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Anonymous Admin 49939[Reply]

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jacksonville pride…

What are giant red flags to you Anonymous 92412[Reply]

here are mine
>plays total war or paradox games
this can be explained by itself
>does roids
i have personal experience with this
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Anonymous 106520

>Wears green shirts (fuck I hate green shirts).
>Wont copy my opinion on any given topic.
>Generally likes things I dont like instead of being me but another person.
>Has ever thought about someone that isnt me.
>Believes in a god that isnt me.
>Wont buy things for me.

Anonymous 106527

Anonymous 106548



>brand hoe
>that god awful, "i'm a douchebag"-screaming broccoli hair
>high body count. past girlfriends with high body counts
>hard drugs. weed is fine.
>unironically talks like "lmao fr fr no cap bussin" all the time.

Also going back to 4chan because I have specific experience with this
>unironically wears a "Please be patient I have autism" hat in public
A friend of a former roommate did this. He was also creepy. Suddenly asked me why I wasn't wearing a bra one time. I showed him my room and when he saw my anime shit he just whispered "You're perfect". I think he was thinking of me as being his ideal pickme anime-loving 3D waifu. cringe

Anonymous 106551


hello, based department

Anonymous 106559

>polfag at 14 playing paradox games
You're no older than 20.


Anonymous 106543[Reply]

I am utterly repulsed by people who take their obsessions way too far. The kind of person who has a whole room full of figurines or people who buy a blanket with the verses of a shitty romance novel stitched into it. I knew someone who threw a themed party with balloons with the actor's faces on them to celebrate their sister watching a boring Chinese bl drama with her. I know, I know, just let people enjoy things. But I can't stop cringing when people show off this stuff to me. I get having a shirt or poster of something you like, but I can't understand all this nonsense. I feel like an alien talking to women my age who haven't matured past middle school, out here bragging about what Harry Potter house they're in.
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Anonymous 106552

An emotionally stunted society is a net negative for everyone

Anonymous 106554

There is nothing inherently offensive about mac and cheese. Other than it not being healthy, but it's tasty enough to compensate for it.

Funko pops are fucking disgusting. They are an affront to taste. The laziest ugliest most soulless pieces of shit ever put in plastic.
The absolute bottom of the barrel among manchild figurine collectors. If I had to choose, I'd much rather interact with a moid who has shelves of half naked anime girls of questionable age because, at the very fucking least, those are well made and nice to look at.

And, as if their looks alone weren't enough to shit on their collectors, there are tons of people who hoard Funko Pops because they think it's some kind of an investment, which makes them even more pathetic and creepy.

Fuck Funko Pops. I wish I could go Charles Kane on a room full of them.

Anonymous 106556

People have tied their entire identity to being a consooomer, it usually is just cringe, but I feel like people take it to a stupid dangerous extent. Like how many people do you know who's entire moral and political identity begin and end at fandom discourse? Some people will never be freed from the commodity fetishism chains.

Anonymous 106557


Is there really a difference between a young adult with a collection of ugly as shit funko pops or anime figures from popular media, a middle aged person with vintage a Barbie or Star Wars collection, and an old person with a large collection of china plates or Toby Mugs? Is it because the first two groups are feeding into consumerism but the last group is collecting what's considered antique? My nan had these things all over her house.
I think there's a line to draw between someone collecting stuff because they think it looks nice, and someone who revolves their whole life around being a collector of x,y,z franchise because they're terminally online and have to appear cool or better than their peers. This is where the real issue is, in my opinion.
Personally I think having your whole house decorated dedicated to a piece of media is tacky, but not any less than someone with a bunch of love, laugh, live and other stupid motivational quotes plastered on every other wall is.

Anonymous 106558

>Is it because the first two groups are feeding into consumerism but the last group is collecting what's considered antique?
Both feed into consumerism, you are literally talking about the purchase of goods.


Social Anxiety Disorder/Agoraphobia thread Anonymous 101071[Reply]

Imageboards attract us like flies so i made this thread so we can feel less lonely, here's some questions to get it going
>How is your life right now
>Do you go outside?
>Any friends or company?
>What do you do to cope with it
>Share a highlight from your life
50 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 106508

Got any family you can spend some time with nona ?

Anonymous 106518

I do spend time with my family and talk to them sometimes but i wish i could make some friends my age online, it is hard without scaring them with my social ineptitude.

Anonymous 106521


I would advise against it; online "friendships" are a massive waste of time. Instead, you should create: write fanfiction, draw, compose music, etc. Not only will you take pride in your creations, but it will also allow you to join a community and actually share something meaningful in common with people online, rather than seeking friends just for the sake of seeking friends.

The reason I'm saying this is that I met the loveliest group of women online by writing silly fanfiction for a niche fandom. They're not really my "friends," but they're people I enjoy talking to because we share the same interests.

Anonymous 106522

are you allowed to do that to seals?

Anonymous 106553

Having responsible & mature friends on-or-offline will help ground you emotionally & keep you from becoming enchanted with the process of creation. Some of the worst people I've met have been up and coming artists with individual cults of idolizers. Never be friends wih stunted or infantalized people. Guard your mind tirelessly.


