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Anonymous 4480[Reply]

I want to hold hand of my SO while a total stranger pounds me.


Anonymous 4459[Reply]

Anons what do you think of this guy?
If you don't know: google Grave robbing for morons

Anonymous 4474

No idea who he is but if hes robbing graves hes a shithead. More so if hes stealing actual remains. I dont think the dead give a shit but they have families. What happened to human decency.

Anonymous 4479

The video is from 80s, no one has a clue if the skull he's holding is real


Tarot Readings/Divination General Anonymous 4460[Reply]

Is anyone here into divination? 4chan's /x/ is full of insane moids, so I'd like to make a general for tarot readings, divination, psychic anons, etc here.

If you're a reader, you can offer readings to anons. Just specify your method, how many readings you'll do, your requirements, any kinds of queries you won't do, etc.

Every method is welcome: Tarot, Runes, Cartomancy, Scrying, Pendulum, Cleromancy, I-Ching, Oracles, Tasseomancy, Necromancy, etc.

>If you're NEW, please READ the STICKY:


>Recommended /div/ links and books:


>MEGA with Tarot Books:

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Anonymous 4470

>High Priestess, Emperor, Magician, Page of Cups
Yes! Look out for older people, both women and men. They will appreciate how driven and energetic you are, and your willingness to improve despite not having fully matured in a specific area of your life yet (which is fundamental for your goal).

Anonymous 4472

King of Pentacles Reversed
King of Swords
Six of Swords
You're coming out of a place of stubborn desire, and into actual discipline. To speed along this process, abandon anything that no longer serves you. You have to grow up in mind.

>whether I'm currently on the right track to doing so
Three of Wands
Knight of Wands
Five of Pentacles
You're on the right track, but it seems you're either going to come up empty at the last minute, or your friend won't be in the best space to reconnect, sadly. :(
>what type of approach I should take
Ten of Cups
Nine of Cups Reversed
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 4473

Thank you! I'm >>4467, this is my first time getting a reading and I felt like it really resonated with me. I'm going to do my best to keep a commitment on staying positive and determined, and reflect some more on how I could reach them in a better way.

Anonymous 4476

Thank you, I'm >>4466. I announced my decision earlier and ended up saying almost the same thing you wrote, but only just came here to see your response. Funny how that works

Anonymous 4478

Anyone down to give me a reading please? I'm wondering if the person I'm currently with is my soulmate/the right match.


Shoplifting Anonymous 4152[Reply]

Have you ever shoplifted? Why? Did you regret it or ever get caught?
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Anonymous 4406

Yes. I haven't done it in a while but i've acquired a hairbrush, deodorant and a few bottles of nail polish because it's one of the few things in the higyene section at walmart without magnetic stickers. Then they started putting a security guard to watch the hygiene isle, so i'll just put stuff in my cart and keep walking, then transfer to my purse or pocket in an emptier isle. From the food section i used to get chocolate bars and such.
One thing I do that ramps up my confidence is going regularly on the supermarket to just act suspicious and look at stuff i'll actually buy in the near future (without stealing anything). Mostly because I like doing supermarket trips even if they don't envolve theft

Anonymous 4409

>so i'll just put stuff in my cart and keep walking, then transfer to my purse or pocket in an emptier isle.
I always did that
>One thing I do that ramps up my confidence is going regularly on the supermarket to just act suspicious and look at stuff i'll actually buy in the near future (without stealing anything). Mostly because I like doing supermarket trips even if they don't envolve theft
I did this all the time without even realizing I was suspicious because no one ever approached me. this works especially well if you go to the store regularly so the workers aren't suspicious of you

Anonymous 4420


Anonymous 4471


i used to shoplift a LOT when i was a young teenager. mostly cosmetics, crafting stuff and alcohol. i got caught two times and even though nothing came of it i've become a bit scared of that happening again, so now i very rarely do it. i used to have this huge brown leather H&M bag (similar to pic related), probably stole thousands of euros worth of alcohol using it. never got caught with the alcohol luckily, i pretty much supplied half my school with liquor back in the day

this tbh, i don't see it as a revolutionary act or anything but i don't think it's morally wrong to steal from a big corporation. have never stolen anything from an actual person in my life, though.

