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Lolcow Bunker Thread #30 - Milk Deprivation Disorder Edition Anonymous 204394

Posting is enabled on https://original.lolcow.farm/, however many nonn1es can't access it. For some it works with mobile data only, some with a proxy. (free proxy: https://www.proxysite.com/). If you want to torture yourself, https://farmcow.lol/ is also up. You can reverse the mirroring with an extension (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-CA/firefox/addon/mirror-browser/). If you're a mobilefag, use your browser's read mode on farmcow.
Bunker with no lolcow discussion: >>>/b/195942
Bunker doodle board: https://aggie.io/oyfgrhxl5_
Bunker movie room: https://cytu.be/r/farmbunker
Do not engage with nonn1es saying provocative shit to start infights. Report and ignore.

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#1 >>>/b/186624

Anonymous 204395

I thought it was like in terms of going up a hill or mountain to it’s highest peak/point, and you can only go down from there. Like you get to the peak of the trans identity or whatever, and see it for what it is, and only go down because there’s nothing more than what it is

Anonymous 204397

I wish bands would come to europe and have their own individual concerts rather than hopping from festival to festival. I dont want to pay 300€ to barely see that 1 band I like from the back of a huge venue.

Anonymous 204399


Good morning

Anonymous 204400

I remember that, you went on a long schizo rant against her because you not only want to autistically post about how much you sexually fantasize about children's cartoon game characters, but people are NOT allowed to want to be your friend or think of you as a lolcow because of it…for some reason. You're so fucking annoying and I hate the paragraphs of kirby slit fanfiction you write. Jesus christ. Ooooh let me talk about Kirby's fuck-slit but anons can't think it's cool/interesting/weird/autistic/annoying, in fact they can't have any opinion about my OBVIOUS AND ANNOYING AVATARFAGGING at all. Fuck you.

Anonymous 204401

Anonymous 204402


morning n0nny

Anonymous 204403

Are you ok n0nny?

Anonymous 204406


That was me and I stand by what I said. We could be enjoying the new LC that doesn't lag like like pig shit sliding down a wall, new features like the overboard, uploading five images at a time and 50mb video files. Instead we're split between the old site and crystal.cafe wondering what went wrong.

I agree that Shaymin's communication was bad and she should have made posters aware of what was going to happen but for what she was doing her ability to code and deploy the site is far more important. She could talk all she wants and it wouldn't matter if she couldn't deliver. I guess it didn't help that both her and the previous admin had been vague posting about the software switch for years so no one remembered the initial announcement about lynxchan made by the previous admin.

Anonymous 204407

Thank you for answering. It's easy to understand what it means from context but I was just wondering about the origin and it's kind of hard to google. Like how did "peak trans" the noun turn into "peaked" the verb?

Anonymous 204408

Wait, wait, wait. I never said that people can't be my friend and never said people can't think I'm weird. I just felt weirded out by that specific Anon and how they acted. Calm down.

Anonymous 204409


Gm anony i hope you have a great day!
That's a super cute pic i like how the pumpkin looks like the frog

Anonymous 204410

You were weirded out because you were paranoid as fuck and you admitted that.

Anonymous 204411

Kirbyanon dox when?

Anonymous 204412


Anonymous 204413

Yes. I'm not denying that. At the time, the way they acted creeped me out because it reminded me 1:1 of a creepy moid who would constantly sing my praises, white knight me at the slightest offense and constantly said he loved me and my quirkiness and that he wanted to be friends. Not saying it was right to freak out on the dime and I'm regretful of that. I don't really care if others think I'm weird, autsitic, cool, or whatever people are allowed to have that opinion and should. Honestly I just don't like when people put words in my mouth and assume things without knowing the full story or reasoning, it's weird.

Anonymous 204414

halloween 2023 this is me

Anonymous 204415

Hello everyone. I got my new phone, I need to get insurance for it next week so I'll get a discount for the new year, and I'll buy accessories as well to protect it. It's my new baby.

Anonymous 204416

are you okay?

Anonymous 204417

>Honestly I just don't like when people put words in my mouth and assume things without knowing the full story or reasoning, it's weird.
You should have written all this before the long-ass sperging rant you went on. People only assume because you do not specify.

Anonymous 204418

I literally did. I said the reason I found it creepy after being questioned for it.

Anonymous 204419


Anonymous 204420


Aww thank you, and that's a really cute lizard

Anonymous 204421

Look, gonna be real with you, you annoy the fuck out of me and I'm looking for an infight. You're autistic and kirby does not have a pussy.

Anonymous 204422

Anonymous 204423

kirbys house.jpg

i found her house

Anonymous 204424

Wait, she thinks he has a pussy? Does she headcanon kirby as a girl? Or is he just a c*ntboy to her? So many questions

Anonymous 204425

She headcannons kirby as a girl (thus the fuck slit).

Anonymous 204426

>Look, gonna be real with you, you annoy the fuck out of me and I'm looking for an infight.
Thanks, I'm flattered.

Anonymous 204427

King Dedede is a faggot.

Anonymous 204428


caramel ice cream fur

Anonymous 204429

Headcanon Kirby primarily as female, there's times where I'll use male Kirby but usually it's female Kirby in terms of art and writing. As for the slit thing, yeah that's it really, it's basically a flat and very compact vag that's indiscernible unless aroused.

Anonymous 204430

Kek do you publish this art and writing?

Anonymous 204431

And? That only makes it all the more sweeter when he's broken down by the power of pussy and can never go back to dick.

Anonymous 204432

She posts it on lolcow and she draws in the doodle room.

Anonymous 204433

Fat hands typed this post.

Anonymous 204434

Yes. Though it's mostly art, unless doujins count as fics too?

Anonymous 204435

post doodles please

Anonymous 204436

God, I actually and genuinely wish. I'm horridly skinny and I hate it I get tired way too quickly, cold way too quickly and I hate being weak as shit. I wish there were easier and quicker ways to put on weight because I hate being a skelly and nothing fucking works. I eat as much as possible, I try to limit my excersise to nothing but light cardio and running, I eat plenty of carbs and meats, but all it does is just make me tired and groggy all the time.

Anonymous 204437

I used to be underweight, the reason why I'm not as skinny as before is because I ate way too much fastfood and started working in an office fulltime. Now I'm just thin in a normal way.

Anonymous 204438


They're gay <3

Anonymous 204439


Anonymous 204440


Where my dragon girls at?

Anonymous 204441

How do you get an office job and what do you do there?

Anonymous 204442

Fuck off Kaiba.

Anonymous 204443


Anonymous 204444

Well, I guess I better get an office job then. I've thought about going off the deep end and just indulging in fast food and junk to put on some kind of weight but the taste of fast food makes me bloated and drowsy, that, and I hear the fat you gain from fast food can be really unhealthy and lead to diabetes. My Dad already has it so I don't want to have it either since it's common in my family line.

Anonymous 204445


Anonymous 204446

I actually like MetaDede a lot, admittedly the fan portrayals can be a little lack luster and woobified but I think it's a rather cute ship that plays on both sides contrasts. What do you like about it?

Anonymous 204447


Anonymous 204448

Anonymous 204449


Anonymous 204450


Anonymous 204451

Just larp as kirby swallowing stuff.

Anonymous 204453

Gorgeous eyes.

Anonymous 204454

I don't think I can do that, I refuse to become a kinnie

Anonymous 204455


Anonymous 204456

NTA I work an office job at a university, and office jobs are half just pulling and manipulating data and half time trying to seem busy

Anonymous 204457


Anonymous 204458

So is having fun allowed again?

Anonymous 204459

Anonymous 204460

Oh I actually like this a whole lot, it'd make for an interesting AU

Anonymous 204461

DO NOT spam your shitty AI portraits.

Anonymous 204462

I'm not AI anon, don't worry

Anonymous 204463


Anonymous 204464

Perhaps we should stop spamming all together.

