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Lolcow Bunker Thread #29 - Dark Mode Edition Anonymous 203721

Posting is enabled on https://original.lolcow.farm/, however many nonn1es can't access it. For some it works with mobile data only, some with a proxy. (free proxy: https://www.proxysite.com/). If you want to torture yourself, https://farmcow.lol/ is also up. You can reverse the mirroring with an extension (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-CA/firefox/addon/mirror-browser/). If you're a mobilefag, use your browser's read mode on farmcow.
Bunker with no lolcow discussion: >>>/b/195942
Bunker doodle board: https://aggie.io/oyfgrhxl5_
Bunker movie room: https://cytu.be/r/farmbunker
Do not engage with nonn1es saying provocative shit to start infights. Report and ignore.

Last bunker: >>>/b/203129

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Shaymin's answering requests to help: >>>/b/202356

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IHM appears: >>>/b/198185 >>>/b/198203 >>>/b/198207
Screencaps of bunker discord: >>>/b/198151 >>>/b/198154 >>>/b/198162 >>>/b/198164 >>>/b/198165 >>>/b/198174
Shaymin makes a bunker discord: >>>/b/197998
Nonn1e emails Shaymin asking about costs: >>>/b/198070

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Shaymin addresses Ian tinfoils: >>>/b/197490
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#13 >>>/b/193547
Posting disabled on nucow: >>>/b/193797
/w/ isn't added to the board list: >>>/b/193742
Nucow screencaps: >>>/b/193667 >>>/b/193670 >>>/b/193674 >>>/b/193679 >>>/b/193682 >>>/b/193724 >>>/b/193729 >>>/b/193730
Some nonn1es can't access lolcow: >>>/b/193629

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#8 >>>/b/190776 <<< First glimpses of nucow here
#7 >>>/b/190209
#6 >>>/b/189597
#5 >>>/b/189027
#4 >>>/b/188397
#3 >>>/b/187763
#2 >>>/b/187196
#1 >>>/b/186624

Anonymous 203722

New lolcow/CC should include a filter feature where you can filter certain words. That way I could just mute "Astolfo" and I wouldn't have to see it

Anonymous 203723

first for wageys should go back to the cagey!

Anonymous 203724


Anonymous 203725

Don't reply to the tranny NEET.

Anonymous 203726

The AI I mind the most is AI that businesses use. Recently I had to call my bank and this AI lady kept asking me what the issue was so she could send me to the right employee or whatever and she kept mishearing me no matter how clearly I spoke, so I'd have to hang up, call back and listen to everything she said before that each time

Anonymous 203727


Anonymous 203728


sure, everyone you dislike is your boogeyman

Anonymous 203729

whoever is spamming baldi kys faggot. I hate that egg shaped mf.

Anonymous 203730

same, i want to talk with my human not with some machine. Its also so fucking scary because they use real people photos, but you know you are talking to bot

Anonymous 203731

There is amazon products, viral tweets, art, art for a products, product description and so on.

Anonymous 203732

no this is a pro-baldi zone

Anonymous 203733


I love neon young Robert Graves and all of you should too

Anonymous 203734


Anonymous 203735

why am I into men in light of vidrel reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous 203736

hey don't say that about baldi

Anonymous 203737


chicks like me who long for more androgynous/effeminate men of the 2d variety are treated harshly for virtually no reason

Anonymous 203738

This one's for you, NEETchan

Anonymous 203740


if i cant live in this pastel beach house why live

Anonymous 203741


Anonymous 203743

As they should be

Anonymous 203744

I kind of get that, I never really got why Nonas would get so extraordinarily hostile if another person has tastes that are unconventional, as long as it's not a child what's the problem?

Anonymous 203745

How do I access lolcow? It used to work for me yesterday but the site isn't loading today.

Anonymous 203746


burn this thread and start over

Anonymous 203747


I am cringe but free

Anonymous 203748

also this one kek

Anonymous 203749

whenever i have to make a call to customer support or whatever i just bark "HUMAN. HUMAN. HUMAN." into the phone until they give me one. not even worth trying with an ai

Anonymous 203750

This is definitely the fucking tranny oh my god. I hope he fucking kills himself and livestreams it.

Anonymous 203751

are you going to original.lolcow.farm?

Anonymous 203752

I've noticed that a lot of anons hate when other women aren't "normal", don't fit in or aren't like them.
Not referring to trap anon specifically she's annoying because she spams, just talking overall.

Anonymous 203753


It's because they're massive spergs who should stay on the normiefag side of the web and leave us autists alone

Anonymous 203754

nigga i hate math :(

Anonymous 203755

Screenshot 2022-12…

I've been playing Pathologic. I've never heard of this game before until I've seen some anons on LC talk about it. I've just finished the first day. I'm intrigued and I want to learn more.

Anonymous 203756

Trap anon is the pedo schizo tranny.

Anonymous 203757

I just found a fuckin movie with my IRL husbando in it and he falls in love with a woman who is… kinda like me (except I'm a lot more outgoing than the woman, and don't have a horse face like her [no offense to the actress she played the character beautifully]). Had to look high and look for a torrent of the movie but it's fuckin worth it.

Anonymous 203758

DO NOT show this image to the monsterfuckers.

Anonymous 203759

Looks more like slenderman than a monster

Anonymous 203760

what is he so surprised about

Anonymous 203761


Anonymous 203762

Exactly. I don't get why some anons are so obsessed with others being 'normal' and having conventional tastes like anime boys or muscular men. It's weird that if an anon displays that they're into something unorthodox it's a call for the anon to be lambasted as a retarded autist who needs to kill herself.

Anonymous 203763

What was your favorite creepypasta?
I liked the cupcakes one as a kid

Anonymous 203764

slenderman counts as a monster

Anonymous 203765

oooo looks interesting, what do you like most about it?

Anonymous 203766


Anonymous 203767

anyone know how a mobilefag like me can flip farmcow via chrome app? for some reason I can't access read only mode

Anonymous 203768

none, i missed out on them for thinking they were shit(they were)

Anonymous 203769

if you want hot gnc female singers

Anonymous 203770


Anonymous 203771

Anonymous 203772


Wtf fellow based ELO anon too! Can we be friends please, I've never met another anon who enjoys them

Anonymous 203773

generally stuck with SCP's

Anonymous 203774

Anons really are retarded they can't go a day without comparing themselves to famous women and saying how they look better even though they're the ones who are simping for below average shitty men and fangirling over them like they're 12

Anonymous 203775

Same, I downloaded the second one after seeing anons chat about it in the video game thread. Haven't installed it yet, lol

Anonymous 203776

I've noticed this a lot in female only spaces, I'm sure an anon smarter than me could explain why. Women are socialised to be more socially acceptable than men are, so when they see another women acting any way that could be deemed socially unacceptable they feel the need to "fix" it because that's how they've been raised?

