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Tarot Readings Anonymous 6248[Reply]

Post your question, age, sign, and an image of your choice and get a free tarot reading.
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Anonymous 9701

I’m >>9698 so we’ve already got the image, age, and question down. For the element I’d say earth.

Anonymous 9702


I am >>9694 and I would say water for the element that describes me the best

Have another picture that resonates with me, I like birds a lot

Anonymous 9703

_ (1) copy 8.jpeg

Will the man who raped me and his girlfriend face the consequences for how they treated me? Or just in general will Karma treat me right? I'm 23 and a Scorpio.

Anonymous 9723


I got a digital tarot reading that seems like it might offer me some introspection, but it didn't give me anything besides the meanings of the cards and I need help understanding what it could all mean.

The Hermit, Death, and The Fool all upright and in that order.
Taurus Sun
late 20s

My main question when having the cards drawn was a general current life one with a slight focus on what to do about a close, longtime friend.

Thanks to whoever answers.

Anonymous 9724

Basically it means:
Solitude + a great change + a new path/something different

These are strong symbols, I'd suppose your relationship with that friend is over (or at least: it won't ever be the same). This can mean solitude (whether you like it or not, for you and maybe also for your friend), but this loneliness is very fertile. Who are you without this person? Do you even know? Maybe it's time to discover it, and that discovery is done alone.
Maybe you'll change, so much that you'll be a different person, on a path to very new and very different things. That path can be so different, it might conflict with who you are now, and with what you (and your friend possibly) believe now.

My guess: the relationship has run its course. As long as you stay in it, you can't grow.
Doesn't mean the relationship has to end, but it has to, at least, evolve, and you need space from it in order to find your path.


Cyberstalking Anonymous 140[Reply]

I do it, do you?
I love finding hidden accounts and secret blogs and I dox just to see if I can (but never post it or interfere with the person otherwise)
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Anonymous 9715

is there some way you could like figure this out?surely there should be some programs or something to see if such a thing has happened

Anonymous 9716

Do a factory reset just in case.

Anonymous 9719

He left his computer open to his uni page in the background. The temptation to stalk him on Linkedin is strong.

Anonymous 9720

>I was a crazy bitch
It’s pretty refreshing to see someone own their behaviour in a relationship like this. For all the acceptance about mental health these days, admitting that you treated someone poorly is still pretty stigmatised, even if you’re not like that anymore or were acting because of trauma.

People can’t separate the crazy past part from the non-crazy present part. It’s like you’re forever judged by it. People don’t say “she was crazy when I dated her”, they say “she is crazy, and we broke up 5 years ago”.

I wish it was more acceptable to say “I used to be a crazy bitch but I’m not anymore” and not get backlash or people expecting you to act out. It feels like carrying a silent burden that you can’t ever share and must always be fearful that someone will bring it up.

Anonymous 9722

oh absolutely, i mainly cyberstalk ppl im attracted to, though i end up finding more than i bargained for :P

i've been doing it since i was 11 and now a decade later, im not stopping anytime soon

Rabbit Hole Thread Anonymous 9721[Reply]

Got any creepy mysteries or disturbing rabbit holes to delve into?


/omg/ -Occultism & Mysticism General Anonymous 9406[Reply]

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Anonymous 9563


I'm Reading Temple of Cosmos by Jeremy Naydler, it's a good introduction to Ancient Egypt's cosmology; theogony; how people experienced religion/magic back then.
However, it's worth mentioning that many of his interprations are just interpretations, not hard facts, and Naydler's thoughts about the restoration of ancient religions are not very favorable.
I plan to read Faulkner's translation of the Book of the Dead; Pinch's Egyptian Mythology; Wilkinson's Complete Gods and Goddesses.

Anonymous 9584

Where you should I start with learning occultism, at least the concepts and themes. I know this a broad question, I'm not much interested in practicing as much as it's more of an academic venture. I've been thinking of taking on a psych degree and I always thought my interest in occultism, symbolism, folklore, and drug use would help with different perspectives on the state of human consciousness/unconsciousness.

