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Anonymous Admin 68356[Reply]

I've been seeing users requesting more general/containment threads on /feels/. Please leave your suggestions here.
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Anonymous 71239

Wish there was just a standalone relationship board too. There are too many kinds of relationships and relationship issues to stick in thread. I think it would be nice if people just made individual posts of their own so they could get proper attention and feedback for their question or problem. Threads just instantly bury whatever important thing a person has to say.

Anonymous 71795


This. Keep them at a minimum and only introduce them when something very specific gets posted very often.

Anonymous 72508

honestly I'd rather not. those threads are always very boring and we all know an entire relationship board would draw in moids by the 1000s.


Anonymous Admin 49939[Reply]

Do not make threads about the following topics or you will be banned:

- Race/Ethnicity/Nationality (including stereotypes & preferences)
- Religion
- (Why) do guys…
- (Why) do you like guys who [insert preference here]
- (Why) do guys like [insert preference here]
- how to get a bf/gf (who does xyz)
- Any fetish/kink talk

If you want to talk about Radfem/TERF/Gendercritical themes, do not make a new thread. Post in the existing threads on /b/ and keep discussion civil.

Use the catalog.


Anonymous 88328[Reply]

I need an autismo bf
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Anonymous 88333


Anonymous 88334


Let me dream

Anonymous 88349

Get you a man who looks at you like how he looks at Peach, bug eyed, submissive, red in the face and somehow sticky from either candy or 'sweat'(?).

Anonymous 88350


>tfw you will never be isekai’d into a fantasy world and get doted on by an impossibly perfect bf with the pulchritude of a thousand paintings come to life who holds nothing dear but your love and retains the good grace and etiquette to properly convey his affection in a way that is neither confusing nor inattentive but romantic and straightforward in only the way a lovely autistic gentleman could be

Anonymous 88352

Jesus christ anon just ask to be God at that point fuck


Bf hate thread Anonymous 76424[Reply]

Post reasons or stories why you hate your SO. I’ll go first
>ask bf to help me take out trash because he hasn’t done it in a few days and now the can is too heavy for me and I have to take out another bag because he’s let it pile up
>”I knew you were gonna nag me about that”
>I want to bash his head in. I didn’t nag him I asked for help and if you knew I was gonna say something. WHY WOULDNT YOU TAKE IT OUT YOU FILTHY PIG.
Anyways your turn <3
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Anonymous 88335

Men literally just think they know everything and it’s annoying as hell. I have to literally research things when having a conversation with my boyfriend because he has to be eighth. Even if I have the factual evidence that he’s wrong, he’ll still disagree with me and tell me to shut up.

Anonymous 88337

That's the majority of people, full stop.

Anonymous 88345



>clingy as fuck, won't leave me alone for two seconds

>insists I call him or wake him up if I wake up in the night
>gets offended if I want to go off and do my own thing like draw or listen to music
>Literally kisses me when I'm eating, smoking, talking
>Never fucking listens to anything I say
>probably hates women
>controlling af, tells me who I can and can't speak to, what I can wear, told me to get off 4chan lol
>sends me retarded ass text messages, constantly uses cringy emojis to get my attention
>Lied about self harming
>attempts to manipulate me into staying, uses the classic "I'm all you need!!" "You're lucky you have me" "other guys are shit!"

There's so much more but I can't even list them all here. He's so fucking clingy and ironically it pushes me away. The only reason I stay with him is because I'd be homeless otherwise, his family are lovely though.

Anonymous 88348

So you fell in love with a man that has all the worst possible traits of a woman who was coddled by her parents? Wtf is going on today?

Anonymous 88351

How do I get a bf like this?


Vent thread Anonymous 86775[Reply]

Previous one: >>>/feels/83058
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Anonymous 88340

It isn't, the snake is regurgitating itself, not eating itself btw.
I wish I was a sociopath, life would be so much easier kek

Anonymous 88341

No that is exactly what it's like. Growing up that's all I ever saw too. Aside from my best friends who didn't suck? Most people are completely shitty. You're not wrong.

Anonymous 88343

I hate earbuds that go inside your ears. I can hear my breathing noises. But they're the only ones that have noise cancellation so I need them. I wish they could put noise cancelling on the flat airpod style of earbud.

Anonymous 88346

I have extreme mommy issues. I'll never find a man who cares about me the way my mother does. Woman can sense my moods, will literally hound me if she so much as suspects I'm becoming depressed. Will always think of me before thinking of herself.
This is not normal. This is not healthy. I am not healthy. I need to be far away. I love her to death. I know I'll pay it all back in time (when the hereditary dementia eventually claims her and I'll have to look after her). But this is not healthy. I need to go away some place far away. I love her but I need to cut the cord. Things can't go on like this. our very persons are blending into each other at this point. I will never have a human connection like the way i have with her. I will never depend on another human as easily as I depend on her. But this needs to stop. I need to be an adult.
It's a good thing that I know I'm a sexual person, because I'm definetly aromantic.

Anonymous 88347


How the fuck does a cis woman develop a sissy fetish?