Anonymous 204465

I guess when Shatmin said "moderation is crippled" during the transition, that was quite literal and no one is even watching for tranny posts and CP now. I don't really know why the owner change means all farmhands can't just do what they already did, I guess people just "quit" on the spot?

Anonymous 204466

Seeing all this MetaDede art reminded me that I have drafts of a MetaDede doujinshi I should probably get back to working on.

Anonymous 204467

Why keep the site open at all while it's being worked on? Is it even being worked on anymore?

Anonymous 204468

was anyone even watching for cp before? that shit would stay up for hours

Anonymous 204469

Fuck off

Anonymous 204470

Can she not just pick a new anon to be admin already? Why wait til next month, is she hoping we'll grovel and beg her to come back? Shatmin just make someone admin, you suck ass.

Anonymous 204471

It's not being worked on, admin just reopened the old version for posting while she's transferring her power to whoever she sees fit

Anonymous 204472

It'd stay up for hours at Asian/Aussie main hours, I haven't seen obvious bait and CP stay up this long this late for my time zone

Anonymous 204473

Most people can't even access the site. She really fucked up this whole thing.

Anonymous 204474

Didn't she say that the site will become more accessible over a few days?

Anonymous 204475

I hope you're right. I can't wait to go back home.

Anonymous 204476

I'm actually conteplating if I should apply to become a mod if LC gets successfully handed over to a new admin. Do I have to actually possess any skills? I'm not a neet but I have an unsupervised job and browse LC at work all the time anyway.

Anonymous 204477

Imagine if shaymin purposefully gets a shitty new admin out of pettiness, kek. It's what I would do.

Anonymous 204478

It's not wrong for her to get to know or background check the volunteers, which might take a while. Better than just handing it off to some LARPing tranny with a vendetta or someone that wants to turn it into a kpoop IB

Anonymous 204479

Then you'd basically be getting paid to mod LC, nice.

Anonymous 204480

Am I the only one who had already kinda lost interest in LC? CC serves me just fine as my replacement /ot/ as long as it doesn't go back to dead

Anonymous 204481


Never thought I’d see zippertit fanart of Spanky Ham, but the autism of underage twitter users truly knows no bounds.

Anonymous 204482


Anonymous 204483


Anonymous 204485

I'm a researcher so rn I'm getting paid for pure autism, modding LC on the side could be fun.

Anonymous 204486

I have a crush on this loser fucking scrote and I hate him with a passion. I can't believe we were best friends. He's a loser soon-to-be-addict going to art school. I hate him I hate him I hate him.
>hahaha I just did coke at a party in chicago!!
I hope it's laced with fentanyl one of these days. Fucking loser.

Anonymous 204487

I don't know how CC regulars would feel about that. If LC comes over and takes over the janny positions too, molding it to cow culture, it'd be just second /ot/

Anonymous 204488

typo i didn't care to fix but yeah it doesn't look good on my CV.

Anonymous 204489

You want to delete child porn all day? At work?

Anonymous 204490

there are two types of tifs, the girls that kin xandir and the girls that kin spanky

Anonymous 204491

same kek i only used /ot/ anyway and i guess i'm gonna integrate and help cc become less dead

Anonymous 204492

Someone has to do it. I'm in a slowly modded time zone so I have to see that fucking filth a lot anyway, it'd be better if I could just delete it right away.

Anonymous 204494

what are the actual requirements for a farmhand? Like IP (is public wifi ok or can you only do it on a secure connection), length of time using the site (oldfags only or newfags too?), gender (female obviously), time commitment needed, etc. Just curious.

Anonymous 204495

Is he at least good looking?

Anonymous 204496

Should I post his face?

Anonymous 204497

You shouldn't but I'm not stopping you.

Anonymous 204498

The urge is strong but the last thing I need is for farmers to find his social media and then find a picture of me kek. I get really awkward around (genuinely) attractive men so there's no way I would have ever been his friend if I found him (genuinely) attractive. He's cute, I guess.

Anonymous 204499

Sure, if you want him to find out and post your face as a revenge

Anonymous 204500

Samefag but he smokes like half a pack a day and eats like shit so he won't be very cute for long.

Anonymous 204503


Anonymous 204504

I love the story telling here.

Anonymous 204505

Kekkk that anime girl is speaking the truth

Anonymous 204506

Anonymous 204507

Based Kobeni

Anonymous 204508

Did she really start spamming her weird Dedede x Meta Knight collection?

Anonymous 204513

Anonymous 204514

Of course, talking about Kirby's sex slit was not enough

Anonymous 204515

I have a question about this. Why doesnt Shaymin just report the IP to fbi? I know the troon uses VPNs, but if you are site owner, don't you get their info? Reddit does it. Why doesnt she find the first IP that used it? https://www.reddit.com/r/help/comments/c35c4r/so_if_any_such_possibly_illegal_content_is_posted/

Anonymous 204516

What? I did not post those images. I like metadede but not that much, plus they're from tumblr and I refuse to touch that website if I can help it.

Anonymous 204517

If she stops all vpns, then why not report all IPS or revert it back in linux and find some more contact that way? I would be willing to do it. I would be willing to find more info on those posters and send it to the FBI. They deserve it.

Anonymous 204518

I’ve gotten banned for others posts who are using vpns

Anonymous 204519

Samefag and it gives me tard rage

Anonymous 204520

Thats fair, but why doesnt she just report that person? Let them know that they are reported to FBI? I mean, surely, if its their original IP and they get banned using a vpn, then theyd probably get swatted and knock it off, right?

Anonymous 204521

on 4chan a couple years back I would always have my mobile internet range banned every time the ip switched so I'd submit an appeal weekly and they would always unban me

Anonymous 204522

Actually, itd be a bad idea to let them know. NVM. I know a pedo, michael sosa, who got swatted for it but was known beforehand and he deleted the pics so nothing happened to him.

Anonymous 204523

But theres reasonings given, so I dont really understand that. If you post pedo content, then you wouldnt have that appeal. Wouldnt shaymin be able to see the reasoning behind said so IP?

Anonymous 204525

My bad sorry, I thought you were responding to my post LOL. I am very tired and it is 4 am.

Anonymous 204526

I’d try to submit appeals to say I didn’t make the post and sometimes I got it appealed and sometimes I got it denied, it’s kind of annoying. (But it was always my phone getting banned tho)

Anonymous 204529

iirc shaymin mentioned that she's in touch with the FBI, and I'm sure anons myself included have sent an FBI tip. It seems like it's really hard to track CP distributors down if they take basic precautions.

Anonymous 204533

Fuck. My friend came to fbi the other day about some scrote who stalked her friend and assaulted some 14 yo girl (he was 22) and he had his friends harass them. FBI contacted her just a day later, but tbf, his dox was included and everything. If shaymin wanted, she could send the mods or trusted users in lolcow the IP to track, again, Id 100% work with it, I helped people with tracking down IPS and did pedohunts. I would have no problem helping her with fbi cases. It would be so much easier for her and FBI too, esp with more accessible information.

Anonymous 204535

Bitter "artists" from the last thread get triggered by AI and so they want it banned

Anonymous 204536

Tbf it was annoying seeing ai art spam just like any other spam

Anonymous 204538

Most anons are unironically hardcore pickmes. They love mocking women, either lolcows or e-thots, while spending their neet time simping for male actors/anime boys. They're so much like incels in that regard that they live for male approval and shit on every woman they're jealous of.

Anonymous 204539

That AI anon posted a lot but it wasn't "spam" if every 5-7 posts was an AI picture
What's really annoying are newfags taking bait and infighting for half a day, or when they're speculating that everyone they dislike is the same anon (re: tranny)
Seriously, I don't remember this behavior occurring 4-5 years ago

Anonymous 204540

It was annoying and excessive. Just don't do it, damn.

Anonymous 204541

They're mad the no effort ai art looks more appealing than their own artwork.

Anonymous 204542


Okay mom sorry

Anonymous 204543

Can we stop the retarded baiting. Go post on original.lolcow.farm or farmcow if you're going to argue with people.

