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Terfposting #20 Anonymous 139266

Anonymous 139267

It was from /v/. Here's an archive: https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/584771134/#584772295

Anonymous 139272


Anonymous 139273


Anonymous 139274

bio trans girl.jpg

Anonymous 139275


Anonymous 139276


Anonymous 139277

shinigami eyes.png

Anonymous 139278

pique efficiency.p…

my favorite twitter post, way too underrated.

Anonymous 139279


Anonymous 139287


Anonymous 139288


Anonymous 139290

Disgusting and z failure as a parent

Anonymous 139291


>I did everything right

Anonymous 139292

>Mother 98% of the time
It astounds me that while a father will beat his child half to death, a mother will chemically castrate hers and feel good about it at the same time.

Anonymous 139293

This is probably an unpopular opinion for the terf thread, but I genuinely believe chemically castrating men is good for women as a whole, second only to males not being born in the first place.

Anonymous 139295


these “people” need to be put down

Anonymous 139296

so they can’t define woman, or acknowledge that women and trans women are different in every way, but they know they don’t want to be trans women, they want to be cis, because only one of those options is actually… female. wow

Anonymous 139297

Castration in this case also applies to young girls, and, in this specific case, happens about five times as often to girls. Is that also good for women?

Anonymous 139298


Anonymous 139303


Anonymous 139312

i never know what the hell they mean by “woman things” or “acting womanly”. the only woman thing you have that makes you one is a vagina, anything else is just superficial and you can do whatever you want because. who cares.

Anonymous 139321

This is mainly because society rewards and entices women that receive the moniker of "accepting", "loving" and "understanding". Would these titles mean as much to men and gain them as much respect in their social circles and the statistic would be 50/50.

This is not to say you shouldn't be these things, just not JUST for the sake of acknowledgement of others.

Anonymous 139333


Cross posting here from LC in case the girlfriend in question is a miner.

Anonymous 139335

Such a disingenuous sounding piece of shit. If this woman is here I don’t even know how to help you but I wish I could give you a hug.

Anonymous 139338

>should I inform a woman about my insanity before binding myself to her forever? please tell me reddit!

Anonymous 139342


We have been blessed with hot fresh Kikomi content

Anonymous 139343

Where are these all coming from I need to make an archive of all the kikomi I can find

Anonymous 139344

I got that latest one from the terf thread on LC, I saved >>139274 a long time ago. I don't know if she has an official account she posts anywhere.

Anonymous 139345

Anonymous 139347


Anonymous 139354

great example of how TIFfery happens. of the TIF's I know personally, if they aren't struggling with the the resulting ptsd of a traumatic experience, then they are struggling to accept that they are a lesbian.

Anonymous 139375

really hope this guy realizes how ridiculous this all is, for his own sake if for no one else's.

Anonymous 139398

He's a dumb trannoid and she is based for not disclosing the site to the moid. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous 139415

At this point I believe anyone still keeping up the "remember that it isn't only women that can get pregnant! not only women are affected by this!!!" shtick truly do not fully grasp the situation. Imagine watching women's basic autonomy get stripped away and language-policing is the first thing on your mind when discussing it. Literally deranged. You have to be disconnected from reality to still be doing that at this stage. Like please drop the meme and be serious. There's no hope for any of us

Anonymous 139431


i don't normally feel bad for troons and their supporters, but i feel kind of bad for this one. he sounds like he was just a kid trying to trans the gay away.

idk if this is munchausen, i'll give the mother the benefit of the doubt, she might have been coerced into it by the TRAfia. there was a father that lost custody of his daughter for acknowledging her as such, not as the male she wanted to be.

Anonymous 139453

>I recently started to rediscover porn
>Now im 90% sure I want to transition
Wonder if there's some correlation between constantly consuming pornography and developing warped self destructive views IRL… hm… if only we could crack the code!

Anonymous 139486


Oh absolutely, I’ve noticed even TIFs seem to have a higher porn consumption rate than just the average female. For almost all TIMs that aren’t literal children or self-hating gay men, it’s their lifeblood. Take the coom away and you take away their raison d'etre for being a tranny.
I feel like they wouldn’t be able to hide it anymore if there was some kind of huge public outcry against porn In general, thing is though it’s pretty hard to try and arrange a mass protest against a mutibillion dollar industry that’s treated as so normal these days.

Anonymous 139493

This is so true. I know 4 TIFs off the top of my head that I knew in highschool that were obsessed with yaoi manga. They'd watch all of the really graphic animes- Okane Ga Nai? I think that was one of the more depraved ones.

I did partake in some yaoi media when I was a kid but it wasn't my whole life- it was more of an edgy teen thing for me. However I ABSOLUTELY got brainrot from it over time and probably nearly fell right into the troon pit after I started following a few TIF artists I liked that drew exclusively yaoi/bl art and were basically just hot butches. This was back on Tumblr, they were a couple who were "gay men" but really just skinny emo girls with expensive haircuts. This was before the hormone thing was mainstream.

Porn rots everyone's brains, it's just that men are more predisposed to the disease.

Anonymous 139520


>she's part of this all female forum that regularly bashes trans and nb people.

Wait so this piece of shits gf uses this website

Anonymous 139523

Possibly, but if not I’d love to know what forum they could possibly mean.

Anonymous 139646


Thank you, here is a poon man.

Anonymous 139650

I don't understand.

Anonymous 139666


A caricature of FtM's. It kinda reminded me of Kikomi.

Anonymous 139676


Reddit moment.

Anonymous 139684

So, wait. Trannies (male) are making this to make fun of ftms for… being too supportive? Lmfao so now they're literally blaming females for all the cringe over the top tranny validation shenis worship THEY themselves forced these women to constantly perform around them lest they face the fury of every tranny and mra supporting them? Insane shit, they always manage to elevate their misogyny to a new level.

Anonymous 139690

>100%. I used to have to wake up and put on clothes and brush my teeth and wipe my butt after pooping and remember to do things humanly. Then I stopped. Feral animalistic beast is just my base state without having to remember the performance.

Anonymous 139724

I guess I'm glad a tim didn't make it but still really pathetic. Self hating ftms self awareness almost always comes from a place of wanting to be accepted by transphobic moids as one of the guys. Probably why they focus on how evil tifs are towards moid trannies instead of showing all the transbians being rapey towards lesbians lol.

Anonymous 140049

Laughed, thank you for posting this one nona

Anonymous 140059

this is so sad, women putting men's words above their own physical and mental discomfort

Anonymous 140081

wtf i also draw the trannies of my city

Anonymous 140086

Anonymous 140090

Yeah like >>140086 said, let's see it

Anonymous 140098

please shame them for all of us to laugh at

Anonymous 140103

Kik i also draw tr00nz of my city as well rofl

Anonymous 140127


Does anyone have more candid no photoshop tranny pics where you can really tell they don't pass? I remember seeing a ton of them on Tumblr with their ig pics for comparison

Anonymous 140136

Anonymous 140145

It's tough to tell, but if you squint and look REAL close… one of these women is transsexual! Bet you didn't think so before I told you, huh?

Anonymous 140172

god, this picture is so fucking funny. he doesn't even just look like a really tall woman with larger features, like he straight up looks like the man he is.

Anonymous 140176

>It kinda reminded me of Kikomi.
I'd have guessed it's the same artist, it feels really similar

Anonymous 140178

Anonymous 140182

irl troons.png

ok the collage is really bad but those are troons i've seen irl, there has been more but i didnt draw them all

Anonymous 140186

>banana as fake penis

Anonymous 140192


Anonymous 140197

Why did they redraw Stacey?

Anonymous 140201

What is it

Anonymous 140203

Incels and polfags are addicted to trashy egirls, tranny porn and alt girls so this image isn't pretty dumb.

Anonymous 140205

stuff like this makes me so glad i was raised to be myself, not "like a girl". i can only imagine a lot of people who feel this way were raised with super strict gender roles. tangent, but one time my mom asked me what nonbinary meant because she has some zoomer coworkers who identify that way. when i was done explaining the reasoning behind it, all she had to say was "…isn't everyone nonbinary?" and we had a bit of a laugh.

Anonymous 140215

Lold at the white shirt guy. I can already see how punchable the first guy's face is.

Anonymous 140217

boy trapped in a g…

Had a genuine chuckle from this

Anonymous 140309

the purple shirt dude…those types always think they're uwu kawaii too because maybe they look feminine in their selfies for insta and twitter. but, even if you're accepting of trannies, you will always look at them and think "trans trans trans" because their body still looks so manish.

Anonymous 140371


>wants elective surgery to chop her breasts off which will cost almost $10k
>expects strangers to donate money towards this
Where do these people get their boldness from? I still haven't become desensitized to this. Every time I see one of these I cannot get over how absurd the whole thing is

Anonymous 140374

>Where do these people get their boldness from?
It never hurts to ask + from their perspective it's a needed medical expense. You can critique their world view that it is a needed medical expense, but it takes them the same amount of chutzpah to ask for their breasts to be chopped off and their child's cancer treatments.

Personally a lot of minors could seriously benefit from a "doesn't hurt to ask" mindset as well.

Anonymous 140450

>Where do these people get their boldness from?

Anonymous 140453

>avatar is feminine
I don't get it, wouldn't she draw herself like a male if she wanted to be a man?

Anonymous 140457

>>expects strangers to donate money towards this
She expects this because people will do it.
People will do a lot for an internet personality they like, especially for a cause they can frame as "noble" in their mind.
What, just because this man looks like a girl, draws himself like a girl, draws LIKE a girl and (for now) has tits like a girl it means he's a girl?
Ugh, you're so problematic and toxic, Next you're going to tell me I'm not a real woman just because I wasn't born with a uterus despite the fact I fetishize the shit out of what I think being a girl is.
I'm being ironic please don't ban me

Anonymous 140470


Can't believe brands like Midol are on this "menstruator" shit now…. I'm too mad today I dmed them about it

Anonymous 140531

an oingo boingo so…

>Oingo Boingo

isn't this the same guy that wrote a song called "i love little girls"?

Anonymous 140533


picrel is from tumblr. found while searching the "ai generated" tag

Anonymous 140545

Yeah, Danny Elfman.


He has also made a bunch of shity scores for Burton films.