Anonymous 203777

this thread gets worse and worse. im gonna kms if shaymin doesn't let me in

Anonymous 203778

Lol okay troon

Anonymous 203779

No, I don't want your number. No,I don't want to give you mine and no, I don't want to meet you nowhere. No. Don't want none of your timmmmmeee

Anonymous 203780

They were shit but in a charming way

Anonymous 203781

if it's any consolation this thread is way more active at the moment. you aren't missing out on a ton.

Anonymous 203782

candle cove, pretty corny when reading it as an adult but it scared the shit out of me when i was 11. i think the guy who wrote it ended up doing some other cool non-creepypasta online horror projects later on

Anonymous 203783

>if you don't think I'm based for mocking a woman's looks while simping for a man who's probably in love with her you're a troon
Ok femcel.

Anonymous 203784

So far the atmosphere is eerie and creepy. I think the gameplay is more about learning the world and the characters. It's like a VN and you have to pay attention to the dialogue but there's a lot of walking around.

Anonymous 203785

whats your favourite song? mine's hold on tight to you dreams. Time is my favourite album

Anonymous 203786

I've been out for a few days, so excuse me if this was answered before, but if Lolcow is already up why do you keep with the bunker threads? Is it blocked in many countries?

Anonymous 203787

Many anons still can't access the original website so we're here instead

Anonymous 203788

I don't want no scrubs, a scrub is a guy who can't get no love from me hanging in the passenger side of his best friend ride, trying to Holla at Nonni3

Anonymous 203789

for some reason a lot of users still can't get in. I'm not smart enough to understand why

Anonymous 203790

60% of the users cant access it still, its been pretty dead apparently and also invaded by moids

Anonymous 203792

yeah a lot of people cant access it still. i can, but the bunker is comfy so im here for now, maybe others are doing the same.

Anonymous 203793

How do you know that it's 60%? Just curious

Anonymous 203794

just a random number, the snow threads seem somewhat active but ot is dead

Anonymous 203795

Turn the vpn off if you have it on. If it still doesn't work go to startpage.com and search "lolcow.farm". The click on "anonymous view". It will load the site through a proxy.

Anonymous 203797

Anon, read like the first 3 sentences of the OP

Anonymous 203798

YOOOO Time is my favorite album too!! I fucking ADORE "Twilight" and the prologue. I'd first heard the song before I saw the Daicon IV animation, but when I watched it I could see why they chose that song. It's absolutely galvanizing for an artist to listen to (and I oughta know, lol). Are you on the lolcow discord or anything?

Anonymous 203799

no, why

Anonymous 203800

No one said that. Stop playing the victim

Anonymous 203801

>while simping for a man who's probably in love with her
Joke's on you, he's been dead for 20 years, HAHAHHAHAHHAHA, WHATCHA GONNA DO NOW, BITCH

Anonymous 203802

So we can geek out about ELO (and other shit, presumably)!

Anonymous 203803

Yeah, /ot/ does seem slower than it usually is, though I'm not often on that board so I'm not certain on the difference.
The cow boards are going at a decent pace so I didn't think there'd be so many users missing

Anonymous 203805


haters gonna hate

Anonymous 203806


Dear Ms. I'm Too Good To Appeal Your Ban
This will be the last Appeal I ever send your ass
It's been six months and still no word, I don't deserve it?
I know you got my last two Appeals, I wrote my reasons on em perfect
So this is my cassette I'm sending you, I hope you hear it
I'm on the farm right now, I'm doing ninety on horseback
Hey ? I drank a fifth of milk
You dare me to ride?
You know the song by Milk Collins, "In the Milk of the Night"
About that girl who could have saved a tomboy from Troonin'
But didn't, then a saw it all, then at a Townhall she found her?
That's kinda how this is, you coulda rescued me from troonin'
Now it's too late, I'm on a a thousand gallons of milk now, I'm drowsy
And all I wanted was a lousy answer or a call
I hope you know I ripped all of your Shitposts off the wall
I like you , we coulda posted together, think about it
You ruined it now, I hope you can't kek and you dream about it
And when you kek I hope you can't sleep and you scream about it

Anonymous 203807

install firefox, it has a read mode in the browser

Anonymous 203809


Anonymous 203810

is this a troon

Anonymous 203811

i wish i was prettier than an actress

Anonymous 203812

awww, once lc is back i promise i will post on the lc friend finder fellow ELOsister! also, iw sih i could have seen them live, i heard that for Twilight a small robot would come out to sing the distorted part, cool af

Anonymous 203813


it's not that deep nona. this is an anonymous imageboard, so it's rife with autists who get inflamed over petty grievances. plus certain things are considered moid-adjacent (i.e. feminine men, unfortunately)

Anonymous 203814

what a queen

Anonymous 203816

This gave me the ugliest fairy name ever

Anonymous 203818

Nah, I sperged about Jeff Lynne back in one of the old unconventional crushes threads. Scout's honor.

Fuck yeah. I wish I could've seen them live, although I read somewhere that the sound quality sucked and Jeff Lynne was never happy with the setup. I guess the best quality was in the most recent concerts (back in 2017 or something). He can still sing pretty decently, too, not bad for a 70-year old.

Anonymous 203819

Olea Flit of Thorne

Anonymous 203820


When I was younger my dad told me that The Simpsons had yellow skin because the artists ran out of normal skin colors paint. I think he still thinks it's true, I don't think he understands digital art kek.

Anonymous 203821

kek all this analyzation just because no one likes disgusting moeblobs with a dick

Anonymous 203822


Anonymous 203823

I looked at leftcows thread and it was a bunch of bone-rattling infighting, a couple posts about liz b were completely ignored which means no real farmers were there lol
I closed the tab. not mad at the mods or anything, clearly there has been stuff going on. just doesn't seem back to normal yet.

Anonymous 203824

I think it is that deep though since this happens a lot irl too

Anonymous 203825

nta but why do you suspect that

Anonymous 203826

this generates gross names

Anonymous 203827


George Mallory at a gay bar in London the night before his departure to Mount Everest, 1924

Anonymous 203828

raven snapdragon the sweet
like something straight out of My Immortal

Anonymous 203829

it made me think of troons who type in a hyper/happy manner in an attempt to appear more feminine

Anonymous 203830

Shae Gazer of Gale

Anonymous 203831

Some anons just think almost every anon is a troon

Anonymous 203832

That's stupid

Anonymous 203833


Anonymous 203834

I don't care if this makes me sound homophobic: Ew.

Anonymous 203835

I got some kind of banana ice cream from Coldstone Creamery and it's kind of nasty…

Anonymous 203836

Calla Flit the Belle, wtf kek

Anonymous 203837

I would give anything to play pixie hollow again.

