

I like bdsm :)

Anonymous 133911

Anonymous 133915


This entire post is so blatantly fanfiction written by a troon that it's actually sad

Anonymous 133916

Hopefully you'll grow out of it one day

Anonymous 133918

HAH yeah, this is so obviously a self-insert fanfic or some genius made this up for karma since reddit is obsessed with troons.

Anonymous 133921

Why, I can believe The part where they never felt this crazy about a girl before, cause he is gay

Anonymous 133922

“BDSM context” is literally bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism, dominance and submission
Just, you know
Handmaidens are also consenting being humiliated
So that also is suddenly valid
Fuck off please

Anonymous 133924

>You're the one strawmanning with the "BDSM = you can only get off to torture" bullshit.

>Sadomasochism (/ˌseɪdoʊˈmæsəkɪzəm/ SAY-doh-MASS-ə-kiz-əm)[1] is the giving and receiving of pleasure from acts involving the receipt or infliction of pain or humiliation.[2]

Anonymous 133933

Why? Why do you alone get to decide what the radical feminism thread is about? If you want a tranny hate thread, make one yourself.

Anonymous 133935

Nope :)

Anonymous 133938

Stop embarrassing yourself, pickme

Anonymous 133939

Multiple people told you so. It's more like you alone want to change the tone of the thread. Either way, it's a fact that this thread was created for that purpose, that's not a question of opinion. You'd know it if you were here back then.

Anonymous 133940

Agreed tbh, I'm not really reading into the thread anymore cuz I'm not that interested, I want to trash talk trannies and nothing more here. Plus the whole point of this thread was to contain tranny discussion but since this thread has now become a radfem general tranny discussion will eventually start to seep into other threads which will in the end become annoying for everyone. If you really want a radfem thread just make one, but the history of this specific thread has always been tranny hate. Newfags need to learn how to properly integrate

Anonymous 133941

>pickme tries to call others pickme
Now thats rich

Anonymous 133942

The good news is we can do anti troon dumps in the pink pill thread (since even ftm trannies are caused by moid degeneracy)

Anonymous 133944


This is easily the worst of these threads so far becuse of this shit, look at the recent posts. Just infighting.
The sticky says no more tranny threads. If this one goes to infighting shit, where do we shit talk trannies? I think this is a tranny psyop to make this thread unusable tbh. Make a radfem thread or use the pinkpill one.
Anyway, back on topic.

Anonymous 133946

It should be obvious to everyone that its a tranny trying to derail this thread and convert its topic to that of another thread.

Anonymous 133948

Trannies are groomers

Anonymous 133949


Seems like that tbh.

Anonymous 133950

>ahh! The last place on the internet where people can mock us totally real and valid women
>maybe i can make it about shaving and bdsm
>success! Time to hatch a tight young egg to celebrate!
>i pass!

Anonymous 133951

Not the anon who tried to post more about radical feminism, but no one said that you can't make fun of troons while feminism is discussed at the same time. The infighting didn't come from her either.

Anonymous 133952

The infighting certainly came from her. If you didnt agree with her arbitrary choices on which lifestyles are proper feminism and which are not you became the dreaded pickme.

Anonymous 133953

>infighting didn't come from "her"
>countless posts about shaving and BDSM
Yes, yes it did. Read the sticky.
>TERF Memes/shittalking
This thread is for memes and shittalking. This isn't radfem tumblr.

Anonymous 133954

I assume every person calling others “pickme” is a troon trying to disrupt the social candor of the boards. Real women dont say “pickme”. Its some terminally online newspeak by the diddlers who make performative feminism their fetish and identity.

Anonymous 133955


>shaving is anti feminist

Anonymous 133957

Don't make posts about other radfem topics if you don't expect others to disagree with you or discuss them.
OP is the one who derailed this thread.
We have a pinkpill thread already.

Anonymous 133958

Real radical feminism means women can have beards and penises and be hulking 200lb testosterone filled rapehons, and thats ok!

Anonymous 133961


STOP EATING RIGHT NOW!!! spoiler for NSFL!! This was from some subreddit where they post "post OP trans women" as porn

Anonymous 133962

huh, I was not expecting…that. much less graphic than I thought it would look but still strange.

Anonymous 133963

What does a man have to do with feminism

Anonymous 133964

Dont you know? Real women have penises now.

Anonymous 133971

I agree that trying to retain the thread to make it about radical feminism in general was dumb because these threads are for shitting on trannies, but she only posted the pics. The ones (or one) who started infighting was the poster who got salty about shaving, women calling themselves misogynistic slurs and her BDSM fetish being called anti-feminist, and there were several people (not just one) who replied to this salty poster. And btw, troons and males in general are more likely to defend their fetishes or porn addiction as "lifestyle choices" than to criticize them, I don't know where the hell you got the idea that only a tranny would have the opinion that shaving, slurs and BDSM are anti-feminist. Not everyone who disagrees with you is male and in this case it's extra confusing how you came to that conclusion because few men (including trannies) would be happy with women being skeptical of those two things, they would defend those things instead. There's nothing supporting gender shit in any of the screencaps that were posted, just general criticism of men, and in fact trannies were explicitly mentioned in this one >>133882

I don't know what fucking idea of "performative femininity" you have, but last time I checked, most trannies think shaving is a thing only women do and that shaving their legs makes them more feminine. They're all about doing stereotypically feminine things and believing that means that turns them into "girls". So yes, the act of shaving as a woman is not necessarily good, it's something you do because society has decided that women should do it, not an entirely conscious choice on your part. What's wrong with admitting that? It doesn't even mean that you should stop doing it or that not stopping it means you're actively harming women. Getting this defensive over a simple and basic fact as if it was an attempt to control your life is so ridiculous. There was no need to overreact, just tell that anon to keep that shit off the thread and put it in the pinkpill one.
Also the man in that photo (according to Google at least) identifies as a gay male drag queen, not as a "woman". What point were you even trying to make there? Most actual troons shave to try to look more like women.

Anonymous 133974

Wow do they all work this way? You’d expect doctors to understand a little about female anatomy. It isn’t a marsupial pocket…

Anonymous 133976


the marvellous thing about vagina-tranny surgery is that each surgeon does it in their own way since there are literally no real guidelines as to how one should turn a penis into a """""vagina"""""" so every tranny vagoon is a unique piece of medical horror to witness

Anonymous 133981

Jfl. How much do they pay for this, and are we to expect more tranny specialized surgeons in the near future?

Anonymous 133982

fitting imagery lol

Anonymous 133983

that's one of the worst cases of vaginoplasty that i've seen that isn't just a gory mess. I'm starting to wonder if all these sex change surgeries aren't automatically assigned to the newbie plastic surgeons considering how awful they look.

Anonymous 133984

That's where my pen went.

Anonymous 133985


whoever did that surgery has never seen a vagina before

Anonymous 133986

Mf has a neocloaca

Anonymous 133991

I don't understand why you can't get it through your head that the pink pill isn't for radical feminism.

Anonymous 133992

>this thread
>the terf thread
>The trans exclusive radical feminism thread
>Radical feminism thread
Sorry we didn't want to see the same six pictures of troons posted over and over again. CC is a pretty slow board though, you can always just go to those threads and reread if you want to see the same six pictures.

Are the trannies in the room with us anon? The ironic fact is they probably are. Men absolutely seethe over this board's existence.

Anonymous 133993

I wonder why troons don't complain about it more. Have they never seen what an actual vagina looks like?

Anonymous 133998

we get it you're a little bit autistic, its ok we all are deep down

Anonymous 134036

what do you think the TE in TERF stands for?

Anonymous 134037

this is some of the funniest shit i've ever seen. on a serious note though this really shows how shit surgeons are, especially those that decide to go into an illegitimate field like "sex reassignment surgery". anatomically illiterate butchers with no ethics

Anonymous 134069

tttt autism.png

/tttt/ trannies are a special kind of autistic

Anonymous 134073

so the terf thread isnt even about radical feminism? why even keep the rf part then

Anonymous 134074


Troons with linebacker shoulders, gynecomastic conetits, and no hips really think they're built like this, KEK

Anonymous 134106

For the love of god please stop with your autism, you're getting so incredibly annoying and you're clearly an embarrassing newfag. Either integrate or go back to >>>/tumblr/

Anonymous 134159

fight club.png

There's at least three different people asking this question you stupid scrote, it isn't just me. Why can't you get that through your thick head?

Anonymous 134176


It's like wannabe stealth scrote(s) seething when we are talking about feminism, cause they are here only to kek at some males, who are kekable just because they are effiminate - and that is - how we all know - degrading for a moid
Or are they here to have a place to shittalk their favourite hon, cause they themselves are totes not like them
Irrational tryhard appeal to "ree im oldfag tumblrina cringgg" is oh so clockable
Just a thought.

Anonymous 134184


Anonymous 134185

I think it's more an issue of the target audience of niche novels vs hollywood movies.

Anonymous 134198

Being effeminate doesn't mean you have to go trans. Fuck maybe if we gave men space to be they wouldn't do this bat shit insane stuff for social points

Anonymous 134206

read sticky, no one is complaining about radfem dicussion being shutdown since a literal radfem thread already exists (albeit under a different name which might make newcomers a bit confused at first but this is why we always say lurk moar before posting)
also effeminate men are based

Anonymous 134213

I don't think you should accuse everyone who wants to keep this thread focused on trannies of being a male. Just like I think it's retarded to call someone a male just because she wanted to talk about radical feminism in general. In any case this thread was clearly made for TERFposting, with an emphasis on "trans-exclusionary", which means shitting on trannies. Though just as the Pinkpill thread attracts incels, this thread attracts trannies (who are Not Like Other Troons) and scrotes who want to make fun of all of them.

