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troon anime.png

Terfposting #34 Anonymous 255893

Anonymous 255923

I hope the trannies that invade cc 41% themselves

Anonymous 255968

these threads are my favorite CC tradition, I remember the first terfposting threads.

Anonymous 255972


Scrolling around Instagram Brasil, I see this.
Are we a joke?
Full beard, "she/her" pronouns.
"I'm not trans"
Calling itself a fucking lesbian.

Kids in the comments going "this person in gender fluid" "if she wants to be called a woman I will respect" "this person can be a lesbian", defending and asking other people to get "educated on gender"

I don't give a shit anymore, I hate TiM and TiF.
I hate this, I have never felt less empowered as a woman as I'm feeling now.
We have failed so fucking bad. So fucking BAD.

Anonymous 255973


I'm so confused.
Is that a transman who goes by she/her?
There's no bulge and there's boxtapes over the uh…, fuck it.

Anonymous 255974


>"I'm not trans"

>Calling itself a fucking lesbian.

I guess this one is more open about being a pervert.

Never expected even Brazil to fall to TIMs. I'm sorry Brazillian nonas.

Anonymous 255981

Agreed. No matter how "woman" you think you act, you are a man.(TiMs only)

Anonymous 256010

They can’t get rid of their Y chromosome.

Anonymous 256011


Why the fuck are stupid aidens so fucking pro-male? Does she seriously think she experiences “gendered hate” because she “looks like a man”? Fucking dumbasses always hold us back.

Anonymous 256016


save this pic on your phones and use it as a reaction image whenever you get a chance

Anonymous 256019


To think that i used to watch those things and go ''Oh wow, how lgbtq+ of this show, this makes so much sense''
now i just look at this and i see how disgusting those people are.

Anonymous 256091

What the fuck are they talking about? Libfems literally worship POC

Anonymous 256206

kek his powerpuff girls episode was recommended to me yesterday. The thumbnail didn't have a picture but I knew it had to be a tim. the reveal was hilarious still, he's such an ugly man. didn't watch the episode but the comments were crying that the episode was "secretly transphobic" so maybe I'll give it a watch and see what the tranny tears were about. it's supposed to be a pro trans episode though so there's the chance they're crying over nothing and it was perfectly pandering

Anonymous 256242

did you draw this? ponies are cringe but nice art skills

Anonymous 256247


tims have claimed this neopet, the unconverted royal girl kyrii

Anonymous 256249

In what way is this remotely something they would want to claim.
>neopets and its history of hardship, scientology, NFTs, and being a pedo honeypot
>long ugly horse face, just like how tims have blatantly long male faces
>it's princessy, which is a very stereotypical AGP fantasy/drag queen thing
I don't want to defend it, it's hideous, I'm just surprised they think this is something they want to claim and feel cool with identifying with. It says a lot.

Anonymous 256271

>Neopets and its history of mental illness, crazy people and pedophilia
Hm… actually, I think it makes total sense for them to want to claim this

Anonymous 256275


Karmalita Fox, I found HIS videos talking about women's body image and his so-called "life-coaching" videos which really only consist of 30 minutes of negging women on camera telling them life is going to only be swell for you if you're a woman with a BMI of 18 or 17 (aka prepubscent girl weight). It furthered my own body image issues and almost made me regress back to my eating disorder until it only took a matter of researching this dude's instagram and listening to his whispery tranny voice on Trisha Paytas' podcast to find out that this Karmalita Fox is truly a man.
Always leave it up to a tranny or misogynistic gay man to infiltrate woman's spaces, put on woman-face and become a psy-op to fuck with women's perceptionss of beauty and have us all regress to self-harming ourselves even more.
Even his flat muscular stomach and legs scream out MAN.
These trannies need to just fucking die already.

Anonymous 256282

>negging women on camera telling them life is going to only be swell for you if you're a woman with a BMI of 18 or 17
I don't understand this. He literally knows Trisha paytas who was perfectly capable of fucking celebrities, being a model, being successful, etc while being fat and still says this?

