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Lolcow Bunker Thread #31 - Tinfoil Edition Anonymous 204997

Posting is enabled on https://original.lolcow.farm/, however many nonn1es can't access it. For some it works with mobile data only, some with a proxy. (free proxy: https://www.proxysite.com/). If you want to torture yourself, https://farmcow.lol/ is also up. You can reverse the mirroring with an extension (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-CA/firefox/addon/mirror-browser/). If you're a mobilefag, use your browser's read mode on farmcow.
Bunker with no lolcow discussion: >>>/b/195942
Bunker doodle board: https://aggie.io/oyfgrhxl5_
Bunker movie room: https://cytu.be/r/farmbunker
Do not engage with nonn1es saying provocative shit to start infights. Report and ignore.

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Anonymous 204999

Holy shit, he is made 10000x fuglier just by standing next to her kek

Anonymous 205001


thank you bunker thread nonie(s)
-kfc goku

Anonymous 205002

do you follow any of your own countries cows? what's funny is here, we have a show called the 'farm' (kek) where they put the biggest idiots they could find a la big brother style. i hate it though, they are so vulgar it's not even entertaining, just sad, especially since it's on 24/7

Anonymous 205003

bowie and iman.jpg

Not to say that looks are everything, but fuck.

Anonymous 205004

I don't know why lolcow opens just fine at home, but it doesn't on my work WiFi.

Anonymous 205005

To the bowie poster of last thread: that pedophile doesn't deserve as much praise as he gets if at all.

Anonymous 205006

haruomi hosono's music is so sick. i got a synthesizer for christmas so ive been trying to listen to more music that includes synths and really pay attention to the arrangement of songs to get some inspo for my own projects. apparently he was also an early adopter of using video game sound effects in his music and arranged an album for Namco with songs from their games back in '84. cool shit

Anonymous 205007

Check out Ryuichi Sakamoto and YMO I'm sure you'll like them!!

Anonymous 205008

sorry I didn't realize at first that this guy's from YMO too. Awesome though! Good stuff!

Anonymous 205009

i love Sakamoto but i actually haven't listened to much YMO despite Sakamoto and Hosono both being members, so i'll be sure to check out their stuff some more! thx n0nna

Anonymous 205010

You will love YMO I can guarantee that!

Anonymous 205012

YMO is pretty "baller" as the youths say

Anonymous 205014

I went out to get my mail today and was wondering why my mailbox smelled weird. It was my fucking amazon package! You know that sweetish smell that rotting food gets? It was faintly like that.

Anonymous 205016

Yes it is! This is one of my favourites.

Anonymous 205018

so good!!! i love showa period music so much, thx YMO n0nnas for ur recommendations, im a YMO girly now

Anonymous 205020

I'm not sure if you're the same as the hosono but that doesn't matter, you are (both) going to want to check out the 1980 Budokan live. The way they play their music live is so interesting to watch, especially the guy in the middle back.

Anonymous 205022

I've had a broken package of wet cat food cans delivered to me…twice

Anonymous 205023

Welcome to the fanclub nona, so glad to have you!

Anonymous 205025

not the op of the post u replied to but i'm the hosonoposter and i will definitely check that out! thanks n0nita

Anonymous 205027

You're welcome. My language barrier is preventing me from expressing myself clearly here but I'll try anyway. I think the guy in the middle back is doing the "electronic music" bit. His equipment rack is humongous and it's so interesting. DJs nowadays have just like a couple tables or something but this guy has a mountain of equipment there. It's so interesting. I really hope you'll like it.

Anonymous 205029

I don't actually, sometimes it feels like I'm completely cut off from our entertainment industry. Although, I used to be friends with a gay dude that now became a semi popular influencer famous for his hot takes.
Christ how did the farm thing never cross my mind, that's hilarious.

Anonymous 205030


no worries, i get what you mean! i went to a music equipment store yesterday and saw some old music mixing equipment that was absolutely massive, it's cool to think about how people are able to just use their computers instead of those huge machines nowadays, but i love the look and the complexity of massive synthesizers and mixers with all the buttons and switches. it's really a talent to be able to operate one of those things during a live performance

Anonymous 205031

i miss when ugly scrotes at least tried to dress nice

Anonymous 205032



Anonymous 205033

He coerced an underage girl to sleep with him

Anonymous 205034

my personal cow used to be the tranny son of the president but after people accused him of throwing partys during lockdown he closed all of his accs.

Anonymous 205035


holy shit i'm so fucking disappointed

i have no hope for moids

Anonymous 205036

I thinky my mom might be legit BPD

Anonymous 205037



Anonymous 205038

why don't you put your thumb up your butt is still one of the funniest comebacks in the world to me. don't know if it's because i don't socialize but i've never heard anyone use that before and it caught me so off guard the first time i watched this KEK it sent me to tears i couldn't even focus on the rest of the scene

Anonymous 205039

All the musicians from yesteryears are more likely than not pedophiles

Anonymous 205040

I just posted for the first time on this thread

Anonymous 205041

i mean have you looked at him. same with prince

Anonymous 205043


i refuse to believe Tatsuro yamashita is a pedo, but please dont tell me if he is

Anonymous 205044


sorry anon i had another thread opened mb

Anonymous 205045

I keep scrolling past this thread because I'm used to the threadpic being the tinfoil thread on lolcow

Anonymous 205046

Listen to this acid goodness from the early 90s. They were ahead of their time.

Anonymous 205049


Estanislao Fernandez. The human version of complaining about capitalism on Twitter from your Iphone 14.

Anonymous 205050

gay dude that now became a semi popular influencer famous for his hot takes
is he bald kek
>tranny son of the president

Anonymous 205051

oh this is sick, i love the ambient sustaining sounds in the background

Anonymous 205053


Noña will you be my friend? I feel like we'd have a lot to talk about.

Anonymous 205054

oh i thought you were also ex-yu and i missed our troon. lmao at the drag pikachu that's so fucking funny. sorry for deleting didn't want to samefag

Anonymous 205055

yes of course <3

Anonymous 205056


god, i fucking hate him and his aliexpress cosplays and how every pickme wants to fuck him because hes non binary

Anonymous 205057

You've made me the happiest anon

Anonymous 205058

couldn't he at least iron his fucking skirt men istg

Anonymous 205060


went on lolcow could'nt really tell how dead or alive it was, guess i'll vent her about how much i really hate captcha's. They never seem to work for me, I assume it must be something wrong with my computer. I keep refreshing and refreshing, this isn't the first time this has happened to me either.

Anonymous 205061

Anonymous 205062

I see that

Anonymous 205063

thats a woman's job, he's nonbinary, n0nie

Anonymous 205065

I bet that thing would catch on fire if you tried to iron it.