Anonymous 140662


holy shit, i didn't know that was danny elfman. same guy who did the singing voice of jack skellington?

damn, so burton has worked with a few creeps in his films, huh?

Anonymous 140666

In this particular case it's defensible as a grammatically concise way to put it. If you simply put "women" in its place the point wouldn't get made, and you'd have to add "when menstruating" somewhere.

Anonymous 140667

This. Menstruators specifically referring in this context to someone currently menstruating.

Anonymous 140673

Isn't that song intentionally creepy? I think I remember reading somewhere that it was inspired by a newspaper article about a child molester.

Anonymous 140682

You can talk shit about trannies all you want, but don't make me come in here and start standing up for Oingo Boingo. It's not my fault no one ever told you what culture means.

Anonymous 140683

Yes, it's supposed to be creepy on purpose. The video also depicts psycho-looking guys with short women (they don't use actual children in the video unlike series like Cuties).

Anonymous 140684


>men smell TERRIBLE
Yes. You do

Anonymous 140685

I hate this "female orgasms" shit. They're all obsessed with this. My ex was too and talked about how he couldn't wait to experience this once we started taking hormones. Yeah, I can believe that physiological our orgasms would feel different, but to me it seems like a major part of that is based on the physicality of our bodies, not only hormones.

Anonymous 140686

that's what i thought when i was younger, that it was just a joke, but honestly? you can't put anything past males.

wasn't there just a thread on here about how anti-pedo males turn out to be pedos themselves?

Anonymous 140688

>but to me it seems like a major part of that is based on the physicality of our bodies, not only hormones.

You can't have a vaginal orgasm without a vagina.

Anonymous 140693


i always admired noelle stevenson. i watched her career grow from gingerhaze to she-ra. she was a gnc woman in the comics industry, openly married to a woman, and just cool all around. sad to see she's trooned out.

Anonymous 140694

shit. i wonder how much comic bros influenced her to troon out.

Anonymous 140704

that's a lot of blablabla to say "i feel uncomfortable with strict gender roles"

Anonymous 140708


oooh my gooosh, imagine spending so much brain energy on "which gEEnnDEEerr FEELS da BEST". if i did that, my brain would fry from the pointlessness and sexism.

a 4channer made the image compilation, so it's not from a sympathetic perspective, but i feel simultaneously bad for her, & at the same time i find all the dedication to "HMMM… GENDUURRR" and obviously falling for the bait of "if I can't beat the sexist bullshit, why don't I JOIN the sexist bullshit" so hard to tolerate.

I'm just sooooo over sexist bullshit being thought of as progressive and healing. so sick of "enlightened progressive sexism, now with medical procedures$$$!" being treated as this holy thing that can't be criticised or properly examined in many spaces. it's like people don't take sexism seriously at all and don't even bother to consider how much sexism and bad experiences impacts on women's psyches.

Anonymous 140709

It's incredibly sad to see such a dramatic spiral full of "no this time I'll be happy for sure."

Anonymous 140710

fatherless behavior

Anonymous 140712

>sad to see she's trooned out
Nature's birth control

Anonymous 140713

dafuq is that supposed to mean? more like father-too-much behaviour, since fathers often instill sexist bullshit and religion onto their wives and children

Anonymous 140714

the reason i didn't turn out to be a woke trash is thanks to my parents not accepting that brainrot and guiding and raising me well, it it is one of the parents being absent behavior for most westerners

Anonymous 140715

probably a /tttt/ moid, it is typical moid shit to blame single mothers/women about the ills of the world

Anonymous 140717

I don't see the usefulness of pointing it out.

"This person grew up in a broken family!"

… like? Is that supposed to mean anything? Is it a bad attempt at mocking something that doesn't really have much merit in being mocked? It's not a child's fault for coming from a broken or abusive home with an absent parent, and that having negative aftereffects all the way into adulthood.

Anonymous 140719

>… like? Is that supposed to mean anything?
It's meant to mean "growing up in a broken family will increase the chance of anti-social and anti-productive behaviors and thoughts". Scrotes use it as a dig, but that doesn't mean it isn't true.

Anonymous 140722


i've seen ppl here use "NTA" a few times. which urban dictionary meaning, or alternate meaning, does NTA line up with?

Anonymous 140723

Not That Anon

Anonymous 140769

I highly doubt her family’s environment had a bearing on her journey. I’ve seen people come from supportive families get sucked into it. For Noelle it’s more because of how she spent a lot of time in woke echo chambers she’s making up problems for herself and following the trend

Anonymous 140776


she was christian homeschooled and trying to deal with the fact that she's gay. i think in her case, it definitely had an impact, going closely from "Good Christian Girl" (her words), to out lesbian, to the gender-lover crowd that lurk around the gay and bi community.

Anonymous 140788

How do you wrap yourself around feminist rhetoric and notions of equality for years then decide “woops! Im actually a not a woman/I’m a man because I don’t like femininity” it’s a leap I don’t understand outside of “chasing the trend to stay above in the oppression hierarchy” which isn’t a very kind perspective.

Anonymous 140812

Screenshot from 20…

anyone else see this post on mypartneristrans? I'm cringing at the comments that are telling OP that this is sweet and her creepy boyfriend is simply "looking up" to her

Anonymous 140835

Classic. Troons often skinwalk the women in their lives, be it their partners or even their daughters. It's seriously disgusting considering they get off to that.

Anonymous 140856

This is why nobody should date mentally ill moids

Anonymous 140870


this is not edited

Anonymous 140872


Anonymous 140874


Anonymous 140879

jfc of all troons, that troon especially shouldn't be anywhere near children

Anonymous 140881

what the fuck else would you transition to?? almost every detransitioner I've seen goes back to their ~assigned gender at birth~, I've seen maybe like 1 NB desister on twitter

Anonymous 140886

This is a big reason why I'm a terf. I feel genuinely bad for these people, male and female alike. So many kids are being coaxed down this path, I worry for the boys and girls who are doomed to live this life, and who will never get an alternate perspective. I hate that having this view is still transphobic, because I'm being more compassionate towards cishet views than trans view. I'll just be transphobic then, I really don't care. When I have kids, I'm going to make sure they never get sucked into this nonsense.

Anonymous 140923

"Sophie" Labelle is an actual pedophile. He was caught tracing over pictures of real children for his furry diaper fetish art not long ago. To make matters worse, he used to work in a kindergarten and was terminated for "unknown" reasons. He also organized some type of summer camp for trans kids.
I wonder how many kids that this pedophile abused are being forced into silence because "muh twans woman".

Anonymous 140926

Teachers at public schools will almost certainly attempt to groom them. If your child does anything the most sexist individuals would consider “gender nonconforming” like a boy using a pink crayon or a girl being good at math they will be deemed trans by the school nurse. Any attempt by parents to combat this will be “conversion therapy” and youll lose custody, your job and likely face jail time. Thats the end game and we are only a few years away from it. The family unit is the last pre industrial social unit the state hasnt diassembled. This will finish it off

Anonymous 140954

One of Elon Musk's older sons transitioned and changed his name to "Vivian".

I find it hilarious that Musk obviously chose to only have male embryos implanted, and how he has a "daughter" who is only alive because he is a male.

Anonymous 141010

>he has a "daughter" who is only alive because he is a male.

This just made me, in like 5 seconds, envision a horrible future where it's normal and ok to do sex-based abortions everywhere in the world and we reach a point where males vastly outnumber females so much that young boys are coaxed into transitioning so men can have women to be with and aforementioned TIMs receive wombs from the female fetuses that have been saved to continue growing in labs until it's the right time to transplant them, and in this world it's seen as better somehow to be a transitioned woman than a natural born woman, the natural women who do make it to adulthood are kept as incubators.

Anonymous 141011

Well that's definitely something to be seriously concerned about going forward.

Anonymous 141012

I'd crowdfund this book.

Anonymous 141013


Anonymous 141014

I hope this isn't actually what the future entails but some of these troons are already trying to push the narrative that trans women are not only real women, but better. They claim that cis men like them better, that they look better than cis women because they put more effort and $ into their appearance and femininity, they're even more oppressed so they're better victims, trans women are more stunning and brave etc. etc.

Anonymous 141017


Anonymous 141025

"little girls" is supposed to be a joke, like how many similar bands at the time would write songs about fucking their underage fans, this one is overtly creepy about it on purpose.
knowing its supposed to be satire doesnt make it any easier to listen to tho.

Anonymous 141028

I hate MtTs so much it’s unreal. It is absolutely insane that the professional medical response to a scrote presenting with gender feels isn’t an immediate cyanide injection mercy killing.

Anonymous 141029

They get weaker orgasms because they intentionally tank their testosterone and basically mimic the hormonal profile of a male with extreme morbid obesity or a terminal disease. That it tried to equate a poisoned disease state with the essence of femininity is why they need to be fucking gassed. It is terminal misogyny.

Anonymous 141030

Letting their terminal misogyny extend to berating dysphoric females for existing is a key part of MtT culture.

Anonymous 141031

I want to start giving puberty blockers to all male children because it would aid in the XY genocide to come.
We are not the same.

Anonymous 141032

Thank you for being the first person aside from me that I’ve seen acknowledge that he very obviously did sex-selective abortion or something similar to get seven males in a row. It’s so surreal how people are acting like he’s just veering to the right now when he has very obviously been some strain of supremacist from the beginning.
I also hate how he claims ASD to cover his ASPD since it slanders all ASDs by association.

Anonymous 141037

and some fathers are supportive of their kids trooning out. some kids troon out to spite their overbearing conservative fathers who want them to get married and pop out grandkids. and so forth.

Anonymous 141038

this is so sad

Anonymous 141040

sa—the urine thing reminds me of how, historically, eunuchs who had their penises removed (as opposed to eunuchs who only had their testicles removed) were known to smell like urine. i had just assumed medicine had gotten to a point in the 21st century where this wouldn't be a problem anymore—but now that i think about it, of course it hasn't. medicine isn't nearly advanced enough.

Anonymous 141041

Am I a POS for only getting pure schadenfreude and joy from this? A braindead scrote got what he wished for and deserved. Ideally all of their operations and treatments get so horribly botched that they wind up too disabled to go a-raping anymore and kill themselves as soon as possible.
The ideal end state is for them all to die. I don’t care about their fake NPD “suffering” at all. The overlap between AGP and psychopathy is 100% and probably congenital. Ideally they would be screened for and put down as early as possible.