Anonymous 204545

AI art is cool but the anon(s) who posted AI-generated art on cow threads were annoying as fuck. It should go in its own dedicated thread.

Anonymous 204546

There are no cow threads on cc. If you mean lc, then sure, I agree that it's not necessary to post your fan art on a cow thread.

Anonymous 204547


That's right, I simp for 2D men. Who, by the way, do not commit 80% of the crimes because they are literally not real.

Anonymous 204548

Anonymous 204549

>acting like your 2d man isn't a self insert made by the weird japanese man writing the anime
Kek. Some anons really are so similar to incels who who pretend to hate women but are addicted to 2d girls that it's funny.

Anonymous 204551

Why are there so many NEETs on crystal cafe compared to lolcow? Does the hostile environment of lolcow keep losers away better or at least scares NEETs enough they don't brag about having no job?

Anonymous 204552

>>acting like your 2d man isn't a self insert
Huh, actually, he's essentially a comedic depiction of Osamu Dazai. You uncultured swine.

Anonymous 204553

Well, it's better that than kissing some moids ass who contributes to porn or dehumanizing women that arent bandmaids, imo. I dont care for anime moids (well maybe except like 2, but I dont go as far as some s do, which is fine), I'd much prefer that than them defending why its ok for their boyfriend to date some girl 20 years his junior or date some girl fresh outta hs.

Anonymous 204554

cc was literally born from lc
A lot of oldfags who got tired of cow discussion or the culture shift on the board migrated here some odd years ago
The user bases overlap quite a lot

Anonymous 204555

Anonymous 204556

If men hating women because they're individuals, don't put out and dare to enjoy things is the same as yume/fujo/whataverjos avoiding men because they're agressive, sure

Anonymous 204557

CC has a younger userbase, imo you're more likely to be a neet from ages 18-22 than later in life, and yes for better or for worse, it's a bit less hostile so I bet nonas here feel less pressure when talking about it kek

Anonymous 204558

>my 2d man better than 3d man!
>Well actually he is a 3d man!
Kek. Watching cartoons isn't culture, retarded autist.

Anonymous 204559

Im 19, btw, before any scrotes come on here or some handmaidens come here telling me their 28+ year old bf totally loves them and arent going to dump them the minute theyre older. I dont trust men who seek the youngest possible option, I know theyd go younger, because I have had these men go after me at a very young age.

Anonymous 204561

>not knowing who Osamu Dazai is
Fucking philistine

Anonymous 204562

>Their bf to date someone else
>their bf to date a minor
Bitch what kind of female friends do you have that they enable pedo behavior and let their bfs cheat on them?

Anonymous 204563

i used to be a neet and at the time i would never mention it on LC because i had seen what had been said about cows who were neets lol

Anonymous 204564


Anonymous 204565

CC's cutesy nice environment makes all the autists turn themselves into cows without a shame tbh. You see NEETS who boast about making their parents work multiple jobs while they waste their time on the web, anons who are definitely males or trannies, trolls who spam shit for attention etc.

Anonymous 204566

Does it tho? LC even has a NEET thread, tho there is probably one here too dead somewhere.

Anonymous 204567

There's a NEET thread on lolcow though

Anonymous 204569

Anons here mention they're neets super often which wasn't common on lolcow.



Good morning from Fluff

Anonymous 204571


Im going to delete this reply before scrotes take this to advice, because that is how sick they are, esp 4chan ones, knowing they like to lurk here.

Anonymous 204572

Good morning, Fluff

Anonymous 204573

faggot fluff

Anonymous 204574

There are probably more NEETs than you'd think of LC too, they just know they'll get shred to pieces if they post about it outside of there or the ex-NEET thread. Claiming that your mother needs to support you and you'll kys if she ever stops won't go unchallenged on LC.

Anonymous 204575


Anonymous 204577

Why are you acting as if this show wasn't made for pedo scrotes? Some of you need to realize that being on the spectrum isn't an excuse.

Anonymous 204578

I'm a NEET (kind of) and I don't care what any of you think, but usually doesn't seem relevant to the discussion.

Anonymous 204579

Anonymous 204580


I want a game just like Catherine (original or Fullbody idc) but with female protagonists. I want female!Vincent hanging out with her friends after work, shit talking them and her bf behind their backs, drinking to forget, being a stupid lazy alcoholic and solving stupid cube puzzles. But without any yuri, that shit sucks ass.

Anonymous 204581

These are all stuff you saw online and none of it is true. Most normal women will not cape for pedos or excuse men's crimes. Can't believe your whore ass blames single mothers for "ignoring abuse" instead of blaming men for raping kids. Why did you even bring up "single mothers"? Having an irrational hate for women who fell into single motherhood is also peak incel behavior.
You'll always blame some sort of woman and say how better and based you are as if you're not some terminally online bitch playing cringy video games about having boyfriends while pretending you hate men. Spending time on 4chan and believing the lies those men tell further proves how retarded you are. Go outside, get some female friends and get therapy.

Anonymous 204583


Anonymous 204584

This is off topic from our once or twice a thread complaining about other anons, but while driving today I was struck with some really nice fanfiction inspiration and it made me happy because it's been so long since I've wanted to write something.

Anonymous 204585

Reposting your cringe reply admitting how you spend your time lurking on 4chan.

Sorry, one last thing, a lot of women who are pickmes for men, or go as far as to kissing their scrotes ass, as in favoring their validation, is the exact same reason as to why they ignore their daughters/niece/sisters getting abused. There was a study as to why a lot of single mothers ignore it, and it's usually because the sexual predators lie to them about loving them, etc. Its also why you will see a lot of zoomer girls who defend dating older men, because they do have low self esteem, and get themselves in dangerous situations, not realizing how men view them will be even worse with their daughters.
A lot. I mean this as a zoomer, a lot of zoomers (usually in cosplay/anime spaces) or "weird/quirky" girls would be anti terf/anti swerf (which was why I got cancelled by my friend group) would normalize bdsm of older men dating younger girls, or dating men twice their age and defending them. It's because they genuinely believe the scrote loves them and that theyre different and not being taken advantage of, that they can change them, etc. I used to play otome games because I saw the shittiest parts of moids, I saw them sexualize me at a very young age, and I used to be like that, but I got into radfem and it helped me get out of it. The fucked up thing is that men are taking notice of this (especially 4channers) and are dating these girls because a lot of them are terminally online and naive.

Anonymous 204586

Can you write Elsie x Bio-chan fanfic thx

Anonymous 204587

I dont blame them, is the thing. I specifically said they were predators who were lying to them about loving them? I was saying how far pickmes went. I was saying this because I hung out IRL with these girls who told me it was normal.

Anonymous 204588

I am already getting confused over the infighting going on, I guess I need more coffee.

Anonymous 204589

Just ignore em anon I got what you were saying

Anonymous 204590


Anonymous 204591

Elsie seems to have moved on pretty fast from her wife, 2Xtan, missing in action and presumed dead… kind of suspicious to me imo

Anonymous 204592

Sorry I forgot 2X existed
Platonic fanfic?

Anonymous 204593

>I hung out with girls who told me it was normal that their bf was cheating on them with kids
I doubt they really said this but if they did and you still remained friends with them you're a weirdo.

Anonymous 204595

Also, my mother was the same way, lol. I am literally fucking saying this out of experience, because she blamed me for my assault. I still dont blame her or these women, though. Where the fuck did you get that from? I even said that the ones who said that were naive and implied they didnt know any better. However, women who get abused by their moids, mentally, do let their scrotes get away with it at times and blame their daughters. I 100% blame the men, but I was saying that IT IS how far pick me goes.

Anonymous 204596

Honestly, I think lc and cc have an equal amount of neets. And like other anons are saying, lc users just lie about it.

The only reason I use cc instead of lc most of the time is because I like the atmosphere of the board but I just cannot get into the cows there.

Anonymous 204597

Quite recently a nona got attacked in the autism thread and accused of being a NEET because she couldn't work full time. Those who post the anti-NEET stuff are usually either entitled, ignorant shitheads or scrotes. But actually I usually see the NEET sentiments defended on LC.