Anonymous 205066


moid spam. bump

Anonymous 205067

this guy looks very australian

Anonymous 205068

is it lauku sēta? if not then yeah that show format is cursed

Anonymous 205069

Anonymous 205070


i see it

Anonymous 205071

Did anyone else watch Club Penguin music videos obsessively??

Anonymous 205072

dang the mods here are fast now

Anonymous 205073


me making a song 4 u

Anonymous 205074

kek that reminds me of an ED article from way back that was talking about Pedo bear and said that "in Japan, everything is assumed to be pedophilic, so he is merely called kuma"

Anonymous 205075


some nobody from a one hit wonder band in the UK blocked the entirety of radfem twitter and it's hilarious because everyone's response is "literally who"

Anonymous 205076

i see it in that picture but i think he's american, i know him from a disney show kek

Anonymous 205077

Kek, serves them right

Anonymous 205078

so you made me do some research. the farm is actually a franchise owned by a swedish company, and they sold the format to 40 countries. latvia is listed as one of them on the wikipedia article, so yeah pretty sure it's the same thing, just different language, nationalitiy and vibes, but at the end of the day, these types of shows attract the bottom of the barrel types

Anonymous 205079


does anyone else hates all 3D Disney movies? i hate how souless they look

Anonymous 205080

Does very straight and thick asian hair even get tangled? I'm thinking like that of like Japanese models. Not racebaiting or anything, I just fucking hair my straight, thin hair that has just he minimal amount of waviness just to make it fucking tangled if I dare to even move.

Anonymous 205081

CGI is trash and Disney is dead to me. I wonder if something like the old traditionally animated works could even be made today.

Anonymous 205083

They suck. Everything looks the same and very souless like you said.

Anonymous 205084

yes, me. i was really hoping Klaus would finally show them the possibilities of using both and bringing that magic back but oh well. hopefully we see more movies like Klaus

Anonymous 205085

I have slightly wavy 1c asian hair which is very thick and it gets tangled super easily. I wash it once or twice per week and use some hair products but it still happens.

Anonymous 205086

i used to hate CGI until i started watching dreamwork movies, they are currently making really cool shit and revolutionazing the genre instead of copying Disney's plastic doll style. This movie was okayish plotwise, but my god i love the animation.

Anonymous 205087

reeeeeee lolcow was working for me but now it's not, back to tweaking the CSS on farmcow

Anonymous 205088

kek true

Anonymous 205089

is there a name for that categorization of hair? I've seen the memes but always forget which is which

Anonymous 205090

crying a little.jp…

I just woke up and read the bunker thread posts that happened while I was asleep.

Anonymous 205091

I recommend you to watch the bad guys! Dreamworks is currently trying to mix 2D into their movies and it looks amazing. I am autistically waiting until this is pirated in good quality, i heard its really good.

Anonymous 205094

my sister is filipino so her hair is thick and straight and her hair tangles like mad. she used to cry brushing it if she left it unbrushed for too long

Anonymous 205095


I call it classification of hair types but you can also call it hair type chart.

Anonymous 205096

oh my fucking god there's already 31 threads. i'm losing hope for lolcow

Anonymous 205097

i brushed half of my hair and the other half is matted

Anonymous 205098

i never brush my hair and its perfectly fine

Anonymous 205099

thanks n0nny! i especially like how in The Bad Guys trailer snappy the animation is. i guess that's what happens when you're not afraid to use less frames per second! looks dope imo
Puss in Boots looks really fun too!

Anonymous 205100

I really wish Otaku no Video was longer, i love anime about otaku culture. Its the reason why Oreimo is one of my guilty pleasures.

Anonymous 205102

just looked this up and it looks really cool, imma watch it tonight

Anonymous 205103


that's not even like, full 15 lolcow threads, relaaax

Anonymous 205104

anyone want to cytube again later?

Anonymous 205106

Anonymous 205107


there arent enough lolcor bebes in this world

Anonymous 205108

Ok but the examples in that picture suck. The 2C is ring-curl similar to the ones in porslain dolls but worn out a bit (which is an artificial curl, not a wave), and the transition between 2C to 3A is much more subtle. All 3- ones look too similar too.

Anonymous 205109

there was a very cute drawn version of the hair types that I thought showed the differences well but I can't find it

Anonymous 205110


Which old philosopher guy would be the biggest lolcow in modern times

Anonymous 205111

god i hate oreimo so much, i felt like i was scammed into watching it with the amount of people shilling it

Anonymous 205112


what it this thread op pic from /g/?

Anonymous 205113

old asian men are nearly all the same shape. watching a korean drama right now and i can see my dad in like every old man in this series. or maybe i just miss him

Anonymous 205115

The Biochan threadpic is so cute.

Anonymous 205116

freud was a major lolcow

Anonymous 205118

I think Nietzsche would be too. He'd have a thread that would die off and then be bumped later when he was going insane. The thread would then be bumped with milk on his sister because she edited pro-nazi sentiments into his posthumous material.

Anonymous 205119

I added a 5 minute sketch comedy show video before realizing the theme is clearly fun music and OST stuff. Sorry. Social retardation moment.

Anonymous 205120



Anonymous 205121

yes, thank you anon. I don't go on /g/ much.

Anonymous 205122

Me as a boymom

Anonymous 205123

Diogenes the Cynic spent time living in a barrel and would bark at people like a dog.

Anonymous 205124

any nonies that play guitar? I kind of want to learn how to play one, i think it'd be nice once I learn the basics `

Anonymous 205125

play some nirvana tabs

Anonymous 205126


I forgot I had picrel saved from the February bunkers

Anonymous 205127


and this one

Anonymous 205128

I love him!

Anonymous 205129

This is so cute! Is there a thread anywhere on lc where all these farmer pictures could be collected to?

Anonymous 205130

lmao wow his mom eviscerated him. He was only 19 in 1807 so I'm kind of conflicted about wether it's too harsh… but no doubt she was right about him being annoying.

Anonymous 205131

I think /m/ has one, the elsie thread

Anonymous 205132

I used to play when I was a kid + teenager but haven't been into playing much as an adult. Maybe I'll get back into it one day. I like the idea of trying some more classical guitar. What sort of things would you like to play?

Anonymous 205134

there's so much work to do and so little time
nonners i'm dying

Anonymous 205136

what happens if you don't do it on time?

Anonymous 205137

It's called the temp elsie media thread on /m/

Anonymous 205138

It's not hard.
Make sure to keep the rhythm always, that way you will improve faster.
99,8% of guitar moids are subpar guitarists, they just act clever about it.

Anonymous 205139

Thank you anons

Anonymous 205141

does anyone have a larger version of this saved? >>204960
I made it but I can't remember which thread I posted it in and i didn't save the fileeee

Anonymous 205143


I miss the ai thread

Anonymous 205145

Modular looks so good but at the same time it's such a useless instrument.