Anonymous 256287

Those super long nails look so bad on man hands. They make his already huge hands look like bear claws

Anonymous 256312

Anonymous 3 minutes256311
Eugh, I knew that this just HAD to be a tranny based on the bolt-ons, obnoxious gay man whispery vocal fry, and blatant misogyny. Don’t listen to him. Marilyn Monroe and Anna Nicole Smith certainly did NOT have BMI of 17 or 18 and went down as some of history’s most renowned sex symbols. Beauty isn’t homogenous. It is so painfully obvious that this dude is a narcissist, and it’s always these narcissistic mainiacs who spearhead a movement or a cause, which, in his case, was confidence and self-improvement. Once these individuals receive the praise and recognition that they so desperately crave, the mask comes off, which is exactly what is happening with him right now.

Anonymous 256328


Hypnotist Sappho is a youtuber that was very public for being a zoophile and a pedophile. It's was insane the discourse at the time about how a WOMAN could be or do something like this.
Turns out, is a TiM. A MALE.
I do believe that woman can be evil but this type of gooner behaviour is very much male.
Should i pretend to be shocked?

Anonymous 256359


Yikes I did some further research on this dude and then found this shit. The moidal rage is so transparent, how could he think he's anything close to a woman acting this aggressive on camera? Creepy lunatic

Anonymous 256380

I'm taking a look at his other videos and wow, they're all clickbaity and lengthy ramble videos. One of his videos on how to overcome depression is about doing shrooms. People watch this shit.

Anonymous 256388


>Marilyn Monroe certainly did NOT have BMI of 17 or 18
Why does it sound like you think she was fat? Her BMI was 19, so 18 isn't a bad guess.

Anonymous 256434


And it looks like this thread is already being shitted up by an anachan

Anonymous 256436

>point out something factually true
>you must be anorexic
uhh ok lol

Anonymous 256481

I thought it was obvious? He has the tranny voice

Anonymous 256490


Anonymous 256501

I don't believe it's legitimate.
I do not believe that Stephen Crowder, known wife abuser, is an honest person with personal or professional integrity.
I do not believe that Stephen Crowder would be the priority journalistic release vector for a leaker since Glenn Greenwald himself, the man Ed fucking Snowden looked at and said "this is the guy, this is who I will leak to," had been ostentatiously and publicly clamoring after the manifesto.
I do not believe that a woman would kill for the nonsense that people have been attributing to the manifesto, and I do not believe that transmen are anything but women.
I do not believe that the school and administration during the years when they were associated with shielding known child predators was innocent of raping Audrey.
I do not believe that a developmentally delayed adult with serious autism and autistic special interests would avoid sperging and injecting autistic parallels to their autistic fixations in the heart of their serious business personal cry of the heart manifesto.
And I do not believe the general coherence of a narrative in which Audrey killed because she was way into all the liberal things that liberals are into and hated all the things that liberals hate about the American south in the most stereotypical manner possible.

This is fake, and very, very gay.

Anonymous 256503

Conversation I had with my pro-trans friend:
>He thinks that trans women are women
>So what is a woman?
>A woman is anyone who identifies as a woman
>So what is a woman?
>A person who identifies as a woman
And he just repeats the same thing. No matter what, trans activists always get stumped by that one, simple question. It's sad, because he is a very close friend of mine and I don't want him to fall for the trans 'uwu valid wimmin' shtick. Even after seeing all the heinous things TIMs have done he'll just say that they're not all like that and that TERFs do bad things too. Why has the world become like this all of a sudden?

Anonymous 256504

Anonymous 256510


Gulp, those selective texts look like my journal entries when I'm having a depressive episode. Whatever, aren't manifestos supposed to push some ideology or agenda, giving an explanation for actions?
Perfectly timed leak just before the elections as well. I always find it disgusting when politicians use school shootings and the deaths of children to push some narrative.

I've heard some even say "women aren't real", or "woman is a social construct".

Anonymous 256515

Why are you his friend anyways? Trans idelogy is very misogynistic.

Anonymous 256516

Anonymous 256545

News flash: body types don’t exist on a binary of “skinny” and “fat”. Sounds like Ana-Chan mentality to me. This was merely to point out the fact that Marilyn Monroe was not a skinny woman and is one of the world’s most iconic sex symbols of all time. Have you seen photos of her?