Anonymous 141042

“menstruators” come up with another excuse because they’ve been taught to be ashamed of their bodily functions. Their female bodily functions because misogyny. When they call women that shit it’s basically not addressing the issue, lol. Like what’s the point?

Anonymous 141044

It would be one thing if he trooned out because of a fetish, but to me it sounds more like he was a gay or effeminate young man who felt like since he wasn't manly enough to be a man it meant he was a woman. Many such cases.

Anonymous 141045

>”no regard to their experience”
>completely disregards their experience and doesn’t address it to make a retarded point
Oh the irony.

Anonymous 141046

pepe contempt.PNG

>yeah haha he must be fruity if he's dating me
Jesus christ this.
There was a zoomer girl I worked with who was really attractive, but she also identified as "trans" and was "male presenting" (which just means she wanted to be called "him" had a short haircut). She got off on telling guys who thought she was attractive that they were actually "gay" because actually she's a boy. The worst part was when she told me several of them went along with her logic and had a "sexuality crisis"

Anonymous 141047

All that means is that he was a male supremacist that though he was going to get “female privilege” or something.
I don’t buy the crocodile tears about being a self-loathing gay. You need way more than that to think trooning is the right decision. Their minds are broken.

Anonymous 141048

I get schadenfreude for older troons, but this one was a kid when he started trooning out. I still feel bad for victims of grooming. And at least he's honest enough to share his experience and go against the tranny cult.

Anonymous 141051


Anonymous 141054

>30 year old scrote decides to get his dick chopped off for a coom fantasy and then makes himself out to be a victim when reality sets in

Don't really feel pity for dumb cumbrains like this removing themselves from the gene pool

Anonymous 141058

>She got off on telling guys who thought she was attractive that they were actually "gay" because actually she's a boy
do fujos really?

Anonymous 141062


Anonymous 141080

I would agree if the ratio wasn't 5 women to 1 man getting horrible disfigured, but you go girl.

Anonymous 141096

It exists because circumcision is so prevalent in america. Cutting off half the skin and severing nerves causes damage, and as a result they can't feel as much and their orgasm quality goes down. Thus the myth of the magical female orgasm - no, the orgasm isn't better, your dick is just fucked up. Guys who haven't been cut are usually less psychotic, as well. America is an utter shithole.

Anonymous 141102

are these older comic strips or is his art becoming worse


I feel somewhat sorry for moids who are like 40 IQ and were groomed into the tranny meme. But this person is clearly lucid and quite intelligent. Why would you expect sympathy for doing such a stupid thing?


>Guys who haven't been cut are usually less psychotic, as well.
I’ve noticed this too. They really become so mentally ill.

Anonymous 141116

this artist draws like a pedophile for some reason it gives me the creeps

Anonymous 141118

thats because he really is

Anonymous 141122

they're pretty new. i don't have the patience to dig up old stuff of his.

Anonymous 141126

Why would I ever have compassion for members of a class that considers me non/subhuman?
If it were up to me dual-egg reproduction would be perfected and anything with a Y chromosome would get a complimentary bleach injection.

Anonymous 141128

I have never encountered one that doesn’t and statistics only confirm it. Some of them are able to lie and pretend for decent lengths of time.

Anonymous 141132

Sounds like you’re delusional and naiive.

Anonymous 141134

Obvious scrote is obvious. Go back.
The average manifestation of scrote superiority complex is being treated with kid gloves like a small dog or a child, not being mistreated. You have obviously never been female for the first place you go to to be this false assumption.

Anonymous 141222

Could be Ovarit, it's also TERF-y. And there's also the fourth wave blog 4w.pub, but that's not a forum

Anonymous 141239


Youtube showing off woman who cut off her breasts and has horrific scars now for pride, like it's a good thing and not questionable at all. Children are being taught that this is a good thing. Our society is completely mentally ill and I'm sick of it.

Anonymous 141243

>have a % of a population with an existential crisis
>recommend these people to chop their tits off
>they are still depressed
>they kill themselves sooner or later
what a based anti-human society we have going on in the "western weorld"

Anonymous 141246

Doy-doy brain dummies :P

Anonymous 141275


the inmates are running the asylum

Anonymous 141276

What the fuck? Like just part of the abdominal wall? That sound so incredibly dangerous.

Anonymous 141277

I've seen that before. The "invention" here is just the use of a procedure that has been done for decades for women with vaginal develoment disorders like https://medlineplus.gov/genetics/condition/mayer-rokitansky-kuster-hauser-syndrome/

That's not to say it's safe of course, especially for men since their bodies are obviously even less suited to it than a woman with an underdeveloped vagina.

Anonymous 141301

Yeah, that comment reeks of scrote. But hey, we're all so brainwashed by the patriarchy that it could be a younger girl with internalized misogyny.

Anonymous 141302

Thank you. I spend so much time I can only read it as Not The Asshole but I knew it must have been something meaning I am not the original poster.

Anonymous 141304

Lol, that artist couldn't get those expressions more realistic if he tried. The fear in the toddler's eyes as the predator looms over him. The TIM's dead, suspicious eyes as he already plots how to groom this unguarded child he has access to.

Anonymous 141346

I don't even know what this is trying to convey.

Anonymous 141348

Ah love this. Typical groomer brainwashing language. If youre ever doubting this cult is for you that’s actually proof it is! Sane people completely reject our cult so you know its true!

Anonymous 141357


>munchausen syndrome by proxy victim kidnapped to face further years of abuse

Anonymous 141361

True. I’ve seen that when moids want a children, at least one of them has to be a boy, probably because moids can’t relate to girls as well. And when women want children, both genders are fine.
So when the tech evolves, birthrates are going to have a heavy male bias.
Women don’t want a daughter nearly as much as moids want a son.
Thank god I’m a lesbian.
I might be biased, but I do hope that all the moids start dating trannies, so that they would leave us the hell alone. And filming more tranny porn too, because that way no women are harmed in the process, and besides, moids would treat trannies with more respect.

Anonymous 141401

> So when the tech evolves, birthrates are going to have a heavy male bias.
This already happened in China. The only tech necessary is sex-selective abortion. It caused so many problems that they had to get rid of the one child policy.
Thankfully it is impossible to get a male to bear a child and always will be. Also most men are heterosexual and won’t fuck a tranny no matter how much they get reee’d at for it. The XY supremacy types are just coping with being trancels.
The only way this could happen would be if vat-grown people become a thing, and even then even the most sexist men would just fuck a sex robot, not a troon.
Really the only way to make humanity a single-sec species would be if they figured out a way to genetically engineer people to be gay, or set up the hormone ratios in the vats to make them gay.
For XY supremacy, this means needing to develop vat people technology and gay technology.
For XX supremacy, it only means making the existing dual-ovo tech available to humans and having them take testosterone for a certain windows during pregnancy so that the kid is a lesbian. Much easier.
</schizo rambling>



Her ‘daughter’ looks like a stressed out 29 year old male who works at a steel mill.

Anonymous 141408


He Looks like a young Macaulay Culkin.



Anonymous 141411

>filming more tranny porn too, because that way no women are harmed in the process>

Putting trannies in porn would be nice to make normal women less hypersexualized, but I don't think it would make moids treat trannies any better, there's nothing good about being hypersexualized


Trannies in porn, from what I know, are treated horrifically. They are known to film the most violent, disgusting and debasing scenes because many of them use sex as a form of self harm due to their mental issues. They also seem to date the worst kind of moids who abuse and cheat on them because they’re so desperate and very few men are willing to be seen with a tranny in public. Troons are viewed by moids with all the same contempt and resentment that men feel towards cis women, but even moreso because they’re a laughing stock and usually not very attractive. You see the way men treat unattractive women right? Troons get treated with that disgust but even moreso as theyre seen as mentally ill unattractive abominations who want to die anyway. Because most women dislike them too, they don’t have anywhere to run to. This isn’t to apologise for troons as most of them are just perverse, misogynist, autogynephiliac incels in skirts, but you are correct that trannies being degraded and hypersexualized also hurts cis women too. It’s just allowing women to be made into a mockery. Trannies are just a very twisted gross extension of false femininity: but that gives men the excuse to shit on femininity even more. Trannies pimping themselves out and allowing chasers to abuse them and treat them like dogshit furthers the sexist idea that if you’re not a short haired man with a penis and wearing pants then you deserve to be abused and raped and subjugated.


Also the top 0.1% of attractive passing trannies are still extremely sexualised but also treated better than their ugly non passing peers. This hurts unattractive cis women too as it strengthens moids opinion that if you aren’t sexually attractive and hyperfeminine looking you deserved to be treated like shit, on top of being hypersexualized.

Anonymous 141481



Anonymous 141482

God I love transphobia

Anonymous 141483

This artist was literally found to be tracing irl photos of toddlers to draw horrific fetish furry cub diaper pornography. Good radar

Anonymous 141485

>This already happened in China
Isn't there just heaps of semi-undocumented middle aged and old women? I think it was only a fine, people still had more children, but to avoid the fine they would make sure no one knew. It's not relevant to young people and I think because women migrate into cities from the countryside or from poorer cities more often than men, a lot of cities have more women than men. They scrapped the one child policy because of declining birthrate. It's now on 3 children, for face-saving reasons, but effectively as many as possible (may not be enforced or punished beyond not giving subsidies for the 4th child like the others).

Also, it seems like the main reason men want boys is because a daughter will marry into another family and not continue on his family (as well as not carry his name). If you remove that system, and remove the name thing, then they won't care.

Anonymous 141512

Agreed. The NYT thing was huge, for me.
Trannies lurking in this thread: how does it feel to be slowly losing control?

Anonymous 141517

Link to the NYT article?

Anonymous 141518

Anonymous 141525


Anonymous 141589

I was reading r/detrans the other day and, wow, incel terminology and incel talking points are often so casually sprinkled into posts made by a lot of the detransitioned/desisted men there. I knew the incel to TIF pipeline was a thing, but seeing guys do a 360 around that pipe and come back out with the same beliefs that sucked them into it was surprising and sad.

