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Terfposting #21 - transing the 2 year olds edition Anonymous 143604

Anonymous 143606

Sex is still used in some contexts, especially when it's referring to biological sex in scientific papers and medical records and so on. It also depends on the language.
"Gender" was used as synonym to "sex" for a long time. John Money was the first to give it the meaning of an identity that could be separate from sex, and this happened in the 1950s.

Anonymous 143617


I wish the troon above a very nice ban.

Anonymous 143619


>tOo fAt dIdnT rEad

Anonymous 143620


Anonymous 143621


Anonymous 143625


Hmmm great point, but in the other hand, have you considered the fact that you have a wrinkly scrotum dangling from your stinky moid crotch and you'll never pass as a female?

Anonymous 143628


Amazing contribution, unfortunately you will still never be a woman.

Anonymous 143690


>I am the inheritor of the 4th Reich, you will not like how we come back fatty

Anonymous 143704

Yes, Blaine, I am sure they thought you were a totemo rearu gyaru with that glowingly male face of yours.

Anonymous 143707

Why not just ban the troon already?

Anonymous 143708

I reported all of his posts with no mod response, which is why I resorted to respond and post his face.

Anonymous 143729


Please, do not engage with men. The more you ignore them, the faster they'll commit suicide.

Anonymous 143730

If you truly had a female brain, you'd just post here without mentioning your identity in every second sentence. But you can't do that, because you are a male narcissist desperate for attention.

Anonymous 143735

Not to speak of it being absolutely impossible to identity "brain sex" through a ct scan (even if it existed). Dumb troon.

Anonymous 143736


Kek the men is seething anyway

Anonymous 143739

Anonymous 143740

Did you read any of what I said, you absolute brainlet troon? None of that says you can point at your (male, scrotey) brain and say "that's a female brain". Brains are NOT sexually dimorphic organs.
t. a neuroscientist

Anonymous 143741

Have you actually read those? What the other anon is saying is not that there are no brain differences between sexes, but rather that those are statistical averages and not distinct features. It's like body height. Men are taller on average, but that does not mean tall = male and short = female.

Anonymous 143742


Absolutely eyeroll worthy interview with a gendie TIM, apparently your same-sex parent helping wash you in the shower is sexual abuse now.

Anonymous 143744



Did you read my links? I'm arguing that male and female brains are different too, you twat.

Anonymous 143745

All of them involve several participants, like I said, and they all focus on statistical differences in brain size, you absolute idiot.

Anonymous 143746

this person claims to have been born female, and I'm not sure I believe that at all.

even if that's true my case still stands, a parent washing their TODDLER does not a sexual abuse make. this person's a sociopath

Anonymous 143749


Anonymous 143755


Anonymous 143756

You do need to be an adult human female to be a woman though.

Anonymous 143761


Anonymous 143762


Anonymous 143763


Anonymous 143765


Anonymous 143769

qt trap gf.jpg

Anonymous 143773


Anonymous 143775


Anonymous 143781

Is that actually real?

Anonymous 143788

I remember I saw a wild AGP in 2015 or so, he was a huge 50 year old man shopping in a shop marketed for teen girls, literally every girl was laughing at him and because I didn't know about the tranny shit I legit thought he was severely retarded, he looked so ridiculous. Good times!

Anonymous 143795

Trannies absolutely seething in this thread. Love it. Hopefully they kill themselves or at least stay too angry to rape kids.

Anonymous 143807

Don't reply to males.

Anonymous 143810

He must be so fucking lonely to come to none other than two different women-only imageboards to attempt some human interaction. Anyway, good night miners.

Anonymous 143823


This is the tranny that is shitting up this thread.

Anonymous 143824


>you're all fat chuds in here

Anonymous 143825


tfw you're caught lying about having a vagina

Anonymous 143831

imagine being alone in a room with this man. i'd feel genuinely unsafe

Anonymous 143832

he strikes me as a potential serial killer

Anonymous 143834

I engaged because there was zero response from the mods for almost one day. You'd have a troon spamming and derailing threads without being called out.
The "do not respond" rule only makes sense if there's a speedy deletion+ban, otherwise it allows them to continue posting unchecked.

Anonymous 143838


Anonymous 143938

This is factually correct. Nothing in that image is even about trannies.

Anonymous 143939

This. If the artstyle wasn't obviously libfem the statements could easily come from a TERF. (Although to be fair I'm not sure why it was posted… as a statement that women are just women by nature of being women, or to make fun of it.)

Anonymous 143954

Thanks for the dump!

Anonymous 143955


I hate trannies so much it's unreal

Anonymous 143957


>I'm a woman now.

Anonymous 143960

Holy mother of retardation

Anonymous 143970

You do need to have a certain type of body. A female one.

Anonymous 143976

i wont hear anything about misusing a term after theyve spent the last 6 years crying about nazis on the internet

Anonymous 143978

lol, he kind of looks like human shrek.

Anonymous 143979

Ill stop calling them groomers the moment they stop grooming kids. Aka never since its their primary goal to rape kids.

Anonymous 143986


Anonymous 143987


Anonymous 143989


Anonymous 144005

Am I missing something or was the trans comment a complete non sequitur?

Anonymous 144006

The original tweet is a play on the joke about lesbians have short nails because of the fingering involved. I suppose the "ummm trans people EXIST" comment is trying to say that some lesbians are trans women and thus maybe can't relate to that concept of needing trimmed nails in order to touch their genitals (literal dicks) comfortably.

That said though I feel like you still should have trimmed nails even if you were gonna finger someone's asshole, or what if it's transbian with a neovagina lol. So like, idk, this seems like sperging out for nothing almost since you could argue that this could still apply to TIMs. Just seems like that thing that TIPs do where they get pissed about something not explicitly being inclusive of trans people when it's like…if you had done that, they still would've found a way for you to get mad at not including someone else.

Anonymous 144008

Absurdity of Deadn…

Fresh OC: a rare collaboration between Ovarit and /pol/

Anonymous 144011

I go on /pol/ for the tranny hate threads on occasion (I'm not a racist or anything), but it seems to be getting spammed by troons right now. Anyone else noticing this?
It's interesting how the troons are putting this much effort into posting against the YWNBAW sentiment, but don't seem to give a damn about the blatant racism and anti-semitism on that board.

Anonymous 144014

That's because some regular /pol/ posters are troons.

Anonymous 144016

that Ovarit user just copied what anon posted here and added laughing emojis.

Anonymous 144020

Actually, if you look at the timestamp, it was written there first. Also appears to have been slightly revised since it got here. See the detail in the previous thread about the trans doctor's "Bald Patch Now Visible," and the trans doctor calling the TERF a "vulgar little girl" as opposed to a "vile little girl."
I think the revision posted here is better. "Vulgar" is funnier than "vile," and of course no more laughing emojis.

Anonymous 144026

>NSFW picture of a man in the top half of a furry costume and see through thong. His penis, which appears to be a micropenis, can be seen through the mesh of the thong.

A screenshot of a tweet in which a trans identifying male says, "Sold my vid! Trans girl milks herself." followed by a picture of a him extracting liquid from his nipples.

Anonymous 144027

diarrhea dreams.pn…

>mfw he's still lurking here
Bro . . . you have a beard. Come on man, even you know you're not a women. Stop being creepy and leave women's spaces alone.

Anonymous 144029

child propraganda.…

Anonymous 144033

Cat calling.png

Anonymous 144046

Its good when they get the neovagina because that actually raises their suicide chances like ten fold. They feel significantly less pleasure because their genitals were butchered so many trannies realize it was just a fetish then and there and with much less pleasure they just off themselves. They are coomers incels on skirts pretty much.

Anonymous 144064

lol so even the well-meaning trans rights activists are killing their own movement by existing, well done

Anonymous 144067

Just caught a tranny in the wild who thinks sexual orientation is a myth. He was trying to convince a 19 year old on 4chan that if he enjoyed blowjobs from women he couldn't really be straight because bjs are "deviant", therefore he should be open to fucking trannies.

Anonymous 144076


They might have a point on communism, Stalin wouldn't have allowed trannies

Anonymous 144077


Lol I saw that too, the 19 year old was talking about how handsome he was and the tranny was blasting their entire porn folder at the guy

Anonymous 144088

That doesnt even make any sense but this is what trannies do. just GROOMER: AAACK IM GONNA GROOM!

They rely on tricking the already mentally ill like autists and easily influenciable people with lower levels of reasoning.

Anonymous 144095

Why are they all like this? Is it an absolute requirement to have creepy rapist groomer tendencies to be a troon?
This one was a HSTS too. So much for claiming they are the good trannies.

Anonymous 144099


A trans id man who raped two children is advising policy makers on LGBT safety in prison.
Ironically, he also murdered his disabled cell mate.

Anonymous 144100


He is also selling books on Amazon about his wonderful journey as a transwoman. His reviews are positive, I am guessing he forgot to mention his rape of two 9 year olds as part of the journey.

Anonymous 144102

AGP. You'll find essentially every tranny has consumed massive amounts of porn and are sexually deviant.

Anonymous 144118

monday morning rant: I'm sick of these people taking over everywhere, I feel like an enemy is encroaching on my territory or something. My ex came out as a TIM (which is what led to me breaking up with him), some friends have since come out as TIP or become involved with TIPs, and my hobby groups have been infiltrated as well. Growing up for 2 and a half decades in a liberal area, I knew relatively the same amount of gay people over time and no trans people. 5 years ago I did not know as many trans people as I do now, they all came outta nowhere.

Anonymous 144120

Don’t worry he is close to death! It’s HIS last scream

Anonymous 144160


Did you know that trans identified males also have periods?

Anonymous 144161


Trans periods are periods you bigots!

Anonymous 144163

It's astonishing how they want to steal from us literally EVERYTHING. We can't have anything exclusive to our sex, they need to erase what words mean so they can make attempts to appropriate even what they've been calling disgusting for centuries. I hate men.

Anonymous 144172


This. There's a troon that goes by Kayla that spams every thread with pictures of himself in a dress or a large coat that hides his manly shoulders. Because he couldn't control himself, he leaked enough information out to dox himself.

Anonymous 144179

lol all of them are attention whores

Anonymous 144201

alicen grey.png

Anonymous 144227


>shut up breeding pig u need buck broken by a strong trans girl
I hate that the internet made these freaks real
(Pic related, it's him typing out that message)

Anonymous 144228

Do trannies not grow out their nails or something?