Anonymous 204598

I didnt?? LOL??? Why are you making shit up about me for no reason? I deleted it because I didnt want scrotes to take advantage of girls like that, and because I know they take note of it.

Anonymous 204599

I wish we were in the implanted chip age where everyone would have government issued online IDs and you would have internet subdivisions, so you could have like child web (with no pedos), teenage web and I could browse a 21+ internet.

Anonymous 204600


Are you saying Elsie killed 2X and hid the body?

Anonymous 204601

>Quite recently a nona got attacked in the autism thread and accused of being a NEET because she couldn't work full time
Based lolcow nonas.

Anonymous 204602


The sad truth is that admin killed them both

Anonymous 204603

How is that based

Anonymous 204604

With LC posting culture being self-sufficient, and literal RL empowerment is supported. If people post "scrotes mad, scrotes bad" but then also post "yo my nigel supports me full time, I'm kinda fucked financially", of course it'll come across comically tone deaf

Anonymous 204605

What the hell is that thing

Anonymous 204606

Thanks, I dont want people to think that I think Im better than anyone, lol. I was saying that some women start hurting their own for male validation, or go as far as to pedo pandering, etc. If they werent in this system where men were put above them, this wouldnt happen. I do not blame them for it, I blame the men for it. I was literally just saying how normalized this shit has been, to the point where I had IRLS talk about it with me. I was not thinking I was better than them, I felt pity for them and wanted them to get out of that system, hence I said it was better for women to go as far as to defending 2d men and whatnot rather than a 3d man.

Anonymous 204607

NTA, am I missing something? Did the autistic NEET anon say she was being supported by a bf?

Anonymous 204608

Lolcow feels like an almost even split of nigel posters vs complete men haters

Anonymous 204609

I wish we were in the implanted chip age where everyone would have government issued online IDs and you would have rapists remotely euthanized.

Anonymous 204610

if you're referring to the post, she wasn't financially dependent on her bf. some people just assumed that.

Anonymous 204611

I don't know which NEET anon we're talking about now, there were quite a few fights just before The Lolcowalypse. I remember someone posted that their bf/husband told them to get a job.

Anonymous 204612

Too bad that future will never exist. They'll use that shit to track our fertility and rape us to keep up the supply of cheap laborers.

Anonymous 204613

My sister gave me an enlarging mirror. I am in my 30s and never used one. I am terrified of what I saw. So many mustache hair, even 2-3 forming a little pinch under my lip, got this long ass hair coming out of my nostril that I never noticed. It's horrible. Can't wait to be able to lazer all of them off.

Anonymous 204614

futurist technology will always be used for dystopia, never utopia

Anonymous 204615

Kek, does that always happen when people mention being a neet or anything similar? Shortly before LC went down, someone made a work reform (or something like that) thread and the first thread was someone complaining that you shouldn't be supported by a moid, as if the thread said anything about that?

Anonymous 204616

the first post*. Sorry.

Anonymous 204619

If only men could stop raping, way simpler.

Anonymous 204620

Fanfic anon here, this is making me think of how Elsie, 2Xtan, and Biochan all met (how Elsie and 2Xtan fell in love and how she became friends with Biochan)
>Elsie, in charge of her humble farm of lolcows
>she used to tolerate male farmhands
>2Xtan comes to town
>Elsie and 2Xtan are not friends right away
>some tension, Elsie doesn't quite get why 2Xtan hates the male farmhands
>Elsie still allows 2Xtan to help around the farm
>is slowly charmed by 2Xtan's funny insults directed at the male farmhands
>is also impressed by 2Xtan's strength (and her sexy muscles and edgy, devil-may-care attitude and style of dress)
>Elsie and 2Xtan develop a bond, mostly friendship but… also something else
>one day Elsie asks her why she dislikes the male farmhands so much
>2Xtan explains moid crime rate statistics, the way moids oppress women, and how women do not need any help from moids
>Elsie listens and thinks back on all the times moids have hurt her and all the times she had to do the work for a moid with no credit or thanks
>Elsie now understands
>Elsie fires the male farmhands
>much to 2Xtan's surprise (and happiness)
>2Xtan: You mean… you don't think I'm crazy?
>Elsie: no, 2Xtan… I think you're right
>they stare into each other's eyes
>slowly lean in
>they kith <3
>and fall in love
>get married a while later
Elsie and Biochan
>a horrible storm comes to the farms
>nearly destroys the farms and all Elsie and 2Xtan have built together
>2Xtan says she's going to find the lost lolcows and bring them back
>Elsie: Don't do it, please 2Xtan, it's not safe!
>2Xtan: I have to, Elsie
>2Xtan goes, but has yet to return
>Elsie grows worried
>she travels to the next town over (Crystal Cafe)
>asks all people in town where 2Xtan is, if they've seen 2Xtan, etc
>CeCe says no, she hasn't seen 2Xtan around, sorry Elsie
>Elsie stops at a "XX FEMALE ONLY" bar in town
>down on her luck
>meets Biochan laughing with female bartender over troons
>Biochan asks Elsie why the long face
>Elsie tells her
>Biochan says she's sorry and that she'll help her find 2Xtan, but while the night is still young she can have a drink on her
>Elsie manages a smile
>Elsie: You remind me of my wife :)
And so the two friends are still looking for 2Xtan, let's hope they find her and the loat lolcows!

Anonymous 204621

IMO, I think neets should get a side job if dependent on their bf, for security/safety, or at least some income. I always worry for women who are neets but dependent on their bfs. What happens if they have nowhere to go and he starts being abusive?

Anonymous 204622

totally normal. no one who looks at you can see those hairs. Just pluck or wax the dark/long ones and you're good.

Anonymous 204623

Does anyone else ever think about how surreal it would be to be a cow? Imagine having years worth of threads written about your behaviour and knowing that there's people that are dedicated to watching whatever you do.

Anonymous 204624

I love this, thank you.

Anonymous 204625

At least neetbux. I have income (not government money though) and I'm a neet, but I'm planning on getting a part time while going to school. My nigel does all the cleaning while I cook because I make as much as him. I worry for a lot of women who are young and are financially dependent 100%, because in most cases, it does end up a bit sour, and with the rates of divorces.. (and amounts of cheatings, etc). Its a pessimistic world view, but even if you believe your nigel loves you, you gotta take precaution no matter what.
When I was 16, some right winged moid made a thread about me on KF bc these men were harassing me and I replied back, LOL.

Anonymous 204626

ntayrt but the point was that anons assume women are financially dependent on their partner or parent etc. when there are other scenarios, like being disabled, living on savings or welfare.

I agree though that women should have financially independent though, of course. We will see more instances of this kind of abuse with the rise of the tradwife bs.

Anonymous 204627


Ahh, ok, fair point, my bad! Ty . Have this cat I made on picrew.

Anonymous 204628

I'd try and take it as self improvement fuel

Anonymous 204629

Yeah, I could never imagine being dependent on a temperamental scrote for your living. Especially if you're not married and don't have kids. He'd be able to just fuck you over with such ease and then what? You're homeless or back at moms?

Anonymous 204630

I love her. thank you

Anonymous 204631

I remember this picrew, cute.

Anonymous 204633

It does feel like some anons just want to call others pick me over anything. Just saying you are a NEET or that workers rights need radical changes isn't the same as advocating for tradwife bullshit and frankly they aren't that difficult to tell apart.

Anonymous 204634

Any more updates from Shaymin? Has anyone ITT gotten a reply on their email yet?

Anonymous 204635

Hey me too nona! I got a really crazy crossover fic idea and can't wait to get to write it.

Anonymous 204636

The anti-work/work-rework thread wasn't even associated with NEETdom, it just got absolutely derailed. I understand why anti-work movements rejects NEETs, see the subreddit mod news interview fiasco. A work-reform movement won't ever be taken seriously if the loudest spokesperson and volunteer representatives are people that do dog walking gigs, furporn or were never even meaningfully employed in their life.

