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Anonymous 30580[Reply]

Going to the doctor for the first time in 10 years tomorrow and I am scared absolutely shitless. I have never been to a regular doctor before because all of my previous ones were court mandated while I was a ward of the state. My parents couldn’t be fucked to take me to checkups despite missing periods for 2 years and chronic depression. My dad was the better one admittedly, he didn’t hit me and being in his custody was a million times better. Regardless, he should have taken me to the doctor. About 4 years ago I stopped working due to fatigue and figured it was a depression episode. I was relatively healthy, I walked to work, I’ve struggled with weight all of my life because I love food and I suspect I have PCOS since I grow a slight beard. But I was under 200 and healthy enough to donate plasma every weekend for extra cash. Good heartbeat and very good blood pressure. It hit me like a brick wall, honestly. The fatigue stopped me in my tracks and I couldn’t care to leave bed at all. I attempted to get out more a few years ago after moving states, but for the past 3 years I have spent 20-24 hours in bed a day. This was a huge cause of depression for me. I could no longer play games, I could no longer be an artist, and being an artist is my whole being. I’ve worked hard for my drawing skills and I’m above average in every sense. I feel I’m getting worse every day. I haven’t been able to draw a full picture in almost 8 months and it kills me. The reason I’m scared to go to the doctor is because I suspect this could be cancer related fatigue and I could possibly have heart related issues. What started as ovarian pain and skipping 5 months of periods has now travelled up my back and into my arms, and for the first time in my life I’m having panic attacks. The kind that make your body cold and your heart race to 125bmp. I also have some nights where I have a burning pain in my abdomen for 6 hours upwards and I’m rolling in a cold sweat until I pass out. I’ve become a slight alcoholic because of it. I suspect it could be cancer because I’ve had two grandpas die of leukemia, my great grandpa and my grandpa Jim, both of my grandmothers died of cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer. My aunt currently has stomach cancer and I don’t know any of my moms other family so I don’t know who else could have it. Needless to say I am high risk. I don’t want to die, guys. Being an abused kid took away my childhood but I was such a bloomer when I moved out of the house. I loPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 30583

Do you feel physically sick? How old are you

Anyway, you probably just have a bad case of femcelitis. It can be cured by making a 10/10 man fall in love with you today.

Anonymous 30584

Fuck that's scary. Let us know how it goes?

Anonymous 30585


Grant me your powers, mighty witch. My boyfriend is a solid 7/10 but with a skirt he’d be a 10/10. Hips broader than mine. But yeah, most days I wake up in some sort of pain or another. The only time I’m physically ill is when the night pain happens in my abdomen and I usually throw up because of it, but this is more rare and usually once every two weeks or so .
I’ll have plenty of complaining to do if I’m dying, don’t worry. But I’ll come around every so often and update this thread. Hope you two have a spectacular Monday.
>doggo pic because I love my girl

Anonymous 30592

I’m no doctor so I won’t try to diagnose you or anything, but I know that there are hundreds of absolutely non-lethal curable things that could cause your symptoms. For example, lyme disease causes chronic fatigue and pain. So you are absolutely right to see a doctor. You’re also very brave to have finally taken this decision and to confront your fears and I hope you’ll get better and enjoy all these things you love as much as you want to.


College/Uni feels Anonymous 10[Reply]

Share the good, the bad, and hell of pursuing a degree. Whether it be living in a dorm with a horrible roommate, classes kicking your ass, or something happening relating to school that has filled you with joy.
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Anonymous 30331

It's okay to feel that way, the first freshers event is always scary! Try again if there's another, I'm sure you'll be able to find people in the same boat as you.

Anonymous 30332

Im not even a fresher, Ive been here for 2 years already. I think Im just too autistic to make friends

Anonymous 30340

There's still time, I made several good friends in my final year. Do try going back for another social if you can, it feels scary but nobody judges you in reality

Anonymous 30590


I'm so fucking close to graduating that it's hard to be motivated to do anything right now.