Imagine lacking this much reading comprehension kek
MALES hate any man who is effeminate because anything that's feminine is humiliating to them. It's entirely possible that scrotes post in these threads to shit on trannies, and it's a FACT that they lurk here (hence why so many of them seem deluded thinking that we are "based tradwife" material bc """OBVIOUSLY""" not believing in gender shit or not wanting men invading women's spaces = trad or conservative).
That anon never said that feminine/effeminate men necessarily have to troon out or that they're somehow bad, but like it or not, troons are effeminate men too, and other men despise them because of that. That is what she meant and I don't know how the hell you arrived to that conclusion of yours.

Anonymous 134229


The abortion line was shot down by a woman.

Anonymous 134230

i hate sharing a planet with this creature

Anonymous 134233

lurk more. being a newfag is not a badge of honor. this is a place for women to make fun of troons.
i wonder what it is with you tumblr types and wanting to make every single website a carbon copy of each other.

Anonymous 134235

> a literal radfem thread already exists (albeit under a different name which might make newcomers a bit confused at first

When admin told us to make containment generals, there were actually 3 threads.
Terfposting (where we were supposed to post pics and memes)
TERF/Radfem discussion (longer posts)

I‌'m not sure if the TERF‌ discussion thread died because no one made a new one (it was pretty inactive) or if it was deemed redundant since Pinkpill threads are pretty much general feminism threads, but truth is the names weren't confusing at all in the beginning and Terfposting was always meant to be a shitposting thread, hence the name

the f in terfposting stands for female in this thread, you could say, since not every woman against trannies calls herself a radfem

Anonymous 134237

Yeah, it's almost like every woman who disagrees with the tranny discourse gets labelled a "terf", regardless of whether she identifies herself with radical feminist politics or not. It's almost like "terf" is a slur to silence women and not a literal wing of radical feminism (which does not include males ever, so calling it TE is redundant).
What some anons here are not understanding is that the "terf" used in this thread's context is more like reclaiming a slur. This is not the radical feminist thread, go make one if you like.

Anonymous 134241


he also imports hormones that he couldn't get from his doctor

Anonymous 134248


oh my fukin god wouldnt that fuck up the baby??? i feel so bad for the kid, this is so disgusting and you can clearly see he's doing it for the fetish, im so repulsed

Anonymous 134250


not even the first guy

Anonymous 134252

Why do tomboys think theyre transgender? They don't even have gender dysphoria??
Whats even more fucked up is that she got horribly bullied until she came out as transgender, then everyone started to accept her because she had some label. Its sad that now girls who don't adhere to ridiculously high feminity standards are now coming out as trans because it's easier to get accepted that way.
This channel is targeted at teens btw

Anonymous 134254

This is insane because I sort of relate to the video. I used to be extremely tomboyish as a little girl and I even pretended to be a boy because I did not associate myself with girly things that much (apart from old Barbie CD roms for my PC and even then I was more obsessed with Sonic or Pokemon when it came to games). This makes me feel that if I would have been born a few years later I'd probably troon out because of how much gender nonconfirmity is so deeply rooter in trannyism now. Must be very confusing to grow up as a gender non confirming kid now.

Anonymous 134265


I hate Twitter, both as a platform and as a userbase, for giving trannies so many orbiters and producing this obviously false but at times extremely convincing impression that trannies are widely accepted, have tons of supporters, are always correct about everything, etc. Every other person you see there is a troon, a themby, or at the very least a pronouns in bio handmaiden, and you're forced to see takes from these people go viral constantly. Imo it's echo chambery enough to give Reddit a run for its money which is really saying something. You can't even be crypto on there because followed accounts are publicly viewable by everyone.

Anonymous 134359

I'm going to pearl clutch and say this will fuck up kids in the future. 90% corn and corn syrup formula is more healthy than whatever is coming out of that. That being said, because of the formula shortage…I hope some wild chemistry department out there tests the male chestooze for hormones, protein, fats, carbs, ect.

For anyone who wants to know whats in real breastmilk

Anonymous 134362

>chad is mentally ill

Anonymous 134366

I don't understand attractive men who troon out. I know it's mental illness but these men have life on easy mode and I can't understand why they'd be mentally ill in the first place. All the things men desire these type of men seem to get with ease, good jobs, a good looking partner, etc. Why complicate life with unnecessary baggage and bullshit. It must only be narcissism because otherwise I just don't understand.

Anonymous 134372

>at the very least a pronouns in bio handmaiden
Why would a handmaiden have their pronouns in bio? Do you know what a handmaiden is?
it seems like satire and not an actual troon.
Anyways actual mental illness doesn't care about your life experiences, or how attractive you are, its the result of a dysgenic brain. Environmentally caused depression, personality disorders etc and mental illness aren't the same.

Anonymous 134383

>Why would a handmaiden have their pronouns in bio? Do you know what a handmaiden is?
On cc and other "terf" communities, "handmaiden" is slang for women who worship men (including transwomen). So a woman putting her pronouns in her bio to cater to mentally ill men in dresses is a handmaiden.

Anonymous 134384

I'm guessing this one is probably addicted to porn but yeah, I don't get it either. He's clearly a perfectly conventionally attractive guy, this is actually pretty sad to see him fuck all that up.

Anonymous 134385

This just goes to show you just how many problems male society has…

Anonymous 134394

>the f in terfposting stands for female in this thread,
How does one be a radical female? That's not actually a thing. There's a thread only for tranny discussion, maybe we need to separate the women who post the same five tranny memes into that thread and this can be generalized terfdom and only novel tranny screenshots or pictures.

Anonymous 134395

male wife.png

So if something bad is made by a man, does that mean that women should stay quiet when it is made worse by another man and then distributed to a wider audience? Are women not allowed to criticize anything a man does if it is only in relation to another man's art?

Even if that was true, are you saying that women cannot uphold and enforce the patriarchy? How do you think living within the patriarchy affected her decision?

Anonymous 134397

>So if something bad is made by a man, does that mean that women should stay quiet when it is made worse by another man and then distributed to a wider audience? Are women not allowed to criticize anything a man does if it is only in relation to another man's art?
NTA, how did you get "Woman can't critique things" from "men made both the versions of the thing you're talking about"?

I suppose there is understandable confusion because "I don't like it when men make things" could refer to only the second iteration or both iterations of the line though.

Anonymous 134399


although its more a terminally online thing, "tme" (transmisogyny exempt) and "tma" (transmisogyny affected) are the most retarded terms used by troons.
its even more embarrassing seeing tifs describe themselves as "tme"

Anonymous 134402

troon ritual.png

This, transmisogyny is such a stupid fucking term. They talk about it as if it's some more advanced, worse form of misogyny. Like tims are the most oppressed of all types of women, ackshually, and they suffer so much for their "womanhood" that they needed to make up a whole special term just for them

Anonymous 134409

that picrel screams of porn addiction

Anonymous 134412

trannies are demented people that would very easily get into situations that get their moid coom brains dead so easily, i mean they are suicidal so im not surprised.

i feel like they are so desperate for sex that almost anyone would do then they would get sacrificed by a satanic cult or some shit but i doubt anyone has the patience to bother with trannies or would like to. they are that repelling. its like having a super autist like Chris Chan hitting on you, its just creepy anyone who would put with it is just doing it for the memes.

Anonymous 134415

I would like to know the rational behind this? I'm willing to accept it but I can't really understand why it would be humiliating to call oneself 'hoe, whore or slut'. If you call other women that, I understand but you are taking a word that is used to degrade and mock and waving it back in the oppressor's face to show not only does it no longer bother you, it may very well empower you. That's literally reclaiming a slur. It's also a sentence I have heard males say. Recently a male told my friend not to call herself a bitch, even though all she said was along the lines of "…I'm a hungry bitch." when discussing lunch.

Anonymous 134421

They even made up a new word for it, "transmisia."

Anonymous 134424

I can explain this one. By normalizing a word that is used as a slur against women, you are showing men who use the same word that it's use is normal and acceptable. They use the same same logic for the n-word.
>You can't use the n-word
>Yes I can, black people use it on themselves all the time. To tell me I can't use it is to judge me only on my race, which is racist.
There's also the argument that since words and language shape our perceptions of reality, that we are further cementing our second class status both internally and externally by saying such things as "I'm a stupid b*tch." in a joking way when we make a mistake.

Anonymous 134449

it's like trying to reclaim the word "retard" by saying to people "Hi, I'm a retard! I'm the best retard in the world! I bet you can't handle my retard energy!"

People don't even have to try hard to make someone look like an absolute fool, a joke, if someone already puts in all the effort in making themselves a walking joke, thinking it makes them powerful.

Anonymous 134452

>By normalizing a word that is used as a slur against women, you are showing men who use the same word that it's use is normal and acceptable.

I think I see what you're saying. Even if I were to reclaimed the words and it no longer bothers me, I wouldn't want to normalize it to the point males call other women these names and think it's an okay thing because " I know women who call themselves that all the time."

It makes me wonder, is it possible to reclaim any slur then? If so, which ones and why?

Anonymous 134457

This might be a retarded question, but isn't transgenderism essentially the same as transracialism? The exact same arguments that people, including twitter SJWs, make against white people pretending to be black could be applied to men pretending to be women. I'm not trying to racebait, I just find it extremely ironic that Kim Kardashian got cancelled for wearing box braids while people who publicly call out TIMs for fetishizing womanhood and trying to invade female spaces could literally lose their job over it

Anonymous 134458

The same argument, that sex/sexual attraction is preprogrammed and genetic, could also be applied to bestiality, necrophilia and pedophilia. It's best not to think too deep into it.

