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Anonymous 65717[Reply]

i would have liked to make a thread about discussing experiences with sexual assault, but i am convinced that there'd be moids reading it and getting turned on by the stories. and it makes me sad that we can't even talk about it here and be safe when it's already a thing we can't safely talk about in real life. i don't know a single woman who hasn't at least experienced some sort of harassment, if not outright rape, but i don't know a single one where there were consequences for the perpetrator. and some days that thought pops up in my mind and it just makes everything feel so bleak and depressing.
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Anonymous 65783

I fucking hate men. Maybe there should be a special board on here that only verified female IPs/accounts(?) could post on. I don’t know..

Anonymous 65784

When I was 17, I added this guy on /soc/. I confessed that I was 17 and one of the first things he asked me was if when I turned 18 I was “going to buy a dildo.”

Anonymous 65788

Rape isn't seen as inconsequential nor is it treated as a non-serious matter in the US. Unless you go off of bogus college 1 out of 4 women propaganda that claims American women are raped at higher rates than war-torn third world African and Middle Eastern countries. 55k is 55 thousand too many, but let's not pretend some of these aren't inflated by university drunken hook-ups and blatant fake accusations that only serve to undermine actual rape victims. Sexual assault of women is treated as a pretty serious matter in all western countries (that I know of), below only murder and child rape.

Anonymous 65789

>people grabbing my ass on trains/in clubs
>Drunk guy in a bar grabbed my boob
>Random drunk guy trying to kiss me
>Hobos saying they're going to murder me

Honestly not that bad, certainly not traumatizing. I'm certainly not going to play some victim card in three face of actual sexual assault victims.

Fwiw I grew up in rural Wyoming and never had any issues until I went to college in NYC. Cities are just degenerate shit holes.

Anonymous 65802

Yes. I am West European white. Though this should be the standard response across all races.
I am not ashamed to say that I was quite proud of what they did. Seeing him wheel himself out of court and knowing he'll be on pain medication for the rest of his life is a small conciliation, but knowing he'll never enjoy sex due to never being able to thrust due to having shattered feet and kneecaps makes me feel better. I read up on what happens when someones feet are crushed and it seems like his feet are on borrowed time too. He'll be never lucky if he doesn't end up getting them amputated.


Why is rent so fucking high Anonymous 65761[Reply]

I'm breaking down I can't fucking afford shit even if I live in an inhuman piece of shit apartment with nothing but a fridge I still can't afford it. I still live with my parents and they don't let me do some stuff I want to do because of "my house my rules" but I can't get out I want to scream but that's not allowed either.
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Anonymous 65792

(((populist politicians)))

Anonymous 65793


Anonymous 65795

I'm probably moving out of the city I've lived in the last 10 years because of how fucking expensive rent has gotten. I make decent money and my 400 sqft apartment is still more than 1/3 of my income. It's disgusting.

Anonymous 65799

How old are you OP?

Anonymous 65801

I'm 22 and fresh out of college, I can't get a job that pays well enough to support myself. My other IRL friends either have daddy's money or they live with their bfs so I can't roomie them and I don't trust randos enough due to bad dork experiences. Currently trying to move cities but even bottom of the barell cities have high as shit rent, covid really fucked the rent prices.


Vent thread Anonymous 63354[Reply]

Previous thread >>60740
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Anonymous 65763

So I`m "old" (31) and never in my life did I have my shit more together than right know and I'm actually moving rapidly towards not only having my shit together but being even successful in life with far above average wage, perfect relationship, yadayada.

