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Terfposting #22 - cisnormativity dog edition Anonymous 150098

Anonymous 150099

Last thread hit the reply limit so I made a new one.

Anonymous 150100


With all the current twitter shitflinging, I'm really curious if KF will rise back up again or if we'll actually lose yet another gossip forum. I don't think it's going to stay down, DDoS attacks are genuine cyberterrorism and illegal. Not only that, Kef is just genuinely mean-spirited and unpleasant. The "ratio" obsession reminds me of men with aspergers.
>"[Fellow Trans] Women find my misogyny funny :)"
It's pretty grody coming from someone that permanently sounds like a middle school boy, even with vocal training. Troons trying to play highlander syndrome with cis women is a joke, and the competitiveness is also ironically very masculine.

Failed males need to accept they are biomales. Pic very related.

Anonymous 150103

Does anyone have the reddit trans post about a trans woman wanting to steal the body of a petite attractive women at her work?

Anonymous 150108


Anonymous 150114

To any trannies lurking CC right now, I have something very important to tell you:
I hope you die, you absolute low-of-the-low repugnant scum.

Anonymous 150119

Queen. Absolute queen.

Seconding this.

Anonymous 150127


Anonymous 150128


Anonymous 150129


Pedo troon who was caught in a sting operation.

Anonymous 150130


Anonymous 150132

of all the ways to deal with a midlife crisis, trooning out is one of, if not the worst.

Anonymous 150133

Damn, they are really delusional. She looks gorgeous in both pics, one is more mature beauty. I bet he was seething with rage and jealously kek.
>petite and young looking forever
He should look at Tim Petras then. Twink death comes fast and hard for them lel

Anonymous 150142

Nothing makes a troon seethe harder than a beautiful mature woman. Besides being AGP, most troons are also autopedophiles, which is why they kill themselves once they realize they're stuck being old, fat balding moids who can't larp as anime children any longer. It makes them glow red with rage when they see attractive, graceful older women enjoying their lives (and getting male attention).

Anonymous 150143

Troons think my lesbo self wants nothing to do with them because they usually still have dick, but it's really about how they refuse to acknowledge they were socialized as arrogant men and are privileged arrogant men.

Anonymous 150157

Imagine being so bitter and thinking that you can dunk on a woman because she's had kids and gasp AGED! Like every fucking human ever.

TIMs are retarded misogynists with no thin veiledness about it. It's obvious.

Anonymous 150177

Deffo the worst. I remember seeing a ton of reddit posts about middle aged trannies coming out right when their wives announce they're pregnant to take attention off of them and even made them share the baby shower as a coming out tranny party. Sometimes they even troon out when their wives are going through menopause. They always seethe when a woman is receiving attention they believe should be theirs, especially if it's related to our biology.

Anonymous 150181

True. FTMs and lesbians went through their formative experiences and socialization as women so they have insight, empathy and experiences of womanhood that fetishistic MTF and AGP troons will never understand.

Anonymous 150223

kek at this misogynistic trans pedophile scum.
He says that "little girls are kinky” and should be sexualised.

"Alok’s statement is terrifyingly similar to comments often made by pedophiles who excuse their crimes by projecting their own perversions on the minors they are abusing. A lot of people see the red flags in this comment and have lashed out on Twitter.

Sadly, Twitter are supporting Alok’s comments."
A BASED conservative terf woman and republican politician, Lauren Witzke, of Delaware USAQ simply retweeted the Alok Vaid-Menon’s quote with the caption “demonic” and she was immediately and permanently suspended from Twitter for hate speech.

Despite being previously verified as a politician on the platform Twitter didn’t even warn her by locking her out off her account for a few hours and giving her a chance to delete her tweet. She’s permanently banned.

This is proof that twitter will support a trans person who is saying pedophilic shit but hate on a based radfem woman who is against whatever their saying and twitter will ban her.

His name is Alok-vaid-menon apparently and he identifies as a straight trans "woman"

Anonymous 150227

This. I think it was here on CC that I read that most trannies don't have realistic expectations for their transition. It's not "I'm gonna look like me, but a woman" (which they wouldn't be able to achieve either since they just end up looking like moids no matter what). They all wanna look like petite underage anime girls. Which is why there's almost no fat trannies, even though those are the ones that pass better. Nikkietutorials tricked most people online because all the fat makes it more difficult to discern male features like prominent jaw, adams apple, etc. Granted, he's gotten every surgery known to man, edits the fuck out of his videos and pictures and always films from the neck up. But still, a huge reason why he passed is because he's obese. Most trannies are not willing to give up their fantasy of having an anime girl body even if it means passing better. But they would chop their dicks off and keep an infected, pus-leaking, shit-smelling axe wound open of course

Anonymous 150273

average kf denier.…

Reminder that if crystal.cafe ever gains high user traffic and these threads are still around, then they will do to us what is currently being done to places like Kiwifarms.

Don't ever stop calling them out on their BS and don't ever let them win.

Anonymous 150274

Oh wow, it's almost like straight men want the actual thing and not an imitation.
Also that girl looks absolutely fine, the delusion must be strong with this one if he thinks she looks bad in either pic.

Anonymous 150284

>"blowed out diseased pussy"
>bottom surgery is literal self-inflicted wounds that get more putrid and severe infections than women getting UTIs
The projection is real. I have heard retarded misogynists try to call a woman's natural labia an "axe wound" or a "gash" and that is literally what transgender MtF surgery is. Why are amabs so horrible.

Anonymous 150285

This is exactly why I made the new thread. I have faith Null will pull through tomorrow night and show that Twitter mobs are all talk no action. Muh ratios, though.

Anonymous 150291

KF is anything but an echo chamber, many threads labeled "infected" tend to have lots of user arguments. The incel thread was frequently "infected/plagued" because there were users that salted when the incel mockery hit too close to home, but the incel thread is still allowed.

It's a gossip forum, through and through. And if you're saying "touch grass" about that, why not "touch grass" instead of being here?

Anonymous 150292

Alok is absolutely disgusting. My brother posted a quote of his recently (not the little girls one) and it pissed me off to no end with how tranny pandering he's become. My niece (his daughter) is a young GNC girl, and to see that post makes me much more skeptical to even be around my own family. It's so fucking terrible that a woman can't even call out pedophilia for what it is these days, but gets suspended instead.

Anonymous 150293

I don't think pic rel is that good a point, do you remember that 'I fucked a rotten coconut" reddit post?

Anonymous 150313

There is one side of the argument that went to hell and back to censor the other side, using everything from professional connections, doxxing, harrassment, intimidation and lying. And you are accusing us of being an echo-chamber?
Is being mentally retarded a pre-requisite to being a troon? Hey, want proof that you're the one living in an echo-chamber? If you lived in the real wirld you would have already killed yourself from the realization that you're a repulsive, hateful, farcical thing that no one likes.

Anonymous 150325


Anonymous 150368

God i hope someone shots those pedophiles

Anonymous 150375

I don't care about KF, but a handful of seethy troons being able to shut down a website that has attacked politicians, families of politicians, celebrities and billionaires in the past without being silenced is a very bad sign. If they manage to silence KF, they will be convinced they can shut down any sort of opposition, including this very website. It will set a very negative precedent.
Keffals, the main troon orchestrating this (and a pedophile who had a discord server called "catboy ranch" targeting teenage boys, must be said), already turned this into a media circus and involved real politicians in this.
On the other hand, if Josh manages to keep the site up, it will be a massive public L for them, and it will make anyone with a high profile think twice before backing a pedophilic troon in some crusade against free speech again. Josh needs to win.

Anonymous 150379

Jesus Christ, this can't be real.

Anonymous 150387

Shit-talked them. The same degree of significance of anything ever done to the troons trying to take it down.
If you post cringe and someone screenshots the cringe and posts it, you're the one to blame. If you groom minors in Discord servers and publicly flirt with 16 year olds on Twitter and someone screenshots you and calls you a pedo, you're the one to blame.

Anonymous 150394

I know a "femboy" that's part of my friend group irl and he's just like this. He thinks he's an "anime girl" when he's a 2/10, obviously failed male, hairy ass hook nosed Mediterranean man that's about the furthest thing from feminine. The delusion is fucking insane. He tries to act like one in person and it's nauseating and embarassing, he has no self awareness.

I don't know what it is but men larping as anime girls is just extremely vile. It's not that big of a deal but it makes me nauseous knowing that some ugly, smelly troon is on the other side of the screen.

Anonymous 150398

nice to see the LGB's wrecking the TQ+'s

Anonymous 150405


1. You don't pass.
2. Literally every sentence you wrote is an objective, proven lie. I could spend my precious time debooking your retarded drivel with screenshots, but instead I will all interested towards kiwifarms.net, where all the info regarding your pedophile groomer friends is archived forever.
By the way, here is Lucas' (Keffals guy) archived thread. I hope my fellow nonas get a good laugh reading it.
3. Enjoy your ban and kys.

Anonymous 150407


Oops dropped my Keffals link. Here it is: https://archive.ph/bT5sH

Tell Keffals that he is an ugly fat moid, will you?

Anonymous 150413


I linked the archive where all the proof is easily accessible, retarded scrote.
>he thinks I post or even have an account on kiwicringe
No, I like laughing at you in female-exclusive venues. And I will keep doing so. Your grooming rings and your pedo friends will keep being exposed and there is nothing you can do about it.
Wash your dick. I can smell your smegma from here.

Anonymous 150414


Anonymous 150415


>let us groom your kids reeee rent free

Anonymous 150416


>the thing that never happens happened that one time but its because you deserved it but also it never happened but if it did you deserved it

Anonymous 150417


>i must groooom

Anonymous 150418


>i just want to pee

Anonymous 150419


>tfw your teenage catboy grooming ring is uncovered and you have to run away to europe before the feds check your hard drive

Anonymous 150477

No I didn't so I had to look it up and read about such NSFL bullshit but I don't see how that correlates considering coconut oil is slippery and comes from the inner flesh of the fruit while a dialated neowound cannot self-lubricate by its very nature.

If you're saying either story could have suspicious doubt casted on it, that's reasonable. The same is true for many tales on the web.