Anonymous 30591

I have only regrets about my college days. Teachers were often replaced and starting from the 2nd semester the teacher i had most lessons was snobbish and big headed and he bullied me a lot to an extend i couldn't bring myself to go there anymore. I should have done something about it, but my mental state started worsening, i did nothing and got expelled instead. Now i'm just a neet. I'm pretty sure he would laugh at what my life is.


Anyone else want pets but don't have the resources to treat them well? Anonymous 30586[Reply]

I want a dog or rabbit as a pet but fucking can't yet because I have neither the space nor time to be a good companion to it. I really fucking wish I had the apartment space for a large dog but then I can't let him out enough to be fair to him with my current job. I wish I could have a fucking rabbit because they have to stay indoors all the time but but the fucking city I live in bans them as pets god fucking damn. I just want a fluffy pack animal that I can call my friend and vent to about problems argh.

Anonymous 30587

>but the fucking city I live in bans them as pets god fucking damn
How can a city ban rabbits as pets?

Anonymous 30588

I say "city" but since it's Minot North Dakota maybe "town" is more appropriate. They have an extended list of banned pets and rabbits are on their due to pest problems.

Anonymous 30589

I want a dog really badly but I can't afford one. Also my roommate's cat is a huge bully who wouldn't tolerate another animal living with us.
If you have enough free time I recommend volunteering at an animal shelter so you can spend time with dogs. I go to my local one a few times a week and it's very rewarding.


Night Time Thread Anonymous 12786[Reply]

Night is a blessing and a curse. The comfiest time and emptiest time. What are you doing awake? Enjoying the quiet? Regrets eating at you?
Please only post if it's night time for you. Night requires a special haven.
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Anonymous 30553

depression time. self-worth dropped to a low never seen before. i think about ending it more and more lately and any happiness i feel is fleeting, tied to an indulgence of something i should let go of.

Anonymous 30567

Waking up in the middle of the night to watch livestreaming sports halfway across the world with snacks and a blanket. Super comfy.
Also taking walks at midnight and breathing in the crisp night air.

Anonymous 30573


I enjoy the melancholy and general slowness that comes with the night. It is a striking contrast to the busy, noisy and speedy daytime. I wish I could have some neeting time so that I could go back to watching the sun rise at dawn before going to bed again. I miss summer vacation. I feel like I got stuck in an adult life with all its responsibilities without ever having had the chance to enjoy myself.

Anonymous 30576

When's the next time you can go on vacation? Your break will come. Good luck keeping up with the grind, hubbub, and goulash. I may join you in the real world and escape the daily dirge blasting in the four corners of my bedroom soon.

Anonymous 30582

I'll probably take some around Christmas, but it would only be two weeks, which is not even enough to catch my breath, let alone recover.

>I may join you in the real world and escape the daily dirge blasting in the four corners of my bedroom soon.

Trust me, it's the real world you want to escape from.


Anonymous 30566[Reply]

who's an overly afraid person ? im often afraid of weird things that could just happen out of nowhere. Sometimes im scared of things like ghosts or people randomly coming to get me. I work a lot during the days and dont get much time to relax, but when i do im afraid something might happen.
Do some of you overly afraid anonettes relate ? How do you usually deal with being scared like that ?
I wouldn't say its full on anxiety, more like when you don't want to watch something because it makes you scared and want to hide until it stops.

Anonymous 30571

It's taken me 23 years to fucking admit it but I absolutely fucking hate my Dad and all the bullshit he put me through calling me stupid all day everyday. Now I have a major social anxiety complex and my only solution is to forcefully insert myself into social situations that make me addled with fear until my body just finally fucking adjusts and realizes shits fucking fine. Fear is the fucking enemy so I have to fight it constantly.

Anonymous 30577

anon i have the exact same. i thought i was the only one having these fears, or i was just being
too childish

i usually tend to go out when its bright, a night time lamp (so that its never dark enough to think your chair is a person), i put music or the tv on when its all too quiet, i sing, leave the lights on, call other people just because, etc.
you could also get a roommate if its really that bad.

