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lolcow Bunker Thread #22 - Shaymin investigation Edition Anonymous 199424

Posting is enabled on https://original.lolcow.farm/, however many nonn1es can't access it. For some it works with mobile data only, some with a proxy. (free proxy: https://www.proxysite.com/)
Bunker with no lolcow discussion: >>>/b/195942
Do not engage with nonn1es saying provocative shit to start infights. Report and ignore.

Last bunker #21: >>>/b/198870

Anonymous 199425

Anonymous 199428

because n*nnies is censored in crystal.cafe, try it, you will end up with s instead

Anonymous 199429

Okay but what I don't get is even if that blog does belong to Shaymin what's the big deal? There's nothing bad on it just maybe a little cringe but who cares, it's not milky.

Anonymous 199430

also for whistleblower anon we will need more proof than that

Anonymous 199432


i’m so bummed out by all this. all i wanted was a space for women to talk and make fun of uglies and i can’t even have that.

Anonymous 199449

Also remember this lolcow drama is being posted on other sites. Trannies and scrotes and cows are all watching now

Anonymous 199462

(late) resume:

#21 - >>>/b/198870
Anon found an admin's neocities, not sure if it is from shaymin or oldmin >>>/b/199079
Anon found an excel file containing a sort-of shinigami eye list >>>/b/199196
Old Discord logs on why oldmin fucked up gc threads >>>/b/199034
Full tinfoil on admin, wherever it is still Ian or Oldmin behind that "Shaymin"

#20 - >>>/b/198323
Caps from Shaymin's discord: >>>/b/198332 >>>/b/198466
Discussion about lolcow on Kiwi Farms: >>>/b/198412

#19 - >>>/b/197747
IHM appears: >>>/b/198185 >>>/b/198203 >>>/b/198207
Screencaps of the bunker discord: >>>/b/198151 >>>/b/198154 >>>/b/198162 >>>/b/198164 >>>/b/198165 >>>/b/198174
Shaymin makes a bunker discord: >>>/b/197998
Nonn1e emails Shaymin asking about costs: >>>/b/198070

#18 - >>>/b/197189
Shaymin addresses Ian tinfoils: >>>/b/197490
Lolcow discussed in PULL's discord: >>>/b/197485
Nonn1e posts archives of lolcow's own caps threads: >>>/b/197460
Shaymin posts in /meta/: >>>/b/197322

#17 - >>>/b/196568
New thread in /meta/ on lolcow's future: >>>/b/196973
Josh weighs in on Shaymin's decisions: >>>/b/196966

#16 bis - >>>/b/195893
Anons sent their applications to shaymin, no reponses so far
Full denial mode

#16 - >>>/b/195313
Posting re-enabled on https://original.lolcow.farm/: >>>/b/195574
Rdrama posts about lolcow: >>>/b/195322
Shaymin resigns: >>>/b/195616 >>>/b/195695

#15 - >>>/b/194696
Shaymin answers questions about nucow >>>/b/194754 >>>/b/194756
Nonn1es posting images on lolcow >>>/b/194712

#14 - >>>/b/194105
Nonn1e posts lolcow screencaps: >>>/b/194620
The last reply on lolcow: >>>/b/194349
Kpopfagging on nucow: >>>/b/194302
Shitposting on lolcow: >>>/b/194255 >>>/b/194294 >>>/b/194307 >>>/b/194345 >>>/b/194568
Nonn1es still can't access lolcow: >>>/b/194202 >>>/b/194582

#13 - >>>/b/193547
Posting disabled on nucow: >>>/b/193797
/w/ isn't added: >>>/b/193742
Nucow screencaps: >>>/b/193667 >>>/b/193674 >>>/b/193679 >>>/b/193682 >>>/b/193724 >>>/b/193729 >>>/b/193730
Some nonn1es can't access lolcow: >>>/b/193629

Anonymous 199465

I can't believe all of this shit is going down on CC, they don't even like drama on their board, kek. We're such terrible guests but my God, all the good drama happens on Christmas for some reason. It's like some autistic live soap opera

Anonymous 199467

Did you seriously put that gayops as milk in the summary

Anonymous 199470

the main thing is if shaymin IS oldmin or not, i feel.

Anonymous 199472

ungrateful tard

Anonymous 199475

Capture d’écran 20…

the person who owns the nenetl.me is named Yasmin apparently. she has shit tier taste in terms of music tho

Anonymous 199476

United States of Tara, shaymin is her insecure alt. Oldmin is her haughty crazy side

Anonymous 199477

i will feel really bad if this is some mentally ill rando in the end

Anonymous 199478

Samefag is this even the same user as the one on the neocities too? Because Latin names are super common

Anonymous 199480

i like her

Anonymous 199482

Nta but yes, although the neocities girl said she was native, not sure why everyone keeps saying spanish or mexican

Anonymous 199483

Yeah but nenetl is a common Aztec name and Yasmín is a common Latina name. The music profile could be someone completely different who is also Latina or native who chose the Aztec screen name

Anonymous 199485

Samefag this isn’t me coping or something but I feel like there should be better proof

Anonymous 199487

NTA, but she linked the lastfm on her site herself.

Anonymous 199488

Ayrt thanks for the clear up

Anonymous 199492

Capture d’écran 20…

ofc she watches lain lmao

Anonymous 199493

Which weeb didn't?

Anonymous 199494


>everything rn

Anonymous 199497

is lolcow.farm still not accessible ?

Anonymous 199499

If you have a mobile phone turn off wifi and use data instead it should work . DNS is still propagating though so not everyone will access it still right away

Anonymous 199500

what happened ?

Anonymous 199501

For real, go wrap some gifts or something instead of posting out of context screencaps

Anonymous 199502

Umm based

Anonymous 199503

Many Latinos are at least part Native and some do identify with that.

Anonymous 199504

these are clearly terminally online people who don’t have families they actually care about, only gayops and drama kek

Anonymous 199506

I know but that’s what I’m saying the name can be super generic

Anonymous 199509

>bunker thread ruined by relentless tranny sperging
>go to bed
>wake up
>tranny still going, thread full of unintelligible word salad about admin/odlmin/ian
can we tell the cc mods about this?

Anonymous 199512

Report n0nny

Anonymous 199514

So, none of this matters? It's just some faggot's random access screenshots?

Anonymous 199515

You really like that word gayops huh

Anonymous 199518

you know more than one person can use a word kek

Anonymous 199519

Kekkk I get a few hours sleep and nõnnies are finding neocities and stuff. I'm not sure that's her tbh. I am almost completely sure shaymin is oldmin/"Ines" (and no, she's not actually the Quebec girl) wouldn't it be funny if anons ITT succeeded where Elaine failed though?

Anonymous 199520

Just read the last half of the previous thread for context, and stop assuming everyone is a tranny

Anonymous 199521

he's making like 3 posts a minute and no one understands or gives a shit about what the fuck he's trying to say… these threads were so fun until he showed up, maybe we need a separate bunker thread at this point.

Anonymous 199525

why do we believe that neocities is oldmin again? because some random anon said so?

Anonymous 199528

I personally think the K-pop invasion was just some choachan anons trolling because they saw the placeholder title for /m/ and also because the IP forwarding fuck up means that no one could be banned without banning everyone.

Anonymous 199529

I don't think you realize how obvious your posts are

Anonymous 199530

Anonymous 199531


yup this is me

Anonymous 199534

Are we team Shaymin or not? Idk what's going on but I still think she fucked up big time. Has there been any news of a new admin?

Anonymous 199535

People have emailed her, and she's been online, but she apparently hasn't replied to them.

Anonymous 199537

She has replied in the previous bunker threads, I think to that IHM person

Anonymous 199538

Her spergout happened like a day ago and it's Christmas. People might have shown up with admin applications already, but honestly anyone who has time to beg for the board at this time and wants it that much shouldn't even have it

Anonymous 199540

>Are we team Shaymin or not
"We" are not a hivemind every nona is going to have a different opinion

Anonymous 199541

No fucking duh

Anonymous 199543

Calling shaymin bpd is so over the top lol. Anyway, Elsie my love, I'll never forget you.

