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Anonymous Admin 7699[Reply]

Don't make new kpop threads. All kpop-related posts go in >>>/media/16016


Anonymous 26787[Reply]

who are your favorite female musicians? pic related
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Anonymous 30144

love her

Anonymous 30145

Anonymous 30146

I came here to say Kate Bush but it seems I'm late. I love The Dreaming as one of her less known songs. Other than her, I love Noname, Lady Lamb, and Courtney Barnett off the top of my head.

Anonymous 30147


Not necessarily my favourite female musician, but Splendora's pretty good.
It sucks they only ever made one album though.

Anonymous 30150

buh-buh-buh-bee stung lips!
also: DARIA!!!


does anyone know any good mangas where the female mc is a complete loser? Anonymous 30101[Reply]

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Anonymous 30133

MLEwL progresses towards severe alcoholism and, if google translation of author’s twitter is not bullshiting me, transgenderism.

Anonymous 30135

>My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness
Don't read this one OP, it sucks and falls into the trap that most autobiographies fall under, that being a non-stop pity party that can only ever appeal to those just as miserable as the author.

Anonymous 30139

Isn't that what the op is looking for though? Lol

Anonymous 30140

I've been reading "Gachi Koi Nenchakujuu: Net Haishinsha no Kanojo ni naritakute" and so far almost every woman that appears is a complete disaster. Males too, it's just one trainwreck after the next. Very fun.
Oh god please don't tell me she became an Aiden after all that

Anonymous 30143

It has to have some sort of dramatic curve. After banishing all the chaos demons back to outer darkness the heroine was still an unemploable lonely drunk would feel off to the reader, despite being fairly realistic outcome.


vtubers Anonymous 24522[Reply]

What do you guys think about vtubers? They are a new advancement in technology that some cam girls are using. They employ Webcam, full body trackers, and of course voice changers to give the appearance of anime girls. Is this the future of what is considered entertainment? Is this somehow tied to the metaverse that is an overall plan for tech companies to sell? Is this good or bad for society in general? Do you even watch vtubers or know who any of them are?
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Anonymous 29363

I like Tempus but I'm more of a JP Holostars fan myself.

Anonymous 29372

i used to get weirded out by them but i now love ina'nis and >>24526 this dog vtuber on picrel. i also can't believe that i found this song catchy and could endure its cringe

Anonymous 29782


Loathe them, tbf. The best I can say about them is there's nothing inherently wrong with using an animated avatar to protect your anonymity, and in fact it could be a pretty cool concept if used creatively. The problem is that no one does. Virtually all the vtubers I've seen look like over-designed knockoff Genshin Impact characters and clearly exist to squeeze money out of hentai-poisoned pedo otakus. There's something deeply unpleasant about hearing a grown woman do her best impression of a prepubescent child while her avatar's giant tits jiggle like she's in the middle of an earthquake. The lack of facial emotion/decent animation also contributes to my discomfort with them; considering how much money people pay for these models, you'd think they could do something other than flap their mouths like characters from an early 2000s flash cartoon.

Anonymous 29814

I like some of them! I think Pomu is cute and Doppio is a doofus!

Anonymous 30141

They're unfortunately necessary to stream as a woman. It creates a kind of additional layer, away from the actual person. The moid will fixate on the fictional character instead like a missile to a flare.


Anonymous 29324[Reply]

Do you pirate your /media/ nonas? do you try to avoid it? do you encourage it? ethical piracy? do you consider some instances where piracy is bad?
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Anonymous 29737

My mom is keeping it just because she needs something to watch on her phone at the gym. She uses pirate streaming sites on her desktop but they're not great on mobile. In addition to cancellations I suspect a lot of accounts will downgrade to the cheapest packages just for the family members who don't pirate.

Anonymous 29738

I just wanna get into a particular private tracker that hosts a lot of media from a hobby I'm into.
Maybe one day… when I find something good to give the owners in return for an invite over IRC.

Currently the only private tracker community I'm apart of is BakaBT and it's been really good for finding high fidelity soundtracks to certain anime.

Anonymous 29739

Really, the only reason to legitimately buy a vidya is so you can play it with friends over the internet.

Anonymous 30131

If a company doesn't account for piracy and goes bankrupt over that, it just means they're shit at budgeting. Piracy will always exist whenever you want it or not. So the argument of "but it takes away from the devs" doesn't work. If you can produce a product, you are obliged to take into account every parts of budgeting and possible losses. If you don't do that, it's just stupid.

Anonymous 30136

I try to purchase the things I really like or care about, depending on whether or not the circumstances are optimal enough to allow for me to enjoy whatever piece of media I'm considering. I love physical media, generally, especially if it comes in a cool handheld form.


“Hated” characters that you like Anonymous 22908[Reply]

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Anonymous 30079

Sakura poster here. Honestly your reasons for not liking her are totally valid, so I'm not offended or anything. It's when people's reasons for not liking her are based on her lack of virginity that bores the fuck out of me.
I guess I've always had a thing for anti-heroes or characters with a dark side, which is what drew me to her. I completely agree that some of it was OTT, but I was much younger when I first read the VN so it was "new" to me at the time.
It's like when I try to read/watch similar stuff now, I find myself getting bored because it's no longer something I've not already experienced if that makes sense?

Anonymous 30122


I never got the hate for Shinn.

Anonymous 30130


I like him and think his character was an integral one to NGE.

Anonymous 30132

yeah i think the hate the fandom has for him is over the top. he wasn't evil, he was just struggling with awful circumstances.

Anonymous 30134

I think main reason why people hate him is the way he acted in EoE, where his reluctant nature and cowardice was at its peak, which indirectly led to the death of at least two prominent characters.