Anonymous 30578

I can't fall asleep "alone". I need to keep myself busy by scrolling through my phone or knowing my cat is in the room because other than this i get afraid that there might be someone.
I guess i can understand why some people would find this "childish". Though I do not know what causes this.

Anonymous 30579

just curious but do you have any family history of psychosis or smt like that? i have the same (but probably worse if its just unable to sleep alone) my mom has schizophrenia and i think it rubbed off on me in the form of light paranoia…

Anonymous 30581

I am not sure. I've never asked them about this, and my familly is extremely conservative when it comes to mental health so no one got the chance to get "diagnosed" with anything. All I can say is that I got some scary past experiences which I think might explain why I'm often scared like that.


Anonymous 30449[Reply]

How do I stop drinking?

Anonymous 30451

you refrain from putting the liquid in your mouth

Anonymous 30468

Avoid putting yourself in situations where you might drink. If you go out with friends on Thursday nights for example, find something else to do during that time (i.e. take a class). Find friends who are non-drinkers. Fill up your time with non-drinking activities.

Anonymous 30472

replace it with something else less harmful

Anonymous 30575

Why do you want to drink? Why do you want to stop?


Virgin Thread Anonymous 19173[Reply]

Post here if you haven't lost your virginity.

>turn 22 in two weeks

>never had sex
>never had a boyfriend
>only kissed a boy once in high school
>too afraid of rejection to actively seek relationships
476 posts and 59 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 30267

Is anyone else a virgin with STDs? There are some STDs that you can contract without having sex.

I have the herpes virus/cold sores since I was a kid, but I’m a kissless virgin. It’s such a joke.

Anonymous 30270

I’m a khv so I don’t think it’s an STD but I have pretty bad acne on my pubic area that looks like an STD

Anonymous 30278

kissless handholdless virgins

Anonymous 30282

I feel like I have a lot of mental baggage regarding sex.
I haven’t slept with anyone for the reasons stated above (want to actually know and trust and maybe even find the guy attractive) as well as a long time of just deadass thinking that I was asexual. I well and truly did not find the idea of PiV appealing in any way for a loooooong time, kind of upsetting in fact. I was really grossed out and threatened because whenever I would say that I didn’t want sex, everyone (not boyfriends, never had a boyfriend, just people I mentioned it to) would give me the “YOU’LL GIVE IN SOME DAY” line, and that just made everything worse.
One of the first scenarios I imagined where I thought that maybe I wasn’t completely asexual after all was femdom/gfd related stuff. I really am into that on a mental level, but I feel like who I am and where I am in life don’t line up with what I want to be. I want to be Cool Sensual Adult Lady, but I feel like I’m too neurotic and my natural sex drive is too weak. I’m not sure if that means I can’t be a Real Top, or if that just means I’m human and can’t live up to fanfiction standards.
I’m sure that vanity comes into this a fair bit because I don’t want to be found a novice, but when I think of what I thought of sex as being in my ‘ace’ years, it still turns me off. I think it had a lot to do with me being really put off by gender role stuff and power imbalances. Since sex is supposed to be about doing something that feels good in a way that lines up with the part of your brain that wants things, I think I was really disturbed by the idea of being steamrolled by someone overpowering, making it like a really invasive coercion. Add a deathly fear of pregnancy on top of that, and we have just a small slice of my overall relationship neuroticism.

Anonymous 30574

017 - 016.png


Thought this was interesting. From this manga, here are the average ages for first sexual experiences for men and women in Japan.


Anonymous 23799[Reply]

my life is going to shit and i want to smoke.

should i just do it?
26 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 24839

you'll get cancer and it's very addictive, don't do it

Anonymous 30554

It's satisfying for like 20 seconds and then you feel gross afterwards for 10-15 minutes. Your hands smell so bad afterwards.

Just not worth it unless you are really stressed or drunk.