Anonymous 150478

The best part is years and years ago I remember reading whiny incelshit on Gaia Online towards girls in anime clubs because they tried to act like anime girls IRL, and the incels were saying they were ugly, annoying, and called them fat even if they weren't remotely overweight (and cannot compete with muh "superior 2D"). Now the tables have turned and the irony is delicious.

It's almost as if anime is just meant to be fictional and real life matters are separate.

Anonymous 150479

KF is back up! Major L for censorship cyberterrorist manbabies.

Anonymous 150485

ot but holyfuck gaiaonline what a blast from the past. i swear that place used to be the old grooming capital of the internet pre-discord,so many creeps

Anonymous 150499


Here's the version with the texting. I feel sick to even have it, but it's a great peaking piece to use. Made me peak all over again, so absolutely vile.

Anonymous 150558


Oh yeah. Incels on Gaia, MyFigureCollection and Deviantart telling young women and girls that they are pigs and can't cosplay their precious 2D waifus are now jerking off to fat men in cheap Amazon wigs/became the fat men in cheap Amazon wigs.
It's amazing how much they lack self-awareness, must be a result of growing up without having their body examined under a magnifying glass and ruthlessly criticised, like young girls, so they never realize that they're ugly. A woman built like a fridge covered in lard with a waist wider than their hips and a neanderthal face would never be bold enough to post herself online as if she was a snack, and then look down on others. Girls spend their youth worrying about being allowed to wearna crop top or having a bikini body and these orcs walk around thinking they're walking sex.

In other news, Keffals follows pro-contact "MAP"s (pro-offending pedophiles) on Twitter. A troon is a pedo, nothing new. Pedo in question archived here: https://web.archive.org/web/20220830050109/https://twitter.com/ShotaDysphoria/with_replies

Anonymous 150627

Based Stacy take.

Anonymous 150647

I can't find this article, just forums with dubious reliability, anyone have the link? I'd like to see more texts too, wow

Anonymous 150682

On an unrelated but happy note, I talked about my opinion of trans women to my bf who is the super progressive/SJW/libfem type, and to my surprise and happiness he agreed with me and said that they had no right to infiltrate spaces meant for real women :D I love this guy

Anonymous 150701

Here's the article that screenshot is from:

Here's the confrontation video:

I've direct linked a video from a podcast where the pedo poacher guy talks about this particular sting since it shows various text messages that were sent to their decoy.
Some cliffnotes that I parsed while watching this:
>the group found a blog this pedophile had where he wrote some disturbing things, like kindergarten aged children should learn about sex because they are interested in it (puked in my mouth typing this)
>the pedo thought he was going to molest/rape 9, 6, and 1 year old children after following the 9 year old home from the park
>a woman at the park with her kids who identified herself as an elected official defends the pedo and calls the cops on the guy confronting the tranny
>cops who later arrive let the tranny pedo go and don't take the evidence the pedo poacher people brought
>the pedo poachers spent about two months trying to get in contact with the police to provide evidence of this pedo wanting to molest/rape a baby but were ignored/brushed off
>once the story gained traction online the police lied about being unable to get in contact to obtain the devices

This whole story just makes me sick.

Anonymous 150708

why are Americans like this

Anonymous 150728

I've been out of university for like a year, but I guess they're universally fucking repulsive LOL.

Anonymous 150735

Fluoride in the water

Anonymous 150745

Of course he's gonna agree with whatever you say if you're dating him lol… Why do women actually fall for this. Every moid dating a feminist is gonna agree with her political ideologies, she's giving him attention and pussy after all. Not that it matters since it's impossible to find an actual "male ally" that truly believes it, but just keep it in mind. Moids will go from alt right transphobes to trans-inclusive attempted liberals the second they start getting boners over trannies.

Anonymous 150750

Salty scrote, not every moid is a pedo or tranny chaser like you anon

Anonymous 150752


you're right and you should say it

Anonymous 150756

Cope harder, retard handmaiden. All moids are misogynistic whether you want to admit it or not lol your nigel isn't a fucking based pinkpilled terf feminist he just wants pussy.
Love u nona

Anonymous 150790

thanks for doing the good work with the video rundown, anon. the whole story really makes me want to vomit.

Anonymous 150800


>pro-contact "MAP"s (pro-offending pedophiles)
jesus christ. trannies never run out of surprises. kiwifarms should just rebrand itself as a non-profit sex offender watch program and it will never get shut down again.

Anonymous 150801

It's funny how they always draw themselves looking so troubled over entering women's bathrooms and actually doubting if they're making anyone uncomfortable when in reality most of them would just barge right in like it's their home and harrass any woman that even side eyes them a bit. And if you actually say they do make you uncomfortable you'll get endless rape and death threats.

Anonymous 150804

silence of the lam…

was it this one?

Anonymous 150805

silence of the lam…

follow-up comment from OP in response to another one. they know they'll never be the same as us.

Anonymous 150807

every single time.

Anonymous 150810

and of course she's japanese. because everyone wants so desperately to be an underage anime girl. posts like these are pure ropefuel, they just prove that i will never be taken seriously as an asian woman. we are just objects to be tortured, children to be laughed at. i sincerely hope every white trans person (ftm or mtf) choosing a new name like "miyuki" or "izumi" spontaneously combusts.

Anonymous 150814

reading tranny posts is so often like finding bonus content for silence of the lambs. those writers really nailed that one.

Anonymous 150824

I love reading these because it really shows just how insane psycopath troons really are

Anonymous 150827

male cope.jpg

This is not true. While men may agree with you at first just to get in your pants, in relationships they usually just say what they want to. They even did that study that showed that when women date a man, over time she becomes less feminist and molds herself to be more like his political affiliation.

Anonymous 151385

that post is very dumb

Anonymous 151393

I went to Catholic school and lefties are the only ones who don't take it literally.

Anonymous 151395

Go die in a war failscrotes.

Anonymous 151408


Anonymous 151424

How would you interpret it metaphorically?

Anonymous 151429


thoughts on the authentic observer? is she a terf?

Anonymous 151452

>rees everyone calling out moids for reeing about lefties is a tranny
Most trannies are right wing retard failson, there’s a reason all the incels trooned out and 4fag cheers on that kind of male degeneracy. Men really are the cause of trannies since the troon mindset is extremely male and retard entitlement based kek.

Anonymous 151478


She's so close to being self-aware.

Anonymous 151507


she's a fokin legend she is

Anonymous 151549

manlet demon.jpeg

stopppp i hate how much i laughed at this
its giving daniil

Anonymous 151569


Yet another obvious tranny with that shitty eyeliner calling card arrested for pedophilia.

Anonymous 151570

Good God was it really that bad…

Anonymous 151602

Screen Shot 2022-0…

>our daughter liked boy things, so she must be a boy. Girls cant like blue
Got I hate the sexism of troonism so much.

Anonymous 151786


>There should be capital punishment for trannies.

There is, it's the 30 year old mark.

Anonymous 151804

Intersectionality is the worst thing to have ever happened to women's rights

Anonymous 151820

I find posts like this to be a great writing aide. There's a level of malice and hatred that emanates from this that I cannot properly empathize with myself unless I starve myself. It's a lot easier to read this and transcribe that same energy into a character I'm writing than to skip every meal for two weeks.

Anonymous 151821

This is most certainly satire, and that pic looks heavily photoshopped

Anonymous 151833

Besides filters and possibly PSing the moobs bigger, what looks heavily shopped to you? Is it because the curved seats make it looks like a liquify tool was used?

Anonymous 151897

aaaaaaannnd cloudflare caved…

Anonymous 151907

That was a stupid move on cloudflare's part. It just sets a bad precedent to people you can't appease, and they knew that judging from their first statement. Now the tranny mob wants web archive sites shut down.
The .ru and onion links still work for anyone looking to access kiwifarms.

Anonymous 151918

> they want web archive sites down
Of fucking course. They can never appease them.

Anonymous 151930


I will never not be pissed at troons basically associating the thighigh with their degenerate shit.
Sucks because they genuinely go well with dresses and skirts.

Anonymous 151931

I would seriously consider snail to find hosting elsewhere that ISN'T cloudflare, just incase this site is next on the troon chopping block.
It seriously sucks that with enough harassment from a bunch of eunuch histrionics, almost ANYONE can have their hosting be taken away.

Anonymous 151932

Wear them anyway. If you stop doing something you like just because of them, you're giving them more power and allowing the thing you like to be associated with them more than real women.

Anonymous 151935

They will come after sites like this eventually. But as of now, no one can stop us from saying the truth. So here:

Keffals is a pedophile.
Keffals is an ugly fat moid.
Trans women are men.
Pedos deserve the rope.

You will never win. History shows the likes of you always fail. The pendulum will swing back, it will hit you right in the face and it will hurt.

Anonymous 151938

what? why?

Anonymous 151940

An inactive account fedposted (posted a supposed bomb threat with zero credibility).
In reality, Keffals and his friends must have found dirt on Matthew Prince and forced him to cave. His statement is a clusterfuck that screams "I am being held hostage".

The troon horde is celebrating victory even though KF is still online. They don't actually care about KF, they want to send a message to other providers and bully everyone into submission.

Anonymous 151941

It really is frightening how much power trannies wield. I don't think even the whole controversy around Christchurch with law enforcement and governments after KF had this much of an impact, but as soon as some castrated autogynophilic pedophile groomers get mad about it, every service seems to bow down. It's just sickening.

Anonymous 151957

Anonymous 151958

Yeah I’m really confused as to why so many institutions and state bodies are so eager to kowtow to trannies and homosexual moids, but often still remain incredibly sexist and racist. Is it because trannies and most aggressively gay people are men? Is that why everyone kowtows to them, because of their male privilege?

Anonymous 151959

There’s a big overlap with trannycels and poltards. Most trannies are former 4chan users and incels, who started taking estrogen and wearing skirts as part of their AGP fetish.

Anonymous 151960

Also, many trannycels fell for the ‘women live on tutorial mode’ meme that incels love to push. Trannies also encourage incels to transition if they want to get laid, since it’s well known gay men and tranny chasers will fuck just about anything.