Anonymous 134476

yes it is the same thing. except wearing box braids by itself is not as absurdly offensive as being a man and demanding access to female restrooms, the right to compete in female sports, shaming lesbians into fucking you or forcing people to use your speshul pronouns.
sex is genetic, binary and immutable.

Anonymous 134479

>it's like trying to reclaim the word "retard"
How did people reclaim the word "queer"
No one uses it as a slur anymore

Anonymous 134481

its a word we can call ourselves. when they say it, its offensive

Anonymous 134497


"hmmm how can i make this about me"

Anonymous 134499


>its the first time they've had to live and experience approximating what trans people especially trans women experience every single day
>comparing losing reproductive rights to restrictions for troons to play in sports/go to female bathrooms
>implying women never had restrictions on their bodily autonomy in history
are they pretending to not know basic history? are they pretending to be this stupid to compare reproductive rights to the shit troons demand? are they retarded? obvious answer is yes. But yet again, I can't help but still utter "are they actually this fucking retarded?" because tbh i'm tempted to say they pretend to be this retarded just so that they can get away with saying bullshit like that

Picrel unrelated but funny

Anonymous 134510

all proof is on kiwifarms. it's not surprising at all since "woke" men are scum.

Anonymous 134518

Bug kiwifarms is where internet make 'em ups happens. It's ground zero for bullshit, Info Wars but even less true. That's what I heard anyway.

Anonymous 134538


jesus fuck can these moids be any more delusional?
>in the thread he admits he's a troon and keeps saying "I say I'm female because I am"
Shouldn't be hard to find the thread its on amiugly

Anonymous 134540

NTA but I don't care if the info comes from KF or not. Imagine defending *troon-loving scrotes.

Anonymous 134544

Why do they all always choose outfits like this

Anonymous 134550

Because troons constantly fetishize their "ideal" woman, so they pick outfits that would turn themselves on if it were on their ideal woman. Troons have ZERO desire to be an average, 6/10 female, instead trying to become the type of woman THEY want to fuck.
tl;dr typical troon fetishization about everything that has to do with being a woman

Anonymous 134551

what's kc

Anonymous 134553

NTA but Krautchan

Anonymous 134564


Thoughts on the very fucked up phenomenon that is r/ftmspunished?

Anonymous 134568

I don't know if it is possible to reclaim a slur. Honestly, I think the only way it happens is through so much time that the slur itself loses it's original meaning. Like how we don't consider dumb a slur against the mute.

I still hear queer as a slur used pretty frequently among the rural population of Pennsylvania. Mostly by people thirty and up. Plus they still use the word faggot a lot.

Anonymous 134569

That's not what I had in mind when hearing that word. They should be hanged

Anonymous 134571

There have been studies that show that overall, bestiality, necrophilia and pedophilia are learned fetishes when compared to homosexuality and heterosexuality. It's like saying that attraction to Lola Bunny is innate when it's mostly a brain making connections under certain circumstances. However, I do believe you are right that a certain percentage of zoophiles and pedophiles are innate. Which is why we should kill all convicted pedophiles before they can reproduce. Eventually, if we are diligent, we will destroy the gene that encourages pedophilia.

Anonymous 134572

>Call herself a femboi
>Is wearing long feminine nails, body is unmistakably a thin woman, breasts are prominent and displayed
Ma'am, what are you even doing?
Get fucked with your calls for violence against women.

Anonymous 134574

I don't exactly agree with that anon, but after watching this tranny ideology fuck up my little sister, I understand her sentiment. Everyone who propagates gender bullshit is a child abuser and should be dealt with accordingly.

Anonymous 134580

I thought it was a troon lol.

Anonymous 134589

>As a tranny that has a deep voice
There, fixed it for him

Anonymous 134594

There’s also detrans kink on tumblr. I keep trying to find detrans stories but unfortunately the tag is flooded with the kink

Anonymous 134602

I love that even with voice training the average tim will never have a more female sounding voice than even the deepest-voiced women. This knowledge always makes me smile

Anonymous 134625


I am LOLing.

Anonymous 134627

I find it funny how we get posted everywhere and have raids, kinda tells you about the female and male dynamic in human history. Men act like they are targeted by women and that they’re these smart whole creatures when just a site that’s female exclusive drives them to act this way similarly to the ye old days where they prevented us from reading and learning. History repeats

Anonymous 134630

Kate 1.png

>Radfems being obsessed with trans people also comes from a place of being undesirable
My sides are in orbit. Nice try scrote. You gonna call us hairy, man hating lesbians next? We recognize your male patterns of violence and adam's apple and unlike your non binary handmaidens, we can't be bullied into silence.

Anonymous 134632


Men will always defend trans women because men have male solidarity.

Anonymous 134639

going into reddit is like walking into an insane asylum

Anonymous 134640


Your brain is diseased. A woman is more than her appearance and if you were a woman instead of a brain dead tranny, you'd know that. You will never understand what it is to be a woman. You will never be socialized as a woman. You will continue to be moid-brained and you will never be a woman. Even if mindset was all it took, you will never be a woman.
And not to toot my own horn, but I AM attractive. Cry yourself to sleep over it.

Anonymous 134641

diarrhea dreams.pn…

>Pretty girls don't become terfs
Lol. Keep telling yourself that while realizing that that terfs don't value ourselves based on our looks and that male attention is the most abundant resource on the planet, making it worthless garbage. Which is a darn shame because, uh oh hon, it seems like only other men are the ones telling you you're pretty and heckin valid.

Anonymous 134642

I know you guys are well intentioned, but it's literally in the rules, don't feed the moid. Just report and move on.

Anonymous 134643

why are you on that site? when I went there was actual cp all over the place and tons of pedos saying posting cp is considered free speech
that being said it's no surprise there are troons there since most of them are pedos

Anonymous 134659

Do you think a lot of people accepted the trans-movement because they thought of it as a disability or a medical condition?

Let me explain.

When I was introduced to it, I was told about the crippling dysphoria, how the brain is reacting strangely to the body. how the brains "internal map" of the body, and what is actually there, the mismatch is like phantom limb syndrome, but put up to extreme levels of distress.

A mental condition that someone is born with, and the only way we knew of easing it was:

- Not triggering the dysphoria by not referring to the sex, by not reminding the person of their sex

- Letting someone change their body. The same way you'd accommodate someone who can't walk with a wheelchair, you'd accommodate someone with an incurable brain condition with letting them change the body, the only way to ease the dysphoria. "Dysphoria is the condition, transitioning is THE CURE", as people would say with the utmost confidence. They'd say it could not be cured by therapy or anything else.

And people shouldn't be mean to trans people because that would trigger their dysphoria and cause a lot of pain, and that would be like being cruel to a disabled person. (e.g. like deliberately showing a photosensitive epileptic person a video of flashing lights is a douche move.)

But now that I'm older, everything is just so sus.

First people are acting like it's not a condition, nor a disability that causes immense psychological distress when a person merely has it. But the person still needs the accommodations anyway?

Suddenly increased amounts of people are born with this supposed extremely rare brain condition with very obvious psychological symptoms to the person experiencing it.

Suddenly this rare brain condition, whose main symptom is distress, is popular in fandom and social media? Teenagers are thinking it's fun and cool and quirky. (e.g. the meme "My top surgery went really well. That's great! My bottom surgery is next week. I'm a communist!") Or "all my favourite characters are trans!" or being blatantly sexist and if a character isn't entirely conforming to a stereotype, they're labelled as trans. Any character could be diabetic, but most people aren't going "all my favoruite characters have diabetes!" and making cute pictures of characters with insulin, the same way they do with surgery scars.
Why is one medical condition favoured over the others?

People are saying their brain condition can be eased by pronouns and stereotyped clothes, when I thought the brain condition was to do with the body.

People are associating this brain condition with breaking social gender norms, even though you can break social gender norms without being born with a specific brain condition that causes immense distress.

All these new "genders"/labels not even associated with a brain condition.

It's being intertwined with LGB activism, even though having homosexual attraction, and being born with this brain condition causing immense distress upon the realisation of their own sexed body, are about different topics.

I thought people would want to investigate more on why this brain condition occurs, but people are like "If you think you're trans, you're definitely trans. Absolute affirmation! Do not investigate any other causes!" And "transition is the absolute and only cure! Why would you want to investigate anything else?"

And there are detrans people. If it was an immutable brain condition that people are born with, detrans people have been failed completely if doctors and psychologists are like "yeah you totally have this brain condition", and misdiagnosed so many times. Where are the medical standards?

Untrained people feel so confident in giving others advice for a supposed medical condition online.

Suddenly people who are supportive of this brain condition hate women's rights activists. That there is such a large conflict between brain-condition-supporters and womens-rights activists, completely different groups.

Asking same-sex-attracted people to have sex with opposite-sex people with brain-conditions.

It's clear that the premise on which I accepted transness on, that it's a disability, or a rare brain condition mainly marked by the immense distress it causes, has become something else. (and even if the born-brain-condition truly existed, it doesn't make someone the other sex, just someone with a brain condition that convinces them that they're the other sex…)

It's become this whole other thing filled with acceptance of sexist stereotypes masquerading as social justice, lack of research, and medical malpractice.

Like, what reason do I have to be polite to it anymore, why should I make accommodations to the blatantly sexist social movement?

Anonymous 134660

>going into reddit is like walking into an insane asylum
except asylums don't put the most insane inmates in charge.