Anonymous 9585

Since you are interested in psych I might recommend you check out Carl Jung. He wasn't just one of the fathers of psychology, he was also very big into the occult. Reading him (or other Jungians) could get you an entrance to occult themes while relating to your field of interest. Marie louise von franz might actually be a better place to start. She wrote about fairy tales and alchemy from a psychological perspective. I'm pretty sure I linked one of her books in the OP under 'alchemy'. if youre not already familiar with some jungian basics, you could read Man and his Symbols to get started.
Personally, the corpus hermeticum was my intro. I think it is a fantastic place to begin. It is also in the OP under 'hermeticism'.
Since you are not really interested in practice, you could probably do without Crowley, Dion Fortune, and other more modern occultists that people usually tell you to begin with.
What type of folklore/occultism interests you?

Anonymous 9696

>translation of the Book of the Dead;
Nooo, don't do it. It's really long and repetitive. It's not meant to be read like a book. Just skim through. Best part is the poem that inspired the Song of Solomon btw.

Anonymous 9718

Please make me a millionaire as soon as possible please. I want to get out of this house and maybe even this state. Leaving isnt cheap and I don't want to get raped at a homeless shelter or stay here anymore.


weird world wide web Anonymous 538[Reply]

post odd things you found online
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Anonymous 9574

That's it nona, thank you, i actually never read this document i only read about Aquariumgate via 4chan generals but this is so much better for people that want to understand it.

Anonymous 9581

not to play devils advocate too much, but those barn stars are very common in texas. If they were different colors like the link said it would be a different story, but pretty much everyone keeps one (or more) of these as yard and house decor. the house on the bottom right with the star inverted is definitely abnormal.
The aquarium thing is very scary though. TX is a bit of a hotbed for human trafficking.

Anonymous 9591

Holy crap, could they be secret locations for human trafficking or Illuminati hideouts?

Anonymous 9594

It's human trafficking shit for sure.

Anonymous 9717

This one's not creepy, just an awkward music video some woman made that I stumbled upon. It has 1.4k views right now. I feel like someone here might appreciate it.


I want to start worshipping Gods Anonymous 9680[Reply]

Does anybody else here worship the Greeks? How do you get started? Do I just make an altar and start praying? Can an altar be anything?

Anonymous 9683

check this thread since it has some links that could be useful
I would start with reading material on the worship of the deity you're drawn to. Some deities were worshiped in different ways so it wouldn't make sense to treat them all the same just because they come from the same pantheon. Some of them may be better for a relaxed approach while others might require a very structured form of worship.

Anonymous 9695

Read things like Homer and other works from that time for an idea how people saw the gods and how they fit into their daily lives.

You might find Helen of Troy by Bettany Hughes interesting too as it goes into detail about how Helen of Troy was worshiped as a sort of god.

Anonymous 9697

The first poster has it right, usually not all of the Gods and Goddesses were worshipped simultaneously or the same, especially the Greek ones. They were often divided into "cults" (not like how we define cult today) and had different means of worship. So you might want to choose the few you want to worship first and then study how their cults worshipped them. Usually with specific offerings.

Anonymous 9708

a highly useful resource, it's been inactive for a couple years, but still the best blog I know of on this subject. the author is a lesbian, apparently.


/tig/ - Targeted Individuals General (Electronic Harassment, Gang Stalking, Psychological Terror) Anonymous 3897[Reply]

Targeted Individuals are people reportedly being targeted by various forms of Gang Stalking, usually done by the governments, powerful criminal gangs and federal structures (of various countries since gang stalking isn't exclusive to one country). Reported effects of being a victim of banned psychotronic weaponry include thought insertion (zombification), hypnosis, hot flashes, uncommonly feeling contractions and pressure in your crotch (tele-rape).

Post your experiences with Gang Stalking (being a TI, knowing a TI IRL, etc)
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Anonymous 9556

lcf cc bunker.png

Nona who posted this on the farm in the CC bunker thread, reveal yourself. You likely don't even post here.
What happened? Maybe your stalkers laid low for a week or more, that happens too, it's the "silent" phase which is usually only temporary before it goes into the "active" one again.

