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Anonymous Admin 7699[Reply]

Don't make new kpop threads. All kpop-related posts go in >>>/media/16016


Has anyone else just grown completely bored with the internet? Anonymous 33046[Reply]

Aside from crystal cafe, where do you get your entertainment? The internet feels like a dried up husk. I don't know why I keep trying to draw water from it. My addiction to web stimulation gnaws at me and i dont know how to satisfy it. I keep hearing this is becoming common lately. How are you dealing with the death and hallowing out of the internet?
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Anonymous 34547


Anonymous 34785

lipstick alley used to be fun but now it's starting to feel samey and bot like like the rest of the fucking internet. every place that seems remotely interesting gets invaded by astroturfing and bots in the end ugh

Anonymous 34786

i used to love going on there a couple of years ago to see the interesting perspectives the women there would post but now it's just glorified twitter. places on the internet used to have their own distinct culture but now it's all eroded away and there seemingly isn't anywhere that is refreshing and original

Anonymous 34806

the gossip subs on Reddit I used to enjoy have also gotten overpopulated and stale. possibly by bots and celebrity meddling if I'm being honest. every time a new and interesting gossip blog or forum comes along it starts to be infested with suspicious posts once its big enough. Oh and people like Deuxmoi and enty have gotten really redundant and pathetic, I swear the latter posts about the same four fucking celebrities whose tea he stole from LSA over and over when he's not shitting on Megan Markle for no reason. I do buy into the dead internet theory combined with stan culture being the death of free and easy gossip discussions because if it's not stans fucking ruining everything with their idiotic worship the celebrity's team cleaners and bots are probably in there somewhere. things are so boring. moreover all the gossip discords I joined either devolved into infighting and drama or became inactive

I found some more interesting content when I got access to the darkroom section on LSA but it's hardly a lot of things I hadn't heard before. you'd be better off browsing years old threads and dead sites in wayback machine than the modern wasteland that is celeb gossip discussion

Anonymous 34809


absolutely agree about the snark subreddits. there were a couple which i'd read every morning while i eat like it was a fucking newspaper.
now everything is stale and it all feels the same, boring and uninspired


Anonymous 34714[Reply]

What's the best romance story you've ever read/watched?

Anonymous 34743

Anonymous 34805


Kinda hard to pick "The" best romance story, but I really loved Kagome and Inuyasha's relationship.

Anonymous 34808


Otoyomegatari. This is Talas, my fav


What games are you playing today my dear nonna? Anonymous 34689[Reply]

Grinding guardian parts for armour upgrades on BOTW as of right now :) I wish I had a switch when this game first came out, the exploration appeals to my spergism in a way I can't explain. 10+ points for cute protag
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Anonymous 34744

You are using the glitched guardian method where you can get max guardian parts in like 20 minutes, right? Otherwise youll waste unnecessary time for one of the worst aspects of botw

Anonymous 34760


Anonymous 34787

I spent 10 minutes listening to a podcast and getting materials, you can make grinding fun if you do it in short bursts throughout your playthrough. Glitches ruin the magic for me, maybe get gud if it's that difficult for you.

Anonymous 34798


Playing Shin Megami Tensei V Vengeance reminded me how cute the main character is. Even though I wish he would show more emotions, he’s still a cute little nacho beano.

Anonymous 34807

every door in the …

The Elden Ring DLC is out! The new weapons are fun. My fav so far is the perfume bottle, that exploding mist Perfumers spew can now be used by the player and the moveset is super fluid.

I hope they adjust the balancing. They had some good ideas but I opted to go in on my overleveled collectionist main for now. Feels like when you're starting out, with generic undead killing you in three hits. While that's fun, I dunno how replayable the DLC will be if I always have to grind to level 100 in the base game first.


Male dominated fandoms Anonymous 27324[Reply]

I really hate being in male dominated fandoms. Touhou is an example (not only is it male dominated but it's tranny infested too). It's kinda lonely. So many male dominated fandoms would become much better if it had a majority of women. I wonder if others feel that way
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Anonymous 34681

2hu fans are mostly 30 year old moids, fumofags, or toddlers. huge con of being a large doujin community is that moids constantly repost/create fanon depictions of boring, big breasted 2hus. I have a lot of female touhou friends and saw a some at touhoufest. unfortunately ZUN having same faced syndrome and (admitting to) not being able to draw adult faced characters and having many childlike characters makes for a lot of lolicon scrotes. (see: flan, rumia, cirno/dai, every other irrelevant toddler)

Anonymous 34682

saw some*

Anonymous 34711

It's the same when you try to get into some history topics eg. Ancient Rome. Being the only female fan leaves the incel fanboys to go after you.