Anonymous 199544

thank you nony. A lot of this is so confusing and weird anyway so if you’re confused so am I

Anonymous 199545

Then why ask stupid questions

Anonymous 199549

Your autism is showing, I wasn't being 100% literal.

Anonymous 199551

we didn't even know about the latter part, we just wanted to see if kpop would get banned again within an hour kek

Anonymous 199552

I wonder if going down like this is sadder than going down like KF.

Anonymous 199553

i feel like this is sadder honestly

Anonymous 199554

Your autism is showing, you didn't convey any sarcasm

Anonymous 199555

Can someone summarize what's going on with shaymin/oldmin?

Anonymous 199556

People think Shaymin is Oldmin based on a personal website and other connections like her personality and bpd and stuff

Anonymous 199558

yeah, that was why you did not get banned, not because "admin loves kpoop"

Anonymous 199559

Josh was able to rally his troops against an external enemy. We're falling apart due to the fragility and incompetence of one woman.

Anonymous 199561

to be fair, anyone willing to step up to be admin of a drama website for sure has to be a bpd autist in some way or another so its a given they have the same personality

Anonymous 199562


Anonymous 199563

I was asleep, can someone spoon feed me on how getting a new admin is going? If there have been any news on that at all.

Anonymous 199565

Farmhands too. Like even in my NEET days I wouldn't have volunteered to mod beauty guru or e-whore threads, only those natives to threads like that who also want to influence the discussion would be interested in that shit

Anonymous 199566

it probably is lol

Anonymous 199568


This was the last official thing Admin posted, there's also an open discord now apparently, but I'm not interested enough to join it, but nothing newsworthy was screencapped from there either

Anonymous 199569

Maybe there should just be a regent admin, someone who was trust worthy, aka an actual farmer who is an actual woman, without necessarily having tech skills. She could then look more calmly for a successor. Or is that besides the point in the current state of the site?

Anonymous 199570

>if things were unclear
lack of clarity seems to be shaymin's thing, kek

Anonymous 199571

Doxxing her provides no value. I don’t care who she is just give the site back to Ian so he can auction it off to whoever makes the most codingbux and end it there.

Anonymous 199572

And I still can only see and post on mobile, any many others cannot see the site at all.

Anonymous 199575


Anonymous 199581

I’m on mobile and can’t see shit

Anonymous 199582

Are u using data only?

Anonymous 199583

I know, I said "many others cannot see the site at all"

Anonymous 199585

michael jackson nose

Anonymous 199586

Tried with wifi and data. Vpn and no vpn. Two different browsers. No luck.
You’re good anon. #<3 I was just throwing in another answer since I haven’t responded in bunker in a few days. Kek

Anonymous 199592

It's really too bad, because even though I can access lolcow, there's not point posting when it's still technically dead

Anonymous 199595


clowns to the left of me
jokers to the right
here i am
stuck in the bunker with you

Anonymous 199596

That’s fair, not much point just talking to yourself.

Anonymous 199598


Just all of us in a circle. Everybody dance now

Anonymous 199600


Anonymous 199603

I like to imagine admin is in the middle of the clown circle and the miners are the ones welcoming us. Kek

Anonymous 199606


All I want for Christmas is my lolcow.farm

Anonymous 199608

i was really looking forward to reading about how each cow has a miserable christmas but now its us who are truly miserable

Anonymous 199611

Kind of poetic

Anonymous 199612

i thought cows having a miserable christmas was karma but maybe its we who needed karma all along

Anonymous 199624

>no new posts in 17 mins
Is everyone dead?

Anonymous 199625

Yes i died

Anonymous 199627

I haven’t felt this alive in a while tbh

Anonymous 199628

Probably busy with christmas stuff

Anonymous 199630

i'm over it. just gonna post on lc like none of this happened.

Anonymous 199631

I STILL cannot do that

Anonymous 199633

We're all sleepy from the tinfoiling and schizo posting from the last thread

Anonymous 199635

Everyone cried themselves to sleep.

Anonymous 199639

yeah, apparently it should fix itself within 2 days, but I don't have much hope

Anonymous 199644

someone got banned upthread

Anonymous 199645

Guessing it's the gayops anon.

Anonymous 199646

i think the posts that mentioned the ian guy got banned

Anonymous 199647

nta I guess there was quite a bit of samefagging, considering how much disappeared and how quiet it is now?

Anonymous 199648

Everyone started leaving the second blaine came in to schizopost, and now that he's gone the thread has gone silent. Killing the thread was probably his goal all along.

Anonymous 199649

it all stopped after i posted fat blaine… coincidence i think not

Anonymous 199650


Let's make this thread fun again then

Anonymous 199652


yes lets

Anonymous 199654

I miss elcee so much

Anonymous 199656


now pretending elise resembles clea duvall

Anonymous 199657

here comes elsie.j…

Anonymous 199658

Anonymous 199659


me and my husbando

Anonymous 199660


faliz navidad

Anonymous 199661

i still can't believe this artist made hot topic merch

Anonymous 199662


hello…..is it meuwu youwuw've been lowoking fowor OWO

Anonymous 199663


anyway. us 2d trapfags that happen to be women are exceptionally oppressed

Anonymous 199664

Don’t start please

Anonymous 199667


honk shoo honk shoo me tonight

Anonymous 199671


I got nobody to celebrate Christmas with, because my family doesn't celebrate and everyone else is celebrating with their own family and I'm single.

Anonymous 199672

This spam and your explanation for it really does just feel like internalized misogyny

Anonymous 199674


>cannot sadpost on lolcow.farm on christmas
>why even live

Anonymous 199675

the hero we dont deserve

Anonymous 199677

I'm reporting you

Anonymous 199679

one post every other thread is not spam. also how the hell is it internalized misogyny, you think women pop out the womb with heels and long hair?

Anonymous 199680

can't tell if this is a joke picture or not

Anonymous 199684

my post is a joke but the picture is real

Anonymous 199685

Joseph is looking extra handsome here.

Anonymous 199686

Because of how you said you like femininity but don't like seeing women perform it, what's wrong with you

Anonymous 199687


my brother and I had a argument earlier and we made up and he gave me one of my christmas presents (tomorrow is christmas) and it's picrel but on metal that you hang up

Anonymous 199689

i would like that present but do you?

Anonymous 199690

I like some trap and other feminine male characters, but at the same time I want to tape that anon's mouth shut.

Anonymous 199693

AW sorry no I meant I like it! its really cool to me I like X-files

Anonymous 199695

Screenshot 2022-12…

I just woke up what's up ladies? only a couple messages came through on the discord since i went to sleep

Anonymous 199696

samefag, sorry I meant to say we had an argument and when we made up, he gave this to me after kek.

Anonymous 199697

i wish i was a witch and could fly on a magical broomstick or some other enchanted thing and zoom around when i get bored. i wish i could go to night covens with my fellow dark sisters and we could share secrets with each other in the night while speaking of prophecies in the moonlight. i wish i could talk to angels and look into glass mirrors and divine the future. all in all i wish my dreams where i was a queen of a witch coven were real and that my coven could be based in paris (since i live in paris right now). maybe i should write a book?

Anonymous 199698

Yeah idk why they are endorsing IHM when they can scroll up in the discord chat and see her weird message to Shaymin

Anonymous 199699

congrats on scoring an early present nona

what was the argument about?

Anonymous 199701

It was just relating to our parents (tldr they need to get divorced already lol) and kinda taking out our frustration with them on each other which was not called for for either of us, we're good now

Anonymous 199702

it's a shame magic isn't real but i know all magic being real would mean is that the world is fucked up in an entirely different way

Anonymous 199703

Why he angry

Anonymous 199704

What did she say?

Anonymous 199705


Anonymous 199706

>that the world is fucked up in an entirely different way

so true, but i still hope when i die i get to be reborn again in a world where magick is real.

Anonymous 199709


Anonymous 199710

i havent been on the farms in forever because of retarded twitterfags but wow wtf happened? was this a botched update or what?

Anonymous 199713

aw poor luigi. why is mario so mean to him.