But around me people are literally falling apart. My family is totally in ruins. My parents peacefully divorced when I was 20 and I thought they know what the shit they are doing and that they just want a better relationship (even tho I never knew what could have been better because it was all fine and dandy and hit me out of the blue) but I thought they are adults, they know how live works, all is fine.
Now around ten years later my father is heavily hooked on god knows how many different prescriptions for opiates and tranquilizers and pops them like candy because my also addicted stepmother dragged him into this swamp. I recently saw him in person and he looks like he is at best making another ten before he kicks the bucket. They have absolutely no funds in any way and my father is going to retire this year (his wife basically never worked a day in her life).
I also recently learned that my mother had to move out and into another city because her new husband spends all the money they have on useless shit (in a compulsive way, he earns a lot and spends everything by for example buying five new coffee machines for 1k each) he also locked her in the house, beat her and threatened her with suicide if she would leave him. This all already happened BEFORE she decided it would be a great idea to marry him while she was coked up.

I don't know if I should just slap them both for being so incredibly retarded choosing the worst path imaginable with military grade precision at every option possible or feel like shit or both. They fucked up a perfectly solid marriage because "meh boring we want a change" for this shit. For relationships and lives that are so white trash abusive lowlife scum it makes me nauseous just to think about it. For drugs and bad partners. Not even the party time, kids are out of the house kind of drugs but the "I cant stand my life without buzz" sad kind of drugs. They never even fucking tried to reconcile, talked or thought more than three seconds about those life changing decisions of not only separating but also marrying the worst persons they could possibly find. I feel like I'm suddenly the grown up and my parents aren't my parents but retarded teenagers fromPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 65777

I can’t sleep. This lack of sleep is making my condition worse. I feel terrible.

Anonymous 65796


people are so incompetent in their jobs and it pisses me off. especially when these jobs are important, like…can you take ten extra seconds to do your work properly? can you not do something as simple as send me the correct link to sign up for the doctor's emailing service so i can get my goddamn appointment date? stupid fucking bitch

Anonymous 65798

speaking of doctors I always feel like the ones where I live are really inefficient… I hesitate to rip on doctors since I know it's a lot of work but I feel like it's fucked up that it's the norm to show up to an appointment at the scheduled time and have to wait 1-2 hours before they actually see you? And even though it's standard to wait over an hour, you still need to arrive at the scheduled time and stay the whole time or they charge you and give you a strike towards banning you from the doctor's office.
Then when you mention a mild to moderate issue they tell you to get tests like bloodwork, and you have to wait weeks for your blood-drawing appointment, then wait weeks for them to analyze the blood, only for them to say "we didn't find anything wrong let's schedule a different test a few weeks from now :)" And you have to… deal with the issue the whole time
I don't know if this is normal in other countries?

Anonymous 65800

idk, but i've had similar experiences in the states. no clue if you live here.
i don't know how so many bastard idiots manage to become doctors or manage healthcare systems lol. don't mind ripping on them either – fuck 'em


Any femcels here Anonymous 14730[Reply]

>Whats stopping you from not being a femcel

For me its not like there aren't any guys that are into me it's just that its hard for me to connect socially with people.
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Anonymous 65721

Having higher expectations but being willing to sleep around more are not mutually exclusive.
Men have a lower threshold for wanting to sleep with women because they have on average a higher sex drive and due to various societal reasons, but their preferences are pretty much always geared towards conventionally beautiful girls. None of them prefer quirky looking girls sexually, they just go for them anyways.
On the other hand, there are plenty of women into any kind of man. Sure many girls like the model-type guy, but there are just as many into legit uggos, and that's their actual sexual preference, what they actually get aroused by, not a shortcut to sex because they can't have the max beauty standard adhering person, which is the case for men.

Anonymous 65734

>its about your energy not your looks
Lol no it’s about my looks. I’m an objective 3/10, possibly less. The only time it becomes relevant is in terms of dating and relationships. I also have a disability. The rest of the time I don’t care how I look, I’m too focused on trying not to feel like I’m dying.

Anonymous 65756

are you fat

Anonymous 65774

Most incels and moids in general will be happy with any variation of not fat and white. Of course your nose shape or boob size or eye color doesn’t matter when you fill those two basic requirements that 99% of moids find attractive. Nitpicking that much is disingenuous and self indulgent, ethnic femcels will know how much harder it is irl.

