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Female killers general Anonymous 429[Reply]

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Anonymous 3793

the shanda sharer murder, along with junko furuta, are some of the worst, most horrifying cases that still stick out to me because of the prolonged cruelty and torture. the girls were so fucked up and miserable, but what they did to her was so atrocious.

Anonymous 3906

This is way more interesting that mainstream TCC and their idolized criminal moids.

Anonymous 3913

Shand Sharer, haven't heard this one in a while.
>12 when she was murdered
>murderers were girls aged 15 to 17
>tension due to silly relationship drama
>abducted and taken to a castle
>bound in ropes, terrified
>took her Mickey Mouse watch and danced to the music it made
Jesus she was just a kid
>took her from the castle, she begged to go home
>took her bra
>got lost and ended up at a petrol station asking for directions
>drove out to the middle of nowhere
>stripped her naked and beat her
>slammed her face into someones knee until her mouth was torn apart on her braces
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 3915

Damn, this channel does no longer exist.

Anonymous 5122

literal girlboss


Most retarded conspiracy you believe in! Anonymous 4991[Reply]

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Anonymous 5109

It's the opposite. In the 70-80s they settled on a doctrine of depopulation. They destroyed fabric of families to this end among other things (except their own of course).

It is actually sexualisation, which started in earnest at the time, that aids this as well. Because relationships aren't about forming a family, they're increasingly just based on sex. It's not just depopulation but people without strong families are weak-minded and have no collective power.

Anonymous 5112

I'm (((one of them))) and someday when I reach a certain age I'm going to get a letter inviting me to the whole shindig.

Kinda of like Harry Potter, but with more matzah and gefilte fish and less tea and crumpets.

Anonymous 5113

And you will never report back, will you schlomo?

Anonymous 5114


Probably not. But I promise that I'll shoot the miners last when I get my hands on the space laser.

Anonymous 5121


i believe there is such a thing as clean coal or at the very least a much less toxic version than the ones we use today


Piracy thread Anonymous 3033[Reply]

How do you do, pirates?
Let's talk about piracy a little. A while ago, I uploaded a niche game to nyaa. It got leeched the moment I uploaded, and finished in just an hour. Distributed some 40-45 times really fast. Most leechers were Japanese too, to my surprise.

It was a really obscure game so I wonder if people are just hoarding and archiving everything on nyaa, or if there is actually a demand to pirate that kind of thing. I expected it to sit for months since all the similar things on nyaa are dead and 10 years old.

What about you ladies? Do you hoard? How do you pirate usually? Anything you share or upload?
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Anonymous 3048

>Do you hoard?
No, after I'm done with something I delete it.
>How do you pirate usually?
DDL sites, and a handful of streaming sites without ads.
>Anything you share or upload?

Anonymous 3450


Hehe, I'm a pirate in the sense that I rip, copy and distribute for historical and archival purposes. Chaotic good, in a sense. It ain't always fun but I see it as a duty. Foremost underground tapes and vinyls of bands which never saw CD or digital releases. It hurts me to know that such creative work goes to waste. Further I safe game mods, patches and similar files. Basically anything I get my hands on which is already forgotten or will be soon. I even scan manuals of old consoles. I started uploading the stuff on archive.org …

Say, fellow pirates, collectors and preservers: Got any recommendations for other sites like archive.org which don't compromise certain formats? Thanks in advance.

Anonymous 3451

bob the cat.jpg

Are you aware of the Great 78 Project? if not, you might appreciate it. basically it's an archive of Shellac rips. lots of fun to be had looking through the thousands of forgotten songs on there

Anonymous 3452

This sounds cool, I'll check it out! Thanks.

Anonymous 5120


How is piracy /x/ related??

Anyways, I used to have accounts on a handful of private trackers for foreign language movies/TV and premium art tutorials, but my interests aren't so obscure anymore which means I can get 99% of what I want from public torrents:
https://searx.be/ > Files
https://kpg.neocities.org/ it's kpop
4chan /t/

For music I use yt-dlp. Any audiophiles reading this I hope you're having an aneurysm.


Nightmares Anonymous 55[Reply]

Share your nightmares here!