Anonymous 256549


Geez, why are you so angry? I wasn't implying there's a binary of skinny and fat, and that not skinny means fat, but the way you emphasized "certainly NOT" BMI 18 made it sound like you meant fat.
In picrel, I wouldn't say it's inaccurate to call her skinny, or to guess her BMI is 18. So "certainly NOT" isn't the right phrase.

Anonymous 256571

Nta but you're also using her lowest weight (also probably exaggerated as most celebrities at the time exaggerated their measurements when released). I believe her highest weight was like 150 (?) Which is an average BMI at her height. She also had a lot of pressure to lose lots of weight at the time, but looking back throughout the decades in general, majority of female celebrities were considered fat anyway

That being said I feel like girls nowadays have rapidly changing beauty standards and it's been taking a massive toll on our health. We have the super skinny looks from the 2000s all the way until the 2010s when thicc became a thing, then we were all expected to drop everything and just gain weight, now we're slowly shifting to the skinny look again, which is difficult especially considering majority of women were just pressured to put on fat

Anonymous 256578


Anonymous 256580

I don't understand what you're trying to prove? Re read the post

Anonymous 256581

You said I used her lowest weight. I was just using her normal weight.

Anonymous 256589

This seems fake as shit honestly. Big if true but doubtful.

Anonymous 256590

Have any U.S. nonas changed their political views because the left is so pro-troon? I used to be a die-hard liberal but I since have moved away from the party over the past two years after witnessing it being overtaken by troons and they/them green hairs

Anonymous 256592

117 was her lowest weight though? and as I said, a lot of celebrities weren't honest about their weight anyway, there was even running joke about it

Anonymous 256595


I just used the first number I found when I googled 'Marilyn Monroe weight'.
And it's documented by officials that her weight was 117-120 lbs. No fraud.

Anonymous 256599

Yes to the thousandth power. Makes me want to weep for this godforesaken country’s.

Anonymous 256645

nope. most people follow trends, on both the left and right, and troons and trendy. left-leaning politicians are, frankly, just humoring them. political affiliation will always require some sacrifice. there is no political ideology that perfectly encapsulates my beliefs unless i create a party of one. even if leftists with power pander to zoomers with pro-tranny talking points it makes no difference to me because. at the end of the day, other issues are much more important to me.

Anonymous 256646

It was one of the things that turned the tide for me, then I started noticing the other crazy beliefs the american-inspired left defended and how they intertwine with the troon shit. The right hates women too, so there's nowhere for us to turn to.

Anonymous 256651

They've been confirmed to be true.
>Seven Nashville officers placed on administrative duty after shooting manifesto leak

>Nashville Police Chief Confirms Authenticity Of Leaked Shooter Manifesto Pages, Launches Investigation


Anonymous 256652

wasn't this bitch white though? what's with american whites hating "crackers"?

Anonymous 256659

She was a schizo. She hated her sex too, that's why she trooned out.

Anonymous 256660

Brainwashing by public schools/media

Anonymous 256662

that makes total sense actually

Anonymous 256861

It's amusing how they think they advocate for women's health, beauty, facts yet overlook the factual differences in women's bodies from various races. They think like men do, perfect body and what not, even thou many women do radiate beauty with a bit of fullness in their cheeks kek

Anonymous 256991

TiM died in a fire while he was in sex reassignment surgery in Brazil.
Something exploded in the hospital and the doctors didn't save him.

Anonymous 257031

>Lorena Muniz, a 25-year-old trans woman living in Brazil, died in a fire at the Saúde Aqui clinic after being left on the operating table by hospital staff who fled the scene. According to local news outlet Universa, Muniz was undergoing breast augmentation surgery on February 17, when the air-conditioning unit in the clinic malfunctioned and started a fire. Staff fled the building, leaving Muniz to die in the fire.

I guess they took the money and ran? Hue. I won't celebrate anyone's death but in this case I'm definitely not shedding any tears, either. Looking around, Brazil seems to be in the lead when it comes to killing troons. People who write about it try to frame it like women are the primary victims to get you to pay attention, but then you see it's actually "trans women" and things suddenly make sense and click into place. Just more moids killing each other.
>The majority of transfemicide victims are women. According to TGEU’s document, 96% of the people murdered in the world are trans women and transfeminized people, 58% of the trans people murdered were sex workers. The average age of those murdered is 30. About 36% of the murders took place on the streets and 24% inside the victims’ houses.