Anonymous 65790


I'm obese 30 year old virgin hermit with mental illnesses and I seriously fantasize of paying for male escort. Even just to hang out, hug and be able to touch another human being. It's been several years since I hugged anyone. But I'm too ashamed of myself and I'm sure no man would be willing to be in the same room with me even if I paid him. I'm objectively 1/10 in every sense. I know I should just kys but I can't do that to my parents so I'm stuck mentally wasting away from zero contact with humans.


Anonymous 65664[Reply]

Anyone else feels like there are no CC women in your whole country?
I really wish I could have an at least semi-irl friendship with a like minded girl, but I live in a place with a disproportionate amount of normies.
16 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 65771

I’m pretty much hiki now but when I went out from time to time like on the subway or whatever I would see a slightly dishevelled self conscious shy girl with her hair covering her face looking down at the floor or her phone and body language tensed up. I always wanted to go up and talk to them but I know it would just make us both uncomfortable. For some reason I always feel like other girls pull off the shy hiki slob look much better than me. I would love a shutin hiki female friend to occasionally meet up for coffee or whatever (and then we both end up cancelling it due to our anxiety lmao). I can’t hang out with normie women because when I tell them I don’t work or have a boyfriend they look at me as if I just took a shit in front of them.

Anonymous 65772

Yeah I’ve seen a couple other loser type girls and they can look cute and often don’t seem to have any real jarring facial or body flaws that would make it obvious as to why they are so self conscious. In comparison I just feel like a gross ugly ogre around others most of the time and I feel like my ugliness makes it super obvious as to why I have no friends or irl bfs.

Anonymous 65778

I don't expect to find women like me anywhere. :|

I've just made peace with it

Anonymous 65779

Oh my god more of this
I'm so sick of reading people talking like this on here its the worst.

Anonymous 65781

Go back to FDS if you want a yas kween circle shlick then. This board is mostly for outcasts and loser girls who need to vent because every other female internet space is a fake positivity hugbox.


Long Distance Relationships Anonymous 44204[Reply]

Thread to discuss Long Distance Relationships. The struggles, the pros… meeting the person for the first time… meeting them for the 50th time… vent both sad and happy things. LDRs can be quite a challenge but it's the right thing for some people.
103 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 65187

And to add to that most insurance doesn't cover anything lol. Just read stories about Americans who make like 12/hr, have insurance through the company that's paying them but will have to end up ditching out $5000> if the deductible is a certain rate or they simply just choose not to pay for whatever. They can also choose not to pay for much needed things as well and practically no insurances cover that 1-6k bill. Most Americans are suffering and it's completely ignorant to assume someone is set just because they have insurance

Anonymous 65285

That's horrible, I'm sorry Anonette. Even if you two never met in person, they still meant a lot to you, so don't feel pathetic. There are plenty of others out there looking for something special just like you, so don't give up! Do you take any meds for your outbursts or disorientation?

Anonymous 65316

Thanks for the kind words. I don't take meds right now. I was forced to take several meds as a kid and it messed with my body so I have a lot of discomfort with medication now. I'm hoping to do some specialized types of therapy like EMDR first and keep drug-related stuff as a last resort.

Anonymous 65776

Apologies this is a long post
I was wanting some positive perspective, I'm under no illusions that all will go well because of course there will be hiccups but we're both dedicated to making the distance work. I've been with my partner almost a year and soon he will be moving away to live in an area that he actually likes and a preferable job situation (he's a paramedic, wanting to work by the coast rather than in a city). Only a 3/4 hour train ride away so not thousands of miles but I'm still upset naturally. The plan is for me to move to him (all going well ofc) once I finish college next summer. Are there any tips for coping with the distance? Keeping things positive and developing the relationship? We online game together, have phone calls and message each other if we can't spend time together (things we intend to keep doing when we're apart) but obviously a busy work/education schedule is a bit different to actual long physical distance so are there any other things we could do?

Anonymous 65794

I miss my bf so much when it is time to leave. I can't stop crying and I feel like a retard. Is it sick that I get annoyed that he takes it better/doesn't cry?