Hiding mine behind a spoiler in case other anons don't want to see nightmares while scrolling through /b/.

Last night I had a weird dream that there were a bunch of mice in some kind of doll house thing. My parents were there, and I kept breaking the mice's backs. I'd press down on their spine and it'd make this awful fake sounding crunch. My mom told me, "I hate that sound". I did it again, and she told me again that she hates the sound. After that I broke a mouse's skull and my mom asked me why I keep killing the mice, and I felt terribly guilty for what I'd done.
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Anonymous 4810

Some lame meme that has been going around for ages.

Anonymous 4814

Not really a nightmare but I keep waking up a few hours after falling asleep with a deep feeling that I'm supposed to be doing something but haven't. My bf and I were living together and then because of some pandemic things I returned to my home country for a few months. When I jerk awake from the dream, it feels like I came back to do something specific, measure something everyday or take some medicine everyday or something like that and if I haven't been doing it, my bf will be annoyed at me for wasting time. I spent ages trying to think what it could be but then ended up just asking my bf if I had forgotten something really obvious but he said no thankfully. It's also out of character for him to get annoyed at me over something like that. Even now that I know that the dream isn't real, I still keep having it and it takes me a few minutes after waking up to remember that it isn't real.

Anonymous 4817

my boyfriend

Anonymous 5115

i was flipping a house with my parents. the room i was in charge of was a fucking mess. masses of cockroaches kept appearing and "congealing" in various stages of life – think living baby nymphs, living adult cockroaches, and dead cockroaches all congealed together by a combination of poop and fluids excreted by the dead cockroaches. these "islands" of congealed cockroaches were capable of moving thanks to the squirms of the nymphs and adults. every time a new island appeared i had to clean it up – only for another island to appear. this repeated for most of the dream. eventually, a family visited wanting to tour the house. i gave myself a pep talk along the lines of "this is a great house. if they want to buy it knowing the specs they'll buy it even if this room is messy. even if there are cockroaches in this room. we'll just tell them that the cockroaches are only in one location and we're going to call an exterminator to handle the problem. everything's going to be okay."

Anonymous 5119

This needs to be a book


Weirdest people you've met online Anonymous 2178[Reply]

Tell us about them
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Anonymous 4792

Very late response because I come here super sporadically but yes he existed, I don't know why he was like that. I'd say autism but I'm autistic too, and I'd say being sheltered, but I literally grew up without seeing other people my own age period and didn't do any of that shit. God only knows. You don't want to date him though, he was super abusive and literally, not metaphorically tortured me at one point just for fun and obviously not consensually.

I dated him because I was also autistic and was "homeschooled" (served my narcissist mom all day and didn't go to school) so I had no idea of what a functional human was supposed to be like. Also because I was 16 and never had a boyfriend before so my standards were super low.

Anonymous 4815


afraid i dont really know his real name or where he lives specifically in norway. the only accounts of his i still know of are his steam and discord
i guess i still have part of the conversations to read whenever i want to cringe though

Anonymous 4816

puke emoji.png

peak /pol/cel

Anonymous 5108

i used to go on this cringe anime forum back when i was a kid and i lied about my age and started "dating" this dude i met on there. all we ever did was pm lovey-dovey stuff through the site but then one day he casually mentioned that his cat died and he has to go take care of the corpse. when i asked how it died he said he killed it, and that he's killed several of his own and others' cats before. acted like it was completely normal. don't know if he was trolling or not but psycho moid nonetheless

Anonymous 5118

when i was 11, some 17-year-old goth boy in a group chat would regularly discuss his suicidal ideations and show me his piercing-littered penis. he’s probably in jail for child molestation now

Domesticated Pig S…

Is collecting animal bones bad? Anonymous 5094[Reply]

Am I going to get bad spirits after me or get cursed if I collect animal bones? I recently got very interested in the hobby. I'll have a strict rule to not collect bones from animals that are known to be used in dangerous rituals.
In my country we have a lot of holidays where animals are killed and eaten, if I ask my relatives to give me the bones after they're ready eating the animal, will it be dangerous? I'm also thinking of buying replicas, but they're harder to find. What if I buy real bones from websites or private sellers? I don't want to disrespect the animals I get the bones from.
I also have a very particular interest in pig's skulls and bones, even if I don't eat anything from them because of religious reasons.