Anonymous 144240

Anonymous 144296


anyone know anything about this show?

Anonymous 144297

I think it's a good representation of how much women are sold a big lie about sex and freedom, but the show really sucks outside the aesthetics and it's definitely a case of male gaze.

Anonymous 144298

Goes back further, lots of it to Weimar Berlin and the institutions there.

Anonymous 144299

By that I mean that as a woman who doesn't want to suck cocks on a daily basis and let men abuse me as a way to be a liberated feminist, i can see how the girls in the show are being abused.
Also the unnecessary nakedness sometimes. And the show doesn't try to show it's "bad" : it's just a buzz show that uses all the current trends to make profit off people's traumas.

Anonymous 144301

It has a troon who looks like bladee

Anonymous 144305

I think theyre kind of a crappy friend is it just me?

Anonymous 144306

No this is a 4chan meme.

Anonymous 144308

Anonymous 144312

I believe you. Keep it up. There should always be a tranny hate thread on /wsg/

Anonymous 144316

Anonymous 144319

They can't steal anything from us, man are a bunch of dumb arrogants who talk shit about our bodies, but they are unable to understand how it works. Trannies are only stealing their own conscience

Anonymous 144333


Anonymous 144334

trannies are hulking mentally ill men that have a mixture of sex crazedness (perversion) + dangerous type 4 autism like Chris Chan. Incels in a dress. And that is why they must go. The sooner you can accelerate them to kill themselves the better.

Anonymous 144382

Wait sis, you mean to tell me that the reason scrotes decide to troon themselves is because they are mostly pornsick incels and have no idea of what it's really like to be a woman???

Anonymous 144383

I'm proverbially impressed by how regressive troon stuff is.

It's like wanting to chop up your body parts or emulate the stereotypes around being a woman because it's less about individual identity and more perceiving this stuff and womanhood as consumable paraphilia–reduced to constructs of femininity and body parts.
Or, men wanting to colonialize whatever is a traditionally women-serving space or language and this of course being 10000x more of an issue than whatever the fuck FtMs are doing.

Like this. There's so many that are still behaving like men, so they brigade and harass people that challenge their entitlement.

Anonymous 144411

American Fascists.…

Anonymous 144416

Great thread

Anonymous 144445

Each day we stray further from god…

Anonymous 144456


Anonymous 144473

Attended a guest speaker event at work today. Former U.S. Army Sheri Swokowsi gave a speech about being transgender and transgender women in the military. Two things that stood out to me is that she said fucked up shit like "Nothing makes my heart happier than to see kids as young as 5 transitioning" and "There is nothing dangerous about surgery for transitioning". The fact they're already spreading this around in a corporate environment is cause for concern.

Anonymous 144478

I was going to mention this in the other thread, but /pol/ is a shithole and you shouldn’t waste time there. rdrama.net is a lot better if you want something similar (or at least I enjoy visiting it once every month or so, I’m not a regular there).

Anonymous 144488


i was wondering how we defined "woman" these days. i guess this is what a woman is.

Anonymous 144507

If this is really what a woman is then 1/3rd of all scrotes are women too.

Anonymous 144509

Trannies would tell you its true. Ive literally heard them say they knew they were women because as kids they would sometimes ask to go down the barbie aisle

Anonymous 144511


Anonymous 144520

kek. 'asking to see this modern invention that did not exist even 200 years ago is indicative of something in my DNA that is inherently unchoosable'

I remember in woke crowds we were all saying long hair, makeup, dolls, etc. aren't only for girls, boys can still be interested in those things and still be 'valid', and vice versa. what happened to that? it's just so silly.

Anonymous 144524

Only a misogynist would hate another woman for enjoying BDSM

Anonymous 144525

Its likely a pickme handmaiden. Let her wallow

Anonymous 144526

Its actually an autistic tranny attempting to derail the thread. He did this before with the exact same images, trying to claim its a general “radical feminist” thread and thus his flamewars were kosher. Obviously anyone whos been on the site for more than 5 minutes knows thats nothing more than bullshit semantics, but again its a literal child raping tranny so you cant really argue with him. Report and move on. Let him get so angry everyone ignored him online just like in real life.

Anonymous 144529

Interesting points but a retarded conclusion. The wise takeaway from this is that the "normal" adult experience is quite different from how we think of it. The average person enjoys a lot of taboo things, making a funny situation where you have all these interests that are nearly universal but we all have to pretend to never think about.

Anonymous 144530

fight club.png

Handmaidens serve men, not thwart their violent sexual desires.

I'm not. But you can continue your belief that actual radfem points are not radfem points. Just like you ignore the several obvious men posting in the trans exclusive radical feminism thread just because they hate troons. You can always tell when we get raided, because the threat of mutilation and violence always knocks up a notch.

Anonymous 144531

i don't understand, what's the difference?

Anonymous 144543

Absolutely based

Anonymous 144545

how is someone who's critical of bdsm a pickme handmaiden?

moids wanna be called masters and whip you and shit (which isn't new, they've openly wanted this outside of the bedroom, before women started gaining rights)

you're free to go along with it but it's not feminist and not all that healthy either lol

Anonymous 144546

Also why trannies love their weirdo bdsm collars they see being submissive as being a woman because they are misogynistic coomers

Anonymous 144552

Gender roles.png

Anonymous 144599

it's gender critical so it is relevant

Anonymous 144629


Anonymous 144641


Anonymous 144649

I read that a lot of mtf trannies actually are just coomers and are just trying to live out some weird sexual fantasies

Anonymous 144653

despite the name terfposting is for troon shitposts, not general feminism stuff. please post these somewhere else.

Anonymous 144654

sa these as well >>144029 >>144033

Anonymous 144661

Literal autism lol

Anonymous 144662


the smug ass face he’s making

Anonymous 144668

these motherfuckers are always the MANLIEST looking men you've ever seen and they're like uwu do I pass???? no you retard, and you never will, because if your face is this manly, with 99% certainty so is your body.

Anonymous 144669

>obvious XY
>23 awards

I very rarely go on reddit, wtf is up with this sub???

Anonymous 144670

Some massive number of power mods (>50%) are unironically trans so all the womens spaces are instantly trans space’s because the power mods dictate site wide rules. They can also give free awards which signal boosts tranny propaganda to the front page of any sub. Its like a county fair where mysteriously all the blue ribbons go to the judges wifes cookies.

Anonymous 144671

Really have to wonder what these people think has changed for them now that they are “women”. How are you “living as a woman” now? You put on a tank top?

Anonymous 144674

what's funny is these types will also be like "well people treat me different now, they do XYZ when they see me" and it's like…yeah, because you're an obvious crossdresser. they see you and they're confused by you, so they treat you with an insincere kindness because they don't know what to do with someone who is clearly just a man with long hair in tank top acting like he's a woman.

Anonymous 144676

Yea was having similar thoughts but wasn’t sure how to put them to words. That’s exactly it.

Anonymous 144677

>dommes don't exist

Anonymous 144686

Whats trans exclusionary about bdsm?

Anonymous 144687

what do you all think of /tttt/?

Anonymous 144689

They pretty much run all of 4chan now

Anonymous 144690

uuh what does that even mean?

Anonymous 144691

Most of 4chans mod staff is trans. /tttt/ is their homeboard and they work to make sure all boards are trans and pedo friendly.

Anonymous 144692

Is there any kind/type of tranner you don't dislike?

Anonymous 144694

Dead ones I figure

Anonymous 144695

Okay ):

Anonymous 144710

This is objectively false.

Anonymous 144711

Join their IRC and watch them erp about teaching toddlers how to take HRT all day, 4chan mods are trannies and its why tranny spam is allowed on all boards.

Anonymous 144714

try making a thread about Irrerisible Damage or When Harry Became Sally on /lit/. try making a thread about Sinfest on /co/. these things are tottally within the rules but they'll delete them pretty consistently and there's only one reason for them to do so.

Anonymous 144715

Hello fellow /lit/ lurker. What are your favorite books?

Anonymous 144716

Try posting about how dick in yuri isn't yuri on /u/ immediate "rent free" then your post gets deleted

Anonymous 144719

No…. it used to be different

Anonymous 144727

the projection

Anonymous 144728

All women spaces on Reddit have been banned or completely rerouted into male worship spaces. It started with "Hope widdle trans girls like me are allowed." followed by liberal handmaidens rushing to protect them so it grew out of control and now not worshiping trans identifying males gets you banned. Any spaces that do not make a concentrated effort to be women centered will quickly be overrun by males.

Nona . . . if you have to change the definition of a word to force your way into a thread, then you are doing the exact same thing as the trannies. Tranny hate is allowed, but if you want only tranny hate, I recommend you make your own thread instead of changing the definition of the radical feminism thread.

Anonymous 144732

Lol newfag

Anonymous 144734

Wheres the trans exclusionary in those posts tho

Anonymous 144736


Is this all one retarded newfag or is it multiple autists? I have to agree this all seems like a tranny trying to derail especially after what it did to the last thread. No woman is this obtuse. Feels like that mel brooks gag when robin hood says “lend me your ears” and everyone rips their ears off and tosses them up.

Anonymous 144737

Wait, so trans males openly and freely accept radical feminists into their spaces?

Anonymous 144739

Are you suggesting the TE in TERF is superfluous? Because I can assure you most every tranny considers themselves (wrongly) a feminist and a majority would even suggest they are radically so. Just check out the subreddit mentioned earlier. Theyre all “feminists” there. I suspect that BDSM image posted here would make it to the front page there.

Anonymous 144741

And thats not to suggest the merits of the BDSM image are nullified because some delusional moids and their handmaidens can virtue signal with it, but lets not pretend it its some litmus test of what is and is not “radical feminism “

Anonymous 144746


Yes. Because trannies hate radical feminists. They call the old Jewish radical feminists feminazis. Troons also call themselves women, doesn't make it true. Besides, terfs don't respect trans men, but they can still be a part of the feminist community, therefore terfs are not trans exclusive.

This troon learning that women are not a costume and that a pattern identifying brain can still identify a man, even in a dress.

Anonymous 144747

Really? I've never heard of that website
What's it like? Is it female-only? Or openly TERFy? Or both?