Anonymous 88326[Reply]

I have only been in love once. 5 years later and it still haunts me. I think I spent all my love on him. I haven’t felt anything for anyone since. I miss him. I miss him almost everyday. Every time I watch call me your name. I think of all those moments we spent together.

Anonymous 88344


Been in love with a dude 5 years ago. He was abusive though. Idk about you anon. I understand the missing part though cuz I do miss the "idealised" version of him. But this version is fake so in the end I'm glad it's all over.


Anonymous 88242[Reply]

So much negativity on here
Post some good feels
What makes you feel good
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Anonymous 88270

Some people just click like that. I wasn’t close to my teachers at all

Anonymous 88289

The cute otter(?) you posted makes me feel pretty good

Anonymous 88317

Anonymous 88321

her teacher is a girl, this obvious sign of grooming should be ignored for some reason.

Anonymous 88342


Tonight I was taking a walk: there was a nice light drizzle, pleasant street lights, golden fallen leaves, little to no people around, I was dressed perfectly comfortable for the weather, I was listening to music and drinking strawberry milk, so that’s a nice evening


therapy Anonymous 88247[Reply]

anyone feel like therapy is a waste of time for them? today someone I work with said I should probably go to therapy (he thinks I have been sounding uncharateristically unenthusiastic during meetings). I couldn't say this to him since I didn't want to expose myself as a crazy bitch, but ive been to like 15+ therapists and all felt like it was mostly a waste of time and money. it helped in some ways but I dont think a therapist can imbue your life with meaning, which is usually what is lacking, in my case. I struggle to find purpose and I dont think I can get that through talk therapy or meds.

obviously it helps a lot of people with immediate distress so not saying it is without merit. but I feel like if your problem is just life itself, then idk. but also I dont want to lose my job so I better shape up, I guess.

Anonymous 88248

Second this, I've tried a few and none of them have worked much for me. I couldn't really connect with them or feel comfortable enough to actually open up and talk about what was bothering me.

(I know that's dumb since it's literally their job to talk about that stuff lol)

Anonymous 88251

Same. Telling a complete stranger a bunch of personal info is difficult. I dont even tell my friends shit lol. especially when you know at the end of the day, even if they're a nice person, they wouldn't be listening to you if they weren't getting a paycheck. its hard to feel like they actually care

Anonymous 88254

Therapy isn’t about your therapist caring. They’re there to listen and give feedback and help you deconstruct everything on your mind step by step. Like if your mind is clouded with a million things, therapy is helpful since they act like a third party to your thoughts. Now the problem with most therapists is that they dont even do that. For example, mine would just wanna hurry up the time just to give me some generic advice because she doesn’t understand, Thats where the issue is. At least for me personally

Anonymous 88258

you don't need a purpose anon

just do things you enjoy

don't overthink it

Anonymous 88325


yeah youre not wrong
theres a lot of stuff I love to do. im glad Im around to do it.


Relationship General #2 Anonymous 84469[Reply]

Old thread reached bump limit: >>>/feels/68927
>?s about romance, love, potential partners, etc.
>experiences and wishes
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Anonymous 88294

Got sad last night because the guy I think is cute is just. He doesn’t ignore me and he isn’t out right mean. But he’s aloof. It’s making me feel terrible about myself. So last night I decided to ask my previous crush how he was anddd tell him I missed him. Ha ha anyways he said he missed me too. I know he was just being nice but it was still nice to hear.

Anonymous 88311

It seems like every man i’m interested wants to trigger my abandonment issues hard

Anonymous 88313


s I'm so tired of my boyfriend not helping out around the house. He's claimed it's because our standards of cleanliness are different and his ADHD makes it hard for him to remember things but I'm really starting to think it's just weaponized incompetence. I'm so tired of having to clean the stovetop weekly, when I cook I never get anything anywhere and if I do I clean it up right after. He's never vacuumed once while living together. I have to ask him to put the dishes away or he'll watch them pile up. He's constantly splashing coffee or crumbs everywhere and it's starting to become too much. I pay less rent because I clean more as per our agreement but it's so tiring picking up after him all the time. He won't even put his laundry (that I do) away so I just have to watch it pile up in a hamper because I draw the line at folding it all for him

Anonymous 88316

>I'm really starting to think it's just weaponized incompetence
it is, sorry but ADHD doesn't make it so you cant clean up after yourself. thats not an excuse
sorry youre dealing with that. he probably holds the rent thing over your head, like men tend to do. I feel like a lot of men dont understand that its not just "helping you" around the house. its actually stuff that needs to be done and you are doing valuable labor by doing it.

Anonymous 88338

You shouldn't pay less, that's literally an excuse for him not to do it. Don't do his laundry either.

Screen Shot 2022-0…

Who is your "omg literally me" character Anonymous 86452[Reply]

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Anonymous 88257

Screenshot 2022-10…

I already posted this in that /media/ thread but I'll say it again:

Anonymous 88262

Idk I don’t know who I am

Anonymous 88281


Anonymous 88296

jeongmin from dreaming freedom!

Anonymous 88314


identity issues?
constant mask you eventually give up on?
secret degen?
repressed homosexual?
you might be mari yoshizaki!

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