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Anonymous Admin 7699[Reply]

Don't make new kpop threads. All kpop-related posts go in >>>/media/16016


Anonymous 21716[Reply]

be honest. would you fuck/date Kiryu? why or why not?
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Anonymous 27411

i would go chikan on him (and on many other secksi men in these games tbh) in a crowded subway ngl

Anonymous 27602

dame dame yooo

Anonymous 27624

People actually want to fuck these guys? For real? I thought it was just a fandom in-joke. What the fuck.

Anonymous 27632

We used to say the same thing about ponyfags and pokefags and look where we are now.

Anonymous 27686


…are you implying that yakuzafagging is anywhere on the same level with ponyfagging?


any mst3k fans here? Anonymous 27677[Reply]

Just started thinking about mst3k again because I watched the turkey day marathon on twitch with my family this year. I admittedly haven't watched many of the new episodes even though I have a subscription from the kickstarter campaign due to no time during finals. Is the new season any good? I tried watching it by myself and it was eh but when I watched it with my mom and dad and big brother it was a hoot. In the one newer episode I did watch, I thought the new female host is much better then jonah was, though I'm still not sure if she's as good as joel and mike. What do you guys think? also who's your favorite host?

Anonymous 27679

what is that

Anonymous 27680

lol, its an old tv show. here, watch the theme song they basically explain the whole thing:
you can find all of the episodes online for free on youtube except the newer ones, the creators are famously very lax about enforcing their copyright.

Anonymous 27682

I like the old episodes because of the 90s charm. Not interested at all in the kickstarter stuff, though I might watch that Mac and Me episode just because that movie is a bit nostalgic.

I like Mike just a little better than Joel but both hosts are great.
And Crow is my favorite bot.

Anonymous 27684

I used to watch this as a kid when I was like 7. I couldn't always catch it though because it came on either late or while I was at school. I loved adult comedy as aittle girl. I also loved Dr Katz. Where can you even stream this now though ??

Anonymous 27685

Oh my God thank you for reminding me about this !!!


The new wednesday series on netflix Anonymous 27621[Reply]

Just finished binging wednesday and I am currently rewatching it with my parents. It's really good! What do you guys think of it?
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Anonymous 27633

I will watch it when all the episodes are out. Until then I'm already paying for Hulu meh

Anonymous 27657

Never watched this netflix series and never will, because trailers gave me all of the reasons doing so
But there is exactly how I feel about Wednesday character in general (and those similar to her)

Anonymous 27678

Anons on LC are more or less tearing it apart while everyone is singing praises.
I'll give it a go but idk I hope it's not cringe

Anonymous 27681

I haven't watched a netflix show since stranger things s1, but I watched some clips on yt and my conclusion is that wednesday is everything teenagers wish they were. Her dancing is cute though.

Anonymous 27687

I hate how companies nowadays are too profit-driven and risk-averse to make anything that’s not already part of an existing intellectual property.


weird youtube crushes Anonymous 17172[Reply]

who in your youtube subs do you have unexplainable crushes on? here is my list, rusty cage, (young keyboard playing) adam/yourmoviesucks, rebel taxi.
i dont know why. i dont even like men that much. but i have the biggest crushes on them.
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Anonymous 27663

adum yms skeenee.j…

adum is such a weird one tbh
i guess i can see it in his alcoholism days when he was a skinny twink

Anonymous 27666

Why can't men stay like this

Anonymous 27668


Yeah, he's kinda ugly to most people irl, and yeah, he gives of pretty self-important vibes sometimes (especially in his old videos) and yeah, he cohosts a podcast with a troon, but I'd be lying if I said I don't wish I could be his gf sometimes…

Anonymous 27669

>I want to believe he is just one of those guys who isn't a coomer
Those men exist but they are not the same men who are active on 4chan. that vendiagram is 2 entirely separate circles

Anonymous 27675


Oh anon… you're right ):


Anonymous 26787[Reply]

who are your favorite female musicians? pic related
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Anonymous 27538

i discovered this radical feminist punk band called S.C.U.M a while ago and i absolutely love them! you might appreciate them as well. i love female punk bands so much

Anonymous 27557

omg nona! <3 tysm for sharing!!! i'm digging it!