Anonymous 34784

>Until that point I had spent years in fandom spaces almost exclusively with other girls.
Same. As a preteen I was friends with a lot of nerd girls, both offline and online, so I was surprised to find out that the anime and furry fandoms were actually male-dominated when I had only been exposed to the female side of those as a child and saw them as “girly” hobbies.

Anonymous 34801


Why single out just touhou though? The entire anime fandom in general is full of troons or what could basically be classified as psychologically troon adjacent men. Most normal moids think anime is really dumb or just stereotype it as weird loli tentacle hentai.


favorite female characters Anonymous 28352[Reply]

Post any that you like, why you like them etc
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Anonymous 34779


I like that she cares about bugs.

Literally me

Anonymous 34796

Love Stocking. Her dynamic with her sister reminds me of my relationship with my own sister lol, although I’m not as much of an addict to sugar

Anonymous 34797


oops, forgot a pic

Anonymous 34799

Who are they?

Anonymous 34800

Heinkel And Yumiko from Hellsing


girlboss characters Anonymous 29258[Reply]

How do you feel about modern female leads?
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Anonymous 34755


One actually good character would be "The Bride" (Beatrix Kiddo) played by Uma Thruman, it just shows that female characters could be written right if one chooses not to force traits onto them…
Still the movie was made by Quentin Tarantino, a mann with the balls of steel and creativity of an autist, not like something a bunch of lesbians on this website would get lol

Anonymous 34759


I think the problem with female leads lies more in the average audience criticizing them 3x as much as the average male character, and writers trying too hard to appease them. Having female leads in pop media is still pretty new, and people arent used to it so of course they immediately tear them apart by critiquing any aspect about them. They can't be too masculine, and they can't be too feminine or else the audience seethes. Writers try so hard to avoid this that you end up with a ton of shitty terrible "girlboss" characters with the feminazi haircut and overly masculine attitude that people hate. Go the other direction to avoid THAT and you get overly sexualized hyper feminine "girl power" tropes that are equally as bad. If writers would just stop listening to the retarded audience and just try to write authentic characters regardless of gender I don't think it would be as big of an issue. Trying to pander to an audience almost never works and always comes off as inauthentic.
Love these girls

Anonymous 34762

I agree but the same hyper critical attitude is applied to female audiences, which it shouldn't.
If the criticism comes from women it shouldn't be dismissed at all.

Anonymous 34763


Anonymous 34795

I agree with you for the first few seasons, but after becoming a faceless assassin she became insufferable to me.


Anonymous 17393[Reply]

what are some movies that men like that are actually fucking trash?
my brother tried to make me watch this movie and omg it was the most boring experience ever
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Anonymous 18946

I like Drive. I love its soundtrack.
I also like John Wick kek I'm too embarrassed to post it unspoilered but I like the colours in that movie.

Anonymous 34745

>she didnt like interstellar

Anonymous 34764


Moon Man 2022 > Interstellar 2014

Anonymous 34792

Ghostbusters 1 & 2

Anonymous 34794

that was the unofficial /mu/ anthem of the 2010s lol.


Anonymous 34765[Reply]

Do you like BL and yaoi anime? Why or why not?

I got into BL because I had already watched the more popular kdrama shows and wanted something similar.. but different if that makes sense.

Anonymous 34766

i love banana fish! any fans?

Anonymous 34790

> Do you like BL and yaoi anime?
No, anal is disgusting.

Anonymous 34793

cc fujos rise up!


Roblox Anonymous 29240[Reply]

Does anyone here play Roblox?
What are your favorite games?
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Anonymous 29909

i haven't thought about warrior cats in so long omg

Anonymous 33750

i like mogging toddlers in fashion famous, my outfits are unmatched

Anonymous 34162

I remember I was being weird and talking about Jack and Rose and this bacon except with that face told me to go away, so I did and was upset thinking "im so cringe", then later he rescued me in a boat and I was like "thankyou soo much!" and he said "np" and accepted my friend request, though he never came online again

one of my most memorable friendships with a moid

Anonymous 34167


Brookhaven :3

Anonymous 34791


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