Need to get OUT Anonymous 61546[Reply]

I need to get OUT of this place.
I’m going to lose my fucking job because of stupidity. I’m going to lose my therapist, my doctor, my apartment, my life up to this point. I’m 20 and am entirely financially independent, if/when I get my plug pulled I am going to be FUCKED. Fuck this hick ass state, fuck these ignorant ass people, get me the hell away from PA. Help me live out my Dune fremen fantasy and pick which state go to in the American Southwest.
37 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 64009


stop moving to California.

Anonymous 64062

Anonymous 65257


Just my opinion, buuut… California sucks booty, why would you wanna come here, it's hot af, dry, dusty, everything is fucking expensive, it's bright AF too. (Well, this is all depending on where you go. Can't really speak for Norcal. Guess they got trees and shit.) I don't think I need to tell you about the cities.

But definitely don't just jump into anything, Anon. I'm going to leave when I can, personally. Idk where I'll go. Somewhere nice and green and rainy, that experiences something called "snow," maybe. Have a choccy milk and rethink this, think about what you really want. Things might get better. Or they'll get worse, or just stay the same. But don't believe every little thing you hear. Including from me.

>>61781 actually, I was moving my moms couch the day before yesterday, and there was a dead scorpion underneath. I didn't notice it, if it was alive it could've gotten me lmao. Second time we found one in the house

And one time I was just chilling on my bed, and I look down randomly and a brown recluse was right next to my leg, it was a big ass one, too. Creepy.

Anonymous 65264

That's 'cause any true resident doesn't want any more out of state people moving to the PNW. The house prices are already out of control.

t. person who rages inside every time she sees a car with out of state plates, especially that one that said 420 FUN.

Anonymous 65770

No, we're full.
Also, Commiefornians keep moving East, I hear New Mexico is great any time of the year.


Anonymous 65142[Reply]

my ex has ruined my life and taken my friends from me and he continues to be popular despite abusing myself and other girls and people look up to him i cant take this its ruined me so bad mentally i need to kill myself im not strong enough for this
22 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 65231

you have to provide actual milk and receipts of his behaviour else nothing will happen

Anonymous 65232

Anon said she has receipts, and the milk is on his public SM.

Anonymous 65236

You should just avoid feeding anyones ego anymore you sound like you walked right into it.

Anonymous 65237

Youre seriously still calling this guy an influencer? He sounds like a washed up turd =o

Anonymous 65769

>i just want him to stop
the only way douchebags like your ex ever stop is by exposing who they really are to the world.

he's able to get away with all his shit because people believe the mask he puts on, as soon as that's gone he'll not be able to get away with his bullshit.


Anonymous 64969[Reply]

>be me, 25 y/o
>check mail one day
>get letter from guy i used to know back in high school
>address listed as a prison
>this guy was always a little awkward but nice, no way he could've done anything that bad
>open letter and read it
>he says he's been looking for me for 2 years, calls me his best friend and says to write back as soon as possible
>am now extremely suspicious and concerned since we were just friendly classmates
>do a bit of googling
>he's in prison for kidnapping and rape of a middle school girl

what the fuck do i do? we were only in the same friend group and never spoke again after graduation… i live in a different state now, how did he even find my address? do i write back and tell him to not contact me again, or just ignore this and try to forget it happened? i feel gross just being remotely associated with him.
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 64972

was mostly just worried i was being too paranoid, but i am nervous about what he might do when his sentence is up since he somehow got my address. think i'll either try to contact the prison warden or go to local police… thanks.

Anonymous 64973

Police and the warden, yes. Warden first perhaps, in case the cops tell you not to. Do this ASAP.

Anonymous 65006

You gotta know how he found your address. Listen to >>64971

Anonymous 65399

Really? I'd rate it a 6/10, because it was entertaining at first but she didn't really commit to the larp all the way.

Anonymous 65768

>You gotta know how he found your address.
you'd be surprised just what a quick google search can turn up on you.

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