Anonymous 199714

it's in thread #18 IHM came to post her own email screenshots after shaymin posted one in the discord lol


Anonymous 199716

>I'll put you in your place
Ok, internet person. That was a pretty heated rant for things no one cares about.

Anonymous 199718

yeah. she asked to be made admin and when shaymin said lolno she reeeeee'd

Anonymous 199719

well if any of you ever felt like making your own ib i guess the time is now

Anonymous 199720


>site goes down for maintenance
>couple days go by
>new site is up, it doesnt seem entirely finished, admin doesnt communicate much
>anons REEEEEEEEEEING for both valid/invalid reasons, again it comes down to Admin not communicating things well
>new site is offline
>old lolcow is up as an archive, but then admin enabled posting in it again, it is now back on domain but not everyone can access it because of DNS propagation, everyone should be able to access it in the next 2 days
>admin calls it quits, lolcow is now on hospice (or until she finds a suitable new admin.)
>we are on mr.bones wild ride

Anonymous 199722

thanks 4 spoonfeed, i felt so out of the loop. i wonder if and who the next admin will be?

Anonymous 199723

IHM sucks but at least she's not blaine

Anonymous 199724


hes jealous of Luigi

Anonymous 199725

Are you serious the admin just gave up on the site for good?? Why do I feel like there's more to the story

Anonymous 199726

kind of fucked up that mario abusing luigi was a running gag

Anonymous 199727

Anonymous 199729

She did say in an LC post or discord (sorry another nonita can put it im lazy rn) that there were other reasons besides anons being autistic. This all just happened within the past 2 days so stuff is still advancing

Anonymous 199730


IHM used to date Blaine, no? Not kidding when I say this

Anonymous 199732

It's because Mario is abusive, that's why Peach tries to run away and Bowser hates him.

Anonymous 199733

Samefag, her biggest issue was pretty much communicating things to the general LC userbase instead of having posts on discord or in /meta/ threads, so when the new site got up everyone was like WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF at a million things, some needs to make a big post of all the shit that went down because its kind of a lot

Anonymous 199734

fk off matpat

Anonymous 199735


sexy luigi

Anonymous 199736

to be honest part of me is sad that this is happening but another part of me sees this as a necessary obstacle/ending. lc hasn't been the same for a long time now, the board culture died because of the new cancerous userbase, so i hope that this incident is a spark for a few autists to come together and build something new and improved and avoid making the same mistakes.

Anonymous 199737


>welcome to gae theory

Anonymous 199739

I don't think so, I think it could be fixed if put in the right hands. It's the commitment to it, and Shaymin didn't seem like she wanted to commit to it other than doing site technical work stuff. But, she did also say she wanted more mods and is taking mod applications currently (I think). Her calling anons autists was kind of weird considering she let a lot of this happen unfortunately. Idk.. I don't want to be mad at Shaymin but again, she should have communicated better

Anonymous 199740

Even matt pat can't avoid the wall, shame, he used to be cute

Anonymous 199741


>this nony

Anonymous 199742

AYRT, I also hope that lc will survive, but that still wouldn't fix the core issues that the site was having well before it went down. Every online community with a decently sized urserbase has to work hard to prevent an invasion of normies, and LC failed to do enough to prevent it, this is just the final nail in the coffin (metaphorically, the site could still come back with a new admin).

Anonymous 199743

i agree with that anon. it's changed a lot and i think it's noticeable for people who have been there a long while. some of it i think was really outside of anyone's control though. a lot of the milk dried up, a lot of og cows were getting old and it just wasn't as interesting as it used to be. many threads were propped up more by the antics of the board users than any actual drama relating to the cows we were supposed to discuss, and it seemed like the majority of recent drama was produced through cowtipping and people getting personally involved with cows. all the old userbase who made the site great in the early days left too as you can see the change in tone and post quality if you go back a few years.

Anonymous 199744

>all those deleted posts
kekkedi kek

Anonymous 199745


There wasn't anything about blaine on her ED page

Anonymous 199746

Spoiler that shit

Anonymous 199747

I think it's kind of pathetic how somany anons just want to give up on lolcow or stay stagnant instead of encouraging change. If we want the site to get better (in terms of raids and userbase) we need better moderation and to get better moderation we needed newer software, hence the server change.

Anonymous 199748

Original anon, and yes, this is what I'm getting at. All of the oldfags left which gave the new users free rein over the site. Idk personally I'm all for political debates but the moralfagging and twitterfaggotry made the site unusable.

Anonymous 199749

thats not an actual pic of him hes not fat in that

Anonymous 199751

Thank you nony, I agree. I did like the new site (read: like not love kek) and I wanted to give her a chance to see what she was going to do. She did fuck up but I wanted to see what she was going to do, it seemed like she wanted feedback

Anonymous 199752

Literally all issues lolcow has can be fixed with better moderation and better imageboard software (more themes and banners, not having the catalogue loading forever since it displays all threads, being able to ban certain image hashes, banning by more criteria, threads not disappearing between board pages, better search functions etc)

Anonymous 199753

So I guess the cow observation deck will become the lizard cafe and cc will host cow parties for the rest of time

It's been nice without crazies. You've managed to keep them out of cc for the most part. Please continue doing this !!

Anonymous 199754

I mean the site is never going to improve unless mods ban all annoying new posters which won't happen

Anonymous 199755

i’m glad it looks like shaymin is finally hiring new mods. that’s one really obvious way to improve lolcow and i’m surprised she didn’t do it before

Anonymous 199756

kek imagine being so ugly you have to pretend your image isn't yours

Anonymous 199757


kek there was so much schizo posting last night some crazies did come over. Also lizard cafe reminds me of picrel

Anonymous 199758

The issue is that such a big demographic change is basically impossible to moderate around. I really don't want to start an infight but the entire "purpose" of the site changed, it went from "site to laugh at people online acting like retards" to anons claiming it as "muh radfem safe space". There needs to be a split between the two groups, a site for radfems to moralfag and make serious posts and a site for people who just want to laugh and have a good time.

Anonymous 199760

I don't think it's that many, they were just really vocal. We also know by now that at least two were trannies and another one an insane boardowner pickme.

Anonymous 199761

ayrt sorry I meant that my pics of him where I made him fat are the "real" ones kek

Anonymous 199762

oh kek

Anonymous 199763

I think so but I don't think it's just radfem posters. There's a lot of young posters in general. Again, search "lolcow.farm" on twitter or tiktok's search bar and you find retards proudly saying they're farmers even though the whole thing is supposed to be anonymous.

Anonymous 199766

It's not impossible to moderate around and there doesn't need to be two different sites. That site change happened because /2X/ got banned. If Oldmin kept /2X/ and was stricter about it being a containment board then it wouldn't have spread as much to other boards. These things aren't hard to figure out.

If we're being real, lolcow is (now) a community site for women just as much as it's a gossip site for women and imo it's fine that it changed in that way. It doesn't need to be separated into two sites.

Anonymous 199767


Sorry for monitor pic I refuse to have tiktok on my phone

Anonymous 199769


Anonymous 199770

Samefag but
>These things aren't hard to figure out.
Wasn't directed towards you anon but more towards staff.

Anonymous 199771

>tranny zoomer with joker makeup bragging about knowing what lolcow is on tiktok with 40k likes (?)
these are the retards ruining our board?

Anonymous 199774

Damn you're right, wish I didn't kek.
I hate people who talk about anonymous sites on social media. Yeah I know they're not my sekrit club but talking about them openly brings in the worst posters which has happened to lolcow.
On twitter someone talking about it is 15 years old. Most of lolcow just feels like it's used by 15 year old retards recently.

Anonymous 199775


Okay that’s it won’t spam more sorry but tiktokers are definitely on lc now

Anonymous 199776

They’re winning this battle I want out

Anonymous 199777


Reason #2982829 to not have that thread

Anonymous 199778


It's over KEK
Personally I think some level of separation between the two userbases I mentioned would be healthy, whether that be on lolcow or elsewhere. They are just fundamentally incompatible, you cannot have radfem twitter people trying to make serious posts and gossip and autism on the same site, they inevitably butt heads. Maybe /2X/ would make it better, but that still doesn't fix the newfag zoomer issue.