Anonymous 141636

> the incel to TIF pipeline
You mean TIMs (Scrotes in a dress) and yes they couldn't get a girlfriend so they became the girlfriend
TIFs are fujos who overdosed on yaoi and want to chop off their tits to experience "gay" sex first hand.

Anonymous 141651

pretty much.
both are cringe but TIMs are many more and the ones more physically dangerous. Everyone dismisses TIFs as irrelevant bc men contintinue to beat them anywhere and they cant do shit. How much you wanna bet that if a TIF was gonna go to Jail for real she would cower out and choose female jail because she knows, she would have an easier time there and she wont be raped.
funny how when the time for real punishment happens almost everyone chooses the female space fucking cowards.

Anonymous 141663

Post like these always piss me off. You're not a fucking demon, trannoid. If your old name makes you have panic attacks you are mentally ill. If you can't handle the very reality of where you come from you're not in a journey you're in a delusion

Anonymous 141689


this is a self portrait by a MAN who is MENTALLY WELL.

Anonymous 141691


Odd, it looks like a transitioning female. If also reminded me of pic related.

Anonymous 141693

Why are troons so fucking obsessed with making children transition?
It's disgusting, and it made me flip my stance on them when I realized how predatory they really are.
One day, a groomed kid will grow up and take justice in his own hands and go postal on his troon abusers, but they will spin it into more victim points. They're seriously the most disgusting creatures to ever live.

Anonymous 141696


> piss me off. You're not a fucking demon
lol it's really like this once you know it's true name you have power over it

Anonymous 141724

Becsuse they cant reproduce they know they are a dead end

Anonymous 141748

Ever heard the phrase "homosexuals reproduce by molesting kids"? It's the same thing and true af

Anonymous 141750

It's the same reason pedos and republicans target children. Children are easier to brainwash and groom that informed adults.

Anonymous 141753


Anonymous 141754

So he is autistic and got groomed. Dont have autistic children, dumb retards are the problem. Look up how many trannies are autistic or got a mental condition, its very often. They are suseptible to liars.

Anonymous 141755

Accurate but they always seem to wear things that cover their broad MAN shoulders. They either dress like epik gothic emo clusterfucks or grannies because Contrahons made the Granny style popular again with long sleeves too because he is ashamed of his broad shoulders, he says he is a milf but how can that be true if you are a tranny Nick Parrot he will never be a mother he is a lanky talloid facially ugly marylin manson looking shit.

Anonymous 141768

Please do not give your kids unrestricted internet access. Please if you know a parent that does this, warn them. Most child sexual abusers are pornsick teens and preteens. Here is a prefect example.

Anonymous 141775


This is from a month ago, but lmao.

Anonymous 141783

what does the extension do?

Anonymous 141804


This is fake but I cant stop laughing at it

Anonymous 141811

Please consult a neurologist.

Anonymous 141814

>none of these people would survive being trans online
Neither do they lmao

Anonymous 141816

My neurologist is busy working on finding the 15th gender

Anonymous 141818

Basically highlights trans friendly (green) and anti-trans websites (red) or accounts. The extension has to store data about users which I think is why they got banned in Norway

Anonymous 141832

But its science it says in the title would yu dare to question our lord and saviour le soycience and reddit. REDDIT is always right you know they deboonk misinfo like cis people. Science should never be questioned, its science trust the title. Im being sarcastic outta boredom if you can't tell.

Anonymous 141833

Murphy's Law is a beautiful thing.

Anonymous 141835

i know it's an old video but bruh

Anonymous 141966

kill yourself.

Anonymous 141973

I can't take this term seriously, especially outside of America. In my home country some terminally online woke people have started referring to minorities as "BIPOC" because they are braindead idiots who blindly copy everything Americans do. It's dumb as hell.
The majority of immigrants here are Turks and Eastern Europeans, in other words decidedly not "B" or "I" or "POC". (Who are those oppressed indigenous people of Germany anyways?)

There is a KF thread on the (suspected) creator of this extension, as well as the extension itself.

Anonymous 142099

>cis women
Sis, you can just say women here. There isn't any such thing as cis women, we're just women.

Anonymous 142101

Yeah, although there were definitely sex selective abortions, the crazy ratio is found to be a myth. Parents just weren't registering the girls and so they aren't discovered unless they need to do something official and needed to be registered with the government.
>If you remove that system, and remove the name thing, then they won't care.
I disagree with this. Men will absolutely still care. They inherently believe that men are better than women in every way. To them, why be happy with an inferior child when you could have had a superior child?

Anonymous 142173

Didn't the eyes cost half of your life-span in Death Note?
>Put stupid joke about 41%, in minecraft.

Anonymous 142176


Trannyism is intertwined with sadomasochism / domination & submission. Some of the same fucks giving talks, clinical recommendations, writing guidelines for WPATH are writing 'erotica' about children being castrated & raped by their doctors. It is an ultimate mark to leave on a child, to convince them to permanently stunt their growth and ruin their body beyond all repair. Like men who desire to 'leave their mark' on virgins, they desire to dominate children's lives to their graves after defiling their innocence, for their own sexual thrill and satisfaction.

Anonymous 142179

this made tears stream down my face. holy shit

Anonymous 142181

im going to start saying this. fucker who replied to this you can choke

Anonymous 142182

imagine fully admitting that you were groomed while you make le epic internet webcomics grooming children

Anonymous 142185

me too but tears of joy

Anonymous 142231


So? My sister can't get pregnant either, and?

Anonymous 142234

You know it's a male with it acts like women are a hivemind so the actions of a few women = all women, therefore, it's "you did this."

Anonymous 142268

I love when they visibly sperg like this because it shows the whole "people with uterus" and "bleeder" thing is for the sake of the male trannies only.
I think TIFs are only accepted in the troon activism space because they are a good cover to shut up women. Historically, male troons never gave a fuck about TIFs. The whole "activism" is built around male troons and their need for validation, TIFs are merely voiceless puppets these males use to talk through.

Anonymous 142271

I hope those trannies kill themselves

Anonymous 142275

They'd be doing everyone a favour.

Anonymous 142282

Newsflash: most of them will, actually.

Anonymous 142294

What happens when e-celeb trannies start 41%ing themselves anyways?

Anonymous 142299

This is so dumb because if you're literally a woman, it doesn't matter if you can't get pregnant or don't have a period, a major part of your healthcare is still specifically related to being a woman!

Anonymous 142306

Saging because I just need a place to vent this.

I'm in a weeby, feminine fashion hobby (some of you might already be able to guess I'm just being vague on purpose) where most of the participants are (biological) women. Of course, it also attracts manly ass TIMs using it as a way to "validate" themselves aka there's a lot of AGP/sissy types who pick up the hobby and join groups under the guise of ~just trying to be themselves~. Of course everyone is a fucking handmaid and will give these types the validation they're looking for. A group I'm in has been long overdue for encountering one of these people but of course, in the last few months it's happened.

The dudes posts were mostly innocuous so far but I can see the trends happening. He keeps posting stuff that is baiting everyone to give him asspats. Posting half assed pics of his outfits talking about how nervous uwu he is to share and to please not be too critical uwu, talking about how he is "living the life he wants" and that all that matters is he's happy now, etc. There's some girls who are giving it to him and I'm just standing back and taking note of who is giving him the asspats and who is ignoring him. I just wonder how long it takes for him to keep escalating his behavior and how long it will take for him to get banned. I can see the moderators are on his ass already, don't know them well enough to bring up any sort of GC shit with them , but they've given him a couple warnings so I'm glad they at least notice his weird fucking behavior.

Anonymous 142309

What have the warnings been about? You're being pretty vague.

sage 142315

sorry. warnings for the AGP-esque behavior - the constant personal talk and the fishing for compliments. whenever this ape posts a photo it can never be without a blog post about "please be gentle uwu i'm trying my hardest, i'm just trying to live my truth and be who i am and i am not very good at this yet and i'm just still learning so please don't be too judgemental or critical of me uwu". In particular our community has rules about being open to criticism and avoiding the "I know I look ugly but I'm posting this pic anyway" type of posts.

Anonymous 142319


Why do guys do this?

Anonymous 142320

Thread link pls

Anonymous 142323

Anonymous 142336

>women dont like my type
what a fucking retard, I dont like his type… OF AUTISM. His physical form would just make me want to do hard deep squats on top of his frail pelvis until he is drained.

is this how moids feel when a tomboy girl cuts her tits off?

Anonymous 142337

Sad as fuck, more proof that /lgbt/ trannies and such are reliant on pure indoctrination because their shit doesnt work irl, they are just mentally ill people preyed on other mentally ill people because misery loves company they dont want cute moids to get their shit together build at least some confidence to approach real women or accept getting approached by them without sperging out like autists. Trannies just ruin everything, if population size drops its because of them fooling dumbass impressionable moids into their cult.

Anonymous 142338

And the responses are just made up lies.

Anonymous 142367


Literally this

Anonymous 142376

This is not true. Trans identifying males have similar suicide statistics when compared to other males in their class/race.

Anonymous 142377

you're both wrong. they have a suicide rate of 1%, which is a shitload by any normal standard, but the 41% statistic always referred to suicidal ideation and not actual suicide. but 1% suicide rates are about what you would expect for males who are poor, mentally ill, and socially isolated, as many trannies are.

Anonymous 142406

its over

Anonymous 142422


Anonymous 142423

How do we get those numbers to 100%?

Anonymous 142429

don't worry she's just horny and wants attention through shock value

Anonymous 142438

pushing their degeneracy to the limit until they became totally souless

Anonymous 142491


Anonymous 142492


Imagine getting hit by a car for…

Anonymous 142496

encourage them to get the snip probably

Anonymous 142537

He looks like every other tranny

Anonymous 142549

sad because he'd look honestly kind of cute as a nerdy man with long hair if he styled his hair better, but instead has to try to meet the impossible standard of passing as a woman as a man

Anonymous 142550

KEK anon, you're ruthless. i love it

Anonymous 142556


Anonymous 142558

what the fuck is even going on??? i'm so confused

Anonymous 142562

i guess trancels/incels really do use CC, what the fuuuuck

Anonymous 142565

nta but legitimately kill yourself. you are not a girl, you are a man, and a misogynistic disgusting fuck at that.