Anonymous 151961


>tfw so old and nerdy that AGP still means Accelerated Graphics Port to you

Anonymous 151971

there is nothing the world respects and worships more than a man's need to cum. touch scrotes neurotic need for tailored sexual release and immediately every fringe of society activates endlessly until the issue preventing any flavor of scrote to titillate their dick is resolved, and integrated into society as normal and healthy too.
the world prioritized viagra and hiv cures over neglecting countless illnesses.

Anonymous 151980

It's really simple. It's about money. Big pharma and the medical industry (who are in cahoots with the media and large institutions) are raking in money from trannies' HRT and surgeries. That's the boring, most likely answer anyways.

Anonymous 151981

this post >>151980
was meant for >>151941

Anonymous 151982

WAS MEANT FOR >>151958

I need a break

Anonymous 151983

>b-being part of an oppressed class REALLY fucks you up guise, I too want to skin women like buffalo bill to cope

meanwhile (despite what poltards may want you to believe) MANY women, all sorts of non-white ethnic groups, poor people, run of the mill gays, etc. do not commit murders as a result of their being a member of a minority group or oppressed class (not talking about murders inspired by ideology or as a result of interpersonal issues with someone else).

Anonymous 151984

Utterly based

Anonymous 152026


Sad and true. Society literally revolves around mens sexual desires, and it’s revolting.

Anonymous 152031


why do you hurt me with the truth like that…

Anonymous 152035


Remember, they only win if you let them

Anonymous 152036


Lmao look at the based 4yo

Anonymous 152038

The 4yo should be the head of the family ngl. This crap is so sad I don't even want to joke about it what what else can you do…

Anonymous 152090


Kiwi who?

Anonymous 152093

There's a whole thread about it read it nonasan >>152044

Anonymous 152097

will do partner

Anonymous 152144


Anonymous 152185



This. I have so many pairs and fell in love with them long before they became associated with programming socks bs. Fortunately their only idea of thigh highs seems to be the ugly striped ones. The pure black ones always looked far better and more elegant imo.

Anonymous 152188

a. "Programming socks" only applies when men wear them.
b. How is it any different from any other article of womenswear that troons use to try and immitate women? If you're not a troon no one is going to think you are because you wore thighhigh socks.

Anonymous 152205

so tired of your s…

I don't know which disgusts me more: the tranny wanting to "teach" a 1 year old or the system allowing him to be free still.

Anonymous 152218


Fat groomer pedo Lucas Roberts being a slimy misogynist.

Anonymous 152221

because politics revolves around those who are the most politically active, and since these groups not only base their identity on politicized sexuality, they also have next to nothing in the way of a meaningful life that could distract them from politics, such as constructive hobbies or families to take care of, they tend to be the most politically active people of them all.

Anonymous 152226

Very true. These losers nolife politics because they do nothing except shove dildos up their arses all day.

Trannies are especially politically active because they’re such unfuckable losers, and almost always NEETs on disability for their various mental illnesses. These incels in skirts quite literally have nothing better to do than sit on twitter all day and take out lawsuits against people who call them sir.

Anonymous 152227

They wear those to cover up their gross knobbly moid knees and leg stubble, kek.

Anonymous 152234


I don't think so

Anonymous 152311


Anonymous 152317

>the worst part is they always dress as if they're basically hookers
Surprise surprise, because it’s a fetish for them. They’re just incels wearing womens underwear to satisfy their gross AGP fetish (and they always look like shit in it too)

Anonymous 152334

he literally looks like every meme/description of what people exaggerate of what a TIM looks like. because they aren't even exaggerations anymore

Anonymous 152387


Anonymous 152392


Anonymous 152395


You tell me

Anonymous 152396


Anonymous 152401


Men writing women is a subreddit where we make fun of men's terrible understanding of female anatomy and gross sexualization of women.
Realizing that there was a woman's space he hasn't invaded, the troon acts quickly and totally like a woman by bragging . . . about how he writes women exactly like every other male we mock in that subreddit.

Anonymous 152402


Handmaidens quickly react by lavishing him with praise, assuring everyone that they're okay with a man writing women as sex toys as long as he thinks he's a woman, and others pledging to chop off their female body parts to give them to him. As you can imagine, mods are banning everyone who points out that he is acting like every other male writer.

Anonymous 152403


Support men breaking womens skulls you transphobic TERF bigots!

What do you think 100% totally really WOMEN with xy chromosomes and male DNA do to other WOMEN in an MMA cage?

Anonymous 152405

I would have assumed it’s far more humiliating to go out in public looking like that everyday.

Anonymous 152406



Anonymous 152423


>My lawyers are contacting cloudflare HQ as we speak!

Anonymous 152430


>the parent of the nine year old tranny is celebrating kw being down on twitter

Anonymous 152435

let's be real, people are going to clock her as a troon

Anonymous 152439

Nonas… I went out to a restaurant out of town today in a more liberal city, and holy shit. My first time ever seeing it.

Two bathrooms labeled:


To top it off, in the "gender neutral" bathroom, they had music blasting LOUD (not the same in the mens, I asked my husband) and there was a creepy corner that someone could hide behind. The walls were all black and it was poorly lit. I genuinely freaked the fuck out, it felt like a rape zone.

I think that area has mandated gender neutral bathrooms, and in most places they really have just said "fuck it" and threw women under the bus. I'd heard of it happening but never actually seen it until now.

Anonymous 152499

They already have gender neutral toilets in my country. It’s terrible. I was at a cafe with my sister last week and this creepy guy kept annoying us and being weird, then barged in when we went into the bathrooms to get away from him because we didn’t even realize they were gender neutral toilets until then, the legislation is that new. Literally a big burly threatening 6ft+ moid was allowed to come into a female space and it was terrifying. I fucking hate governments for kowtowing to scrotes and their sexual fetishes.

It makes me shudder at how egalitarian western countries have become, to the point they are unable to admit the psychological, sexual, biological and social differences between men and women, and for example, the fact that scrotes commit 96% of rapes and other violent crime. We have to pretend that men and women are equal and the same all the time, and that we should share spaces because our societies are so ‘evolved’ and ‘free’ and ‘equal’ compared to others.

Anonymous 152507


Rapes on school campuses are already at an all time high. I’m sure letting boys access girls bathrooms will improve the matter, no?

Anonymous 152510


>I’m sure letting boys watch hardcore porn from childhood and allowing them to access female spaces won’t have profound societal consequences!

Anonymous 152511

Honestly. The only thing women can do now is exploit the second amendment to its fullest extent. Buy a firearm, go down a shooting range and learn how to fire it correctly.

Be thankful, because in Europe we don’t even have the privilege of defending ourselves. Knives, guns, stun guns and even mace are all banned here, yet plenty of violent moids still carry them.

Anonymous 152520

I'm safer going to the men's bathroom with my bf compared to the dimly lit rape room. Was it entirely necessary to make the music loud enough so no one could scream for help?

Anonymous 152536

this is the shit that pisses me off the most. I still hate the gender neutral bathrooms but at least it seems better to me when both of them get turned into them, but it seems like most of the time they simply get rid of the women's one. because fuck women for wanting their own space.

if I were you I'd leave an anonymous room addressing the concerns you mentioned, maybe try not to sound too anti-trans but at least address the fact that for anyone using the bathroom it's a major safety concern if it's dark and loud (can't hear anyone calling for help)

Anonymous 152540

I agree with what you’re saying 100% but you have to remember these people are literally delusional. You cannot reason with a person suffering from delusions. I think most troons are former incels who, like you say, fell for the ‘women live on tutorial mode’ meme, they also know becoming a tranny will get them way more attention than if they had stayed looking like straight moids, and of course most importantly, it’s to do with fetishy shit. I’ve seen troons saying stuff like they started precumming while painting their nails or got boners while trying on their moms lingerie. It’s really disgusting.

Do they realize they’re hideous? I think most do, yes. They don’t live in the present though. They think in terms of ‘I’ll pass when I get x procedure’ or ‘one day I’ll look like an anime girl uwu’. I think that’s also the reason most trannies live like rats in absolute squalor and filth, because they’re so out of touch with reality and their immediate surroundings, they literally ignore it and operate solely in a ‘one day I’ll be a woman’ mindset. They won’t wash the dishes, clean the shit off their buttplugs or scrub their filthy troon fingernails, because cooming and becoming a fetishistic parody of a woman is literally what consumes their thoughts 24/7.

I think part of the reason the tranny suicide rate is so high is because most of them realize even with 1000+ surgeries that they had to sell their asshole to be able to afford, they will still never be desirable or accepted. Most trannies I’ve met irl did not pass on the slightest and are extremely bitter about it. The ones who do get the surgeries and end up looking slightly more passable, still are totally mentally fucked from not looking anything like the person they were (plastic surgery has profound psychological effects as well as physical) many of them are in chronic pain afterwards and develop opioid addictions too, in addition to usually having to sleep with disgusting men for money too. It’s a ticking psychological timebomb.

As another nona pointed out, not only are most trannies autogynephiliacs but they are also autopedophiles, which is why they seethe so hard when they realise they will never age well like a beautiful cis woman. The gay male and chaser community is rife with pedos too, so they become even less and less desirable as they age.

Deep down I think most of them hate themselves and know they are hideous mutant freaks, but they spend so much time in their online hugboxes, and are usually on drugs or massive doses of antidepressants too, it helps some of them stay afloat. Then again, 40% of them kill themselves so clearly at least some of them are somewhat in touch with reality.

Sorry for the long post, but you just reminded me of a bunch of things I’ve wanted to say for a while.

Anonymous 152544

Also wanted to say, most trannies I’ve known had abysmally low standards for dating, only the top 0.0001% of well passing troons can really afford to be picky.

I think they really are strongly undesirable and know it, because they constantly complain about men (and women) refusing to fuck them. They go from being incels to trannycels and unfuckable either way, kek.

Anonymous 152556

It’s definitely a large part mental illness, but I think it’s their rapey incel attitude and horrible hygiene that puts people off most. Most trannies I ever met smelled really bad and had greasy hair and dirty fingernails. Like I said, because they are usually depressed and self neglect, or are so preoccupied with cooming and their daydreams of looking like a porn bimbo, that they completely forget to take care of themselves or wash their asses.