Anonymous 9557

Samefag and she was replying to a post about fucking moid bulges. Not sure how that's related to gangstalking at all

Anonymous 9559

Another crime that my gangstalkers have committed against me is hacking into my devices and putting porn. They've been doing it to me since I was six years old and had a computer for doing online primary school lessons. They either did it to traumatize me or to prep/groom me to traffick to their cult.

Anonymous 9565

I think they're the ones posting scat porn and other abhorrent things because they're a bunch of shit eating, child trafficking, pedophile faggots.

Anonymous 9616


i don't know if this makes sense my thing is kind of different to most of the stuff i read here, but i have a hunch the people who create and work for the infrastructure that serves ads and makes algorithms is looking at peoples stuff and laughing at them and following them and i also think theres like feds i dont think the latter is inherently malicious but i just have been in places online as a kid where police were involved for different reasons and i see like videos that some agents like infiltrate these places and instead of helping theyu make it worse like radicalise people and ive been apranoid for years. like some of these people probably have watched me try to neck myself, endless planning and a bunch of other usual online dumbass stuff. i dont think its just me i think its sooo many people. my phone just tortures me sometimes like with my family member's ads for shit (exactly what my mother bought at the store, foresight that my father is cheating why didn't i realise earlier ugh). i just want to be left alone. also randoms and weird interactions as if theyre testing me or something.

in a really cold clean dry environment maybe, but even if you don't go outside much you should shower daily or every 2 days, grease and sweat and dirt and whatever can build up in a day nona


Anonymous 989[Reply]

Any experience with Angels?
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Anonymous 8888

>I have a couple of friends who experienced similar, but for them it was a family member who was watching over them.
Interestingly enough, many of the cases involve exactly that.
>In his case, Hillary knew the entity which appeared to him and guided him: it was his late mother, who had died in a car crash more than 20 years earlier.
>'It was like she'd come out there to keep me company,' he said.
>In a similar vein, diver Stephanie Schwabe escaped certain death when she heard the voice of her late husband and diving partner Rob Palmer.
Whether is the actual person or just whatever it is using an image to motivate and get you to trust "it" is another question.

Anonymous 9663

Are you still around?

Do you still want such a thing?

Anonymous 9669

Yes and yes. I see angel numbers all the time and still no angel boy. Not yet at least.

Anonymous 9674


[email protected]

Email me for discord, we should talk.

Anonymous 9686


Have anything interesting to share?


Suicide Anonymous 480[Reply]

How would you do it?
What's the most effective method with minimal pain? I'm a puss.
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Anonymous 9052

Still here. Went there, took the first 20 pills, cried my eyes out and called my psychiatrist. Spent a month at home under surveillance from my family. Things seemed to be getting better steadily, but as always this contentment is short-lived.
An acquaintance of mine killed himself two weeks ago. Used what is commonly known as a "suicide kit", it's sodium nitrate, antacid and antiemetic. I'm looking into that now, these substances are easy to find and buy. Hopefully this time I'll go through with it and not have to live another year of this hell.

Anonymous 9057

Correction, it's sodium nitrite. Found some great resources yesterday.

Anonymous 9682

We seem to be very alike. I got both of these issues as well. Won‘t kill myself for now, because the methods all suck and I’m actually the happiest I have ever been but I’m also obsessed with it

Anonymous 9684

I keep thinking about the charcoal method.

I with we had buttons we could press to die on demand. I hate that I have to be alive. But I'm so afraid; what if the afterlife is even worse? Not Hell, but reality. A worse reality.

I'm so scared. And I'm so sad. Pills and therapy wouldn't help me, my problems are situational. So I guess I'm just damned if I do, damned if I don't.

Anonymous 9685

Carbon monoxide poisoning


Maui fires Anonymous 9665[Reply]

Am I the only one that thinks the fires were fake? Or that they did them to steal land and abduct people to traffick them?

Anonymous 9667

It’s easier to traffick people without arson. Brings too much heat.

Anonymous 9668

Anonymous 9681

Why would we need to covertly steal the land when we could just do it blatantly?

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