Vent thread Anonymous 103830[Reply]

Old thread hit the limit
Tell us about your problems, nona
444 posts and 97 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 106535

i'm sorry about that nona you should try to quickly get out and become independent if you can. just be careful when going into these weird online communities since there are so many freaks around.

Anonymous 106536

Thank you, and yeah. It feels like the internet really is a blessing and a curse, both being a wonderful tool but somehow bringing out the worst in people.

Anonymous 106537

Not trying to be an asshole to you, I'm being genuine. I used to rp, quit due to this. The anon who said the stuff about it making people detached is right, most of the community is genuinely just people trying to find someone to write a fetish. Try novelai or something to practice for fun if you want something to work off privately and try to find circles surrounding original fiction for social connection. Honestly even fanfic circles are less shit than rp.

Anonymous 106538

>roleplay community
>trying to look for better roleplay communities that aren't so troon-filled
geg troons infest anything that has to do with fiction unless it the chuds hitler fantasies

Anonymous 106545

This anon (106537) is right, you're better off learning to write on your own in a different community or trying out something like NovelAI to practice more. I felt the same way about writing on my own because I used to write almost entirely on rp and enjoyed the social aspect of it but roleplay communities today are too full of weird, toxic people and troons now. Even rping with other women is pointless. I quit rp after running into someone with some kind of cluster b disorder. Imagine someone trying to gaslight you to rp their noncon fetish. It's not worth it.


i have no friends Anonymous 106523[Reply]

im in my last year of sixth form and i genuinely have no friends at all. i feel like i missed the chance to actually socialise and make friends because my attendance last year was really crappy and i was never like super upset about my lack of friends until yesterday lol. like it’s just the fact that everyone around me has people they can talk to and confide in but i don’t have anyone and it sucks so bad. i tried making friends a bit last year and i think i was pretty good friends with this one guy and he even followed me on instagram and we talked for a while (like to the point where i could confidently call him my friend) but whenever i saw him irl at school he’d just ignore me unless i said hi to him first. now he won’t even make eye contact with me which is insane because i don’t get how you can be friends with someone and then turn around and ignore them the next day but oh well. also i have to go outside every time i have a free period because im really paranoid about what people think about me being alone all the time. i feel like im content with having no friends most of the time but there’s just times when i get so lonely i feel ill. also it doesn’t help that im terrible at making small talk with people because like there have been times when people at school have approached me but they never talk to me for like more than a day because i always end up saying the wrong things… is it over for me?

Anonymous 106541

It's oki, nona.
I didn't have any friends back when I was in middle school, it was a really lonely time for me. I coped by secretly talking to myself (lol) and playing Don't Touch the Spikes on my phone to pretend I definitely did not mind being alone and not become a target loser.

I've found a group of wholesome friends when I switched schools, though. So, have a bit of patience! You won't fit in everywhere you go, and that's more-so a testament of authenticity than it is of any sort of defectiveness. At least in most cases.

Careful not to squeeze yourself into groups that don't even appeal to you just to not "be alone", sometimes solitude is preferable to certain company.

Anonymous 106546

thank you <3 don’t worry i’ve already had experience hanging out with people i have nothing in common with and it’s terrible so i don’t think i’ll try that again. i think im just going to wait for when i get to university and hopefully i’ll be able to start over and make new friends


How to stop being a loser neet Anonymous 105153[Reply]

I am 22, autistic, and I have basically wasted my entire teen years being a loser with no friends who stays inside and stays online 14+ hours a day. I have no online friends either, so I’m not even talking to people during those 14 hours.

I’ve lived like this so long I don’t even know how to start getting out. I have no job skills, only a high school diploma, and I also have fibromyalgia so I can’t even work simple ass jobs like cashier or fast food, jobs that I’ve seen 14 year olds get.

I don’t even know how to make internet friends. I have tried, but when I reach out, they either drop me cause I’m boring or men start flirting with me cause I’m a girl on the internet. I never return the feeling cause lesbian.

I don’t want to waste my 20s the same way. I just want one friend, one single friend. I’ll tolerate any amount of toxicity, I don’t even care if they call me slurs and put me down, I just want…any contact with someone outside my family at all. How do I get out of this?
25 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 105900

It's not that bad, but these are called "formative years" for a reason: everyone is learning and making mistakes, so it is a good time to do so; later, more people have their shit together, so you're stuck with the one that refuse to learn.
You can always learn, at anytime, no matter the people around you, but it's a tad easier when your peers and society know and accept you're still learning.
As usual the solution is: get a grip on yourself (see >>105823), enough to cover the basics, and then DO anything: start a hobby, volunteer, find a job (even one you can't do or think you can't do). It'll get clearer.

Anonymous 106021

something about the prospect of helping my mother or volunteering makes me feel so uncomfortable - like the other person or situation isn't really real or I'm somehow disconnected from reality while it's happening. do you ever get that? what is that?