Anonymous 205146

ai art is real art

Anonymous 205147

I won't lie, this is really pretty

Anonymous 205148

buster keaton cops…

Reminds me of Buster Keaton

Anonymous 205149

Don't start

Anonymous 205150

I'm hungry

Anonymous 205152

Anonymous 205154

Anyone have advice for learning French on your own?
Moving to a majority Francophone area is not currently an option.

Anonymous 205156

yeah, its fucking shit but i enjoy how they showed the otaku culture at the time

Anonymous 205157


Anonymous 205158


I know i shouldnt fall for obvious moid bait but recently i have been thinking that asian jeans are real, wish i could doompost on the art salt thread so my n0nies can slap me back to reality

Anonymous 205159

Anonymous 205160

I have a strong feeling that I know a few girls irl that post on lolcow

Anonymous 205161

I found the Michel Thomas method really good. He sort of links words you probably already know, so after learning one thing, you have automatically learned dozens of words. You can gain traction really quickly which I liked.

The audiobooks also make you feel like you are part of a lesson group, by pausing for your turn amongst other people learning on the tape. You can find the courses on torrent or soulseek etc. Then when you're a bit more confident, maybe join some online or IRL groups to practise conversation.

Anonymous 205163

Download anki (good flashcard app) and then download French decks
Watch children's shows in French
Talk to French natives through hellotalk or something similar
Look at hinative when you're confused on anything

Anonymous 205164

>asian jeans
Remember to check for sizing system discrepancies before ordering.

Anonymous 205165


Anonymous 205166

i worked with someone who i strongly suspected to be using lc just based on her humor but she was kind of a cow herself tbh

Anonymous 205167

n0nny the rate of art gains in that image aren't even that impressive. ive seen younger western artists go from deviantart burn tool shading to full rendering in a year. you just have to practice autistically and constantly

Anonymous 205168

> she was kind of a cow herself tbh
average non nie things

Anonymous 205169


yeah, that image is supposed to be encouraging. Here's another i look at when i am down.

Anonymous 205170

yeah this. most people can see a drastic improvement in their art/music/ect skills if they practice for hours upon hours a day. most people just don't have the time/energy/work ethic to do that but it's totally possible

Anonymous 205171

I hope it's not me

Anonymous 205172


Anyone else getting this bug? I've tried refreshing and clearing my cookies and history and everything but it's not going away.

Anonymous 205173

no but that's terrifying

Anonymous 205174

worst thing I've seen today, worse than the racist gore spammer that just got swept

Anonymous 205175

Is your location set to Hell?

Anonymous 205176

fukken saved

Anonymous 205177

you need to take your shit taste googles off, n0nnie

Anonymous 205178

Now that Muskrat owns twitter, would I be banned if I start venting aboyt trannies?

Anonymous 205179

Anonymous 205180

radtwt is lit rn. there are some rogue jannies banning people for the mildest things but there are hundreds of women calling trannies men in womenface, TiMs, etc. and not catching bans or catching tempbans infrequently so who knows. I think you will get banned for saying 'tranny' and probably 'troon' though. still terf twitter is pretty fun though.

Anonymous 205181

Anonymous 205182


Anonymous 205183


nta I like this one from my favorite simpsons fujo

Anonymous 205184

is this real

Anonymous 205185

I love that artist too. I wanted to write her a message of support since I think she's underrated but I didn't know how to word it in jp and worried I'd be creepy

Anonymous 205186

adorable seal.webm

I am rewatching Hajime no Ippo

Anonymous 205188


westaboos are so good at drawing, my favourite artist is a hugeeee westaboo

Anonymous 205189

For me it's the russian obsessed with his momma's soup

Anonymous 205190

these things are so cute and scary at the same time

Anonymous 205191

westaboo 0rmts.jpe…

she's so good! and yeah she is crazy underrated, I don't understand why. I would just write her a message in english if I was you
I dumped so much in the westaboo thread. i should check in on that super-skilled goofy yumejo…

Anonymous 205192

[19-02-06] 1093127…

i am so glad i made the westaboo thread! i wasnt expecting for it to catch up
> i should check in on that super-skilled goofy yumejo…
kek, for me is the carl yumejo

Anonymous 205193


I haven't been hanging out here but I miss reading lc every day. Hopefully the holidays haven't been tough for everyone.

Anonymous 205194

@JJJmogami gu-kun.…

yeah she's still at it. I love her. (@JJJmogami on twitter)

Anonymous 205196

Anonymous 205197


anyone else getting this call? It's fucking weird I think it's one of those goverment things, been calling me for hours.

Anonymous 205198

Anonymous 205199

its a virus, time to flush your phone

Anonymous 205200


can you make one of this but him holding the jonch pic

Anonymous 205201

less josh posting, more Goofy

Anonymous 205202

@JJJmogami gu-chan…

they actually were kind of sucky this year. I'm gonna see what I can do to make 2023 less cursed
she is highly prolific, we could easily max out the thread with her goofy drawings

Anonymous 205203


what the fuck is the "jonch" picture? This? (Sorry last Josh post no more)

Anonymous 205204

Sorry I meant the infamous jonch gif

Anonymous 205205


goofy looks at u like this, what do

Anonymous 205206


pet his head

Anonymous 205207


wink at him

Anonymous 205208

my lips part and I let out a breathless whisper: "Guu-kun…"

Anonymous 205209


would you

Anonymous 205211


okay for you, no more, I'm going to drop some hot fire on another subject nonni3s because I'm feeling a lot better. Trying to stay postitive

Anonymous 205212

I had the weirdest crush on him when I was a kid. he seemed nice and not scary for a vampire and I liked his accent.

Anonymous 205213


now we move on.

Anonymous 205214

thank u! i wanna use it whenever people post the josh gif kek. if u drew that pic of elsie its cute

Anonymous 205215

Artfag nonn1es, I need reassurance. Do you guys think AI will really replace digital artists in the near future? People are saying that it's only a matter of time before the technology becomes indistinguishable from human art, and I see that trolls are already claiming actual artists' artworks as their own with AI and it's kind of making me feel demotivated in all honesty

Anonymous 205216


anyway, I had a very good phone call with my brother. Where I told him of how I felt about my life. He literally just told me, "Live, do what you want, be happy. If what you are doing makes you happy do that" It's not. I've hid out for years. I'm fat, I may not be pretty, but i'm me. I will be the best me I can be this year and finally live. Work on losing weight but ALSO living my life. I deserve to at least try for myself. I'm not out of my depression but for the first time I see myself outside my prision.
I can exist. I can try and fail, The past is behind me and the future doesn't exist.
I will be okay. My plan the reast of this year and up until my bday? Live. Drink, get into consueling, eat be happy. The first full week of January (after my b-day) Will be where I start my life nonni3s. It may be a shitty life or a good life, I do not know but I will try. I will try

Anonymous 205217

>Do you guys think AI will really replace digital artists
I don't but it's just my uneducated gut feeling. I have no idea how the industry works for those who actually make money off digital art. people aren't gonna stop making art just because a computer can do it too.