Anonymous 4477

i unironically shoplift everytime i go to walmart
>use self check out
>scan half of my items but still bag everything
>the workers never notice anything everytime


Anonymous 3581[Reply]

What’s the best way to go about killing yourself?
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Anonymous 4086

Are those even a thing anymore? I'm pretty sure people have just been cutting shit and pressing pills with it. Since it is banned and all now.

Anonymous 4087

since when is fent banned, and where? i know people that use the patches, they're very much still a thing from what i know.

Anonymous 4089

I thought about lighting one of those fireworks that you load like a cannon and putting my mouth on the tube.
I don't know if it comes out fast enough to guaranteed kill you though.

Anonymous 4094

It got banned a long time ago. All the fent is being imported illegally from China. But I suppose it makes sense that people might still have patches.

Anonymous 4475

By improving yourself, getting revenge on all your enemies and outliving them all in success.

Left hand.jpg

Fantasies Anonymous 2695[Reply]

Anybody else have weird fantasies or urges? Not necessarily sexual things, just strange. For instance, I sometimes spend hours daydreaming about cutting my left hand off, imagining all the blood pouring out my stubby wrist and such. Of course that's a terrible idea and it'd make my life so difficult, not to mention it would be extremely painful for me.
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Anonymous 4434

Lmfao I know this is old but same, I do that shit when my mind starts to wander and lose its coherence as I fall asleep.

Anonymous 4451

i almost constantly have an urge to bite something. not something solid, not just food, just something like a pillow, my own arm, or things like biting my nails. i’m not a glutton or anything, it just seems so appealing to me to bite stuff

Anonymous 4455

I sometimes have fantasize where I pull all my teeth out and I can feel the pain and the tangy taste of blood. I just feel really frustrated because my teeth are perfectly shaped and straight, but all of my back teeth have cavities and these big black stupid fillings.

Anonymous 4456

I used to purposely losen up my teeth and then let them re-root.
Once you start its hard to stop and let them heal, its like a scab you have to pick at.

Anonymous 4458

I feel the grips of bony hands as I'm walking sometimes. From the mountain of dead the world is built on.


White sun mandela effect Anonymous 4216[Reply]

When did you notice that the sun was no longer yellow but white? Have you felt a fundamental change in reality since the sun became white? Why do you think the sun turned white?
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Anonymous 4421

You guys stares directly into the sun?

Anonymous 4435

What thread did you think you were in, anon?

Not anymore. The new sun burns when you look at it because of the bright white light. You used to be able to look at the yellow sun.

Anonymous 4452

This thread and the "sun changed :0" bs is so fucking dumb, TELL ME you're shitposting and don't think the sun changed or was "replaced" because I can not fathom something possibly more stupid.
That being said, if you think of sometiing dumber feel free to let me know.

Anonymous 4453

>TELL ME you're shitposting and don't think the sun changed or was "replaced" because I can not fathom something possibly more stupid
yes it's shitposting

Anonymous 4454

I already said that the sun itself might not have been replaced but that something has been done so it looks different. There could be something in the air that just makes us perceive it differently. But it's definitely different than it used to be. I know I used to be able to look at it as a kid and it was a warm yellow, not the harsh white light that it is now.

If you go outside now, you can barely even look up without squinting. There's a reason that someone doesn't want us looking too closely at the sky.


Anonymous 4422[Reply]

>The murder case Li Yangjie (Chinese 李洋 潔 / 李洋 洁, Pinyin Lǐ Yángjié; born on September 9, 1990 in Henan, China; [1] missing since May 11, 2016; found dead on May 13, 2016 in Dessau-Roßlau) was a violent crime in Saxony-Anhalt. The sex murder attracted attention due to the suspect's relationship to two officers of the investigating police apparatus - the accused's mother and stepfather both worked for the investigating police in Dessau - and was also the subject of media releases in China. [2] [3] [4] [5] He brought police officers into the focus of the allegations. [6] [7]

On Wednesday, May 11, 2016, Li first went shopping, then went home and left her shared apartment on Johannisstrasse in downtown Dessau-Roßlau at around 8:30 p.m. to go jogging.