Anonymous 199779

it should just rebrand from a gossip site to an all-encompassing female imageboard

Anonymous 199780

I still can't get over how Admin made it seem like anons were the Grinches who stole Christmas in those /meta/ posts.

Anonymous 199781

also a lot of commenters on this one talking about their favorite threads. LC userbase is full of these tards, if there is a new Admin who wants to save LC she'd have to get rid of these types of users

Anonymous 199782

I remember being gaslit by some idiot bitches when I was saying Lolcow was taken over by these kinds of people. I bet those idiot bitches were the tiktokers and twitter users themselves.

Anonymous 199783

Then why should it be named lolcow? If anything the anons who want a womens space should make their own site, the point of lc is the cow threads.

Anonymous 199784

>photograph of a screen
Are you shitting me

Anonymous 199785

Anonymous 199786

is this not one? or has it been too tainted by trannies and robots? maybe we can still take it back and make it ours

Anonymous 199788

girl I just said I don't want tiktok on my phone kek sorry

Anonymous 199789


Anonymous 199790

Same, I have been saying this for a while now and getting dogpiled and told that the site is totally a million times better!!!!! than it was before, now I know why.

Anonymous 199791

maam do you know what a screenshot is

Anonymous 199792

Ok this one is kinda funny (other than the fact it’s in fucking tiktok)

Only good thing about those newfags is that theu might get peaked

Anonymous 199793


also I should say I'm lazy and don't want to screenshot on the screen

Anonymous 199795

ctrl + windows + s opens snipping tool

Anonymous 199796

Have you heard of the snipping tool my good retard

Anonymous 199797


ok tbh nvm you can laugh at me Im sorry for my autism

Anonymous 199798

>this is who I've talked to on lolcow
Yeah I think I'll stop using it

Anonymous 199799

>implying a userbase without radfems/gc/pp n0nnies would be better nowadays
Enjoy your twitter infested kiwifarms 2.0

Anonymous 199800

my bad, shift + windows + s opens snipping tool

Anonymous 199801

right lmao like we forced her to do the update days before christmas. i think she wanted it to be some kind of christmas present to us but obviously it backfired. would've made more sense to do it near new years, a "new year new lolcow" type of thing (not that i wanted lc to change so dramatically, but if that's what she felt like she needed to do then she should've timed it better) because then she would've had more time to fix everything and the stress might've compounded less without the holidays looming over. but no we are all just autistic scrooges who purposefully ruined shaymin's christmas by being big ol' meanies

Anonymous 199802

alright that's it, imma kms

Anonymous 199804

This is what I agree with. I don't want to be mad at her (I'm not) and its been said already a million times, she could have done this better in so many other ways

Anonymous 199805

The new sit didn't even fucking work either, idk what she even spent all that time doing.

Anonymous 199807

Tiktok and twitter were mistakes
Crystal Cafe of course mentioned a lot by men on twitter who want a "femcel gf" too
The femcel shit is stupid they just assume incel because the only imageboard they know is 4chan
It's great being a woman and never be able to have any spaces whatsoever for ourselves isn't it?

Anonymous 199811

I just want to laugh and have a good time without worrying about getting reported for not being nice enough to men (including trannies)

Anonymous 199812

they probably do end up peaking but retain the tiktok/twitter zoomer moral highground mentality a lot of young, terminally online radfems have. so they act like they’re using lolcow in a woke way and they’re sooo much better than people who just want to laugh at cows acting retarded. in a radtwt server i used to be in someone said lolcow is a feminist imageboard for laughing at men kek

Anonymous 199814

as a shoutout to its original purpose/its origins.

cc feels too cutesy and nice for me

Anonymous 199815

If CC and LC banned all talk about men whatsoever (aside from male cows like onision) we'd have a lot less moids on our sites I think
I go to women only spaces to talk to other women only to find out so many of them just want to talk about men it's grim

Anonymous 199816


>the /w/ /meta/ campers not camping in /meta/ wondering where lolcor is

Anonymous 199817

GC users aren't the problem, the issue is the radfems who come from twitter, not so much the older ones.
>retain the tiktok/twitter zoomer moral highground mentality a lot of young, terminally online radfems have. so they act like they’re using lolcow in a woke way and they’re sooo much better than people who just want to laugh at cows acting retarded
This is exactly who we should be aiming to get rid of, thank you for phrasing this way better than I could.

Anonymous 199818

I do prefer the development from troon and scrote accepting to troon and manhate. I'm just sick and tired of people still acting like the only way the board could have anything of that, would be if they are twitterfags or redditfags. Acting like it's completely impossible that oldfags changed. Oldmin already claimed that over 4 years ago, now people claim it happened in the last year. Ironically enough it are the newfags from TikTok who are treating it like just a female version of 4chan and then shout at oldfags for not constantly foaming at the mouth and sometimes being nice to each other.

Anonymous 199819

as an imageboard it is what its anons make it be. if lolcow anons take it over then it will no longer be as cutesy and nice, for better or the worse.

Anonymous 199820

the dns wasn’t a propagation issue

Anonymous 199821

yeah, I'd even take all the radblr and radtwt spergs, as annoying as they are, over actual chromosomelets such as trannies, robots or /pol/fags

Anonymous 199822

i agree. i don't want to have the same discussion about fucking scrotes being fucked up for the 500th time. we know, that's why we're here. /ot/ used to be a chill place and now every other thread is "men r fucked up".

Anonymous 199823

we should have Pinkpill containment threads when/if Lc is back. I think it could help. or at least have 2x be accessible

Anonymous 199824

Glad I'm not alone in this

Anonymous 199825

I remember this too. I think we were in the same thread.

Anonymous 199826

Keep being in denial, but there's a reason why the twitterfag thing keeps coming up. Look at all of the phone camera 180p pics >>199775 this anon took the time to post, there is a massive wave of new users coming from some of the worst parts of normalfag internet whether you want to acknowledge it or not.

IMO it's a question of numbers, if there are a few of either group of tards then they can be managed but the radtwt users are now a large number of the users.

Anonymous 199827

Yeah, all the social media watch threads are nothing but retards who crawl reddit and twitter and youtube comments until find some retarded moid take buried in the trash pile to screenshot and post and be in hysterics about how it makes them nauseous and men this and men that bla bla fuck off this isn't interesting or funny and it's every freaking thread now.

Anonymous 199828

do you think this is a good reason that nu-cow was a blank slate? We could have started over. I wish we had townhalls to talk about this stuff but alas

Anonymous 199829

It's just a depressing circlejerk. Misery loves company I guess. At least most cows are funny. Being reminded of evil and gross men isn't anything.

Anonymous 199830

Exactly, I understand the manhate and went trhough that phase myself but it just gets boring after a while, which is why some degree of separation would be a good idea. Maybe a containment zone or something idk, but the current situation isn't sustainable in the long run.

Anonymous 199831

I've been saying that we've had a lot of weird newfags for 2 months straight now. It was getting unbearable. Hoping this downtime deters them from visiting kek

Anonymous 199832

nta but they're on basically all the boards. /w/ especially is flooded with them. sjw libfems on basically every thread over there. cows post about us on tiktok constantly same with zoomers on twitter who are pro 4chan for some reason?

Anonymous 199833

honestly it's because if they roasted those moids in the comments of their own posts on those respective platforms they'd get insta-banned for saying anything mean about any Y chromosome haver. sucks that it has to be like this but there still needs to be a space to just shit on men without some tranny janny wagging his finger at you at best or doxxing you at worst for it

Anonymous 199834

What else do you expect from a predominantly woman only space retard

Anonymous 199835

and the majority of normalfag zoomers are TRA's who think it's a place to be edgy like on 4chan, so why would you think it would mainly be manhate enjoyers?

Anonymous 199836

This would only apply if the entire website is just /snow/. But the reality is radfem anons have their selected cows and spend their time on the other boards too if they want to talk about radfem topics and they are free to do so there.
>b-but the mtf thread
Yes, the one thread where their input can be valuable since trannies are just misogynists anyway.