Anonymous 30569

Get a hookah and smoke shisah. Less dangerous than cigarettes for various chemicals and fun with friends.

Anonymous 30570

I've smoked like, one cigarette, two cigars and hookahed tobacco once over the course of 4 years. I still don't like nicotine. I only do it in a social context.

Anonymous 30572

This chemical is also physically addictive. Smoke weed instead, it's only psychologically addictive, or use cbd or ssris or something.


Anonymous 30534[Reply]

Today I saw a social media post by a teenage boy complaining that a girl cried that she found out he was assigned as her partner for a project.

Everyone sided with him. Nobody cared to understand her reasons for crying. Everyone cared about his feelings, nobody cared for hers. He only cared about himself and cared none for the fact he was hurting this girl. How dare she have emotions that aren't what he wants!

It made so angry I want to kill OP and all the people in that fucking thread.
18 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 30562

It does but you can't be sure with the femcels here.

Anonymous 30563

OP sounds exactly like the posters from the man-hate thread on lolcow.

Anonymous 30564


Man-haters have a point.

Anonymous 30565

Why is syncophancy so unappealing?

Anonymous 30568

What a drama king.


NEETS Anonymous 238[Reply]

I know you're out there! Lets share some NEET feels and talk about our situation.
>why are you a NEET?
>how long have you been a NEET for?
>do you like it? why or why not?
>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?
>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?
>how do you spend your free time?
89 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 30191

Now I'm a NEET on unemployment benefits; look out world!

Anonymous 30196

Are you sure? Have you tried?

Anonymous 30232

The screenshot says you just have to be female + go out to get numbers, get asked out etc. If that was true, don't you think it would've happened at least once by now? Not even old, wrinkly, perverted grandpas have ever hit on me and according to other people, they shamelessly hit on everything with two legs.
I'm not complaining about the lack of interest from random male strangers, by the way, I just don't get how there are real people out there who think being female equates getting automatic (romantic) attention from the other gender. Although it could just be a cultural difference between my country and the country/ies those people live in…?

Anonymous 30251


>why are you a NEET?
I quit my last job because it was too stressful for me; long drive, and management never cared to show up half the time. I was a security guard and was often the only one on duty. I'm 100 pounds for the record. Why the fuck was that a good idea? Had a guy try to grab my ass, management didn't give a fuck. I quit after that, but there were many situations leading up to the fact that I consider far worse. I was on midnight duty and had a guy try to follow me home, luckily he fucked off because it's almost an hour drive.
>how long have you been a NEET for?
6 months
>do you like it? why or why not?
Neutral. I don't love or hate it; I might love it if I didn't live with an abusive family that is at each other's throats all day. I may also love working, but not in retail, which is the only thing available to first time workers. I have severe generalized anxiety and, at the time, had PTSD flashbacks, which made my job incredibly difficult because you had to be alert and confront every customer leaving to check their bags. Not to mention, I might also be a (high functioning) aspie.
>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?
Yes, currently have a small online business. I'm probably going to apply for more jobs soon, since local opened up. Being a line cook seems less shitty, although equally stressful. I'd rather get yelled at by a higher up for not being fast enough, than by a stranger who could take my life for telling him to put the hunnie mussie back he didn't pay for.
>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?
Hopefully not longer than a year, probably less than 3 months, because that's how long a call back usually takes.
>how do you spend your free time?
On the web, just reading, unfortunately. I'm getting back into reading real books and gardening, leaving the house more too. I need to go back to the gym.

Anonymous 30552

>why are you a NEET?
cant work bc blablabla, studying costs money

>how long have you been a NEET for?

6 months-ish

>do you like it? why or why not?

no. depression got only worse after i went neet, im also fatter, less healthy, dumber, etc bc of it

>have you ever tried to do anything to change your situation?

no, i like to put the blame on my depression but its honestly my fault

>how much longer do you see yourself living this way for?

only a few more weeks, gonna start job hunting soon

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