Anonymous 27576

JOJ. I love Jessicka's screams!

Amazing taste!

Anonymous 27623

Anonymous 27674

Jazmin Bean!!!


Lyricsposting Anonymous 18075[Reply]

Post your favorite/relatable/etc song lyrics here
Idea shamelessly stolen from lolcow of course.
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Anonymous 27660

Screenshot 2022-11…

Why are you so far away?
Even when you're standing next to me
You eyes give you away
Telling secrets when your mouth don't feel like talking
And I'll be your Lloyd Dobbler
With a boombox out in the street
And I'll be there if you need someone
Even if he isn't me
Lying in your bed
As lights dance across the ceiling
I listen to you breathe
Toss and turn in your sleep
And I wish that you'd believe
That I'll be your Lloyd Dobbler
With a boombox out in the street
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 27664


I pull up with the cob, I let that shit hit

Anonymous 27670

You are such a faggot

Anonymous 27671

Virtually anyone who listens to this or spews garbage like this makes me cringe internally for them from secondhand embarrassment

Anonymous 27673


I waited so long for someone to say
If you could hold on, I'd maybe get you to stay
If you believe that I'm gone
This never meant nothing to you

You're just a sad song with nothing to say
About a life-long wait for a hospital stay
If you believe that I'm gone
This never meant nothing to you, whoa

If you would hold on and give me a say
You get the hard part, or maybe just a mistake
Maybe we'll just shut up and play
We never did mean nothing to you, never did we?


fallout? Anonymous 22568[Reply]

anyone here like fallout :>
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Anonymous 26352

fo4 is one of my comfort games. i like 76 for what it is. it's only worth buying on sale though.

Anonymous 26357

Well I'm gonna have to agree since it was such a disappointment for me
They should have never set the game on the east coast

Anonymous 27640

And no women do?

Anonymous 27644


Fake, gay, wrong, and retarded. Fallout is a great series. Trannies don't even get Fallout, they just like it because they can mod the game to have massive breasts.

Anonymous 27672



Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Anonymous 27638[Reply]

Let's talk about the new Pokemon game and why Rika is so perfect.
8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 27661

I think you are a mroron. ScaVio is dogshit

Anonymous 27662

Why are the good ones so rare. Last one I liked was Kashima from Nozaki-kun.

Anonymous 27665

It's okay, just okay. Playing on an emulator so I'm not getting the glitches most people are.
Oh and it's the only pokemon game in which I've boxed my starter.
I like Nemona and Arven a lot.

Anonymous 27667

Playing Violet (legit copy), have half of the badges so far, been having lots of fun with it. Yes there are occasional odd visual glitches and my game crashed once so far but nothing game breaking. Seems slightly more challenging than the average pokemon game and lots to see and do.
The online is one of my main complaints, I was really hoping this would be more like a mmo. But you can't just jump in and play alongside randos on your friendslist or strangers, you actually have to be able to communicate with other people to send them a code but nintendo has no way to directly message or invite people on switch. You can still raid/trade/battle with random people though. If anyone here is up for trying the union circle thing maybe we can arrange it sometime by posting codes? Anyway if you're wanting a similar game experience but less buggy and don't mind singleplayer I would also recommend legends arceus if you hadn't played it.

Anonymous 27676

I like that they have at least two tomboyish women in this game but the character design is so fucking weird lately (this character is ok though, she's so cool and handsome)


Western style manga Anonymous 27427[Reply]

Does anyone know any manga done in an Western art style?
3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 27438

Anonymous 27488

Kek I was being sarcastic

Anonymous 27489

Early Tezuka manga was drawn in pseudo-Disney style.

Anonymous 27514


Dowman Sayman's primary inspiration is Mike Mignola.

Anonymous 27646

soil 17.png

Soil by Kaneko Atsushi; pic obviously related. You could also try browsing https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?category=Atypical+Art+Style
Not every title listed is drawn with a western style but you're bound to find a couple that are.

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