Anonymous 257065

>96% of the people murdered in the world are trans women and transfeminized people
Looking at their numbers, that's 96% of the gender-diverse people murdered, not from all murders.

Anonymous 257071


>Brazil seems to be in the lead when it comes to killing troons.
If the data is similar to the one about how it's the "coutry that most kills lgbts", them it's a very biased sample. And I hate activists that use that to push an agenda. Yes we kill the most LGBT people, but that's because we're a large country and a violent one. We're the country that kills the greatest number of Christians, that doesn't mean that we are a christophobic nation. (No one who spouses that bs whats a way one ticket to the middle east for example)
Anyway in the last election, we chose two trannies (one HSTS and one AGP) for our house of representatives.
Don't know how much they will impact legislation, but given how weird politics and culture is in this third world of mine, I guess they will have some success;
(There's a weird saying that the more conservative "Dad of the family" the men, the greater the chances that they will visit a "traveco" (trans prostitute) on the down low.

Anonymous 257076

I agree with you. I used to have a lot of Tim friends, most of them are exactly what you would expect.
I used to be friends with a Tim, he did not pass at all and used to be lying about being raped. i remember he telling this story about how a man was calling him at night, saying that ''he was a cute girl'' when in reality… he looks like a tonhão (this is how we call ugly old man who is trying to hard to be young or acts like a child, also used to talk about TIM).
A few months ago he go beat up by some dude, seems like he was trying to suck this dude in a party and this dude got mad af after saying no a lot of times.
No one even tried to defend the Tim.
This Tim's brother once told me that he would no be surprised if this tim becomes another case.
So, yeah, most of those deaths are not because they we're doing normal shit like walking around or buying cake somewhere, it was because they was in a situation who anyone thinks is dangerous like being a prostitute, dealing with married man, stealing, buying illegal drugs, posing as a Woman when dealing with man, blackmailing people who had sex or tried to have sex with them and the list goes…
I was friends with a lot's of them, dealing with them had make me think twice about my opinions on this matter, than i found this site and i started looking around for more and boom, i'm a Terf baby now! (i still have a lot to learn)

Anonymous 257078

Yep, most of the violence is moid on moid violence. Heard stories about an acquaintance that was killed by a t-prostitute.
He was a whore-seeking anyway and supposedly didn't want to pay, so good riddance. (Prostitutes usually carry knives, and for what I've seen men buy into the lie that trannies are like women and underestimate their strength when fighting them)

Anonymous 257110

granny wizard.png

>he was trying to suck this dude in a party and this dude got mad af after saying no a lot of times
>he got beat up
Shame this isn't usually an option for us when the only thing the monkeys understand is violence. If I ever finally get my years-overdue wizard magic, the first spell I'm crafting is one that automatically beats the living fuck out of men who don't respect "no" or participate in sexual harassment/assault/unwelcome objectification. The degree of the invisible beating scales with the crime. Male troons would be subject to its effects at all times through the very nature of their existence and be able to travel down the street via the repeated attack velocity, like watching a can get kicked along the sidewalk.

inb4 one of lurking creeps gets triggered by this in some way

Anonymous 257121


Also been friends with TIMs. First one would brag about how good at sex he was and was in an open realtionship with a girlfriend that supposedly had sex with a bunch of frat guys. Nearly drove me to suicide and I tried to fuck him so probably could have given me an STD too.

Second one I met I thought would be better but eventually showed himself to be a giant narcissist as well. Would not stop sending me pictures of himself and his fuckbuddies. Felt the need to unsolicitedly talk about his sex life constantly (Getting a sudden Discord message about how his latest fuck couldn't cum was weird af). Even around other friends I would try to introduce him to for the first time. At one point he started bitching, how he doesn't trust guys who want to be "discrete" anymore. Gee, I wonder why. He was full of hypocriticisms and no self-awareness like that. Just a massive, completely ironic cunt all around.

Anonymous 257143

Holy fuck! Are you better now?

Anonymous 257401

A friend of mine has been so fucking boring since he troon out, i'm kinda glad he is not being active around me anymore, he really got mad at me for posting about Harry Potter on instagram.

