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Anonymous Admin 39516[Reply]

Do not make threads about the following topics:
- Race/Ethnicity/Nationality (including stereotypes & preferences)
- Religion
- (Why) do guys…
- (Why) do you like guys who [insert preference here]
- (Why) do guys like [insert preference here]
- how to get a bf/gf (who does xyz)

If you want to talk about Radfem/TERF/Gendercritical themes, do not make a new thread. Use the existing threads and keep discussion civil. You can read my thoughts on a radfem board here: >>>/meta/2962

>>62606 Pinkpill general/complaints about men as a whole
>>44115 Where/how to meet men
>>67804 Trans general
>>66270 TERF Memes/shittalking


Anonymous 70516[Reply]

Do you think you could tell someone's gender from their post(s)?
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Anonymous 70531

I think I can usually tell

Anonymous 70568

How do you think they Know?

Anonymous 70577

You will never be a woman

Anonymous 70606

Most certainly. And I know for sure that there are moids infiltrating this place.

Anonymous 70608

I can kind of tell, but not always. I do get worried that I'll get flagged as a moid one day because I write a bit like one due to growing up on 4chan.


Terfposting #3 Anonymous 70600[Reply]

The thread for all your transphobic meme and shit talk needs. Go!

Old thread (reached post limit): >>66270


Moid secrets. Anonymous 68756[Reply]

We all know how primitive they are, but even they have their gender specific secrets.
Maybe you know some myths about men that turned out to be true? Share them here.
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Anonymous 70598

yeah it's not news to anyone here but it's news to the average person. male bisexuality is almost as common as female bisexuality is but everyone pretends it's not; now we have scientific proof.

Anonymous 70599


99% of men neither wash nor wipe their penises after peeing. Also, most leak a little after peeing. So they just soak their pants. Also, if they get horny they leak precum which soaks their pants further. Many don't change their pants for several days. Imagine the stench.

Anonymous 70601

I remember my ex was amused at how disgusted my reaction was when he told me that no man ever wipes his dick after he pisses.

Anyway as for moid secrets, I can tell you 100% of men are hebephiles/ephebophiles, and about half of men are capable of sexual attraction to children. That was a hard blackpill to swallow.

Anonymous 70603

I wouldn't say 100%.
But 98% of them would never admit it, so it's hard to tell.
Also, pedo sex offenders are lynched worldwide in prisons on a regular basis. So some men definitively have no chill on this topic.

Anonymous 70605

This is describing one specific thing that sometimes happens. You've clearly never had a bf. I've seen what mine does when he has to pee while hard and he basically has to lay on top of the toilet its kind of hilarious. If moids had to do that every time they peed they'd be even pickier about peeing than most women

Urban exploration Anonymous 70097[Reply]

What do you think of urban exploration? It's kinda a moid thing to do but I want to do it, seems so cool.
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Anonymous 70589

Tell us more anon

Anonymous 70590

I used to do this so much until I moved to a big city where all the cool locations are overrun with anything from hobos to drug dealers and smashed to bits with all the interesting stuff gone. But I had a few really lovely locations in the countryside that were my favorite places on earth, even if it sounds edgy. My absolute favorite was this huge abandoned industrial paper mill that spanned multiple buildings with 5 floors each, ancient computers, machine rooms, and a weirdly cozy attic with a random little room full of bright turquoise paper stacked from floor to ceiling, crooked and worn steps, round windows and The top floor had burnt down so you could step up from a staircase onto what used to be a giant factory-sized floor, step in a foot-deep layer of moss and ashes with the giant wooden beams of the former roof towering over you as you're surrounded by the forest on all sides. It had so much to explore and never got boring, there was some shitty graffiti and some vandalism (and a room full of fake blood and plushies left behind by some sp00ky edgelords) but also so many completely untouched rooms with employee files and guides, old stock, aforementioned computers and floppy disks, even a tiny room in the attic where the grey wallpaper had peeled with some floral one behind it. It was perfect.