Anonymous 152565

I think hideous trannies dressing provocatively in public is genuinely a form of fetishistic exhibitionism. The way that ugly old men that nobody would ever look at, used to flash their disgusting chodes at women and children for a rush and attention and to feel like they’re invading someone else’s headspace. I think trannies essentially are doing the exact same thing, only now they’re protected under law. Like those dirty old men of the 70s and 80s that flashed kids, they were unfuckable incels who nobody ever noticed. Instead of trench coats and pedo glasses, they now wear tutus and thigh highs.

Anonymous 152572

Yeah I would honestly say their endgame is a reaction. Even if you seem angry or disgusted, they get off on it. Literally just completely ignore them and refuse to acknowledge their existence, just like you would do to any other creep or attention seeker.

Anonymous 152573

And ofc I mean this in an irl context.

Anonymous 152574

I am curious to hear what others suggest. What I have done myself so far is to just use the grey rock technique on them. Narcissists and other attention seekers obviously are…seeking attention, so if I make it apparent that they aren't going to get their supply from me or in the space they're in, they move on. That doesn't mean "give them a strong negative reaction", grey rocking is not about that. It's about being boring. If you're boring, they will lose interest, ideally.

Anonymous 152576

Yes, irl, grey rock is the ideal way to deal with any pervert, attention seeker or narcissist (trannies are all 3).

Literally just don’t make eye contact, ignore them if they try to interact, seem confident and unbothered, look past them, and remember even negative attention is fuel for a creep or narc, so don’t give them what they want.

Remind them they will always be the invisible incel moids they were born as by ignoring their existence completely.

Anonymous 152577

Or, just call them sir and watch the shitshow unfold. Kek.

Anonymous 152618

Be careful with this. They aren't mentally stable and "you must worship me" can quickly become "murder all terfs". Trannys are a protected class so he either won't be prosecuted or if he really fucks you up, he will go to a women's prison like in shit hole California.

Anonymous 152636

You can’t go to jail for ignoring trannies lol, society may be terrible but it’s not gotten that bad quite yet

Anonymous 152644

13 masectomy.jpg

Anonymous 152651

That isn't what nona was suggesting. She's saying the trannoid wouldn't go to jail for threatening violence, and if they did become violent, they'd go to a women's prison.

Anonymous 152724


some of u probably already saw this but i love it enough to repost

Anonymous 152728

>>152724 This is the best use of chuck-posting i have ever seen

Anonymous 152796


Anonymous 153000


Anonymous 153002



Anonymous 153003

they're like animals

Anonymous 153009

>average r9k user

Anonymous 153021

I guess when you devote your entire life to denying your basic biology and getting plastic surgery to look like an anime girl when you were born looking like an ogre, yeah that must be quite tough.

Anonymous 153023

Tfw you mutilate yourself and want to feel better about it by bringing down women

Anonymous 153210


What do we do about the zippertit problem?


Holy fuck most of these women don't even look like they would genuinely want to go trans


Ok the ones that were obviously on the fine, but half of these women look like normal women, they don't even look like they're transitioning all the way. The black lady in the blue dress?? Why would you willingly get your tits cut off?????


Holy fuck what in christ even is trans now??? What are these fucking loons doing ????

Anonymous 153218

Because they're clininally insane, you will never find a rational answer

Anonymous 153224

I wish it would just lightning and thunder like normal. I want to bitchslap these dumb easily peerpressured & manipulated retards. Good God they are going to have so much regret, they're batshit insane

Anonymous 153225

Blame modern parenting. Used to be that when kids started this retarded queer shit their father would just smack their fucking head and they'd forget about it real quick.

Nowadays? You see batshit moms and their soyjak husbands show off their mutilated kids for social credit and even encourage their insanity.
>Yes, you are a perfectly valid starchild etherkin demisexual non-gender transperson. I am so proud of you Khaleesi, my only xon.
>posts a bull-winder about trans rights on facebook for other deranged boomer parents

Anonymous 153227

It's not a fad, it's encouraged mental illness. It's like setting up cripples to fight for entertainment

Anonymous 153228

Well I had no idea it was this bad. I don't follow the trans thread so much, I guess I don't care if men lose their minds and cut off their dicks, it's not my problem, but how many of these poor female buffoons are just doing this stupid shit to fit in?

Anonymous 153229

You sound like a fucking moid larper, I'd have bashed your head in with a 4×4 and left you at an orphanage tho, you don't even sound like one of us lol

Anonymous 153230

No it's definitely teen girlz trying to get on the peer approval train because they're tomboy or something

Anonymous 153231

>you don't even sound like one of us lol

Okay tranny, I'm sure you practiced your feminine typing a lot. What's your idea of feminine language? The poor use of internet slangs?

Anonymous 153234

Who said I want to sound like you? Why in christ would i want that? You would advocate for a dumbfuck moid to beat your child? If you really are female you just sound like a tradthot chained to a stove, gaslight to hell and back, Jesus drugs and all

Anonymous 153237

>Who said I want to sound like you?
I was quoting your reply, it seems like you're not very familiar with how people reply to each other on image boards.
>you just sound like a tradthot chained to a stove
Easy way to discard anything that clashes with your overly soft and decadent world view. Also, you're hysterical. Smacking some sense into a kid is not the violence you make it out to be, it's not "beating". If my mom and dad didn't slap me around, I would have done a lot of retarded things.

Anonymous 153238

Or maybe I don't know, forcefeeding "feminine typing skills" pushes them to insanity in ways we don't see?? Have they actually gone completely insane behind the scenes thanks to a handmaiden mom?

As if "feminine typing skillz" could get you anything life rofl. Just admit you're a childbeating doormat nobody would actually respect, bringing a moid like that around. Could you sound anymore like the trailer trashiest mother

Oooh Momma punching bag handmaidening all over creation for the churches approval lol she has feminine typing skills though,god who ordered your lobotomy ? You couldnt pay me a million dollars to sound like you

Anonymous 153241

It's clear the undrinkable southern tap water has ruined your brain. That or it sustained damage from dad's beatings. keep telling yourself that. Yeah yeah I'm sure you're not the most backwoods violent narcissist trailer trash on earth no, living with you would be a dream, you have "feminine typing skillz" can you type your way out of that trailer park and that violent husband though :ooo fucking creep

Anonymous 153242

Yeah, you sound so much more well-adjusted.

Anonymous 153246

At least I don't have to live with demented backwoods fucks like you anymore. Pretending to be all charming, I know what you're really like irl, loose tradcannons who'll snap at anything that isn't bound in Jesus and fury 'daddy beating the queer out of the offspring' don't even fucking compare us you stunted repressed irredeemable handmaiden fuck.

Anonymous 153249

>I am so proud of you Khaleesi, my only xon.
lol'd hard

Anonymous 153259


We do nothing. They're handmaidens, and they uphold and enforce gender stereotypes, but I'm going to focus on actual danger first. Transwomen erode women's rights, shut down domestic abuse shelters, and rape us in our bathrooms. When we've subdued that, I'll turn my attention to idiots who are easily peer pressured.

Anonymous 153263


Anonymous 153269


The gay men seem to disillusion them on their own pretty well.

Anonymous 153276


>Jeffrey Marsh

Wait a minute, I have heard that name before

Anonymous 153278

spoiler jesus Christ

Anonymous 153289


To be fair, I think even male nurses would observe this, doctors already have a superiority complex over nurses but moid hospital and ER doctors are the worst, I say this as someone who worked in a hospital myself and has friends who are nurses and hospital pharmacists too.

Many male doctors are highly arrogant, often make mistakes due to their complacency, refuse to acknowledge when they’re wrong, insanely patronizing and dismissive of nurses and female patients alike.

There’s a reason medical error is one of the leading causes of deaths in the West.

But yup, it’s amazing how men only start validating things women have been saying for decades when they get a little taste of it themselves.

Anonymous 153299

>the doctor didn't manage to resuscitate 130 year old grandma for the 8th time today
>"medical error"

if "medical error" being one of the leading causes of death in the USA makes you upset then move to a third world country where no medical errors happen because there is no access to doctors and people just die of malaria and bee stings at 45

Anonymous 153303


Ma'am, why are you tilting at strawmen?

Anonymous 153304

So if you trooned out a baby boy from birth to think he’s a trans woman you’d be ok with dating him? Lol, I’m sorry to break this to you but men and women are different creatures, “socialization” isn’t what makes us different

Anonymous 153305

Anonymous 153319


Anonymous 153334

Seething scrote detected.

Anonymous 153391

Scrotes are encouraged to be entitled because scrotes control society and pander them hard regardless of how it bastardises nature and destroys society, but being born male is to be born handicapped with more chimp rage and therefore more mentally unstable. If it weren’t they would not commit as many crimes as they do.

Anonymous 153392

As in men are socialized different but are also biplogically different.

Anonymous 153423


Who's gonna tell him

Anonymous 153441

oh my god

Anonymous 153444


Anonymous 153457

>sex party
Peak moid degeneracy

Anonymous 153459

Holy fuck, the left guy looks like Lord Farquaad

Anonymous 153460

This is why I only buy my sanitary pads from conservative tranny hating Korean companies.

Anonymous 153461

A lot of the time FTMs have been sexually abused and hate feeling like women or having parts that remind them of being women like breasts and vaginas because of trauma. I knew a FTM chick and she hated having PIV because it reminded her of being raped and she absolutely refused to acknowledge she had a vagina because it triggered her so much to remember being invaded like that. It’s sad how moids have to ruin absolutely everything, if they’re not raping women in public bathrooms while wearing womens pantyhose for sexual arousal purposes, they’re traumatising women and little girls and convincing them the only way to feel safe, powerful and like you won’t be raped is to larp as a man.

Anonymous 153462


>holy shit it’s real
Thank you for reminding me to never buy another Tampax or Always product ever again. They already have a shit ton of bleach and carcinogenic chemicals in their products anyway.

