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Anonymous Admin 43508[Reply]

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College/Uni feels Anonymous 10[Reply]

Share the good, the bad, and hell of pursuing a degree. Whether it be living in a dorm with a horrible roommate, classes kicking your ass, or something happening relating to school that has filled you with joy.
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Anonymous 45576

I feel like I'm finally experiencing a burnout, or at least expecting one soon, for the first time in my life.

I'm currently in my third year and fed up with this online school bullshit, all I do is sit at my desk, watch lectures, and complete assignment after assignment. I don't even feel relieved after finishing one assignment because I know I have a bunch more to complete. It's ridiculous.

I've always been really into my major and school, and really want to go to grad school and potentially get my PhD but lately that idea sounds worse and worse. I used to love looking up grad school programs, seeing what courses and work I needed to do to get there, and think about how fun it would be to get really into my field of study. Idk how much more schooling and assignments I can take. I really just want to get out of this cycle of never ending school work and actually go out, meet people, see new places, do new things, and experience life away from my studies, desk, and computer screen.

I usually look forward to weekends because I get to do these things but now it's just time for me to catch up on my lectures, assignments, and study. And when I don't do that on the weekends I feel so shitty cause I know I'm just making more work for myself for the upcoming week, but I really can't bring myself to stay up to date on my assignments anymore.

I'm doing pretty well in my classes so far but I'm so tempted to say fuck it and just let my grades be shit and take a break.

Anonymous 45612

Don't do it. We can suffer together on it. I was so fucking excited when I managed the concentration levels required to finish a fucking paper today in 3 hours, only to see two emails from my math instructor letting the class know that all of the assignment due dates and another fucking proctored test are moved up to being due the 27th.. an entire week earlier. So now I'm traveling 4 hours down, then 4 hours back for a funeral tomorrow, and scrambling back to do all of the stupid math assignments.
We'll do it. It's fine. Everything is perky.

Anonymous 45693

thanks anon.
wishing you the best. we got this.

Anonymous 47561

I don't know if this is the right thread for this, but I'm using this as an accountability thread for myself as not only are finals approaching, it's supposed to be my last semester and I can't fuck this up. I'm working on a take-home final and I'm determined to finish it today; I understand all the material, and I just need to do it. I'll keep you anons posted and as to what my next goal is.

In general, I wish I did not go straight into college from high school and that I took at least 1 gap year. No one should ever feel shitty for going to college later.

Anonymous 47807

I did what I said I would! Time to move onto some more homework for the time being, then I'll work on the final project for that class. I need to persevere and maintain my concentration. Nothing is more important than graduating at this point in my life.


How the fuck are you supposed to trust men again after assault/rape?? Anonymous 41163[Reply]

It happened 3 times already anons, i'm losing my mcfreakin mind and none were even full on rape

Everywhere i look there's predators. On the bus i see men grinding against women who can't move, at college there are known pervert teachers and no one does anything about it, on the street i see harassment and stares, my insurance covers for doctors who abused minors, my favourite musicians and artists are scum and fucked teens, so so many watch violent porn. With every woman i talk to, there is a story like this, of men hurting them just to get off.

I distrust every single man,no matter what they are to me, because these aren't isolated cases, the ones who are normal human beings seem to be the rarity.

But i just can't fucking take it anymore, the fear. They're everywhere, they're stronger and our justice system is completely useless against even rape with all the evidence.

It got to the point where i'm mildly suicidal. There is nowhere to run and i can't avoid them, it seems inevitable something will happen again judging by the experience of the women around me.

I don't know what to do anymore and can't take it much longer, currently i don't even want to bathe because i am disgusted about touching my body and being reminded of stuff that happened or could happen.
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Anonymous 47745

I have no idea, OP. It's been three years since my rape and I've just given up on men completely. All they do is let me down. Socialization, along with pornography, have made men completely beyond redemption. My only advice is to make meaningful relationships with women….and, there are some decent men out there but they're rare. DO NOT GO NEAR MOIDS ON THE INTERNET. Near perfect chance they're going to be coomers.

Anonymous 47787

For a good majority of my life I've shared the same feelings posted in this thread but I think the worst thing I've come to know recently is how rape kinks developed as a coping mechanism outside of the cases of actual sexual assault are formed - according to female therapists - in a way of advanced preparation; as in 'I haven't been raped /yet/ but I'm desensitizing myself for when the time comes so that the trauma affects me less' and it's been fucking me up ever since.

Like it's something that just pushed me into a spiral of insanity that I can't believe this is what it's come to.

Anonymous 47790

You aren’t missing out on anything, trust me. Over the past three years I’ve tried dating guys from every walk of life, from the loser basement dwelling incels to normalfag dudes to artfag guys to popular gymbro Chads, and deep down they’re all the same. Totally selfish, emotional wrecks, completely narcissistic (Chads openly, incels tend to be covert narcissists in that HURR I HATE MYSELF WOE IS ME way, normie guys are always craving validation too) terrified of any kind of duty or responsibility, porn rotted brains, basically incapable of pair bonding or love because their dopamine receptors are totally burnt out from years of porn use, drugs, casual sex (if normie/chad) etc.