Anonymous 204638

"In July 2018, Harmon received criticism when a comedy skit from 2009 resurfaced. The video, titled "Daryl", was intended to be a parody of Dexter and featured Harmon acting out raping a baby. Vox noted that the video circulated on 4chan and alt-right online communities as part of a campaign led by Mike Cernovich to attack public figures who were perceived as having leftist and liberal viewpoints.[48] Harmon apologized for the video and said, "In 2009, I made a 'pilot' which strove to parody the series Dexter and only succeeded in offending. I quickly realized the content was way too distasteful and took the video down immediately. Nobody should ever have to see what you saw and for that, I sincerely apologize."

Dan Harmon is a fucking pedophile who only gets away with it because CoMeDy!!! He apologized because he got caught.

Anonymous 204640

Elsie is Cuba with Tupac right now

Anonymous 204641

Yeah, it's silly that workers' right movements wouldn't be first and foremost be done by actual workers.

Anonymous 204643

This is cute, good job!

Anonymous 204644


I wish I had a waifu, meanwhile one of the few characters I managed to get a crush on, wouldn't even be able to appear to me and only messes up men. Please come to my dreams Catherine and let's rule the underworld together. My brain doesn't even make it possible for me to really waifufag. Next best thing is dating someone with BPD I guess.

Anonymous 204646

I want a manga or comic of this NOW!!! Take my money

Anonymous 204647

Why her and not the cutie with glasses

Anonymous 204649

kek my waifu is literally a genderbent version of a male character and there's like 3 decent pieces of fanart of her that are not coomerish, i can feel your pain

Anonymous 204653


someone please briefly explain why no one can reach lc. is it because admin is retarded or is it getting ISP level blocked like kiwifarms did?

Anonymous 204654

Some of us can reach it and are posting rn

Anonymous 204655

because I have commitment issues and don't like all the serious stuff, I never want to have children, so Katherine just scares me. I like all the sensual flirting, spontaneity, with Catherine you don't have to have children, I like BPD types. Katherine is perfect if you're looking for the traditional life, you want to get married, have children, settle down and get serious. That's just not something I want for me, I wouldn't be able to handle that. Ruling the underworld feels like less responsibility in comparison kek

Anonymous 204656

I can access it fine? I have it open in another tab, but I'm also here because I like how fast the thread is. Maybe it is an ISP thing? I know the one I use to access KF was blocked for a day or two within the past week.

Anonymous 204657


Squirreldwide takeover

Anonymous 204658


Anonymous 204659


Anonymous 204660

i still can't access it either and it's still telling me it's a dns issue. i cleared my cache and everything but nada. it's not an isp issue because well.. chrome literally tells you it's a dns issue… propagation /can/ take up to 48 hours they kept saying but it's been a week now… let us in..

Anonymous 204662


I'll support you, squirrel

Anonymous 204663


MRW no lolcor for a week

Anonymous 204664


I tried to type squirreln0nny oops

Anonymous 204666



Anonymous 204668


god I wish this was me

Anonymous 204670

you and me have the same exact issue then wtf is going ONNNNNN

Anonymous 204671


Squirrel girl eating Christmas dinner

Anonymous 204674

one easy way to check if its your isp thats the issue -
go on farmcow.lol
if it works then it's not your isp but still the dns
dont let shaymin gaslight you my lovely farmers

Anonymous 204677


glad christmas is over

Anonymous 204679


No news on /meta/, but admin-stans are funny
>a site being down/up/accessible is insider information

Anonymous 204680

t-today i am drawing…

Anonymous 204681

Drawing what!

Anonymous 204683

i am drawing my friend's waifu, i try not to get attached to drawings because it raises my standars to levels i cant reach with my current level, but i hope he likes it, he's the reason i didnt off myself this year

Anonymous 204684

my bosses' colleague dropped off their dog an hour ago for me to watch and he has yet to eat all day. he's also usually pretty hyper but has been napping beneath my chair all this time. i know you fags aren't vets, but what do you think i should do? my boss is aware he hasn't eaten yet. i was thinking of grabbing some different food for him first to see if that helps, the bag was open so maybe it's just stale?

Anonymous 204686

n0nnas im bored. tell me ur fav films so i can add stuff to my watchlist on letterboxd plz

Anonymous 204687

Grey Gardens

Anonymous 204688

good choice! that's my mom's favorite movie so it's on my list, next time i visit her i'll borrow her dvd of it

Anonymous 204689

Black Narcissus, you'll fuckin love it. It's about nuns moving into an abandoned monastery in Tibet-Nepal-wherever-istan, and they start going bonkers.

Anonymous 204691

farmcow.lol works for me but regular lolcow has been inaccessible for a fucking WEEK please someone who knows what they're doing take over i miss my lolcor
i hate shaymin so much its unreal

Anonymous 204692


I think my limerence might be gone, but now I just feel down and a bit angry over the situation. It's better than feeling limerent towards someone I don't want to be attracted to I guess.

Anonymous 204693

I just want to use twitter to look at BL art and people would rather sperg because of apartheid clyde as soon as trump got banned, I hate that shit.

Anonymous 204694


Anonymous 204695

Wtf literally me except I'm not 100% sure I'm moving on. Did it just run it's course or did you do any techniques to get over it…?

Anonymous 204696


The vid I linked is for the whole movie, if you didn't want to wait. I wasn't expecting it to be as impactful as it was for me, I think about it more often than other movies I've seen lately.

Anonymous 204697

oh cool i didn't realize! i'll watch it tonight, thx n0nna

Anonymous 204699

I haven't been able to see or talk to him for the past few weeks, which I think has helped along with focusing on the fact that I can't be in a relationship with him. Hopefully it lasts when I see him again.

Anonymous 204700

if it's just DNS, have you tried restarting your router (including unplugging it and waiting 60 seconds), flushing DNS cache, using a VPN or proxy site, using a different browser etc.?

Anonymous 204701

just learned a new word (i have a limited vocabulary)

Anonymous 204702

Temporary Bunker B…

Second bunker board's been cleared. Go draw something silly


Anonymous 204703

Be glad you've never had to learn it through experience. It's pure torture if you develop it towards someone you can't be with or who isn't limerent towards you.

Anonymous 204704

>t. bpd-chan

Anonymous 204705

I usually have a narrow emotional range, limerence just turns me into a bpdchan temporarily. This is the first time it's happened in many years though

Anonymous 204707

Dog is probably just still adjusting to the new space- I wouldn't worry unless it goes on longer than a full 24 hours. Pets are weird about eating in different places and/or around different people. My cat wouldn't eat dinner the other night just because my brother was here, even though the cat has no problem taking treats from him

Anonymous 204709


i have done and just re-did all of those things, everything is still saying its a DNS issue

Anonymous 204712

well, that sucks.

Anonymous 204713

can you talk like a normal person

Anonymous 204714

how do you do that?

Anonymous 204715

do you want her to

Anonymous 204716

no say big words

Anonymous 204717

Kek you'd never want a conversation with me in real life—I talk like a goddamned thesaurus.

Anonymous 204718


is any of this thread or the previous worth reading back on, I'm just catching a lot of debbie downerism and retarded infighting from lack of maturity and experience

Anonymous 204719

No literally nothing from after thread #25 is worth reading through

Anonymous 204720

i like learning new words nona. keep thesaurusposting

Anonymous 204721

pretty sure most people experience infatuation at some point in their lives

Anonymous 204722

yw!! If you're still around the bunker threads let me know what you think! I think I'll watch it again while cleaning today

Anonymous 204723

No, the only interesting thread was the one with IHM lol

Anonymous 204724

infatuation isn't limerence, the latter is far more intense and intrusive

Anonymous 204725

just looked at the trailer for it and it looks amazing. gonna watch the whole thing later too and will report back

Anonymous 204726


>tfw you've been feeling down in the dumps and already posted a relatable sad meme to your instagram story and friends are hitting you up wishing you well and then you get a notification from your period tracker telling you your period starts later this week

Anonymous 204727

people needed to make a word to express that they feel more deeply and special than others? i’m not a fan of it. needs some editing

Anonymous 204730

Infatuation is a crush, limerance is an unwanted obsession.