Anonymous 144748


> terfs are not trans exclusive

Anonymous 144753

It’s so disturbing how these trannycels think femininity and womanhood is about padded bras and tit implants, pink panties, makeup and heels and receiving gross mens cum. No scrote, there are plenty of women who don’t bother with any of these things, but they are still feminine because they were born WOMEN. And no matter how much heels skirts makeup and lingerie you throw on a moid it’s still a moid. Why don’t they get that.

Anonymous 144754

Incel before, transcel after.

Anonymous 144755

They are. It’s called autogynephilia or AGP. Men who are sexually aroused by wearing womens underwear, clothing and makeup. Dennis Rader, a serial killer, is a famous one. Most trannies count as AGP.

Anonymous 144756


Anonymous 144760


Anybody else seen this? Feels like researching stuff like this should be priority before letting tranners unilaterally rewrite what a woman is.

Anonymous 144762

lol even with their own retarded spectrum they lose, their dumb theory is all wrong btw sex is not a spectrum neither is brains or whatever the fuck. only 2 brains female and male and this is unchangeable.

Anonymous 144767

How absurd. Imagine the sexist stereotypes whoever made this must think reside on the extremes of this scale
>why yes im -1 on the fembrain scale, i cant drive and love pink and just want to gobble chads cock all day oh and can i tell you about pillow fights? Exactly like the cartoons thats me a total woman!

Anonymous 144768

One brain, two bodies, two hormones, two distinct life experiences, immutable from birth.

Anonymous 144769

No, the brains are actually objectively different they have different sizes due to the larger bodies the trannies that care about that shit have moid brains.

Anonymous 144770

Brain size fluctuates with body size, its the ratio that’s correlated with intelligence is my understanding, is there a different ratio between the sexes/genders (theyre the same thing)

Anonymous 144774


maybe the greenlanders by jane smiley. i like when historical fiction includes lots of mundane details.

Anonymous 144781



Anonymous 144782

Got to give him props, sans the shirt hes the first troon to pass. I would assume this was just a normal 60 year old woman.

Anonymous 144784

Scary considering he's only 32.

Anonymous 144786

And on that note im going to laugh myself to sleep

Anonymous 144797

holy shit, he's THIRTY TWO???

Anonymous 144805

Lol are you being sarcastic?

Anonymous 144806

rofl for 2 minutes

Anonymous 144809

I did some psychology classes in college and this reminds me of Jung's concept of Anima and Animus. Just because some men have "feminine" tendecines, does not mean that they are women, but that they're less controlled by their male side. These people need mental help, not to be told that they're women and reinforce their misconceptions.

Anonymous 144811

I don't think it's that superficial because i took a similar test long ago. The questions were about character and how you'd react to certain situations. I will say however that these tests are also affected by bias, and troons fill these tests out by how THEY THINK women would react, instead of how they would really react.

Anonymous 144816


On a somewhat related note alzheimer's can be warded off via activities that require hand, eye and brain coordination such as knitting.
Helped my Auntie Biserka a lot, RIP Auntie you were a real one.

Anonymous 144819

>Comparing a post-op vagina to a horror story wherein people become stretched out and disfigured through slow agonizing body horror torture until they eventually die
Surprisingly accurate and, not gonna lie, a little bit based

Anonymous 144825


You retain the muscle memory even as you forget that you can. When I worked on the dementia ward, I would give Ethel yarn and knitting needles whenever she was in the activity room and she would always say, "But I don't know how." but I would encourage her to try and she would start knitting a shawl with the most surprised look on her face as her hands remembered the patterns. RIP Ethel, you sneaking into the factories at thirteen years old to manufacture parachutes for WWII made you the realest.

Anonymous 144826

Do you think that when men call women feminazis, that actually makes them nazis? So why would it be any different when men call women terfs?

Anonymous 144829

Yasssss sister! We are not trans exclusionary in the terf thread! Trans women are real women! Yasss! #FeelingEuphoric

Anonymous 144833

>the terf thread is for radical feminism its in the name!
>but its not trans exclusionary thats just a meaningless prefix that scrotes attached to us totally real women
Are troons even trying anymore

Anonymous 144835

Theyre trying to groom kids that’s for sure

Anonymous 144836

they're getting cramps all right. cramps from being constipated from HRT. dunno about the other ones but I know spiro can cause it. tell these troons to start slurping down some goddamn metamucil

Anonymous 144837

Aren't all the anime traps in that pic canonically not trans at all? Why would a tranny think they're like Alstolfo?

Anonymous 144838

when you're a coombrain you can't think right

Anonymous 144839

they are not trans in the shows, no, just effeminate or androgynous boys
even in that picture you can see subtitles where they say they're boys

Anonymous 144843

damn, >>144782 is right

Anonymous 144846

More than any other before and after post, somehow this one fills me with overwhelming dread and despair

Anonymous 144850

I laughed both times I saw it, duality of woman and all that

Anonymous 144852

Id move my kids to a different district if I learned their teacher was a tranny.

Anonymous 144854


> “I may look like I girl, but I can take care of myself.”
Sexism on full display by a tranny teacher

Anonymous 144919

they literally got /qa/ deleted for raiding /lgbt/ with troonjaks

Anonymous 144943


Anonymous 144944

this shit makes me so asspained lmao…just why. "TWAW" and "a woman is anyone who feels like a woman" and yet everything they do to 'validate' themselves involves copying basic female forms and functions.

Anonymous 144949

This is so full of BS it's ridiculous. Periods start when your estrogen drops, not increases and the uterine contractions/period poops are caused by other hormones, not estrogen. These loons clearly have no idea how estrogen actually works in the female body, but just assume that whatever harmful effects they get from wrong-sex hormones are "PMS"

Anonymous 145026

being trans is an existential cope thats all u have to know to understand these moids, incels in skirts. nuff said.

Anonymous 145028

This is so funny, it's clearly ridiculous and would otherwise be such a joke but who knows with these people. Why would a skeleton have a full fucking head of hair, makeup, preserved skin? Or is that a mask? What the fuck is this post even about also that comment makes no sense.

Anonymous 145088

As if men in the past did not have long hair and were still recognised as men. Are they retarded?

Anonymous 145089

>Are they retarded?
is that rhetorical?

Anonymous 145104

I wouldn't put it past them to really think archaeologists find out a skeleton's sex through hair and "feminine" items rather than, you know, sexual dimorphic bone features like pelvis size.

Anonymous 145105

because it gets peoples' attention, it's talked about by the media because it's controversial and people like to watch controversy
the media has never been about reporting objective reality or promoting healthy anything, they're for-profit companies like everyone else, taking care of their bottom line first

Anonymous 145107

The American “identity left” built an entire persona around oppression olympics and fighting for more obscure demographics “human rights”. Onces gays could marry they had to shift to the next thing. If trannies had been accepted with open arms and given everything they desire they would simply move on to more absurd “identities” like trans racials or people who are sexually attracted to fair ground rides.
It gives them a dopamine hit that they are morally progressive and helping the little people of the world and they get stomp around with their white savior complexes via their posts on social media. “Did you know I support rollercoastersexuals? Are you on the right side of history? Why are you a fan of that movie? I dont even have a single bumpercartsexual character in it…. youre not a nazi are you”, etc.

Anonymous 145108

In practice, liberalism believes nothing is wrong, except saying something else is wrong (the paradox of tolerance). So the chief running platform of a liberal system is to fight against more and more things that are considered wrong, ie homosexuality, transsexuals, etc.

Anonymous 145121


>theres no universal meaning to the world and the only way to create it is for me to cut my dick off
The ramblings of a completely sane and rational “woman” if the science is to be believed

Anonymous 145122

Because womens emancipation doesnt create more sex for men

Anonymous 145126

This doesn't make sense. I guess transitioning creates an entire world of problems and "solutions" that distracts from the reasonable solutions to the human condition, or something.

Anonymous 145131

should kill himself tbh

Anonymous 145133

Men don't have to think too much when they coom, coom is just how they are built why there is overwhelmingly more TIM than TIF trannies? because of coomer brain, it's porn + the sexual nature of men that pushes some mentally ill individuals over the edge to insanity.

Anonymous 145139


wtf is this even supposed to mean

Anonymous 145140

just damaged men trying to convince/normalise lesbian women to go out with them
too much lesbian porn perhaps

Anonymous 145143

Fucking scrote post

Anonymous 145183

Why do you guys think that fakebois seem to detransition more than TIMs?

Anonymous 145185

Women are literally less retarded and narcistic than men. Women are also not coddled the way scrotes are because women do not hold most positions of power. Society cares little about catering to women to the point that men have brought upon us the tranny craze with their favouring mens coom and chance to rape women in vulnerable spaces over womens rights to safety.

Anonymous 145276

And just like that, the malding tranny lynched himself

Anonymous 145292

Who cares omg and I dont even know this elaine just ignore the bolding scrote

Anonymous 145297

No, if is funny because he hates her so bad. It is always funny to hit a troon where it hurts the most.

Anonymous 145299

Holy graboid

Anonymous 145309

I am so jealous of Bloon's beard. I, too, want to look like GI Joe after a soy overdose.

Anonymous 145311

Great word hahahaha

Anonymous 145318

Almost certain this is all one schizo replying to themselves. Any sane individual would do well to stop replying and let him tire himself out. Obviously not a mentally well individual and clearly loving the attention. Best to ignore till they wander off and we forget they exist for the rest of our lives. Just a thought

Anonymous 145322

Nah, I am the one who exposed his face in the first place and I just enjoy torturing them because I hate them all.
I know it is against the rules to respond to male posters, but he keeps evading, so.

Anonymous 145328

You were correct. Good call.

Anonymous 145331

No shes schizo posting to you!

Anonymous 145336

Ignore the old perv
He will drown in horse piss soon anyway

Anonymous 145339

Reminder that this troon operates exactly like this. He shits up websites by being an unhinged schizo, so that others can't tell who he is anymore. Don't play his game.