Anonymous 205218

Kek when I was like 3 I had a crush on Bert

Anonymous 205219

joshua moon makes me feel physically ill. i see his fat retarded face and i feel like i'm gonna vomit and tears form in my eyes. i hate him please stop posting him he makes me homicidal

Anonymous 205220

For what definition of "art", ? AI will probably see a lot of use in advertising and consumer kitsch like T-shirts, won't lie, and that's bread and butter for a lot of people. There was a discussion about AI art the other night that I feel like sort of missed that point in that it was talking about whether AI-generated art was "just aesthetic" or "art."

Anonymous 205221

Just laugh at him. It's goofy, he can't get you he's in serbia and he's with Chantal

Anonymous 205222

I hope it replaces only the annoying artists that draw ugliness

Anonymous 205223


depends, right now artists are pushing against it but the world seems to be gearing towards automation. A bunch of big exes are axing their animation division for being too expensive and taking too much time in the era of mass consumption. For me AI was a mixed bag, i hate absolutely everything about it, but it made me realize how important life is to me and it helped me realize what kind of art i want to make(PC98 anime boys)

Anonymous 205225

I'm not sure of the definition, guess I was just speaking in general and specifically for commissions, but I'm kind of paranoid about putting my artwork online for fear that it'll be fed into some AI machine and somebody'll replicate my style

Anonymous 205226

Wow, seriously? I figured animators might stick around for the AI revolution, but this is incredible.

Anonymous 205227

if anything its just going to push artists into uglier styles to stand out more

Anonymous 205228

yeah, netflix killed their animation studio, CN recently cancelled their last cartoon show and a bunch of animation projects, disney currently has no CGI cartoons or projects.

Anonymous 205229

They'd need to make the AI better at parsing text, it could very well. I mean even if it takes a 100-200 tries to get something right, it'd still probably be worth it for companies to use it over hiring an artist. I think fan artists are the least threatened just because there's inevitably going to be a lot of copyright restrictions added in the future, so people can't just type in "draw me Deku gangbanged" on a proprietary software at work. As in high art, I'm really not sure, they're more valuable for representing the era and its styles and sentiments, it was never really popular with "the masses".

Anonymous 205230


some of it is cute but easy to spot now but things may look bleak 10 years from now for artists

Anonymous 205231


I wish i knew japanese i want to read these old magazines

Anonymous 205232

inb4 that one n​onnie calls you a tranny

Anonymous 205233

joshua looks a little mentally impaired. he has the discord mod physiognony

Anonymous 205235

Holy shit, I don't want to seem like a doomer but this is making me doom. I guess corporations were never worth working for anyway. We're all replacable to them
I hope you're wrong

Anonymous 205236


Anonymous 205237

What is this? All the twitter users I've seen who stated they're radfems in their bios were 18 or 19 years old and no offense but I don't want to deal with angry (for good reasons obv) kids online during my free time.

Anonymous 205239

annamond insta.jpe…

I follow a woman in Germany (@annamond on insta) who only sells original paintings, NO PRINTS ever, and I respect her so much for that. I don't know if she just doesn't want to deal with the hassle or if it's some sort of artistic integrity thing but I like it.

Anonymous 205240

nah I mean the more serious terfy accounts, I'm kind of new to it so might be using the wrong terminology to describe the community

Anonymous 205241

isn't it AI just bits and pieces of other artists works? Unless it grows to create it's own art, I can see a lot of weird lawsuits or am I the retard?

Anonymous 205242

they found a loop hole and are abusing it, currently they are more powerful than the average artist they are stealling from, sadly

Anonymous 205243

It's a loophole. You can even sell ai art now.

Anonymous 205244

radtwt is a mixed bag (t. used it for a few years until i got banned too many times and quit social media.) a majority of the twitter radfem community are young angry kids who jump into the community without having read much feminist theory, i've seen some literal 15 year olds on there who are proud of having never read dworkin or anything. but there are also some brilliant women in their late 20s/early 30s who have really good, thoughtful analyses. i'd recommend the account @LadieLabrys, she manages a radfem book archive and from her you can probably find some other good accounts to follow who are older and more mature.

Anonymous 205245

Most of the radfem profile I see have 18-21 in their bio and a kpop pfp.

Anonymous 205246

Anonymous 205247


My fan broke and ITS SO HOT AAAAAGH

Anonymous 205248

oh then digital art is fucked, maybe i'll get into AI art kek, i'm corrupt

Anonymous 205250

same kek I'll make ai and sell it off as my own.

Anonymous 205251

unless you are a pajeet its not proffitable to sell AI art, sorry to burst your bubble

Anonymous 205252


>mfw i make money off of shitty ai portraits

Anonymous 205253

>3 months later

Anonymous 205254

if you could get a reroll in life, but what the same brain and thought process you have now but in a random body (gender of your choice, but you cannot pick your looks/body type or family)would you? You start as a baby btw.
Or you can reroll as an animal but you live forever as that animal.
what do ?

Anonymous 205255

says who? wait and see

Anonymous 205256

Do I get to pick what animal though?

Anonymous 205257

yes but you cannot die. So if the world ends you'll still exist no matter what

Anonymous 205258

>Or you can reroll as an animal but you live forever as that animal.
>you live forever
that one

Anonymous 205259

I'll just be a leech floating through space then I guess. They can't get much joy, but I doubt they really suffer either.

Anonymous 205260

would i know everything i know now if i started over as a baby? i would do it btw

Anonymous 205261

thats it i want to be a tiger

Anonymous 205262


make me an immortal sea slug right now n0nnie

Anonymous 205263

this happened to coding too, its only proffitable for companies to outsource to countries where they can pay the prompters 3 cents per hour

Anonymous 205264

>everyone wants to be an animal

Anonymous 205265

human is suffering

Anonymous 205266

you'd progress as you do now, so as a baby you'd know what you know as a baby, at 10, you'll know what you knew at 10, at 20 etc. Nothing really changes but the body/life you have and the choices you make in the future.

Anonymous 205267


wtf AI art SUCKS

Anonymous 205269

do I go back in time too otherwise fuck no I wish I were born earlier than I was

Anonymous 205270

idc i'm still gonna sell my art

Anonymous 205271

What. Can I get laser powers.

Anonymous 205272

human is an animal
I'll pick it and will live forever
but - only if it goes with an option to die voluntarily and not aging
because if you will be aging in a human speed forever, well, you will just rot

Anonymous 205273

no its just kitsch

Anonymous 205275

I'm always afraid of the monkey's paw ending in these hypothetical scenarios

Anonymous 205277

Anonymous 205278

Idk if anyone else has been seeing this but since Christmas I've been seeing videos on social media where parents post about their children doing something wrong, and I don't understand why they post those videos knowing that people will talk about their children. I saw a video of a mother talking about how her young daughter opened everyone's gifts and the replies were basically filled with strangers talking about how disrespectful the daughter was and how they would discipline her. I also see videos of parents pulling pranks on their children to get a certain reaction, like making them think they got one thing just for it to end up being something else. You know they will be upset and how that will like to other people, so why post it? Maybe I'm just sensitive though.