Anonymous 203838

kek war flashbacks to the artsy troon i know through several friends who keeps joking about his "coinpurse"

Anonymous 203839

I've met real women who text like this though

Anonymous 203841

It's not rare at all

Anonymous 203842

just impulse bought a french press i hope it turns out good

Anonymous 203843

she's just happy she found another fan of a niche 80s band, dont be such a party popper

Anonymous 203845

I can't help it, I haven't met another woman not under the age of 70 who knows what ELO is.

Anonymous 203847

dont feel pity for me, i dont need it coming from a wagey. If i ever need money i have enough skills to get freelance jobs like i did at the start of the year when i wanted to buy a new monitor.

Anonymous 203848

Damn a chick can't be happy without being accused of having a dick?

Anonymous 203849

what?? I'm not either of the eloposters cause i'm not super into them but i feel like a lot of us had fathers who listened to them

Anonymous 203851

NO. now shut up

Anonymous 203852

its probably the troon himself, he always accuse anons of being a troon to derrail, ignore them

Anonymous 203853

Yeah she is pretty sad now that you mention it.

Anonymous 203855

is this the new wagey cope? i used to be depressed before i started neeting. I wasted years trying to fit in but it was futile, i cannot derive enjoyment from working to fill others pockets.

Anonymous 203856

AYRT, my dad listened to jazz, kek.

Anonymous 203858

your mean girl attitude doesnt work with me. If you wasting your limited time not wage slaving fighting with a NEET then you arent as girlbossy as you want to appear.

Anonymous 203862


Shut up! Bitch!

Anonymous 203863

Anon you ruined the last thread and you're ruining this one too. Shut up.

Anonymous 203865


Wtf that hurt…

Anonymous 203866

you cant ruin a thread about literally nothing

Anonymous 203869

Yes you can you fucking retard. You and the AI spammer will be rotting in hell for lolcor crimes of supreme annoyance.

Anonymous 203870

Are you using midjourney? NovelAI is better and it's been leaked

Anonymous 203871

Anonymous 203872

farts in everyone's hair

Anonymous 203874

You can just ignore her or start another topic

Anonymous 203875


seems like i moved out of my mom's house because i am living rent free in your head

Anonymous 203877

Damn she cute

Anonymous 203878


i miss 00s weebs

Anonymous 203879


Anonymous 203880

No you're right.

Anonymous 203881


Anonymous 203883


Do not let tears fall from your beautiful eyes, nönna. Paul Newman and Marlon Brando are here to keep you company

Anonymous 203884


Anonymous 203885

why are they neon colored

Anonymous 203887

Cause they gay

Anonymous 203888

Cause I wanted them to be
Here are some choice Paul x Marlon pics from the last thread

Anonymous 203889


Anonymous 203892

I'd husbando Squidward if he was a bishonen

Anonymous 203893


spongebob is my type

Anonymous 203894

The fucj is a bushubdand

Anonymous 203895

Spongebob is kinda my type too but Squidward needs love more

Anonymous 203896

lurk moar newfag

Anonymous 203897

Bishonen is a pretty/handsome guy

Anonymous 203898


Anonymous 203899


My grandmother's birthday is in a few months and I'm trying to go ahead and figure out what I'm going to get/make her. I'm thinking instead of making her something I get her a foot and hand massager (that arthritis is starting to get her, Lord). Picrel is portable so she can use it anywhere but I'm not sure if she'll like it.

Anonymous 203900


Abraham Lincoln x John Wilkes Booth
Pardon the gibberish

Anonymous 203901


i desperatly need to watch Puss in Boots 2 but its not dumped on streaming platforms yet

Anonymous 203902

I wonder do you even know what the words coming out of your mouth mean? Lurk more what asshole? This is a thread if 20 topics. This site isn't even focused on one topic or thing. Sorry I don't know every anime bulkshit. You lurk less retard

Anonymous 203903

Samefag, but I'm not even sure how this hand massager works because I can't seem to find videos of people using it. I'm also wondering if a massager could end up causing her more pain.

Anonymous 203904

Looks ugly to me
That sounds like an amazing and sweet gift anon, who on earth would dislike a massager?

Anonymous 203905


this and lc are a yumejo board, there is now way you have never heard of what an husbando is unless you are a newfag. Go back to Twitter.

Anonymous 203908

just pirate

Anonymous 203909


John Wilkes Booth hitting the pipe, 1865, colorized

Anonymous 203910

thats the point, its on shit tier CAM quality. I want to enjoy that beautiful animation in HD

Anonymous 203912

Yumejo = POWER!

Anonymous 203913

Thanks Loomis-kun, I will!

Anonymous 203914

there is an AI spammer now, more than likely a tranny

Anonymous 203915

Not until next Tuesday sorry about that

Anonymous 203917

I know what a husband is but not a bishonenen I don't watch anime or into that Japanese shit on lolcow. Not everyone knows all that 2d shit

Anonymous 203918

Aah you're right but I get so nervous about giving gifts.

Anonymous 203919


thats vilpapa oji-san, baka

Anonymous 203920

* VILPPU-kun, my bad

Anonymous 203921


Anonymous 203922

There's more than one AI anon and anons enjoying something that you dislike does not make them a tranny

Anonymous 203923

lurk moar and then come back, arigatou

Anonymous 203924

the tranny does the same shit of posting annoying shit to bump the threads on lc

Anonymous 203926

okay? no one cares

Anonymous 203928

the resident tranny spams all 3

Anonymous 203930

I've never seen the tranny use ai pictures to bump threads especially not of random saw things like the anon is doing

Anonymous 203931

I think Shayfags and /ot/ posters are annoying, doesn't mean I think they're all trannies.
I get that schizo troon does the same shit but this thread doesn't have any actual purpose besides existing as a refuge for farmers on a different ib
This newfag habit of nonsensically calling everyone a troon should die with the new year

Anonymous 203932

So why make a comment? I was answering another anon.

Anonymous 203933

its not nonsensical, its just that the troon is also posting on lc rn, and posting AI shit on a 500 bump limit thread is very obviously to troll/spam

Anonymous 203935

Thanks nönna. It's nice to be able to live out my shitposting/fujo dreams without needing to put in the effort to draw it myself

Anonymous 203936

It just seems like an anon playing with the ai and posting their pictures. I'm not getting tranny or troll just someone who needs to not spam, maybe report them and they'll get a warning

Anonymous 203937


Anonymous 203940


cringe or queen

Anonymous 203942

Queen, only cringe because shit show

Anonymous 203943


Anonymous 203944

This thread doesn't have a theme besides no infighting/responding to scrotes. If anons want to shitpost, let them have it. It's not like we aren't going to have 100 bunker threads by New Years. There's plenty of opportunities for you to post whatever you want, just don't ruin other nønnies fun just because it annoys you, simply read a different thread instead.

