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Anonymous Admin 7699[Reply]

Don't make new kpop threads. All kpop-related posts go in >>>/media/16016


Anonymous 17228[Reply]

Do any of you have any newspaper subscriptions? Is there any point in getting one in the current year?
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Anonymous 17253

I have a subscription to one of the two newspapers in my country that are still free, in that they are not the property of some oligarch billionnaire, and only get their money from their subscribers.

They also obviously produce the best journalism in the country. The one I'm subscribed to really has no competitor, the quality is far above the rest.

But yes, the quasi-totality of newspapers are absolute garbage these days. It's a shame really, there's a certain romanticism to journalism that has all but perished

Anonymous 17262

this is just a woman, come on

Anonymous 17265

Well yeah, that's to be expected. "They" took on the appearance of the sacred prostitute that fucked them for 7 days straight. I would hope that the women he fucked looked like a woman.

Anonymous 17267


God I wish he was single & my bf. GOD! I WISH HE WAS SINGLE & MY BF!

Anonymous 17280


How can he be single and your bf at the same time you absolute utter baka ?


Anonymous 9944[Reply]

Do it.
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Anonymous 17151


based and freepilled

Anonymous 17224


I was going to do one for waifus only, but this took me so goddam long.

Should have done my bi ass choices to begin with.

Anonymous 17225

amazing taste anon.

Anonymous 17226


Who doesn't love a (de)man that likes cats, books, and art?

Anonymous 17279



Sanrio General Anonymous 17251[Reply]

What is your favorite Sanrio Character Anons?

Do you have a wishlist on Sanrio merch anons?

Anonymous 17252

I love Chococat I wish he wasn't so ignored.

Anonymous 17273

Me too. Chococat is a popular character in the west but in japan nobody likes him.

Anonymous 17276

I was obsessed with Chococat as a kid. You have great taste anon.

Anonymous 17278


My best friend loves Choco!
I like Badtz Maru for some reason.


weird youtube crushes Anonymous 17172[Reply]

who in your youtube subs do you have unexplainable crushes on? here is my list, rusty cage, (young keyboard playing) adam/yourmoviesucks, rebel taxi.
i dont know why. i dont even like men that much. but i have the biggest crushes on them.
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Anonymous 17211

He is a retard. Thats why. From a twink with potential he went to ContraHons & now that dumbass can only date other trannies & is probably lonely right now. Always ruining their own life, androgynous looks are beautiful af by themselves they don't need retarded chemicals that ruin their bodies & ruin make them sterile.

Anonymous 17245

>"completely fall for"
>proceeds to post assumptive justifications for someone ELSE'S post
literally says unexplainable crushes.
Learn to read and stick to the board before anger posting just bc someone has a different preference and is expressing it to the thread.

Anonymous 17257

literally no one is angry

Anonymous 17269


Hmm tasty

Anonymous 17277

I liked him better when he had short hair


Star Wars Anonymous 17235[Reply]

Can we get a nice comfy Star Wars thread? I checked the catalog and it didn't seem like there was one.
Mandalorian spoiler:
Is anyone else super excited about Ashoka coming back? I hope Temuera Morrison shows up wearing a big Santa Claus beard as Rex.
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Anonymous 17266

Films like Citizen Kane, The Wizard of Oz, Jason and the Argonauts, The Fly, Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, Inception, and The Matrix were lauded for their special effects and their plots still hold up today.

As the Mona Lisa, it's only famous because it was stolen from the Louvre and got a lot of press, aka marketing.

Anonymous 17270

All of those films except maybe Citizen Kane and The Matrix have plots on bar with the first Star Wars movie.

Anonymous 17271

The first Star Wars movie has the same plot as Super Mario (princess kidnapped by bad guy, hero has to go rescue, uses magical abilities). None of those movies I listed share that plot. The Fly is probably the least like that.

Anonymous 17274

The rest of those movies can be whittle down to nothing too.

>The Fly is just Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

>Wizard of Oz is a generic josei isekai
>Inception is a heist movie once you take away the dream bullshit
>Jason and the Argonauts literally isn't a original story but an adaption of a mythological one. Even then, that story is a barebones usurp the usurper story, which can be found in all of humanitites mythologies.
>Jurassic Park is just Frankenstein with multiple Frankensteins
>Remove the time travel bullshit for Terminator 2 and you have Dracula.

You know what now that I think about.
>The Matrix is just "the chosen one must save the world" bullshit plot.

Now that leaves Citizen Kane as the only movie that actually has a decent plot on it's own.

Anonymous 17275

Isn't Citizen Kane just a rise and fall from glory with a shitty mystery attached?


Blogs Anonymous 17268[Reply]

Do you enjoy reading any blogs? I miss reading blogs and I'd like to get some recommendations. They can be active or inactive with archives, they can also be blogs that you hate read or laugh at.

Anonymous 17272

Some blogs (and vlogs) I have enjoyed:

Seoul Babo - studying in Korea
seoul-babo.tumblr.com - inactive

Tahti Syrjala - fashion
tahtialiisa.blogspot.com - inactive, hidden but some pages cached on google

Boo - proana
youtube.com/channel/UC0qMUpJvv_sNuCqKHg059Pw - vlogs

Hannah in Japana - having a baby in Japan
youtube.com/channel/UCO7KVucOJgWRuE9P4mrv8yw - vlogs, stopped watching as it was no longer Japan related


Anonymous 10655[Reply]

Any girls like yaoi/BL here?
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Anonymous 15265

I think BL is pretty good, I lean more to HET or GL but if it has a archetype I like then BL is what I'll read that day.

Anonymous 15640

If you can find korean scanlations for it I’d gladly speed translate it for you!

King Maker webtoon scarred me, officially. I did not expect it to be so graphic and have such sensitive topics. Apparently Save Me isn’t really BL, just shonen-ai, but it looks good. So I’m reading that next.

Anonymous 15679


I ordered the light novel for sarazanmai, it's not technically BL but I hear it has a lot of undertones, the gay policemen are very cute

Anonymous 17160


You guys should read Sorario flutter, it's really adorable

Anonymous 17261

seconded, it was a very cute read


Anonymous 8597[Reply]

can we get an updated "music discovered" thread for 2020? i'm sure you guys have discovered something shareable, all genres welcome.
15 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 17003

Anonymous 17021

Anonymous 17237

i found out about this from 'katya's (like the only drag queen i think is genuinely entertaining) wonderful parody, but this song and video are based as fuck

Anonymous 17243

Anonymous 17260

Screen Shot 2020-1…

i loveeeee this song. v atmospheric


Animal Crossing: New Horizons Anonymous 5916[Reply]

No thread yet?

Share your guides, tricks, fav/least fav characters, screenshots if you want…

I've been playing since release and am liking it well so far. I miss some parts from New Leaf, but overall it lives up to my expectations and I'm playing all day and night. How about you?
15 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7076


Forest ram skull

Anonymous 7077


Glow circle

Anonymous 7079

ahhh i love this one, im definitely using it

Anonymous 9364

Have you used it yet? Post screenshots

Anonymous 17258


Here's a pic of when me and my little sister were playing a while back. Idek where she picked up this cringe rawr XD stuff from but I think it's cute. Btw does anyone even still play this game?

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