Anonymous 204731

nta but different words exist to denote the intensity of something. e.g. "raining" vs "pouring". it's really not a big deal

Anonymous 204733

how do you think language works, especially English which is known to be one of the best languages to convey various emotions and etc due to the high variety of the vocabulary?

Anonymous 204734

i looked it up on wiki because eslfag and it was a lot of weird psychoanalysis stuff about parent attachment and shit. i guess if it’s just used to describe an unhealthy passion for someone in regular conversation that’s a different story

Anonymous 204735

i just think it sounds pretentious. like saying you’re sapiosexual or something

Anonymous 204736

Probably because medfags be medfagging. It's just used to describe strong and disrupting feelings for someone.

Anonymous 204737


Pullfag found this comment on Manaki's instagram. It could be someone talking out of their ass though.

Anonymous 204738

I hope Venus really did stab him.

Anonymous 204739

psychosexual therapists and psychology theories are not medfagging. more like tarotfagging

Anonymous 204740

And infatuation and limerance aren't the same.

Anonymous 204741


kek venus is funny

Anonymous 204742

Anonymous 204743

limerence is an actual word, whereas sapiosexual is a fake one created by tards. fake words are easy to spot because they often end with -sexual or -gender.

it can be both, depends on context. limerence can be described as a symptom of conditions like bpd.

Anonymous 204745

i don’t believe the latter is real unfortunately

Anonymous 204746

And you're an eslfag, so.

Anonymous 204747

according to wiki limerence was coined as a term in 1979 for some self help book about love…

Anonymous 204748

do you think LC will be slower/suffer in numbers even (if) after everyone gets access again?

Anonymous 204749

Yes but not as slow as some would think. Many outsiders also use LC.

Anonymous 204750

i am sorry i have hurt your feelings. i did not mean to cause an infight. please relax. you’re being limerent

Anonymous 204751

Anonymous 204752


I wish we had that anon that had access to her OF.

Anonymous 204753

It'll take a bit to bounce back but this is not the first time lc went down for multiple days, although it's one of the longest times.

Anonymous 204754

I miss the /g/ bunker threads.

Anonymous 204756

There was an anon that used to take one for the team and leaked her shit.

Anonymous 204757

okay, and? coined terms can adapt. lolita came from a book about a pedophile. aspergers is still autism but has a slightly different meaning and is becoming considered outdated. words come from some source, doesn't mean they're all created equal.

Anonymous 204759

i know venus acts strangely/seeks attention but her story is really sad to me. as a young weeb, i was jealous of her because she got to model in japan and all that, but once i learned about her relationship with her mom, all of the stuff i was jealous of her for took on a very dark tone. i follow her on insta still but i hate seeing her OF posts, it's quite disturbing to have known someone since they were a young teenager and then see them advertise their porn. i hope she gets the help that she needs and steps away from the internet for a while

Anonymous 204760

yeah and i’m saying limerence is just as stupid as sapiosexual and created by people that are both equally dumb. both are real words. we are just having a difference in opinion about it. have a blessed day

Anonymous 204761

I think more and more oldfags move on because of all the spergery and because alternatives, even if they're not ideal, exist. It's the spergs that usually only drop by who will barely notice anything was even going on, so culture will shift even more towards twitterfaggotry

Anonymous 204762

If you hate the english language so much why do you speak it.

Anonymous 204764

>think one word is pretentious
>why do you hate the english language
is this bpd or is there another word in the vast ocean of englese for this

Anonymous 204765

i cant fucking take it no more

Anonymous 204766

Okay, but limerence is way more palatable than sapiosexual. The latter mostly comes out the mouths of people huffing their farts whereas the anon who oroginally used limerence in this thread seems like she was just using an obscure word because she felt like it communicated the thought better

Anonymous 204767

That is cheating. If he's doing this now imagine what he'll do if you try to "salvage" it. Know your worth anon. Leave his worthless ass.

Anonymous 204769

I find it retarded they want to remove Aperger's just because "evil eugenics", as if half the men that got their names on their inventions weren't evil fucks.

Anonymous 204770

Yeah, it's called "annoying", I thought you thought psychiatry was all fake kek.

Anonymous 204771

i don’t know man all this pearl clutching over someone saying a word is dumb does make me think some of you enjoy huffing your farts a bit too much

Anonymous 204772

she was definitely huffing her own farts when she made that post

Anonymous 204773

i'm so sorry n0nna. i don't really have any unique advice to give, but your boyfriend seems like a manwhore and if he was messaging 11 different women instead of paying attention to you, i would leave him in the dust. i dont even know you but i can say with confidence that you deserve better.

Anonymous 204774

That doesn't sound salvageable to me, he got several other girls nudes so he is actively prowling and lying to you, he is just using you and gets his rocks off on the side, someone like that can't change and your dad is unfortunately right

Anonymous 204775

there’s a big difference between clinical psychiatry and applied psychology

Anonymous 204776

I don't think there is.

Anonymous 204777

>sex·u·al·i·ty /ˌsekSHəˈwalədē/
>a person's identity in relation to the sex or sexes to which they are typically attracted; sexual orientation.
sapsiosexual is being attracted to IQ, it is not a real sexuality by definition: fake

Anonymous 204778

Don't bother working things out, a man like this will never respect you. I am so sorry nona.

Anonymous 204779

i think your super special feelings that only you and some special people feel are fake too

Anonymous 204781

every clinical psychiatrist has written at least 3 articles stating how much they despise therapists and applied psychology so this makes me think we aren’t arguing with the same information levels here

Anonymous 204782

They're not, you have a narrow view of the world.

Anonymous 204784

Any fellow West Indies anons? I haven't met anyone from that area on LC

Anonymous 204785

This language nitpicking autism makes me miss kirbyanon

Anonymous 204786

I think you just made that shit up. It sounds pretentious as fuck and also useless.

Anonymous 204787

11 different women? n0nna, he's an addict. there is nothing salvageable about this relationship. there is always a possibility he could change, but it's very low, men don't have the foresight to realize the way porn rots their brains. you don't deserve this pain, leave him and stay gone.

Anonymous 204788

Damn, now I kinda wish that original anon just said "intense infatuation" or something because this argument is dumb lol

Anonymous 204789

If anyone knows how to get rid of limerence, let me know. Feels like a fucking mind virus that I will never overcome

Anonymous 204790

kek what?

Anonymous 204791

i agree that the term is dumb but being attracted to intelligence is pretty common, and i doubt there arent people who literally feel aroused by high iqs in a fetish-like manner

Anonymous 204792

Psychiatrists are retards who will give you whatever drug you want if you can manage the 5 month waiting period for an appointment. Shills to the fullest extent.

Anonymous 204793

Why are you getting so upset over a word (that applies to a phenomenon backed by neuroscience)?

Anonymous 204794

why’d it even have to turn into an argument in the first place jesus do people know you don’t have to reply to everything if it makes you mad

Anonymous 204795

ive never used the word limerence before but now im gonna use it at every possible opportunity just to piss that one anon off

Anonymous 204796

They’re coping with their own limerence

Anonymous 204797

i’m really not kek i think it’s a pretentious word that’s all. and lots of words apply to neuroscientific shit what even is this argument why are you whiteknighting this so hard

Anonymous 204798

kek are we that bored and deprived of e-drama that we're arguing over a big word? get it together, ladies!

Anonymous 204799

Bitch do not act like you did not contribute with your pretentious medfagging retard shit.

Anonymous 204800

the only time i've seen the word sapiosexual being used was when a classmate posted that she was sapiosexual on insta in the 7th grade

Anonymous 204802

you’re not pissing me off you girlies are crazy!

