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Anonymous Admin 7699[Reply]

Don't make new kpop threads. All kpop-related posts go in >>>/media/16016


Anonymous 26787[Reply]

who are your favorite female musicians? pic related
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Anonymous 27060


I miss this little rare band a lot too, brazillian girls

Anonymous 27061

i'm lazy and don't feel like image-searching everyone. post the names of the ladies too, as well as their image!

Anonymous 27062

Fiona apple

Anonymous 27068

Same kek, I never watched the movies but I read the book because of her song. Amazing song, great book

Anonymous 27090


Her music is fun to yell to.

lisa 3.png

feeling empty without a show to be obsessed with Anonymous 27080[Reply]

title pretty much explains it… I feel devoid of meaning without a show to be obsessed with and draw art for. Anyone have any recommendations? bonus points if the fandom is active.
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Anonymous 27083

I prefer animated shows. goofy funny comedies (maybe even with darker sides?) are ultimate. but ill take anything i can draw. think south park/archer/trailer park boys

Anonymous 27085

Venture bros?

Anonymous 27086


Watch the x files

Anonymous 27088

my friend loves this show! does it have an active/semi-active fandom?

Anonymous 27089


Nta, somewhat active tho mainly dooming about the end of the series.


/rgg/ - Yakuza & Judgment General Anonymous 21249[Reply]

All things related to SEGA's Yakuza series and its spin-off Judgment because why not
>story and character discussion
>gameplay tips
>favorite substories?
>favorite minigames?
>favorite location?
>favorite songs?
>best boy?
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Anonymous 26547

but even if not playable he's still the second most important character in the Judgment games after player character Takayuki Yagami himself

Anonymous 26548

mr new booty.jpeg

Kaito also gets a booty upgrade from Judgment to Lost Judgment. bless his soul

Anonymous 26555

one of my favourite credits scenes of anything ever, it's so adorable and I want to hug them all (has no spoilers, don't worry, you can still watch it even if you have yet to play Lost Judgment)

Anonymous 26598

no Shenmue -> no Yakuza. Ryo Hazuki walked so Kazuma Kiryu can run. funny how they were actually both born in 1968. Kiryu is Ryo for ojisan appreciators and Ryo is proto-Kiryu but barely legal.

Anonymous 27087




Male actors Anonymous 2890[Reply]

Who are the most handsome ones?

I kind of like Jared Leto.
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Anonymous 26056

i'd marry him, cope

Anonymous 26058

It’s a poltard moid

Anonymous 26963

He's such an awful actor he ruined the blade runner sequel, every scene was perfect except the ones he was in.
I hate Jared Leto

Anonymous 27021

assaults women and kidnaps children
defended and supported roman polanski
dates and flirts with teenagers, has an incel-like mentality regarding the metoo movement

Anonymous 27084

His character was supposed to be played by david bowie and I cry every time I think about how we got Jared's lame ass instead


Anonymous 26971[Reply]

Are you watching Rings of Power nonas?

I think it’s pretty good. Honestly don’t understand all the hate the show is getting
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Anonymous 27026


ok I just watched a video about this whole elf drama:


holy SHIT get over it hahahahaha
they are high fantasy characters they aren't real

>noo they don't have long hair! They don't look like elves!!

what does looking like an elf even mean aside from having pointy ears

as long as the appearance is good and consistent in universe I am happy and I thought they made the elves look pretty good in RoP

Anonymous 27032

Is that startrek?

Anonymous 27069


Critical Drinker video is up:

he doesn't like it

Anonymous 27070

Wow. I legitimately don't think there's ever been a production that has made men this angry before.


Anonymous 27079

This is a nasty scrote's post though. At the end of the day youre still just a desperate moid and you know it so you try to throw around the race card, the misogyny card, the rage card. Stop pretending like you're not. Stop pretending like you don't wave your dick around desperately on tinder for a hookup, but the desert is killing you so you come online to screw up our board. Go choke on dicks elsewhere lol


lookism Anonymous 27073[Reply]

does anyone else here read lookism?

best boy.jpg

Husbando Thread Anonymous 45[Reply]

Post pics of your husbando (or waifu!)
Bonus for explaining why + any merch you may have for them.
Pic related.
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Anonymous 27042


Anonymous 27044

take off your fujo goggles

Anonymous 27046

In canon he only dates and is attracted to women(Reira, Miu, Nana).

>Can you not pick up on romantic cues? Well probably as you're posting here.

Funny assumption but you're not even close.

Anonymous 27048

I think you're talking about a different character. My picture is Yasushi Takagi from NANA.

Anonymous 27072



Popular characters that you hate Anonymous 26855[Reply]

We already have a "hated" characters that you love thread so I thought why not do the opposite?

Anyway, mine is Yuffie from FF7.
She used to be mainly hated but now she seems mainly loved so I think she counts.
I will never forgive her for stealing my materia and her design is lame too. She's just annoying for no good reason, but annoying characters seem to get a pass if they're a "cute" girl. You can make a character energetic without being annoying. If Wutai was completely run down and shabby maybe I'd have some sympathy but not only does it look completely fine, it's quite pretty and in way better condition than Sector 7 was. Actually it seems better than where I live irl lol. She adds nothing to the story or cast and is actively mean to Barret too.
Tifa is by far my favorite in the OG and Aerith is by far my favorite in the Remake, she barely felt like a character in the OG. But yeah, Yuffie sucks and her fans go rabid if you dare dislike her cuz she's so quirky teehee
Only talking about OG Yuffie I haven't played her Remake DLC
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Anonymous 27039


Getting back on topic here, I don't like Xion. She seems like an unnecessary character to me and I hate how the fandom loves to sob over her despite just filling in the 3rd slot for a trio and making Roxas feel sad. Her boss form looked cool tho

It's so weird, it's like they want to make the story dark but have to be in the E rating still and they just go about it in the worst way possible with the cheesy dialogue. I think Nomura sees this series as his own version of FF considering the verum rex and versus XIII thing.

Anonymous 27040

people like her because like you said the story is sad, and the design is kind of cool too. keep in mind that a lot of KH fans used to be emo and into those things so her being liked so much among that community makes sense.

Anonymous 27050

I don't really see how her design is cool, she looks boring since she's just a recolor of Kairi.

Anonymous 27052

It's more like Yuffie but emo. I had an appeal back in the day when KH was at its apex popularity and sold t-shirts at hot topic.

Anonymous 27071

I like her because I feel bad for her.
I could save her. Am I Rem? Maybe.


Who's your favourite Robot Master? Anonymous 26760[Reply]

What are your favourite Robot Masters from Mega Man? I have so many - from Star Man, Top Man, Skull Man, Snake Man, Crash Man, Centaur Man, to the cuties Cut Man, Plant Man, Clown Man and Jewel Man (And many more!)
I would love to hear what are the reasons why you like a Robot Master.
8 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 27038

Metal Man rules.

Anonymous 27063


He sure does…

Anonymous 27064


Anonymous 27065


Anonymous 27067


its a tie between magic man, pharoah man, knight man, fire man, skull man, yamato man + their exe versions.i also love airman because of a combination of his legacy and design. not robot masters but vile and omega look pretty cool as well

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