A lot of the time the guys you think might be decent or nice are actually worse.

Anonymous 47804

>Totally selfish, emotional wrecks, completely narcissistic
Tbf, I haven't met any person who isn't this description within varying degrees. Pets are better companions unless you're super keen on conversation. Even then, there are social outlets like this.

Anonymous 47806

I just want to cuddle with a hot ripped guy and be told I’m pretty but it doesn’t seem worth the effort of getting to know a guy and wasting my time because they’re all trash and I don’t want to end up falling in love again because it’s too painful. I really wish host clubs, rent a boyfriend agencies and high quality male escorts were a bigger thing here (like they are in Asia) and more professionally organized in the west. It doesn’t seem fair that incels can rent hot women who will act like their gf for a day but femcels can’t.


Drugs Anonymous 45565[Reply]

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Anonymous 47798

Screen Shot 2020-1…

junkie retard

Anonymous 47799

If you're worried about schizophrenia I agree, don't take LSD. You being the type of person to worry about getting schizophrenia from LSD would make the tripping experience absolutely horrid. People who are scared of drugs should never take drugs.

Anonymous 47800

Unfortunately not worrying about it is insufficient to prevent it from happening. I've done acid maybe 100 times before and I've wasted a good portion of my life tripping by myself and with other people. The risks are low it's true, but I've seen enough people who were just unlucky and had their lives permanently ruined forever. As in they will never be sane or feel sane ever again even until the day they die. Frankly it was traumatizing to even witnessed and I have never and will never touch that stupid garbage ever again. All the "enlightenment" and pleasure that shit purportedly brings is all bullshit anyway. It might sound like corny Jordan Peterson talk but getting your life in order, living in the moment, meditating, just enjoying being outside has ended up giving me much more profound joy and happiness than tripping ever did. Believe and do what you want, I'm not really here to antagonize or control people even if that's what it seems like. I just feel like I learned a terrible lesson with this shit and it's impossible for me not to say anything about it.

Anonymous 47802

>acceleration of an existing disorder is the same as causation of a new disorder

Eat boot, copsucker.

Anonymous 47805


You could bring up HPPD or the risk of other substances sold as acid and you chose the stretch to schizophrenia?

retard retard


Anonymous 47643[Reply]

It kind of scares me that moids get pleasure from doing this to girls. What’s the best way to avoid something like this happening? Obviously avoid sleeping with a guy too soon, but I’ve seen guys run game on girls and convince them they love them and act as if they’re in a relationship with them while having sex, sometimes for months, then turn around and pull this type of shit.
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Anonymous 47678

this guy sounds like he's trying extremely hard to sound like an anime villain when at the end of the day he's just a boring, misogynistic weirdo. He sounds exactly like another man I knew, reading that made me retch.
Also be careful on how quick he says "I Love you" etc.

Anonymous 47771

genuinly dont understand how some girls are so easily manipulated and cant see through this bullshit. would have never fucked a guy so talked so retarded anyways.

Anonymous 47792

I seriously doubt he acted that way at the beginning of them dating. Narcissists are good at feigning normalcy and decency, at least in the beginning. Then at the end they go into cringe epic troll villain mode.

Anonymous 47801

Dont be submissive

Anonymous 47803


Trust me, it’s dumb and he likely wouldn’t get in real trouble even if he actually raped you so why make all women look like trash
Property destruction is the way to go. Break into his house and destroy his gaming computer. Remember to cover your face and bring a screwdriver and water bottle.


Dating general Anonymous 47739[Reply]

Continuing from >>>29416
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Anonymous 47791

>However, this guy is a STEM student, very logical, but also jovial with a loud and slightly weird personality and a strong sense of humour, but clearly introverted. Physically he's like 6'2, hairy, a little overweight, but incredibly strong. I've seen him carry a 60-70kg box down two flights of stairs for a lecturer just to be polite.

Damn, can I trade you? I always get stuck with the quiet introverted skelly artbros who either want me to peg them or are just using me to get close to my brother who they want to fuck. I’m so tired of them, I want a hetero STEM Chad.

Anonymous 47793

Nobody is too busy/tired to make time for you, you just aren’t a priority. Dude sounds like a typical emotionally distant manipulator moid, find someone new who actually appreciates and cherishes your company.

Anonymous 47794

Get a financial boyfriend on the side, it will help you financially and make you feel less resentful of your emotional boyfriend.

Anonymous 47796

Considerate and respectful STEM himbos reign superior honestly, I can't stress this enough. I was in a similar situation, I always went for the skeletally thin artsy creative guys before my current partner who I knew for a while as friends and initially figured was not my type, until we hung out and developed feelings and fuck I have never been so happy.

Anonymous 47797

This. I love STEM Chads and they tend to have lots of money too.