Anonymous 204803


n0nnies how do I live a cute cottagecore life while working a 9-5 and also I kill every almost plant I own?

Anonymous 204804

kek i used to live with a retired psychiatric nurse and she said most psychiatrists are a lil coo coo up there

Anonymous 204805

not those kind of psychiatrists i agree they suck shit too. the only ones who are worth shit are the ones who stick to research and data

Anonymous 204806

Die early and hope to be reborn into a farming family.

Anonymous 204807


Anonymous 204808

Get a work from home job so you can live anywhere

Anonymous 204809

>I kill every almost plant I own
Stop over-watering your plants! reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous 204810

someone else called it medfagging. not everyone here is the same person don’t be so angry

Anonymous 204811

kys, perhaps

Anonymous 204812

it's better than last nights infight

Anonymous 204813

Lost in translation error.

Anonymous 204815

Read books.

Anonymous 204816

Learn about local fauna and get something that doesn't need to be touched that often. I feel like a lot of people who kill plants easy are trying to grow plants that are really incompatible with the climate/area they live in. If you do eventually reach your cottagecore dreams, your cottage will most likely have mostly local plants anyway

Anonymous 204818

hard to parse

Anonymous 204819

That's real cheating for sure. You don't need physical contact to cheat. Don't downplay things.

Anonymous 204820

oooh, this is my specialty. start shopping at every thrift store within a 30 mile radius, go to one at least once a month. buy up all the trinkets & things you think are cute, and don't forget the cute shelving. i have several vintage vases and planters with fake flowers in them. cacti and succulents are also relatively hard to kill, if you absolutely need real pants. also, don't forget to look for cute kitchenware at thrift shops, there are often some really good steals. learning to bake is fun, and you can just do it whenever you feel like. you don't even have to do it from scratch, making box treats is still fun.

Anonymous 204821

No contact with the person you are infatuated with, when you are daydreaming or thinking about them remind yourself of where you are and to stop fantasizing, realize fantasy is not reality, reality grounding techniques, etc.

Anonymous 204822

you can start by learning about the plants you own? sorry but looking up where they need to stand and how much water they need and what type of soil is very easy.

Anonymous 204823


I wish I knew too, nonn1e.

Anonymous 204824

not even the same anon as the bpd one, I just care about the language I speak and have a bit of respect for it and for the others trying to understand me. is it english that's special for you because you were forced to learn it to communicate with more people or you hate americans or brits or something?

Anonymous 204825

hello nonas down a pack of rolos. since when did they remove the biscuitty part from the bottom? this isn't the rolo experience I remember from my youth

Anonymous 204826

One of my succulents died these days, I wonder what I did wrong cause the other one looks fine.

Anonymous 204828

>get a thesaurus
>go to L
>look up limerence
>tear the page out

Anonymous 204829

bought skyrim a few days ago and i am still installing mods. it's tough to simply start playing when i know how cool the game could be…

Anonymous 204830


Rolos like picrel? Those never had a biscuitty part ime, just chocolate and caramel

Anonymous 204831

lol schizophrenia

Anonymous 204833

brits be like.png

I hate brits.

Anonymous 204834

>cute kitchenware at thrift shop
Vintage dishware (older than 20 years) can potentially expose you to poisonous lead. Don't poison yourself n0nnies.

Anonymous 204836

You are exhibiting limerance-like behavior. You should get tested for bpd.

Anonymous 204837

i can’t stop stalking my ex online and it just makes me mad bc her life is going better than mine

Anonymous 204839


a copy of Anniversary Edition would be perfect for nonas like you!

Anonymous 204840

what are you even talking about

Anonymous 204841

this would have a higher chance of hurting my feelings if i hadn’t already made that joke. 2/10

Anonymous 204842

Most people kill their succulents by over watering them.

Anonymous 204843

Why are you obsessed with me, stop replying bpdchan.

Anonymous 204844

It is. And it is getting worse. An example is Amber Heard and Megan Thee Stallion being called BPD for standing up against their abusers.

Anonymous 204845

i mean maybe? but in general it's annoying and exhausting to deal with a person who needs constant reassurance and will freak out/have a breakdown over tiny shit, regardless of their gender. obviously not everyone with bpd is like that though

Anonymous 204846

you're like the average tiktoker that says they're disassociating so hard rn but their bipolar personality disorder makes them very uwu unique and special

Anonymous 204847

>I kill every almost plant I own
I'm the opposite. I forget about a plant in my garden and it breaks out of the pot and colonizes the entire garden.

Anonymous 204848

what? i’m saying /you/ have schizophrenia

Anonymous 204850

samefag sorry but i do agree with the anon above me though, women get that label slapped on them now just for like, expressing any negative emotion. and a lot of women get misdiagnosed. but dealing with someone with actual untreated bpd can be a LOT

Anonymous 204851


Anonymous 204852

i mean it's not actual women with BPD 99% of the time, guys just calling women they don't like bpd is just the modern day typical moid "wahmen be crazy" bs

Anonymous 204853

Can you all quit it with your dumb limerence and BPD discussion, you're shitting it up for everyone else itt

Anonymous 204854

what is the point? i don’t know what you are talking about anymore and i’m honestly a bit concerned for you

Anonymous 204855


Anonymous 204857

bpd discussion might be worse than having to read limerence in a sentence

Anonymous 204858


All I wanted was to blog about my feelings

Anonymous 204859

Unpopular opinion. Psychological disorders don't exist, neurological disorders do. The mental health industry is the new church.

Anonymous 204860

you’re right

Anonymous 204861

we need the AVPDemon anon to come in and spice it up further

Anonymous 204862


Anonymous 204863

this is the only correct opinion

Anonymous 204864

That one anon is a cunt, I'm glad you got over your crush.

Anonymous 204865

wish science would speed it up with discovering a cure for whatever causes trannies tbh

Anonymous 204866

100% natural truths

Anonymous 204867

omg it’s not a crush you bitch it’s deeper than that

Anonymous 204869

Thanks nonn1e, if you're one of the people also experiencing limerence or obsessive infatuation or whatever you want to call it, then I hope you can overcome it too

Anonymous 204870

You're being annoying as fuck.

Anonymous 204871

ignore it. it’s not hard.

Anonymous 204872

can someone here please release me and tell me how to get farmcow.lol to work? it tried using inspect element but no changes and the browser extension didn't work for chrome

Anonymous 204874

>getting this mad when someone assumes it's romantic

Anonymous 204875

you seem a bit bellicose

Anonymous 204876

The threads only get 505 posts and having some replyguy itt to shit it up is annoying but that's just my opinion, just like how you think limerance is a funny word in your opinion.

Anonymous 204877

Anonymous 204878

Kinda sad there are no West Indies anons here. The closest I can find is Argentina or Mexico and that is not the same.

Anonymous 204879

They already did but men don't want to hear it.


>Meta-synthesis of 3 decades of human brain sex difference findings.
>Few male/female differences survive correction for brain size.
>When present, sex accounts for about 1% of variance in structure or laterality.
>Male and female brains are monomorphic, not dimorphic, in structure and function.

Anonymous 204880

Lots of people are attracted to intelligent people. But only unbearable, annoyingly room temp IQs willingly label themselves of sapiosexual. I've literally never met a single actually intelligent individual refer to themselves as that. They just simply date other smart people.

Aye gyal wassup

Anonymous 204882

Anon you keep replying as well. It’s time to let go.

Anonymous 204883

ctrl+shoft+i and delete the rotation from the code

Anonymous 204884

If I have a tendency to fall for BPD women, is my internalized misogyny in the negatives?

Anonymous 204885

I want to make a tiny bowl out of clay. Maybe with a lid.

Anonymous 204887

Shit, uninformed opinion. A lot of psychological disorders are neurological disorders, they affect the structure of the brain thus changing it. They're called psychological disorders because they specifically affect the individual's psychology and behavior as opposed to other abilities such as hand eye coordination, mobility, sensory perception, et cetera. The former can be caused by genetics or abuse during development, whereas the latter is something you're born with.