Anonymous 134662

I think you're absolutely right, when I think about how I used to be uncritically supportive of the movement it really revolved around gender dysphoria and respecting a condition that I didn't have and didn't understand, not that there's anything wrong with it. Referring to a trans person's sex made them uncomfortable so ok I'll avoid that but how can I maintain that belief system when over time in lesbian spaces you're a bigot if you don't like dicks? Why are you even mentioning dicks don't you get uncomfortable? Things started getting very contradictory. Now it's "well I'm celebrating my unique difference" and I noticed that it's become a context over who can be the most weird or queer, there's no point to anything except shock value and to exist in a constant state of counter-culture. Non-binary was the movement that really broke the camel's back for me.

The moment they started moving away from gender dysphoria is when I started questioning things, the position got labelled as transmed and was hated but it didn't make any sense if you don't have gender dysphoria then wtf are you doing?
I still maintain transmed views and if someone says they have gender dysphoria then I'll play along I guess but I've grown more critical especially after heating gender dysphoria stories from transmen and realizing that there's nothing really special about feeling discomfort with your breasts or period.

Anonymous 134663

Agreed, most people still think like that and know nothing about non-dysphoric trans and stuff
>what reason do I have to be polite to it anymore
Because it is so mean to be hateful to people uwu, let them live, let them do what they want! It’s not your life! It’s not your body! - that what I heard
I mean, ok - but it affects me
And it will in the future - some people just can’t think two steps ahead and get emotional
Recently I was talking with my tra ally friend (who’s a lesbian) about this: she was ignoring every argument and went “not-all-trans” as “I have never heard about that and never met such people” and if the system is broken - you should still conform to the system to live happily (wow really deep thought clapping my hands)
knowing she is also a bdsm defender, that’s a never peaking dead case, I suppose

Anonymous 134667

Lmao wish I had seen his post. I don't care too much about physical appearance but I know I am hot and that makes troons SO fucking mad, I love it.

Anonymous 134669

> if the system is broken - you should still conform to the system to live happily

This line of thinking is just so selfish and backwards to me yet they pretend like they’re pushing the boundaries. The only boundaries they’re pushing is the amount if bs people can tolerate.

Anonymous 134673

tra rece.png

I forget which radfem it was (she ended up getting termed), but one really prominent radfem was actually a model on her other, trans ass kissing account and she was absolutely beloved by the trans crowd. Men constantly praised her style and beauty meanwhile she's just writing these hard hitting essays on why trans women are destroying feminism with their rigid enforcement of the patriarchy.

Anonymous 134717

She didn't like the line because she's a Hollywood prude who thought it was too raunchy not because she's against abortion.

Anonymous 134734

Whenever I see MTF’s irl I can’t help feeling bad for them. They’re always men in their late teens or early twenties, but they’ve already been pumped full of synthetic hormones. They also always have the SAME fashion style. It’s always dyed hair and silly looking mini skirts. Almost every MTF I see wants to look like an e girl when almost no actual women do. How do they not notice how much more that makes them stick out? The other day I saw one at a shop while buying a gift for a friend, the guy had to have been 6’3” and 300 lbs, but was wearing pigtails and a miniskirt with plushies of anime characters (Panty & Stocking) latched to the belt. I felt so bad, he looked like a teenager. How could people lie to him like that?

Anonymous 134743

>Kate and I are both trans women
AHAHAHAH I love how """she""" left it at the end. It really gives the story you just read a lot more impact, imo.
>with other females

This! The only times a TIM might have a higher pitched voice than a woman would be if he were to compare himself to a woman that has some sort of condition that makes her voice super deep. But deep voiced women with a normal range, they can still speak with a higher pitch than TIMs and with less effort.

>only ugly women are TERFs
lmao, they used to say the same about lesbians and feminists. Men are so fucking predictable it's pathetic.

Yes, I'm writing this as I read your post, but I think basically the process went from raising awareness of this crippling gender dysphoria mental illness thing, to treating it as valid and normal as homosexuality ("let people live their lives, it's just a preference").
I think at first this wasn't planned at all, but the system being what it is (capitalism), it became popular and shilled by companies looking to profit off extremely alienated youth. Treating self-esteem issues in these teens is not profitable, so alternative treatments for Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria before they start their transition are not researched or encouraged.}

>How do they not notice how much more that makes them stick out?
They are autistic, pornsick and delusional
>How could people lie to him like that?
They don't want to be mean. I think that's mainly why everyone has fallen for the trans bullshit, even some lesbian women who try having sex with trans """women""" (though many of them end up regretting it and peaking, from what I've read).

Anonymous 134744

silence of the lam…

Anonymous 134745

silence of the lam…

Anonymous 134746

>this is encouraged by doctors and media
>instead of telling these men that they can't become the idealized image of women they've formed in their imagination thanks to porn and media, and teaching them to accept their actual bodies and treat their self-esteem issues and other mental illnesses as soon as possible
Also holy shit I hope nothing ever happens to that poor woman. This fucking psycho could snap anytime.

Anonymous 134747

>childlike face
Excuse me what? I hope that woman is okay

Anonymous 134748

This post reads like he’ll attack her any moment. I wonder how much “gender dysphoria” is really suppressed attraction toward the opposite sex. The fixation on her race and looking like a child is especially disturbing.

Anonymous 134763

Jesus fucking Christ

Anonymous 134784

this is such a quintessentially male post jfc. how can he not realize it? all that obsession with looking feminine and rage at not being "smol" and "childlike", how doesn't he notice his extremely obvious male brain? they have no clue what women actually are, if they did they'd immediately shoot themselves in the brain.

Anonymous 134813

>>instead of telling these men that they can't become the idealized image of women they've formed in their imagination thanks to porn and media, and teaching them to accept their actual bodies and treat their self-esteem issues and other mental illnesses as soon as possible
Hormones aren't the answer, but you aren't providing any answer that hasn't been tried before. Do you think you're the first to propose this type of therapy or something? Like, there wasn't decades of psychiatrists attempting this either?

Anonymous 134821

>Like, there wasn't decades of psychiatrists attempting this either
Correct, there were no decades of psychiatrists trying that, since "gender dysphoria" and "gender identity" are completely made up unscientific terms invented in the last century by pedophile lunatics like John Money. There has never been the intent to treat these men, as that would require telling them that they are not women and will never be women and providing the same treatmend anorexics or other body dysmorphia-disordered people get.

Anonymous 134828

We have centuries and millenia of society doing the proper thing and telling these delusional men “you are delusional” and they were a rarity. Now we have decades of doctors feeding the delusion and the fad is spreading like wildfire. We need to go back to the correct posture that “trans people do not exist, you are not a wolf, you are not a woman, you are not christ reborn, you are delusional take your meds”

Anonymous 134829

at this point, transsexualism is basically just systematic abuse of the mentally ill for profit and political points, and the fact that so few people realize this means that many more people will get consumed by this stuff and do irreparable damage to their minds and bodies. and the worst part about it is that all the people that encourage and support this stuff have the gall to act like they're helping these people, adopting some self-righteous attitude as they encourage blatant delusions and self-harm and pressure everyone who sees these for what they are to keep quiet and play along with it. It's just horrifying.

Anonymous 134838

I have an honest belief that this is a lot more common among ong trannies than people realize, most of them just have the good sense not to express it anywhere because they realize how unhinged it is. The comments on this post were undoubtedly full of replies like "that isn't normal, none of us feel like this, get help" but I really believe this is how most of them look at us

Anonymous 134839

Screenshot (189).p…

Anonymous 134840

Screenshot (136).p…

Anonymous 134843

You're so confidently wrong lol

Anonymous 134858

Like others have already told you, the amount of "dysphoric" people today is much, much higher than before, when the only ones who claimed to belong to the opposite sex were mentally ill people who really could not stand their own bodies and were treated with meds, and transsexualism was much, much rarer. In this day and age where science, technology and medicine have advanced exponentially compared to a century ago, instead of encouraging these delusions, we should be looking for a better solution.
Also, anorexia has always been more common in women, so, in my opinion, there's no doubt that a lot of cases of genuine dysphoria are influenced to some extent by social pressure to fit into a particular mold (anorexia = women should always look beautiful; trannyism = men are like this, women are like that). Rigid gender roles that are strictly enforced, like in the old days, will obviously result in some individuals strongly desiring they had been born as the opposite sex, which is why simply telling them that they can't be a woman or man will not work, since the cause of their depression is the way society is.

What does everyone else think?

Anonymous 134859

>since we don't have a good solution to the problem, we should just pretend it doesn't exist and support their delusions.

Anonymous 134861


I think one of the major issues that cause men to want to be a women is the very strict and oppressive way male society conducts itself. Males get intentionally emotionally crippled by their fathers in the name of making them strong and stoic. The funny thing is this makes them the exact opposite because stoicism and strength are derived from recognizing and accepting nature and emotions are apart of nature.

Anonymous 134862

Screen Shot 2022-0…

Anonymous 134870

See, this is what we were talking about earlier. First, it was presented as this crippling mental illness or brain condition that made you feel disgusted or uncomfortable with being of a certain sex. So doesn't it make sense that people should be aware that you're trans and what your actual sex is? Now just acknowledging that you're a biological woman, in other words female (which you are, since your body is still female) is rude and transphobic?? Hello, how is saying the truth about your actual body transphobic? They're not even invalidating how you feel "in your brain", but NO, now we have to avoid any references to what you actually are, which is a mentally ill person with a body that has a certain structure (sex) and who strongly identifies with arbitrary stereotypes and roles assigned by society to people who belong to the other sex. No, being trans is no longer a mental illness or condition, or at least you're no longer allowed to acknowledge it as such. Being trans just "is", you're just born that way, like being born with a certain skin color or of a certain height, and referring to a trans person's actual sex is akin to being racist. Ridiculous.
I also have a feeling that, deep down, this TIF doubts herself and is fully aware that she's lying to herself, if her first assumption is "they probably mentioned my transgenderism because they think I'm a crazy and delusional girl".