Popular characters that you hate Anonymous 26855[Reply]

We already have a "hated" characters that you love thread so I thought why not do the opposite?

Anyway, mine is Yuffie from FF7.
She used to be mainly hated but now she seems mainly loved so I think she counts.
I will never forgive her for stealing my materia and her design is lame too. She's just annoying for no good reason, but annoying characters seem to get a pass if they're a "cute" girl. You can make a character energetic without being annoying. If Wutai was completely run down and shabby maybe I'd have some sympathy but not only does it look completely fine, it's quite pretty and in way better condition than Sector 7 was. Actually it seems better than where I live irl lol. She adds nothing to the story or cast and is actively mean to Barret too.
Tifa is by far my favorite in the OG and Aerith is by far my favorite in the Remake, she barely felt like a character in the OG. But yeah, Yuffie sucks and her fans go rabid if you dare dislike her cuz she's so quirky teehee
Only talking about OG Yuffie I haven't played her Remake DLC
45 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 29980

I think the Joker is so unrealistic that nobody analyzes him as a type of person much less as a specific person. He's more seen as a force of nature or something and that really doesn't make any sense since mortality is fundamental to the concept of Batman.

Anonymous 30070


Mikan Tsumiki. I'm guessing she's fairly well-liked because I see fans of her everywhere, but I just couldn't stand her. I really wanted to like her too. Granted I haven't watched any of the anime if that changes anything, just played the games.

Anonymous 30110

Absolutely hate her too

Anonymous 30128

The creator has gone on record saying she's partly based off of early seasons Eric Cartman, so that may have something to do with it.

Anonymous 30129


Annoying and unfunny (wo)manchild who is surrounded by people who enable her Chris-chan tier antics.
I seriously don't understand how anyone can watch the first season of Chuunibyou and think the protag was doing something wrong by encouraging her to grow up.
Her and that blonde twintails girl both suck.

alice from hell.jp…

Anonymous 18016[Reply]

What manga are you reading RIGHT NOW?
Are you enjoying it?
46 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 30086

I loved the anime and tried to read the manga but life got in the way. Thanks for the reminder hoseki no kuni exsists"

Anonymous 30111


I liked Houseki no Kuni a lot, but I don't really understand why it's continuing or why people want it to. I felt like the story was clearly finished with a strong ending.

Anonymous 30117

Which chapter do you feel was a good place to stop? 100 or earlier?
I have no idea what Ichikawa is even planning on with these last 2 chapters besides finally drawing the cool rocks manga of her dreams

Anonymous 30123

Musuko ga Kawaikut…

Musuko ga Kawaikute Shikataganai Mazoku no Hahaoya. If you don't like fan service there's a fair bit of it, but the story itself is really sweet.

Anonymous 30127

Lot of competition in manga. If you have a big hit you milk it as long as you can. Now this is monthly manga with really simple style and rather silly story, not that much of a work to make it and if you make a good money, or even not so good money with it you try to stretch the good times dojgn almost nothing as much as you can.


Media you want to experience for the first time again Anonymous 27463[Reply]

So recently I was reading ace attorney fanfic and I was randomly struck by intense sadness at the realization I'll never get to experience playing those games for the first time ever again. Does anyone else ever feel this way? Which media make you wish you could go back in time and experience them for the first time again? Picrel is just the first duckduckgo image result for "Anime girl playing video games" since I didn't know what else to put there
25 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 30056

Godot Fetishes.png

ace attorney for sure, specifically the first three games. They really introduced me to point and click games and I was so obsessed with them during secondary school. It doesn't feel the same playing them again.

I have the same opinion towards Steins;Gate as well, god, that game is really solid. imo playing it is much better than the anime

Anonymous 30062


Honestly, I wish I could see Shaman King for the first time again. All my little nerdy middle school friends were into it and traded the VHSs or DVDs and talked about each episode at school.
Also, just MMORPGs in general. For me, that was WoW on an old office PC in like 2004, but for others it may be FFXI on the PS2

Anonymous 30074


I would love to be younger again and play WoW for the first time again, the nostalgia I get from that game just hits different and this fantasy world feels just comfortable for me

Anonymous 30125


Deadspace. When it first came out it was so scary to tween me. Ive been wanting to replay it because of the new remaster, but Im broke so Im playing on my bf's game pass. I literally started the game last night, I'm enjoying it and its fun to remember some parts and I forgot other parts. I wish it was scary like the first time but I watch and play a lot of horror, since then. I still love the game.
Theres a lot of videogames I wish I can play like the first time, dmc1, definitely on that list. (The list is mostly horror and jrpgs.) I wish I was a kid again and had more freetime.

Anonymous 30126

I'd like to play Persona 4 again but this time not be spoiled about the killer.


Anonymous 6308[Reply]

How do you feel about Mecha? What's your favorite show?
42 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 24259


Ideon itself looks too much like a Transformer for my tastes.

Anonymous 24281

probably too late to reply but i relate to Asuka because of childhood trauma that's very similar to hers. lots of abuse from my mother etc
i forgot about this thread since i'm not a frequent user, sadly i can't edit the post now but thank you for explaining how spoilers work!
see above

Anonymous 24578

can concur, ideon is great if you can get past its inherent goofiness.
prepare to be depressed afterwards though

Anonymous 24581

Yes to the first part but I don't remember any of the female characters except Lady Une. It is mostly about the five guys in that pic

Anonymous 30124

The whole show becomes a mess at one point. I liked the comedic part of ZZ more, making it serious like soyboy actually ruined the show for me.

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