Anonymous 204888

Not until I feel good about it.

Anonymous 204889

As a BPD fag, I agree.

Anonymous 204890

Ayyye weh yu a seh my gyal?

Anonymous 204891

Babe I'm right here


None taken, we usually don't claim y'all in the line up.

Anonymous 204892

You’re so fucking annoying please keep the cursory google search medfagging to yourself so this thread can move on in peace finally.

Anonymous 204893

I don't want to be associated with them either. Many Latams don't view Argentinians positively.

Anonymous 204894

Didn't even have to reply.

Anonymous 204895

this is so exciting I don't even know how to react, I never thought I'd see the day

Anonymous 204897

Confident but wrong just gets to me sometimes

Anonymous 204898

She's not wrong.

Anonymous 204899

you will never be european

Anonymous 204901

Post something interesting then, it's a bunker thread for general use. I can shit it up like the troll and you can ignore me as easily. Why do you think that I had to google this and didn't just use my brain and applied my previous knowledge?

Anonymous 204902

same i am happy i found my fellow caribbean sisters

Anonymous 204903

i was forced to go to a psychologist since i was 9, nothing helped

Anonymous 204904

She is though. We have so little actual verifiable research on neurological conditions that to make the claim that most psychological disorders are neurological disorders is just guessing really which is what the whole mental health industries problem is. Very little of it is based on science

Anonymous 204905

if nothing ever helped you may have a neurodevelopmental disorder. women are often misdiagnosed as being mentally ill instead and no traditional MI treatment helps because they're not necessarily mentally ill

Anonymous 204906

as a curiosity, which cows do you follow or do you just use the non gossip half of LC? Or are you originally a miner? Kek

Anonymous 204907

As an European, Argentinians are actually viewed pretty positively and their football team is surprisingly popular. Probably because of the whiteness though.

Anonymous 204908

no, just like white burgers aren't european and are just burgers. keep coping

Anonymous 204909

>to make the claim that most psychological disorders are neurological disorders
I didn't say this, but I should have been more clear about how it's just a difference in definition.

Anonymous 204910


So uhh are mods gonna take care of the illegal content on lc ??

Anonymous 204911


I follow this… art? Tumblr blog run by some gay moid making the most… gay moid art I have seen in a while. He does photo mashups combining art/disneyscreencaps with gay moid selfies. This one made me laugh. Moids are so fucking stupid.

Anonymous 204912


hell thread

Anonymous 204913

The CP was gone last time I checked

Anonymous 204915

and? they're still latam no matter how much they hate being associated with those darned brown people

Anonymous 204916

why are argentinians so racist against central americans, indigenous people and caribbeans?

Anonymous 204917

Oh okay, idk I’m kinda nervous going on lc for now since mods seem kinda absent, lc is such a mess atm

Anonymous 204919


Another one

Anonymous 204920

Because they want to be seen as white. Quit feeding the argentinian, it will never go away

Anonymous 204921

where the hell did i say that

Anonymous 204922


Anonymous 204924

I started out following Onision but now I stick to /ot/.

Anonymous 204925

There is clearly someone itt trying to stir shit up because they're bored.

Anonymous 204926


everyone stfu

Anonymous 204927

and they have a butt chin

Anonymous 204928


Anonymous 204929

no there isn’t you guys just get mad at everything

Anonymous 204930

its other latin americans that say you treat them like shit, argentinefag

Anonymous 204931


ew, they're so hairy. the first one's nipples concern me.

Anonymous 204933

Literally schizophrenic I'm not even participating in this conversation. You are very easily identifiable.

Anonymous 204934


Guys can yu help me find him? I cant find him

Anonymous 204935

i’m not in any convo right now except this one kek relax queen schizophrenia

Anonymous 204936

I doubt that.

Anonymous 204937

the first dozen or so bunker threads were so fun, but the last few have been 95% retarded infighting. so boring to everyone except the 2-3 people involved in the argument. shaymin please allow everyone to access lc, some n0nnas here are having a difficult time with their milk withdrawal symptoms

Anonymous 204938

I want some tostones.

Anonymous 204939

Stop feeding the troll I'm tryna connect with my west indies n*nnie goddamn it

Anonymous 204940

I hope shatmin had a shitty christmas.

Anonymous 204941

I’ve never met an Argentinian that wasn’t completely insane and needlessly aggressive and condescending.

Anonymous 204942

Just ignore it nonn1es.

Anonymous 204944

I like how Trinis speak. They sound so fancy.

Anonymous 204945

are you talking about Romanianon

Anonymous 204946

How would anons know that shit??

Anonymous 204947

only because france was the worse option

Anonymous 204948

Also post caps of z talking about it gtfo with your gayop

Anonymous 204950

Someone said that either in the bunker threads or LC

Anonymous 204952

Romanianon is a camgirl kek

Anonymous 204953

i can but don't want to post on lc. it feels weird without you all there

Anonymous 204954

I actually like that no one gives a fuck about yarn except for crafters, because sometimes if you get lucky you can find it for dirt cheap

Anonymous 204955

Lc just feels really weird right now

Anonymous 204956

and afaik there is no evidence that he actually was a nazi. people just love to believe he was. i still use the term because i've seen no proof and because, like you say, plenty of useful things were discovered/created/coined by evil fucks.

Anonymous 204957


Anonymous 204958


Anime guy Kirby because of retarded infighting and gayops

Anonymous 204959

same. lc feels like an empty shell of itself rn

Anonymous 204960


Omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much……

Anonymous 204961

i love that edit sooo much noner

Anonymous 204963

My family is Trini, I wish I had the accent. Sometimes people say I do but then I hear fresh off the boat Trinis and shut up again lmao

Anonymous 204964

this is a great way to learn new words. we should do a regular word of the day and then argue about it for hours so it sticks in our minds. i'll never forget the word 'limerence' now.

Anonymous 204966

wish I could pop some edibles, but I'm babysitting rn so wasting time on IBs it is

Anonymous 204967

most of NA can't reach it without a vpn, so it's both dead and dry of milk.

Anonymous 204968

The hell is a west indie?

Anonymous 204969

you guys are here every day?

Anonymous 204970

nta but yes I am

Anonymous 204971

how do you not go insane from the infights

Anonymous 204972

no but i've been busy and sick

Anonymous 204973

I’m not usually the ones participating I just like posting stupid pictures or posting mundane shit

Anonymous 204974

nta but I didn't know biscuit-free rolos existed. that's upsetting.

Anonymous 204975

based zenposter

Anonymous 204976

nta but im also here on most days and i just read the first few words of a post and then scroll past if i can tell it's relating to an infight

Anonymous 204978

puerto rico.jpg

I'm not from the West Indies, but it's so beautiful and the food seems great. I would love to go to Puerto Rico and Jamaica in particular.

Anonymous 204979

what cultures(s) are you from, if you’re comfortable sharing?
i’m rusyn lemko and i say i’m polish because no one knows what lemko is

Anonymous 204980

That's cool n0na. You should practice because the Trini accent is cute lol. I am a spanish speaker but some of my family is from Jamaica so I speak a little Patois. I really wish I had that accent.

Anonymous 204981

Mexican culture (second generation in America though)

Anonymous 204982



Anonymous 204984

I am mostly caribbean with asian ancestry.

Anonymous 204987

It's the islands in the Caribbean (Although some people consider parts of Colombia and Panama west indies too).

Anonymous 204988

Another balkan nona here.

Anonymous 204989

yeah no shit if no one posts over there. just do the farmcow.lol thing it works well

Anonymous 204990

confession: i sometimes get a little jealous of all the countries' threads on /ot/, and wish we could have one. it wouldn't work though, but still

Anonymous 204991

Hungarian with slavic roots

Anonymous 204992


Anonymous 204993


We could try going for an /ex-yu/ thread like 4chan does on /int/

Anonymous 204994


Unpopular opinion, Bowie didn't deserve Iman.

Anonymous 204995

bowie was a pedo wasnt he?

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