Anonymous 205279


sounds awful i cant imagine what its like to be a child nowadays, my 9yo cousin doesnt even have the attention span to read a youtuber book. I would reroll in life i could be born in the mid 70s and be a teen in the 80s/90s

Anonymous 205281

nta but how do we define what kitschy art looks like? would there be a difference in the way a human artist creates ai art vs a non-artist (human of course)? in effect, how can we tell when art is good and when it is not when it comes to ai, and what is the effect that a human artist could have on the way ai art looks?

Anonymous 205282

You'd be how you were as an child mentally though, just a different body/life.

Anonymous 205283

I haven't seen those because don't use social media, but I know the type of video you mean. Yeah they're kinda fucked up. A kid isn't gonna die from having one prank played on them but only a dumbass or a sicko would put it online for a large audience. Posting about how your child was naughty is demented behaviour.

Anonymous 205285

I'm sad I never see many baltic n0nnies around..

Anonymous 205286

That sounds awful. My childhood mental state was emotional shut-down, now I gotta bring that trauma to a whole new life? Fuck that. No way.

Anonymous 205287

, it's 1 AM, go to bed

Anonymous 205288

That account seems interesting but it's on I'd bookmark to check from time to time instead of following it. I don't like too much political stuff on my tl when I mostly use twitter to vent and post weeb shit.

Anonymous 205289

my nonni3s from new york are the best, all five of us

Anonymous 205290

According to Google kitsch is art, objects, or design considered to be in poor taste because of excessive garishness or sentimentality, but sometimes appreciated in an ironic or knowing way which does fit ai art. I guess ai are can be considered good by wether it looks passable or not but that is subjective too. It's a gray area.

Anonymous 205291

that reminds me of those halloween candy pranks where parents pretend to throw it away or say they ate it all. i don't really get the point, especially when the kid ends up crying

Anonymous 205292


sounds absolutely fine to me, my biggest problem growing up was not fitting in with people my age for being too nerdy and autistic over things way older than men. I wonder if i could actually have trekkie friends my age if i was born during its peak.

Anonymous 205293

samefag but ai arts already takes everything from human art which could fall into the kitsch category for some. making kitsch art out of someone else's kitsch art.

Anonymous 205294


this is kitsch

AI art is not kitsch unless it looks like this lol (probably from someone putting "kitsch" in the prompt)

Anonymous 205295

you're dumb

Anonymous 205296


this is soulful, looks like something osamu tezuka would draw and want to fuck

Anonymous 205297


this is also kitsch, moreso than the lamb (being a physical object adds kitsch points)

Anonymous 205298


Anonymous 205299


please stop calling my house decoration kitsch you bitch

Anonymous 205300

>bottom right hand corner
Sexy Sniff from moomins

Anonymous 205301


But say for example you have something incredibly stylized like picrel. How do you go about knowing whether or not it was produced through ai? There will be certain features that aren't present, and it wouldn't be obvious if it were a mistake or deliberate because it has been created with such stylization. If I had seen this without knowing it was done through ai, I definitely would think a human had made it.

Anonymous 205302

It looks like shit

Anonymous 205303

since when is bowie pedo post proof

Anonymous 205304


dashboard hula dancer bobble: kitsch levels off the charts

Anonymous 205305

There is no way to know 100% n0na. I'm sure that if you told a boomer you made this they would believe it.

Anonymous 205306

I think it looks nice from the perspective of contemporary art, but everyone has different tastes

Anonymous 205307


is it possible to hurt your teeth emanel while using an electronic tooth brush?

Anonymous 205308


me and the girls getting kitsch

Anonymous 205309

If it's really AI, it looks it. It looks ugly.

Anonymous 205310


kitsch lamb

Anonymous 205312


this was created by ai, if I told you a five year old drew this you'd believe, ai is just that good

Anonymous 205313

NTA but >>205033. Plus most male musicians in general had underage groupies

Anonymous 205314


For me kitsch is associated with newrich gypsy enteriors, it's always insanely eclectic, they're in love with greek statues and columns and animal prints, and it's usually present ALL AT ONCE

Anonymous 205315

Something being ugly doesn't mean it's ai, nonn1e, and ugliness is subjective.

Anonymous 205316

Hotpot (1).png

the prompt was lolcor bebe

Anonymous 205317

that's a good example too, I'm getting astronomical kitsch readings from this image

Anonymous 205318


i miss the spoopy thread on m i was working towards my fear of things underwater and rotting thanks to it

Anonymous 205319

this looks like when you want to show off and put your most expensive items on your house on animal crossing

Anonymous 205320

that thread made me feel like a baby because I genuinely didn't like looking at anything in it lol

Anonymous 205321

I've seen those mansions, and they look hideous on the inside and out.

Anonymous 205322

it was neat that they actually posted spooky pictures instead of gore and zoomie mandela catalogue shit like on 4chan's /x/. Those underwater pictures scare the living fuck out of me, i am surprised that there isnt an horro game that explores that phobia yet.

Anonymous 205324

an anon posted this pictyre connected to a really sad post on vent, I didn't read the post just looked at the picture and I was like, "Damn that looks comfty" then I deleted it and read the post feeling bad. Still looks comfortable

Anonymous 205326

>mandela Catalouge
I got into that and holy shit did it have me scared. I watched Wendigoon's first video and now i get why s like him so much, plus it's creepy as hell.,

Anonymous 205327


kek with the cope that ai art looks ugly

Anonymous 205328

is there a story behind this image

Anonymous 205329


I drew for 1:20 s, going to take a break and get back to drawing after watching a movie

Anonymous 205330

pixiv user 5806129…

is this you?

Anonymous 205331

really? i find it so cringe, like a zoomer version of jeff the killer and .exe games

Anonymous 205332


Anonymous 205333

>didnt wasted
this was made by a pajeet, kek

Anonymous 205334

Seriously. I get that everyone has different tastes, but it'd be nice to know why someone thinks something is ugly besides saying that 'it's ugly'.

Anonymous 205335

they didn't look at the HANDS

Anonymous 205336

KEK who makes these?

Anonymous 205337

Anonymous 205338



Anonymous 205339

Well done n0nna, you really captured his eyebrows (my favorite part) kekekek

Anonymous 205340

pajeet still makes more than 80% of artists by investing 5 seconds of his life

Anonymous 205341

It looks like AI

Anonymous 205344


some weirdo tried to post an AI picture of some scrote eating a spam sandwitch,the hands were so fucked up and then tried to pretend it wasn't ai. I'm not retarded. I made two, one so you can see the OG ai image the others were I point out the flaws of the AI generation. Even when it gets close it's not that close.
I say this as someone who likes ai

Anonymous 205345

artists dont have to shit on the street

Anonymous 205346


Anonymous 205347

she knows your loc…

I put in ''cow floating in void'' as a prompt for shits and giggles, and this is what I got.