Anonymous 199837

>a site for radfems to moralfag and make serious posts and a site for people who just want to laugh and have a good time.

i agree, but sadly i think the era of laughing at lolcows hit its peak in the 2010's and has been dying a slow and painful death for the past 10 or so years. this to me is the crux of the issue. it isn't really about two groups on the site fighting exclusively but two different generations of individuals who grew up with different net cultures fighting for power. there's a general tension all over the internet now with old fags who grew up with web 2.0 netiquette, laughing at retards, and having personal freedom outside of corporate interests, to this newer gen who are used to inclusive culture and net politics. these are all things web users who are older than 25 were actively discouraged against so it's hard for us to integrate with people who take trolling personally and are unable to separate their individuality from whatever digital personas they've created on social media. i call this the gentrification of the internet, as we're basically being forced out of our communities by people who don't really understand what made those communities great in the first place.

Anonymous 199838

>wah wah why are you making fun of men instead of women?
Bitch make your own posts if you don't like what anons post. /snow/ is filled with ugly anachans and expired sex workers who mock other anachans and sex workers, normal women wouldn't nitpick onlyfan girls' bodies like you do.

Anonymous 199839

So as women we are only limited to talking about men and acting like schoolmarms? You just failed the bechdel test retard

Anonymous 199840

Wow I couldn't have said it better. It does truly feel like this, not just on LC but everywhere now

Anonymous 199842

Any time an anon brings up what normal people do it's so pointless. Normal people don't browse imageboards to begin with so what even is your point.

Anonymous 199844

also, it's nice to talk about this stuff without schizos and the rage tards being up yet

Anonymous 199845

we also have male lolcow threads. the anons who have the free time to look up men on reddit being awful humans should devote that time to something productive. like therapy kek. it's obsessive, and most farmers are autists, so it makes sense, but those of us who aren't autists don't give a fuck about randos.

Anonymous 199847

>Pinkpill content drives away all of the men who aren't persistent trolls
this is extremely naive to the point of stupidity.

Anonymous 199848

Great post.

I love that I can be raw and direct and rude online and not have to think about social rules and etiquette, but the new generation of posters care about nothing but form and does the whole "zealot enforcing social norms" people went to the internet to escape in the first place.

Like if you want to cuddle BPD chans and cure them of their suffering with your endless love and care go ahead, but I will make fun of them and call you a fool, and I should be allowed to.

Anonymous 199849

>should devote that time to something productive
could this not also be said about those who have the free time to keep up with lolcows, male or female?

Anonymous 199850

Way to miss the point entirely kek

Anonymous 199852

the gyaru threads in /w/ were basically all twitter/insta/tiktokfags, they seemed completely separated from lc culture. made no effort to integrate because the thread was full of others who spoke like them. i think there were only a few native users itt because the discussion happening in it was so retarded and dry that no one cared

Anonymous 199853

how did she miss the point

Anonymous 199854

i'm a zoomer, not trying to be "different" or anything, but i agree with you, i just wanted you to know that there are younger internet users who feel the same way that you do. it's sad but maybe people who want a more authentic internet experience will someday be able to build our own system or something idk i'm computer illiterate but you get what i mean.

Anonymous 199855

they don't make cows like they used to anymore…

Anonymous 199857

You don't need to "not all zoomers!" we know

Anonymous 199858


Anonymous 199859

it's because the internet has got too big and too important and also too centralized that the line between internet and real life is blurring to the point of disappearance, it's harder and harder to keep your "internet self" and "real life self" separate

Anonymous 199860

Unlike /snow/-chans a lot of anons are normal women who use the website to vent or talk about stuff without getting judged. A lot of us tend to complain about men, social or financial issues while anachans, neets, pickmes and discount onlyfans girlies are the ones who want to make fun of "cows", aka women who they deem unworthy, to cope with their own sad existences.

Like ok. We both know average anon is autistic but even autistic women wouldn't spend hours in the thread of a sexworker, analyzing her body to nitpick her like a moid.

Anonymous 199861


Anonymous 199862

can I ask what the issue with /w/ was? I remember when all the cows were in /snow/, and when they split /w/ seemed so messed up, to the point they'd be in /meta/ every day arguing

Anonymous 199863

There's degrees of wasting time. Specifically spending your days crawling the internet for things that make you mad is probably one of the worst ways to spend your life.

Anonymous 199864

>does the whole "zealot enforcing social norms" people went to the internet to escape in the first place
Exactly, it's what makes it all the more suffocating when it happens on places like LC because it was supposed to be an escape from all that bullshit.

Anonymous 199865

cows are slightly different. they're trying to be mini celebrities and the threads are more about chronicling their behavior, easier to lurk too. anyone lurking in a thread full of reddit faggot posts to rage about men has something severely wrong with them. and the pinkpill shit has brought out insane anons like romanianon who wouldn't have ever felt comfortable enough to post there.

Anonymous 199866

There was a retard in the Jake Munro thread recently who said there was nothing wrong with being trans and got rightfully shit on, wonder if it's the same person

Anonymous 199868

yeah I remember popping into the threads every so often out of curiosity and being surprised at the lack of integration and sheer level of infighting there. the gyaru threads are a godless land though they don't seem to have much to talk about so no wonder they spend their time taking potshots at each other

Anonymous 199869

>devote that time to something productive. like therapy
Take that advice yourself girl. Posting pictures of random women and nitpicking them for hours is way more obsessive than complaining about men being sexist - which is something a lot of normal women do complain about.

Anonymous 199870

this is a great post, you put into words what i’ve been noticing but didn’t know how to identify.
the golden era of the internet where you could do what you wanted and actually have fun is so dead. it must be generational, and it’s so weird that zoomers are so strict about moralfagging on the internet when you’d think they’d have turned out the opposite way bc they grew up with unlimited exposure to all this information. and how they willingly sacrificed their anonymity for the convenience of apps like tiktok. they can do that if they want but they feel the need to gentrify our spaces too and think they’re improving it and it’s really frustrating
also i think these newfags don’t even find cows funny, i think they genuinely are fans of them and like keeping up with them (like the 14 year old edtwt kids who stan lucinda) so the idea of using lolcow to well… laugh… is foreign to them

Anonymous 199871

Once again
>normal women
>on imageboards
Normal women do not go on imageboards, but this is just a repeat of the discussion a few days ago. If you're rolling with pigs…

Anonymous 199872

Is she talking about kiwifarms?

Anonymous 199873

nta but /snow/ and /w/ split because /snow/ farmers were bitching about weebshit, even though weebshit gets posted there all the time and /w/ has random shit that doesn't belong there as well

Anonymous 199874

romanianon is just a different breed of a standard schizo camwhore, lc has had its fair share of those since its inception

Anonymous 199875

you sound new as fuck. i wish /ot/ got nuked.

Anonymous 199876

Probably, she's just a retarded newfag after all kek

Anonymous 199877

I think both are annoying but idk why you'd use lolcow if you don't like lolcow culture, it's literally in the site's name ffs

Anonymous 199878

as far as i know, there's just not a lot of milk coming from the cows in /w/ anymore. with the gyaru thread specifically, the cows being talked about would post screenshots of lc posts made about them onto their social media pages as a sort of "lol haydurs so obsessed wit me" thing, leading their followers to lc when they probably had never heard of it before then. the same thing happened with the egirl thread. maybe there was more to it but if there is then i'm unaware of it

Anonymous 199879

i've noticed most threads on /w/ outside of a handful of threads are just people dragging their personal circle dramas that they were once a part of out on display
should have just made a vendetta board at that point at least it would be funnier instead of "so and such slightly wronged me one time in a twitter dm"

Anonymous 199880

she still feels more comfortable to post there now. and you're right, spoony was responsible for like 60% of all posts back in the day at one point.

Anonymous 199881

However much you argue with me, I'll still think you're as bad as a pornsick man if you spend an hour of your day staring at a naked cows body even if your intention is to mock her.
You can tell yourself anons complaining about their relationships or asking for hair advice are as mental as you if that makes you feel better about yourself - but you'd be lying.