Anonymous 153463

Yep, it’s sad that the MTF tranny community is so much more popular and powerful than the FTM comm because women are simply kinder and more empathetic (which unfortunately is also our downfall) and will even accept the most hideous creeps into their spaces because they feel sorry for them and genuinely want to see the good in people. Meanwhile gay moids have no problem excluding and showing open disgust towards FTMs.

Anonymous 153468

God ew they’re literally just incels in skirts

Anonymous 153469

Based, what the fuck is that retard about, you can hate trannies without wanting to smack kids around the head, literal moid monkey shit

Anonymous 153473


sage for blogpost but i'm so close to peaking… i hate myself for being so kind to my friend who recently started taking hormones, joking around saying "haha i will be mad if you get bigger boobs than me!" and now he keeps dming me how big his "tits" are i don't want to hear it!! i know it's a fetish now i don't want to take part in it, i should have known it was one since he's always been obsessed with yuri. when he first came out i even went to his house and did his makeup and i asked him to show me what clothes he bought and it was literally just the shortest skirt i have ever seen (like 5 inches in length) and those stupid fucking programmer socks. i know i have been being a handmaiden, i don't know why, i was friends with fucking 4lung before it was revealed she was a babyfur pedo and cheated on my friend, but i still give people the benefit of the doubt.. all my friends are pretty liberal so i feel like i am insane for being uncomfortable but i also KNOW my feelings are reasonable.. has anyone had this experience before? are other handmaidens handmaidens because they want to be nice and maybe someone, somewhere, is a Good Trans? were any of you "trans women are women too!!" before??

Anonymous 153474

disassociate from that freak before he rapes you or something.
People need to learn what handmaiden means. It means pickme trad larper,not everyone who is nice to a man. Being nice to troons is pretty un-trad. We need to distinguish.
>maybe someone, somewhere, is a Good Trans? were any of you "trans women are women too!!" before??
A little. Not really. I remember when I was very young initially beimg disgusted by trannies but there was a brief time in my life when I believed they were basically harmless, weird and gross but harmless and they deserved respect and the right to do what they wanted with their bodies. Not long after I started giving into my feelings of disgust again and quit pretending. Even then it was pretty easy to see what they were doing.The overdone feminity really got me, so obviously trying to compensate in the worst way possible.

Look, at best they're just very mentally sick and confused people who need help. At worst they're violent groomers and pedophiles with a nasty sense of entitlement and narcissism. Neither of those people do you really want to be around, both will emotionally drain you.

I've met and been friends with the best case scenerio I described (not a troon but gender dysphoric), he was nice but severely mentally ill, pretty perverted, and his desire to become a woman was obviously heavily fueled by fetishism. Last I checked he was able to get his dysphoria under control, it took him awhile but he did it. He's still got issues but that's not a major one anymore.

So maybe they can exist, but not really.

Anonymous 153478


Anonymous 153479

I don't have trans friends but I'm like you'd I'd try to assume the best and probably go through a mindfuck realizing it was all true.

Anonymous 153480

I'm sure that at least part of it is misogyny, but I wonder how much of this is just how hard it is for literally anyone to take a man in a dress seriously. I'm sure he's one of those "I pass so well they think I'm female" delusional types too, and I'm certain some part of him is loving the ability to identify with women's struggles. So validating!

Anonymous 153486

No, I'm saying old people have grossly overstayed their visit here and that people's lives are extended to be obscenely long even if they're a braindead vegetable in intense pain, because "they're still alive at least :D".
"Medical error" doesn't refer to how many people with the realistic potential to get better have been murdered, but how many vegetables and 200 year olds doctors have failed to save.

Anonymous 153496


>yfw you lived to see the meaning of "lesbian" from "women who are attracted to women" to "heterosexual men who like wearing skirts"

Anonymous 153502

Also the NHS pays out billions each year in personal injury claims that were found reasonable by a judge and court of law. The NHS is incredibly hard to sue and uses the best lawyers in the country, so that’s saying a lot.

Anonymous 153505

Death from medical error doesn’t refer to patients who couldn’t be saved despite best efforts, you fuckin retard lol. It means what it says, MEDICAL ERROR.

In other words when doctors, nurses or surgeons are found to have made a serious error either in choice of medication, surgical mistake or failure to administer the correct treatment (or administering the wrong treatment), that significantly worsened the patients outcome and has been found to have contributed to their death.

Amazing how pissy people get when you remind them doctors and surgeons are not gods and that they fuck up more than they want to admit. Are you senile yourself, anon?

Anonymous 153508

tbh i think that's just medical professionals in general, for some reason they tend to be total jackasses.

Anonymous 153522


unfathomably based

Anonymous 153528

kiwi statement.jpg


They have gone through a couple of domains by now, from what I have read KF is going to lay low and not interact with the trannies rn so that the twitter campaign against them fades to irrelevancy. Keffals and his troon legion have already declared victory and there is a big chance that their attention-seeking asses will try to keep up the hype of their witch hunt by attacking places like CC.

Look at how they lied, harassed, threatened, DDOSed, doxxed and swatted their way to removing kiwifarms from the internet. If what they did to KF happens to CC it will be disastrous.

Anonymous 153543


Anonymous 153548

I don't know if we can make that assumption. I interpreted 'medical error' as all the women who die because moid gynecologists don't believe them when they say they can feel their ovaries exploding

Anonymous 153550

I routinely teach trans students because I teach computer science shit and it takes every fiber of my being not to troon out and lose my job. It helps that they're all 6 foot 3 masculine dudes and I'd rather not get murdered

Anonymous 153560

Ofc it would reduce gender dysphoria, but then again anti-depressants lack effect after a few years so they'd just wind up killing themselves again. Though I'm not sure how BP would profit off giving them hormones instead of anti-depressants. The latter is far more milkable

Anonymous 153570

My troon radar is going off on this one. The shitty humor smells male, the imitation fashion smells male, and the weird obsession and many references to incel culture makes me think Mia was breed from the same pot as incels, probably had an incel phase and then trooned out as so many do.
Thoughts? I can't shake the feeling.

Anonymous 153571

Obviously it’s a tranny with that face and voice lol. I could tell from the thumbnail alone but the obnoxious 12 year old boy on xbox live voice with vocal fry just confirmed it.

Anonymous 153575

I was thinking that too but honestly I feel bad about bashing trannies for looks unless its completely outrageous, its basically raising the standards even absurdly higher that biological women have to deal with. Its hypocritical.
Anyway yeah its insanely easy to spot the troon just by their vibe and shitty imitation fashion alone.

Anonymous 153576

>masculine brow ridge
>low and badly shaped halfassedly plucked eyebrows
>tattoo choker to hide Adam’s apple (I’ve literally not seen a real woman wearing these since like 2017? why are trannies always so behind on trends)
>garish neon pink eyeshadow and badly applied liner
>long horsey midface
>unpleasant nasal incel voice
>jawline too square and masculine
>bitten fingernails with flaking black polish (why are troons so fond of this?)
>horrible derelict looking clothing (some weird singlet and baggy hobo jumper to cover up tranny shoulders and hide A cups, weird MLP looking pyjama bottoms)
>generally stinky and unkempt looking
>shitty dumb looking haircut
>annoying manic delivery style with unhinged tranny stare
Also the hair seems to be the kicker to me. I noticed trannies always have really terrible hair + haircuts. If you were born a girl you know what suits your face shape from growing up being a girl, but because it’s so novel to trannies they always have either terrible lank greasy whispy incel hair that’s all over the place, or comically bad haircuts with shitty bangs to cover up their sloping Neanderthal fiveheads.

Anonymous 153578


I agree, I don’t think masculine or unconventional looking women should feel shame for not being hyperfeminine. But in general, I find it extremely easy to discern between a masculine looking woman and a feminine looking tranny. This is definitely not a biological woman.

Anonymous 153579

Kinda looks like Fred Figglehorn

Anonymous 153596

Admin says I shouldn't post in this thread because I get in trouble, but please don't say that's goth. That's not even close to goth. Words have meanings and if you start acting like they don't then they lose those meanings.

Anonymous 153609

It’s their mannish brown ridge, it gives a very masculine look to their eyes.

Anonymous 153610

Brow ridge*

Anonymous 153618


I don't get how anyone could sit through an hour listening to why (insert random popular thing) is (insert unpopular thing for clickbait)

Anonymous 153619

that soyjak is 100% a pedo and turned that boy into that monstrosity. I would bet cash money that if they raided their house they would find incriminating evidence

Anonymous 153620

I mean did you really need to go in depth on that one? You can clock him by listening to his voice for one second

Anonymous 153621

What makes you think that

Anonymous 153653


Anonymous 153662

This sound like the stories my brothers tells me about male bathrooms. They used to pee in the air, landing inside a wall soap dispenser and poop on the floor.

Anonymous 153683

What the fuck am I reading

Anonymous 153685

the thoughts of a man who has zero idea on how to manage his fetish without irreparably damaging his body.

Anonymous 153686

The leftist virtue signaling and the circumstances of this photo, look at both parents, they're showing off their OWN child on some fag parade. That kid was mindraped into becoming this freak.

Anonymous 153734

Moids are not human.

Anonymous 153735

I don’t think everyone who takes their kid to a pride parade is a pedo. Maybe they’re just extremely naive.

Anonymous 153744

agreed. some parents are just fuckin stupid.

Anonymous 153753

>I don’t think everyone who takes their kid to a pride parade is a pedo
Well I disagree, I think they have a sincere desire to corrupt their kid

Anonymous 153758

I think some of them are pedos, but I think a lot of other parents who partake in these LGBT activities are simply brainwashed into thinking they are doing the ‘right thing’.

Anonymous 153780


In the event that this post wasn't typed by troon hands, holy shit this is bleak

Anonymous 153781

>drenched in reverence for womanhood
Lmao nope, a tranny definitely typed this. I’ve never seen a tranny show any kind of respect or reverence for women, much less butch women or lesbians. If they respected us, they wouldn’t constantly be trying to invade our spaces, bitch us out for not ‘appreciating our cis female privilege’ and fully living up to their ideas of femininity; if they revered us they wouldn’t try to force us to have sex with them or rape little girls in our bathrooms, right?