Anonymous 142569

both of you must be the same person but i'm trying to figure out which is the fake persona. really confusing.

Anonymous 142576

allegedly "hot" and "desirable" tranny, post timestamped pics if you're a real tranner

Anonymous 142580

more like someone reading the thread saw your username in the screencap and contacted you.

Anonymous 142582

like half the trannies should and will kill themselves so im not that worried and irl regardless of what corporations say and woke culture is the people hate them, all they got is corporate overlords which cannot check on them outside of the internet. Trannies deserve the treatment they get from other people in 98% of the world.

They only dont get it in SanFrancisco or other shitholes.

Anonymous 142587

Who cares? Probably one of those 'sissy' faggots, nothing of value lost.

Anonymous 142588


Anonymous 142589


Reddit is a tranny hugbox.

Anonymous 142593

How many trans women does it take to change a lightbulb?

1 to threaten to rape lesbians not sucking his “girldick”
1 to fill the room with the stench of his ace wound
1 to kill himself after walking past the mirror in the room
1 to larp as the most sexist sterotypical caricature of a woman who doesnt know how to change a lightbulb
1 to call the whole process transphobic
1 to groom a child into doing it for them
And 1 to look up the kids skirt while he finally changes it

Anonymous 142596



Anonymous 142597

Trannies tend to be that failed ultra ugly moid IT dweeb nerd that is so lonely that he snaps and has to become the female figure in his life. Redditor is nerd starwars,marvel, gaming anything escapism soyboys. The psychological profile of trannoids is easy to comprehend. Failures reject moids idk if they know HRT is a scam they get convinced its not by other failures so they end up failing becoming the other sex and end up coping until death takes them with the other trannoids because misery loves company. Retarded nerdy desperate moids that marked themselves for death, the dead ends of humanity.

Anonymous 142599

We get it you are jealous of your mother instead of grateful. Because she is what you wont ever be because shits impossible. So you cope and seethe life long. What a retarded existance you lead, now you understand why normal people look down on you and treat you like you are a "special needs" loon lol.

Anonymous 142601

I have the misfortune of knowing some trannies, lonliness/failure as a male are aggravating factors, but normal moids can become them too. The driving motivation for trannies is porn. Something like 95%+ of trannies are AGP. All of them have watched hundreds of hours of the most messed up porn, RP'd as girls, done ddlg as the girl and other unspeakable things. They developed a fetishised idea that girls secretly enjoy being corrupted, sexually humiliated and abused. It's why, for example, the tranny ITT kept mentioning "f*ing her with his girlcck". Their brains are so destroyed by porn they see females this way and think they are females.

Anonymous 142602

Wash your testicles, it's reeking of minging male toilet in here.

Anonymous 142604

>The driving motivation for trannies is porn.
you are right. moids are naturally more coomerish so that + development terminal of AGP + sexual frustration. thats why there is so many mtfs than ftms, women just watch less porn. More reasons for society to hate mtf trannies they are justified in this, they are just often perverts that want to cross boundaries and end up making people uncomfortable af but we have to tolerate it? fuck that.

Anonymous 142607


I think it's the same tranny that is spamming the vent thread on lolcow right now by making everything about himself.

Anonymous 142613

No one is mad, why do you think anyone is mad? We are simply laughing at you

Anonymous 142615

this meme is always so funny to me because everyone knows and sees how troons need to copy real females because they don't know how to dress, groom, or generally take care of themselves

Anonymous 142616

Do normal women just know how to dress naturally? I didn't know wearing dresses was genetic.

Anonymous 142617

I wish there was a death penalty or at least forced conversion therapy/loony bins to correct AGP, pedophilia, diaper/fart/scat/crossdressing/etc fetishism, transvestism, and autism in men

Anonymous 142618

Are you assuming this wasn't already tried? Your knowledge of psychiatric history sounds tenious.

Anonymous 142648

This is sexual harassment imagine if a guy said this about a woman, please delete.

Anonymous 142649

>caring about moid feelings
>implying moids don't deeply enjoy being sexually harassed by even low quality females
go away

Anonymous 142652

Oh and men say much, much worse about women, have you ever been to r9k? And it isn't even limited to online settings with moids.

Anonymous 142659

"That person killed 10 people I only killed one person"

Anonymous 142660

Yeah but the one person I killed was a moid so who gives a fuck?

Anonymous 142664

We know not to dress ourselves like pornified bimbos or reddit incels for starters.

Anonymous 142665

You were born with that knowledge?

Anonymous 142669

No it's more like
"This asshole who kept killing people came after me so I killed him in self defense"
Get the fuck out moid why are you even here

Anonymous 142670

No. Women were socialized to learn how to groom themselves properly, and that pressure was never put on moids. Then when they try to troon out they just try to copy female style without actually learning hygene. Its a bad caricature, mostly based on the male perspective and fetishized view of how females are. They can never act like females because they are not, they just try to copy women based on their fetishized version of them

Anonymous 142674

Anonymous 142688

Do men think women can be turned into lesbians because of projection and being the much more easily memeable sex?

Anonymous 142691

yes. they also think we're more suggestible than they are KEK

Anonymous 142692

i think you misunderstood the pic lol

Anonymous 142699

exactly this.

Anonymous 142719

I'm not talking about the pic you posted, but the one it was based on. The one you posted is based, but the original moid made one seems to think women can become lesbians and that's why no women wants to fuck them.

Anonymous 142755


We live in an age where stating the truth is called trolling

Anonymous 142757

You're right of course but I don't know why you didn't expect to be banned for saying that on the lgbt board
You really think any mod for that board would agree?

Anonymous 142759

Oh it was expected. Still funny to watch them delete legitimate criticism of their delusions as trolling

Anonymous 142763

All the same.

Anonymous 142769

What's your theory on the original transsexuals in that case? Before being transgender was a glorified thing.

Anonymous 142770

Mentally ill homosexuals.

Anonymous 142771

That would only explain HSTS not AGP

Anonymous 142772

We already knew they were mentally ill, you haven't explained where the "infection" came from if it's social contagion based.

Anonymous 142780

The whole "deadname" accusation is kind of hilarious to me. It sounds like something you'd do to kill a wizard.

It's like: imagine there's this trans doctor going "I'm gonna medically transition this 14-year-old girl… and there's nothing anyone can do to stop me! Ahahahaha!"

And then the transphobe – the brave, TERF transphobe – crashes in through a stained glass window on horseback, and she's all like: "hold it right there: thou vile, twisted abomination! I know your TRUE name!"

"It isn't Mxyzptlk, your gender-neutral name. It's…. William! WILLIAM!"

And the trans doctor is all like "No! NOOOOOO!!" And he starts to fucking melt: all his fake eyelashes and hair implants fall out.

But then he gets up, with his makeup running and bald patch now visible, and is like "You can't do this to me! William is gone! Now there is only… Mxyzptlk!"

"But in words there is truth, and in truth there is power!" says the TERF, heroically. "And I know the truth, foul thing! Your name isn't Mxyzptlk. It's WILLIAM! WILLIAM! You're William and you removed your willie!"

"NO! NOOOOOO! I'm melting, I'm melting! Curse you, you vulgar little girl! Your words… they're literally violence!"

Thank you all, you've been a lovely audience, goodnight.

Anonymous 142781

>to kill a wizard
It's a well known way to kill demons, actually.

Anonymous 142796

Theres no need to explain the start. Some ideas have a initial conception. We can all say we learned english from someone else, well who was the first english speaker then? Obviously someone was the first to say each word or borrow each word from some other language to build what we call english.
Same can be said of troonism, much of it spreads today like wildfire amongst internet communities to the autistic and deranged and of course the original idea that “gender” is somehow discrete from sex and people can flip flop between them stems from early “genderoligists” piecing together a theory from thin air, attempting to explain why homosexual men might larp as women. The obvious truth is that the homosexual men simply want to attract men to fuck them. The byproduct is transbians who think they are actually women, but somehow “homosexual women” for still being attracted to women.

Anonymous 142800

No it doesnt. Sorry these ideas were in fact invented and spread via human language. No one is born trans in any way shape or form, especially you.

Anonymous 142803

I wasnt aware you even had an arugment, let alone we were having one, let alone I was losing it. You are suggesting trannies are "born that way"? Its not, and as Ive stated its obvious. No one is born trans, its a social contagion.
You then ask who was the first? I explained, homosexual men larping as women to sleep with other men. These people do not actually think they are women, they are not trans in the new 2020 "real woman", they are "women" out of necessity. In a hypothetical world where any man would sleep with any other man, there would be no pressure for these homosexual men to pretend to be women, thus they wouldnt, since again they dont actually think they are women.
That moves to the 2nd group, the AGP fetishists. These people would never exist unless someone told them "whoa, the reason youre a weird loser loner is because youre actually a women!". The idea would never pop into their head on its own, they wouldnt arrive at this "solution" to their problem on their own as the homosexual men did, its just not a logical conlusion. It needed an external seed, which is likely where your original question stems from. That seed is the "genderologists" as I said. The people trying to make sense of those original homosexual men, without jumping to the obvious conclusion "homosexual men will do quite literally anything for an orgasm", since its homophobic, so they invent elaborate theories like the concept of gender. This eventually spreads to the losers resulting in the current predicament we are in.
The final group you just brought up is the they/thems. this is the easiest to explain. They see the other two getting attention points in the media and want the fast dopamine hit that social peer praise brings and decide to join this months "special group"

Anonymous 142805

She explained it already. Homosexual males wanting to get dicked and heterosexual males with AGP. As for where AGP comes from, there's no reason why its origin should be different from any other fetish.

Anonymous 142807

You raise a lot of good points but I think theirs confusion on my original wording so let me clarify: you will instantly be recognized as being born male by everyone you meet for the rest of your natural life, regardless of what people say to you

Anonymous 142809

If that desire evolves into some delusion that they are in fact the opposite sex, or into the compulsion to force everyone else to treat them that way, yes.
I don't think gay men who cross dress are mentally ill necessarily, for comparison.

Anonymous 142811

I also forgot to add: HSTS trannies are just as male as AGP trannies and all other males. We can clock every one of you, even by the way you speak or argue. HSTS males seem to cause somewhat less of a visceral repulsion reaction because we don't automatically clock you as a sexual predator, but the resentment towards women and the deeply ingrained misogynistic ideas you harbor always jump out sooner or later.

