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Anonymous Admin 49939[Reply]

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Femcel rant Anonymous 112049[Reply]

I don't feel any solidarity or sisterhood with beautiful women. There I said it. Maybe I'm bitter and jealous but I think there's pretty women and then there's rest of us. Pretty women can't and will not ever be part of experience of average and below average women. Whenever a pretty woman makes post about her woes, I can't relate to it. I can't relate to their problems and their life. They seem aliens to me and somehow we are forced to feel solidarity and sisterly feelings towards them just because we are of the same gender. It doesn't make any sense to me. To me it feels like how an average person is told "look billionaires and millionaires have problems too"
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Anonymous 112051

Understandable, although grass is always greener. Must suck being valued on such a simple and short term concept as looks. Don't really envy them either

Anonymous 112053

I hate pretty women

Anonymous 112054

>but at least they PRETENDED to see you as a human being
Are you srs that desperate for crumbs

Anonymous 112055

i have a thing for rather ugly girls.
my last crush was a 28 yo girl with a crooked nose and a recessed chin

Anonymous 112061

Same. I'm not even a femcel I just think women hotter than a "7" might as well have grown up on a completely different planet.
>talk about all the attention theyre getting as a negative
I think this stings so much because while it's true they never attempt to quantify how much better their life was/is because of their beauty. All of the good things that happened to them were either "normal" or something they think they actually earned. Lookism begins when you are BORN.


/vent/ Anonymous 109995[Reply]

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Anonymous 112027

Same… my family’s not taking it very well as he was the sole breadwinner. My moms too busy caretaking him and being a single mom to my three younger siblings. their house has turned to hoarder levels of cleanliness and I try to help clean up when I visit. But all I feel like is breaking down and crying because he has a lot of health problems, he got early on set dementia and Parkinson’s, and he is only 60 years old - it feels like my dad was taken from us too soon

Anonymous 112028

That's really tough. My dad is in his 70s and both of us kids are adults. My heart goes out to you, nona.

Anonymous 112045

Had to say goodbye to my childhood cat last night. She was a great cat and it was heartbreaking to see her deteriorate so much. She was purring while I pet her until the end, but I didn't want to say goodbye yet. 18 years is a long time to have a pet, so I am thankful for that.

Anonymous 112056

>i knew something was off about me
what is it?

Anonymous 112060

depression, not getting along with other kids, anxiety, neglectful parents. my heart would always beat out of my chest. a premonition of my future being shit. i could notice clear differences between me and the other kids who were happier. when my teacher asked what i wanted to be when i grew up i told her my honest dream job, but a part of me believed i would never get there and now i’m messing up in university. i was diagnosed with adhd this year and everything is slowly starting to make sense but i wish i could fix things.


If you're suicidal then why Anonymous 112037[Reply]

I wanna see if I relate to other humans

Anonymous 112039

Weren’t satisfied with the last one, huh?

Anonymous 112040

Last what

Anonymous 112059

NTA but the last suibait thread you've posted, scrote.

yes honey.png

Our sex drives don't match Anonymous 111975[Reply]

My boyfriend likes sex way more than I do and I hate it. I feel so disgusting, it makes me feel like a fucking blowup doll. I don't let him touch me anymore and he's upset about it, I guess it's understandable but I just have no desire for any of it. Anyone have similar experiences?
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Anonymous 112042

That’s just how you choose to see things. I actually enjoy it despite lacking physical arousal, I like the closeness. I also constantly gaslight him and start fights over “misunderstandings” because I feel angry when he is too happy. I’m making him more miserable by the day but he doesn’t leave and thinks he loves me BECAUSE of the sex. Lmao.

Anonymous 112044

I'm just going to pretend you're a baiting moid

Anonymous 112046

All you do is call women online whores, and you are going to pretend I'm the baiting moid? You just hate women, otherwise you would be hitting the people who deserve scorn. Meanwhile, I am doing a service to women everywhere by hurting men. I might cheat on him not because I actually want to have sex with random moids, just to really rub it in and hurt him more.

Anonymous 112047

Maybe you're a dom forced to be a sub

Anonymous 112058

There are a lot of things to consider based off of what you said. Do you think you are asexual or was there something in your life that made you hate sex? Does your boyfriend's treatment of you during sex make you feel objectified? Or would you feel that way no matter how the act was approached? I think there is a significant amount of people who feel the same, I've felt the same in certain relationships, but I've never hated sex overall. I'm sorry for your predicament. It is going to be incredibly difficult to avoid sex while dating a man, especially in our culture. I hope things get better for you and your relationship.


Abusive OCD bf pt 2 Anonymous 95617[Reply]

Last thread hit limit and many nonas seem concerned for her safety.

If you see this, we hope you are ok! Please give us an update on the police situation.
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Anonymous 111602

Why do you need to stay in japan? Go back home

Anonymous 112029

I can't drive, the meds I'm on are extremely expensive in the US, and I don't think I could get a job with a comparable salary (that I also enjoy) in the US.

