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Anonymous Admin 39516[Reply]

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Is hybristophilia common? Anonymous 166895[Reply]

So many incels claim that girls only like "bad boys", criminals, drug dealers, bastards… those kind of people. I believe most girls simply try to avoid being targeted by male violence, so they comply with their abusive mindset, but many girls wouldn't like such moids otherwise. Those who would are probably toxic theirselves, so no surprise they stay around like-minded people.
Reddit spacing
Personally I don't want a toxic relationship with a "thug". I would prefer a cute guy who wouldn't kill me (nor anyone else) overnight. You know, someone who cares about me. But moids can't be genuinely nice. Maybe someone, but they are hard to find. And surely they are not glorifying school shooters.

Take picrel as an example. He is Nikolas Cruz, that psychopathic moid who did Parkland shooting, self-proclaimed incel who said that "Eliott Rodger won't be forgotten". This sounds exactly like something an entitled incel would say. Yeah sure like, he withholds the power to choose whether people will forget or not someone and their actions. That's so stupid. This moid had a girlfriend, and he screw it up because he was a paranoic psychopath, although she did her "misdeeds" too (she posted his nudes on internet, and this is wrong). But no, he was an incel because women are evil and like to make men suffer. Maybe being such a psycho wasn't totally his fault, but it is quite normal that people will go away from him. His biological sister too isn't mentally stable and went in jail. And they didn't even grow up together.

Btw, I saw a thread on 4chan /pol/ and among the usual nazis there were homosexual guys lusting over him! And they were saying he is "based" and weird shit, and should be set free. Wtf. So now remind me how it's the girls who lust over criminals?? Maybe he is kinda cute, but he is an incel who killed innocent people. They complain girls only like bad boys and then they shoot people for "justice". Is it so hard to see the incoherence and the hypocrisy here?

>Incels are deeply dumb in the head and hypocritical. And they are bad boys unironically. How do you feel about this?
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Anonymous 167302



Anonymous 167306

I used to obsess over dead murderers because they felt like characters, or celebrities, that you could project adoration onto guilt-free (I am an obsessive but I would feel guilty if I felt that way or obsessed over someone irl.) It’s different from encountering violent people personally, which removes the fantasy aspect of it. There are levels to it. People like me would be unhappy if we met the people we fantasize about, but there are hardcore hybristophiles like Karla Homolka who have attractions to dangerous men they meet and feel a desire to commit crimes with them, which is very different from having a juvenile crush on a handsome face in a newspaper or documentary.

Anonymous 167314

I wouldn't call myself a (I don't even want to say the term because the female version sounds gross to me), but I'm avoidant, very disagreeable, into lifting and combat sports. I've noticed that the people who would be the most harmed by my disagreeableness and avoidance, are the most interested, because they hope to be special enough that I'll suddenly change or make an exception. The more I warn, the more they seem to become more interested, even though I can already imagine all the ways I'd unintentionally trigger their abandonment issues. With women you can clearly see the interest comes from wanting to repeat previous patterns and hoping that suddenly the cycle will be broken. Which is why I reject them, I don't want to be used as a form of self harm. I know I shouldn't be making decisions for other women and maybe it's internalized misogyny and I'm treating those types too much like a fragile teacup, but I don't like the feeling it gives me.
Scrotes on the other hand see me as a feral cat in need of taming and despite being a butch lesbian, they won't leave me alone. Then they're surprised I get violent towards them.

Anonymous 167324

I don’t think Karla was a genuine hybristophile. She was just dating a guy who was a bit physically out of her league and who she was desperate to hold onto. If you read about her in depth you find she was into very corny fluffy lovey dovey type stuff. I think she was just absolutely enamoured with Paul and willing to do anything for him, it became a long drawn out sex game that eventually got out of control. Paul was also incredibly physically abusive to her (we’ve all seen the pictures of her with the two black eyes after Paul beat her with a flashlight) and I think she was so gaslighted and brainwashed into thinking it was normal and okay to behave like this because of how sure Paul was about himself and his immorality. I’m not defending or excusing her, but it’s clear she was willing to die for Paul, until she finally fell out of love with him and reported him to the authorities. I think Karla may have had NPD and Paul was just full on ASPD.