Anonymous 145341


Anonymous 145342


This tbh

Anonymous 145351

Well, lunch break over. Have fun faggot

Anonymous 145354


Anyway let’s ignore this ugly pedo he is really creepy. I hope irl he will get beat up by some violent teens. And here I will say: men☕️

Anonymous 145365

"feminazis" (as referred to by men, i.e. feminists) do not call themselves feminazis, but TERFs do call themselves TERFs

Anonymous 145369

my guess is that they really don't know how to interact with others as a man, expecting to be treated as "one of the boys" so to speak but ending-up in a weird awkward spot where most people don't quite know how to treat them. and since women are the more social of the sexes, they are more willing to reconsider their transition after their attempts at establishing positive relationships have failed. that's my theory at least.

Anonymous 145370

I think we can all agree “gender non conforming” is nuspeak for tranny.

Anonymous 145373

It starts with "gender non-conforming" and eventually they transition, so to speak, into a tranny. Ironically always conforming to some twisted version of what they perceive to be the female gender. I've seen multiple cases personally

Anonymous 145375

Physically repulsive to everyone the entire time

Anonymous 145378

It used to be a terf thing actually, but troons appropriated it.

Anonymous 145385

Stalin wasn't a communist and neither was the USSR.


Anonymous 145387

lol commies are the masters of tl;dr

Anonymous 145389

its supposed to mean that women need dick or are incomplete

Anonymous 145394


fine. the soviet union and all other "actually existing socialism" had commodity production. "socialist commodity production" makes as much sense as the frozen flame from chrono cross. these things only exist in the imagination. read the first line of Capital. "The wealth of those societies in which the capitalist mode of production prevails, presents itself as “an immense accumulation of commodities,”[1] its unit being a single commodity. Our investigation must therefore begin with the analysis of a commodity." Did the USSR produce commodities to sell on the world market in exchange for raw materials or technology they did not have? Yes they did. It's not about what you call yourself, or pretend to be, it is what you physically do.

in communism/socialism there are no workers, there is no private property, no capitalists etc. in the USSR there were private markets, workers, commodities, etc. But for some reason they are "socialist".

In The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels declared that "the working men have no country". It's an internationalist movement, how does it make sense then that a country can be "socialist"?

Anonymous 145398

ayrt I know the theory in question I just think the writing of most commies MLs especially is a masterwork of tl;dr
> It's an internationalist movement, how does it make sense then that a country can be "socialist"?
Lenin realized after the revolution that this wasn't going to magically happen and the basics of "socialism in one country" were laid well before Stalin
tl;dr found the Trot

Anonymous 145399


then the revolution failed. or rather, it succeeded in establishing capitalism as the dominant mode of production in that area. It really doesn't matter what you call it, they had commodity production, private property, markets, merchants, currency, workers, capitalists. How is that not capitalism lmao?

Anonymous 145401

Also not a trot btw, what trot would link amedeo bordiga? and you must know nothing of communism to call him an ML

Anonymous 145407

The term honestly just annoys me now. It's become kind of entwined with trans shit in an an online context so a lot of the people that use it now seem see it as Trans Lite or at least trans-adjacent (i.e. collateral victims of transphobia and the terfs)
I really dislike it because "gender-nonconforming" is such a nothing term and realistically applies to practically every person ever in some way. I've been called gnc for having short hair and wearing pants lmfao. So the increasing association with trannies makes it feel even more insulting when someone calls you that than it otherwise would've been.

Anonymous 145413


You're conflating Marxist communism with socialism, when socialism is a hundred years older than Marxism.

Socialism simply means the workers on the means of production. It's a mode of production. In the USSR the vast majority of the mode of production was owned by a state made up of unions, representing the workers.

Anonymous 145414

Anonymous 145421

yes there is no communism because it’s impossible to exist in its pure flawless state. This doesnt deflect all criticism of the failed ideology

Anonymous 145428

Most of radblr doesn't call themselves terfs/terves because it's a male insult. I've never encountered anyone off the internet who called herself a terf, she's always used the term radical feminism or second wave feminist if she was trying to slip under the radar.
What? That's crazy. Gender non-conforming was always a term that meant someone who didn't submit to traditional gender roles. So a masculine woman and a feminine man. Were you gyns around when the trans stuff started getting popular and TIMs tried to get into goth and metal circles? Because the men in those circles already had long hair and wore make up yet still called themselves men, the tims were misgendered and triggered constantly.

Anonymous 145432

GOD I can't stand how often I'll stumble into m/m fic with untagged pooners where the 'male' character with a vagina is written like a woman in all but name. I like both m/m and f/m but nowadays I find more well-written f/m in the m/m tag…

Anonymous 145448


Anonymous 145460

The eternal fujo finally managed to self-insert into yaoi in her (almost) natural form.

Anonymous 145465

All of these people deserve it. Trooning out is the lowest hurdle darwinian evolution places in front of an organism. If it catches you up, you have no one to blame but yourself

Anonymous 145468


That looks like Weest with a wig.

Anonymous 145470

Even when women are tall they still very clearly look like women, their bone structure still looks feminine. When men are that tall their bodies are just so broad and wide.

Anonymous 145472

Dumb take. Even disregarding all the minors that are being manipulated into transitioning by authority figures, the problem is much deeper than just people being dumb.
Troonery is much like anorexia, a social contagion spread by social media and reinforced by corporations. With anorexia it is the beauty/fashion industry, with troonery it is "Big Pharma", plastic surgeons and media conglomerates. A lot of troons are mentally ill people who are being denied proper therapy for whatever made them want to transition in the first place (usually depression or autism).

I hate the genuine perverts/AGPs as much as everyone here, but the rest deserve pity as the victims of medical abuse.

Anonymous 145474

This the schizophrenic “gnc” tranny who was spamming the other day
Get lynched no one could ever love you. Save the planet, kill yourself.

Anonymous 145479

Personally rudefems are my favorite

Anonymous 145481

>watching tom scott's game show "money" out of boredom

>Immediately notice how one of the "women" playing it has a masculine jaw, wide clavicle, drag-queen-like voice and a weird ass name ("mia mulder")

>google it and find out he is actually a troon who is a contrapoints copy breadtuber and a notable tranny rights activist

>His comments are filled with troons wishing they "passed" as much as he supposedly does

Do trannies really? here's the link to the video


Anonymous 145487

lmao he really is a Contrapoints ripoff, he even tries to do the thing with the different personas on his channel

Anonymous 145492


Lmao leftcoms like bordiga did nothing and will never do anything besides eating lasagna and writing meaningless shit, at least anarchists do actual real world stuff like direct action or running food banks or whatever. There is a reason why Lenin called left-communism an "infantile disorder"


Stalin meanwhile uplifted a country of impoverished former serfs into a modern space-faring superpower, he greatly improved women's rights and saved the world from fascism. He created a society with nearly no poverty, no homelessness, no unemployment and very litte gender inequality. All while leading a country that suffered millions of deaths and untold destruction from a world war and was besieged by imperialist armies and sanctions.

Anonymous 145496



Anonymous 145497

The svoiet union wasnt nearly no poverty my ass but it was a super power yeah, it uplifted Russia a lot part of why Russia is still a military super power and why the US fears them lol, all those weapons the Soviets left them still hold up especially the nuclear bombs.

Anonymous 145499


One day socially retarded video game nerd moids are gonna realize Trannies are the ones ruining the video game industry with dumb pitiful complaints just to project power that they can force some devs change the direction of their game with twitter pressure.

Anonymous 145500


Trannies are ruining gaming
They're often starbucks baristas
fuck the starbucks union
fuck twitter
fuck anime profile pictures in 2020
fuck le epic "gothic" style in 2020
trannies have to go fuck themselves

simple as

Anonymous 145503

How are the games ruined?

Anonymous 145507

Stalin thought women were too stupid for politics and terminated or severely disempowered the few women's circles in the communist party that existed then.
Women were treated like work mules in the soviet union. But then again, so was everyone else lol

Anonymous 145508


I honest to god thought the intersex lgbtq+ flag was a joke when I first saw it, but now I see it in public all the time

Anonymous 145509

There is nothing more pickme than being involved in bdsm, kek

Anonymous 145511

works cited crack …

Anonymous 145512


I am always thinking:
How those men manage to convince people that they were always a Female Woman Girl at heart while been looking like picrel
A regular normie believes that, but why?
Recently one guy I know told me, that troonism is a genetic disorder
What ass he visited to pull that statement from - I have no idea

Anonymous 145521

Fuck off tankie, move to North Korea

Anonymous 145522

It gets funnier every time it’s updated

Anonymous 145530

Tranny rapehons absolutely seething in the comment section due to a picture caption on this article

You can never make these men happy

Anonymous 145541

Did you know that it became known at the time that Larry was pretty much feminized/sissified by his dominatrix? I was young at the time and had no idea until I was older and got into the Matrix, but if you google something like "Lana Wachowski dominatrix" lots of old articles from the 2000's and some more recent ones re-exploring the topic come up. It's believed by some that the reason the last 2 Matrix movies weren't so great compared to the first one because Larry became more focused on his relationship with Ilsa Strix (the dominatrix) than on writing.

Anonymous 145542

why is their hair always so fried

Anonymous 145543

wtf this troon is ugly like the starvation, who would thing that abomination would "pass"

Anonymous 145547

Is he really ugly, or is it now that he's being held to female beauty standards? If he were still male he'd probably look like a pretty boy (unfortunately the little there are seem to be mass-transitioning).

Anonymous 145581


Look at his fucked up shoulders lmao

Anonymous 145582

Always amazing how they try to infest gaming circles and schools to get as close to children as possible

Anonymous 145584

It surprised me how real it was on its representation of tims considering its supposed to be a TRA show. I guess it shouldn't have since at this point trannies are getting away with literal pedophilia and rape and people don't give a fuck, the mask has been off for a while now. But for example a characters whole arc is that he's a closeted gay guy because he's into the tim. And the tim even calls him a faggot for that lmao. Plus he's a horrible person who cheats on his gf, is self absorbed and all he does is get treated like a cumdump by grindr one night stands. The shit part is that he's also hypersexualized, which is wrong both because the character is supposed to be 16 and also because im sure it's just the director projecting his Tim fetish onto every other male character in the show. Im pretty sure another shit movie he made also starred an ugly squared chin tim.
I only mentioned the trans stuff because im assuming that's what you were asking about, but the overall show is a mixed bag imo. It's basically a modern Skins so many of its messages are harmful and some are actually kinda real, like it's criticism of pornography. It's not great quality television but i think it does have its merits (and also deserves the criticism it gets). S2 is irredeemable though, im convinced the director is coked up again.