Anonymous 199882

They're both on the same level, but one of them stays in their part of the site while the other colonizes every thread with its tiresome noise.

Anonymous 199883

I feel like this is from all of the cows recently even fatshatna. I was a shaynafag but she became so boring. Just same shit new skin everytime. She's not really different from other camwhores

Anonymous 199884

You're complaining about something that the whole site is dedicated to. Even if non-cow boards exist, the cow boards have and will always be the main purpose of the site. If you don't like that then leave.

Anonymous 199885

exactly, that's why the threads there are so boring, it's literally just interpersonal dramu for the most part with the exception of the jill thread

Anonymous 199886

>as far as i know, there's just not a lot of milk coming from the cows in /w/ anymore
i think there’s just not a lot coming from any cows anymore. i don’t know the last time a cow did something really memorable and funny

Anonymous 199887

I love Romanianon so much, I wish she had a thread.
I was in the process of compiling her posts but then I didn't have time for half a year and now I don't remember the lore anymore.

Anonymous 199888

the generals there are the worst. full of sjws, twitterfags, selfposters. and people who get posted there post about lolcow on twitter and tiktok constantly. it's also full of newfags who alog other anons telling them to integrate.

Anonymous 199889

I'm not new but spending years on an imageboard being something you brag about just makes me more sure you need therapy.

Anonymous 199890

Maybe I’ll stay here I’m tired of the Twitterfags,

Anonymous 199891

>they feel the need to gentrify our spaces too and think they’re improving it and it’s really frustrating

That's the most frustrating part, that they keep insisting that the internet and lc are so much better than they were before, that everything is so much more cozy and safe uwuw

Anonymous 199892

nta but you sound mentally challenged.

Anonymous 199893

Nobody is bragging

Anonymous 199894

somethign about the tone of this anon just screams newfag, i wish i could pinpoint what it is.

Anonymous 199895

>goes on lolcow.farm
>complains about people shitting on lolcows
What the fuck did you expect?

Anonymous 199896

using lolcow to laugh at ebegging weebs during downtime at work is not as unhinged as scouring reddit for posts by literally whos to make yourself depressed but you keep doing you.

Anonymous 199897

I'm not complaining about the cow boards, I'm complaining about anawhores and cheap e-whores, aka minicows, whose only activity is nitpicking and blogposting on the snow without contributing anything worthy to the thread whatsoever.

Anonymous 199898


tfw I both enjoy reading manhate (I don't have the energy to post about it) and reading about all kinds of cows but I mostly post about random shit in /ot/ and /m/ and never engage in the former two topics

jack of all trades

Anonymous 199899

at this point all the /ot/fags might as well move to crystal cafe for good, isn't this why it was created in the first place?

Anonymous 199900

you what, anon? Yes, you can hear the rattling down the hall from the ana-chan threads and the e-thot and Shayna and certain other threads are filled with their competition, everyone knows this, but those are not the only sorts of cows that there are to follow, there are a lot more interesting ones with audiences that aren't just hating a part of themselves. If you have to put "cows" in quotes though, why even go on lolcow? Yes, because it is the only real female space, I get it, but how about not judging the whole basis and origin of the site.

Anonymous 199901

I don't understand anons like that, why be reminded of evil people out there in the world when you can do nothing about it? It's only purpose is to depress you.

Anonymous 199902

The anon I replied to was complaining about lolcow users posting stuff negative about men. What you're saying is besides the point and if it makes you happy, you can of course keep doing it.

Anonymous 199903

NO holy shit PLEASE DON'T /ot/ users are the most retarded ones, all the twitterfags live on there.

Anonymous 199904

I dunno, I think there are plenty of nice anons, there's of course spergs who are definitely louder than everyone else, but LC doesn't feel "nicer" to me. I miss how it was when there was Dolph Lundgren in the male threads, I've mentioned it before that LC had a different vibe then. Most of the men in the men threads are like Jerma or other ugly ass streamers kek but you can tell it's twitterfag zoomers posting more now.

Anonymous 199905

/ot/ is where you can become the cow, it's a very important board

Anonymous 199906

yup you're both right, i check in on cows from time to time but it's always the same shit, different day. i think that /w/ is just especially rife with people who have been obsessed with the same cows for like a decade and refuse to give up on them despite them doing nothing of interest for years. the jvloggers thread comes to mind, a bunch of weeb n0nnas who have an eternal hateboner because they think they should be the ones living their nippon dreams. i dont follow that thread much so disregard this if there's actual milk going on there, but i haven't seen that myself.

Anonymous 199907

Wow this thread truly went to shit, you can tell people fall for stupid trolls so easily.

Anonymous 199908

Anonymous 199910

Jill should be welcomed onto /snow/, the thread of whats her slut the camgirl who sold her bathwater should be nuked from orbit because of all the other male simps, most of the rest of /w/ could be joined into a couple megathreads or left to die on the vine. JMO.

Anonymous 199911

There should be a board dedicated to man hate… but that would attract men. I'm just tired of reading about it because it's pointless. Just makes me angry and sad why would I want to feel that way. I just want a female only space without any man talk I'm sick of men and I'm sick of being reminded of them everywhere especially by other women, I literally can't get away from them.

Anonymous 199912

kek and sorry for the random dolph mention that's just something that sticks in the back of my mind where when he was posted it felt different for sure

Anonymous 199914

Is it bad I only use lolcow for /g/? It feels like I'm at a sleepover talking to all my girlfriends and I love it. I miss it so much n0nnies.

Anonymous 199915

There's a hidden board but it's very inactive. You can hide the threads that have manhate if it triggers you this hard.

Anonymous 199916

As a longtime farmer, my milk just has been sour. All my favourite lolcows turned into horrorcows. It takes the joy out of the work. That is why I prefer to relax at /ot/ so I can forget about my diseased herd. I admire and envy anyone who managed to keep healthy livestock and still finds joy in farming. I can't stand this slander against all ot-fags. Where else am I supposed to put my retardation?

Anonymous 199917

no nony I don't think so. It's a free site do whatever you want.

Anonymous 199918

personally I can't stand /g/ I mostly hang out in /snow/ and /ot/ but that's why /g/ and /ot/ aren't the same board, glad you have your comfy space and I have mine … and so it should be! I am surprised to hear how many n0nnies are strictly either offtopic or cow board users and hate on the other. I love my threads on both sides of the site.

Anonymous 199919

That's not possible because they colonize every thread.

Anonymous 199920

n0nnas actullay believing when someone said oldmin owened that neocities

Anonymous 199921


>bitch about "radfems leaking everywhere" because anons dared to have 3 threads where they could freely hate men
>admin makes extra board for it because you couldn't use the hide function and it becomes active since the demand is there
>still bitch about "radfems leaking everywhere"
>admin closes board for you even when the majority was evidently against that
>still bitch about "radfems leaking everywhere"
>admin closes radfem thread
>still bitch about "radfems leaking everywhere"
>admin closes pp thread
>still bitch about "radfems leaking everywhere"
>admin closes gc thread
>still bitch about "radfems leaking everywhere"
>said "radfems" now have nowhere to go since the retarded assumption they were redditors and twitterfags were wrong
>fast forward to 2022
>"radfems" now actually successfully leaked everywhere with most of lolcow becoming gc/pp in the process
You got exactly what you deserve.

Anonymous 199922

pls dont summon the schizoposters

Anonymous 199924

Then I would have to hide every single thread. Anons talk about men in pretty much every single thread. That's why I'm complaining.

Anonymous 199925

not bad at all, it's great that you have a place on the internet where you feel comfy, that can be hard to find these days. i don't use /g/ much but i don't have any negative feelings towards it

Anonymous 199926

Anonymous 199927

Just hide the reddit hate thread. Getting this upset at stuff you see online really isn't healthy.

Anonymous 199929

Nah a lot of radfems are definitely twitterfags. Radtwitter is only growing in size.

Anonymous 199930

nayrt but I think they meant IHM who is an actual true and honest woman (?) I think

Anonymous 199931

The reddit thread is dedicated to getting upset at things online. And once again talk about men is in every single damn thread.