>There was an antique shop on Johannisstrasse that was under video surveillance. The footage shows how Xenia I. waves the student over to her, points to an apartment on the second floor and asks her to help. You can see Li Yangjie looking around doubtfully, but then going with him. According to the investigators' knowledge, Sebastian F. was waiting behind the front door and overpowered her. He dragged Li Yangjie to the first floor and raped the young woman "in every imaginable way" (Süddeutsche Zeitung). [12] Xenia I. asked Li Yangjie with the help of the Google translator, among other things, whether she had sexually transmitted diseases, whether she lived alone or in a shared apartment and whether friends would call the police. [13]

>Blood splatters from the victim were found on the walls of the vacant apartment at a height of 3 meters. The coroner spoke of a "painful agony of several hours" of the victim.

>During the deed, Xenia I. went to her apartment above and put the children to bed. Sebastian F. threw the severely disfigured victim from a window of the apartment into a garbage can behind the house. [12] After the fact, the defendant telephoned his mother, police officer Ramona S., 40 times before he was arrested, and told her about the crime. [12] [14]

Anonymous 4423

Yellow feverers, not even once.

>whether she had sexually transmitted diseases

at least he practiced safe sex kek

Anonymous 4424

Not even suprised. German here, if I were black or Asian I wouldn't set a foot in that part of the country.

Anonymous 4425

Pretty sure in this case it's less yellow fever and more being an absolute psychopath

>The perpetrator, who has meanwhile been convicted, is Sebastian F. (born 1996) from Dessau, the only son of the Dessau police officer Ramona S. He was treated as a teenager in the Merseburg child psychiatry. He broke off training; At the time of the offense he was receiving ALG II. With Xenia I. (born 1997) he has two children, Xenia I. has another from another man. Xenia I. reported that Sebastian F. felt pleasure when he inflicted pain on his sexual partners. [12]

>Sebastian F. is also charged with two other rape cases that became known in the course of the investigation. [34]

Anonymous 4426

I live there. The Krautchan shooter also lived in our county. Fucking hellhole

Anonymous 4428

>Yellow feverers
His fiancee is literally German. She even helped him commit the crime…


Real life horror stories Anonymous 2606[Reply]

I noticed we have lot of paranormal spook threads in /b/ right now so let's have a irl spooks thread.

What's the scariest thing to happen to you or people you know that involved real life people or events.

Any people who didn't sit right with you? Any cazy ex boyfriend or girlfriends? Any scary family stories? Share them here!
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 2608

Was in Tokyo during the 2011 Fukushima earthquake.

I was breastfeeding my baby when everything started moving. I'm used to earthquakes ( was born in an earthquake-prone country) and by then I've been in Japan for a couple of years so this was just like "oh well, another one". After a little shaking it stopped for some seconds. Then the big one started so I grabbed my kid and darted out of my apartment out to the street. Everybody came out at the same time. I didn't think it was safe to go back home (at least not yet) so I just started walking around the area, (and yes the ground was still shaking a bit). After some minutes of walking and a couple of blocks away I saw a big bunch of people outside of an electronic shop so I went to watch what they were watching. What I saw will forever hunt my mind: live footage of the tsunami just fucking destroying towns and thousands of lives. For , literally, 10 seconds I almost shat myself because I thought this was happening in Yokohama but when I asked someone they told me it was in the Tohoku area. It somehow didn't make me feel better.

For the next few days (and under a nation-wide warning that stated that an even bigger earthquake was expected soon) I couldnt sleep at all. There were many smaller earthquakes here and there, and the tv would give its warning about one coming many times a day. (same with the phone warnings).

I still get a little anxiety when I hear the "earthquake coming" sound.

Unfortunately the "earthquake cycle" (or wharever its called) and predictions state that a BIG one is going to happen in Tokyo "soon", since its way over due.