I was thinking about going back next year, and inviting husband to come with if he changes… Then I dropped an egg on the floor. Nobody got angry at me. No one dished out a punishment for making a mistske. I didn't have to wash my clothes, take a shower, and spend an hour cleaning the floor. I won't have to hear for months about how I ruined the flooring.

I can't believe that was normal for me.

Anonymous 112043

Doooo noooooot gooooo baaaaaaack

Anonymous 112048

I get why you're in Japan, but I'm wondering what made you stay with him for so long. Why on earth would you invite him to live with you again?

Anonymous 112057

No friends
First serious relationship
He supported me for a few years
I made a lot of demands when ee started dating and he always followed through (I don't like those friends, delete those girls' numbers from your phone etc)
He gave up a lot of oppurtunities for me
When we would fight his family would just act like it was normal
He stuck with me when I was hospitalized w/health problems


pros/cons of your bf Anonymous 105405[Reply]

can we please start a pros/cons list of the bf you are dating.

i am sick of seeing bf brag threads, we need a counterbalance with the crappy things your bf does on top of the good things. can be as little as pet peeves!
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Anonymous 111041

I'm not a therapist, therapists are emotional prostitutes. I actually care about him.

Anonymous 111050

It’s not a reference, that was my post.

Anonymous 111066

>Plays league

I'm so so so so sorry

Anonymous 111269

Anon break up with him NOW

Anonymous 112052

pros: big pretty dick
cons: long distance (he is also sooo fucking bad at esexing he is really fucking pathetic)


(un)official blogposting thread Anonymous 69765[Reply]

tell me about your day cc!
stories also welcome
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Anonymous 111972

Where is the good feels thread?

I've started drawing again and I'm improving a lot quicker than I thought I would! Yay!

Anonymous 111979

omegle kept me sane at my loneliest, i will always remember it for that.

Anonymous 112023

Im Intrigued And Wish To Know More

Anonymous 112024

I'm coming to the last stretch of this internship Im doing and I'm a bit concerned about all the aspects of my life. Im 5 months away from becoming 27 years old, Im currently drowning in credit card debt and have no consistent stream of income to help pay it back, and Im too afraid to post this on my personal blog because being leaving a digital footprint just spewing my problems is dumb. I already lost 3 followers cause I posted some mild radfem stuff related to pornography. The last thing i want is for some troll using whatever I write against me cause they disagree with me or some asinine reason. Im lowkey considering doing a city aide job because its seasonal and close to part time work; I just hope I don't get too close to my coworkers. I think I would rather just do post office work. Honestly, I would love a part time retail job. Anything thats consistently part time so I could get money and also have time to go to therapy.

If you're inclined to, Pray for me Nonas

Anonymous 112041

Slow and steady, that right job for you will come


Unsent letters Anonymous 2119[Reply]

Ever wanted to give someone a piece of your mind but you know you'd just regret it? Post in here and get it off your chest.
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Anonymous 111921

Relatable and I'd say the same about her, him, him, her and him

Anonymous 111950

Dear M

It's already been so long since you broke up with me, I still don't understand why. You said none of t was my fault and that you didn't want to lose me and that you loved me. Yet you left and destroyed it.
I feel the pain every single day, I miss you, you were everything to me.

Anonymous 111951

Dear Rachael

I don't know why you are ignoring me. It hurts. I have been there for the late night talks. Hours of you wanting to be liked, wanting to be loved, I understand that I cant give you what you want, but I offered you friendship and I send this letter in blood, sweat and tears, but I Know you are too much of a coward to accept it. So fuck you. Sincerely-Me.

Anonymous 111959






Anonymous 112036

What on earth do you want now? I said everything I meant. I thought you wanted me out of your life.
I wouldn’t mind spending time with you again, really. It’s this sickness in me. This obsession, which you know about. Now you know everything and yet you’re still there. Why?
I wish you would just come out and say whatever is on your mind but you’re incapable. And I’m incapable of closing the door forever. Idiot (both of us).


Anonymous 112016[Reply]

are you girls also tired of seeing those typa straight relationships where they're only dating bc they're both conventionally attractive? they be at a function and u can just TELL they have absolutely nothing in common….. and they never make it through a whole year together bc being just pretty isnt enough to make it last…..

just something i noticed happening recently more than usual. what r ur thoughts?

Anonymous 112020

They shouldn't fear loneliness that much.
It doesn't kill you (or it does but very slowly)

Anonymous 112033

I'd rather be with a 6/10-looking guy who is truly my best friend, always makes me laugh, shares my opinions and interests, etc than a 10/10-looking boring ass normie who's used to women bending over backwards for his approval bc he's conventionally attractive and is therefore more likely to cheat.

Anonymous 112034

no, i love having a hot bf. it's great

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