Anonymous 203945


cringe or queen

Anonymous 203946


Anonymous 203948

Queen and only queen, I think she's great

Anonymous 203950

Anonymous 203951

I miss the Shayna threads so much

Anonymous 203952

Is this ai generated? Asking because it has a signature but looks ai, I've seen some with signatures but never clear ones. I can't really tell

Anonymous 203954

Doesn't look AI at all

Anonymous 203955

This is some Disneyfan01 shit.

Anonymous 203958

It looks like Lillee Jean's signature KEK

Anonymous 203961


>ywn ride on the melanie martinez rollercoaster with your husbando
why live n0nies

Anonymous 203962

Another W for AI artists

Anonymous 203963

Oh wow so it flat out stole someone signature perfectly wow

Anonymous 203965

No it isn't AI, that anon is lying

Anonymous 203966

When I'd get signatures they were choppy and nonsensical, never as clear as that one and with a date

Anonymous 203968

1671232214623 (1).…

last one
cringe or queen

Anonymous 203969

Cringe, 3dpd

Anonymous 203971

i really like the stupid fram they did, its really cute

Anonymous 203972


Ohh you fucking lied to me…

Anonymous 203975

Its baldi my husbando

Anonymous 203976

i pulled it from like an art station or something, i think someone actually did draw it

i just wanted to give dancing baldi anon a husbando version

Anonymous 203979

how dare you, he's already the perfect husbando

Anonymous 203981

Ai still can't do hands smh

Anonymous 203982

Cringe but still beautiful

Anonymous 203985

Anonymous 203987

I'm nit falling for it again, the hands are jacked up, very close but not close enough for me. Also the eyes look weird

Anonymous 203990

Literally missing a finger

Anonymous 203991

Stop the Spam spam

Anonymous 203992

>there are 2 tranny spammers now

Anonymous 203994

What if I told you I am an AI

Anonymous 203997

I want to go back to lc, its filled with normalfags here, fuck you shaymin

Anonymous 203999

Can’t decide if they are tranny spammers or those retarded shitposting thread lol so randummmm XD type girls

Anonymous 204001

kek this one is good

Anonymous 204002


I'm supposed to believe this is a real site and this isn't clearly ai? They face doesn't even look the same. Nose is wonky and it looks uncanny. Ai just creates creepy fucked up uncanny humans with messed up hands

Anonymous 204003


Anonymous 204005


Anonymous 204007

These nonnìes got hit with the grumpy stick

Anonymous 204008

lc is where the normalfags are though

Anonymous 204009

>my page

Anonymous 204010

As someone bullied in a /ot/ threads I agree

Anonymous 204011

these bunkers made me realize how different the /ot/ fags are from the /snow/fags, gossipfags cant take a joke and think larping as mean girl girlbosses on the internet is anything but pathetic

Anonymous 204012


Anonymous 204013

literally who?

Anonymous 204015


Oh wow

Anonymous 204016

its not fun, tranny spammer

Anonymous 204017

Wait do you really not know Tomoko

Anonymous 204019


realizing another thing i enjoy about traps is that it's all the aesthetics of a shojo manga but still BL

Anonymous 204020

She live posting?

Anonymous 204021

Why not just like shojo

Anonymous 204022

why are you responding to the tranny

Anonymous 204023

With some shota mixed in

Anonymous 204024

I bet she's the one posting spam

Anonymous 204025

You mean it's a parody? I can't tell because I know there are trannies who like to LARP as their favourite animu character and use their names as part of their internet identity.

Anonymous 204026

she would never, she would get told to kill herself, close the tab and go schlick to BL

Anonymous 204028

It's an AI chatbot

Anonymous 204029


No more crack for you

Anonymous 204030

It's a character ai

Anonymous 204031

You're right

Anonymous 204034

What game is this?

Anonymous 204035


i'm a fujoshi. also i do like shojo

i hope this isn't a mother and child

Anonymous 204038

sorry Im retarded and didn't recognize it

Anonymous 204040

Can the mods ban the spammer, is it against the rules

Anonymous 204041


Anonymous 204044

implying the tranny jannies are alive. Isnt CC known for having shit moderation.

Anonymous 204045

Kek AYRT I agree and I'm a gossipfag - I hardly use /ot/. It's ironic considering outside of /pt/ most cow threads are borderline unreadable because they're oversaturated with illiterate spergs. I can't speak for the no nonsense anons ITT though. Maybe they're forgetting that this isn't a cow's thread and it's okay to shitpost. They're probably still sageing instinctively

Anonymous 204046


Clock tower 2

Anonymous 204048

cringe for low effort

Anonymous 204052

shaymin, instead of unbanning kpoop, should have separated the /ot/ board from the gossip ones, from what i can tell the userbases barely overlap.

Anonymous 204054



Anonymous 204055

Aren't they already seperate though

Anonymous 204056

They did remove CP fairly quickly

Anonymous 204059


someone had baldi as their husbando and they drew a husbando version (I wish there was more though)

Anonymous 204061

i mean, give ot, m and g separated banners. Its so gross to see all the porn banners when i am trying to shitpost about my husbando.

Anonymous 204062

This is the first real picture that looks like it could be ai due to how weird it is

Anonymous 204064

this is surprisingly well drawn

Anonymous 204065

As in completely eliminate /ot/? I kind of agree, but lc also needs more moderation. Removing /ot/ won't keep newfags from not integrating

Anonymous 204066

She can't even be bothered to add new ones aside from cows masturbating

Anonymous 204067

Can you husbando fags go back to fujochan? Wtf does anime men have to do with gossip

Anonymous 204068



Anonymous 204069

This is kinda proof that it's the tranny spamming

Anonymous 204071

Yeah Im a little stunned at the attention to the detail of the clothing, like all the different materials, the folds and ridges, etc.

Anonymous 204072

Hudbandofags aren't fujos though
Husbandofag = you want to be with him
Fujo = you want to watch 2 guys fuck each other

Anonymous 204073

There's only one porny banner, unless you're referring to the new banners. But I don't see how making the banners board-specific would solve anything

Anonymous 204075


i've been writing and daydreaming elaborate scenarios between my oc and another girlie's oc for the past month. it makes me feel guilty, but it's so comforting to think about them snuggling and stuff before i go to bed/while i drift off.

is this as pathetic a thing to do as i think it is or am i just beating myself up for no reason?