Anonymous 142814

Every tranny believes they are, or shod be, of the opposite sex, do they not?
Otherwise we're talking about crossdressing gays, which are a different thing altogether. Believing you should be of a different sex to the point of it causing you significant distress is a mental illness in itself.

Anonymous 142816

Really? The average HSTS does not have gender dysphoria?
We should be informing the healthcare insurances and public health systems worldwide of this, so they stop financing unnecessary plastic surgery and hormonal treatment.

Anonymous 142817

Gender dysphoria doesnt exist so yes defund it all

Anonymous 142818

Multiple people in the thread, im no longer engaging with the JAQing off youre providing

Anonymous 142820

I'm in full agreement.

Anonymous 142822

Cool, but you are dancing around the point.
Trannies do not exist, following that logic, then. You agree, then, that "gender dysphoria" or any other version of the term is an umbrella for different males with different motivations seeking social benefits of some sort, and that no one truly is "female brained" or feels as such. There is no such thing as being "born in the wrong body" or "feeling like a woman".
You'd have to agree as well that most males claiming their HRT and surgeries and name changes and pronoun requirements are simply posturing and making up their whole supposed strife. That is the opinion of most people ITT, by the way, but somehow no HSTS admits to this in public, despite it not being the "norm" for them to be dysphoric, according to you.
Are we supposed to deduce that they are only claiming to be dysphoric because it gives them certain benefits and an upper hand against the women who don't want them near?

Anonymous 142823

Women hate being women because the world is made for men and there are little benefits to being a woman that are not also dehumanizing. This is the number 1 reason gender dysphoria is bullshit, especially around young women and girls.

Anonymous 142825

Obviously, the source of those emotions is from the treatment based on sex.
Particularly, based on not being of the violent, impulsive, rapey sex (male).

Anonymous 142827

It is not a "dysphoria" of any kind. It is the knowledge that being a woman, and actual female woman with a vagina, comes with a set of disadvantages.
Starting by turning into a sexual object and target of harrassment by adult men once you hit puberty, which is something you'd never know because you were never a young girl who suddenly developed a mature female body.

Anonymous 142829

I can also put it this way: I can bash your head with a bat and ask you if you like it. If you say "no, please stop bashing my head with the bat" I could also probably say you have "head bat-bashing dysphoria" and that you'd rather identify as someone whose head is not currently being bashed with a bat, but that would be a bit silly.

Anonymous 142830

I hear trannies have started to call children “eggs” and the act of finally raping these child victims of grooming “yolking”

Anonymous 142831

Id be friends with you

Anonymous 142832

That is nowhere near the medical definition of gender dysphoria.
You're visibly panicking right now if you have to go into semantics, but anyway, if you want to believe "dysphoria" means "feeling generally negative towards something" then I responded to you accordingly.>>142829
Alas, you should leave this board because it is female-only. Does the desire to be dicked down by men as a homosexual male also compel you to invade female spaces where you're clearly unwanted?

Anonymous 142833

I already consider us friends nona.

Anonymous 142836

You keep moving goalposts. Is it a "general negative feeling towards something" or an all-encompassing negative feeling that permeates your whole life?
If it's the latter no one would doubt it is in fact a mental illness and no, it's not what women here mean when they say they hate being women.

Anonymous 142839

>women being upset with the burden of sexism proves if i cut my dick off im a woman too
Very bold play by the “its all gender dysphoria” crowd, lets see if it pans out

Anonymous 142841

It does not matter if they don'r identify that way, there is obviously a subset of troons who are homosexual and a subset of troons who are heterosexual and have a fetish. It does not matter if they self-identify that way, troons these days are trying to dent AGP even exists (when there are millions of men who claim to have it). What certain number of cases? Your point was that HSTS troons do not have gender dysphoria and don't consider themselves women. This is objectively untrue. Blair is an exception (yes, I know I said "one", my bad) and he is largely hated by other troons for that. Most troons, homosexual or not, do claim to be women.
How do you explain this?

Anonymous 142843

*trying to deny
Phoneposting should be forbidden.

Anonymous 142844

Wait, so now you do think HSTS are mentally ill. You were trying to argue their specific type of gender dysphoria was not a mental illness (or the poster thread became too complicated to follow).

Anonymous 142846

What do you mean "hard"? A troon that is gay (attracted to men only) would be an HSTS. They are not hard to find at all. As I said, I don'r care if they accept the terminology.
>I'd imagine most HSTS simply parrot party lines
I wonder why you didn't answer this when I asked you about it directly. We know here these are gay men playing the system to get dicked down, and throwing women and our rights under the bus for it. I just wanted to see you state it clearly.
>"gender dysphoria" is a term that occurs after HSTS
That is also wholly irrelevant. You seem to believe, in true tranny fashion, that things come to life through words. But shockingly we can use helpful terms retroactively if they apply. Here, we talk about the "feeling of being in the wrong body" or "strong pervasive dissatisfaction with your genitals or having a body of a certain sex". It doesn't matter what you want to call it.

Anonymous 142850

We seem to be in full agreement then.
I'll just make sure: seeing that these are simply men seeking certain benefits, there is absolutely no reason to entertain the lie that they are women, and there is zero obligation of a health system to provide gay men with the means to get dicked down more easily. More, their selfish cruel ways of destroying our single-sex spaces, sports and compelling language to describe us in dehumanizing terms (vagina-havers, bleeders, etc) should be called out for the collective bamboozlement it is. Correct?
I am glad I am talking to a fellow TERF after all.

Anonymous 142851

>born with some form of body dysmorphia? Sure
Do you think routine infant circumcision may potentially contribute to these feelings? That would be a form of social contagion.

Anonymous 142860

>brutal rape against women
isn't medically or religiously standardized - maybe you could argue islam, but brutal sort of puts it in a different category
>purely the circumcision
now you're putting words in my mouth. contribute, is what I said. foetal development can take wrong turns in whatever circumstance. there are more trannies in countries that circumcise, usa and israel, especially, but maybe that's because they're more liberal than places like saudi arabia. I also seem to recall places like iran pushes tranny surgery on gays to "make" them "okay"

Anonymous 142869

Holy fuck, imagine being this obtuse and brainwashed.

Anonymous 142871


>oh, you're a woman who doesn't enjoy the misogynistic world around her? you have gender dysphoria and should lop your breasts off. Checkmate, le evil TERFs!!1!

Anonymous 142873

By claiming that a woman naturally being averse to misogyny is "gender dysphoria" which very obviously has connotations with trans ideology. You can autistically obsess about semantics all you'd like, like a ton of other newfag retards who come here to pwn le evil TERFs.

Anonymous 142880

Someone needs to make a comic based on this.

Anonymous 142889

Fuck you, you made me laugh at work

Anonymous 142894

Is it even possible to stop this trend at the rate we're going? I'm almost certain a vast majority of men and women think troons are disgusting, so why do we all comply with these retarded demands? Just because your employer will probably fire you if it becomes public that you stand against them?

Anonymous 142895

Literally yes. Showing her the real reason for her suffering and the way to stop it and showing her that she can never be a man and will never be treated like one is a billion times better than chopping off her tits.

Anonymous 142896

The way of permanently solving the problem is telling gay men that they can't force straight men to fuck them and that they have to cope with their sexuality like everyone else does. It is not my rrsponsibility as a woman to provide gay men with safe spaces and with a sexual market they find acceptable.
As for AGP men, they have to be told their fetish is like any other fetish and as such they can't force anyone to participate in it.
There. Problem solved. As it was before pedo and child abuser extraordinaire Money invented the gender thing.

>There's no medical obligation to treat it anymore than another particular suicidal person

Any other mental illness that involves body dysphoria (BDD, anorexia, etc) is treated by attacking the root cause and never by validating the dysphoric feeling. What is being done now is not "treatment", it's placation.

Anonymous 142899

And your response would be “youre actually a man just like your rapist,let me cut your tits off!”. Completely sane and logical line of reasoning from the tranny crowd

Anonymous 142900

Theres a tranny at my office in the It department. He’s disgusting and everyone kinda has inside jokes about him. Its sad to have to listen to all the praise he gets in public but it’s reassuring to know everyone is still laughing behind his back. Hopefully soon we can go back to laughing in public again and shame him into keeping his fetish at home. We will see

Anonymous 142901

make a rumor that he has something illicit so he gets fired, he likely does anyway. he probably smokes weed and its probably illegal in his city so send the cops after him as soon as you know anything lol.

Anonymous 142902

He likely has child pornography, forget weed.

Anonymous 142909

Youre a moron if you think a woman whos suffered trauma and is now wishing she was never born a woman to avoid said trauma is best treated by having a mustache glued to their face and trying to convince the world they are in fact a man.

Anonymous 142912

The treatment for gender dysphoria is a bullet in the back of the head.

Anonymous 142914

Instead of JAQIng off why dont you for the first time in the thread state what you actually think?
Are you capable of that or would it reveal you as a tranny yourself.
Let me do some JAQIng off for you to spend endless hours answering this time

1) do you think men can become women?
2) do you think gender dysphoria is real?
3) if you think its real what do you think is the proper treatment for this mental illness

Please number your answers so you dont get lost in side stepping any questions

Anonymous 142915

Trannies are a mentally ill cancer, correct

Anonymous 142917

They want to surgically remove their breasts and give them HRT, much more appropriate

Anonymous 142918

>physically? No
What other way is there anon?

Anonymous 142920

Are women entirely defined by the way the world treats them?

Anonymous 142923

Well you said a man can become a woman if people start treating him like one

Anonymous 142928

Its called a delusion

Anonymous 142931

Does that mean that if everyone here calls you a tranny, for all intents and purposes, socially you are a tranny?

Anonymous 142933

People treating van Gogh as the best painter or the worst painter doesnt change whether hes a great or shitty painter in any way
If you get every person on earth to save Everest is not the tallest mountain, its height doesnt change

Anonymous 142935

But you were in fact born as a male

Anonymous 142937

A shitty painter. And yet he was a great one. Proving that even if people treat a man as a woman it wont magically change him to one.