Anonymous 145585

Sounds disgusting, won't watch it.

Anonymous 145586

Middle schoolers will though sadly.
>whoa timmy youre in 8th grade and youve never eaten a trans womans ass? Are you a total virgin dweeb LOL
likely the topic of conversation around the lunch tables these days. Thanks trannies….

Anonymous 145588

>He created a society with nearly no poverty, no homelessness, no unemployment and very litte gender inequality.
do tankies really?

Anonymous 145592

Yes. They go so far into the contrarian bullshit hole they instantly accept any non-western statement as fact.

Anonymous 145593


>what is a female? See male
>whats a male? See female
The mental acrobatics needed to avoid defining things.

Anonymous 145597

sobering reminder.…

Hard agree with this anon. Those stories are just sad. There are so many decisions that you can make to fuck up your life while that young, but none of them are as permanent as fully transitioning.

Anonymous 145598

Fuck unions? No no no my friend, fuck you. My girlfriend got a mandated 5% raise because of her union while my bullshit job gave me 0.18% raise while raking in record profits and raising their prices across the board.

Anonymous 145599

That poster was clearly some 16 year old boy im not sure why it wasnt deleted. Unions are great and anyone who speaks out against them is brainwashed.

Anonymous 145603

On the weekend a friend had a watching party for a movie he was in. Someone invited a tranny and he clocked them the moment they walked in, and later revealed that in conversation. They were so utterly convinced they 100% passed that they asked repeatedly who told him they were trans and said he could only have known if someone violated their privacy. I tried to softly explain, in so many honeyed words, that it's fucking obvious they're a tranny, but it devolved into tears and wanting to leave. The tranny's emotional support queer was upset, and he tried to explain to her he didn't mean any harm, but what came out was "It would be like me talking about ethnicity and ignoring the fact you're obviously Jewish just because you didn't announce it!" which just turned the whole thing into a screaming match about racism. Turns out she is Jewish and is obsessed with her "nordic features" because her grandfather was Danish.

Movie: 4/10 - Needed better story and cinematography
Night: 8/10 - Loses 2 points because I have to deal with the fallout

Anonymous 145614

I'm waiting for the day the rainbow segment disappears completely

Anonymous 145626

The Starbucks Union is full of trannoids and its cringe. I hope they get fired and kill themselves.

Anonymous 145635

Going to work my way into the position of a famous union buster and troon out simply so youre forced to be pro union.

Anonymous 145847


Anonymous 145848


Anonymous 145854

The irony is that they themselves are the reminder. It doesn't matter what the dictionary says.

Anonymous 145871

>toon lover
I immediately read it as troon lover

Anonymous 145874


Anonymous 145880

I love seeing terfs (especially lesbians) from my region using my language, for so long I only ever saw TRA’s. It felt like if you were against trans stuff then you were automatically a lesbian.
I love seeing non-western terfs too, they slap around TRA talking points. I really wish they would get more visibility but that would mean exposing more people to this shitty debate

Anonymous 145883

I wonder if they actually believe this or if it's a total cope. Surely he knows he is not actually attractive. Right?

Anonymous 145886

No. These people gaslight themselves into believing they are women, the rest is childs olay

Anonymous 145888

that is a toad

Anonymous 145898

If you want to have a laugh, go to r/transpassing and sort by controversial.

Anonymous 145900


He looks like a who holy shit. Even without the makeup.

Anonymous 145901

He's just projecting his insecurity outward in some kind of chant to ensure even if it's not true, maybe typing it on twitter publicly, it somehow will be. However, troons are total narcissists, he might just genuinely believe he's better looking than actual women.

Anonymous 145909

I promise you sweetie absolutely no women are thinking that about you. They seem "mad" because they're actually just disgusted by you.

case in point! I'll admit I've felt jealous around women before but usually it's because they're actually conventionally attractive and not because they look like mousy men with long hair.

Anonymous 145910

>at least anarchists do actual real world stuff

I do support FNB, but you clearly have not spent much time around the current breed of 'anarchists'. Their 'direct action' most of the time is nothing but self indulgent bullshit that benefits themselves, and a large majority of them are even more aggressive about this tranny shit than anyone else on the left. Perhaps a bit biased but I really just fucking hate anarchists, every single one I have met during real world organizing in my community has been annoying and self indulgent.

Anonymous 145912

Lol, what a cumbrain
I knew they are into bdsm stuff (hence the aesthetic of the matrix movies, I guess), but never heard of this specific story

Anonymous 145915

>tim names: traditional, boomer, common and safe female names
>tif names: edgy, trendy, unique and creative male names
noticed this with regards to troons on the english-speaking internet and on my campus

Anonymous 145920


25 year old tranny chokes a 17 year old girl he somehow shares a cheerleading team with (did they get normies on board with the transage shit already?) for saying he's a man with a penis. He accused her and her family of transphobia and racism even though nothing was said about his race at all. Sincerely hope her father goes through with his threat and kills this pos.
Peep the photoshop btw lol. Man doesn't even look human

Anonymous 145923

Actually there's security camera footage of this man, and it seems that this wackjob is photoshopping an entirely different woman's face onto his. Skinwalker shit.

I also really want to know how the fuck a 25 year old is on a team with literal teenagers.

Anonymous 145926

>just kicked out
this fucking mentally ill moid should be in male jail NOW

Anonymous 145927

tim trannies usually use Lilly. Its their most common self proclaimed "name".

Anonymous 145928


it's one of those names that evokes an ~uwu delicate female~ but the manliest looking mfers will be using it. picrel, the other wachowski brother

Anonymous 145931

Wtf is that photoshop? It looks like a different face was pasted onto his body.

Anonymous 145932

>finn, aiden
lmao no

Anonymous 145965

Screenshot 2022-08…

Anonymous 145966

It's because it's a symbol of lesbian stuff in Japan/in anime, like the 'lily rank' system in Hyperdimension Neptunia

Anonymous 145967


I feel horrible for that 17 year old obviously, but I laughed so freaking hard at that dudes photoshop. The lunatic shops all his photos apparently.

Anonymous 145968

Has anyone actually seen an attractive self proclaimed femboy? to me they never looked or acted that different from tims.

Anonymous 145970

at least they're not invading womens' spaces

Anonymous 145977


Anonymous 145996

That’s so weird and lame.

Anonymous 146007

>Boyfriends been simping a little too hard for trannies lately
>like sending me memes about them and how they only wanna feel comfortable blah blah
>look in his DM and see he’s been talking to some snaggle tooth tranny
>checks out, men only have opinions to get laid

Anonymous 146013

Uh more likely because it's a common feminine English name.

Anonymous 146031

>getting cucked by a troon
Oof. Also, stop dating 4chan moids.

Anonymous 146040

>our sanity
yeah that ship has sailed. sunk, too.

Anonymous 146050

Kek he's dressed like some little girl with the floral print babydoll and the butterfly tattoo. Lilly sounds like a more youthful name, too. Not one I'd expect a woman his age to have.

Anonymous 146054


lmao that's such a bad photoshop job. And giant hairbow on top of his head makes him look like one of those 2D video game characters where they just take the male sprite and add a bow to indicate that the character is female.

Anonymous 146067

shitty rip off of skins, packed full of american cultural drama that nobody outside the US could give a fuck

Anonymous 146078

>men only have opinions to get laid
god is this so true.

anyways sorry to hear that anon, if it makes you feel better I had to break up with my bf because he came out as a troon

Anonymous 146079

>the fetish collar


Anonymous 146080


of course this nitwit is into lolicon/shotacon and furryshit. bless those lesbians for getting this creep to leave with just a simple stare.

Anonymous 146084


Here's his actual face.

Anonymous 146086

Call him gay but in a passive-aggressive way. Like say how you're so proud that he found his true self, that you support gay rights and that you can't be mad because you know he was just born that way.
That will absolutely incinerate his male ego. If there is one thing men can't take, is being ridiculed by women.

Anonymous 146087

I forgot to say, but before dropping him of course.

Anonymous 146091

A guy who says he is a femboy usually isn't a cute femboy. The rare moid who effortlessly balances both the feminine in him and the masculinity in him is the real "femboy". It also has to come with the personality and demeanor, effortlessly gentle and considerate, friendly, pleasant, etc NOT soy but not macho either.

Anonymous 146095

how tf do you handle people who claim using they/them pronouns make them dysphoric?
people say "don't assume anyone's gender!" and say or imply that you should use gender neutral pronouns, which are generally accepted as they/them

but then some people will be like "actually they/them pronouns make me dysphoric, don't assume my pronouns"

and I cannot tell if these people are just trolling and trying to make fun of the pronoun shit, or if they're serious. maybe it just depends. but it's also literally a perfectly neutral pronoun most people have been using to refer to strangers even before all this crap so ????

what do you nonas think?

Anonymous 146098

I think the entire pronoun discourse is stupid.

Anonymous 146101

If theyre trannies, they're doing it because they wanna get gendered as female or male only. Being seen as a neutral "they" basically implies they dont pass.
But if theyre women, its likely shes a radfem/gender critical and using their retarded language into forcing them to see them as women. It's never happened to me, but I read a lot of posts about women constantly getting they/themmed or he/himmed only for having short hair or not wearing make up.
>>but it's also literally a perfectly neutral pronoun most people have been using to refer to strangers even before all this crap so ????
"Perfect pronoun" its always been pretty moronic tbh. Just say she or he. Is it gonna kill you to spare a few letters. Naming women, even in hypothetical situations, should've been more important than providing trannies with their new favorite word.
When it was used neutrally "before all this crap", it was only for instances where you didnt know the persons sex. If you see a woman or man standing in front of you and still refer to them as "they" then its absolutely retarded and part of the tranny agenda. Youre assuming they have a special gender you might not know about, when in reality most normies dont give a shit and would even be confused at best and offended at worst at seeing you recognize them as anything other than male or female.

Anonymous 146114

I guess I'm thinking about online in particular, when it's not always apparent to you that the stranger online is a man or woman.

Anonymous 146117

You laugh directly in their face. Peoples personal issues are their own to work through. Of course these are nor real issues and entirely fabricated to get special treatment theyd get no other way.