Anonymous 5116

I like bones too, I don't have a huge collection but I'm interested in bones. I'm not deep into the magic that goes behind it all, I just find them fascinating from an artistic perspective. I'm not sure what country you're from so it might be different there, but I'd search for hunters who are sourced and reliable and don't kill just for sport. I hate sport hunting as much as I hate the meat farming industry. Other people collect roadkill specimens but that probably carries some kind of bad juju since the animal died by human carelessness. Hunting for sustainability and food is probably the only ethical way to get ahold of animal bones. The closest thing you'd get to a pig's skull is a boar if you're set on the idea of not wanting to participate in the societal structure of animal harm.

Anonymous 5117

One more thing, I'd also suggest scavenging, scavenging in nature will lead you across bones. There are people who scavenge for a living, kind of like roadkill, except these animals died presumingly natural deaths and the only harm done if you believe in the idea of disturbing burial sites. Also just getting a decent book on skulls might satisfy your curiosity if you you're uncomfortable with purchasing.


Manipulation Anonymous 787[Reply]

>What's the most extreme manipulative scheme you've completed?
>How did it affect the people involved?
>Would you do it again?
>Do you feel guilt manipulating people?
>What are your feelings in general regarding manipulation?
>If others were severely harmed in some way because of your manipulation, would that matter to you? Why or why not?
>Have you been manipulated in an as extreme way as you've manipulated others? What happened and how did it affect you?
>Do you take pride in manipulating people?
>Do you feel like emotional abuse is inherently wrong when it is purposefully inflicted? Why or why not?
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Anonymous 5035


Anonymous 5036


Anonymous 5037

You just stole that line from some teen angst drama, what are you though like 24 now??
I thank god everyday I don't feel the kind of desperation necessary to drive me to any of the behavior posted here. It reminds me of having to interact with trailer trash. Just what did your mother do to you to make you so seedy af???? Lmao and I thought my mom was bad. It reminds me of how human beings often add no value to anything, they're kind of just these parasites that suck everything around them dry. Its this kind of thing that gives me so much clarity in daily life. If humanity was wiped out it would be pretty priceless.

Anonymous 5038

Well okay. Half of humanity.

Anonymous 5111

You’re a bad garbage person. Hopefully necked yourself already


crystal dream diary. Anonymous 3081[Reply]

whenever you remember a dream, log it here.

picture used is tako otoko from yume 2kki.
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Anonymous 4595

Me and some random faceless people were lined up against a wall preparing to be shot down. I was really scared at first, but with each person executed I calmed down, and when it was my turn I closed my eyes before falling down with a hole in my stomach. Somehow dying felt really good, my whole body was relaxed and it was blissful, I didn't feel any pain or such.
The bad/nightmare-ish part is when my soul was transported to the sky and then I fell back on Earth to be reincarnated. I screamed "NO, NOT AGAIN" the whole time and then I woke up.

Anonymous 4599

Had a really weird dream that there were these North Korean exiles on the loose and that they were trying to kill a bunch of people. For some reason I was living with my parents in our old house and the whole time they were looking for metal to slip under the frontdoor to "stop" them or something. In the dream I kept asking why can't we just leave the house before the North Koreans come and my mom kept saying "because of the acetone". I also asked my parents where were the cops/swats/feds etc and they just laughed in my face and said "do you really expect them to do anything?". In the dream I also kept watching the news (it was basically a count down until they found our apartment, according to my dream-dad) and they had driven all the way from like Texas? after they decided to go on a killing spree. Anyway, the whole time I'm very nonchalant and don't help my parents at all as they look for like, metal to put under the door. The end of the dream was the most vivid, which is really weird since I never have vivid dreams. Basically, I decided to take a shower for some reason, and as I get out I hear the North Koreans begin to enter my apartment and kill my family. The whole time I'm pushing against my bathroom door and trying to figure out ways to hide from them (inside the cabinet etc). I ultimately give up and then I woke up. The dream was so vivid though that I had to look up news about North Korea because it felt so real.