Anonymous 2609

When I was younger (probably around 9 or 10) I had gone to the beach with my family and some family friends, and it was a semi-secluded beach out in the countryside with nearly no one there. It was really relaxing and calm and everyone was kind of taking it easy. As the day went on me and a couple of people started swimming a bit farther back not realizing the tide was coming in as well as the fact that there was a rip current in the area. Slowly these massive (and I mean massive, it was a surfer beach) waves started crashing down and while two of the people were strong enough to break out of the current and swim to shore myself and one other person weren't and we kept getting hit with waves and pushed out further into the ocean. No one could hear us screaming either since we were so far back. Eventually the two people who were strong swimmers got to shore and got people's attention and two surfers who were there got on their boards and swam out to get us. My friend had fainted at one point and I was shaking like crazy when we got to shore. My mom was in hysterics as well.

You know that feeling your skin has when you sit on the banks of the ocean and leave where you can almost still feel the waves hitting your skin? That sensation didn't go away for like three days.

It isn't spooky or anything like that, but it really fucked me up with the ocean and now I don't go near the beach when there are waves, lol.

Anonymous 2610

I survived an an attempted terrorist attack but now I have mad PTSD from it and I feel like people don't believe me outside of my family so I just have to suffer in silence when friends suggest public transport to me.

Anonymous 2611

That's so awful, anon. It's one of my biggest fears. What happened, if you don't mind talking about it?

Anonymous 2612

>>2611 the TLDR is a crazy extremist tried to blow up the train I was on, whilst simultaneously playing weird footage at me. I left at the first available stop screaming down the platform and the police took me home and updated me on the mans arrest etc later. They told me he was a "big deal" in such circles which fucked me up more tbh.

This makes me sound like a crazy person but I don't want to go into too much detail because I convince myself sometimes the evil group who cannot be named will come and get me if I talk about it publicly.


Making up a new identity Anonymous 2614[Reply]

>Have you ever lied about your past?

>Have you ever made up a new identity for yourself?

I'm considering doing this.
30 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3667

Can't remember if I made this thread or not but I've been feeling like wanting to do this for a while.

What I ended up realising is that "you" are not static and that each new person that meets you will mostly base their overall perception and understanding of you on present day "you" and not every version of "you" that has existed and that is still in your head. For example, I did really badly in important high school exams and in college, yet the last few years I took some courses online, worked hard, and did well. My partner vaguely knows I didn't do well before but has only seen the version of me that works hard and so considers me to be that type of person while someone from my past would totally disagree. Neither of them are wrong from what they knew but the person from the past is not correct for present day me.

Basically, you don't need to make up a new "you", you need to become it.

Unfortunately there will always be some times where annoying people will ask straight off the bat where you went to college 10 years ago (so they can tell you about the amazing place they went), or when you're in a job interview and need to list every job you've ever worked, but for the most part it's actually pretty easy to be light on details you don't like about your past.

I also think telling some white lies about yourself to people you don't know well to cover up personal issues is fine, provided you're willing to accept that they might be a time where you have to own up and explain why you lied. Making up a completely new identity is just too easy to make a mistake with and then have everyone turn against you.

Rereading this thread, I see that these two posts already said the same but I guess I had to realise it for myself:

>Dating is for fun, not for bullshit history lessons or something like that.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 3685

same here, i had a revolving door of short-lived relationships when i was younger where i would get attached and then they would be gone. so i just stopped attaching, then it accelerated a lot in the last few years with me just not keeping many people around.

Anonymous 3687

same for me too

Anonymous 3695


I became more outgoing, dressed more stylish, actively worked on being more caring and accepting of others. I pretended like I was thriving and it eventually manifested itself.
I dumped all former connections to any friends before college as they were mostly toxic anyway.

Everything here holds true, in my situation I never talked about what I was like beforehand so I had never actually lied about anything. If somebody asked I was upfront about wanting to have made a change in myself and most people accepted me for who I am currently and not who I was.
No human is static, change is the only constant in life (as mushy as that sounds it's true).

Anonymous 4429

In 2011 I made an artist persona.
I'm a shut in and I identify more with the persona than who I am physically. My personality no longer matches my face. Communicating in public feels strange and exposing.
Be careful.

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