Anonymous 146134

He wasn’t from 4chan.. I’d be too scared to get gutted to date anyone from there. All men are just shitty, even the “liberal guys”
Dudes will deadass wear skirts and shit so they can fuck egirls. It’s the most pick me shit ever.
You’re ex is now a pick me girl, instead of being a pick me boy and is probably getting used and dumped like a rag doll. You’re better than that and him.

Anonymous 146152

I mean, surely you realize at this point that those people are mentally ill.

Anonymous 146239

none of this stuff is logically consistent, because you're talking about literal mentally ill people

Anonymous 146253

>how long will the ban be
last i checked manhood is permanent

Anonymous 146453


Sometimes I browse the reddit profiles of trannies. Every time, it's like watching a train wreck unfold. The mental illness is so goddamn palpable, and no one says a word. This woman posts in r/autism, r/cptsd, yaoi and fanfiction subreddits. It's exactly what you'd expect, basically, but TRAs just don't see it. They really think what these people are doing is normal and not a symptom of mental illness. It's insane.

Anonymous 146471

Can male hormones make your boobs smaller? I saw a girl with a binder on but her chest was completely flat. She wasn't fat, but had a bit of flab so her body type didnt seem like it was possible to be that flat. Are binders just that good? I hope she didn't get her tits lopped off even though she is transitioning and growing a shitty mustache…

Anonymous 146526

Great show, guess who betrays everyone at the end? And guess who gets taken advantage of the most?
hint: there's one troon and one woman

Anonymous 146533

I love the attention to detail on the word "impostor"

Anonymous 146546


how do you do, fellow real female women? i am a real female lesbian gay woman and really hate those ugly men who always hit on me because I'm so sexy.

Anonymous 146558

do you often find them answering questions on r/askmen and r/askwomen? i once say a TIF saying that the male sex drive was very mild.

Anonymous 146567

i melted down in some youtube comments on an anti tranny rant and it was incredibly cathartic, but i always feel some sort of fear in the back of my mind that it'll come back to haunt me some day and i hate it even though I know I'm writing complete truth

Anonymous 146594


As stupid as this person happens to be they honestly have a really good point in that Twitter's 'who to follow' system will really quickly recommend troons if you follow literally anything related to retro games

Anonymous 146636


For once I am glad that I live in a fairly conservative country and don't have to witness these abominations against nature that call themselves "heckin valid transbians uwu" and whenever I go for a swim I only see normal men free of top surgery scars and normal women without bulges in their pants
Have a Bio-chan doodle by me

Anonymous 146649


Anonymous 146651

I dislike the culture of both of those subs, so I don't use them. I just find these people randomly, they're common on reddit.

Anonymous 146652

i just find it comically dark how redditors keep trying to make new subreddits with various combinations of words like to slyly keep trannies from posting, but because of social pressure and the reddit rules they inevitable allow trannies to post and then the mods just get replaced with trannies, it really is like a cancer.

Anonymous 146656

"r/twoxchromosomes is about the two x chromosomes in your heart so trans women absolutely belong here" was by far my favorite one. anyone wanna have lesbian sex by rubbing the chromosomes in our hears together.

Anonymous 146660

did someone actually post that?

Anonymous 146661

Yeah lmao. I havent set foot on reddit in a while but it used to be the top post since trannies kept making posts like "uhmmm… silly dorky 38 yo diaper anthro transgirl here… can I… post here? the sub name is a little terfy" and it was like %70 of the sub.

Anonymous 146683


Anonymous 146702

>sometimes dry is wetter than wet and wet can be dryer than dry
words and concepts no longer mean anything it seams

Anonymous 146705

this shit makes me so mad. They really do want to take away every single fucking thing from women.

Anonymous 146714

I don't mind anyone taking breatsfeeding

Anonymous 146718

Imagine growing up knowing you weened on a hairy man nipple of your fetishist “mother”

Anonymous 146728

they're basically admitting here that "feminine" to them means anything that is aesthetically pleasing

Anonymous 146791

To trannies, femininity is a costume based on heels, makeup and lingerie. They’re the equivalent of some fat disgusting white neckbeard called Cooper wearing a kimono and claiming to be Japanese. They don’t understand that being born x race with x race’s DNA is what makes someone x race, just as being born a woman is what makes someone female. No amount of kimonos and eating sushi will ever make them Japanese, just like no amount of putting lipstick on and lopping their chode off will ever make them a woman.

Anonymous 146858

Regardless of definition wrangling, they had a pretty good thing going.

Anonymous 146862

If the definition of a pretty good thing going includes multiple genocides

Anonymous 146882

random sighting.jp…

Twitter image cropping is incredible

Anonymous 146910

This is a cis woman, as anyone can tell by looking at her face and even her body. She looks 300% more feminine than any tranny posted ITT without trying (or even actively trying the opposite), which is hilarious.
Nice try, troon.

Anonymous 146913


Just a buff woman anon

Anonymous 146917

lol wtf, she used to be into lolita fashion…I didn't realize she became a gymrat/bodybuilder now

Anonymous 146919

The muscle girl craze creeps me out so much. I have nothing against girls doing what they want with their bodies, but 90% of the time it seems like they’re doing it for attention and some weird fetishistic reasons for an audience of incel coomers. I’ve seen the way pervs talk about and view these kinds of women and it’s unsettling. There’s a big community dedicated to that kind of porn.

Anonymous 146924

>i totally don't use PEDs guys
Who does she think she's trying to convince lmao
Yeah, women can do what they want, but a lot of the musclegirls on social media try to appeal to degen anime types

Anonymous 146925

why do you assume they are doing it for male attention and not just because they are into having that body for some reason? i went to high school with a girl whose brother sold steroids and i found out he got into some legal trouble a few years back so i looked them both up, and she was literally the size of Arnold Schwarzenegger and was in body building competitions, like really gross looking, i cant imagine she did that to get boys. also i heard the brother murdered this kid from our school who was killed and it's an unsolved case, but that is a whole other thing.

Anonymous 146931

yeah nothing wrong with women with muscles but the way cringe fags online that are one trap femboy crush away from going full sodomites reply to them… this whole hnngngnghh squeeze my neck with your thighs muscle-chan!!! peg me!!! shit is beyond cringe. idk how that one tiktok famous girl who constantly makes muscle thirst traps puts up with them. I guess there'd be no issue if they were regular men but it's literally always the hentai pfp coomers that are definitely into futa and fantasizing about her having a dick under those gym shorts… ew. and they seem to think of themselves as 'progressive' for being into women more ripped than them I guess? Like look! im a betamale who DOESNT feel threatened by a woman with muscles! where's my liberal male government mandated sloppy?

Anonymous 146934

God yeah it’s always male feminists. Yikes.

Anonymous 146935

i agree that the massive influx in moids embracing being submissive is really weird and messed up. like i think it started as ironic memeing or something and then just became a reality at some with the mommy spank my dipey i want to be bullied and smell armpits while you crush my balls. it all seems very unhealthy and i dont know why anyone lets kids online, because where they pick that stuff up

Anonymous 146937

Literally. Plus they act as if they're more desirable than a regular masculine guy cause women are into feminine men. But what
they dont get is women are into feminine men that LOOK GOOD. Admittedly, this is debatable cause what looks good to some looks awful to others but these greasy balding moids with ahegao pfps are NOT the cute kpop femboys they think they are. Women expressed attraction to kpop boys and yaoi ukes and every smelly neckbearded basement dwelling moid with a mommy fetish was like "omg that's literally me. I'm hot now".

Anonymous 146941

im going to add that they look young, not necessarily good.

Anonymous 146943

yeah, and i think they are too stupid to realize that most women who are responding to that behavior and sort of perpetuating the fantasy for them are literally just doing to make money lol. like i can't in a million years imagine that a woman would sincerely be like "aww thanks sweetie" instead of immediately blocking any of these creeps if it wasnt for simpbucks.

Anonymous 147117

Anonymous 147122

have you ever encountered a tranny in the wild? i saw like a 6'5" old guy in a dress and shitty wig in the gardening section of home depot. it was surreal to see it irl

Anonymous 147127

LMAO, that short description made me laugh. it's always like that.

once at a halloween party in someone's apartment complex, we found a 'public' balcony (idk how else to describe that) to go smoke on. some other people came out to it too, and one of them was a troon. how did I know? he was literally a 6 foot tall twink with frizzy long hair wearing floral dress and some leggings and also had his starbucks uniform with him. literally a meme.

another time one negged me at an event I went to. once again, he had the frizzy long hair and some pronoun bullshit at his table. tbh I actually didn't even realize he was a troon until I found his social media after. funny enough he was an "anti-civ" anarchist yet was simultaneously talking about starting spiro…hey dumbass, you know at the anti-civ commune they aren't gonna have your synthetic hormones for you that aren't even helping you anyway. he passed so horribly that even my friend said "what was up with that guy?" after we left.

I went to an abortion protest after the roe v wade bullshit earlier this summer and there were some troons marching and trying to lead some chants. there were some that passed better I guess, but again same meme outfit…tall, long shitty hair, cracked nail polish, random floral dress from target.

every time I meet one in public they are literally exactly how they are portrayed here - still manly looking, ugly hair, terrible outfits, manly voices, clockable from miles away.

Anonymous 147168

There’s one that works in a shop near my house. He looks like a burly 40 year old man with stubble except he wears stockings and a bob Karen wig. It’s gross.

There’s another one who used to always come in the soup kitchen I worked at. He was tall, massive feet and hands, extremely hostile, rude, greedy and always took more than his fair share of the food rations we gave out.

Anonymous 147174

What's the psychology behind tims who transition for fetish reasons chemically castrating themselves with estrogen? I know some do have dysphoria but I think it's insane their own fetish makes them impotent. And they seem to be happy with that too? But I'm not sure if theyre truly that mentally ill or if it's the biggest cope of all time

Anonymous 147175

>And they seem to be happy with that too?
no, after they cant get off they get depressed. it's coomer retardation

Anonymous 147176


Thoughts on guilty gear retconning their crossdresser character to be trans? I know trannies flock to fighting games like flies to shit (for whatever godforsaken reason), so my impression is that it was just a marketing-driven decision, but I can't help but feel bad for normal people that like that game and have had to watch now multiple characters be butchered like this

Anonymous 147177

they adressed that in this video
apparently some men actually have an increased sex drive after orchiectomy but its not common.