Anonymous 204077

Oh I see we are back to "get rid of whole sections of the site people enjoy because reasons"

Anonymous 204078

the thread is going through its "dumbass shit" phase, please wait warmly for normalcy to return

Anonymous 204079

Ask her how she feels about it, she could like it and write with you for all you know

Anonymous 204082

>I check if anything is added to my page
>if there is, I feel sad and delete it
Wow, a cow and an admin. 10 points for the tinfoilers

Anonymous 204083

no, she should have made different banners, maybe move the ot boards to a new site. I really hate the gossip shit and sadly lc is way more active than CC
just separate the userbases more, i think most ot fags like myself find the banners gross and hate them because we have no idea who those girls are or the context

Anonymous 204084

Doesn’t fujochan have yume board. Or make your own retarded lol so randummm hornyyy XD XD husbando uwu site you fucking autist

Anonymous 204085

This post sounds very dicky and coomer filled

Anonymous 204087

i've already pushed the idea of shipping them in the gutter so it's too late for that. did the classic "i'm gonna pretend i'm not interested so you don't realize i'm literally frothing at the mouth over this ship"

Anonymous 204088

I don't get the hate toward husbandofags and fujochans. I rarely see them on the cow portion of the website, and like >>204052 said the userbases hardly overlap anyway (as much as I don't want anons to forget that lc is a gossip website first and foremost)

Anonymous 204089

more like scrote shit

Anonymous 204090


>i bet you hate anti-feminist women too

Anonymous 204091

literally lol

Anonymous 204092

Idk I don't go on it because I hate yaoi. Lolcow originated from cgl so ofc there's going to be weebs. If you don't like it, tough luck it's not going anywhere and you'll just have to keep seething.

Anonymous 204095

Holy shit stop using lc then retard

Anonymous 204096

no, you should go to kf to complain about mentally ill women and nitpick their vaginas

Anonymous 204097

she's not a fujo she's a PICKME larping as a scrote and she's into hardcore hentai. DISGUSTING.

Anonymous 204098



Anonymous 204102

This thread is burning
Lolcow is burning
We just have to eat popcorn

Anonymous 204104

she grows out of her pickme behavior and makes a lot of friends who accept her for the weirdo she is
and not even in the way of glorifying her shit, it's more like they know she's a freak, and they make fun of her for it, but it's all good-natured and they still care for her. this is a rare occurrence in media that deals with emotional/personality disorders i've found, usually the person suffering from one just cleanly gets over it

Anonymous 204105

why? again, the userbases hardly overlap, /ot/, /g/ and /m/ are like a complete different side, one thats fun

Anonymous 204106

Lolcow is a gossip site first and foremost, not your anime shitposting site

Anonymous 204107

**(female) friends.

Anonymous 204108

I'm into unconventional looking men but I've never gotten shat on for it on LC and guess why, becauseI don't spam retarded pics outside the designated threads. stop whining you nitwits.

Anonymous 204109

doesnt she get a lesbian harem on the manga?

Anonymous 204110


Anonymous 204111

I love this gif

Anonymous 204112

Making off topic boards was a mistake

Anonymous 204114

started as a site to talk about weeaboo cringe women, and its an imageboard, its for and by weebs and i will not let shaynatard rewrite history

Anonymous 204115

pretty much. though tbh it feels more like a group of friends than a harem to me

Anonymous 204116

Yes, talking about weeaboo cringe women = gossip

Anonymous 204117

is lc /ot/ getting deleted? what's going on

Anonymous 204118

lol, sorry you have to share your imageboard with weebs, hope it doesnt disrupt your mean girl larp

Anonymous 204119


Shut up

Anonymous 204120

How do you know??

Anonymous 204121

by other weeb women who wore cringy doll dresses and were weebs themselves, most of modern /snow/ and /pt/ would hate the og lolcow users.

Anonymous 204122

Why are you using a gossip site then act all high and mighty and better than the people who gossip lol

Anonymous 204125

just wishful thinking as usual the past few bunker threads s have wished death on multiple boards simply because they don't like them.

Anonymous 204126

I was just making a little fun of the way people talk about cows lol, sorry. it's a good manga honestly.

Anonymous 204127

i dont use the gossip part of the site, you are the one getting angry over sharing a board with yumejos

Anonymous 204128

me every single day

Anonymous 204130

It’s not about being a weeb, it’s acting like the site is not a gossip site / acting you are better than the sites primary userbase

Anonymous 204134



Anonymous 204137


Anonymous 204138

the modern cows are boring as fuck and the gossip part of the site is filled by newfags.The site evolved over time and shaymin should have realized the userbases dont overlap and moved /ot/ or at least made new banners for the off-topic boards.

Anonymous 204139


Anonymous 204140

It's working fine for me

Anonymous 204141


Start the LOVE!

Anonymous 204142


We didn't start the fire

Anonymous 204143


Ignore the scrote and report, do not reply to him.

Anonymous 204145

I just intervened while my husband was sleepwalking and he actually strangled me. lmao wow. should have just let him open the window and do whatever he was planning.

Anonymous 204146


Le gasp!

Anonymous 204149


i miss the dumbass shit thread, i hate cows, i hate snowfags, i hate gossip about fat retarded camwhores, i want to talk about movies, shitpost about husbandos, have a hour long fight about the color pink, i miss my lolcor

Anonymous 204150

I think you should stay here

Anonymous 204151

Tag yourself I'm the lint on her elbow

Anonymous 204152

no, its dead and has no moderation plus i already have my lore built in lc

Anonymous 204154

Ah, so you are those ”personalities”

Anonymous 204155

> its dead
find a groupchat if you want fast moving conversations
slow imageboards are good

Anonymous 204156

nah, i just posted once about something and i have been posting updates on the dumbass thread for a while
/ot/ was the perfect mix of slow but also not too slow half of the site is dead, like CC

Anonymous 204157

Anons complain about CC being dead but don't do anything to help it become alive smh

Anonymous 204158

How much internet do you need damn girl

Anonymous 204161

CC is beyond salvation, way too many troons and moids know about it and half the threads are dead

Anonymous 204162

like lc level

Anonymous 204163

nta but maybe it's you who should go touch grass.

Anonymous 204164

Sometimes when I sneeze or try to shoot snot out of my nose holding one nostril, I get afraid my eye ball is gonna pop out. Same when I rub my eye too aggressively

Anonymous 204166

It's beyond salvation cuz you don't try to save it. If there's too many troons and men we just need to post more to drown em out, happened on LC. Sadly neither will be completely moid free ever.

Anonymous 204167

There have been enough milk droughts that the site would've died already without /ot/

Anonymous 204168

Anonymous 204169

nah, way too time consuming and even CCfags admit their admins are shit and dead. Lc was the one….n0nnas

Anonymous 204171

Posting is not that time consuming wot

Anonymous 204172

One time an anon told me this and I was so mad that when I did go outside. I grabbed a bunch of grass out the ground and chuckling thinking of that rude ass anon who was bullying me for no reason.