Also based therapist kek, but also she kind a fucked up big time. I'm assuming this is probably not in the US.

Anonymous 134874

can someone post those "what is a woman" flowcharts

Anonymous 134877

I don't believe this. Show me the interview where the person in charge of the decision to change this line directly said this. Hollywood is the absolute opposite of prudish, look how they changed the line to a child getting raped.

Anonymous 134887


Here's one of them

Anonymous 134889

troon related blogpost - I went to a liquor store today and the old lady that helped me find the right aisle had a big pin with the tranny flag on it, what gives? I live in a very conservative area too so it's not like there's any troons or woke people here to virtual signal to

Anonymous 134891

That old "lady" was an old man broadcasting his degeneracy, most likely. They revel in it.

Anonymous 134894

Yeah that's the point of the image nona, to point out the circular logic.

Anonymous 134895

NTA, yeah but she's just pointing out that you could make another flowchart based on that part alone kek
There is more than one way in which that logic is flawed

Most likely she didn't know what the flag meant. A granchild might have given it to her.
Worst case she was trying to be woke.


>that pic

Anonymous 134896


samefag but here's more
laughing my fucking ass off

Anonymous 134904


couldn't have said it better myself.

Anonymous 134905

Screenshot (153).p…

Anonymous 134906


Anonymous 134908

>bare children
Freudian slip?

Anonymous 134912



Anonymous 134915



>I literally want to wear her

trooner accidentally becomes buffalo bill from silence of the lambs

Anonymous 134927

Hate how anyone on discord can use a female name and pfp and I have to sniff out who’s really a woman
Love how having a porn channel always makes it very obvious who is and who’s not

Anonymous 134931


Anonymous 134934

>/pol/ screencap
Yeah, fuck off.

Anonymous 134935

>he made the audience put their phones in locked wallets so they can't film him instead of sanitizing his material

Anonymous 134938

But its not mental illness!

Anonymous 134939


In 2030 you will be legally required to let these “women” stick their tongues down your and your childrens throat or be charged with criminal transphobia and sent to diversity camp

Anonymous 134945

I bet you one-hundred-million pounds and you have to be my slave for a day that you won't.

Anonymous 134948

>I definitely don’t want to be alone in my locker room
Why? Kek go be alone in your locker room problem solved. But no, he needs to air it out because muh fetish

Anonymous 134950

Apparently this is a common solution trans kids get at schools. The privilege of a private bathroom (for school staff)‌ which no transphobic delinquents would have access to, plus they wouldn't bother any "uncomfortable girls" to boot!
It's still not enough.

Anonymous 134960


I know right? That woman has no chill and we don't even need to exaggerate for people to realize how bad it's become. For God's sake, I work at Banfield (a corporate pet hospital) and even in the middle of this massive corporation that has nothing to do with humans, let alone human sexuality, corporate has organized and invited us to drag queen story hour. Fuck off and give me my paycheck.

Anonymous 134972

Degenerates always latch on to movements and ruin them

Anonymous 134974

sad that the creator of the OP image ended up getting rape and death threats for being terf to the point where she left tumblr

also its believed that people were reporting her to the russian government for being gay and a radfem

Anonymous 134978

Rich troons latched on to the LGB movement to push their agenda, and now the LGB looks bad because they're automatically associated with trannies. It's that simple.

Anonymous 134982


Anonymous 134983


Anonymous 134984


Anonymous 134985


Anonymous 135001

trannoids send death and rape threats all the time to women. they've been posted in these threads before too. are you blind?

Anonymous 135005

Here, dude.

Anonymous 135006

Interesting how you're more triggered with where the screencap is from than from the fact that the author of that ugly cartoon is an unironich pedophile who traced images of real children for his diaper fetish porn.
>inb4 SAUCE
Sophie Labelle

Anonymous 135061

To be fair, we all come into these thread specifically to discuss how troons are despicable, so it's reasonable to complain about /pol/ while not being concerned with the very thing the thread is about.

Anonymous 135078

That sounds the opposite of reasonable.

Anonymous 135086

It's members only now. Did he lurk??

Anonymous 135127


…so… women…

Anonymous 135128

wew lad

Anonymous 135145

Quand je vois un oiseau marcher comme un canard, nager comme un canard et cancaner comme un canard, j'appelle cet oiseau un canard.

Anonymous 135149


Translates to: "When I see a bird walk like a duck, swim like a duck, and quack like a duck, I call that bird a duck."

Anonymous 135159

Why do troons think we have this drive to breastfeed or the other things that makes them “euphoric” like wearing dresses or whatnot? It’s such a male outlook on what being a woman is. If i had a child and couldn’t breastfeed them for some reason i wouldn’t feel any less of a woman. If a law was passed that dresses were banned i would still be a woman. I wouldn’t cry over it like my personhood depended on those trivial things

Anonymous 135163

Art imitates life I suppose. Tranies are basically wearing thier idea of being a woman as sweet performers

Anonymous 135164

street performers

Anonymous 135172


that's because troons are the epitome of materialism

Anonymous 135177

HAHAHA LOL watch it if you want to have a good laugh

Anonymous 135179

seconding request for sauce. i only saw mentioned that he was bullied for wearing eyeliner, but in an emo edgelord way, which seems consistent with his pic.

Anonymous 135183

So it's complete BS.

Anonymous 135184

>>135182 this is pretty damning

Anonymous 135186

uvalde shooter.png

I'll bet the house that's not the shooter. The far right lie for a living. It's their bread and butter, why would you take anything they claim or post at face value? I reversed image searched it and it's popping up on far-right conspiracy/MAGA Twitter and fake South American news accounts. It's sharing timelines with George Soros conspiracies and aids denialism. It's blurry as all hell and why aren't there any screencaps of the photos actually on the shooter's social media? iirc you can't even save images directly from Instagram, so you'd have to screenshot them to save anything; why not include the account name and comments and so on? Because it's a lie. You're being lied to by people who want to manipulate you into a far-right worldview.

And look closely at that image. You expect me to believe this maniac child-killing spree shooter kept potted plants too? Took moody insta photos like that, with all his lighters and clothes arranged, and posted ones like this? None of it checks out at all.

Anonymous 135188


then you bet wrong. he posted a mirror picture on that instagram profile and this is him. same dude with the tranny flag.
being skeptical is ok, refusing to believe when evidence hits you in the face is siding with the enemy.

Anonymous 135191


No, you pay up. This is clearly the tranny in your little collage posting alive and well. None of the images you posted even look remotely like the shooter.


That's not true. The Buffalo shooter posted a massive manifesto and had far-right memes on his weapons of murder, this is just a different shooter with different motivations. Most spree killings aren't political, this is a "normal" spree killing.

Anonymous 135193

What about the Black nationalist from the subway station later this year. Did the news tell you about le dangerous black nazi boogyman?

It seems not to be the same tranny. In this case, I don't care. Trannies have offended and stripped my rights enough for me not to play nice with them. If I can use far-right propaganda to pay back, then I will. Fuck troons and fuck you if you're here defending them.

Anonymous 135194

Liar, liar, liar. Untrue. You, having been caught in an obvious lie, pivot desperately, but the shooter's not a tranny and far-right attemps to distract from how dangerous their ideology is will not work. The people in the photos look nothing alike! Lol, try harder next time, it took me five minutes to expose you and I'm not even particularly smart.

It's not "not the same tranny", it's not a tranny in the first place, edgelord. I'm not defending anything but reality.

Anonymous 135196

The fact that you're this triggered means you're probably a troon yourself. If that's so, you're not wanted here. Leave right now and neck yourself.

Anonymous 135200

Where's the proof that this is the shooter?

Anonymous 135202


I'm not going to stand by and watch you freaks try to groom women into the far-right with schizo conspiracy theories, the same way I don't want 18 year old girls undergoing cosmetic mastectomies when they need mental health care. I would say it's ironic to watch people who in this very thread have, rightfully, demanded the importance of reality in regards to sex openly lie when it suits them. But it's not ironic, because you're just a bunch of far-right scum who want women to be baby farms and are without a femenist bone in your body.

Anonymous 135205

Please kill yourself immediately. Not all of us are gullible tumblrettes who have a brain hemorrhage every time they read something "problematic". Women have agency, perhaps you don't, but the rest of us do. We don't need anyone to "groom" us into having opinions. Not all of us are retarded fence-sitters.
I have an urge to land a punch to your face through the screen but since I can't, I'll leave it here.

Anonymous 135208

why do trannies constantly go around shooting up schools? smh

Anonymous 135214

This is like when Dave chappelle got tackled by that crazy guy and he was like it was a trans man lol what a shithead

Anonymous 135217

>be comedian
>get silenced and harassed permanently for exercising your freedom of speech and doing your fucking job
>get physically attacked
>make joke about it
>somehow that makes him the shithead

Anonymous 135227

>be comedian
>get silenced and harassed permanently for exercising your freedom of speech and doing your fucking job
Except the he was performing at one of the most legendary venues of all time and went down in history alongside monty python for his ability to sell it out for a whole week..

Anonymous 135230

Monty Pyton constantly did drag as a joke, too, where the punch line was pretty much "Haha, this obvious scrote thinks/is acting as if hes a woman! HAHA"
So, Chapelle gets targeted but Monty Python doesn't because lol silly walks.

trans"logic" makes no sense.

Anonymous 135231

Trans rights wasn't even a thing until like 5 years ago you zoomer. Stop buying into all this internet bullshit.

Anonymous 135233

Ah, I see, you're doing that woke thing where "silencing" doesn't happen unless the person is literally burdned alive along with their entire life's work and their ashes thrown to the depths of the Mariana trench.
JKR wasn't "cancelled" either guys! She's rich so it's ok if she gets daily death threats!