Anonymous 147184

Isn’t being a tranny just an elaborate form of self harm? They probably enjoy castrating themselves.

Anonymous 147192

reminder that just because a man dislikes trannies doesn't mean he likes actual women either

kovarex, the dev that was being cancelled on twitter, has also made weird comments in the past like statutory rape doesn't exist, it's a "made up" idea

Anonymous 147197

This doesnt look anything like a troon

Anonymous 147205

I still haven't really seen where in the game they say "I'm a transsexual" so I'm not sure where they're pulling it from. either way, I don't like it, and all the more that these freaks are spamming that he's a trans character now in any threads about the game. we get it, your mental illness is being enabled, you can shut the fuck up now

Anonymous 147206


Anonymous 147207

Snimka zaslona 202…

Wasn't him "heroically" telling the sjw crowd of just him yelling at one person who advised him that the programming/gamedev tutorial/tips he recommended were made by a person of questionable skill, were mostly about mangement and had sexist comments and that it may not be the best idea to do it?

Anonymous 147208

I remember hearing on discord that the factorio devs had lynched a tranny and joined the SS, only to learn he just told some American identity politico to piss off.
The things that count as drama these days…

Anonymous 147210

Because in most countries it doesnt exist. Its either rape or its not rape.

Anonymous 147677


new kikomi

Anonymous 147678

amen, i cant stand men, we should get together and talk about how we hate them.

Anonymous 147682

Can you wriggle like an eel?

Anonymous 147685


a comment on Mina Le's new video about femcels and female manipulators.

Anonymous 147689

Uhm, socialism as a modern concept began with post-napoleonic political materialism. Same garbage school of thought Marx was a part of. If you're talking about older concepts that would be things like almsgiving or other church functions. The only example of socialist praxis before materialism was Rome's grain dole

Anonymous 147692

Retarded take in general, but in specific this reminded me of something else: this increasing comfort with speculating on other people's gender identity as if that's normal. That and, the "oh yeah well I bet most of these radfems will come out as non binary or trans men in the future so take that terfs," in addition to being an insane sentiment, is just the modern woke equivalent of calling a woman an ugly spinster or something because you think she's talking too much and you feel threatened by the points she's making. Nothing has changed at all

Anonymous 147693

fucking exactly. it's so condescending. i work in a male dominated blue collar field and get shit like this from so called feminists all the time, as if it's impossible for me to be comfy with my gender and also enjoy "masculine" things. it's just plain misogyny.

also taking the subject matter of the youtube video into account, it's evil to tell women they can't identify with and grieve over the unique hardships of being a woman. pretending i'm a man won't make the pain go away, and i have every right to be comforted by the fact that i'm not alone in my suffering. i have a right to be sad. does that make sense or am i rambling?

also this weird fear of every single female dominated subculture is filled with "pick mes" is literally just fear over the fact that women have any individuality whatsoever.

Anonymous 147694

wait sorry. here's the vid in question so my rambling makes sense.

Anonymous 147696

What's funny to me is a lot of people will be like "ree, you can't say pain is an inherent experience of this thing!" when they probably think that same way about race? Plenty of people will say mixed race people for example cannot identify with their heritage that is more oppressed because they don't have the "full" experience of someone who is fully that race. I have my own thoughts about that but not the point - it's just silly to me because this line of thinking is okay for one thing but not for the other.

Yeah, right on the nose.

Anonymous 147702

I love not giving a fuck about femininity and mogging these seethy moids to oblivion by just existing. It fills me with joy.

Anonymous 147707

vagina envy is real

Anonymous 147709

FtM at my old school, in a non-English speaking country way before the whole trans thing really became mainstream.
She wasn't in my year but hung out with the same weeb/nerd group that all the loners (including myself) were with. She came from an abusive family, was a lesbian and had a plethora of mental issues. One day she disappeared from school, came back a couple months later with a new name openly outed as FtM. I don't know what happened to her after I graduated and left school, but she always seemed really miserable.

Anonymous 148135


came here to rant about this pretentious fuck from the band liturgy

their tranny lead singer/founding member makes terrible music and he's so annoyingly pretentious about it too. wrote some 'manifesto' about how his particular brand of black metal that he 'created' is so special and unique. he is also very much one of those intellectual type of TIMs that try to be filled with mystique as they just talk in circles to make themselves appear smart. also, every single picture he takes has this weird, unsettling, creepy ass gaze, particular post-transition/coming out. I just really hope he gets his ass beat one day.

Anonymous 148138

So is womb envy. Trannies literally want to get womb transplants from females now so they can carry a baby and give birth. It’s disgusting.

Anonymous 148139

> singer/founding member makes terrible music and he's so annoyingly pretentious about it too. wrote some 'manifesto' about how his particular brand of black metal that he 'created' is so special and unique. he is also very much one of those intellectual type of TIMs that try to be filled with mystique as they just talk in circles to make themselves appear smart. also, every single picture he takes has this weird, unsettling, creepy ass gaze, particular post-transition/coming out.

When I used tumblr there was this tranny that followed me who was similar. He would send me extremely long pretentious pseudo intellectual rants about stuff I posted and inane schizo messages. His page was filled with creepy photos of himself dressed in 99 cent fishnets and goth jelly bracelets. He looked disgusting, like a skinny lanky incel with long greasy hair, I blocked him multiple times and he would just make new accounts and stalk me. He too had that dead fish eyes, psychotic, flat affect gaze.

Anonymous 148186

Studies have shown that TIMs are extremely prone to Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Anonymous 148216


They get so upset over not being able to control other people's thoughts lmao.

Anonymous 148217

So tired of the troon worshipping and of "It takes a man to be best girl !!".
I can't believe Ishiwatari is such a sellout. Testament being non-binary was much more idiotic than this though.

He says "I'm a girl" in the arcade bad ending, whereas in the true ending, he talks about wanting to find his 'true self". His character song is about how he's afraid things will change if he confronts the status quo. Yet GG World uses female pronouns on his page, making his whole character nothing more than a contradictory, groomed dickgirl.
I'm tired of seeing him everywhere as well.

Anonymous 148237

I miss the time that "this is so 1984" was just a meme

Anonymous 148299


I hate men so much it's unreal

Anonymous 148300


/tttt/ is a cancer

Anonymous 148305

They literally had to make a CIS lesbian general on /tttt/ because of the sheer amount of TIMs there.

Anonymous 148315

Cis lesbian general on 4chan?? Are there even any women on 4chan besides extremely mentally ill selfhating larpers? Why would the misogynists even grant you a space like that, it seems more likely they were humoring the trannies who get off by calling themselves cis and "biological females" because they don't even like being reminded theyre trans.

Anonymous 148316

It is mostly this.

Anonymous 148335

There are plenty of women on 4chan. The ones who make a name for themselves are usually mentally unstable (or groomed children), but there are many women who use it casually. The mythos is more shocking than the actual thing, and you become desensitized to the bad stuff.

Anonymous 148392

Holy shit so it is possible for men to breastfeed. I'm honestly not surprised considering the structures are there I just haven't seen it happen.

Anonymous 148446

Periods are the blood everything else is optional and doesn't always happen. I know I have zero issues with cramps and bloating 99% of the time and the 1% I do have issues is easily resolved with a bit of potassium. TBH I think a lot of women have issues with this stuff due to lack of proper nutrition more than anything else.

Anonymous 148491

There are women on 4chan but they're not on /tttt/ lmao. I don't actually think it's that unusual for women to be on the boards for things like video games and other hobby related stuff. Of course the majority of posters are definitely male but females (true) are not as scarce on there as some people think

Anonymous 148497


I'm sorry but this whole thread is actually making me burst out laughing because of the blatant hypocrisy and narcissism, they aren't even trying

Anonymous 148501

They'd be pretty easy to spot anyway if they did come along since trannies (and even most moids) seem totally incapable of expressing any emotion through words.

Apart from the usual stock phrases they love to throw around, which is just the same old thing being copied from one another anyway.

Anonymous 148502

yea there are some generals out there on 4moids that isnt populated with hostile teenagers and early 20s misogynists, and like you said alot of them are old

Anonymous 148503

I guess they have never heard of 'going to a website for a specific topic, for that topic only'. I guess they're mostly like 14-20 and never really used the old internet (despite most of them being obsessed with 'webcore' shit that seems to mean 'having a neocities page and then linking to a Discord profile), only really Reddit/Discord/whatever the hell so just associate people with being in one place.

Anonymous 148504

zoomers nowdays are braindead like zombies and have no true passions

Anonymous 148505

I do wonder how many of those nerd moid hobbies they've ruined though, and which ones they've left untouched.

https://kiwifarms.net/threads/video-game-archival-autism-tcrf-jul-sonic-retro-and-more.124559/ This is a significant example and I wouldn't be surprised if places like here and GBATemp.net were some of the main breeding grounds for these people spreading like a forest fire.

Anonymous 148507

Did I seriously write 'here'? Then again it's 3am…

Anonymous 148508

Also forgot to say, 'significant' as in it influences a lot of those people because they read shit off that site and probably follow things on Twitter related to it (and subsequently get all sorts of shit people coming up in their recommended feed/notifications/who to follow list), and even people in the thread mentioned that.

So they likely exploited this to project their political views on others because of autistic people being more likely to fall down the commie troon rabbit role.

Pinpointing the source of the troon surges further in terms of specific communities and circles, and outing fucked up things in each case - like in the TCRF/Sonic Retro one here, one of its regulars assisting a literal child molester in evading arrest, making a lengthy statement about how they're disgraced from the community, and then years later that same molester is being seen talking to admins from that group in a private server all friendly and happy… well, y'know.

Enough awareness and people might finally begin to think 'they were right all along', in fact this seems to be happening to some extent outside their hugboxes, just not many people will speak up about it.

Anonymous 148654


Anonymous 148700


Anonymous 148704

why did the funny picture i replied to get deleted
jannies have been acting like trannies lately wouldnt be surprised if one actually sneaked into being one

Anonymous 148705

afaik the janny "hiring" lol process is literally just asking to be one,id be more surprised if there wasn't at least one

Anonymous 148707

More likely the post was deleted when someone was banned as a moid.