Anonymous 199932

Same kek. (except I occasionally post comments about cows too)

Anonymous 199933

Context nona, she was talking about ihm kek

Anonymous 199934

…I was able to access the og lolcow site a second ago,cant get to it anymore wtf?

Anonymous 199935

How about you stop posting your shit where it doesn't belong instead?

Anonymous 199936

Just make your own fucking site holy shit. IDK why radfems haven't done this yet, you have the numbers and there are lots of radfems who are STEM oriented and could easily make an IB. Not all of us want to see your sperging, cope and seethe.

Anonymous 199937


Admin said you can try this

Anonymous 199938

With the amount of men and trannies currently on both sites, I assume feminist haters who complain about women hating men instead of tearing apart other women are either trannies or men.

Anonymous 199939

you seem very knowledgeable about it

Anonymous 199940

Even the threads that used to be enjoyable (at least to me) like the lolita thread has degraded into circlejerking autism and infighting about nothing. even the "parasol papers" weren't very entertaining because none of the people dragged into it were true cows. There are no true lolita cows anymore, just vendettaposting

Anonymous 199944

You could make a site for handmaidening, but it would be redundant and you clearly only have a useless lib arts degree so you are incapable

Anonymous 199945

scarling is cool

Anonymous 199946

There was the Keffals drama ig

Anonymous 199947

No, because they're farmers and you are the one who has to cope woth it.

Anonymous 199948

How about we complain about neither men or women and just talk about our hobbies and interests with other women where do women like us go

Anonymous 199949

yeah that shit was boring. everyone knows lolitas are bitchy and talk shit about each other, idk why anons were so hyped about seeing "receipts" of it

Anonymous 199950

even that is mostly Kiwi's thing though

Anonymous 199951

Neither site works for me, even after clearing my cache.

Anonymous 199952

Same. The ones originally pushing it on meta definitely were at least half moids with ulterior motives.

Anonymous 199953

I don't use the reddit thread but ok delulu-chan.
Nta but you seem to be the one seething, kek.
/snow/hores will hate this idea of yours, nonita.

Anonymous 199954

>p-please don't talk about how awful moids are

Anonymous 199955

What's the point in it?

Anonymous 199957

Anons complain about men for the same reason other anons seethe in the cow threads.

Anonymous 199958

literally proof that it's radfags and not otfags who wander into snow and whine about posters being misogynist because they criticized a woman's body
same. ot is for those whose cows ran out of milk but still like lc

Anonymous 199959

Because they literally rape and kill multiple of us on an hourly basis? And you don’t think we should talk a little shit?

Anonymous 199961

people need to vent and there's not a lot of places on the internet where you can complain about moids without them showing up and ruining it kek

Anonymous 199962

Driving away regular posters by spamming your garbage to a nauseating degree is not the own you seem to think it is. You're exactly like poltards. They start to post a little and have their own thread and then they post on other boards and soon you can't open any thread without seeing the nword and jew sperging and the site dies. That's literally what you do.

Anonymous 199964

This is such retard reasoning. Fuck off with your braindead hysterics.

Anonymous 199965

What does just talking about it do? Why would I want to talk about people raping and killing others?

Anonymous 199966

terf-farm (1).png

I'm a huge TERF personally, even have gasp a radtwt account, but I love cow threads and radfems
> who wander into snow and whine about posters being misogynist because they criticized a woman's body
should be mercilessly bullied

Anonymous 199967

this, and this is exactly why the pinkpill threads were shut down in the first place. not to mention the fact that it literally didn't work at all and moids raided those specific threads 24/7, which stopped after the closing.

Anonymous 199968

There isn't. But on the flip side, there's no true women only spaces without that. Not even my own friendship group.

Anonymous 199969


Wtf. No wonder it sucks now.

(redid the collage)

Anonymous 199970

I'm not a radfem because I don't believe all women suffer the same way. I only use ot or g. Keep coping though, maybe your hundreth time complaining about a woman's body will fix your body dysmorphia. The same sex workers who called cows fat turned out to be double their weight, I'm sure the case is similar with you.

Anonymous 199971

Whatever you say, troon.

Anonymous 199972

Because i love seeing nönnas discussing it, it's mind opening sometimes.

Anonymous 199973

i mean i'd say i'm gender critical because i don't believe trannies are women, but that's just common sense. but i'm not a "radical feminist" either

Anonymous 199974

This is another thing that sucks about anonymous supoosed to be women-only spaces. You disagree with me then you're a moid/troon. Also pointless.

Anonymous 199975


don't fall for the male and tranny posts and the posts that say they hate nonn4s.

Anonymous 199976

except men as a group do deserve the hatred

Anonymous 199977

kys damaged xy chromosomoid

Anonymous 199979

Men as a whole are a big horrorcow

Anonymous 199980

You seriously need mental help. Women complaining about men abusing them makes you this mad? Even average men are more understanding towards women complaining about abuse and such than you are.

Anonymous 199982

after you're already redpilled on y chromosoids, obsessing over what demons they are beyond that is only going to blackpill you/make you severely depressed and mentally ill i.e. no fun to be around. I left /ot/ because that's all people were doing between unfunny shitposts.

Anonymous 199984

i hate the phrase cope and seethe now holy fucking robots everywhere. just reading the thread now after dinner and getting angry at the lack of good comebacks anons have nevermind whether i agree with them or not it just pisses me off

Anonymous 199985

Same here. Yeah I know men are awful people and because of that I don't want to talk about them. I just want to be happy away from them. But I can't.

Anonymous 199988

I agree with this nony. It made me really depressed irl honestly always being hypervigilant about men can be really exhausting. ( I have my own trauma with men already as well) We can also focus on togetherness with women instead and better things. We should always be able to vent about them but the blackpill is rough

Anonymous 199990

same, it's so weird
>i hate men, men are trash, etc
it's like some twisted form of obsession. that's why subreddits like r/fourthwavewomen creep me out, i feel like it's just another form of trauma porn psyop marketed to women to make them paralyzed and afraid

Anonymous 199991

I'm glad I'm not alone in feeling this way, I'm sorry anon. I just need a female only friendship group.

Anonymous 199993

I wish the other threads on this site weren't so dead. I want to talk about other things here while waiting for LC to be up for everyone, but this is the only one with active discussion.

Anonymous 199994

No, I feel pretty fine hating men. It helped me being way more assertive and blunt with them irl.

Anonymous 199995

Then post in them

Anonymous 199997

im gonna go personally bump every recent thread till i get lazy now cuz u said this

Anonymous 199999

I swear I feel like I'm insane. I don't mind manhate but I never ever post about it, yet I post on lc daily. Where do you s post where manhate completely kills any other conversation and it's impossible to talk about anything else?
Am I just that unbothered and seemingly the only person that can peacefully coexist with everyone except weight spergs and twitterfags?

Anonymous 200002

Nta and good for you but I don't get that at all. When I am reminded of rape and femicide it does nothing but depress me. It's a problem I cannot solve and I cannot avoid men entirely, so I'm just reminded of bad things constantly. Feels very counterproductive.

Anonymous 200003

This is all bullshit. Complaining about people bitxhing about people in the reddit thread meant for bitching. Ot is off topic. If whole want to talk about 50% of the pollution in the correct threads let us. Now radfems have to make our own site? That's some true Twitter shit. "We don't like what you are saying so make your own space!" No. The space we are in is made for conversion if YOU don't like it then hide the thread or create conversation you want to see. You won't because the issue is bitching about men/radfems which is what you don't want to see talked about at all.
I see through all of this

Anonymous 200004

i don't even post in snow you projecting faggot, it literally says in the post i'm an otfag

Anonymous 200005

Didn't mean to add the x to bitching , typing while fat with fat fingers sorry

Anonymous 200006

nta but i did and there hasn't been a response in like 3 days on different threads… am i cursed…

Anonymous 200010

They're not nonas they're men who are mad lolcow isn't as accepting of them as crystal cafe is. Crystal Cafe users are like %40 men proven on a poll done on here.