Sadly this was before the smartphone era and most of the photos I took on my decent camera have been lost to a million computer crashes since then. I still have a few somewhere if anyone wants to see, but they don't do the utter scale and atmosphere of the place justice.

Anonymous 70591

re: "this is a moid hobby", I gotta say I never felt that safe going alone and as a general rule you should never go alone anyways, so I usually took a guy with me to help me carry photography gear and be a bodyguard in case we meet someone unsavory. If you have a guy with you you'll be less likely to be attacked simply because they respect the moid more. I've only run into people a handful of times though, usually they were other explorers or hobos. The one time I brought an all-girls group for a photoshoot, we ran into another photographer (who was doing a stereotypical "putting a topless Stacy in jeans in an abandoned building is instant art" photoshoot) and he called the fucking police on us. In any case it's not a moid hobby, but you'll probably have a hard time finding a lone woman exploring.

Now I want to get an all-female exploration group together.

Anonymous 70596


Same person as before.
There are a couple places that I look back on fondly, and I think you'll find them interesting.

If you look up the Velvet Cloak Inn (Raleigh, NC, USA) you'll find pictures and articles of this grand hotel that was on the main road through the city (Hillsborough St). This place just REEKED of history. There's an urban legend that Bob Dylan played a impromptu show in the parking lot before he got "big". This was the hotel that the rich and well-to-do people stayed in when they came to Raleigh in the 60's.
Sometime around 2016-17 (I guess), the place became condemned after years of being treated as low-income apartments and mistreatment. It was a total wreck, and the city needed to make room for student dorms, so it was closed, gated off, and left to rot before the bulldozers came for it.

Anyway, I was walking through the city one night (high out of my mind on benzos) and, upon passing it, decided to jump the fucking gate and go into this abandoned hotel.
At 12 AM.
I'm an idiot. I was hella high, but I'm an idiot.

I had a good time. I definitely didn't go far. I found my way into the main lobby. I could see the check-in desk front left, and an elevator along a hallway. I headed around the back where the pool was. You can find pics of the pool area online, it was stunning and I'm sure it was a really amazing place in it's hay-day. Parts of the building were already somewhat torn down, but there were rooms with their doors open around the lower levels (iirc) leading out the pool. I began to really feel the creeps passing by these gaping black voids, and my vision was altered from the drugs, making things difficult to make out. If I recall, I heard something shuffle in one of the rooms, and that's when I dashed out of there, scaled the fence, and left.

Maybe about two weeks later, I randomly hang out with my two younger brothers (I think they were picking something up) and Grant (the youngest), remarked he had been there before.
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Anonymous 70604

i'd love to do it, i just adore abandoned aesthetic, nature reclamation, and stuff like that, but i don't have a moid to go with

and it's a real shame because some of these places are literally within my arm's reach, but going there alone would be simply irresponsible thing to do


Anonymous 69721[Reply]

Anyone else become more interested in their own tradition and culture in these crazy times? I didn't care about it for most of the time but lately I've felt drawn to my local folklore, traditional clothing, festivities etc. It makes me feel comfy and secure.
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Anonymous 69865

>talking about hats, festivals, food, and games is politics
OP being German also doesn't make her or this thread automatically racist lmao. Two brown girls have posted and no one has flung racism at us.

Anonymous 69867

With most of the dances you just have to follow everyone else. Find a partner who knows what they are doing and they will pull you in the right direction. Most of the steps are very simple and Scottish people have no rhythm and drink a lot so no one will notice. There's only about 4 major dances worth knowing anyway. Scottish people are very friendly too so they should be happy to help you.

Regarding being brown, the UK is a pretty diverse place so no one is going to think it weird. There are lots of (originally) Indian families in the UK so they might think you are Indian, but won't assume you can't be Scottish.

Anonymous 70245

That's cool, I'm not into my local folklore but I enjoy "obscure" cultures, especially ones with rich musical traditions. Breton is my top for sure, here's a few of my favourite breton songs:

There's a decent looking breton course on memrise, hope it helps!