Anonymous 257404


The idea of non-binary sounded super punk rock to me at first. It's like, "No, fuck you; If being a girl is liking pink and flowers and being a boy is cars and fighting and I'm a person who likes welding and knitting, what does that make me? Some freak animal? So be it. I'll be something else."

But nowadays we live in a world obsessed with aesthetics and semantics. The fucking pronouns. It doesn't even have to do much with equal gender rights anymore as it does with this desire to be perceived 'correctly'. We have this compulsion to curate how other people perceive us, and that has bled into the very words we expect people to use when referring to us. It is such a non-issue. Yet it has become a preoccupation in the western world.

I can understand the crucial role of others' perception in how you are treated socially. Many women are perceived as physically weak on the basis of their gender, even though some go to the gym 4-5x a week and can deadlift 300lbs. The point is, they put the work in, so they can merit how they are perceived. If enough women like that exist, we can get rid of the preconceived notion that women are weak. The same way that once women were allowed to drive, the stereotype that women suck at driving disappeared. There are still women that are weak, and there are still women that suck at driving, but what the consensus NEEDS to be is that it's because they haven't put the time in, not because they have a vagina.

I say this, because I believe it is a waste for people to be defying gender expectations while identifying as non-binary when you could be proving to society that your biological sex is capable of anything you put your willpower towards.

Non binary should be a way of life, not an identity.

Anonymous 257422

I've noticed there's been a vibe shift and more people are open about being terfs but a few years ago it seemed like trans discourse was at its peak and you couldn't criticize them in the slightest.

Anonymous 257423


Hello, thank you for asking. Yes, I stopped associating with those people. Life is lonelier now, but it's still better than having people like that in my life any day.

Anonymous 257431

You said it, nona! Non-binary would 100x be more based if it was more rooted in gender-nonconformity and not all this pronoun horseshit.

Anonymous 257523

>feminicide happened
>let's also think about trans homicide!!!

Anonymous 257757



Anonymous 257759

least autogynephilic tr00n

Anonymous 257760

Is it just me or do many guys become Trans because they think it'll help them get away with illegal shit?

Anonymous 257779

Why can't trannies manage even the most basic of hygeine? Almost every time one posts an image of themselves they have disgusting nails, oily ass hair and skin. Not to mention if they post their living space its dirty as fuck with stained carpet and clutter everywhere. Like holy fuck who is enabling these barely functioning humans chop their dicks off

Anonymous 257780

Mental illness, lack of spoons, and living in a dreamlike fantasy state in their heads to the point of self-care neglect, maybe.

Anonymous 257782

I worked with one that had bad hygiene and smelled like some sort of nasty vinegar. It seemed like he never washed his clothes because they were wrinkled and had stains. When the manager kept talking to him about it and even started to write him up, he acted like a victim and like he was unfairly targeted

Anonymous 257921


>already knew he was wearing her clothes but assumed it was innocent
there's no saving her.

Anonymous 258009


>American uni, 2nd year, have barely talked to or met anyone
>Want to meet people, other nonas or maybe some decent men
>NEETy, try DnD club, probably the most social thing I could muster
>Campaign I join has 5 others, 4 of which use she/her pronouns online, think I could finally meet some girlies and make friends
>Meet in person
>All men.

I'm aware DnD has a large following of "them" so I guess that's what I should've expected for being around people who like to play pretend. They don't even put in the effort anymore to "look" like a woman. Half of them had unkempt facial hair still hanging onto their bony neolithic jaws. Telltale signs of terrible hygiene. Extreme lack of any remote sense of self-awareness (comes with the territory, I guess).

There really needs to exist some method to fix AGP. Have them run around in some camp away from sane people, they love their echo chambers anyway. I'm tired of meeting people masquerading as their fetish, its always extremely obvious to tell whenever they do it for the attention, especially when they get a rise out of saying "pissing off the transphobes by existing, rent free :)" and such.

Anonymous 258046


Tranny got killed and every feminist who doesn't like trannies is getting blamed for it. Be aware the author of the article is also a troon and thus taking the "perfect angel destroyed by literal demons" approach to his writing.