Anonymous 4604

i want to go back to that feeling.
i really hope i have this dream again (i'm too much of a pussy to actually kms), it was the most pleasant feeling i've ever experienced in my life, even now as i'm typing this i feel like i'm being dissolved into blissful static and i love it but it's not even remotely comparable to that feeling in my dream
i shall fall asleep to claustration I again and if it doesn't work i'll go back to mastering lucid dreaming

Anonymous 4622

I love lucid dreaming, it's probably my number 1 hobby. Here's a great book for beginners: Are You Dreaming? by Daniel Love
One of my top tips is to invest in a good sleeping mask, when you wake up you will remember dreams more easily because you wake up in the dark rather than with the bright, sharp morning sun.

Anonymous 5110

I had a dream Kate Bush released some demos from the 90's. One was from the POV of a woman doing work on her computer into the night. The woman reminded me of Scully from X-Files. The next one was from the POV of Franz Kafka, about a locket he kept. In the song he was asking to turn someone into a locket? The final one was sadly from the POV of a cheese pizza investigator who is contemplating suicide. They sang the song to a child they encountered in the videos, called Jennie.


Anonymous 5098[Reply]

We live in a world where furries inject their vacine into us. Soon enough anyone that has been vaxxed with the moderna will start to develop furryism symptoms. It first starts with interest in the furry fandom and slowly the pathological thoughts settle in, and the once innocent individual turns into a full blown furry addicted to yiff porn. We live in a dystopia that allows these things to happen. Why? Why must humanity be punished in such a way?
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 5102


Anonymous 5103

It all makes more sense now that you realise that there has been an increase in furries during this pandemic. Makes you think.

Anonymous 5104

Good thing I got Pfizer instead. God, I hate furries.

Anonymous 5106

I tried, retard doesn't know how to format tweets in a readable format for shit. I attribute it to autism. Godspeed furry vaccines maker.

Anonymous 5107

What proof is there that this is the guy? Do we even have a human name to go with this?


Cyberstalking Anonymous 140[Reply]

I do it, do you?
I love finding hidden accounts and secret blogs and I dox just to see if I can (but never post it or interfere with the person otherwise)
275 posts and 38 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4980


does anyone know if it’s possible to find stuff about people with just voice clips?

Anonymous 5095


found out one of my tumblr mutuals' name about a year ago & using that and a video which he uploaded and had sent me i found his full name, but i wasnt as much of a creep as i am now.
anyway, then a few months later i found his sister's account through looking him up on youtube again AND his steam handle which was just his name, and she had linked some other accounts on her youtube like her deviantart ETC. and then using that i found her on instagram and eventually saw what he looked like.
i tried forgetting about this and pretending like nothing happened because i know i went too far and somebody could just as easily do this to me, but today i found out his middle name and got googling. i found his great grandfather's obituary and information on his family.
then i went back to instagram through his sister's account i found his and through that account i found his mother's and went through it all and found loads of pictures of him when he was younger
i feel like a monster i cant stop this madness i dont even like him or feel anything towards him but im terrified one of his family members has an IP tracker tool attached to their profiles and the thought of the possibility of them seeing me screenshot their posts using those tracker apps is making me lose my mind although i know this is entirely my fault.
i think i am going into a panic attack thinking of him confronting me about this because i really have no excuse.
i feel horrid but i cant stop and i do this everytime i find somebody interesting.
i feel especially awful knowing this could be done to me just as easily but i cant keep my hands to myself curiosity really gets the best of me.

Anonymous 5096

>go through 500+ pages of artist's blog to find clues to piece together their real name so i can find what studio they work for
>days later they announce what show they're working on
why did i put in all that work then

Anonymous 5097

The average person is very clueless about these things. If they had all those trackers, they wouldn’t have been so easy to find.

If by some minuscule chance they do say anything, just say you noticed it and wanted to tell them for their own security but wasn’t sure how to.

Anonymous 5099

use brave browser with the ghostery add on, it blocks ip trackers
but like >>5097 said i doubt anyone involved would even think to have something like that on any of their pages

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