Karla and Paul are very interesting to me because of how wholesome and sweet they seemed on the outside but how evil and perverted they would be privately. The aesthetic of that era makes me nostalgic too, the mixture of cutesy hallmark Disney 90s wholesome suburban family life mixed with such evil depraved murders is so addictive and uncanny.

Anonymous 167326

>she was just dating a guy who was a bit physically out of her league
Oh no you did not just say potato-face Paul is prettier than Karla. Anyways, if you listen to some of the tapes where they are discussing what they’ll do to their eventual victims, you’ll find that she very much wanted those crimes to be committed and in some cases initiated them. She picked up a girl, unprompted, for her oaf husband to molest. And she only turned against him after it became clear that they would be caught for the crimes because she got a plea bargain out of it.


Trench coats Anonymous 166700[Reply]

Anyone else love wearing those?
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Anonymous 167114

Lel same or inspector gadget

Anonymous 167296


Basically like >>167060 said - just something more formal

Anonymous 167322

fatrannies think t…

this is a tranny dont believe what he says. He is posting the exact fit he had in lgbt, he thinks we dont know kys what a coincidence you recommend the exact shit you wear, pic related. also you are responding to me. I can just smell you I just know.

ywnbaw off urself soon scrote

Anonymous 167323

and you dress like shit trannies will forever be a mockery of women's fashion you dont even fit well retard

Anonymous 167325


Anonymous 166846[Reply]

This is a weird little rant. But I think it’s absolutely bullshit we learn Spanish in American schools and not ASL. English is the number one spoken language in the world. We are choosing to teach a language simply because we have a real hard on for minorities. Minorities who are making a choice not to learn a language in the country they live. People who are deaf are not making that choice. It would make more sense to learn mandarin over Spanish because it’s the second most spoken language.
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Anonymous 167106

I came to this thread JUST to post this!

Anonymous 167117

Well I don't disagree

Anonymous 167263

taking an asl class right now and absolutely failing

Anonymous 167318

I haven't met a single deaf person in my entire life.

Anonymous 167321


>tfw no deaf bf to sign lovey-dovey gestures with and be dependent on you in noisy situations


Anonymous 167290[Reply]

>ooga booga

Anonymous 167294


ngl that was triggering to watch. I wish you could have wrote as a warning how violent that video is but it's also good to know how badly degenerate scrotes are. I hate moids, they simply don't deserve rights.

Anonymous 167320

women should have guns

stfu tranny ywnbaw


Pinkpill thread #13 Anonymous 163277[Reply]

Curing the moid plague edition.

Last thread >>147993
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Anonymous 166954

Don't know who that is so I googled but holy shit, why are UK men such pedos holy shit. She looks pretty even as an adult without any make-up on, absolutely vapid pedo losers.

Anonymous 167089

I remember this news case. He threw away his pc

Anonymous 167286

It makes me so happy to know there are still some (mostly) moid free spaces on the internet. I really need to divorce myself more from male spaces and biased perspectives because our lives are rotting from men's lack of empathy.

Everything somehow always comes back to them being the center of attention or them just absolutely refusing to develop and grow to realise the world goes on outside their perspective (the guys that just go forth with no sense of empathy or reflection for others around them). You can't even have a conversation without them assuming the position as dominant force of the conversation instead of it just bring actual banter between equal human beings on a subject both are interested in. I'm tired of the half measure of listening to them just going off on a rant about a subject we're both interested. I want back and forth discussion, not to feel like the person who just happened to be there when they opened their mouth to talk

Anonymous 167317

It’s an Anglo Saxon thing. Northwestern Europe is just nonceland.

Anonymous 167319

Yeah unfortunately scrotes view every single interaction in life as a power struggle and it’s absolutely pathetic. Even when you observe them interacting with one another, you can see it’s just a lowkey battle for social dominance. Men all innately know they need to be dominant for their own sake but they don’t openly admit WHY - and that’s because scrotes are inherently sadistic and predatory and will usually torture, bully and try to kill anything they perceive as being weaker than them. Moids still haven’t evolved past the kill or be killed part of evolution and that’s why the world is such a mess because of them. Men always want to control and subjugate everything and everyone around them. They’re the worst thing that happened to the planet tbh.


Life coaching Anonymous 167189[Reply]

By profession, I am a life coach that specializes in working with women with ADHD and/or autism. If you don't know what a life coach is, it's a woman who helps you identify the problems in your life and recommends solutions for overcoming them. So tell me your problems or how you're unhappy and I will attempt to solve them.
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Anonymous 167270

Ok I'll give it a shot thanks for the advice.