The only type of women I’ve seen trannies show an iota of reverence towards is porn bimbos and female cartoon characters, because they fetishize them and want to wear their skin.

Trannies cannot respect women because their entire lives revolve around parodying us in a grossly offensive and inaccurate way and reducing the complexity, intimacy, magic and trauma of womanhood down to lingerie, dresses, makeup and heels. It’s basically the gender version of blackface.

Anonymous 153796

This seems to be the way to get your female friend back.

Anonymous 153804

>are simply brainwashed into thinking they are doing the ‘right thing’.
Is that even an excuse?

Anonymous 153805


Anonymous 153827

I can believe this isn't a tranny only bc I have seen delusional ayydens and fakebois act like dating transbians makes them """gay""", even though they actually just turn out to be a shitty straight couple where the guy is a wimpy simp. :/ Nothing at all like the lesbian experience.

A real life apart from men is just WGTOW. You are a whole person on your own and it's groomer moidshit to imply another person "completes" you. "I've been healed from the patriarchy… by buying into one of the most abusive concepts created by it!" What a fat load of shit.

Anonymous 153828


>that section about desiring pregnancy but only to use it as a vehicle for kinks
1000% male brain bullshit. Childbirth is not a sex toy. "Dysphoria" harder, grody coomer. YWNBAW.

Anonymous 153829

>no bangs
Why do troons do this.

Anonymous 153830

What in the actual fuck is wrong with his eyes.

Anonymous 153832

>i hate myself for being so kind to my friend who recently started taking hormones, joking around saying "haha i will be mad if you get bigger boobs than me!" and now he keeps dming me how big his "tits" are
Lying is not kindness. You enabled a delusional narcissist and the kindest thing you can do for him is to tell the truth.

It sounds like you need a kosher way out of your mess, and you should just tell him that you're uncomfortable because your other female friends don't flash you their tits on the regular. You don't want these awkward "benefits", you are just friends.

Friendzoning crushes the yurifaggot simp.

Anonymous 153855


this wannabe vtuber found in the wild
why do so many of them look like Doris kek

Anonymous 153859


Looks more like Wreck It Ralph

Anonymous 153861



Anonymous 153864

I remember years ago, maybe in like 2014 before twitter got sanitized, I was lurking tranny theads and saw some troons excitedly discussing the news of womb transplants on twitter, talking about how they couldn’t wait to be given female reproductive organs and raise their kids to be trans too. An actual woman replied and called them gross, and they immediately started threatening her, joking how they would rape her and then kill her and then get her womb transplanted into them after she was dead, and how they were gonna raise her rape baby trans and shit like that. It was really disgusting and vile and that was probably my first major blackpill on troons. I hate how they hide such fucked up incel tier evilness behind their cutesy uwu weeb shit.

Anonymous 153869

god, I'm listed as an organ donor. is there a way to make it so they don't remove certain ones or is just anything up for grabs? I swear I will take myself off, trannies get the fuck away from my womb.

Anonymous 153871


I’m not sure how it is in the US, but in my country things like genitals, face, hands and uterus are classed under ‘novel transplants’. As far as I know this requires explicit consent from the family.

Anonymous 153872


These are what are deemed experimental or novel tissues that require an extra form of consent for doctors to be allowed to use.

However, I’m sure in the future, laws around this will become even more lax.

Anonymous 153881

lia swimmer.png

Yeah, I felt that way too. He was definitely punishing her. Whether for being a TIF and pretending she is a gay man, or for some other transgression, we can't tell without being in their friend group.

Anonymous 153882

I thought all that shit about pride parades being borderline predatory was bait until my they/them friend told me she literally saw children touching dildos and playing with them, and didn't find it disturbing at all. She mentioned it like it was only a funny story.

Anonymous 153886


Just saw this annoying tiktok in my yt recs with almost a million likes.
Hate beauty pageants in general, but also hate how they make a female beauty pageant about men in wigs, and of course the predictable footstool libfem who says we should allow moids to invade our bathrooms and rape women and little girls.

Anonymous 153948

>They are just pieces of plastic.
wtf. kids shouldn't be touching dildos.

Anonymous 153996


>I thought all that shit about pride parades being borderline predatory was bait until my they/them friend told me she literally saw children touching dildos and playing with them, and didn't find it disturbing at all. She mentioned it like it was only a funny story.

Anonymous 153997


Anonymous 154211


not only are they shaming the only black woman in the room. They also portray the white women as the saviors that need to fix her behavior. By trying to come off as progressive by erasing women they also are being fucking racist lmao.

Anonymous 154231

Persona 4 (1).jpg

>It is just a parade, children should be there
>It is just dancing, children should striptease
>It is just plastic toys, children can play with them
>It is just stimulation, children should use sex toys
>It is just sex children should be doing it
>It is just rape she will get over it
>It is just sex with parents, not sexual slavery

Call me a moralist, but I do not think you should be sharing your fetishes with kids.

Anonymous 154232

I'm a lesbian and I couldn't hate pride parades more. They're unecessary and just a cestpool of groomer men (there are awful women too, but let's be honest, 90% of its degeneracy comes from men). The way people think I'm supposed to belong/be ok in to these spaces is just shameful. And if it was bad before, trannies came around and made them x2 worse.
Maybe it's because most of "gay" people nowadays are trans larping as gay women/men, but they have become an homophobic stereotype (the other day I read "the best allies the lgbt comunity has is the kink/bdsm comunity"…. what!?) and I hate that's now the public face of the comunity, men exposing sexual fetishes to bystanders and children.
Honestly, and not surprisinly, men always ruin everything, I only can get behind the L now, and not always. The way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if homosexuality became illegal again or lose our right to marry thanks to those degenerate men.

Anonymous 154287

Ugh. I discovered a new male artist, and he is the tiniest bit GNC (long hair) and makes sappy romance songs. Sure enough, a large portion of his fans are trannies drooling over him, leaving disgusting sexual comments that would make a porn star blush. They talk about his genitals and speculate on his sexuality, him wanting to fuck guys, trans "women", liking cock, etc. it's so fucking gross. His content is not remotely sexual and seems to ignore these comments but what the fuck.
No one else acts like this, it's really just the troons. Any fandom that has troons turns into radioactive cancer.

Anonymous 154295

After finding out trannies were going after womb transplants and California's organ registry was opt out, I took myself off the registry. After fiddling with the categories of which they make it very hard to understand eg do you want to not donate x z y but womb and ovaries aren't listed, I believe I am totally off the registry. I don't trust doctors enough to not be utilitarian assholes and 'let me die' so some defective children can survive and reproduce or some tranny can create an abomination/torture something from my bloodline.

Anonymous 154297

I meant redpill her out of her YAOI fantasy

Anonymous 154299

instantly love that black woman character

Anonymous 154301

this is so cringe. their lines about "trans people can have periods too!" feels so artificial. it reminds me of every one of those crappy videos on TV after school, or that they made you watch in health class, about like anti-bullying with the force-fed lines that no person would ever say naturally. it comes off as insincere and honestly like a joke.

Anonymous 154308


Launch them. I'm ready.

Anonymous 154309

unless I misheard in the video they're saying trans men aka TIFS aka FTM's get periods, not MTF's

Anonymous 154310


>When they say MTFs can get periods, what are they actually talking about?

Anonymous 154314

I'm assuming it's because they're ones obsessed with the thought of having a vagina

Anonymous 154318

The star is a nice touch

Anonymous 154321

Tbh this "muh yt people" idpol shit is almost as cringe as gender ideology.
It usually goes hand in hand, too. Moids can be openly misogynist as long as they add the word "white" in front of "women/girls".

Anonymous 154332

Not Mad Lucas Robe…

will never stop loving this

Anonymous 154339

to be fair, keffals does have pretty big moobs. but that's because he's fat.

Anonymous 154340

It's basically just wishful thinking, like they can repeat it enough times and they'll suddenly develop a womb and ovaries to actually ovulate out of. No, troons and troon enablers believe that if a man starts taking estrogen, and if their mindset is 'feminine enough.' though they don't bleed, can still feel PMS and other hormonal shit only possessing a womb can give. Trannies physically can not feel one ounce of the struggle of having a period and it is merely fantasization/fetish to them and a disturbing one at that.

Anonymous 154343

Holy fuck this is disgusting. Tell me this isn't borderline grooming. Children should not be exposed to this kind of stuff so early in life, way to fuck up their development, "expression & freedom" !!!

Anonymous 154346

It's not borderline grooming. It's overt unabashed grooming. The one with the half naked drag queen parading about can even be considered sexual abuse.

Anonymous 154348

Please keep shit like this to yourself and as an Asian genuinely stay the fuck away from us

Anonymous 154408

Why? Never saw manboobs?
>borderline grooming
lmao, those are all literal pedos. All their families should be thrown in prison and the kids taken into psychiatric care

Anonymous 154409

The hell? What was posted?

Anonymous 154417



and when I thought things couldn't get worse…

Anonymous 154418


What is it with women acting so weird lately? I just can't understand, must be my imagination.

Anonymous 154429

Now somebody better explain

Anonymous 154443

She’s gorgeous before and after.

Anonymous 154449

Strong words hon, why are you so upset?

Anonymous 154451

I’ve been laughing at this all day

Anonymous 154528

He's upset because he's a troon obviously, why would a woman be upset with what you said? Don't worry about it and ignore the tranny.

Anonymous 154579

enjoy your ban, troon

Anonymous 154587

I cannot. How is this okay? If a female came into her job as a literal teacher for literal minors with a crazy boob job she would be spoken to about how he appearance isn't professional. Like how can the principal or the school board not see this and laugh? The students must have to try so hard not to laugh during class. I'd be fucking losing it because this just looks ridiculous.

Anonymous 154623



Anonymous 154624

How does Blair white have no Adam's apple????

Anonymous 154632

Obviously you retard lol. My point is that if a woman did something similar, which realistically would be a crazy boob job with in your face tits, someone would have something to say. But since it's a TIM everyone has to accept it or else they're being transphobic.