Anonymous 200011

I have been dummy.

Anonymous 200012

To be fair CC was getting raided pretty badly almost everyday, with CP, gore, and some soychan posters. It was like everyday. The site seemed slow to begin with and a lot of users probably dropped off bc of the spam

Anonymous 200013

It's just a slow site. Lolcow and most social media sites are so fast moving I think a lot of anons aren't used to not getting a response almost instantly. The internet is crazy. We have to protect our dopamine receptors.

Anonymous 200014

that's just how this site is, dead, but we can try to revive it or at least i will

Anonymous 200016

because they come from tiktok

Anonymous 200017

Lolcow also has a high percentage of male posters, there was a lolcow poll too but I didn't save it of any anon has it pls post

Anonymous 200018

The radfems are regular posters no matter how much you cope about it. I'm happy you got what you deserved.

Anonymous 200019

They just don't want it talked about. This thread has been infected with bullshit lately.

Anonymous 200021

I'm not saying "hating men bad." I'm saying constantly reading about awful things men do like rapes, murders, and other forms of abuse against women is terrible for your mental health, it makes you feel completely hopeless. speaking from experience, the most depressed I ever felt in my life was when I was actively browsing pinkpill threads. it's better to just keep the hate passive and avoid them/thinking about them.

Anonymous 200023

it's not a "poll" it's an automated website that does some determination of the supposed sex of the userbase, based off writing style, and the imageboard style and language probably skews it immensely and confuses it to think we are 60% moids or whatever

Anonymous 200024

No, it's just trannies/moids seething about having to hide now.

Anonymous 200025

its been going all day.

Anonymous 200026

I feel the same as you anon. For my own happiness I have to step away. I think you'd have to be desensitised for it not to be bad for your mental health. It's like reading the news everyday but only the bad news. I don't understand it.
It made me feel completely hopeless because it is completely hopeless. There's not much we can do. I donate to women only shelters and plan to volunteer in some in the future and that's the best I can do.

Anonymous 200027

what is the "moid typing style"? i saw a lot of n0nnys in the other threads say they thought IHM was a moid

Anonymous 200028

iirc it's not a poll it was a random site that collects data when browsing and creates graphs from that data. Meaning it's bullshit, because nonas probably got flagged for being male for browsing some not typically female dominated websites.

Anonymous 200029

If you dont like men being hated on just ignore the posts thay say they hate men, only men get angry at women hating men lmao

Anonymous 200030

Also I'm pretty sure the userbase demographic thing on LC said it was mostly male because of the mentions of Males. It doesn't seem like it can go off anything else since LC is anonymous

Anonymous 200031

there is no such thing really, it's just an AI making deductions based on patterns from other sites

Anonymous 200033

lol you are no better than anyone else who uses LC, get a grip

Anonymous 200034

Kinda hard not to read something that's in your face everywhere.
With this logic I could just tell you that if you don't like men don't read anything from men.

Anonymous 200035


Anonymous 200036

I get what you mean, but then it's our responsibility to take a break (or visit another thread). Anons shouldn't hold back just because the reality is awful.

Anonymous 200038

Moids complaining will always sound like 6 year old kids and it's literally so funny. They've been shitting themselves because reddit hate thread is making fun of men. Reddit hate thread isn't even that grim either, they're currently making fun of men who treat "real dolls" like their wives, sprinkle water in their plastic faces to pretend they're coming home from gym and roleplay with them lmao.

Anonymous 200039

well on that site I mean it uses an algorithm to try to guess sex, and there's a decent amount of research into that about how certain writing styles (technical writing, etc) come off as "male", and it isn't a stretch to think that imageboard lingo triggers the algorithm too.
IHM on the other hand was being called scrotish because she was making unhinged threats and insulting the way a man does which is not surprising because she has been in male-centric imageboard circles for like 15 years and is a massive pickme

Anonymous 200040

>Why are you finding things about men on reddit to be mad about?
Bitch that's the reddit thread it's about talking about how shit reddit is.
>they need to make their own sites
It's all bullshit. Ot isn't like how they are projecting I legit feel it's men/women from other sites who don't like seeing men spoken about badly at all.
And get mad about any manhate even when relevant. So we can nitpick our mostly female cows to death but lord forbid we talk about men? We can hate sex workers and pick mes, but lord forbid we vent about men?

Anonymous 200042

Kys moid

Anonymous 200043

Nta but the problem is the >vist another thread.
It is in almost every thread. Even the fucking genshin thread. Can't even talk about a stupid game.
So yeah then I just walk away but it still leaves me in a sour mood because how could reading horrible things not?

Anonymous 200045


I didn't see if this banner got added but it should be

Anonymous 200046

hide the posts
this applies to yourself too you know

Anonymous 200047

Anyone else feels depressed today? idk, Christmas just has that effect on me, Halloween was a blast this year but xmas always makes me feel like shit

Anonymous 200048

Nta but visit another website or just use Crystal Cafe which has %40 male and %30 tranny userbase then.

Anonymous 200049

nayrt I'm >>200035 I just thought it was a funny meme

Anonymous 200050

this, too boring & bothersome

Anonymous 200053

Apparently it's in every thread aka they go to the vet thread and see s venting about their men. Or they go to reddit hate and surprise to surprise men are saying the dumbest shit on popular subreddits. Instead of posting what they want to see they want us to stop posting about men. It's almost as if that's the goal. To shut down all negative conversations on men, but talk shit about other women/female cows and anything else
They want men to be a banned topic. Notice male image boards don't do that shit, but we just can't talk about men hmmmm

Anonymous 200054

>visit another website
Which ones?
>or just use Crystal Cafe which has %40 male and %30 tranny userbase then.
Anon my problem is that I don't like men to the point where I don't even want to read about them. Why would you think this is a solution.

Anonymous 200055


I did fuckall for Christmas, whole family didn't care to celebrate it. I have nothing to do.

Anonymous 200056

You want a website where you're the only man but don't want them to hate men. No such website exists.

Anonymous 200057

this, why do they want hating men to be banned on a women's space but do not want hatred towards women banned on male spaces? they should be congruent, men bitch about women way more intensely on 4chan.

Anonymous 200058

Christmas is already over for you? It's the Eve here.
I'm supposed to be cooking for my family already, but the pipes are froze so no water.

Anonymous 200059

100% agreed there anon, power to ya

they won't because it's addictive in a way. once you fall down the blackpill rabbit hole it's difficult to get out, and when you have a community with so many people like that they end up dragging more and more members down with them until the whole community takes on this sad, agressive tone.

Anonymous 200060

Yeah here come the moid accusations, great

Anonymous 200061

I doubt tomorrow will be different, or I would have to pull the most desperate move and try to find a date with another desperate person

Anonymous 200062

samefag, and like the other reply said it when there are so many blackpillers it makes the stuff nearly impossible to avoid for those of us who do want to leave it behind

Anonymous 200063

So what the fuck are we able to do about that? Damn, do we have to change because YOU have a issue? Are you incapable of trying to start conversations you want to have on the site?

Anonymous 200064

Men have the whole internet to themselves. Women have barely any women only spaces.

Anonymous 200065

I didn't call anyone a man in my post

Anonymous 200066

kek burger nonathan? we're snowed in here which is why I'm spending my tiume on cc till its christmas tomorrow

Anonymous 200067

Yes, exactly.

Anonymous 200069

>Are you incapable of trying to start conversations you want to have on the site?
I do but I don't get many replies and they die quick. I just want female friends. I don't know why you're so mad at me.

Anonymous 200071

this thread got dumb and hateful, and not fun. Bye n0nnies

Anonymous 200072

>You want a website where you're the only man

Anonymous 200076

You cant make friends on an anonymous image board.

Anonymous 200092

you're replying to the wrong person retard

Anonymous 200093

nta I have

Anonymous 200103

No I'm not, she said that in her post before

Anonymous 200109


This thread is not fun anymore where did the other Arias posting anon go I miss her

Anonymous 200117

You guys are avatarfagging at this point

Anonymous 200129

This is my 3rd post to this website and the first one with an image attached to it you retard

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