Anonymous 258093

>There really needs to exist some method to fix AGP.
Complete castration, prostate removal included.

Anonymous 258099

They always blame the woman, no matter what. That kid's killers weren't even female. Males have literally always had an anti tranny mindset before le terfs even existed. You'll only hear about these stories happening to trannies who are fags, you never hear it about "transbians". And it makes sense because Males hate gay trannies more than "transbian" ones because they hate gay males, it's simple.

Anonymous 258130


I came across this and now you have to see it too.

Anonymous 258143

It's basically all reducible to mental illness and instability. I teach programming classes so I get a lot of them and the bad hygiene/social skills thing is pretty common. Typically nobody is going to go down the gender dysphoria route unless they've got some undiagnosed thing going on and that thing (and its consequent suffering) will continue to go undiagnosed because this culture indulges it as just some sort of innate condition that's curable by making me look at a grown man's nipples through a deep v-neck sundress in the middle of a class.

Anonymous 258144

what's responsible for the rise in men with this particular paraphilia? is it just porn? why this paraphilia in particular then?

Anonymous 258195

It is porn, it's their fetishes gradually getting out of hand to the point where they start identifying with the woman being abused because porn makes the abuse seem enjoyable. Now I'm not a puritan and saying that you shouldn't enjoy what you enjoy, but combine the porn addiction with an anti-social moid that's very likely on the spectrum and you get someone that sees womanhood as nothing more than a fetish.

Anonymous 258228


How do you feel about pooners seeking gaymen in places like Grindr and getting fucked by chasers/het men? Deserved or not? I have read some posts that say it's abuse and grooming etc. but if they are adults I don't think we should police their decision as grown women to seek encounters of such nature. Pooners pretend to be men for euphoria/yaoi fantasy, men pretend they are soft bois for pussy. I don't really care about anything that happens in that situation that's not outright illegal, if they are getting lied to by men for sex maybe they should stop trying to fuck gaymen and grow up mentally.

Anonymous 258250


There's no gay man eating pussy.
"Het man" who wants to fuck a trannie are pretty much a fucking faggot and just want something close to what appears to be a woman or is just a fucking pervert who needs to be fucking something does not matter what.

Most woman's I see dating TiFs are TiFs themselves or woman who started dating them before they gone crazy and are too attached to let them go or are just blind to the reality of those things..

Sorry for the rant nona, I'm peaking

Anonymous 258278

Pooners are adults. They should know men lie to get sex. Gay men tend to be promiscuous so it's on brand.

Anonymous 258340

TIFs that prefer men are just straight tomboys with extra steps. I can understand kind of wanting to straighten a gay guy out, but gays that are actually willing to be bi like their women to still be women, just with a pegging strap attached.

Anonymous 258372

Have y'all always been a terf? I haven't. I was friends with a lot of troons before.

Anonymous 258373

No, actually. Before I peaked, all of my friends were genderspecials libshits. I think what peaked me and got me talking to other radical feminists was seeing r/dykeconversion, i dont use reddit but i originally saw it being posted on twitter. Seeing all of those trannies say nasty shit about my community. The subreddit was raided back in 2021 and it was all "transbians" fighting off the raiders.
Being a lesbian means trannies think it's okay to step on you all the time, I'm fed up with them.

Anonymous 258376

Yes. But it was a different era, where me and my peers openly mocked the Wachowski brothers for becoming the Wachowski sisters. Trannies were something to be laughed at, but not openly hated. I re-peaked after JK Rowling's essay and the tranny reaction to it, and now I hate them with a burning passion.

Anonymous 258377

Yes, as it was common sense to me.

Anonymous 258378

Kinda. I didn't care at all about trannies, then I discovered radical feminism and from there I got into the GC rabbit hole. I'm not a radfem anymore but I'm still GC.

Anonymous 258390

i guess everyone responding to you had a lib phase or whatever but i always disliked them and especially the "transbians" i'm generally left leaning and all but i really do cut the line off at troons lmao

Anonymous 258399

No, I think it's a really common terf experience to id as a tranny or just being generally really involved with the t community before peaking. Being so fully immersed with the trans rhetoric and knowing some things are wonky but not having a framework to fully makes finding and understanding radical feminism a pretty eye opening experience.