Anonymous 154633

Prob got it shaved down, that's a thing. Google 'tracheal shave'

Anonymous 154634

This is the greatest thing to ever happen in the history of the internet. The schadenfreude high I’ve got from this is sending me to another dimension. This world is so fucked and I love it so much

Anonymous 154639


I'm fucking dying, been laughing for a good 5 minutes

Anonymous 154640


>If only you knew how bad things really are.

Anonymous 154641

Anyway, deep down I still hold onto some kind of flicker of hope that this is merely a very dedicated social arsonists trying to provoke a reaction against trannies. That's how I cope

Anonymous 154644

That's a student who made the recording

Anonymous 154651

>oakville trafalgar is the same schoolboard as my high school.
I live in a maple syrup hellscape.

Anonymous 154655

Even women with natural big boobs get shat on for being "inappropriate" while wearing normal clothes. I could bet this school has given female students shit for their clothing choices, meanwhile this degenerate can parade his fetish around.

Anonymous 154662


lmao he's like some kind of cryptid

Anonymous 154671

But it's not mental illness.

Anonymous 154672

I can't stop laughing, it's literally the Mrs. Garrison saga from South Park

Anonymous 154674


>And if you use this word you are filthy tranny by spirit.

What is this even supposed to mean?
Seeing people behave like this and implying it's weird, inappropriate and fucked up, is somehow… making you just like them mentally?Spiritually?


Anonymous 154677

>This person should legit just die and the world would be much better off…
I wholeheartedly disagree, these whackjobs are perfect because they undermine their own movements

Anonymous 154679

This, I wish they all start walking around with their giant silicone tits and gaping shit-smellong crotch wounds.

Anonymous 154695

This, every tranny and tranny supporter out there is obsessed with being mentally ill because they think it's quirky. It just makes you more susceptible to harassment if you clearly put "autistc " in your Twitter bio. There's nothing wrong about not being ashamed of having a mental illness/disorder but these people romanticize and coddle it.

Anonymous 154707

perfect vulva.png

Anonymous 154710

flat earthers.jpg

So TIMs think that because they are taking HRT, that they have the same hormonal cycles as a woman. So in their head, they pretend that the cramps and diarrhea that the HRT gives them is actually their period. This is wrong for two major reasons. One, HRT are the same dose every time. They do not ebb and flow their hormonal cycles of estrogen and testosterone like a woman does. Two, the shedding of the uterine lining is THE key part of what make a period a period. We've all had times where we're tired, grumpy, cramping, or having diarrhea. But if we're not bleeding, then we know it isn't our periods.

Anonymous 154712


Anons.. An acquaintance of mine came out to me some time ago and asked to user a different name and pronouns and so on. We only chatted a few times because of our hobbies but otherwise we're not close. Idk if I should be flattered that she felt comfortable enough to tell me or offended because… yeah but I didn't say no because I don't want her to distance herself from me and possibly spread rumors. Only my close friends who are also peaked know I'm gc even though we live in a conservative country. How do I navigate this? I'm slowly becoming more gnc and hope this has an effect on her as we see each other semi regularly because of uni. I really hope it's just a phase for her even though I barely know her.
I did manage to accidentally peak a friend before because as I am outspoken about my feminist beliefs without going too far and sounding crazy to normies but this is literally the first time I'll be interacting with a tif irl wtf can I do besides being respectful and criticizing misogyny and forced femininity on women?

Anonymous 154713

Most of crystal cafe fights against this being a terf thread and accuses you of being a tranny if you discuss radical feminism at all. So although it's called the trans exclusive radical feminism thread, you're not actually supposed to post anything but tranny memes here. There's now another thread for if you actually want to post about or discuss radical feminism, but no one posts in it and even there people shit it up by espousing ideas that are against the very tenets of radical feminism.

Anonymous 154717

Does anyone else ever notice that when this thread and the radfem thread get to the top of the front page, suddenly people start responding to threads that are days, months, or even years old? Doesn't happen if other threads are at the top, really only these two. Like these two threads are being purposely pushed to distant pages in an effort to silence us.

Anonymous 154724

I have noticed that too. Every time I notice it, I bump this thread. I really do think someone is doing it on purpose.

Anonymous 154726


wanted to taunt /tttt/ with this and they already had 4 threads up about him. look at this cope.

Anonymous 154729

Holy coping batman

Anonymous 154730


i wanna rip my skin off this was the only woman-oriented subreddit i'd found that wasn't raided by troons but out of nowhere there's been "can trans girls be witches uwu" type post with thousands of likes every day. reddit really is unsalvageable

Anonymous 154731

also literal chris chan phenotype

Anonymous 154736


How to talk like a woman: Omg kam! ^_^

Anonymous 154738


>You don't get it!! This teacher is making a triple-double agent fake play, to make us troons look like perverted fetishists.

>he's dressing in a weird fetish fashion to parody us, which wouldn't work in the first place if we didn't actually dress like that completely unironically.

Anonymous 154739

Using :3 and other similar emotes just screams tranny

Anonymous 154740

funny how there were no men identifying as women back when it could get you burned alive.

Anonymous 154741

Youtube's starting to suggest me gendie shit.

I just see it used ironically now

Anonymous 154742

Nona . . . the internet is not real life. Though we are greatly controlled (look how quickly TIMs were able to force through every law they wanted and gain access to our children and look how they destroy the economy every ten years), the majority of people are normal. When people say to go out and touch grass, they mean that you need to turn off the internet and interact with normal people. There's a reason Republicans still have so much power, and it's because normal people simply don't agree with the trans and immigrant shit.
Meanwhile, most of us come here, because one, as far as I can tell it's one of the last places on the internet not controlled by men, and two, because we like to gather and kvetch. Changing the world cannot be done over the internet. It is far too easy to track "terrorists." Instead, it is done in small groups of people who go camping and everyone leaves their phones at home while they plan. If you want to change things, join your local radical feminism group and see what they're doing.


Just because she's crazy doesn't mean she's a man. I think that's one of our weirdest things about here. Anyone who disagree with the majority is a man. Though less crazy and aggressive on average, I think women contain the entire gauntlet of human emotions and traumas. If we trap ourselves inside the assumption that women only act a certain way, we will have caged ourselves without the trannies ever having to lift a finger.

>He's playing 72DD chess. kek
That is beyond delusional though. Is there anyone rational in that thread, or do they all believe it's a psyops?

Unfortunately, they've been contaminated for a very long time. Maybe we can create witches for matriarchy? And we won't discuss trans at all. Fuck me, I just checked it out and MRAs snagged it five days ago.

Anonymous 154751


You tell me nona

Anonymous 154752


>trying to make it do vulva things

Anonymous 154753

witches vs patriarchy has been like 50% trans for a while now

Anonymous 154806

This is true

Anonymous 154836

We're not fish

Anonymous 154913

Hahaha the awkward position and huge feet. Looks straight out of a Kikomi-chan comic.

Anonymous 155085

>trans friends

Anonymous 155090

And why the fuck they won’t type femininininine, I mean - politely, as men
Oh, right!

Anonymous 155166


Anonymous 155173

Samefag, tears in my eyes laughing at this man

Anonymous 155220

I hate it when moids (troon or not) use the cat emoticon or any other "kawaii" ones. Absolutely revolting. It's so fake and creepy because usually it's creepy scrotes who use them, like weeb neckbeards, manchildren and such.
Anyway this screenshot just further proves how trannyism is just about parodying the opposite sex through retarded stereotypes that by no means represent every individual of said sex. I know plenty of women who don't type like that (irl and online), these scrotes are trying to imitate that sassy twitter typing style, they sound like gay moids instead kek.
That's not even mentioning the thing about "less logic", as if we needed any more proof that troids are just misogynists living out their bimbofication fetish.

Anonymous 155255

Pretty sure they are word salading their words and it’s a sign of mental illness.

Anonymous 155270


The article about the teacher for any miners curious. Posting this image sense Slatz already censored the other student’s faces.
Here’s also a Twitter thread with a video.

Anonymous 155274

God men are disgusting

Anonymous 155307

>bro, it's just a social experiment bro, no need to take it seriously bro

Anonymous 155312


This just in
>> L-lesbians are the same as the KKK for telling me no.

Anonymous 155352


Anonymous 155414

>just add more unnecessary detail and filler
>We aren't a stereotypical caricature of women!

The misogyny is mindblowing.

Anonymous 155449

Recently, I discovered a (mtf) tranny's telegram channel from my (homophobic eastern european) country and was shocked by the amount of young cis girls that follow the tranny and send their own faces and pics in his chat. I highly doubt they're even libfem, so why do they lick the troon's ass and make him feel "valid" pretending it's a female only space?
I think if it was a ftm tranny instead, no cis moid would follow her. Why we as women have to pander to troons while moids don't do that?

Anonymous 155528

They steal teenage girl things from ten years ago. Those plastic little black chokers. Yep trannies and moids made them slut collars to mark “throat goats” their vile men obsessed with girls

Anonymous 155904

where do you live?

Anonymous 155973

this is like… frankenstein's monster type shit. why do they think a womb transplant is possible, and ethically that surgery would be performed?

Anonymous 156032

You're both retarded and have no idea what you're talking about. I doubt you know anything about these topics beyond some cosplay larp made up in the last 30 years either.

I have bad impression of this thing so must be all moid. I have good impression of this thing so it can't be moid whatsoever.

Anonymous 156055

>Why we as women have to pander to troons while moids don't do that?
Few moids care about following trends and being socially conscientious like this. That's all there is to it.

Anonymous 156077

Don't worry, this will never happen. It's impossible.

Anonymous 156318

>Is there anyone rational in that thread
they weren't all that crazy but no one was really sane.

Anonymous 156348

>unrestrained internet access
>troons out
Like fucking clockwork

Anonymous 156499

new to posting on these types of boards so hoping this is the thread to post this but gen need a place to get this out. im a.. furry artist and yeah my niche is cringe whatever but i cant stand the ammount of troons and trannies in the community. the community has enough fucking degenerates as it is but idk man nothing bothers me more than seeing a tranny fuck who owns multiple thousand dollar costumes beg for money for their hormones.
and ofc other tranny degens fund it.