I've never met a breton person before, if you would like to chat leave your preferred contact

Anonymous 70265

same here! my personal favorite "obscure" culture is the ainu, their music is really grounding

Anonymous 70595

I love Brazilian culture.


Anonymous 70438[Reply]

Old school crushes? I like John Grant.

Anonymous 70453


Eddie Cantor is weak and his love interests love it.

Anonymous 70537


Anton Walbrook was just asdfghjkl;

Anonymous 70594




Anonymous 70157[Reply]

how do you deal with scrote bootlicker pickmes in one on one conversation?

i just talked to a girl in dms (so no males present that she could have been trying to impress) and i was completely unable to explain to her that just because she personally may not feel like feminism is "necessary" in the west, that doesn't mean that that's everyones experience.

she brought up all the classics like "muh women in 3rd world countries", "muh males are disadvantaged too" etc. i think i refuted all of them fairly well but it's like she didn't want to accept that there is an issue in the first place?

idk i feel really lost in this kind of convo somehow, when i think usually i do fairly well making my point even when talking to hopeless incels.
it's just baffling to me that she doesn't see how she is being treated differently and if she sees it what makes her think she should just suck it up/ignore it? have you guys have had any experience with this type of thing

tl;dr how do i pinkpill a pickme
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Anonymous 70574

>being treated

Fair enough. Though now you have to explain why being treated like a woman means being treated like a watermelon with a hole punched in it.

>That's why I posted that picture

Hooters waitresses, like prostitutes, are usually drug-addicted sexual abuse victims. I wonder what they would do for a living if they hadn't gotten "treated like women" when they were preteens.

Anonymous 70575

That's not EXACTLY what I was going for… It's suppose to be the eternal debate of women who are willing to sell themselves rather than skills they have, and of which there will be women willing to do for forever. Not trying to make a moral judgment only that it won't go away, and that it doesn't matter if you like it.

Anonymous 70580

>It's suppose to be the eternal debate of women who are willing to sell themselves rather than skills they have

It's SUPPOSED to be that, but what it actually is is male-controlled industries using deceptive hiring practices and outright trafficking to hijack girls' futures before they've developed any skills at all.

>it won't go away

It will if we hang the johns.

Anonymous 70583

I hate to break this to you, but some bitches are just sluts. They want to fuck and have fun.
>It will if we hang the johns.
Can you stop with the memes and actually address the point. You give men far too much credit.

Anonymous 70587

send her my way then


Communism Thread Anonymous 4053[Reply]

Post memes or theory
116 posts and 48 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 70434


Because I live in a post socialist country. I have no desire to deny or minimise Stalinist atrocities. But the only people that would try to convince someone that "romance didnt exist", or that Russians did know know a difference between a wardrobe and a toilet, are sheltered Americans who get their knowledge of other countries from watching Borat and then completely missing the point of the movie.

Anonymous 70436

My grandmother had to give up her ancestral land to the government which then distributed it among farmers and she says it's a great thing that it happened.

Anonymous 70437


Anonymous 70475


You're right, romance can exist anywhere, without stuff like dresses, flowers, while hungry and weary about the future. But some russian soldiers did washed their hands in toilets, many of them came from regions without any modern sanitation and prisons, but that's not important, as long as we can agree that communism caused deaths of millions of communists.

Anonymous 70559

>communist countries have been at the forefront of social progress

Had he lived to see the rise of tranny bullshit, Engels would have recognized their sex denialism as the oppressive, woman-hating ideology that it is.

Anonymous 70503[Reply]

[move away from the mic to eat more]

Anonymous 70510


I love this channel! Makes for some comfy viewing. Shame about Tito going missing, I hope he's still out there somewhere. Here's my fav video of the great James Blackwood, raccoon whisperer.

Anonymous 70517

He wildin

Anonymous 70536

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