Anonymous 142938

Whether someone is a good painter or not is a matter of opinion. Whether someone has a penis or not is fact.

Anonymous 142940

>A shitty painter. And yet he was a great one.
So we can surmise that even though Van Gogh was a great painter, he was for all intents and purposes socially a shitty one. Notice social/physical disconnect.
>Proving that even if people treat a man as a woman it wont magically change him to one.
Correct physically.

Anonymous 142941

Yes and this goes back to my comment, you think being a woman is a matter of how people treat you socially? If I and everyone start calling Obama a woman he becomes one?

Anonymous 142942

>im physically a man but socially a woman
Funniest tranny cope ive seen all year. What will they dream up next!

Anonymous 142943

Since the world treats trannies like pedophilic groomers they are pedophilic groomers. You heard it here first.

Anonymous 142944

>Yes and this goes back to my comment, you think being a woman is a matter of how people treat you socially?
And this goes back here >>142922 The totality of "being a woman" is not defined socially, but social experience is undeniably a part of it.
>If I and everyone start calling Obama a woman he becomes one?
For social purposes? By definition yes. Physically? No.

Anonymous 142945


Anonymous 142946

The thing is you have to have the social experience your entire life. I cant go down to the plantation historical museum and spend a day in the life as a slave and then say “wow I am a slave”.

Anonymous 142947

The experience of someone being treated like a woman because they are one is completely different from the experience of someone being somewhat treated like one because they tried extremely fucking hard to get to that end. That fact by itself makes them two completely different experiences.
Trannies are not women, not biologically, not socially, not psychologically nor in any shape or form.

Anonymous 142948

If tomorrow everyone decides that you are a slave, and will get treated as one, do you not become a slave?

Anonymous 142949

You keep pretending that social views are separate from physicalities, but they are not.
No, you don't, because words are not reality. Not like you would understand that when you spend your waking hours on the Internet pretending to be a woman.

Anonymous 142950

Yes, indeed, the mental illness called "gender dysphoria" does indeed exist and it should be treated like any other mental illness. That is, by reinforcing reality and finding the root causes.
Placation is the absolute last thing to be done here.

Anonymous 142951

This, the idea any tranny has ever been treated like a women is laughable

Anonymous 142952

They do have the highest rates of pedophilia of any demographic, so yes, yes they are.

Anonymous 142953

>you probably think John Money wanted to prove being transgender was a thing
No, I think he was a Jewish pedophile with a society-destroying agenda whose ideas were happily co-opted by your beloved trans rights activists.

Anonymous 142958

Not by my parameters, you dirty, dirty Foucaultian relativist. By the parameters of objective reality.
1) are not female
2) do not act like women
3) are not perceived as women
4) are not treated like women
5) have widely different life experiences from women
Then, they are not women.

Anonymous 142964

Your first premise is wildly wrong, but it is pretty funny the pretzel a dirty relativist will twist himself into just to avoid accepting reality exists.

Anonymous 142969

Gals there's at least two troons in this thread.

Anonymous 142970

You are not half as smart as you think you are, and your childish way of avoiding questions is transparent to anyone over 18 years of age.
Say it loud and clear or leave this board: trans women are men. There is not reason to discuss this further.

Anonymous 142974

You're not really answering any questions when you follow your answers with vague nudges to the opposite of what you just sai
d, like you did here. >>142916
Anon never asked you if men could become women physically. She asked you if they could become women. That can be answered with a simple yes or no, as the question really is that simple.

Anonymous 142977

Your mistake is thinking we give one single fuck about what a tranny thinks. We want to see you admit you'll never be a woman and fuck off.

Anonymous 142981

Apology not accepted, not you can go back to /tttt/.

Anonymous 142982

Everyone should be banned in this thread. Both the tranny and the idiots egging the tranny on like fucking retards shitting up the thread.

Anonymous 142984

I'll take the L. It is always too fun to let them know they can't pass even anonymously.

Anonymous 142985

These two posts seem in direct conflict with each other.

Anonymous 142987

>And I get that the mods like to be careful but really its always the same with these fucks. They always try to play devils advocate
It would have to be by necessity. Admin does not physical check if the poster is female, so all that's relied on is post content. I would almost believe CC was good at it's job if it even had a vocaroo vetting process, but it doesn't. If one doesn't agree, they're a moid. It has to be that way by design.

Anonymous 142988

>Be a genius if you want, if everyone treats you like you're a retard, for all intents and purposes, socially you are a retard.
This is not correct. It's like if someone was convinced a horse was an elephant, so everyone treated it like an elephant. For all intents and purposes, it is not an elephant. Just because a delusion is shared, does not change material reality.

Anonymous 142989


>trannies when a man in a batman costume walks into the childrens cancer ward and all the doctors and nurses start acting like it’s actually batman

Anonymous 142991

>What is the entire premise of Santa Claus

Anonymous 142992

More humorously, the tranny who is pretending the lion is a horse would get eaten by said lion.

Anonymous 142993

The Defeat of Mxyz…

Lmao somebody illustrated this on 4chan

Anonymous 142995


saw this while checking reddit, gave me a good chuckle

Anonymous 142996

There aint no way that shit is ever not gonna be weird af. Everyone always gives trannies weird looks thats why they dont go out often.

Anonymous 142997

Even the they/themlets? They seem like hyper-social butterflies in liberal circles.

Anonymous 142998

>Band is mid af anyways
Really telling that even when the tranny was this mad, he still couldn't summon the nerve to call them "bad". Probably a pretty solid band.

Anonymous 142999

>bassist keeps the peace
checks out

Anonymous 143003


This is the band that rejected him. KEK.

Anonymous 143005

everyone just ignore the bait please

that comment in particular was what made me laugh because it so totally reminds me of what men do when you reject them. "what? well uhhh I wasn't interested in you anyway you ugly fat bitch! I was just joking!". like clearly you thought the music was interesting enough that you wanted to join.

Anonymous 143008

I feel like this website is full of troon-sympathizers who think being "asexual" or "aromantic" is a thing.

Anonymous 143012

Asexuality and aromanticism have nothing to do with trans ideology, retard.

Anonymous 143013

Anonymous 143014

No, I'm not seeing any correlation and you've failed to point out any correlation. I'm asexual and a TERF.

Anonymous 143015

I don't talk to troons, you'll get no more respones from me.

Anonymous 143016

I've never noticed that. Though I think asexuality is very much a meme used by literal children and repressed lesbians, I have no doubt that there are some people who are born without any sexual desire. As for aromantics, isn't that just people who can't love? Those are called sociopaths and we've known about them for forever.

Anonymous 143018

>Though I think asexuality is very much a meme used by literal children and repressed lesbians, I have no doubt that there are some people who are born without any sexual desire.
That's just having no libido.
>Those are called sociopaths and we've known about them for forever.
Then we should just call them sociopaths instead.

Anonymous 143026

>That's just having no libido.
And? The overall condition is still called asexuality.
>Then we should just call them sociopaths instead.
There's a lot of stigma surrounding that word. If caught young enough, the majority of them can lead normal lives without hurting people so I don't mind calling them a word that means "unable to feel love."

Anonymous 143028

>aromantic means being a sociopath
>troons are identifying as sociopaths in droves
Checks out

Anonymous 143029

Is the asexuality "condition" causing no libido, or is having no libido causing asexuality?

Anonymous 143036

I think it's more that they are synonyms of each other. Like, is the attraction to women causing the lesbianism, or is the lesbianism causing the attraction to women? I think it's just a condition in the brain that people are either born with, or that is switched on by epigenics early in life due to population densities.

Anonymous 143037

Pretty excited for the near future when its legal to drag trannies behind cars on gravel roads. Every internet community will drastically improve overnight.

Anonymous 143039

Sis . . . what the fuck?

Anonymous 143046

Good post
Based band, will give them a listen.

Anonymous 143064

Damn, that was quick. What board?

Anonymous 143072

/pol/, unfortunately
I'm not a racist, but it's the only place to go for tranny hate threads. I try to keep my head low and my opinions to myself when I'm there, obviously.

Anonymous 143073

the idea is that they can't love romantically. they can still have platonic love for their family and friends, so no, if they do exist, they aren't sociopaths.

a sociopath is someone who has weak empathy, whereas a psychopath is someone who has no empathy at all.

Anonymous 143075


I hate how the most blatantly made up stories get so much engagement online from AGPs that take it at face value and wish this would happen to them. How does anyone read this and think it's anything but some delusional person's fantasy?

Anonymous 143087

Maybe she’s just really good at mind breaking them. I have a secret desire to trannify moids because I hate them and they deserve to suffer like ugly freak imitations of women.

Anonymous 143101

reading tim's thoughts on aging while trans woke me up in a big way. it made me realize how many see femininity as synonymous with being sexually appealing to men. a lot of them talk about how women become less feminine as they get older, which i took to mean either menopause and/or women "letting themselves go". the tims talked about how they find this comforting, as in their minds they'll need to put in less effort to pass as they age. this perspective confused me, because the older women in my life are much more feminine than my peers. whether it be the older women in my family, or some elderly women i know, they exude femininity. and it isn't because of how they look (although most older women around here are much more put-together than young woman, kek) but moreso something that's much more difficult to explain. like they've lived a lifetime and all of that knowledge and power and self-reflection they've amassed comes through. i'm not personally interested in becoming more feminine, but if i was i would look to older women as role models, not my peers. that's when i realized how basic and crude a lot of troon's understanding of femininity is.

Anonymous 143103

that's based but the reddit story seems obviously fake because the wig thing feels so contrived, and just nothing about it rings true at all. I've heard other stories of gfs prodding moids to transition that are much more believable. I have an anime crossplaying friend whose gf asked him if he might be trans for example.

Anonymous 143139

I do suggest to every weak willed moid i hear bitching about life online that they might be trans. Its a shot in the dark but if it gets one to cut their dick off its a lifetime accomplishment award. Get placed with the Ming dynasty emperors in heaven for making eunuchs.

Anonymous 143140

Any other black metal anons remember when the one of the former guitarists for Absu trooned out? Lol

Anonymous 143175


Anonymous 143177

This is 100% larping AGP fiction. It's a common fantasy for AGP moids to be "feminised" by a female into one of them.