Anonymous 106023

Honestly? Narcissism. Don't blame yourself, everything is pushing you towards it, it is a societal/civilizational issue. The Big Lie is that we are all individuals, lonely islands of desire, ideas, personality - it makes for better consumers.
The reality is that we are social animals, we never lived alone up until recently, we used to rely on each other for almost everything. That lie is the cause of the current mental health crisis because there is no such thing as a sole individual but we keep pretending it's true.
You think you are the issue, and you believe you'll find the solution inside of yourself, if only you had the energy/discipline whatever. The reality is that the answer is outside of you; your relationship to the world and yourself is fucked and you need to unfuck it. It starts with letting go of your main thought: yourself, even if it's only for an hour or two a week.
'Fake it til you make it' is your only way out of this, so go past the uneasiness, and volunteer, help your mother etc. because you need to be in any kind of relationship with another human, and being of service is what will get your head out of your ass.

Anonymous 106486

life is too real

Anonymous 106540

>>105153 Happiness won't come to you, you have to go work for it. I was honestly like you, I spent most of my teens being a shut-in, gaming it away because I wanted to distance myself from the world and live in my safe space but eventually even it got boring and lonely. When I looked around and saw people my age do so much and be so happy, self realization kicked in. I decided to join university, I was slightly insecure about being an older student but most don't care, it's still hard for me to socialize cus I have no social skills but life is hectic now, life is fun. I have deadlines now and chasing them is fun. I still don't know what to do with my life but where I'm now feels nice and cozy. You should also leave the confines you hold yourself in and allow yourself to live.


pros/cons of your bf Anonymous 105405[Reply]

can we please start a pros/cons list of the bf you are dating.

i am sick of seeing bf brag threads, we need a counterbalance with the crappy things your bf does on top of the good things. can be as little as pet peeves!
71 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 106489

Obviously rape and murder are way worse. I was only proving that some things are unforgivable by pointing out the extreme examples.

Anonymous 106490


>handsome face
>very funny and has similar humor to mine
>is super sweet to animals, is a cat person
>is super sweet and affectionate with me
>does little things i appreciate a lot (holds my heavy textbooks when we go to the library to study, holds my bags when shopping)
>doesnt let me pay for anything bc he wants to spoil me

>whenever i vent, he immediately tries solving the problem (even though sometimes i only just wanna complain to get it out my chest and move on)
>i think he spends a little too much time arguing on twitter
>he eats fast food almost daily
>he gained a lot of weight as a result and idk how to tell him he should look after himself better

i feel esp bad about the last one bc i use to be very fat myself until i started working out and eating healthier and lost 65 lbs. i feel like these are very easy fixes but it can only happen if he makes healthy decisions for himself.

Anonymous 106491

>whenever i vent, he immediately tries solving the problem (even though sometimes i only just wanna complain to get it out my chest and move on)
Why do moids always do this

Anonymous 106501

Trying to prove how smart they are + lower emotional intelligence than women

Anonymous 106539

Maybe it's because I have been growing up surrounded by men almost exclusively in my family, but I can't understand this complaint either. It comes up relatively often among my female peers and on the internet too and I've lost some friends over it.

If something causes you enough distress to constantly complain about it, then why won't you try and fix it? Or don't fix it but, at least, don't get freaking mad at people for trying to help you and accept it for what it is, an attempt to help.
Yeah, venting is perfectly fine and not every issue can be solved period. Yes, sometimes you can be emotionally unstable while venting and approaching it rationally might not be the best idea at that very moment.
But some people are clearly addicted to the empty emotional headpats and hugs. If you complain about something regularly, expect nothing but attention for it, and then proceed to cling to those issues and refuse to do the right but difficult part of actually trying to solve then, then you're an emotional parasite.


therapy Anonymous 106040[Reply]

what is your guys' experience w getting therapy? would u recommend?
42 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 106232

They find the root of their problem themselves and cope with it

Anonymous 106245


Anonymous 106247


Mark Fischer.
I like that quote.

Anonymous 106283

I was forced to talk to a therapist. She was a dumb bitch and therapy is completely useless. Never would have done it if I had the option not to but normies can’t allow weird women to exist near them without trying to correct them.

Anonymous 106506

It’s pointless and I hate how people constantly try to gaslight me into believing it works, while experiencing myself how it doesn’t


friends Anonymous 106295[Reply]

how do you find friends when you have no hobbies?
20 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 106495

analyze your life trajectory and begin expelling the causes of sorrow or nothing you do will make you feel okay

Anonymous 106496

what are your hobbies?

Anonymous 106497

it doesn't matter anyway, since even if i had hobbies id probably not make any friends

Anonymous 106498

sure keep wallowing in your self-pity

Anonymous 106499

I can understand feeling this way – i did for most of my life – but what comfort could you possibly attain from begging for the question to be asked & then floundering around when you receive the answer? This is the death of dialogue, you are never going to feel better like this. You know that, so why do you make no effort toward challenging your carnal desires and fleeting impulse? You didn't have to write this post, you didn't have to write these comments. Whether you are conscious of it or not: you NEED love, you NEED change, and you HATE stagnancy. This truth has been eating you inside for years, act on it.

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