Anonymous 135235

He did a set at the Hollywood bowl hes at the height of his career

Anonymous 135236

What part of physical harassment and constant death threats don't you get? Why are you glossing over the obvious attempts at censorship?
Is troon intimidation supposed to be tolerated because one guy manages to make big bucks despite it?
Also you are an obvious troon. You don't pass even in anonymous text.

Anonymous 135237

No this is like the time keemstar and pokimane had a YouTube beef because keemstar cyberbullied some guy on Twitter and sent his followers after him and pokimane said that it wasn't fair because non famous people aren't used to dealing with harassment the same way famous people are and keemstar said that he was a grown man and should be able to handle twitter stalkers so then pokimane started copyright striking his videos and getting them taken down so he would lose money

Anonymous 135248

Or he was a little Mexican gangbanger and bought a stolen gun for cheap.

Anonymous 135254

TV reporting claimed he legally bought two guns on his 18th birthday, but something along your point may be true as well. I can't see a teenager spending $4000 dollars or so at a gun shop.

Anonymous 135256

God knows why he would do such a thing. Hes dead so there’s no way to get a confession out of him. Probably won’t find out his motive for a few weeks. (If he even left anything ).

Anonymous 135258

But it’s not a fact, passing moid 4chan memes around makes the movement look idiotic. Especially because none of those photos are HIM. You might as well pass around pictures of Chrischan and say it’s proof the shooter was trans. A bunch of children were killed, he even shot his own grandmother. My bet is he’s another disgusting incel . Not even a drop of empathy.

Anonymous 135268

>Probably won’t find out his motive for a few weeks. (If he even left anything ).

Maybe never at all. We literally still don't know why the Las Vegas shooter decided to do what he did years later.

Anonymous 135270

Yeah that’s because it is him. It’s plastered all over the news. doesn’t give any validity to the shit moidchan meme.

Anonymous 135271

Troons don't have empathy either, judging by their selfish takeover of womens' rights. Leftist men are not more empathic than the right wing moids you sperg about, they're simply motivated by power and they know that the way to get it is to follow the correct script.

Anonymous 135275

>I do BDSM like twice every six months (depending on how busy we are.) It's a cathartic and therapeutic experience every time

What does “doing BDSM” mean in this context though? Does your husband whip you then violently penetrate your arsehole?

Anonymous 135277


that's about how much money i got for graduating high-school from my family. mexicans love giving people money for big events like that. i also got like $2k for confirmation

Anonymous 135278

Wow, I guess I'm just to accustom to being poor.

Anonymous 135279


when i say "family" i mean extended family. it's not too hard when you're mexican and have like 80 cousins and a dozen aunts/uncles lol

Anonymous 135280

You got money for graduating?

Anonymous 135283

Do we have any archive of the instragram page covering this as being him? I'm not saying it can't be, I've seen news report discussing him being called a faggot by classmates for wearing eyeliner once, but never anything about skirts. As much as I distrust media, I doubt they'd fail to capitalize on a "troon was bullied into shooting" narrative if they bother to mention the eyeliner and not the crossdressing.

Anonymous 135295

I fail to see how that is really relevant to the Uvalde shooting. No need to co-opt an unrelated event just because of obvious disinfo.

Anonymous 135296

Incels' lack of empathy is just as irrelevant then lmao. You are pulling your "incel" accusation right out of your ass.

Anonymous 135298

>shoot down grandmother in head
>harasses female coworkers
>screams at mother for cutting wifi which results in him getting kicked out
To me, he’s a disgusting incel.

Anonymous 135300

I agree with >>135299, calling anybody who commits violence against women an "incel" will completely trivialize the word and muddy the waters for anybody trying to expose actual incels.

(think like what happened to the word "nazi" and how twitter liberals call anybody who breathes a nazi. it's gone from the title of a group that committed genocide to just some term thats thrown around)

Anonymous 135303

People throw around the word nazi long before twitter.

Anonymous 135316

>rumors of him wearing eyeliner
>allowed to call him a tranny
>multiple accounts of him harassing women
>not allowed to call him an incel
You are extremely delusional, you can go ahead and pretend I’m some liberal to make yourself feel better. But you’re still delusional.

Anonymous 135321

Just ignore obvious bait. They are just groomed pickmeisha apologists for men. The state of this board is miserable when we've gotten to this point

Anonymous 135324

Him being a moid is bad enough, trying to shift through what type of moid doesn't unshoot children. Why does it matter what flavor of moid he is?

Anonymous 135326

I don't even think it's a pickme, there are unfortunately seem to be more moids and troons here lately than usual.

Anonymous 135331

Anons are arguing because someone posted a fake picture. Leading to lots of derailing really.

Anonymous 135347

bruh moment

Anonymous 135348

This. And why the fuck was my post deleted? I will repeat: none of that makes him an incel. The triggered troon here has as much right to call him a right-wing incel as anyone else has of calling him a troon.
Get off your high horse.

Anonymous 135349

You are literally defending troons, how the fuck am I the pickme?
It's a statement by his school friends and you can literally see it in his mug. If anything, the "harassing women" part qualifies more as a rumor. He shot his grandmother like he shot a bunch of children. Sorry the world doesn't work like you want it to, libfemtrash.

Anonymous 135351

>You are literally defending troons
You say this about anyone who doesn't want to stan the white salafists you currently have in America and it's just not true. People can disagree with more than one thing, you have less political insight than a child if you really think like this.

Anonymous 135352

I'm not American, so miss me with your stereotypical insults. Also
The shooter was not even white. And this is what I mean. You are the one with the political insight of a child. You see some tragedy and your brain immediately goes "incel white supremacist bad" without a shred of evidence that the shooter matches your preferred perpetrator group. You do the exact same thing as /pol/tards, except you're on some moral high horse, which makes you 1000 times more irritating.

Anonymous 135355

I wasn't talking about the shooter, you dullard. Holy crap, it's like talking to a brick wall. Except the brick wall then starts shouting at me because she misunderstood what I said.

Anonymous 135357

Except the whole conversation was about this particular shooting. Keep sperging and throwing insults, doesn't make you any less of a retarded NPC.

Anonymous 135358

Good thing this terf thread degraded into focusing only on TIMs, which are a phenomenon that sprung from absolutely nowhere, instead of the overarching themes of radical feminism and how it affects women. This was a good decision.

Anonymous 135364

The thread didn't "degrade", newfag, literally go to the catalogue and check the first thread, it's right there. This thread was made to shit on troons. Make your own marxist hugbox thread if you want.

Anonymous 135366


I'll make it easy for you even. It's linked right at the top of the OP. >>59700 Read it. What does it say?
>The thread for all your transphobic meme and shit talk needs. Go!
Revisionism doesn't work on the internet where everything is archived and screenshotted.

Anonymous 135369

I want to believe this is a coordinated troon attack to derail this thread, and that it's not the case of some women being stupid enough to ruin the last bit of unrestricted venting space we have with watered down discourse that can be found anywhere else on the internet.>>135367

Anonymous 135370

Feeling superior over not shaving your legs doesn't make you radical. Legitimately, no one cares. We just want to shit on troons.

Anonymous 135372

Yep. Super duper glad that this entire thread is just male retards from pol and larping trannies. Surely this will have no effect on women raising consciousness and what we can actually do about the tranny threat of them correctively raping lesbians while also raping women in prison. Instead we share screenshots from 4chan while screeching about whether a child murdering mass shooter is a dude in a dress from instagram, or a dude in eyeliner from reddit. This is the good ending. So happy. So glad.

Anonymous 135401


>I'm mad because as a man I want to do nothing but talk about men who I deem inferior to a captive audience of women. Why do they keep talking about other things?!?! It must just be one of them despite the posts coming from multiple IPs.

Anonymous 135402

>Around scrotes, never relax!

Anonymous 135411


I am a happy to share a space where I can make fun of trannies with other women. I hate trannies so fucking much it's unbelievable. Let's take trannies human rights away and contribute by increasing their suicide rate. We should celebrate. I love being able to shit talk trannies everyday here without having to self censor. Because I hate trannies so much. I hate all types of trannies. MTF FTM NB whatever the fuck they might be at this point. I hate them all. Fuck trannies fuck fuck fuck fuck. I hate trannies. This thread will remain a tranny hate thread because it is what is has always been. Redditfugees get the fuck OUT.

Anonymous 135420

It’s the terf thread, do know that includes radical FEMINISM. Again spreading around misinfo ruins the whole movement. No one claimed he was a right wing nazi. You are delusional and are very much disconnected from reality.

Anonymous 135421

The level of same-faggotry on this thread is insane. For such a slow moving board you’d think this is some psyop tranny invasion trying to make us look bad.

Anonymous 135425

Keep shitting up multiple threads in the morning scrote. You know nothing about the board culture and are a clear newfag.

Anonymous 135427

Those are clearly not the same posters, you're just assuming multiple people wouldn't disagree with you. Which they do btw.
It's incredibly obvious that you're new to the site. The thread was for a clear purpose which you are derailing to talk about how women don't share your exact radfem ideology and why this is wrong while you accuse everyone who disagrees with you of being libfem, as if some moid-pleasing dolt boogeywoman is out to undermine you. If you want a thread that focuses specifically on radfem ideology, you can make one and you wouldn't get the pushback that you receive here, rightfully.

Anonymous 135430

Slow moving site, on a Thursday. Most popular with the US, so in the morning too. Not fooling anyone, obvious samefag is obvious . No point to in replying to you anymore , keep sperging into the ether

Anonymous 135433

>could more than one person disagree with me?
>no, impossible

Anonymous 135434

this person is an obvious autist, we should just ignore her

Anonymous 135454

If you're confused, those posts are all me. I'm just having fun and entertaining everyone on this board. Don't thank me, honk honk.