Anonymous 156532

nah i dont fw that. same as liking animals in my eyes. its why i barely interact at all with the chronically online degens that make up the community. dont let animal fucking trannies rep all of them

Anonymous 156551

Glad to see another furry artist over there, I'm so fed up with all the trannies, snowflakes and zoos on this community. I generally draw cutesy art (akin to calico critters & aninal crossing villagers) because I love to come up with little outfits. I even learnt how to sew recently just to be able to make one of my OCs as a plush to dress her up in fluffy dresses.

Anonymous 156567

literally why even use the term "furry" if you don't want to be associated with degeneracy? you're nasty

Anonymous 156577

same! cutesy art is the best, i also draw similar more girlie/cutesy furry work. glad to see another artist here that isnt insane.
and ikr like ?? its so disgusting how plagued the community is. literal zoos will dogpile someone for "misgendering" as if thats the worst sin in the community. fucking aggrivating

Anonymous 156600

Because it doesnt have another name as far I know…. Anthro art maybe, but that's for more human-ish art methinks

Anonymous 156660

you sound like a moid

Anonymous 156667


this girl posted her boyfriend on twitter as a joke about it being her "pre-transition", and all the trannies in the replies are so mad lol

Anonymous 156675

Kek that's funny. I hope she doubles down and doesn't apologize.

Anonymous 156694



Anonymous 156700

Turkeytom seems like just an edgy teen boy, and is probably mentally stuck in the mid 2010's when saying the n word and faggot all the time was peak humor. Doesn't seem like he cares about a white tribe or anything. Also they look the same age, no more than 2-3 years apart at most. Not trying to sound like I'm riding his dick, but this person is just making up annoying exaggerations and I feel like being a bit argumentative right now.

Anonymous 156702

His point is lost when you remember troons need to groom children to survive and most of them are pedos.
Making fun of troons also doesn't make anyone a "white nationalist" lol.
>inb4 being a "person of gender" is a new race

Anonymous 156708

I could do this with my bf since I look like the female version of him. Would be funny af, but I need my job lol.

Anonymous 156712


the quoted tweets lmfao

Anonymous 156728

its funny how trannies minds immediately go to pedophilia, because…well… we know why.

Anonymous 156778


Reading replies elsewhere, and everyone who is so sad and hurt b/c they thought it was a real is under twenty. Of course they are. Still young enough to believe that hormones are fuckin fairy dust

Anonymous 156800

He isn't 28, that should be obvious by looking at his channel

Anonymous 156845

They're absolutely seething. Why?? For giving them false hope?

Anonymous 156855

You need your eyes checked, because he looks like a 20 y/o who can't even grow a full beard

Anonymous 156933

he’s 25 minimum

Anonymous 156999

why do you call 4lung a she?

Anonymous 157050


Anonymous 157062

Does this mean deep down they know they won't ever pass? And all the trans women pass posting is cope?

Anonymous 157074

God you’re so weird, he’s clearly not 25 kek

Anonymous 157108


Anonymous 157111

trannies are so delusional

Anonymous 157386

sometimes I feel hopeful about our future

Anonymous 157407

"Scott Pilgrim vs the World ruined a whole generation of moids…"

Anonymous 157456

Do any of you ever watch the US Speakers Corners on YouTube? Half of them are full of trannoids yelling and making a racket and causing chaos. Shit makes me seethe. I wish those videos would get more traction and peak more people.

Anonymous 157475



Anonymous 157504


if this isn't a male, you're too retarded to post. log off

Anonymous 157505

Screen Shot 2022-0…

why do i keep seeing this shit about simone de beauvoir?

Anonymous 157506

this guy has been a "woman" for a total of 6 months. how much more blatant can misogyny get?

Anonymous 157510

because troons LOVE to ignore context. she was lambasting society/the patriarchy for essentially molding females into "feminine" molds.

Anonymous 157534


Hoping for a mass peaking

Anonymous 157539

ok so has there been any info about this guy? is this yet another instance of a visually disabled and intellectually retarded troon or a guy just shitting on troons?

Anonymous 157551

there's been lots of info, check Reduxx. The school sent out an email saying basically "they respect the trannys way of expressing her new gender"

Anonymous 157556

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a tranny axewound stamping on a human face—for ever.
― George Orwell

Anonymous 157560

What, me, tranny?
-Albert E Newman

Anonymous 157622

Anonymous 157628


He's real, he teaches shop.

Anonymous 157631


Anonymous 157643

I hate that troons have ruined septum rings. I love piercings and tattoos and I've had my septum pierced for over a decade. Thankfully mine is big and ugly, not the ~smol and dainty~ uwu ones like troons have.

On the plus side it makes their big male noses look even bigger and more masculine. Men have no idea how to draw attention away from their masculine features. They always highlight them instead. Lots of eyeliner with no mascara on their beady rat eyes, bushy and unkempt eyebrows, septum rings, bold lipsticks on their paper thin lips. Kek

Anonymous 157645

inshallah the bad inflatable lifeboat sized and styled boobs obscure his vision so drastically that it causes him to sever hands so he can never touch his filthy dick again

Anonymous 157646

I know the goth one with blue and yellow hair. She's so pretentious. She completely dresses like a woman and CONSTANTLY shows off her mastectomy scars.

Anonymous 157647

Men pretending to be women mimic what women use to emphasise femininity, since they are male, they only end up emphasising how masculine they look in comparison to the women who do the same. The features you want to draw attention to differ on men and women, but troons are skinwalkers, not fashion-conscious.

Anonymous 157682

Looks like a monster from a horror movie

Anonymous 157740

>forbes woman
Wheres the woman?

Anonymous 157748

the highly offensive nature of this aside, that's a ROUGH 25. even trooning out they can't help but age poorly

Anonymous 157762

at home because a crossdressing man took her place

Anonymous 157820


Anonymous 157825

Yep, time to take myself off the donor list.

Anonymous 157826

>gender is a social construct, we've realized now that hypermasculine man and hyperfeminine woman aren't the only two options and that's a good thing
>my daughter knew she was a boy ever since she knew there were two kinds of kids and I consider her a boy because she likes soccer
How are these people SO FUCKING retarded? How are they so fucking blind to their own cognitive dissonance??

>BASED conservative terf
shame about what happened to her account though

It doesn't "read like a deliberate troll post", we've already seen other troons post similar serial killer shit before, like this >>150804

Anonymous 157837

>not molochmaxxing by making it out of foreskins
is he even trying to get to hell?

Anonymous 157843

I feel so bad for her kek
I wonder if the friend did it on purpose, he had to know she wouldn't be accepted. She sounds like she could peak.
>it really makes me lose hope in cis men if they treat people like that
And so close to being pinkpilled, too. If only she didn't believe in gender ideology, she would realize that the problem is not "cis" men, but just men, and that trans """men""" are better because they're just NLOGs with extra steps (women).

Just call them TIMs or troons. No such thing as "sex assignment at birth".

Anonymous 157845

>not wanting to say nigger or being critical of edgy 4chanoid humor is sjw
fuck off scrote

Anonymous 157847

nta but who cares if someone doesn't want to use it? not everyone has to be tryhard edgy, hating trannies is enough to land you on the naughty list kek


Ngl it’s obvious you’re a moid

Anonymous 157889


this is an interesting case, some e-girl made a joke post with her bf, doing the whole "1 year on estrogen" prompt but just with normal pics of themselves cause they look somewhat similar and for some reason troons went wild over, claiming its literally mocking trans women experiences, I personally think the troons are mad cause it ruins the fantasy that they could ever be an the hoe egirl they desire and will always be ugly moids no matter how much they try

see the reactions yourself

Anonymous 157996

>two posts that contradict each other
the word "nigger" was made to attack women too, no one has to use it and not using it doesn't make you a trannylover unless you think black women are the same as trannies (which is what actual trannies and tranny supporters believe, funnily enough)
back to /pol/ retarded scrotes

Anonymous 158003

>>157889 hello, you guys should definitely follow that account that made the troid derangement tweet! i have heard it is a very good account, the best!

Anonymous 158006

>muh kollektivist
>muh leftoid commies
all actual women who recognize the issue with trannies have realized by now that the only difference between left and right is that the left wants women to be public property, while the right wants us to be private property. one half of western trannies are "former" nazis and incels, while the other half still are. go worship "trad" chode and screech about which moid-lead team is better elsewhere, that shit doesn't work outside of shitty male websites

Anonymous 158024

same here. They refuse to investigate my erratic periods and pain because 'it's normal' but give my troon ex his horsepiss for free and they think I'm gonna let them take my organs? I don't think so. That will be my last act of spite

Anonymous 158181

why are there so many moids in this thread? do they seriously think we cant clock them when they say shit like this?

Anonymous 158196

Fucking disturbing. Why is he so excited to have an actual necrotized 'pussy'
Imagine finding out that your grandma's or maybe even your own corpse was used for a troon to be able to live out a delusional fantasy before inevitably 41%ing himself when he finds out that no matter how much resources he steals, he'll never be a real woman. Trannies are a fucking waste of resources and air.

Anonymous 158249

i just hate how the medical industry is pushing transitioning, simply because it’s just so profitable. it really is the wild west right now. i feel like it’s comparable to when people were given lobotomies in the early 20th century. i just feel so bad for women who are tricked, who feel so lost socially that this cult has tricked them into destroying their bodies, irreparably.
every man who transitions is a fetishist porn brain misogynist, so i don’t care if they chemically castrate themselves. removing them from the gene pool is good.

Anonymous 158445

Holy shit, she's really being hated on even now. If she wasn't transphobic before, she certainly is now. Always interesting when relatively normie women get to see the kinds of people troons truly are.

Anonymous 158953


Anonymous 158965

>she hasn't deleted it
based. stay strong, PILL0WPET

Anonymous 159123



Anonymous 159171

I need to update my ID anyway, so yeah, I'm gonna do it. I've been on the list for almost 20 years, but knowing parts of me could possibly go towards these failmales is enough to take me off.

Anonymous 159195

Imagine dying and donating your body to science for some of your skin to be made into a fake vagina for some moid

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