Anonymous 143188

You're all dumb, it's intentionally a satirical take on sleazy Hollywood celebrities always going after younger women
t. interview with elfman about it

Anonymous 143189

Can guys be terfs? My (adult) brother was a pro-trans marxist feminist but is now anti-trans because it goes against dialectical materialism and because its mentally deranged perverts emulating stereotypes about women. He asked me this and I told him no. I was right, right?

Anonymous 143194

TERF is just a buzzword. If he opposes """sex work""", the porn industry and prostitution, he is already better than 99% of self-proclaimed leftist men.
You can be anti-trans and a misogynist at the same time (plenty of alt-right incels are, mostly for the wrong reasons), but to oppose prostitution and the porn industry you genuinely have to place the wellbeing of women above your own hypothetical pleasure.

Anonymous 143198

>the idea is that they can't love romantically. they can still have platonic love
That just sounds like unresolved trauma. I do not believe in that definition. It sounds like the person who does (and I'm not saying you do, you're just relaying information) either thinks that storybook happily ever after love exists and because they don't feel that so they think they can't feel romantic love, or else trauma. There is no biological reason a person would be able to feel every sort of love and attachment but romantic.

Anonymous 143199

>He asked me this and I told him no.
Correct. One, as >>143194 pointed out, TERF isn't really a thing. It's a word that was made up by men to divide women. By their very nature, in order to be a radical feminist, you have to be against gender. Gender exists only though the belief that the sexes have inherent roles and duties they must fulfill and that they do this naturally. So girls like pink and sewing and babies, and boys like blue and spears and hunting. Trans people believe that this still applies, but that if you don't show the aspects of your sex, it must inherently mean you are the other sex. There are gender critical trans identifying people, but that's so far from logic that it quickly dissolves under any type of scrutiny.
But if you take TERF at face value, that it is a "trans exclusive radical feminist", men still cannot be included because within radical feminism, only women can be feminists. It stems from the theory that oppressors cannot be part of a movement to free the oppressed, as by their very nature they take over any movement they are part of. You can see this is studies where they show that when men are allowed in women's group, the women, though a lifetime of social training, speak less and defer to the men and their opinions while the men become louder and value their own opinions more. In radical feminism, men can only be allies.
Your brother may be a feminist ally, but at the moment it sounds like he is merely gender critical.

Anonymous 143200


>If he opposes """sex work""", the porn industry and prostitution

Yeah from what I know about him hes against all of those things, I thank god everyday for not making him a coomer or a troon because he is the only other pro-feminist anti-tranny person i know of irl

Anonymous 143226


Because being a woman is about wearing eyeliner, right?

Anonymous 143227

is your brother single and on the east coast of the usa <3

Anonymous 143228

Imagine if it was covered, we'd have to see so much more of that clunky shitty eyeliner looks that they serve

Anonymous 143231

Lmao the giant male ear

Anonymous 143237

Giga forehead

Anonymous 143248

Buffalo Bill wrote this

Anonymous 143250

tranny out in the …

Saw this tranny out in the wild today. What childhood grooming and porn addiction does to a mfer

btw I might have posted this twice accidentally

Anonymous 143252

He is likely in his 30s and just pretending to be 16 to groom

Anonymous 143253

tranny trolled.jpg

old but gold

Anonymous 143254

He looks like everytime a guy on SNL plays a woman. But then again they all do

Anonymous 143264


Anonymous 143269

Suggestion: we use the bones as clubs to hit them with.

Anonymous 143271

that or monty python lol

Anonymous 143285

I got a nasty scar on my chest when I was 7 and it has never healed properly. Now it just appears on my breast and sometimes I mask it because it brings unwanted attention. I can't imagine what it's like for these girls to have double mastectomy scars and flaunt them all the time.

Anonymous 143288


Fascinating how this "woman's" mentality is so…masculine and misogynistic.

Anonymous 143299


>u r just jealous u will never look like trans girls

Anonymous 143300

Reminds me how my dad always said my mom gave up on femininity. Which confused me as a kid, because she was such a stereotypical woman – nurturing, community-oriented, amazing cook and baker, sewed my outfits from scratch, into gardening and growing things. Then I realized he just meant she didn't wear tight dressed anymore.

Anonymous 143301


you both are spot-on. when you hear TIMs speak about what made them "realize" they were women is always something stupid like "I loved dresses and pink and make-up and glitter!" or even "I just got along with women better!" but is that really what makes you a woman? I could be a pickme that says "this is why I don't like being friends with girls" and keep in the company of men as much as I want but that doesn't make me a man. even when it comes to men who prefer when women dress to the male gaze, many of them will understand a TIM is not a "real woman" just because they happen to be dressed that way.

fuck all that other stuff. it's all cultural. we made that shit up as humans. at the end of the day what makes you a woman? your biology, nothing else. emotions, clothing, color preferences, nothing else matters.

the problem here is men have associated women/female with fuckability and their sexual preferences. it might be true that many men are excited by the image of a bimbo. maybe a man can get all the surgery and clothing and makeup he wants to achieve a bimbo look. but that will never make you a woman - you are only dressing up in the male gaze.

at the very least the only thing I would agree on is that I do think there are some basic, primal emotions/actions that are indicative of male/female but that also doesn't mean they are exclusive to males/females - for example, experiencing empathy does not make you a female, even if I might say I believe being female gives you a natural predisposition to being more empathetic than the average man.

Anonymous 143302

yea right
super jealeous im not going to kill myself like them

Anonymous 143306

Screenshot 2022-07…

I really don't understand these people getting facial feminization surgery when they don't even know how to do makeup yet.

Anonymous 143307

>it made me realize how many see femininity as synonymous with being sexually appealing to men
troons are literally men who create a picture of a woman they find sexually attractive
it's not about femininity at all, it's only about themselves, they only care about themselves, troons are selfish and misogynistic men

Anonymous 143308

because they know that no amount of makeup is going to completely get rid of their masculine features.

Anonymous 143309


i miss modesty being a thing yall

Anonymous 143310

The scrotes really won with sexualization being called empowering

Anonymous 143312

There’s not much you can do for a face that masculine and horsey, honestly. His horse face is too far gone.

Anonymous 143315



Anonymous 143321

>be man
>go to lesbian bar
>attempt to pick up lesbian
>shocked at rejection

The sense entitlement from trannies is astounding. Nooooo! You have yo play along with my delusion! Everyone has to cater to me!! Reeeeeeee!
Imagine thinking youre special

Anonymous 143322

Trannies are literally incels in skirts kek.

Anonymous 143326

>Lesbians literally helped creating this monster
How so?
>harrassing straight people for many decades now, before they went for lesbians
Lesbians have been writing about AGPs and their effect on gay communities and women's rights since 1970s. So no, you're wrong in every way.

Anonymous 143327

Anyone else tired of conservitards at fox and the dailywire pretending to be lesbian/TERF allies just to shit on trannies with us?

Anonymous 143330


Anonymous 143332

You raise a lot of really good points, however have you considered the fact everyone you ever meet will instantly recognize you as having been born a man no matter what you do?

Anonymous 143334

Facts. Try asking any trans ”lesbian” if they’d date black/fat/butch women.

Anonymous 143335

I don't even think he's a tranny, just a troll.

Anonymous 143339

Where is that article from?

> As it was before pedo and child abuser extraordinaire "Money" invented the gender thing.
By "Money" do you mean anperson with the (last) name of "Money", or just money?

Anonymous 143341

Fallacy of relative privation.

Anonymous 143343

Dr. John Money. He was given control over two brothers, one of which had no penis from a botched circumcision. He convinced the parents that SRS was in the best interest of the child and so David Reimer was raised as a girl. Money was really sick, he forced the two brothers to have sex as children and David Reimer committed suicide at 38 and his brother ODed at 36.

Anonymous 143358

It's important to say that John Money was also the first to use the term "gender" in the way we use it now, and he invented the concept of "gender identity" in the 1950s. His ideas are still extremely influential in the trans movement, and they have no qualms about claiming him as visionary scientist even though he was a known child abuser.

Anonymous 143363

how long have men been writing about their agp fantasies?

Anonymous 143415

>John Money was also the first to use the term "gender" in the way we use it now

I'm a little confused - how was the word used before his time? As a synonym for sex?

Anonymous 143420

good post

Anonymous 143422

Yep. It's part of why I hate how TERF has become synonymous with transphobic.

Anonymous 143423

Yep. LOVED Matt Walsh's documentary, but of course on his social media he's a pro-forced-birther.

Anonymous 143424

> Cancer surgeons have been writing about cancer since 1970s
>What an admirable and productive way to spend one's time. Surely there is no better or more interesting subject to discuss. Rent free amirite sistars?????

Anonymous 143428

It was used as a linguistic term, as in for noun classes I think

Anonymous 143431

sane poster

Anonymous 143433

insane poster

Anonymous 143455

Alternatively, I envision a great future where it's normal and ok to do sex-based abortions everywhere in the world and we reach a point where females vastly outnumber males so much that we never have problems again.

Anonymous 143582

I am getting real tired of these freaks everywhere and my rational opposition is quickly becoming hot anger.

Anonymous 143584

Yes. It was not applied to people.

Anonymous 143585

She is almost 100% right. She is only wrong in saying it's "years away". A father has been called to court for not recognizing his daughter's school-sppnsored transition at was kept secret from him.

Anonymous 143592


This comes to mind

Anonymous 143593

>Tranny that is exclusively attracted to women
hm… wonder why that's so common… really makes you think!

Anonymous 143595

Gender as a word came from the Latin "Genus", which meant to denote race, but the use in English always meant kind/type. The word "Sex" was replaced with "Gender" in English because it received an erotic undertone. Nobody uses sex nowadays to imply gender.

Anonymous 143898


Anonymous 153968

hung out with a TIF friend recently and her goddamn TIM "girlfriend". TIM looked at the TIF's outfit and said "you look like such a faggot hehe" and TIF went "hehe thanks". I've never been so uncomfortable before. like, sir you are a straight man and ma'am, you are a lesbian. TIF is a childhood friend and I have been trying to help her work through some of her issues in the hopes that maybe she'll finally come to her senses some day. TIM is an annoying prick that I hope just fucks off some day.

Anonymous 154021

Everything is Opposite Day for troons, just try to interpret it like that

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