Anonymous 135465

no you're the same fag

Anonymous 135466

aktchually, I'm the one who posted all posts in this thread, including the one I'm responding to.

Anonymous 135471

fake samefag it was me

Anonymous 135479


I want this meme to be used more lol

Anonymous 135481

his belly button looks like a neovagina so i can vibe with that

Anonymous 135495


Anonymous 135497

these people's lives revolve around cartoons

Anonymous 135499

Mentally ill 24/7 perma shut in, no sun gaming incel moids become trannies.

whats new

Anonymous 135533

you mean porn.

Anonymous 135538

You're in the terf thread dumbass

Anonymous 135543

Misleading, the kid in that photo is male. The tranny was the other shooter who was ftm.

Anonymous 135544

I'm kinda got by this. I'm almost surprised a female school shooter exists.

Anonymous 135546

This is the shitting on troons thread, as shown here >>135366

Anonymous 135575

the first modern shooter was female (Brenda-Ann Spencer)

Anonymous 135611


Trannoids are just wired the exact same way as incels, the exact same way.

Anonymous 135613

I hate when people say things like this because it's obviously a vestigial headliner from decades ago. The 60s aren't modern anymore, and even if they were what makes her the first "modern" shooter? She wasn't the first one to use a rifle, she wasn't the first one to shoot at elementary schoolers, and she wasn't the first female school shooter either. So what is it besides just being a catchy phrase people like to say about the popular cases?

Anonymous 135624

The post sounds make up because the reported to russian government bit. Why the hell would the russian government care lmao. How would you even report such a thing?

Anonymous 135636

No it is not. And even if it were, these things are not based on someone saying they're homosexual. They're based on provable sex acts. The identities came later and it would be impossible to police. And I don't think lesbian sex acts were ever illegal in most or all countries, at least not enforced.

Anonymous 135638

I knew she was a based radical feminist (and got hate) but unaware she even lived in Russia. Usually the government is very lenient on lesbians. So she should be fine

Anonymous 135642

None of that matters, what matters are the intentions of the troons making the threats.

Anonymous 135650


We can get incredibly technical if you want.

If "school shooting" is defined as "someone was shot in a school". The first time this happened appears to be in 1840 in a college where a student shot and killed a professor. That doesn't really "feel" the same as Columbine though, the gold standard for what a school shooting is. If we generalize it to "first mass shooting at a school" (mass shooting always being defined as at least 4 people getting shot) then the first "school shooting" occurs in 1966 where the infamous "clock tower shooting" occured with a trained military veteran sniping 18 random targets on the campus. I would say this is a pretty good fit, but the fact it's on a college campus doesn't really pack the same punch as children's bodies strewn about the floor.

If we restrain ourselves further to "first mass shooting in a high school or lower" then we hit the "Coleman High School Shooting", which, ironically, I can't find the name of the shooters because they shot 6 people, but there were six of them. Still doesn't have that "lone wolf (maybe two) guns down a crowd" feel to it.

Finally restricting ourselves to "First mass shooting in a high school or lower performed by two or less persons." we get the Olean School Shooting. This one is odd though because what the shooter was actually doing was sitting in the third floor of his High School, just shooting random people on the street, as opposed to, you know, his classmates/teachers, what not. He could have done this from an office building, it would have been the same. Just missing the little bit of flavor.

Now, finally, restricting school shooting to "Two or fewer gun men commit a mass shooting in a high school or lower setting and actually plan to kill the students and teachers" we finally arrive at Brenda Spencer shooting. The first person to
1. Do it lone wolf style
2. Aim specifically to kill children/teachers at a school
3. Actually hit at least 4 people

This codifies the modern concept of the tragedy of what a "school shooting" really is.

I would first say technically Brenda Spencer is not the first modern school shooter, but actually the first post-modern school shooter. As we are currently living in the post-modern era by most definitions.

Anonymous 135676


Anonymous 135709


Anonymous 135711

My confusions is why they are advocating that type of thing as being “based”. Do they enjoy the artist in op’s image for having fewer rights in her country? Do they think it’s also “based” that people went out of their way to report her? Cognitive dissonance at full overdrive.

Anonymous 135744


Anonymous 135755

It's a bit late at 18 threads in but maybe the op title should get officially changed to tranny meme thread or something because no one cares about radfem posting anymore

Anonymous 135763

No one was radfemposting on these threads from the start. Plus changing the title of the thread would just mean we cater to one autist on this site

Anonymous 135765

hur dur hat gud.we…

>hur dur say am woman hat gud
>mean am true gud doggy hav hat

Anonymous 135773

He looks good posing as the dad, why did he had to be a trannie. Waste of a good moid

Anonymous 135779

Radfems definitely used to use these threads more but they've been overtaken by normie tranny haters which is fine but having radfem in the title when what's being said isn't radfem at all is detrimental to radical feminists so no harm in changing the title, otherwise we'll keep getting more radfems wanting to start a conversation that goes beyond tranny bad

Anonymous 135781

KnWDIAaN_400x400 (…

Sure can we at least add a note to future thread descriptions then? "go to pinkpill thread for radfem discussion this thread is for fun and shit talking"

Anonymous 135801

Repeating the same thing over and over won't make it true. Anyone can click on the threads listed in OP and see that you're full of shit.
This is the tranny hate thread, regerdless of the name. Just fuck off if you don't like it.

Anonymous 135827

Every single thread is titled with terf

Anonymous 135832

So you don’t think their should be a title change?
Is saying there is no harm in the title change. If you want a shitposting style of discussion and want to avoid a certain topic.. you should probably change the name

Anonymous 135841

Looked at the first few threads and people were definitely posts about radfems

I mean even the op image in this thread is a radfem

Trannies invading feminist spaces has been a discussion from the beginning a year ago

Anonymous 135844

That’s why you should probably change the thread name

Anonymous 135849

No, you’re the autistic sperg that keeps derailing the thread. If you can’t handle people responding to posts here, you should probably take a break from the internet. Especially because you can’t even handle reasonable discussion like a name change

Anonymous 135860


I don't really get the point of the debate. They're both radfem threads, or at least feminist in general. Pinkpill is general stuff, and this one focuses specifically on the Trans Exclusionary part in the context of feminism. So: trannymen and how they're fucking shit up for women by being selfish retarded men with the usual telltale list of bullshit that comes with it (rapes and all), and how the trend with the opposite sex is indicative of the systemic male abuse of women who, in turn, try to escape it by "being men" men instead. The whole phenomenon is awful for women in every way. All men are men, but only a certain subset are so mentally ill that they think playing dressup makes men into women just like in their pornos. And thus, this thread exists.

Anonymous 135865

I personally don’t understand it either. It’s probably just one autists sperging every time anything remotely women focused is brought up about in this thread. To them it’s feminazi/jihadist so clearly they have a specific agenda
It all started from this specific post asking to change the thread name.

This was the most recent time anything radfem was talked about but it’s on topic. So again, don’t really understand what’s going on either.

Anonymous 135866

If you're this adverse to change seems like you're the autist, retard. I even suggested just adding a thread description but even that was too extreme for you. I'm not the first anon that brought this up.
Agree but these threads are leaning more towards gc and not rf when the most basic radfem belief of maybe women don't have to shave is controversial. Other than that other nonas response to ops radfem posting was saying it felt out of place here so if radfem posting doesn't belong on the trans exclusionary radical feminist thread no one would be hurt by a name change or description

Anonymous 135873


>radfem posting doesn't belong on the trans exclusionary radical feminist thread
Hmm… I think it's less that it "doesn't belong" and more that this thread is more specialized for it, I guess? You could post tranny stuff in the pinkpill thread and it wouldn't be out of place. BUT since the terfposting thread focuses on it specifically, it is the preferred place for it, thus freeing up space for other feminist-related discussions and not running the risk of every thread turning into TiM pinata hour. It's a hot and contentious issue that generates a lot of impassioned anger and replies, that it's a smaller and more obvious target makes such concentrations and derails much easier. Better to keep it aside for the most part or it gets repetitive.

>these threads are leaning more towards gc and not rf

Shitting on tranny stuff in a RF context is the preferred mode for this thread, but that's bound to be mixed with general content since there's cross-over. It becomes all the harder to distinguish a solid division when the very existence of trannies as they are is harmful to women; their insistence that they are female encroaches on our spaces. There's a bit of a gradient. The internet's favorite pastime has always been laughing at retards, and imageboards will always inevitably make edits and meme images of varying quality/effort. Just general content shouldn't be the majority, I think, but I don't mind some being there and have to accept that they will be there in some amount, regardless. Some mortar between the bricks.

The terfposting thread is for the discussion and/or shitting on of the transgender nonsense that's been ruining so many lives, and heavily implied through lurking alone that it's "the TERF thread with some general related stuff mixed in for flow, rage and laughs". The main point of contention in this particular face-off seems to be that the posts have strayed more into "general" territory and doesn't have enough RF talking points from your POV. Would that be correct or am I off the mark?

Anonymous 135879

>the most basic radfem belief of maybe women don't have to shave is controversial
No one is forcing you to shave. Genuinely, no one cares. People took issue of the posts mocking women who do and the claim that women can never choose to do anything for themselves ever, they're just doing it to look good for men. No, we don't need that kind of rhetoric. What is feminist about it? It's the exact same bullshit moids spew.