Anonymous 205348

>sniff sniff sniff sniff

Anonymous 205349

In what way? I know most digital programs don't look like that, but what if you didn't know the medium beforehand? Just looking at it straightforward without any prior knowledge on its background, how would you tell it's ai?

Anonymous 205350


Anonymous 205351


Anonymous 205352

Bert has become heterosexual.

Anonymous 205354


Anonymous 205355


now there's something AI will never be able to replicate, yume autism

Anonymous 205357


Bert yumejo accepts his sexuality

Anonymous 205358

Keep posting lolcor Bebe

Anonymous 205359

And the nose, and how he is not really holding the sandwich. And the random grey lines?

Anonymous 205360


can any weebs translate, what did she mean by this

Anonymous 205361

Anonymous 205362


cow at the sea

Anonymous 205363


Anonymous 205364

I love the intentionality behind this piece, like how the cloud looks like a buffalo in the sky kek

Anonymous 205365

download (1).jpg

Anonymous 205366

thats appa

Anonymous 205367

A human can make creepy/uncanny artwork. You don't even need to be an experienced artist to do so, a novice with no experience doing realism would generally fuck up the proportions of a human face big time.

Anonymous 205368

It's uncanny in a way that is ugly and not aesthetic

Anonymous 205369


Anonymous 205371


cow in a coral reef

Anonymous 205372


Achondroplasia proportions

Anonymous 205373

I love slathering myself in shea coco butter lotion and then lathering shea coco oil on top. I’m all moisturized and shiny. (I’m diabetic so I have dry skin normally kek) (Also u didn’t see my mistake)

Anonymous 205374

>but it'd be nice to know why someone thinks something is ugly besides saying that 'it's ugly'.
blatantly bad anatomy and spaghetti limbs (or sometimes even no limbs) and scary faces makes AI ugly to me imo

Anonymous 205376


damn she likes count von count too? I wish she still posted stuff, it's a tragedy her account is dead

Anonymous 205377

i am starting to like kpoop because of the MVs

Anonymous 205378

spoiler this shit

Anonymous 205379

which groups n0na

Anonymous 205380

>a novice with no experience doing realism would generally fuck up the proportions of a human face big time.
That'll give you ugly and uncanny art in no time. Besides, everything you've mentioned so far has been subjective.

Anonymous 205382

twice and stray kids, dont ask me which memeber i like because they all look default finaly fantasy 7 character to me

Anonymous 205383

I am pretty sure only artists care about this. Normies would eat it up and wouldn't pay much attention to details.

Anonymous 205384

I heard "TT" once and it never left my head this shit is demonic

Anonymous 205385

I didn't mind it before, but I kind of hate when people start spamming threads because it just buries and disrupts actual conversations and creates infighting

Anonymous 205386

Hotpot (1).png

cow fish

Anonymous 205387

be more specific please

Anonymous 205388

i am obssesed with their latest MV

Anonymous 205389

ntart but the person spamming ai art is an example

Anonymous 205390

But I'd look at it and know it was real

Anonymous 205391


Anonymous 205392

its a moid, ignore and report

Anonymous 205394

Nice n0na. The best mvs for me are from Aespa, Twice and Nmixx.

Anonymous 205395

what the fuck happened in the early 90's

Anonymous 205396

Yeah ai art is always going to cause arguments id rather see yumejo Sesame Street than that

Anonymous 205397

Screenshot 2022-12…

how to use farmcow.lol
it is F12, not Ctrl-Shift-J, if you are using firefox

Anonymous 205398

it's more than one person tho

Anonymous 205399


Anonymous 205400

>how do you tell ugly ai art from ugly real art
>i look at it and know it's real
The point is how can you tell without knowing whether or not it's ai? Both human made and ai made art can be ugly

Anonymous 205401

not to be a bitch but their cosmetic surgery advisor needs to be beheaded, their faces are degrading since the last time I saw them

Anonymous 205402

By looking at it

Anonymous 205403

the internet came into people's homes lol

Anonymous 205404

i showed a friend an ai picture and said it won an award and they believed me kek

Anonymous 205405

not true, during the early 90s the internet was mostly accesible on colleges

Anonymous 205406

i think jihyo and mina look good. who needs to be beheaded is wonyoungs surgeon

Anonymous 205407

gulf war?

Anonymous 205409

It could become a form of art, I guess, but it won't be "replacing" anything

Anonymous 205410


AI cat

Anonymous 205411

Salty artists itt are coping

Anonymous 205412

"Art", capital "A" art, will never be made by AIs. But much commercial art will be made by AIs. Hopefully they unfuck the situation with copyright because fuck robots in general but I'm not too hopeful that it wouldn't be without loopholes.

Anonymous 205413

Ai stacies stay winning

Anonymous 205414

this is cute

Anonymous 205415

Gambling game cover art be like

Anonymous 205416


Anonymous 205417

does this work on phones?
my family didn't get us a computer until 2002

Anonymous 205418

this kind of reminds me of lisa frank

Anonymous 205419

Sacrifice all money to cat

Anonymous 205421

I was gonna say that too

Anonymous 205422



Anonymous 205423

I'm not sure how you do developer tools on phones, anon, but there is probably a way and it should work. If you are using a VPN turn it off. Most phones seem to be able to use the regular site.

Anonymous 205424

Wish scrotes would fuck off, if that anon really is one

Anonymous 205425

Thanks anon, I got so sick of mobile

Anonymous 205426

Josh farms down for everyone?

Anonymous 205428

i'm not i just think it's funny how you get so pissed at ai

Anonymous 205429

nta but it is cringe yet it still scared the shit out of me, not the story itself but those weird distorted faces. that's always been a huge fear of mine but im not sure why

Anonymous 205430

>Most phones seem to be able to use the regular site.
mine doesn't even without a vpn. don't have any cell data either.

Anonymous 205431

it is, he's posting shit from /ic/ and trying to ''own'' artists while being a third worlder who cant even english. There has been an infestation of those on /ic/ for half a year just trying to bait and gloating about ''stealing'' jobs from artists.

Anonymous 205432

this used to be me but zoomer genderspecials got into all the creepy stuff and make cringe Fanart that makes me laugh

Anonymous 205433

when does sculpting a jaw become a health risk, I seriously wonder sometimes

Anonymous 205434

> don't have any cell data either.
oh that's your problem, cell data is working for most. US s anyway. some others having troubles from what i hear.