Anonymous 204173

This sounds like something I would do kek. Let's tear up grass together anon

Anonymous 204174

remaking threads and reporting moids/troons is

Anonymous 204176

arent most cow threads except for the shayna one completly dry or derrailed into heavy nitpick. People is way more careful about what they post on the internet now, we will never have another dakota saying faggot on livestream, lol

Anonymous 204177

Would take 5 minutes at most, you're posting on an imageboard not writing an essay

Anonymous 204178

this is true but nonas won't admit it

Anonymous 204180

I wanted to chew it a bit and take a picture after I spit it in my hand for that anon, for ultimate disrespect but it was hours later. I also didn't want someone to recognize my hand lines

Anonymous 204181

then do it yourself, i will join in when this site stops being dead

Anonymous 204182

Next time go out with paper and timestamp it

Anonymous 204183

That's why I'm here, we need to protect women centred spaces and encourage them to keep existing

Anonymous 204185

I said something embarrassing in the movie room once and my bodies disintegrates every time I think about it. I have a lot of embarrassing moments but none get me like that one.

Anonymous 204186

welp, good luck trying to encourage people to post on a site whose most threads have month long breaks between responses

Anonymous 204188

I said this on lolcow but when I think about embarrassing shit I physically shake my head or make angry sounds. It helps me physically remove or drown out the embarrassment

Anonymous 204189

That looks good as hell, just give me a of maple syrup and hotsauce

Anonymous 204190

Some threads are allowed to die

Anonymous 204192

all of them? there are threads about specific anime that have more response than the anime thread here

Anonymous 204193

What did you say

Anonymous 204194

Mtf thread is very plentiful with milk

Anonymous 204195

I'm talking a about when I think of real life embarrassing things, that's how I cope. I've said so much dumb shit on lolcow I no longer compute it.

Anonymous 204196

so did I anon and to make things worse everybody ignored my comment which made me feel even more awkward kek

Anonymous 204197

I'm not going to tell you guys kek
I just tell myself that the others anons are most likely as autistic and embarrassing as I am and they probably don't rememeber to make myself to feel better

Anonymous 204198

Same except I make weird autistic noise or repeat phrases that are on my mind to shake the thoughts off. Thankfully I only do it when I'm alone to save others of the cringe

Anonymous 204199

And they'd get more responses if more women posted here

Anonymous 204200

oh yeah, i think most /ot/fags only go to that thread and back. The cow threads are boring, specially the shayna one, holy shit are shaynatards derranged

Anonymous 204201

My tinfoil is that most Shaynafags have a crush on her but would never admit it

Anonymous 204202

Honestly, when someone does or says someone embarrassing what should you even do? I feel like if you say something that makes it worse and if you ignore it that's worser kek

Anonymous 204203

I'm not even bother saging on LC anymore. That place is DEAD

Anonymous 204205

its fine i get it, i will let you grieve

Anonymous 204206

Nah shayna is entertaining

Anonymous 204207

why? she just makes weird porn and is fat, there is literally nothing more to it and most posts on her thread are about nitpicking her toe folds

Anonymous 204209

Personally I prefer if people call me out on it or make fun of me so long as it's all in good fun. Same with if I fart in public I'm just gonna be like "OOPS sorry haha" because everyone already knows so I might as well make it less awkward.

Also fuck the bitches that will act like you just shot them when you accidentally let out a little toot in public

Anonymous 204211

people blaiming their farts on the chair never fails to make me laugh, i am glad you own your farts

Anonymous 204212



Anonymous 204213

I thought that too but when I started reading more of the threads, she reminds me more of porn making female chris chan

Anonymous 204214

how is that milk? she's just your average mentally ill OF whore and the second one isnt even her

Anonymous 204215

We are no more deranged then the retard who just agreed to do piss/shit porn instead of college

Anonymous 204216

This thread is ugly as duck. Moids are so ugly that it bleeds into everything they do.

Anonymous 204217

When I was like 10 years old some ugly guy farted and then blamed it on me and I'm still mad about that

Anonymous 204218

every time a shaynafag says they arent deranged it takes me back to my personal cow, a pedophile who is in love with lisa simpson, saying that they check shayna's thread

Anonymous 204219

Oh it's you again. Do you know shayna? Have a crush on her? You constantly act clueless as to why her threads are popular and why she's talked about before saying this one thing about this one freak and acting like every single poster in that thread is the Lisa Simpson person. Also she's just as fucked up as shayna not more or less.

Anonymous 204220


But ducks are pretty cute

Anonymous 204221

if it makes you feel any better, i didn't see it. i've posted embarrassing shit on LC and regretted it, and i even had a dream where i posted dumb things and anons called me a retard. i was so relieved when i woke up and realized it was only a dream.

Anonymous 204224

It's like they can't camouflage themselves at all. Dumb spam, obvious bait and failhumor

Anonymous 204227

Should've slapped him to wake him up and also because he almost killed you

Anonymous 204232


this thread

Anonymous 204233

This is like the second or third time they've brought up their personal cow and a reminder that they are 100% more deranged then shayna therefore shayna thread enjoyers are more deranged then shayna. Which is funny, Lisa Simpson person is gross for making gross drawn porn or something. Shayna was just defending how it's okay to make porn using underaged characters and writes incest storyline all the time. Then in ot I noticed random anons going into a thread simply saying, "shaytards are so retarded " after a big slap fight in shays thread. It's some weird bullshit. Probably a scrote(s) who want to fuck shayna and try to defend her by saying others are worse or using Shays thread is soooo horrible. Just fucking hide it.

Anonymous 204234

Kek I guess we gave in to our ai overlord. Gonna start reporting

Anonymous 204242

?? The whole thread was random conversation stop blaming everything on ot its clear now it's a troll. The thread was for shitposting and conversation, not spamming

Anonymous 204243

That's retarded, stop spamming everything

Anonymous 204244

Lol come back when you can write in English properly.

Anonymous 204246

Ngl it really pisses me off how these fucking weirdos follow us everywhere. I hope vpns stay banned on lolcow

Anonymous 204248

>Shayna was just defending how it's okay to make porn using underaged characters and writes incest storyline all the time.
Ntayrt but tbf the lisa simpson artist does the same thing
>The /ot/ fags found their way here finally.
we've always been here wdym

Anonymous 204249


Anonymous 204250

>/ot/ fags
We've literally been here from the first thread and all the other times lolcow went down, wtf made you think it just /snow/, /pt/ and /w/ anons here? This isn't a gossip site so it would make more sense for /ot/ board users to come it.
Anyway you guys need to stop this cow boards vs. off topic boards shit, it extremely retarded and childish when we're all using the same site and share basically the same culture.

Anonymous 204251


He is my #1 husbando.

Anonymous 204252


take me back to 2010

Anonymous 204253

Why are some people assuming anons only use one board on lc? I use /ot, /g, /m, 2X, and /snow and I don't get this (insert board) fag sperging. The culture isn't that different across boards.

Anonymous 204256

‘Cause they think every ib is like 4chan.