Anonymous 135881

wish this thread could be normal again, it isn't fun anymore

Anonymous 135907


posting because I saw this edit using a gif I'm pretty sure a miner made a few months back

Anonymous 135913


Anonymous 135917

IMG_2975 (1).png

Haven't been on crystal crack in a while and wow I don't remember the trannies being this obvious before. Anyways, here's my dogshit contribution, picrel

Anonymous 135924


Mad because you weren't on the left side of the wojak meme huh

Anonymous 135929

I don't shave. I just think your attempts to divide women are ridiculous, and they definitely do not belong here. Mad no one agrees with you?

Anonymous 135933

Shaving isn't feminist the same way make up and plastic surgery isn't. I think you interpreted the meme as an attack on women who shave and not the act itself.

Anonymous 135935


Anonymous 135951

>women who happen to have different genitals
HAHAHA. Women can't and never will have penises.

Anonymous 135978


Reminder to everyone in this thread that all radfems and GC are newfags. First poster did not even respect this board enough to lurk for a day and pay attention before derailing a thread on day 0. If she had posted her feminist opinions in the correct thread I assure you no one would give a shit. The difference is that terfposting is for women who understand and want to laugh at how ridiculous and fucked up Ts are, while not considering themselves feminists.

CC is not a feminist board. CC is not a radical feminist board. It's not a tradlarp board, not a femcel board, not a pickme/NLOG board, or whatever buzzword you expect to apply to it. When CC was made it was simply a place for women to talk without restrictions of neo-internet or men talking over us. CC still remains a diverse place to this day, containing women who are antisocial, married women, mothers, edgy girls, socially isolated ones, etc.
Now we have feminist newfags and misandrists talking over us of all people. I‌ don't even remember when this shit started - some gender critical subreddits got banned and CC got more "feminist" over time. Hell we had more fascist tradlarpers on this site before we had radfems.
Back in the day we'd have threads discussing BDSM and how to pick up subs on fetlife on /b/ and if we didn't like the thread we just hid it. Now you make a thread about these on the correct board and have to put up with newfags with no life who shout "tranny" on sight. Sorry but women are women whether they disagree with you or not. I don't have issues with having misandrists and feminists on this board, but they're clearly people who don't belong or respect the community.

If all you know is "feminism" as if it's your religion, lifestyle, identity, and you feel the need to shoehorn it in every thread without anyone asking, you belong on corporate websites with other people who have one-track minds. Lurk more or leave.

Anonymous 135985

I've been here for years and I've never NOT seen Radfems and pinkpills what are you smoking?

Anonymous 135990

They weren't as prevalent or whiny 4 years ago. Or as obsessed. The people posting in this thread are clearly different.

Anonymous 135994

I definitely remember little tangents from pinkpillers and radfems in feels that long ago. Maybe the tangent wasn't in a terf thread but sideline discussions happened constantly everywhere. Nobody really complained about them though. It was inevitable part of the discussion either related to work or relationships etc

Better that than tradlarpers, which are usually always males or trannies.

Anonymous 135995

NTA but i do think there is a difference between tangents happening throughout the conversation and straight up starting a new thread by derailing it into another discussion that seems unrelevant from the very first post and that one expected/asked for. One feels natural and like a smooth transition (which is why no one complains) and the other feels like its shoved down your throat

Anonymous 135998

But gc's have always been tangentially radfem, to some degree. I feel like the tradlarpers are rarer among women and that's more of a moid thing. I used to get on gc on reddit and it was pretty much the sister sub to pinkpill

I can't say it feels shoved down my throat. I don't think we need to stimulate radfem discussion, we're already bursting at the seams with it

Anonymous 135999

I wasn't talking about GC or radfems. It was a more general take. Maybe reread the message you're replying to.

Anonymous 136001

This whole thread is GC, what do I pretend like it's not? We're discussing what's happening in THIS thread

Anonymous 136004

i don’t consider myself to be a TERF and try my best to be supportive of trans people but sometimes… i don’t know. i was at a lesbian bar last night and there was a trans woman dancing on their own with a boner. i’ve seen people say autogynephilia should be a valid reason to transition but as a woman it makes me feel very uncomfortable that the idea of being a women itself should be so sexualised

Anonymous 136006

that's not how you spell sown

Anonymous 136007

the shotgun suicide version of this was funnier

Anonymous 136045

Still here to bring your behated hon friends to shittalk?

Anonymous 136047

Why does it need a third hand?
To wank and code simultaneously?

Anonymous 136059

Yes, it's insane that we're STILL accepting this hypersexual view of what it means to be a woman. I completely understand why some women delude themselves into thinking they're men because the dominant female image is so completely inhuman that only agp men can fully relate to it. Meanwhile I think ftms just want to be normal humans without having to perform as a woman, and we're supposed to think that permanently destroying your body is a valid solution to the problem. My own sister doubts her gender now and it has made me really, really violently hate this world.

Anonymous 136061


>"how do I compliment like a girl"
They're just cosplaying what they think women are, asking each other for tips on how to fit feminine stereotypes.

Anonymous 136062

i literally always say "bro" lolool even to my female friends, these people are so out of touch with reality it's funny

Anonymous 136063

Actually I don't either, if I met one in real life who never rubbed me wrong in the way you're describing, I would be supportiv, but damn is there a lot of questionable shit they take too far.

Anonymous 136064

>>because the dominant female image is so completely inhuman

What does this even mean I'm so confused. The dominating image is that women are just inhuman ? Well ok sometimes I see that but it's not dominating

Anonymous 136088

“Your flirting is SO not passing hon”

Anonymous 136089

It makes perfect sense with the context of the post…
>hypersexual view of what it means to be a woman [is inhuman and not like the reality of actual women]

Anonymous 136099

yeah it’s weird. i don’t want to be on the ‘wrong side of history’ and have met really cool trans people. but i don’t know if it’s the discomfort with being a woman and having people join our ‘space’ but there’s things about some trans women that do bother me. the fetishisation of being a woman feels quite insulting and this current expectation for lesbians to sleep with pre-op trans women or they’re instantly labelled as transphobic. the latter especially really does make me feel as though lesbians in the LGBTQ+ community are being disregarded and not truly cared for (why is it we don’t often hear that cis gay guys have to have sex with pre-op trans men?) and misogynistic, even rapey. actually makes me upset when i think about it, but of course i can’t speak out about any of this or i’m transphobic /:

Anonymous 136110

I’m curious, can you point to specific examples where you feel radfems are off topic or derail the thread?

Anonymous 136132

Oh I get it the wording is confusing

Anonymous 136135

>radfems and GC are newfags
Okay newfag

Anonymous 136143

She’s right. They unironically recommend subreddits here too, completely oblivious to the thick miasma of disdain from every other user of this site.

Anonymous 136144

Screen Shot 2022-0…

The soysims are upon us.

Anonymous 136147

Why do you want to be supportive tho? Do you actually think they are women? Or are you doing it because of social pressure?
If you have a difficult time supporting it, maybe it isn't worth being on their side. Overall I think women have enough of a hard time to have to deal with men's issues.

Anonymous 136154

Several people told you why. You choose to ignore. it. Troons and retarded libfems call everyone who doesn't suck troon cock a "terf", so we called this the terf thread in the spirit of reclaiming a slur.
This will remain the shitting on troons thread and it will keep being called "terf thread". Die mad about it, you can't be dictatorial in an anonymous website.

Anonymous 136156

>First poster did not even respect this board enough to lurk for a day and pay attention before derailing
Why would you need to feel reluctant about terf posting in "terf posting"?

Anonymous 136157

If you can’t be dictational on an image board site then you shouldn’t care how the discussion goes in a thread either retard.

Anonymous 136158

Because you might misunderstand the purpose of the thread and end up shitting it up, like what literally happened.
This thread was made for shitting on troons. This is a fact. If that's not what you want then hide the thread, don't post in it, use the pinkpill thread which is already about what you want this one to be about, make another thread, go have a crying fit in the corner of your room, whatever suits your fancy, but let other people post in peace. How is this difficult to understand?

Anonymous 136160

dictatorial* but same point

Anonymous 136161

>if you refuse to do as I, the queen tumblr refugee of CC, say, then YOU'RE the dictator
All your retarded unoriginal unfunny posts did was to derail the thread, you single-handedly destroyed it. This is imageboard etiquette. If you don't know how to use imageboards, do as your elders did and lurk before posting.

Anonymous 136162

You are the one derailing the thread, but you are too extremely low iq to see that

Anonymous 136163

There are several different people responding. And some others not even responding but posting about how this thread went to shit.
Learn how to use anonymous imageboards.

Anonymous 136166

I’m talking to that specific anon, they are specifically derailing the thread in that post.

Anonymous 136167

I want every single newfriend to read this steaming pile of shit of a post >>135932, smear it on your face, and realize what your derailed accomplished in this thread. We have literal troons/troon sympathizers posting unabashedly on what is a troon hate thread, because you invited this type of discussion.
This is what happens when you let normies invade.

Anonymous 136169

This perfectly incapsulates what you are
Keep jumping up and down and whining. Pretending I don’t hate trannies may make you feel better, but you are still very retarded. Keep shitting up the thread and derailing.

Anonymous 136170

You have no idea what "derailing" means. I'm in awe that you even manage to get a computer running.
This is a thread for shitting on troons, anything that is not shitting on troons is derailing this thread.
Give me one good reason for using this thread for radfem talk when we already have another thread for that. One good reason, or you're 100% a troon.

Anonymous 136171

You responded to two different people. Please take your quetiapine.

Anonymous 137426


I can't stand trannies I'm so happy I found this haven. I've been banned off of Twitter for calling out the disgusting shit trannies try to pass off as "being a woman".

Anonymous 137427

Could you find the more recent haven rather than bumping old thread plz?

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