Anonymous 205435


A human made this

Anonymous 205436

Ty nony. I don’t not believe women would get into ai art because it is interesting but there are some annoying as fuck men who love it because they can’t make shit themselves

Anonymous 205437

I think it's kind of a natural fear. Uncanny valley.

Anonymous 205438

https://cytu.be/r/farmbunker I'm dancing alone rn

Anonymous 205439

yeah i dont think the neon colored hitler anon is a moid, but the one trying to troll definetly is

Anonymous 205441

some of those faces are actual police sketches/renders

Anonymous 205442

I didn't realize this was different from the movinights cytube

Anonymous 205443

yeah just something i threw together

Anonymous 205444


Gn nonys i am going to bed honk shoo honk shoo

Anonymous 205445

Lol I won't waste my breath then. I really don't care if an AI can make beautiful or soulful art. The art is nothing, it's just the metric we use to know whether the program is working and the AI is learning as it's supposed to.

Anonymous 205447


I can't join the cytube right now but it's fun, added a lot to my playlist

Anonymous 205448


i am so angry that when i was a teen there werent any interesting alt fashion choices or shops near me, i wanted to dress like an emo so badly.

Anonymous 205449

You're so cute anony gn gn

Anonymous 205450


Human or ai?

Anonymous 205451


your face starts sagging young and it ages badly. the procedure itself risks nerve damage

Anonymous 205452


ai creates some pretty uncanny things

Anonymous 205454

Ur mom.

Anonymous 205455

oh yeah walten files fanart is fucking hilarious lmao

Anonymous 205456

I’m going to report u I hate these thingys

Anonymous 205457


Just a reminder that the bunker doodle board is open

Anonymous 205458

compressed poot

Anonymous 205459

do it now! never too late

Anonymous 205461

Same, so I'm trying to be emo now

Anonymous 205462

ah i can see that now. those selena delgado (sp?) police sketches scare the shit out of me too tbh

Anonymous 205463


i am too old

Anonymous 205465

Stupid mentality

Anonymous 205468


When I think that I think of all the cool old ladies who don’t give a fuck wearing their personal styles

Anonymous 205469


Human or ai part 2

Anonymous 205470

beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that but I will never completely understand the intense desire for a "small" face some people have. In my opinion the more defined the jaw and cheekbones the better. Give me a big ol' moonface even, I love it.
Like I see the beauty of a little jaw sometimes, it's not ugly it kinda cute, but actually thinking it's so superior aesthetically that you get surgery or shrink you muscles? I can't even.

Anonymous 205471

i understand, but when i see an older person (not "old" necessarily, but past the age where people usually look like that) dressed eccentrically, i honestly really respect it. life is short, i think you should dress however you'd like. but if you're uncomfortable doing so, i get that too

Anonymous 205472

Can't tell what the red text means but she's saying "I'm gonna adopt and raise and keep him with me if Ernie's a size like this"

Anonymous 205473

Regular Poot

Anonymous 205474

whenever im washing my face and close my eyes i convince myself that this bitch is behind me and then i open my eyes too soon and get soap in them smh

Anonymous 205475

> Zachary Police Department
looks like an identikit

Anonymous 205476

Because it is worthy of respect. It's a sign of confidence and care about one's own happiness over the opinions of strangers.

Anonymous 205478

download (2).jpg

In January 2006 in New York, the patient of a well-known psychiatrist draws the face of a man that has been repeatedly appearing in her dreams. In more than one occasion that man has given her advice on her private life. The woman swears she has never met the man in her life.

That portrait lies forgotten on the psychiatrist's desk for a few days until one day another patient recognizes that face and says that the man has often visited him in his dreams. He also claims he has never seen that man in his waking life.

The psychiatrist decides to send the portrait to some of his colleagues that have patients with recurrent dreams. Within a few months, four patients recognize the man as a frequent presence in their own dreams. All the patients refer to him as THIS MAN.

From January 2006 until today, at least 2000 people have claimed they have seen this man in their dreams, in many cities all over the world: Los Angeles, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Tehran, Beijing, Rome, Barcelona, Stockholm, Paris, New Dehli, Moskow etc.

At the moment there is no ascertained relation or common trait among the people that have dreamed of seeing this man. Moreover, no living man has ever been recognized as resembling the man of the portrait by the people who have seen this man in their dreams.

The aim of this website is:
- to help those who have seen this man in their dreams and to foster communication among them;
- to understand who this man is and why he appears in an apparently pattern-less array of situations in the dreams of such diverse human subjects.

Anonymous 205479


speaking of eclectic old ladies

Anonymous 205480


Some idols had such a beautiful bone structure before but shaved it off and it's sad. One example is Ningning from Aespa, she is still pretty but looks more generic now. I don't understand the small face hype either, some idols with small faces look like they have microcephaly-

Anonymous 205481

Is this why spergs post him and go "have you seen him in your dreams?" i thought it was a random meme not a creepypasta

Anonymous 205482


literally just wanna be her (I know she's kinda legit crazy)

Anonymous 205483

stop this is me when I’m taking a shower it’s this exact picture too

Anonymous 205484


emo is a fashion for teens n0nnies. It looks really cringy on adults, its not like goth who is more mature. I am mostly sad that i missed out on cool alt fashion as a teen because my generation is so damn boring and has no personality.

Anonymous 205486


eyes of a madwoman

Anonymous 205487

Caring about cringe is cringe.
>because my generation is so damn boring and has no personality.
Because they care about being cringe.
"I want do what I want to because others may find it cringe!" what a way to live life.

Anonymous 205488

i am so glad you relate. she haunts me 4ever

Anonymous 205489


Anonymous 205490

*I won't do what I want to

Anonymous 205491


he's a real man peopple bullied and made into a meme, it's kinda sad actually

Anonymous 205492


freaky small faces

Anonymous 205494


Anonymous 205495


it is cringy to dress as emo as an adult, creepy, even. Also, most of the fun was the culture and being edgy teens and posting demon god ocs on deviantart and thats dead, i really hate zoomies trying to larp as emos.

Anonymous 205496

Why write a creepypasta about a man that looks so goofy and silly, and not someone actually scary

Anonymous 205497

she's so cool

Anonymous 205498

What was his name? I don't remember that being part of the backstory. I do remember that the face was made with one of those face generator programs or whatever

Anonymous 205500


bring back cyberbullying 2023

Anonymous 205501

download (2).png

Anonymous 205502

I don't get people like you, seems like such a boring way to live. You want to dress a certain way but won't because muh cringe.
>thats dead
And it's dead because of cringe culture, of course your generation is boring because they all think like you

Anonymous 205504

download (1).png

Anonymous 205507


Anonymous 205508


>noo you cant dress like that its cringe noo you have to dress like everyone else
geez lighten up fun police

Anonymous 205510


its cringe because the culture is dead and all the zoomies larping as rawrxD emos are trying to reclaim their youth after they wasted it being political puppets. I dont even know where to buy emo clothes because, again, its fucking dead. And what the fuck am i supposed to do? go to the supermarket in my avril lavigne misa amane cosplay? emo is something that is dead and should stay dead, just as a reminder of how things used to be more interesting and teens were allowed to have fun and have a personality before corporations absolutely destroyed the internet and youth. It just look pedophilic and weird to dress as an emo now

Anonymous 205511

what are you saying

Anonymous 205512

so what? and why are you blaimng teens for corporations? let people have fun. sorry you didn't fulfill your emo fantasy but let others enjoy it.