Anonymous 148730


wow what are the odds she is both tronz and have this absolutely valid medical mental condition

Anonymous 148731

>do chess players talk about anything but chess on their forums smh

Anonymous 148778

DID/"Systems" are the fakest shit ever, if you unironically believe this you need to get off the Internet before you get scammed by a Nigerian prince

Anonymous 148940


Seeing trannies twist themselves into knots over why transgenderism is totally real and logical but transracialism is not real and illogical is pretty funny.

Anonymous 148941

It's funny how they are the first to say that race and ethnicity are made up social construct, but when it doesn't fit their narrative, they immediately flip and announce that race/ethnicity are not social constructs.
This is classic cognitive dissonance, but it's also a case in point that no matter what logical appeals you try to make to these cultists, nothing will convince them otherwise. They have no belief system whatsoever. Anything the media or the ruling class or whatever you wish to call the people who influence public thought in our society are the absolute truth. The transgender cultists worship them as if they're living gods. And because their gods are omnipotent and perfect, they can never be wrong.
You can never successfully argue against these cultists because you are in essence, arguing against their holy gods. If you ever point out the contradictions in the Bible or Quran, Christians and Muslims will immediately state that their God is perfect and that you can't possibly question his word. It's the same for transgender cultists and their ilk.
It's a religion like any other.

Anonymous 149026

I saw a reddit comment a couple days ago, with hundreds of upvotes, claiming that "a woman is anyone who identifies as one" isn't circular reasoning. I fucking hate reddit so much.

Anonymous 149044

Lol, he doesn't have a uterus, how can he claim to have cramps in the uterus he doesn't have?

Anonymous 149045

This is probably true, muscle cramps can be reduced by drinking Gatorade which has potassium in it.
Lactic acid causes the burn after a work out which is what your body did to keep your uterus healthy, salt neutralizes that burning feeling.

Anonymous 149057

They're just that much of a narcissist that they can't stand to be left out of conversation.

Anonymous 149060

>Anything the media or the ruling class or whatever you wish to call the people who influence public thought in our society are the absolute truth.
What if they live in a country where most public thoughts influencers don't support transgenders or or are indifferent?

Anonymous 149109

- this doesn't apply to most places TRAs come from (America, non eastern Europe)
- America has a huge influence on young people in other countries, local influencers don't matter as much

Anonymous 149214

Then young people will ignore them and brand them as bigots.
From my own experience they’re pretty deep into American lgbtq internet culture.

Anonymous 149338


New Google doodle, to nobody's surprise it's celebrating the birthday of some French troon

There are so many people who actually contributed great things to the world, and this is what they are going for?

Anonymous 149341

Here, have a (You)

Anonymous 149343


uwu I'm totally a FEMALE with a FEMALE BRAIN but :c idk anything about disgusting GIRLSHIT like keeping my room clean and vanities and STRING LIGHTS, how to femail??? pls halp

Anonymous 149360


This image is by far the most intelligent thing I have ever read

Anonymous 149365

Biogirl really doesn't look like she's having a great time. Women are constantly bending over backwards for troons, afraid if they dont reinforce the 2 dimensional gender roles, troons force-fed you, because that's all they've ever known.

Clinging desperately to the troon idea of femininity, just walls you in more, into a permanently manipulated and psychologically frozen, diminished state. Its exactly what men want, its exactly what the troon wants, someone easy to manipulate/control. The moid agenda never changes whether he's wearing a dress or not. I would hardly call her existence effortless since she looks like she's already capitulating to that agenda with her gaze. Perpetuating it, she embodies exactly what men want

Anonymous 149366


yeah its fucking stupid
>i have a female brain, it just doesn't affect the way i think or act or anything like that. pls help me learn to be a women even though i am already completely a woman.

Anonymous 149390

Why would a woman do any of these things, just because they're women? Are you actually lowkey troon worshippers, implying they should?

Anonymous 149391

NTA but i think you might be retarded if you took their sarcastic mocking if troons “girlbrain” theories as support of them

Anonymous 149404

Girl Talk 2020.jpg

Anonymous 149405

it was sarcasm. are you an autist?

Anonymous 149408


The fact they make and post "I want to wear your skin" type jealousy shit like this makes me profoundly uncomfortable and screams misogynistic homo.

Anonymous 149412


This is/(was?) a Twitch moderator btw.

Anonymous 149423

Am I misinterpreting it or did the trannies over at 4chan really try to pretend this actual woman was a HSTS? lmao. HSTS might pass slightly better than AGPS but there's not much of a difference. The only HSTS that slightly pass are the ones that got put on hormones before puberty and that's basically child abuse. And even then, I saw an unfiltered unedited candid of Kim Petras the other day and he still looked like a man without the aid of photoshop. Probably looks even worse irl.

Anonymous 149426

i thought that too and i checked the archive. op was just starting out with an agp and then posted some examples of what he considered hsts body language after that.

Anonymous 149428


Anonymous 149446


F3'd the thread to see if anyone was talking about this here yet and didn't see it. I've been trying to find someone more versed in legalese to break down all the potential ramifications to come from this decision and I've come up with nothing.

I agree with you when it comes to the people online, 'cause you're not going to find someone with DID/whatever outside of a psych ward, but this stuff has been in the DSM for awhile now. It's not the hot take you think it is.

Anonymous 149448

have you checked to see if anyone on ovarit is talking about it? if not might be good to post there too

Anonymous 149449

sweetie ur partner is an AGP, nothing to feel insecure about! dump and move on, he can coom to his trannyporn since clearly that's all he cares about

Anonymous 149450


The guy behind Domina is in trouble for sharing his political views in his patch notes. Article's only worth a skim if you care about that shit.


Anonymous 149451

Anonymous 149452

Diff anon but really? Last I had heard psychologists had inconclusive results and it was considered one of those dubious conditions that couldn't be proven to be actual disorders like Stockholm syndrome. Genuinely asking but can people with DID even tell they have it? I think someone delusional enough to truly believe they have different alters living inside of them would be too mentally ill to even voice this to people. I'm not saying with certainty that there is no cases at all, but it seems so movie-esque, especially with the alters having different names, likes and dislikes and ages. In fact I remember when the movie Split came out everyone was so angry claiming it was bad representation and then they all started faking DID exactly the way it was portrayed in the movie.
The only case I can think of that might be real is Tracey Wigginton, and even then it's hard to tell considering she could've just been lying to the cops so she'd get a lower sentence due to insanity.

Anonymous 149454

Inconclusive doesn't mean one way or another. I agree that the results are skewed and are even more so now because of fads. The DSM is a WIP and most mental illnesses are self reported and reliant on the doctors or researchers to judge each individual with their own discretion.

>Genuinely asking but can people with DID even tell they have it?

People do notice major losses in time and other comorbid symptoms or issues like major depression, cPTSD, derealization and depersonalization, dissociative amnesia and fugues - family and friends will also report strange behaviors to you. DID is a traumatic dissociative disorder from extreme abuse, not a having alters disorder. It's a condition that fits more in line with BPD and cPTSD. It loses that movie-esque feel when you think about it more like advanced flashbacks to yourself in a different stage of your life, except those flashbacks have some varying continuity. Your likes and dislikes wouldn't wildly range, for example, but they'd surely be noticeable and different from just "being in a different mood".

>In fact I remember when the movie Split came out everyone was so angry claiming it was bad representation and then they all started faking DID exactly the way it was portrayed in the movie.

Those people are just attention fags, sis.

Haven't read or watched anything on her in years, but there's also Kim Noble afaik. I don't recall the consensus on the person behind 'Today I'm Alice'.

Anonymous 149466

That’s really unfair for people with genuine disabilities. Trannyism is a personality disorder, not a physical disability, there should be a distinction. We don’t say ASPD psychopaths are disabled.

Anonymous 149489

nice to see another kiwi in here <3

Anonymous 149535


Im still mad my thread got nuked during some soijak raid. I think my only peace of mind is that it was the one the later confirmed schizoid tranny derailed with all the posts about “too much trans exclusionary, not enough rad fem”.

Anonymous 149538

Don't start this shit again

Anonymous 149544


>Im still mad my thread got nuked during some soijak raid

the size of this project has grown so large, linking to the previous threads seems unnecessarily difficult to access. a link to a mega folder where all the images lie would be much more convenient to access for the audience.

Anonymous 149550


groomer moment

Anonymous 149551


Anonymous 149552

I love when the graphic design anons do the screenshots

Anonymous 149561

i stole it from twitter

Anonymous 149578


Troon pedo was caught in a sting operation trying to meet up with girls aged 9, 6 and 1(!) for sex. He also sent CP through Telegram.
Police let him go (for now). Pic related is the pedo.
Rest of the story here, with disgusting screenshots of the conversation: https://reduxx.info/trans-pedophile-still-free-after-attempting-to-meet-child-baby-for-sexual-abuse/
He had an Instagram account dedicated to creep shots of teenagers paired with disgusting sexual descriptions, a blog where he posted MAP rhetoric, and a Twitter account where he posted normal troon activism stuff paired with defending sex work and normalizing pedos.

Anonymous 149579

ew what is wrong with american law enforcement? how is this gross pedo moid allowed to have cp and a creepshot account with no legal consequences?

Anonymous 149580


This is a screenshot from his blog (now privated, archived https://archive.ph/JCarG). On Twitter he was an average sex work defender, meanwhile in his blog he recognized sex work was a form of rape, however he thought that that fact helped justify child sexual abuse.
He also followed activists on Twitter dedicated to ending sexoffender registries.
Every time you see this pattern (avid defense of prostitution, porn addiction, "MAP" and "virtuous pedo" normalization, destigmatization of sex offenders, calling child protection "pearl clutching" and obsession with the sexual self-determination of minors) remember, it is always a pedo. These people are all collecting CP and attempting to contact minors. Rip off their masks when you see them in the wild, if necessary by force. They can't feel safe anywhere.

This pedo goes by SophiaNotLoren, SophiaAlwaysLoren, Phia/Sophia Westfall and has a tattoo with "Sophia" written in Greek letters on his arm. He lives in East Oakland. Heads up for nonas from there, don't let him near your kids.

Anonymous 149596

>this is from the website that banned the word groomer
now that's very telling

Anonymous 149600

You've called me a tranny this entire time, and it's never been true. Sorry you're a spineless libfem who believes that OF and make up are empowering. Die mad about it.

Anonymous 153365

based bio chan

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