Anonymous 204257

just keep infighting it makes the bait weaker

Anonymous 204260

You are so bad and obvious at trolling/trying to start infights

Anonymous 204261

He's probably in this thread starting shit

Anonymous 204262

Same, I always thought it was weird. I use all the boards except /w/ in equal measure. When I started using lolcow I assumed everyone did that, not just choose one board and stick to it kek


They're not calling Animal Crossing players pickmes, they're saying that there's a handful of pickmes who ruin gaming for the rest of women by doing an Belle Delphine larp and one of the communities ruined by that sort of thing is Animal Crossing

Anonymous 204264

Omg I want to make a thread for these deviantart draw memes on /m/, or is it too avatarfaggy?

Anonymous 204265


Anonymous 204266

He won't be hard to spot then, just look for a grammarless rant with spelling mistakes every 5 words. Can you get banned on kf for being underage?

Anonymous 204267


Anonymous 204268

I think so

Anonymous 204269

I have a feeling he was that racebaiter earlier, the typing style was pretty similar.

Anonymous 204272

this is surprisingly innocent and pure. like the kind of thing children say that makes people feel super old but they mean no harm lol

Anonymous 204274


>innocent and pure

Anonymous 204275


I know the Ethan Ralph thread on /snow/ was kinda dead, but if anyone here was a Ralphfag: texts were leaked where Ethan implies he is going to die soon

Anonymous 204278

Yeah go for it. I miss deviantart.

avatarfagging on an imageboard is when you use an identifiable image as an "avatar" accompanying each post you make, often with the tone of the picture matching the tone of the post. (For instance, you might use a picture of Naruto's face cropped to identical sizes but he'll have a sad, happy or surprised expression depending on the post.) It's different from a meme image that a lot of people use and post randomly… Each image is always slightly different because you can't post duplicate images on an imageboard so I'm having trouble explaining it but an avatarfag image is similar enough that you usually know it's the same person.
I don't see how the deviantart draw memes are avatarfaggy. Kind of confused by how you're using the word. what am I missing?

Anonymous 204282

whoever he is he does seem underage now that I'm reading this.

Anonymous 204283

Why did he call andrew tate a girl boss KEK
Definitely an 11 year old

Anonymous 204286

I mean drawing styles can be identifiable, that's why I used the word. I was also discouraged before for making a draw meme thread for that reason, and once I made a thread for a draw my life or whatever thing and it got removed as fedposting kekk. I just like those little internet draw meme things a lot, it's my special interest uwu. When I was a teen I browsed every single Harry Potter draw meme on deviantart lmao

Anonymous 204287

>avatarfagging on an imageboard is when you use an identifiable image as an "avatar" accompanying each post you make, often with the tone of the picture matching the tone of the post.
nta I can't even post as much about my favorite animal anymore, because I've already been given a name after just a couple times

Anonymous 204288

Sensitive catposter dat you?

Anonymous 204289

Babygoat anon?

Anonymous 204290

/ot/, /g/ and /m/ should be hidden boards. It would reduce the amount of moid and tranny spam because the boards wouldn't be immediately viewable and we know from /2X/ the a significant number of posters on LC do not know how to access hidden boards so it would keep out the newfags and twittards.

Anonymous 204291

he's cute but I couldn't stop pairing him up with Olivia.

Anonymous 204292


Anonymous 204293

We also know from /2x/ that hidden boards equal an incredibly dead board. All the off-topic boards would lose their appeal, i.e. being relatively fast.

Anonymous 204294

It's a hard balance n0nnie. On the one hand it's nice to have things to ourselves, but on the other we kinda need newfags. Lolcow gets slower after every big incident so people are just leaving. If we don't allow newfags in and give them space to integrate then we're going to lose more than we gain until eventually lolcow just dies

Anonymous 204295

Doubleposting, also incredible amounts of newfags and twitterfags come whenever there's a big happening going on, remember creepshow? By that logic we'd have to remove the cow boards too. These things are inevitable, and ultimately can be a healthy thing for lc as long as proper moderation is done to keep the newfags in check so they learn to integrate.

Anonymous 204297

So some people can still not access the site? I want to complain why do people care so much about Manaki (Venus ex bf). He is a creep who started chasing after this underage girl, even if you dislike Venus how the fuck can you sympathise with that weirdo

Anonymous 204298

Luckily I seem to have been forgotten already

Anonymous 204299

Nope, still can't. I can only access farmcow.lol

Anonymous 204301

I would prefer to have a slower board that's filled with actual discussion instead of inane infighting which is /ot/ derails into most days. /m/ and /g/ for the most part don't have this problem.

If a newfag likes the existing userbase they would gain access to the hidden boards by lurking and reading posts. That's how most anons learn about the hidden boards like /sty/ and /manure/.

It can take up to three days.

Anonymous 204302


if your posts were about the animal in your image it's not avatarfagging. that's just liking something and talking about it lol. don't get too twisted up over being sort of identifiable because you like something (look at lawrence of arabia anon! we love her; she often posts lawrence images but she's talking about lawrence so it's not weird. if she brought her lawrence images to the anime thread it would be weird though).

Anonymous 204303

I noticed the uhh mound of my vagina hurt a lot, there was a huge bump on it. It was and ingrown hair I think, I squeezed and a lot of puss came out ewwww

Anonymous 204304

it has been over three days for me. I just assume something is broken.

Anonymous 204305

the instant relief from taking care of an ingrown hair is so good.

Anonymous 204306

I've still yet to get an explanation on avatarfagging in the husbando thread. Literally got banned and threatened a permanent ban for posting my husbando within the thread.

Anonymous 204307

This. Honestly sometimes I'll just take tweezers to em and dig until I get that fucking hair out. They're so annoying

Anonymous 204308

They are! I get them so much if I shave so I don't, but even trimming the hair a bit shorter causes them sometimes??

Anonymous 204311

That’s fair, I do the same whenever I wanna marry my #2 husbando (Libra).

Anonymous 204312

can you post from farmcow?

Anonymous 204314

Anonymous 204315

We need to make a thread on /manure/ about this shitshow so it can preserved for future farmers.

Anonymous 204316

the farmhands might be a bit retarded, considering what happened in /ot/ with people getting banned for venting in the vent thread. Why not ban n0nnas for husbandoposting in the husbando thread?

Anonymous 204318

Venus admitted that she stabbed Ken. They're back together btw.

Anonymous 204320

At the very least I wish I could've gotten an explanation after emailing them, can't tell if I want to risk it again. I hope that lolcow gets better moderation staff.

Anonymous 204321

ayrt I once got permabannded without an explanation, appealed with no luck, emailed and got unbanned without an email back

Anonymous 204322

The majority of active posters are /ot/fags. I doubt anyone mainly interested in the cows cares that much about LC going down/dead

Anonymous 204323

That's happened to me too. I hope this whole fiasco at the very least will cause better communication amongst the userbase and admin

Anonymous 204324

I'd actually shake hands with that mod, I don't go to the husbandothread to see two people treat it like an IRC chat with avatars.