Anonymous 205514


She's only limiting herself anyway. She wants to dress that way but won't because it's cringe, she's the only one stopping herself from enjoying something she wants to do.
Excuses. Just relax and have fun in life. Or keep complaining, your choice. I feel like if I took everything as seriously as you do I'd be dead inside.

Anonymous 205515

its weird to larp as a teen as an adult, its like weird ageplay shit. I have never met a single normal person thats not a gendie or a groomer that still dresses emo. I have no problem with punks/goths/lolitas, but emos is something that should stay dead, it was a product of its time adn it should stay that way.

Anonymous 205517

Don't care about any of that only care about having fun and listening to nightcore :3

Anonymous 205518

do wahtever you want, just dont get close to children

Anonymous 205519

can we not have another infight plzzzz im begging you

Anonymous 205520

Are you guys fighting over emos?

Anonymous 205521


Anonymous 205522

Posts like these are pointless tho why don't you just bring up another topic yourself

Anonymous 205523

who here like ice cream

Anonymous 205524

i hate ice cream

Anonymous 205525


Anonymous 205526

downloaded a sims 4 hair like this today

Anonymous 205527

I like ice cream but I can't eat a lot of it because I think I've turned lactose intolerant

Anonymous 205528

>posts a vaguely emo inspired outfit that fits an adult woman
is this supposed to prove anything?

Anonymous 205529


What is up with women wanting to dress in alt fashion or dye their hair but are simultaneously against it because “ waaah waaah gendies”
Barely anyone will think your are pedo at most maybe a little weird because you’re going against the grain

Anonymous 205530

Anonymous 205531

I hit the ice cream pretty hard this summer not gonna lie. I was eating a new flavor pint every day in July.

Anonymous 205532

that emo is alive and women enjoy it. but its so criiiinggee am i right?

Anonymous 205533

I think they're boring people who only know how to complain and spend too much time online doomscrolling

Anonymous 205534

nona there is a whole world of non-dairy ice cream out there and it's delicious

Anonymous 205535

images (3).jpeg

I kinda look like her in this one picture.

Anonymous 205536

Anonymous 205537

You can just randomly develop lactose intolerance
True. Had non-milk ice cream cake this summer it was really good, too good, I ate too much
You're pretty then!

Anonymous 205538

Yayoi Kusama.jpeg

I love her

Anonymous 205539


Took my benzos.

Anonymous 205540

plz share

Anonymous 205542


dressing up in teen fashion to reclaim your youth is fucking lame. Its funny how none of you dress emo, its only the pedos and gendies that do it nowadays. Its like egirl fashion, which is kinda like emo but it lacks the culture and what made it interesting and is only used as fap bait by pickmes.

Anonymous 205543

I think just changing the makeup would go along way to make it look more emo.

Anonymous 205544


watching steven segal movies to laugh at how lazy he is and holy shit this shot is killing me. he poses like this for like 30 seconds straight immediately after killing a man with a katana

Anonymous 205545



Anonymous 205546

What's wrong with the one on the farthest right

Anonymous 205547

I wonder what drugs he's on.

Anonymous 205548

That's giuliana rancic. she just looks like that

Anonymous 205549

my dad loved stevel segal and I've seen way too many of his movies because of that. I think it was male ponytail solidarity or something. should I watch them for nostalgia? I remember a scene where segal's character is unconscious/injured and he wakes up to a native american woman chewing up food and spitting it into his mouth like a baby bird

Anonymous 205550

Knock off What Not to Wear?

Anonymous 205551

You make no sense, I don't get you. You're complaining about strangers dressing a way in which you yourself want to and the only reason you won't is because you're an adult. I don't think you're going to live much of a happy or fun life like this. No wonder why so many complain about aging and adulthood when they view it the way you do.

Anonymous 205552

her saying everyone that dresses in "teen fashion" are pedos or pedobaiters is weird.

Anonymous 205553

oh you should definitely rewatch them, they're so entertaining (for the wrong reasons, but still) and im sure nostalgia would add to the experience too

Anonymous 205554


can any nerds explain why lolcor mainly works on mobile data but not regular home wifi

Anonymous 205555

When you spend too much time on /w/

Anonymous 205556

anime head

Anonymous 205557

do you dress remotely alt or are you just being pedantic? larping as an emo isnt the same, that's my point. Saying rawrxD ironically now and just dressing u`p is lame, i wanto to go to the mall or listen to avril lavign and post on deviantart. Its not the same and it just speak of how sad zoomer teenagehood was.
it is
i dont even use the gossip boards

Anonymous 205558

I mean, you can still visit the mall, listen to Avril Lavigne and post on DeviantArt

Anonymous 205559

>i wanto to go to the mall or listen to avril lavign and post on deviantart
That sounds kinda sad too.

Anonymous 205560


How do I reach this level of autism? I'm too broke for this.

Anonymous 205561

I'v been seriously considering reviving my old deviantart for fun even though I was an annoying teenager on there in the past.

Anonymous 205562

If you want to do it then just do it. Or you can continue complaining here, that sounds less fun and happy to me personally though.
You're only stopping yourself from having fun. It's good to not take life so seriously.

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Anonymous 205564

have well-off parents, sorry

Anonymous 205565

I'm jealous of people that have parents with the same interests/autism as them

Anonymous 205566

kek, you guys are pedantic. Its not the fucking same because the culture shifted, DA is literally dead otuside of gross fetish art, malls are dead also, even if i were like ''i want to rawr xD and hugz n kisses >w>'' there are no shops that sell that kind of clothes anymore and i dont want to wear used clothes from teens.

Anonymous 205567

>malls are dead also
Thank god.

Anonymous 205568

do it how? seriously its like you cant read, kek. Again, the culture is fucking dead and people larping are just that, larping.

Anonymous 205569

I dunno what your deal is then, cry about it

Anonymous 205570

and why does that bother you? goth said the same thing about emos in the early 2000s kek

Anonymous 205571

Okay then keep complaining then gahdamn

Anonymous 205572

that you autists always want to be ''right'', so annoying.

Anonymous 205575

Fr. I love malls now more than ever because they're dead. Less annoying people around. The ones near me are all pretty peaceful now, mainly friendly old people.

Anonymous 205576

I am sorry you won't get to eat a corndog in a mall or something

Anonymous 205577


I don't want to have fun, I want to complain on imageboards

Anonymous 205578



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