Anonymous 258404

Sort of. Never thought a man was a woman but did not care about trannies much (they were not everywhere and weren't trying to alter the laws and invade womens spaces). I was the minute Jenner won woman of the year and found out what the term gender critical meant. Could've found a more worthy woman of the year by walking in to the nearest business and awarding the first female employee they saw.

Anonymous 258527


i don't know how anyone ever buys into this ideology. the very first time i heard about this as a kid i knew it was nonsense. i remember it pretty clearly
>driving in the car with dad
>on the radio is a story about a kid who told his parents "when you talk about me, say she"
>knew this made no sense but didn't really know how to put it into words
>ask dad something along the lines if "that's crazy, right?"
>dad just looks uncomfortable and pretends no to hear me, even though he always let me ride in the passenger seat so i was right next to him
honestly his refusal to answer told me just about everything.

Anonymous 258529

I teach at a college in an area that tends to attract tims. I noticed how consistently disgusting they were and then went down the TERF rabbithole.

Anonymous 258540

It was the other way around for me, I was always transphobic but I was a very conservative pickme tradwife type before I could no longer tolerate misogyny in general and became more of a feminist.

Anonymous 258558


Ughghgh, this is from a youtuber's comment section. She was discussing how men fuck literal corpses so morgues prefer to hire women. I cannot with this tranny nonsense, I'm just glad that it only affects me online and I don't see this shit irl. I'd go insane.

Anonymous 258591

>I'm not a town, but I'd be inside you
What does this even mean? Am I missing a reference to something?

Anonymous 258605

"The Town Inside Me" is Bridget's battle theme in Strive.

Anonymous 258606


Anonymous 258608

Kikomi tier logic

Anonymous 258613

i just know whoever wrote that comment(in the image) is a greasy fat disgusting moid

Anonymous 258616


>"Triumph of human desire over definition."

Words don't mean anything anymore I guess.

Anonymous 258622

" triumph of human desire (coombrains and fetishes) over human definitions (logic and reality"
they're just almost admitting they're porn addicts disconnected from reality

Anonymous 258632

They don't even pass, at best they will be seen as extremely ugly "cisgirls" and avoided (just like they are avoided when they're out as trannies).

Anonymous 258641


He really thinks the only reason anyone other than his doctor knows what he is is because he tells them. It's funny that he's stealing the word "cis" because real men and women never think of ourselves as cis- anything. It's just a word trannies made for us and now apparently they want it back.

Anonymous 258648

I never liked the idea of transgenderism and "LGBT" being a whole thing. Even when my parents tried to explain it to 11 year old me I knew it was a fairly rank game of pretend.
That being said, most aspects of transgenderism are things I can safely brush under the rug of "that's fucking gay, but let people live I guess." The only things I genuinely cannot accept are that they need the right to use our locker rooms while still having male genitals, the right to compete in our sports, and far and away beyond the other 2: for children to be able to be transitioned.

In general I think the way fags all across the spectrum needing to "educate children" is too much.

Anonymous 258664

I had my tumblr phase but I wasn't sold on the trans ideology although i really tried to adhere to it since I didn't want to be a transphobe. I was exposed to radical feminists because libfems were bitching about them and I realized they made actual sense. Seeing that clip where Robert Albert Tur threateningly grabs Ben Shapiro by the neck and everyone supporting the freak's violence really peaked me.

Anonymous 258670

Anonymous 258671

Dude I was the same, we should make a thread for former conservative women.

Anonymous 258681

That's impressively light for a grown adult. I'm 20 yo, 5'8" and 145.

Anonymous 258682

She's right. For me, it's not so much that my views have changed, but my party / group affiliation has been displaced. That's the important part about parties, not your belief, but the people you associate with.

Anonymous 258707


Anonymous 258711


Has anyone noticed how trannies from 4chan started copying lolcow and cc lingo? They really insert words like moid in their replies alongside the most coomerish anime girl picture ever that only a male could see as hot thinking it makes them less clockable.

Anonymous 258712

yeah at this point every "woman" on 4chan is actually a larping troon. they have a very peculiar way of speaking that i can clock as being troon immediately. they tend to be overpreformative when it comes to speaking feminine as if women actually talk like that lol.

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