Anonymous 167295

This is very normal, especially for women with autism and women who's parents never socialized them properly. I would recommend starting to train your people skills now using Youtube videos.
The easy thing is that most people are very robot like. You say something from column A, and they will almost always react by responding from column B. Therefore, you don't need to know how to react to every situation, so much as memorize a series of responses to certain situations which can be taught through Youtube. A warning though. You likely take things very literally, and this can be very taboo in society. Avoid the straight forward question, "How long is this going to take?" People will take this as you being passive aggressive and impatient. Instead, quickly explain the reasoning behind your questions when you present it in the workplace and with friends. "How long do you estimate this will take? I would like to start another task, but I want to be available to you for when this one is completed." Also, remember to say people's name to get their attention and then make your first sentence a fluff sentence. So instead of walking into an office and saying, "What time are the evaluation reports?" You walk in, say their name to catch their attention, add a fluff sentence to allow their mind to switch tasks to your questions, and then finish with the question. "Hey Alicia, I wondered if you knew, what time are the evaluation reports today?"

Anonymous 167299

>do employers really care about what they say they do in the job description
They care very little. Apply to any job you want, even the ones you feel you aren't fully qualified for. Managers ask for the absolute ideal candidate, but so many unqualified people apply, that they'll interview anyone they feel has any potential. Seriously, if I post a job listing that requests a bachelor's in history, 50% of responses will be from people who never graduated high school, 45% will be non bachelor's, and the 5% who have bachelor's in history will have ridiculous demands like can only work during the full moon on Wednesdays. So I'll usually pick from the non-bachelor's and hope I can train them.

Anonymous 167313

>You say something from column A, and they will almost always react by responding from column B.
I have noticed that it's kind of funny sometimes I'll just say something to see the reaction and note that in my head. A huge issue I have is when I'm talking to someone andthey say something that reminds me of a painful memory in the past there's a flood of emotions going through my head making it hard to continue.
That's a good piece of information. I figured noone expects that much especially in entry level jobs.

Anonymous 167316

What advice would you give to a desperate boyfriendless woman who is too scared to talk to men because she is extremely ugly?


Anonymous 164537[Reply]

Why do you hate fatties so much? Yeah, I agree it had disastrous effects on feminism, but other than that it's not like being fat is the worst sin in the world.
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Anonymous 167271

Women who act like men are better than men that act like men lol

Anonymous 167278

If they aren't trans why the fuck does any gender need to act gender-specific? Are you out of your mind moid?

Anonymous 167303

Reminder that amab can never be women

Anonymous 167310


I don't hate fatties, im fine with them.

Anonymous 167312

Lol loser


Anonymous 166234[Reply]

What are you expecting?
48 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 166785


I also think he's normal/average looking, it's just the fact that he hyped the face reveal for so long and the fact that it's fun to make fun of people. Had he always had his face public people wouldn't care so much. My tinfoil is that he waited so long so that he could lose weight kek.

Anonymous 166786

his weight loss is actually pretty impressive

Anonymous 166793

Anonymous 166794

He's cute

Anonymous 167307

Not Henry Cavill over here but face-wise it's not a fucking 3 like some are saying, like, holy shit, if Dream is a 3/10 then my brother is an actual sewer rat and my college classmates are actual lovecraftian monsters, I agree that most men are not that good looking but then again I don't think women are either, I'd consider myself to have pretty high standards for both sexes but I suppose most people ar ehiding their lookism power level.


Lolcow Bunker #7- "We're back but we gotta wait" Edition Anonymous 161132[Reply]

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Anonymous 167267



Anonymous 167273

sonic inflated ass…


Anonymous 167281

cat in mouf.gif


Anonymous 167283


i don't really keep up with jillian aside from the basic well known stuff but all this milk has me intrigued. can some kind give me a quick tl;dr of what's going on there aside from "read the threads"? i'm on the newest one but there's so much going on

Anonymous 167293

ignore the tranny, the current milk is that jills faking DID and shes having twitter beef w a somewhat known youtuber called vangelina something. in general though shes just been very milky, attention seeking and claiming that lc is stalking her (she made a video a few days ago about us)

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