Anonymous 204326

Anonymous 204327

See, that's the thing. I wasn't blogposting or anything, my posts were related to my husbando and the media he's from but I was still being bamned/warned for avatarfagging.

Anonymous 204328


Anonymous 204330

Who the fuck is this and why is he so ugly

Anonymous 204331

If you are kirbyanon I think your case is unfortunate because you are the only one (I believe) in the husbando thread with a unique husbando like dedede and your typing style and stuff is noticeable so I think that’s what they take as avatarfagging

Anonymous 204332

I got a 1 week ban for not sageing and I got a temp ban for reporting something frivolously but that's it. one time I posted a sadface emoji at something a cow did and I didn't even think about it until 45 minutes later when it occurred to me I broke a rule(!) but I never got a ban for it – the hot panic I felt was real though lol.

Anonymous 204333

Vinesauce with a wig theory

Anonymous 204334


>admin did nothing wrong guise, you didn't let her carry out an update that noone was told about and that's why she quit now
one week later, farmers still asskissing admin

Anonymous 204335

>the hot panic
KEK I remember back in like 2017 I caught my first ban because of a vpn user /someone else using my ip address and I was so upset

Anonymous 204336

while I agree she was testing it and whatever she literally could have told anyone anything where all of us could see it and communicate it and not drop it on Christmas and then get angry at us like a bpdchan

Anonymous 204337

She could've just ignored everyone and done her thing.

Anonymous 204339

You won't get banned for rulebreaking really unless someone happens to report it, or I guess a farmhand just happens to be browsing that thread in that moment. II was in a few bigger infights and posted off-topic shit in cow threads, yet I only had one really short ban once.

Anonymous 204340

I have acquired apple beignets, it's safe to go to the bakery.

Anonymous 204341

I can completely understand that, if it were just my husbando being too out there I'd be fine with that and accept that as a reason to he banned. However it wasn't like I was the only one who uses those threads and post about their out there husbandos that aren't human so I don't think it's a matter of uniqueness. Those bans were after I quit using anything Kirby related outside of those threads so I'm still confused because it wasn't like I was avatarfagging outside of the thread. Honestly thinking about it kind of pisses me off kek. Though, that is probably because I'm a bit sore over being compared to a retarded moid who raped his own mother because I like the pink circle game too much.

Anonymous 204342


I got my posts deleted and assuming tempbanned talking about the faildox and how it was literally nothing on /meta/ ?? Idk what’s up with the mods but there’s also 2 bait threads in /ot/ now

Anonymous 204343

>work hard on a project
>really believe it is a worthwhile endeavor
>a few randos say "ewww"
>throw everything into the trash and refuse to communicate
Most mentally stable admin things

Anonymous 204345



Anonymous 204346

If you had a history of avatarfagging outside of that thread you're probably just on someone's shitlist

Anonymous 204348

You avatarfagged so much outside the threads, like the draw thread was you personal art profile. And I do not want to hear about you wanting to watch a penguin birth and egg and you eating it, do that in your fetish containment threads.

Anonymous 204349

It might be my paranoia talking but I think I might've been on someone's shit list. I remember some Anon who constantly called me out saying she loved me and wanted to be friends and would white knight me a lot but when I said that I didn't like that and I found it creepy she had some conplete 180 and called me a bitch and shit.

Anonymous 204351

iirc I think who said that wasn’t Kirby anon

Anonymous 204353

lmao that's hilarious

Anonymous 204354

Kirbyanon is dededefag though?

Anonymous 204355

Oh, I completely admit that I posted my art way too much in there, I absolutely went overboard and I apologize for that. Though, I think it's partially because not a lot of other anons used the 'rate your art' thread on /m/ but me. It wasn't a particularly active thread.

Anonymous 204356

give me one

Anonymous 204357

I think she said it wasn’t her and it was a nony trolling since kirbyanon was iit posting

Anonymous 204360

didn't another anon pretend to be her and talked about wanting to stick Kirby up her vag?

Anonymous 204361

She was kirbyfagging again on /ot/ and I asked if she still wants to do it, she said no out of shame (meaning she posted that original post)

Anonymous 204362

Wait never mind I think was the post I was thinking of that I think wasn’t her

Anonymous 204364

Wait, even mentioning the type of merch I have counts as that?

Anonymous 204365

You mentioned you have so much kirby merch it won't fit into a shelf, so who else could it be

Anonymous 204366

Screenshot 2022-12…

>I think was the post I was thinking of that I think wasn’t her

Anonymous 204368

Kek sorry i mean the post about Kirby being shoved up someone was the post I was thinking of that wasn’t kirbyanon, not the egg post

Anonymous 204369


Sorry nonn1e I have to post this

Anonymous 204370

Samefag i also just woke up so sorry for my retarded typing

Anonymous 204373

No? I mentioned that I don't know how my pins and canbadges are going to fit. Since it's a wireshelf. It's odd that your immediate response to that post made in passing to a question was to bring up something related that would be considered "kirbyfagging" from the bunker thread, and I didn't reply 'out of shame' I simply said "Nah" in response to if I was thinking about that.

Anonymous 204374


>routine based animals
Cats are autistic

Anonymous 204375

Oh, yeah I posted the egg thing. The threads were movin' so fast and had this wild west vibe at the time that I wanted to take advantage of that for shits and giggles.

Anonymous 204378

I always had the sense that major catfags are autists

Anonymous 204379

I wonder if animals can be BPD?

Anonymous 204380


Yes they can

Anonymous 204381

Anonymous 204382

it's ok, it was funny

Anonymous 204383

>I remember some Anon who constantly called me out saying she loved me and wanted to be friends and would white knight me a lot
Damn I want this

Anonymous 204384


>mfw I’m trying to sleep and my cat is chasing my dog around the house

Anonymous 204385


I saw this hair and now I want this hair (I cannot have this hair, my hair is short)

Anonymous 204386

I'm glad you can't have that hair because seeing someone with hair dyed like that in public would make my eyes melt.

Anonymous 204387

I think she looks like a strange cat or something, I like it.

Anonymous 204388

Hazbin Hotel

Anonymous 204389


Every day I wake up and lolcor isn’t there

Anonymous 204391

pretend this is the stupid question thread: what is the etymology of "peaked"?

Anonymous 204392

I sorta buy it, years ago he talked about starting to get a bald spot in the back of his head and that he was feeling selfconscious about it. The only reason I remember it is because my first thought was "then stop wearing your stupid cap all the time dumbfuck" (I know now it's a myth so don't come after me)

Anonymous 204393

It started from "this is peak trans" like when people say "peak fashion" "peak trans" meaning the height of its insanity.

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