Cheated on Anonymous 44298[Reply]

I have been married to my husband for 8 years and we have two kids. I just found out my husband got a blow job from our also married neighbor over the summer. I feel like shit and don’t know what to do. Has anyone been cheated on and gone on to have a healthy relationship?
37 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 47742

he doesn't need to "take responsibility". he obviously wants to spread his seed elsewhere and with an aggressive attorney she might make out alright. there are already obvious obligatory child support payments. she may get spousal support or a lump sum, and he'll be likely to sever their relationship for a fee so long as OP takes care of the kids and he's free to fuck unattached. a lot of guys are happy to pay so long as they get to be "free" and don't have to deal with the kids as much. for a lot of guys they'd rather just make up the money and not have to deal with their kids from a relationship they're no longer invested in. some of them will pay anything just to feel like bachelors again.

Anonymous 47747

>there are already obvious obligatory child support payments

Never, EVER assume that scrotes can't weasel out of child support. They'll hide assets, leave the state, leave the country.

Anonymous 47752

This is why I'm never getting married or having kids. You invest so much of yourself then get abused but are expected to accept it like because ''shit happens''. Fuck that shit and fuck moids.

Anonymous 47754

some don't even do anything like that and still don't pay

Anonymous 47795

This. I can’t imagine the level of rage I would feel if I tore my cunt in half for some moid and he cheated on me. I would strangle him.

hug for anon.gif

Anonymous 47164[Reply]

umm helo anon.
If you are sad and reading this I just wants you to know that you are not alone in how you feel.
I know life does not always get better but lets hope it does because life is really hard and full of hurt and people hurting us
I can feel all alone and then knowing other anons are sad can help but it makes me feel sad that they feel as I do.

Wish I could help you feel better.
4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 47330

hi anon
I actually really needed this, I've had a rough couple of days. It did make me feel a bit better and I hope you're feeling better too. thank you for the little bit of comfort, it's really sweet of you! we gotta look out for each other in this world.

Anonymous 47401


I don't know why, but your post gave me underage b& vibes.

If you happen to be, please remember to only take the positive things in this website, and take it easy and keep your mental health healthy while browsing this particular board as it is certainly one of the most emotionally laborious of all; all done for free by kind, good-willed Anons like you, OP.

Have a great day, week, month, year, and life, OP!

Anonymous 47539


Anonymous 47589

I shall endeavour to rember hapy day

Anonymous 47784

we love cringe


Vent thread Anonymous 46828[Reply]

Last thread was >>45059 vent your worries and frustrations
192 posts and 32 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 47726

I wish I could get a decent male escort but honestly? I’ve looked on websites for my area and they’re all homosexual third worlders who seem like they’ve been trafficked and probably have an IV drug addiction. It would just make me feel sad and scared.

Meanwhile there’s literally thousands of regular college girls in my city doing escorting on the side now, it’s kinda weird but I’d rather just ease into sex with a girl because they seem much gentler. I wouldn’t wanna be alone in a room with a 35 year old meth addicted gigolo let alone let him inside my pussy. I would have a panic attack quite honestly lol. Thanks for the advice tho. Gf experience option sounds good.

Anonymous 47728


>there’s literally thousands of regular college girls in my city doing escorting on the side now, it’s kinda weird
No comment.

>I wouldn’t wanna be alone in a room with a 35 year old meth addicted gigolo let alone let him inside my pussy.

Sensible. Most male escorts are gay for pay and outside of major cities you'll not find any male escort who isn't a basic rent boy.

There is such a thing as a sexual surrogate, who are trained to help people work through sexual trauma or hangups, but those usually only work with licensed therapists, I've no idea how you'd go about getting one, and you're not seeking their services as part of a treatment plan so I don't know.

Keep in mind you're probably going to want a girl who's experienced with girls. Check their reviews if you can find them to see if other women have used their services and what they say. A college girl who's getting fucked on the side for extra money probably isn't going to be able to give you what you need. Finding a specialist lesbian escort is probably out of the question for you, but it might help.

Anonymous 47768

How do I keep going knowing that I'll never touch my cat's cute little nose again? How long will it take to stop hurting?

Anonymous 47769


wish i was rich and pretty and feminine. also wish i knew jpn and could draw, and was also good at math and programming.

at least i started jpn recently.

Anonymous 47779

that's a lot for one person miner…

Also being good at math will only help you in landing a soulless job, or an insecure barely paying one, no inbetween. It's not the greatest skill investment to make


Anonymous 47755[Reply]

i'm so sick of men begging me to do butt stuff. Literally annoying af
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 47757

Both tbh. They beg to do anal with me, and i've had some beg to peg. Both annoy the fuck out of me

Anonymous 47765

I've always wanted to try it but haven't found a guy comfortable with it, maybe we could swap?

Anonymous 47770

butt stuffis so disgusting, everytime i think about it i feel like throwing up.

Anonymous 47777

Ok, but what does it mean if a guy doesn't want to try anal and is turned off by blowjobs?

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 47780

Moved to >>>/nsfw/3456.

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